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By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Preface: This story and accompanying artwork are based on characters created by Patrick Fillion and are copywritten by him. If you are unfamiliar with his sexy sci-fi character of Camili-cat, you may not fully appreciate this story. So you should really go to the Class Comics site and buy back orders in print or download them. However, there is still plenty to enjoy no matter how familiar you are with this character.


As usual, the Collector had abducted Cam and others out of time and space to perform sordid sex acts simply for his perverted pleasure. And like every time before, his subjugated subjects were returned to their lives with no memory of their abduction. But on one occasion, the Collector felt a little mischievous as he returned Cam to a much early point in his own timeline.

Cam awoke in the nude and in the dark, and then his senses became flooded with old and familiar sensations. The disorientation of weightlessness, the smell of spent bodily fluids and the cold walls of a holding cell.

“Could I once again be a prisoner and sex slave to the, Renoxamorphs? Impossible!” he thought.

He tried to convince himself that he was experiencing déjà vu or a drug-induced flashback, but it was all too real. But before he could fully come to grips with that reality, he heard the sound of booted footsteps approaching from beyond the door, and the sound of uncontrolled sobbing echoed louder and louder. As the latches and locks clattered and whirred, Cam took refuge in the darkest shadow beside the door. Light flooded in as the door slammed open.

A guard growled, “In you go, felinoid bitch!”

And like a kite without a string, in flew the limp form of a naked young felinoid. The young felinoid ricocheted off the wall and floated up to the single porthole above.

The guard growled out, “You better stop that crying by the next time we come back for you, you pussy!”

The door slammed shut as Cam watched the young felinoid cling to the porthole. As the automatic lights in the cell faded up, Cam began to recognize the color of the young felinoid’s skin, his spots and his distinctive scent. It was himself, Camili-cat, his much younger self. And like water bursting through a dam, the memories deluged his mind. All of a sudden, he remembered every single thing that was about to happen. And every word that was about to be said, that had to be said.

Cam stayed in the shadow as, “Be strong young felinoid.”

Tears and residual droplets of cum flew off a startled Camili-cat as he whipped around to face the voice from the shadow.

The young Camili-cat wiped away his tears, “Who’s there?”

“Don’t worry youngling, I am family.”

“Felinoid? Come into the light a prove what you say.” The young felinoid commanded.

Cam tapped his foot against the wall and he drifted into the light. Camili-cat braced himself against the wall as his older self came into view.

“You…you look like…me. Older, but still…”

Cam knew he couldn’t handle the truth right now. “Like I said, I am family. And I am here to give you hope, youngling.”

“Well cousin, or whoever you are, I am no youngling, I have reached the age of ascension. And if that isn’t enough for you, the constant rapes, tortures and violations of my body have matured me far beyond me years. As for hope, all of that just now died with the murder of my mother.”

Cam placed a hand on his younger self. “I know”

“How could you know what I’m feeling?”

“I…remember the screams of mother…my mother…as she was slaughtered by these degenerates…so long ago. And after all those years, I am better, stronger and sexier than ever, and filled with more hope than I ever knew. And believe me, I know you better than you know yourself. Not only are you felinoid, but our…your family is the strongest of all felinoids.”

“I wish I could believe you, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I feel I must do something…drastic.”

“I know your thoughts. Suicide doesn’t solve anything. All it does is give your tormentors the satisfaction of knowing they truly have defeated you. There is a saying on a distant planet called, Earth. The best revenge is to be successful. You have to show these bastards that not only can you withstand whatever they do to you, but enjoy it as well, or at least make them think that. And that you can go on to be bigger and bolder than anything they could have ever hoped to be. And I know you will.”

“How the fuck can I do that?”

“You are a felinoid as am I, your sexuality is not only for pleasure, but it can be a weapon as well, a weapon that can be wielded against your foes. But this weapon only works with the memories of great pleasure and joy. And it is those memories that will also help you find your path to a great future.”

“But I have no such memories, most of my youth has been spent pleasing perverted and sadistic beings.”

And it is at that moment that Cam had an epiphany. “And that is why I am here, to give you a memory that you can hold to. A pleasant moment that will shield from the many trials ahead of you.”

Camili-cat looked Cam in the eye. “How are going to do that.”

Cam smiled, “Felinoid sexuality can also be a harbinger of hope.”

With a single finger placed ever so gently on Camili-cat’s chin, Cam guided the younger set of lips to his own. And when only a few atoms of oxygen remained between them, the younger felinoid pulled back.

“Wait…who are you?”

“Just someone who knows what you need.”

They kissed…and they kissed again. Then their lips just stayed together as their arms clung tighter and tighter to each other as their engorging cocks tried to push them apart. For a felinoid, face time is truly personal; any other combination of body parts is fair game when engaged in sex that’s recreational, professional or even coerced. But to be face to face is to risk contracting the most dangerous virus of all…love. The two Cams make out session looked more like a feeding frenzy. Camili-cat needed it more than breathing and Cam knew it. To be touched tenderly, affectionately and passionately was something the young felinoid had been denied in recent years and hung on to his older self as if his life depended on it. The two suffocated on each other causing Cam to turn his head away so they could catch their breath. The older and more experienced set of lips slid down the young felinoids tight silk-like flesh, his face planted itself deep into the pit of his arm.

The younger felinoid shuddered. “I didn’t know it could be like this.”

Cam moaned in agreement as his tongue traveled the contour of Camili-cat’s voluptuous pectoral and danced around his nipple. The older lips formed a perfect seal around the young areola as suction engorged the nipple. Camili-cat clawed at himself and Cam as his body quaked with a level of ecstasy unknown to him.

“How do you know my… body like this? It’s like you’re… reading my… Oh my gods… oh…my…”

With the uncontrolled spontaneity of youth, the young felinoid’s body writhed frantically as his cock slid out from between them. A rocketing flow of his seed blasted out from the throbbing head of his mighty phallus. The orgasm was so forceful it propelled them through the weightless environment. The young felinoid collapsed into a quivering mass of muscles as Cam braced the both of them against the wall.

Cam whispered, “You okay?”

Camili-cat panted, “I don’t know.”

The junior buried his head into the senior’s chest as he gently wept. Cam’s hand swept up the back of his younger self to gently stroke his head.

Cam puffed his chest with a deep breath as, “There, there, take all the time you need.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you need a break?” But Cam already knew the answer.

The young felinoid composed himself, “No.”

Camili-cat pushed them away from the wall and they floated towards center stage and under a shower of sunlight that poured in from the lone porthole above. And just as if they had rehearsed it, the two felinoids counter rotated against each other until the their cocks were eagerly received by the mouth of the other. Their hands embraced the other’s bulbous buttocks as their lips caressed their cocks. Synchronized jaws open wide as tongues ushered in mighty phalluses. Fingers promenaded down the backs of scrotums and teased their way across glorious holes as the two completely engulfed the other’s pulsating towers of meat. A yin yang of fellatio gently tumbled in the belly of a slave ship as a young soul was recharged with love and hope.

Time had lost significance as the minutes, or was it hours, passed by.

Fingers tenderly pried their way into the inner sanctums normally hidden between majestic mounds of muscle. Finger after finger probe deeper and deeper as breathing becomes exaggerated. Loins surge with the liquid seeds of life. Moaning becomes a choir of ecstasy as hands desperately attempt to reshape the clinched muscles of buttocks. Rapid fluid exchange occurs as each tries to devour the massive load of the other. The more experienced felinoid easily takes all in with just a few gulps whereas the less experienced felinoid coughs and sputters as he recoils from Cam’s more massive cock. A rope of Cam’s milk geysers out and goes into orbit around them as they rotate about to face each other again for one more kiss.

The younger felinoid is exasperated as, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t swallow it all.”

“Don’t worry, I know you’ll get better at it.”

“And your cock, it’s bigger than mine.”

“Again, don’t worry, you still have some growing to do.”

Camili-cat dabbed his knuckle into the pearlescent dew on Cam’s face and brought it to his lips with a kiss.

“You were so right, you did know what I needed. Thank you for bringing some beauty back into my life and for giving me hope again.”

Cam turns to his younger self with urgency in his voice. “The guards will be back for you very shortly. And if I remember correctly, I won’t be here when you’re brought back to this cell.”

“What do you mean remember?”

“Ah, nothing. I misspoke.”

“Can you take me with you?”

“No, I am at the whim of forces beyond my control. But now that I’ve shown you that there is still beauty in this universe, you do have hope again?”

“I do, a little.”

“A little hope is all it takes to survive. And hang on to that through the difficult times that await you. And it is these times that will make you the great felinoid you’re destined to become. Great love and glory await you, I know it. Do you believe me?”

Heavily booted footsteps can be heard approaching the door to the cell.

“Yes, I think I’m beginning to.”

As the latches and locks clattered and whirred, Cam once again took refuge in the dark shadow beside the door.

Cam urges, “You must.”

“Yes, I do.”

As the cell door slammed open, Cam made a fist and placed it over his heart as he mouthed the words, “Be strong.”

An electrified lasso whipped in and grabbed the young felinoid by his cock and balls. Camili-cat screamed in agony as he was yanked out of the cell and shouted at his wranglers, “I am better than you!”

The guard scoffed back, “We’ll see about that, slut.”

And the door slammed shut. Cam placed a hand on the door as he wished his younger self well. Then a familiar darkness engulfed him as he began to pass out.

In the blink of an eye…

Cam awoke in an infinite void of bright light. And out of the light glided the imposing figure of the, Collector. “Welcome back, Cam.”

Cam stood defiantly, “I remember you now, and all the perverted things you did to me and the others!”

The Collector smiled, “And you will forget it all again once I return you to your life.”

“Wait, it was you who sent me back to save myself, wasn’t it?”


“Why would a callous pervert like you do that?”

“Oh, let us just call it a…gratuity for all my perversions I’ve cast upon your flesh, and all the sins I forced you to perform.”

Cam was incredulous, “An act of contrition…from you?”

“No, nothing so noble. Quite simply, if your younger self had actually committed suicide back then, I would have denied the pleasure of your splendid form and your exhilarating talents.”

Cam sneered, “I hope you’re not waiting for a ‘thank you’ from me?”

The Collector laughed, “No.”

“So now what? You have your way with me again? Make do unspeakable acts again?”

“Oh, when we meet again, to be sure. But for now, watching you have sex with yourself was quite satisfying.”

“One day I or somebody else will stop you.”

“Maybe, but not today.”

And with a flash of light, Cam awoke in his bed refreshed and anew. And true to the Collector’s word, Cam was completely unaware of his recent time travel adventure. As Cam stretched his rippling musculature, he proudly gazed upon the majestic sight of his morning wood standing tall above his rugged landscape of flesh.

“Hi, old friend.”

Locus, still half asleep, “You’re not talking to your cock again, are you?”

Cam rolled over onto Locus and slapped him in the chest with his cock, “Rise and shine sleepy head.”

Locus playfully rebuffed, “Oh, why did I fall in love with a morning lover?”

Cam smiled, “Hey, you know I like it anytime of the day, especially with you.”

Cam rolled off the bed and gracefully landed on his feet. His erotic form slinked over to the viewport of his space cruiser as his hands dallied with his cock. At his feet was a glorious view of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Cam beamed, “Get up and get on me, love. I think it’s going to be another beautiful day.”