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Day One and Two”


Metamorphosis: [ met-uh -mawr -fuh -sis ] a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.  That is one definition of the word, at least the one that best applies to my life.  I use to be your average good looking of the self homosexual, but now, thanks to him, I’m a sexually lawless and unrestrained animal who lives just for the sake of having mind bending orgasms.

Which brings me to…

Erotic Asphyxiation is defined as the practice of sexual stimulation while causing another to experience hypoxia, which is believed to heighten the sexual experience, (As apposed to autoerotic asphyxiation, the practice self-stimulation .) This is usually achieved by hanging, strangulation, suffocation, neck or chest compression, or the inhalation of volatile chemicals.  It should be noted most emphatically that this practice comes with perils such as brain damage and even death if you go to far.  But if done just right, oh my god, it can open you to a whole new level of euphoria that you may not be prepared for.  Because once you’ve experienced it, nothing less will do.

As it is with me, I’m Bandi Akakios, and thanks to my friend and coworker Khan, I now flirt with death on a regular basis.

Khan once had a first name,  but he legally got rid of it a few years ago.  I think he likes that Star Trek movie, the good one from the eighties.  And like that fictional character, he’s a prince with power over millions. Or he could be, but not from any malevolent intent, but because of his unbelievable good looks.  He is so handsome that looking him in the eyes feels sometimes feels like staring into the sun.  You know how some men of Korean decent, especially young ones, can be beautiful on a level that even outshines women.  Like those k-pop boys.

What about me?  While I’m not some gorgeous swan of a man that floats across the office floors like Khan, I am cute, with a touch of that street urchin vibe, you know, roguishly or slyly teasing with a glance, and with a brawny build.  Apparently, just the type that gets Khan’s elevator up to the top floor.  But I am, or was, a dog with a bark, but no bite.  My style of sex of sex was rather ordinary, missionary, doggy, sixty-nine, you know, the standards, and always on a mattress.  That is until that week in the woods with Khan.

We both worked at a prestigious law firm in San Francisco and still do, he as a paralegal and I as a file clerk.  Khan wants to be a lawyer someday, but me, I have no desire to be one of them, I’m too laidback for that bullshit.  Since we’re both openly gay, other workers would tell us that we would make a cute couple, but we would just quote rules forbidding fraternization between employees.  But the truth is, we had been fraternizing for some time now, and sometimes right there at work.  The bond between us was instant and intense, the chemistry was absolutely explosive.  I should have known Khan had a wild side, especially the way he would playfully ambush me in the copy room where anybody could have walked in on us as he pressed his body into mine while he pretended to look for something on the selves surrounding me.  And the times we were practically alone in those offices after hours, well I’m sure we would have both been fired.  But I was so smitten with him that I was willing to take those daring chances.

Well, one day Khan tells me about this gay men’s retreat up in the forested mountains of California, somewhere along the Russian River.  You should go, it’s very beautiful up there.  So, Khan tells me that this gathering will help me to really get in touch with my manhood, my masculinity, and expose me to all sorts of life styles and sexual options.  That it would make me a well rounded man.  But the true selling point for me was when he said we could walk naked in the redwood forest and fuck.  To be one with him in nature as I’m sure God intended it to be had its appeal.  To go full Tarzan with him in the woods as we sung from each other’s vine.

So, after a long drive through the forested hills of deep California, we arrived at an old campground that consisted of small private cabins arrange around a main lodge, and it was already busy with men at various stages of undress.  I could see through the car window that many were already naked, and the others were dressed according to their fetish, you know, there was the Levi crowd, mostly a bunch of leather daddies, a couple of cross-dressers and one fury, and so on.  But some of the younger ones seemed subservient, on their knees, or blindfolded, and on leashes.

I turned to Khan, “These guys are naked, or mostly naked.”

And then Khan says all sweet and innocent like, “Oh, didn’t I tell you that it was clothing optional?”


He shrugged it off, “Oh well, you can keep your clothes on if you like, but you’ll be the only one.  It’s all free-range cock up here, sweetheart.  I’ll be naked and sporting my leathers two minutes after we get our cabin.”

As angry as I was, I was equally shocked, “You have leathers?  Well, I didn’t bring any, so I guess you’ll have to take me home.”

Khan took my hand and old me, “Look, this week is about making you a better man and broadening your experiences and your imagination.  And besides, with a body and a cock like yours, you have nothing to be shy about.”

After a moment of enjoying that compliment, and then remembering I really wanted to hug a tree while doing the nasty with him, I decided to take the leap.

But once I stepped out of the car, I got all shy and aloof.  Not to sound all high and mighty, but I was definitely the one of the cutest boys up there in a crowd of fifty or so men of all different ages, colors, and body types.  Some were attractive, some were not for me, to put it kindly.  I admit it, working in a law office has made me a bit superficial.  But I was definitely the center of attention and immediately felt like a baby lamb lost in the woods and surrounded by a pack of dangerous wolves.  

I turned to Khan and told him that. “These guys scare me.  I want to leave.” 

But he assured me that, “I know these guys, as lecherous as they may seem, they were really cool, trust me.”

Little did I know that it was my boyfriend, Khan that I had to worry about.  True to his word, within minutes of getting our cabin, I was watching him shed his clothing, (God, he has a beautiful body, and he is so graceful as he reveals his body.  I wanted to do him right then and there.) Then he strapped himself into his leather harness, stepped into his leather boots and sheathed his beautiful legs in black leather chaps.  He wrapped leather bands wrapped around his arms and wrists.  And then he topped it off with a leather policeman’s hat.  And he did it like he had done it all a hundred times before.  There he was all decked out in leather harness, a series of straps that were anchored to a cock-ring around his beautiful cock, he was amazing, it gave me an instant boner.  And then he pulled out a bottle of Viagra and split a pill in half.

I asked him, “Why are you taking that?  You don’t need that.”

He said, “Only if I want to keep it up all day, and I do.”

I told him, “You do know it’s dangerous for a man with a healthy cock like yours to take one of those?”

Khan told me, “Oh sweet-cheeks, I am going to be all kinds of dangerous this week.  Besides, it’s only half a pill.”

After taking the pill, he forcibly ripped my shirt off, well, I let him.  And then he pushed me down onto the bed and does a line of crystal off my stomach.  This was a side of him I had never seen before, he was like a stranger to me.  Then he yanked of the rest of my clothes and gave me the most awesome blowjob he ever gave me.  It was insane.  But just as I was about to shoot my wad, he stopped.

I was like, “What the hell?  I was about to cum.”

He became authoritative and told me, “I want you to save it for later.”

I was like, “Oh, come on, baby, finish me off”

So I started stroking myself hoping to keep things going and he slaps my hand away from my aching cock.

He said, “I told you to save it for later.”

I was a little pissed at him for denying me, “Fine” I said, “Whatever.”

So in a huff, I got up and reached for my underwear, he slaps my hand away again.  What the fuck?

Now I’m pissed, “Stop slapping my hand.”

“No, you don’t.” He told me.  “You’re not going to embarrass me by being the only one wearing clothes.”

I resisted, “Oh come on,  you said it was clothing optional.  You can’t make me…”

He slapped me across the face and spun me around.  My back is facing him like it has so many times before and his hard cock slams up between my butt cheeks and slides across my hole.  Khan then held my arms against my back.

Khan growled at me, “You feel that, you feel my cock on your ass?  That’s me staking my claim of what’s mine.  I am the alpha dog and you’re my bitch.  You got it faggot?”

This behavior was so bizarre that it made me laugh, “Faggot?  You have got to be kidding me?”

Khan slapped me across the back of my head and then puts me in a chokehold, “This is no joke, you need to take me seriously.  Now, who am I?”

The pointed studs of his wristbands dug into my jaw.


I was starting to worry, “Okay, that’s enough.”

Khan grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, “Who am I!”

I was hoping that playing this scenario out would cause him to ease off, “Okay, okay, you’re the alpha.”

“I’m the alpha…what?”

“Dog, you’re the alpha dog.”

Khan pulled harder on my hair, “No, you will always address me as, sir.  Got it, bitch?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.”  Then he tells me, “Now get off the bed and onto your knees, you’re going to suck my cock.”

I loved sucking his cock, but being bossed around like that was…odd.  As I tried to get up, I realized my hands were cuffed.  He somehow managed to put handcuffs on me without me noticing.  This was a first for me.

“Khan, what are you doing?”

His tone was intense, “What do you think, you cock sucking piece of shit?  You are my sex slave and I want you to suck my cock.”

Well, I was still hoping he was just role playing and I was feeling amorous.  With my arms pinned behind my back, I had to shimmy my way off the bed, but I guess I was taking to long for his liking so he wrangled be to the floor and set me to me knees and shoved his rock-hard cock down my throat.  His hands guiding my head all over his cock and balls, forcing me to suckle on his taint and hole.  God, I love the taste of any part of him on my tongue.  After about twenty minute of orally massaging his cock, he made his shark-face as his mouth dropped open and his eyes rolled back, that’s how always knew he was about to come.  I loved to watch him cum, so I slipped my mouth off his cock and started to tickle the head of his cock with my tongue so I could get a good look as it erupted.  He started slapping my face with his cock until I was proudly wearing his sperm all over his face.  His cum streams are so majestic.  He stood me up and licked some of his cum off my face, leaving the rest of his warm delicious juice to trickle down my cheek and neck.  As his breathing returned to normal, he grabbed me by the back of my head and force me to kiss him passionately.  I love the taste of his essence on his tongue.  And when he pulled back to look me in the eye, I wondered if he was done with the whole slave thing.

I asked him, “Are we done now?”

He lightly slapped my face, “How did I tell you to address me?”

Okay, he wasn’t done, so I played along, “Sir, are we done now, sir?”

Then he tells me, “You don’t get to ask any questions, boy.  You are just my bitch, and here in the middle of nowhere, bitches are quiet and have no rights.  And to show you what a bitch you are…”

He pulled out a studded collar and leash from his bag and strapped it around my neck.  And there’s a little shinny bone-shaped tag with my name engraved on it.  And under that in smaller text, it said, Property of Khan.

That’s when I realized he was taking this slave thing way too seriously and that he’s obviously been planning this for sometime now, to get me trapped up in the woods, helpless and naked surrounded by all of his perverted buddies.

Once I fully realized his nefarious intent, I muttered, “Oh fuck.”

Khan pulled on the leash, my leash, “Quiet boy.  You were worried about these guys getting into your business.  Well, once they see you like this, they’ll know you’re mine and to keep their hands off of you.  At least until I tell them otherwise.  Now let’s get out there and join the fun.”

I had never been naked outside of a bedroom or locker room, so I was still a little shy about that.  And the fact that I was still wearing his cum.

I dared to plead, “But sir, I still have some of your sperm on my face.”

Khan yanked on my leash, “I know, that’s exactly how I want them to see you, with my mark all over your face.  Now shut up and get moving.”

I resisted a little as we stepped out of the cabin, but he just yanked harder.  All eyes immediately set on us, both of us naked, Khan in his leathers and me leashed up like a dog.  The bare soil was hard on my feet and Khan noticed my awkward walk and wincing.

“Keep moving, you’ll get use to it.” He told me.

Sooner than I would like, we are in the mix of all those men.  They’re all around us calling each other by their titles, like Master Steve, or Master Ty, or Master Khan.  Some of them had their slaves in tow on the end of a leash like me, humiliated by wearing a collar.  And some of the slaves had it worse, wearing leather dog masks and/or a dog tail butt plug.  The slaves were acting very obedient, quiet and submissive, some on their hands and knees while they awaited their next order.  And yet they seemed happy to be taking on the roll of a tame pet.  The other masters patted Khan on the back and shook his hand while complimenting him on such a fine catch.  Oh shit, they were talking about me.  I was oddly complimented, I guess.

But oh my god, that’s when Hoss made his entrance, the largest fucking bear of a man I ever saw was stomping his way towards us.  I swear I could feel the earth quake with his every step.  And his leather gear was way more intimidating, but with all his body hair, it was hard to tell where the leather ended and his body began.  And then there was that monster between his legs, at first I thought I was looking at a third leg or something, I couldn’t make out exactly what it was and then, oh…my…god, it was his cock!  I thought Khan and I were styling some impressive meat, but this bear’s cock could have even made a horse feel inadequate.  It must have been a birth defect or a disease like elephantiasis, but just affecting his cock.  I was so distracted that it took me a moment to realize his eyes were focused on me like a wild cat focused on its prey.  Oh what the fuck, he’s coming for me!

One of the other men said, “Oh shit, looks like Hoss is fixed on you, boy.”

Hoss plowed through the men like they weren’t even there and straight up to me.  He grabbed me by the neck and inspected my body.  His thick calloused finger poked at my whole as I fought to break away from him.

Hoss grinned, “Ha, I like’s em with a little fight with in em.  I’m taking this one to the playroom.”

Khan was amused by my discomfort and let it go on for a moment.  But thankfully, he intervened.

Khan held on to me leash, “Easy there Hoss, this newbie is mine.”

It looked like Hoss was wanted to challenge Khan, but, “Okey-dokey, Khan, you’re the man.  You can keep em.  But you better always keep em by your side at all times cause I’ll be wait’n for that moment when you drop your guard, even just for a second, and then me and your toy here are getting it on.”

Khan stood his ground, “I hear you, Hoss, I’ll be watching him twenty-four/seven.”

Hoss scoffed, “We’ll see, we’ll see.”

Hoss slid his hand down my body as Khan pulled me back in to him.  I nearly passed out at the thought of that monster cock splitting my ass wide open.  Khan pulled on my leash and we started to walk away from the crowd.  I wondered just what power did Khan have to make the huge brute yield to him?  Just who is this man I call my boyfriend and what is he capable of?

Khan commanded me, “Come boy, we’re going for a walk.”

We spent the day on one of the strangest hikes ever, naked on a leash and making occasional stops along the way for one sexual act or another.  The sex in the woods was everything I hoped it be, even if it was on the rough side.  By the time we got back to the camp, dinner was being served in the main lodge, but only the masters got to sit at the table and eat while the slaves, me included, were made to wait in a large chainlink dog kennel set up in a corner of the large room.  I tried to talk to the other slaves, but they just warned me not to talk.  They were more broke-in than I was.  Later, as the masters smoked on their cigars, they surrounded the slave pen as the cook tossed the leftovers onto the floor in the cage.  The other boys new the routine as they immediately got on their knees to eat, but with their hands also tied or cuffed behind their backs, they ended falling down and rolling around in the food as they fought for a mouthful of food.  They looked like a bunch of lion cubs fighting over the same piece of meat.  I stood back in disgust as they made a spectacle of themselves.  I looked to Khan for some sort of reprieve or support, but he just kept puffing on his cigar.

Khan chuckled at me, “Hey, my fine bitch, if you’re hungry, that’s the only food you’re gonna get tonight.”

Well, I was very hungry, and I realized I had no choice and sank to their level got down on my knees.  The floor was so slippery with mushed food and sauces that it proved too difficult to keep my balance and sure enough, I landed on my face in a pile of mashed potatoes.  I pulled away in anger at the humiliation I was made to endure, but the food was getting all gobbled up by the other boys, so I dived back in before it was all gone.  There was a bit of meat on a chicken leg bone that this boy and I fought over, but I got it.  I don’t know if was that I won that piece of meat or because I hadn’t eaten most of the day, but it did tasted really good.  Or maybe it was the look of loss in the other slave’s face that made it so delightful.  Either way, my compliments to the chef.  After the food was gone, we slaves were still so hungry so we resorted to licking the last few traces of food off each others’ bodies.  And then something odd happened, we all started getting boners.  At first I thought it might be because we were licking each other, that is until Hoss walked over to the cage and laughed.

“How do you kids like your rock-hard cocks?”

Being the newbie, I was the only one daring enough to ask, “What did you do to us?”

One of the other slaves, a cute Filipino boy, said to me, “They spiked our food with Viagra, they do it every time.”

I asked him, “Why?”

“So they can watch us fuck each other.”

That’s when Hoss pulled the cattle prod from behind his back and opened the cage.  He stepped in and started zapping the slaves at random, especially me, he was clearly still interested getting his hands on me.

Hoss commanded us, “Okay slaves, everyone outside.  Time for your shower.”

As the other boys scurried out, Hoss cornered me and let me have it good, zapping on my side.  He then tried zapping me in the groin but I was able to shield by privates with my leg.

I screamed out, “You mother fucker!”

Hoss zapped me in my butt crack, “That ain’t the way a peon talks to his masters!”

Hoss buried the prod deep in my ass and zapped me relentlessly.  I screamed to the point of hurting my throat as the electrical charge surged through my hole.

Khan stepped in, “That’s enough, Hoss!  I haven’t built up his tolerance yet.”

Hoss grumbled, “Fine, whatever you want.”

With that, Hoss grabbed onto my leash and walked me outside to stand with the other slaves who were cowering in the cool of the night.  One of the masters was unreeling a firehose as he walked towards us.

The cute Filipino boy whispered to me, “I hate this part.”

I asked, “Why?  What’s going to happen?”

Cutie quietly urged, “What ever happens, don’t fall down cause you’ll get all muddy and they’ll make you spend the night all dirty like that.”

And boom, the hose was turned on and the water blasted into us.  While the other boys stood fast, I was caught off guard by the brutal force of the water and was knocked off my feet and sent crashing to the ground.  Dirt and mud instantly clung to half of my body.  I was a mess.

That cute slave scolded me, “Get up, bitch, before they turn off the water.”

And then he screamed as the jet of water was aimed a his nuts.

Hoss shouted at that cutie, “Bitches don’t talk!”

I’m not sure how, but I managed to stand back up and get rinsed off just before the water was turned off.  The masters stood on the elevated front porch of the main lodge and beckoned their slaves to come to them as Khan did to me.  Khan had a riding crop in his hand simply pointed it at me and then pointed it at the ground beneath where he was standing on the deck.  I walked up to where he was standing, his hard cock was right at the level of my face.  I looked at him with an expression that told him how much I hated him at that moment.

Khan pushed the crop into my face, “Don’t look at me like that, boy.”

I was so enraged that I couldn’t change my expression so I looked away.

Khan commanded, “Now suck my cock.”

I was humiliated that I was being made to perform a sex act in front of the others, but then I saw the other boys were already sucking their masters’ cocks.  So, I took some solace in that I wouldn’t be alone in this indignity.

Khan whipped me on my cheek with his crop, “SUCK…MY…COCK!  You don’t want to make me ask you another time.”

So, I sucked his cock.  After about five minutes, some old fat dude walked up behind Khan and tapped him of the shoulder.

The old dude kindly asked Khan, “May I cut in?”

Khan was cordial, “Why sure enough, Howard.”

Khan stepped aside and let Howard take his place.  This old tiny cock was staring me in the face.  I looked at Khan like you’ve got to be kidding as I kept my mouth shut.

Howard turned two Khan, “Hey, looks like your bitch isn’t housebroke yet.”

Khan leaped off the porch and ran up behind me to put me in a headlock.  He pinched my jaw wide open.  Khan made it so I couldn’t close my mouth without biting through the inside of my cheeks.  I didn’t want to suck on some stranger’s cock, especially some old fat guy’s.  I fought with Khan as Howard stepped in.  I whimpered and growled as Howard’s disgusting little cock touched my lips.  I let out a garbled yell.  And just as Howard’s cock touched my tongue, the old man pulled back.

Howard shook his head, “Na, looks like this one could bite down.  You got some work to do on your newbie here.”

As Howard walked over to another slave, Khan grabbed my leash to the point where the collar was choking me.

Khan slapped me, “That man is a powerful man, he pays for all of this, the camp rental, the food, all of it so we can have a good time.  And he’s an old friend.  Don’t you dare say no to him!”

I challenged Khan, “I thought you were in charge of this?”

Khan pulled on my leash, “I am, but I only organize it, Howard finances these gatherings.  So, how dare you embarrass me by refusing to suck on his cock.  And how dare you ask me a question.  It’s time for you learn there are consequences for your disobedience.”

Khan handed my leash up to Howard.

Khan said to Howard, “You know what I need you to do.  Good old number twelve.”

Howard smiled, “Oh no, you don’t mean…sperm bank?”

Khan nodded, “Yup, sperm bank.”

That got me worried, “What do you mean, sperm bank?  Am I the sperm bank?  Oh hell no!”

Khan just sneered at me as Howard pulled on the leash until I was bent over the edge of the deck.  The far end of the leash was lashed through a knothole in one of the boards of the deck.

Khan addressed the other slaves, “Let this be a lesson to all of you grunts, you have no rights here.  And you do not refuse any master’s demand.  Saying NO has earned my bitch here the number twelve.  But first, he’s going too get whipped ten times for his disobedience.”

I couldn’t see what he was about to do, but I knew his wrath soon enough.  He swung his riding crop back up high and sent it whipping across my ass. 


The pain was so intense that I lost my breath and couldn’t scream.  Then the second whipping loosened my tongue.

“Oh, motherfucker!”

Khan took a breath, “Oh man,  that one had some recoil, I felt that all the way up my arm.”

A third whipping sent me off my feet.

I screamed, “Oh fuck you!”

Khan was cavalier as, “What was that?  Did you just disrespect me again?  That just earned you another five.”

He whipped me again and I tried not to say anything, but I had to scream.

Khan mocked, “Screaming is permissible, I love the screams.”

And so it continued for, oh, I lost track of the number of whippings I received.  He would whip me over and over again and I would scream louder and louder until I cried.  Then it stopped and the cool night air added a sting to my punishment.

Khan slapped his cock across my ass, “Did you learn your lesson, boy?”

Through my sobs I pleaded, “Stop it, I want to go home!”

Khan huffed, “That was the wrong answer.  But don’t worry about it, this next part was going to happen no matter what.”

Khan turned to Howard, “I don’t think you have to worry about his asshole biting down on you.”

Howard smiled as Khan gestured to my manhole.  Howard took his time as he walked down the stairs and up behind me while stroking his puny pecker.

Howard poked at my hole as with his finger, “Oh Khan, your boy sure has a pretty backdoor.”

Khan patted Howard on the back, “Well then, why don’t you step up and have at him, and with my sincerest apologies for his behavior.”

I was horrified that Khan would offer my ass like it was his to give away, “Oh god, no!  Don’t you fucking dare!”

Khan pushed my head into the rough boards of the deck, “Shut up!  Not one more word out of you!”

Howard stepped up and hocked up a loogie and spat it over my hole, how disgusting.  I clenched up in an effort to resist him, but his little Viagra fueled pecker was as hard as steel.  Without so much as a how do you do, he shoved his peanut of a cock into my ass.  I tried so hard to keep him out, but his tiny cock was mighty and made its way in to my hole like there was no resistance at all.  Fortunately, he was pretty quick on the trigger and it was only a few minutes before he blew his load on all over my backside.  Shit, that old fuck could still cum like a teenager.  Oh, but how I wish that were the end of the indignity.

Khan announced to his friends, “Men, what-a you say you all give him a warm welcome to our privileged group.”

All those men were forming a line, but it didn’t matter, cause here came Hoss shoving his way through the line.  Lathering up his third arm with a whole jar of that Elbow Grease Cream.  I tried to climb up onto the porch to get away from that monster cock, but some of the other men held me down.

Khan stepped in and held Hoss back, “Now Hoss, you know you have the biggest cock on the planet.”

Hoss grumbled, “Oh come on, Khan, are you really gonna deny me a crack at that super fine piece of ass you brought up here?”

Khan placed his hand on my ass and pried my hole open with his middle finger, “Look at this tight tiny hole, Hoss.  Do you really think you could fit in there without ripping that apart?”

For a moment, I thought my lover had saved me from a faith worse than death.

But then Khan continued, “What do you say if we let the others go first, you know, loosen it up for you?”

I shouted, “What the fuck, Khan?”

Khan just ignored me.

Hoss scowled, “Okay, but then I can fuck him?  You promise?”

Khan patted him on his shoulder, “Of course, I promise old friend.”

I pleaded, “Khan, please no!”

Khan still ignored me as he turned to the crowd of randy men crowded behind me, “As a matter of fact men, what do you say we break-in my slave properly.  Everyone line up according to the size of your cocks?  Starting with the smallest cocks in the front of the line, and working up to Hoss.”

All the men quickly took their place in line, like they had done it many times before, each acutely aware of their ranking.

I pleaded one last time, “Khan, please, don’t.”

But to no avail, one by one, each of those unruly creatures took their turn at my ass, dumping their loads of hot cum across my backside or up in my once precious hole.  Each thrust of their hips caused my dog tag to swing up against my lease causing it to chime like a little bell.  Around number fifteen, I lost the will to resist and just laid there as they turned me into a sperm-dump.  Each man bigger than the last turning my once glorious hole into a sloppy crater dripping with cum, each violation chipping away at my virtue and erasing my self-respect.  I couldn’t say if it was from the physical or emotional trauma, but I passed out as all those men fucked me, turning my beautiful body into a spittoon for sperm. 

Then it was time for Hoss to have at me.  He could have just mounted my unconscious body, but that wasn’t good enough for him, no.  He wanted me fully conscious for what he was about to do to me.  I snapped back to consciousness with Hoss patting me across the face.

I could feel his deep voice reverberate in my head, “Wake up, little one, time for you to sing.”

I jolted as Hoss hammered his elephantine cock down on my ass.  It felt like somebody’s leg was resting on me.  I shouldn’t have looked back, but I did.It was even more shocking that before, seeing and feeling it sliding up and down the crack of my ass was awe inspiring.  I just deeply regretted that I had to see it in action on my body.

Hoss grabbed me by my hair and laughed, “Best not look boy, it might hurt less if you don’t see it coming.”


I struggled to break free, but I was to weak.  I looked to Khan for rescue, but he just stood there with a grimace on his face, a grimace that seemed as if he was worried for my mortality.

I tried to appeal to any last trace of humanity in Khan, “Please.”

Khan just stood there wincing and biting his thumbnail like some squeamish fool watching a horror movie reaching its climax right before his eyes.  And then it happened, Hoss placed the fat head of his cock on my asshole.  As loosened up as I was, it still didn’t prepare me for him.  I stopped breathing as Hoss gyrated the blunt end of his cock into my ass.  Somewhat fortunately,  any cock that grotesquely big needs more blood than a body can provide, so he was a tad on the soft side.  But he was hard enough to overcome my resistance.  I grimaced as the fat head of his cock stretched the rim of my hole to limits I was sure would destroy it.


The first cavern of my inner sanctum was completely filled with what felt like a watermelon.  It wasn’t that big, but it might as well have been.  Khan looked away for an instant, but his morbid curiosity got the best of him and he kept watching.  He just watched as Hoss continued to…rape me.   I screamed as every massive inch of that monstrous cock was crammed up my ass.  I screamed as my innards felt like they were being rearranged to make room for that freak of nature.  And even though I could not offer any resistance to such an overwhelming force, my body could.  Hoss could only get a third of his cock in me before there was simply no more room.  I guess Hoss was use to that as it seemed that was good enough for him.  I can’t imagine anyone having a hole big enough for him, unless that someone was a horse.  Hoss was content with plunging away at me with that portion of his cock, over and over again.  I finally stopped screaming and held my breath as his monstrous cock ravaged my body and pulverized my will from the inside out.  I could feel my soul weaken as I accepted my fate and my new status in life as nothing more than a sex toy.  I surrendered to that foul beast and collapsed into a pile of limp muscle.  I was just a sack of raw meat being pounded out by a butcher.  I lost track of time as I transported my consciousness to a twilight zone between shadow and substance, between here and somewhere else, a place far away from my body.  Hoss’s grunts became distant and my groin became numb to his brutal pounding.  I couldn’t tell if he pumped his load up ass or across my back, I could only tell there was a moment when he stopped.

After Hoss practically left me for dead, the masters made their slaves fuck me up the ass as well, or at least that was what I was later told.  And sometime after in the darkness of the night, after all the lights were turned off except the one above me, after all those horrid men kenneled their slaves and went to bed, I laid there hanging over the edge of the front porch as the sperm of multiple donors drained from my body along with my will.  I could tell from the cool air swirling around in my anus that my once pristine little hole had become a ruined gaping maw.


I was no longer humiliated because I had become broken.  It seemed like hours that I just laid there bent over the edge of the porch as I came to realize that these men had completely subjugated me. 

That is when Khan came to retrieve me.  I turned my head to look at him as I heard his footsteps approaching.  He was no longer wearing his leather gear, he was wearing wooden sandals and a kimono made of red satin silk with black lapels that had a golden dragon embroidered across it.  He was a heavenly vision of asian beauty as his kimono was left untied and flutter just enough to reveal his chiseled body.  In my delirium, he seemed as an angle come to save me.  He untied my leash from the deck and helped me to stand up.  I started sobbing as my head fell into the deep cleavage of his muscular chest.

Khan was consoling, “Are you going to behave yourself now?”

I sobbed, “Yes… sir.”

“Are you going to do whatever I tell you to do?”

“Yes, sir.”

Khan smiled, “Good, you broke faster than most.  That means your smart and that you realize the only way through this is just to just give in to it.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to put you through much more of that.  I do like you, quite a bit, but I needed to brake you, to set you free from restrictive mores.  You are now free to experience a whole world of ecstasy, but you have to surrender to me completely and do everything I tell you without question.  Are you willing to do that?”

I whimpered, “Em hm, yes sir, you are my master, I’ll do what ever yo want.”

And I meant it too.  He is such a beautiful and powerful man that I was willing to do whatever it took to keep him in my life, even if meant complete subjugation.

Khan embraced me, “Good.  Now, you should know, though there will be pain to come, I will not let you be harmed in any way.  This pain is a good pain, a pain that you learn to love and embrace, a pain that will set you free.”

“I’m not sure I understand, sir”

“It’s like the joyous pain you feel during an orgasm or after a good shit, the pain of release.  You will understand soon enough.  But for now, let’s clean you off and get you to bed, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”

And Khan took me to the shower, an actual shower, and gently washed me and gave me a soothing colonic.  I felt reborn in his firm hands and safe in his muscular embrace as he washed me like a proud owner would wash his cherished pet.  And when we got back to our cabin, he took my handcuffs off so we could make love, just warm passionate love, in the glow of an active fireplace.  But again when he finished, he did not allow me to climax.  God, that was frustrating. And instead of letting me share the bed with him, he slid a large dog bed close to the fireplace and attached my leash to a hook on the wall.

Khan reached into his bag of naughtiness and pulled out a chastity cock cage and said, “I need to make sure you don’t play with that raging hard-on while I’m asleep, you horny boy.”

“But sir, I’ll be a good boy.  I promise not to touch myself.”

He shook his head, “Sorry, not good enough.  Your cock is too big to resist.”

He separated the anchor ring from the cage.  It was hinged in the middle and easily clasped around the base of my balls and cock.  It was snug and made my cock even harder.  Then he tried to put the cage part on me, but the fat head of my cock was too plump for the cage to even fit around that part of my cock.

I stated the obvious, “It looks like it’s too small for me, sir.  My cock is a too big for that, especially right now.”

He smiled, “I know you have a big cock, that’s one of the reasons you’re here.  I love that cock of yours.  And even though it’s a little bigger than mine, I love that you totally bottom for me.  But for now, I need to cage that bad boy of yours, it’s part of your training.”

Khan cupped the head of may cock with his hand and tried to pile drive it back into my groin.  I squealed as he tried to squeeze the blood out of it.  He was trying to make me flaccid, but I suffered from a terrible affliction, I was standing close to him.  Whenever I’m in eyesight of him, I get hard, even at work.  Khan is my Viagra.  My cock was resilient and fighting the good fight.  When my hands would instinctively get in the way, he’d slapped them away.

Khan was getting frustrated, “Keep your hands at your side.  Now come on boy, get soft or else.”

“I can’t sir, not when you’re around.  And especially not when you’re touching me.”  I smiled at him.

Khan looked into my eyes, “Oh, how sweet.”  Then he got back into character, “Cut it out.  Um…how about that Bruce Willis?”

Damn, he knew how much I hated him, so I forgot my place, “Oh, that’s not fare, you know how much I can’t stand him.  He was charming in his early films, sure, but lately he’s just showing up for the paycheck.  A person can tell those things.  To say he’s been phoning it in is giving him too much credit.  I mean really, where’s the love for his craft?”

And snap, I was flaccid.  Khan took swift advantage of my downtime and quickly caged my penis.  I was locked up but still loaded.  When I was no longer distracted by my own tirade, I saw what he had done to me.  My dick looked so nicely blinged out by the stainless steal contraption that I started to get hard again.  But this time, I was inflicting the pain on myself as the cage denied me my boner.  Such a dilemma, to be turned on by the means of my enslavement.

Khan pointed to the dog bed, “Now you lay down here and go to sleep, boy.”

I sighed, “Yes, sir.”

Even though I want so much to lay with him, I acquiesced and I obeyed my master.  The dog bed was large enough for me to curl up in a fetal position.  It was surprisingly comfortable but clearly had the musk of other young men who were made to sleep in it.


Khan warned me, “And if I hear you trying to play with yourself during the night, I will have to make things very difficult for you again.  Understood?”

“yes, sir.”  I tell him, “I promise not to touch myself, sir."

And as I dosed off in the warmth of the fireplace, I saw my master take to his plush kingsized bed and pull the down comforter over himself.  And I thought, how lucky I was to belong to him.

The next morning started with a shock, with water being poured over my head, but then I recognized the acrid odor of piss.  With my eyes sealed shut, I couldn’t see who it was that was pissing on me.  I instinctively put up hands to shield myself from the stream.

That’s when I heard Khan’s authoritative voice command, “Put your hands down, boy.”

I complied and clung onto the side of the dog bed as I kept my head down.  It was my master and he was pissing on me.  There was still a part of me that wanted stand up and punch him in the nuts, but I was more desperate to please him and do as he wanted.  My god, how could a person hold so much piss.  Urine hit the back of my head and ran down over my face.  I had to exhale frantically to keep it out of my nose.  And then the deluge stopped suddenly.  I squinted through the piss on my face see to look up at Khan who was already back in his leathers, standing dominantly over me, holding onto his engorged cock and pointing it down at me.

Khan commanded me, “On your knees, boy, I still have more piss in me.”

I was quick to my knees.

He told me, “Open your mouth, boy.”

Damn, I knew what was coming next and dreaded it, but I just wanted to so much to please him, so I opened my mouth.  Khan started to piss a little more again straight into my mouth.  Instinctively, I recoiled a bit.

Khan barked at me, “Don’t you move, don’t you dare move!”

I didn’t move but I did fail him a little when I choked and coughed on his piss.  I so wasn’t use to this.  When he finished, I looked up for the approval I was sure would be in his eyes, but what I got was a towel thrown in my face.

He snapped at me, “Now wipe yourself off, you disgusting pig.  You’re all covered in piss.”

As I wiped myself dry, I wondered for a second what brought me to this,  why would I tolerate being treated like a urinal?  But one look at him as he sat down in a tattered recliner and started to masturbate reminded me why I’m so obsessed with him.  When I was mostly dried off, I looked at him, god, he was a vision of manliness just sitting there, manipulating is cock while he sneered at me.  I love him.

He slapped his cock, “Boy, come over here, you know what you have to do.”

Wow, how lucky was I that I get to suck on his cock.  I was about to stand to walk over to him when he told me…

“No, I want you to crawl over to me on your hands and knees, like the bitch you are.”

I crawled over to him and put my hands on his cock.  It is a beautiful cock, long, but not crazy long, thick, strong, and pulsing with his heartbeat.  And I devoured him like a kid trying to eat a cone of ice cream before it melts away.  My cock tried to get hard I sucked on his boner, but it was still caged up.  My right hand juggled and tugged at his balls while my left hand played with his puckering hole.  Oh, I Know he’s doing the whole master routine right now, but I also know he likes to bottom out…sometimes.  One of my fingers gingerly slipped into him, into his inner sanctum, and is head fell to one side and then rocked over to the other.  It pleased me to see that I could please him so well, pleasing him to the point where he forgot who was in command.  Khan raised one knee into his chest and hugged his leg so I could go deeper.  I do go in deeper, he squeals and I hum for minutes after minutes.  My finger reached his “G” spot and after a few minutes of that, he couldn’t hold it back anymore.  I knew from our previous times together how to trigger him.  He went absolutely spastic, one hand grabbed onto the arm of the chair while his other hand grabbed the back of my head and forced all the down his cock.  I was smothering on his shaved groin as his pearlescent outburst flooded my throat.  He was as dazed and winded as a marathon runner who had just crossed the finish line.  He was so stunning just sitting there in his chair, his body heaved with desperate breaths while he caressed himself, a king of masculinity in his throne.  I wanted so badly to jack off to that while I was kneeling at his feet.  But when I started to play with my caged cock, he placed his booted foot on my chest and shoved me back onto the floor.

Khan told me, “No you don’t, you don’t get to cum until I tell you to.”

“Sorry, my master.”

I truly enjoyed calling him that, calling him my master.  Then I wondered if Larry Hagman ever got a boner whenever Barbara Eden called him that while filming, I Dream of Jeannie.  How could any straight guy resist a beautiful woman calling him that?

Khan stood over me, “Yeah, that’s right, I am your master.  And don’t you forget that.  And if you tell anyone here that you had your finger inside of me, I will fuck you up, and not in the way you’re hoping.”

“Yes, my master.”

Khan ordered me, “On your feet, boy.”

With the taste of his delicious cum still on my tongue, I stood facing him with my cock trying to reach out to him from behind its small prison bars.  He reached out and wrangled the chastity cage off of my cock.  The pain of relief was great, but that didn’t stop my cock from celebrating its freedom by quickly engorging to its full glory.  Oh, how wonderful to be erect again with my lover eyeing me with raging lust.  As he reached out to me, I hoped this was the moment where he would finally allow me to fully express my passions by releasing my juices over both of us.  But instead of getting all nasty with me, he shoved me around so hard that I almost lost my balance.  He pulled my arms behind my back and put the cuffs back on.  Then he reached into his duffle bag and pulled out some new things for me to wear.

Khan said, “This bag is full of stuff I brought for you and I think you’re ready for it.”

First, he pulled out a studded cock strap and tightly harnesses my cock and balls with great adroitness.  He pats me on the cock and gives it a firm shake.

“There, that should help you to keep that boner raging all day.  But just to make sure, I’ll give you a little blue pill.”

He pops a Viagra out of its bottle and puts it to my lips.  May fear of being a healthy man taking one of those things overrides my new discipline and I keep my mouth shut.  I mean, he didn’t even break it in half, he wanted me to have a full pill!  Besides, I was so horny there was no way I was going to lose that erection.  In fact, I already felt of the verge of having blue balls.

Khan slapped my face, “Take it like a good boy.”

I guess I hesitated, Khan grabbed my jaw and forced it open and shoved the pill past my tongue.  I started to gag on it, but he was quick with a bottle of water and poured it down my throat.  That pharmaceutical marvel was now coursing its way through me.  Oh god, what would happen to me.

Then he pulled out a stainless-steel butt plug with a red and black fury tail hanging off of it.  While the plug looked a little larger than what I was use to, it was that fury tail that shocked me, with its alternating stripes of red and black synthetic fur.  At least I hoped it was synthetic, I would hate to think an animal was killed just to be shoved up my ass.  Khan placed some lube on the shinny pointed end of the metal bulb and he walked behind me.

He placed one hand on my shoulder, “Bend over, boy, it’s time to make you look like the bitch you are.”

I complied and bent over for my master.  He was gentile as he tickled my hole with the cool tip of the plug that sent a shiver up my spine.

And little by little, he twisted that polish piece of metal up my ass.  It definitely was the largest plug I ever had up my ass.  I cried out just as the widest part of it spread my hole wide open, I swear it felt like it was about to split me in half.


But oh, the relief as it suddenly popped in and my anus sealed shut around the smaller neck of the plug.


Now I was worried about when it would be time for it for it to come back out, I mean, I hadn’t been allowed to take my morning shit yet.  I was gasping as Khan helped me to stand erect again.

Khan rubbed my ass, “You okay?”

I nodded, “Yes, sir, I can take it, sir.”

“Good boy, I knew you could.  And it’s not like you had a choice anyway.” 

Then Khan pulled out the leather dog mask.  It wasn’t a full mask, just the part the simulated the snout of a dog.  And it was also very striking with its fields of red and black leather.  After everything else, that wasn’t as much of a surprise as it should have been.  I even felt a certain amount of pride and joy as my master dressed me up, paying all that attention to me.  The masked fit perfectly as he strapped it to my head.  But quickly enough I noticed it restricted my breathing a bit and I felt a tad lightheaded as the air inside the mask became warm.

Khan beamed, “Beautiful.”

It was thrilling to have him look me in the eye and call be beautiful.  Then he pulled out a pair of Red and black leather high heal boots.  They were gorgeous!  Khan pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Sit, boy, so I can put these on you.”

I felt pampered as he put those boots on me, but I also felt something else.  I was now sitting on the but plug, the tail part of it shoved it a little deeper into my body.  That hunk of metal had already filled up my rectum and it was moving around inside of me as Khan moved my legs around while putting my boots on.  I wanted to obey my master about not tossing a load, but the plug of metal found my trigger point.  I was nearing the point of no return and instinctively gyrated my hips to help it along.  As Khan zipped up the second boot, he looked up a figured out immediately what was going on.  Using the leash, he harshly set me to my feet.

“No, you don’t!  You stop that!  You hear me!”  He commanded.

Khan grabbed my nuts in a vice-like grip and nearly tore them off my body.  The pain sent me screaming, but it also managed to abort my orgasm.  My sperm was on the verge of gushing and Khan denied me again.  Oh, the pain and frustration of all that sperm just ready to purge from my loins was intense.  Discombobulated, I had to lean into Khan to keep from falling over.

“I need to cum, sir.  I really need to cum, sir.”

Khan patted me on the face as if he were trying revive me, “Hey, hey, you can take it.  You will cum for me, but only when I want you too.  I have something planned for you, something that will change your life.”

That gave me some apprehension, “More than this, sir?”

He smirked, “Oh yeah, sweet cheeks, and it will happen in front of everyone.”

“More humiliation, Master?”

Khan beamed, “That depends on you.  Everyone here has been through what will happen to you.  They know what awaits you, and believe it or not, they will be envious of you cause they know the first time is always the best.  That time of discovery, of revelation.  And look at you, you are fucking gorgeous, I mean everyone out there wants to fuck you.”

“They did, sir.”

“Yeah, but even more so now.”

He walked me over to the mirror, and in those few steps I could feel how those high heeled boots were making me walk different, they made me feel powerful.  And in a few more steps, I was starting to walk like a runway fashion model, you know, that catwalk they do.  Those boots were almost magical.  And then, there I was, looking with amazement at my reflection in the full length mirror.  My mask, my collar with chain leash, my cock strap, and those boots!  And all of to so beautifully coordinated in red and black.  I twisted my torso to see the tail hanging out of my ass…wow.  I understood it all at that moment, how it transformed me and my brawny body into someone and something else.  Khan was right, I looked fucking gorgeous.  The two of us standing side by side, Khan the master and me his bitch, we were an amazing sight and I couldn’t wait for the others to see us.  Now, it may have been the lack of oxygen caused my the mask combined with the potent scent of new leather, but I even wanted to go back to work like this.  Fuck, I wanted the whole world to see me and what I had become, one fabulous bitch faggot slave.

I spent most of my life not really knowing who I am, and I don’t know who I’m supposed to be, but I do know this, I really love being that young leather clad stud I saw in that mirror.

I looked at Khan through the mirror, “You bought all of these things for me, sir?”

Khan smiled, “Yes, and it was very expensive.”

I never had someone treat me so extravagantly before.  And the last time someone dressed me was when I was a toddler.  It made me feel very special.  My only little misgiving was that the heels made me as tall as him.  I always had been a sucker for taller men.  And now here I was as tall as Khan for the first time in our relationship.  I need to have him in a set of heels too.

I turned to my master, “I love you, master.  I am ready to do whatever you want me to do.  I give my life to you and trust you with it…completely, Master.”

Khan welled up with pride and even seemed a little verklempt, “That’s good, I’m glad to hear it.  You’re well worth the money I spent on you.  You know something, I think you’re the one, the one I will keep.  There have been others, but yes, you’re the one.  I love you too, my gorgeous bitch.  Oh, I’m very proud of you and I can’t wait to show you off to everyone.”

He took up the slack in my leash and bit down on my nipple.  He growled and I growled back at him, I so much wanted to kiss him passionately right then, but the mask only allowed me to bury my head into his neck.  And for me, he was the one I wanted…the one I needed.  He opened the door and with a slap to my ass, we were out and about.

It was seven in the morning and only one other couple was up and being very passionate in a hammock.  They saw us and complimented the way we looked with a subtle yell.  Khan slapped my ass and tugged on my tail with pride and ooh, that felt nice.  That put my catwalk into full gear, my hair had a little bounce it, my thighs were flexing like mad and had my cock swaying back and forth like a young Padawan swinging his lightsaber.  I was loving it.

Khan finally noticed, “What’s with the catwalk?”

I was feeling sassy, “I know you paid for this ensèm, my master, but I own it.”

Khan tugged on my leash, “Well, tone it down, and that goes for the sass too.”

“Yes, sir.”

I think he actually like it, but was just exercise his control over me.   So I toned it down, just a little.

The rays of the sun were streaking over the ridge of the mountains that surrounded the camp when he decided we would go for a hike.  As we took to the rough trails surrounding the camp, the uneven ground put an end to my catwalk as I quickly learned to walk through mother nature in high heals.  We didn’t talk much, it was just enough be in the great outdoors with each other, Khan holding my leash.  About twenty minutes in, I really had to drop a log.

“Sir, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Khan sighed, “Well, there ain’t no toilet out here.  But there is a good spot down by the river.”

We made a detour through the brush to the river’s edge.  Standing there with my cock now raging super hard, I piss.  Before now, I never pissed hands free while standing, it felt liberating to let my urine fly free where ever my cock was pointing.  After the flow stopped, I still had to go number two.

“Sir, can you pull my tail out?  I need to take a shit.”

Khan grabbed the end of the tail, “Just squat and go, I’ll keep it from falling in the dirt.”

“Thank you, sir.”

I squatted and started to push, that plug was really in there good.  I had to push so hard I could feel my head was turning red.  And with an agonized yell, the butt plug popped out of my ass along with half a day’s worth of shit.  Oh god that felt good.  As I was about to get up, Khan kept me down and washed off my hole with water from the river.  With his bare hand, he cupped water up to my ass and washed me clean.  The water was exhilaratingly cool and his hand was gentle yet thorough as his fingers slid around my ass cleaning off my hole.

“Good morning.”  I said to him.

He smiled, “Yes it is.  Now stand up and bend over so I can put your tail back in you.”

I took a few steps away from my droppings and did as he told, but then nothing was happening, I was waiting for him to shove that butt plug back into my ass.  Then I felt his cock slap down between my buttocks.  Apparently he was inspired to do something else once he saw my ass staring up at him.  He put the butt plug in my hand.

“Hold on to that while I fuck you.”

Using my chain like the reins of a horse, he pulled me onto his cock as he slapped my ass.  It was beautiful there by the babbling river in the glow of the morning light.


Birds chirping and dear calling to each other as my master hammered his cock up my ass.  We were just one of the many creatures of the forest doing what comes naturally.  Sometimes you don’t realize it until it’s too late, but I did realize at that moment that that was one of my perfect moments. 

And then a forest ranger interrupted us.  He was paddling down the river in a canoe wearing his tan hat, green shirt and a disappointed expression.

The ranger shouted, “Aw, come on guys!  What are you doing?”

I wanted to take off running for cover into the woods, but Khan kept me in place as he continue to fuck me like it was completely okay to fuck me in front of this ranger.

Khan yelled back, “Ranger Malik, how are you doing?”

They obviously knew each other and the ranger obviously knew of our group’s presence.

Ranger Malik shouted, “I thought we agreed that you boys would keep it to the camp ground?”

“What?  There’s nobody else around for miles!” Khan shrugged, “Besides, I’m almost done here!”  Then Khan smiled almost to the point of laughing, “Unless you would like to have some of this fine ass here?  You know you have a standing invitation join us in our naughty fantasy land?”

The ranger was like, “What?”

“I asked if you would like a piece of this pretty boy’s super fine ass?”

I had the odd combination of feelings of shock and flattery that Khan would offer me up like that to someone I didn’t know.  But he did call my ass super fine.

The ranger just stared at us for a moment and did a maneuver with his paddle that kept his canoe in place, I couldn’t tell if he was offended or if he was thinking about accepting Khan’s offer.  He paddled closer to us like he was interested, but then he did an about-face, he smiled and shook his head as he let his canoe continue to carry him down the river.

The ranger shook his head, “Get a cabin, you guys.”

And just as the ranger was about to lose sight of us, Khan called out to him.


Ranger Malik looked back just as Khan whipped his dick out of my ass and sprayed his load all over my back.  Even from that distance I could see the ranger envied us and our daring freedom as we recklessly flaunted our sexuality.  In every law enforcement official is the desire to break the laws he has to enforce, to varying degrees of course.  Khan stood me up and turned me to show off my cum drenched ass and back to the ranger.  Then just as Ranger Malik was about to go around a bend in the river, Khan began to reinsert my fury dog tail butt plug just as the ranger lost sight of us.  As we strolled back into the woods, I so wanted to walk with him holding his hand, but alas, my hands were still secured behind my back.

By the time we got back to camp, the other masters were in their fully fetishized regalia sitting at the picnic tables enjoying a cornucopia of breakfast cuisine.  They all cheered as they saw Khan emerge from the majestic conifers.

The chef, Bill, yelled out, “Perfect timing, I just put out a stack of my famous pancakes.”

That’s when they saw me in tow and made a fuss about me.  Khan proudly posed me at the head of the table for all to see.

Howard feigned a southern accent, “My, my, is this the same rapscallion that I thought would bite off my pecker?  I do love what you’ve done to him, but is he tame?  Did you break this fine young buck?”

Howard reached up from his seat and grabbed onto my throbbing cock with a firm grip and shook it vigorously.  His smooth and delicate small hands were the hands of a banker and made my cock look even bigger.  As it turns out, Howard is the only one that Khan would permit to touch his property without asking.  Howard seemed impressed with my cock as he examined it thoroughly.  Wanting to maintain my master’s approval, I didn’t flinch a single muscle, not even when Howard slammed my cock down on the picnic table a few times.  I was proud of the booming thuds my thick cock made as it was hammered down onto the thick wood of the table causing the nearby cutlery to rattle.

Khan proclaimed, “Oh yes, we had a big breakthrough last night and this morning.  My handsome pet now understands this is for his own good.  He has completely surrendered himself to me, body and soul.  As a matter of fact, he just surrendered his body to me this morning beside the river.”

The men applauded him and cheered.

Howard was incredulous, “All this happened overnight, really?”

Khan proudly, “All true, he is mine to do with as I please.”  Khan jerked my leash, “Isn’t that right, boy?”

I sharply answered, “Yes, my master.”

Howard, still incredulous, “So, he’d be willing to suck my cock without hesitation?”

Khan pulled on my leash, “Well boy, you going to suck his cock when I tell you to suck his cock?”

I nodded yes, “Yes, of course, my master.”

Howard finally let go of my cock and spread his legs apart, “Show me.”

Howard pulled down the pouch of his leather thong and there it was, his tiny little dick all hard and ready to go.  I looked to Khan kind of hoping that he would deny Howard, (I just wanted to belong to Khan entirely and exclusively.)  But my master just handed my leash over to Howard.  Howard was sitting down and pulled on my chain until I was down on my knees between his legs.  I knew I better not disappoint Khan or I would earn his wrath again, so without thinking about it, I buried my face into his crotch.  Thankfully, I was still wearing my leather snout and the most I could do was pretend to devour his little pecker.  I wanted to please my master, but Jesus, it smelled like corn chips down there.

Howard gleefully, “Oh look at him go to town.  Well done, Khan, well done.  He’s a good boy.  But we have to take that mask off so he can really suck on my cock.”

Most thankfully, Khan retook possession of me by grabbing my collar and pulling me up and out of Howard’s crotch.

Khan graciously denied Howard, “Later, my friend, I promise, but I have something planned for this newbie of mine.  After we enjoy this lavish breakfast, in the main lodge I will holding class where I will be performing a demonstration on my salve, so I want to save him for that.”

My imagination went wild and I became a little anxious wondering what he was going to do to me, but I had faith in my master that he loved me and would not permanently harm me.

Hoss got all giddy, “Oo, and what will you be demonstrating this time?  I always look forward to your classes, they’re always so fun and educational too.”

Khan put his hand out, “Now, now, you know it’s always a surprise.  You’ll find out later when all attend.  And remember, except for Howards reserved chair, seating is first come, first served.”

Khan walked me over to the other end of the long table where his seat was and pointed at the ground beside it.

Khan commanded me, “Kneel, boy.”

And I eagerly kneeled beside him as he sat down in his chair.  He then rubbed my head like the good bitch I was.

One of the other masters seemed to protest, “You’re letting him sit beside the table?  You’re not going to pen him with the other slaves?”

Khan looked down at me glowingly, “No, this one is special, I feel it.  He gets preferential slave status.”

That master was surprised, “Preferential?  Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those, and only after one day.”

Khan shot that master an authoritative gaze, “I have history with him.  I’ve spent the last several months riding his ass long and hard, so I know what I’m doing.  Okay?”

That master acquiesced, “Very well, Master Khan.  You are the man.”

Hoss, from on down the table, “Completely broke-in you say, Khan.  Well, that just makes me want him all the more.”

Khan threw it back at him, “Hey Hoss, what about your little boy toy, how much longer is he in jail for?”

Hoss sighed, “Five more months, but it had to be done.”

Khan turned to me, “You see, Hoss is a police officer and he was having trouble breaking in this really cute little twink.”

Hoss, “God damn, was he stubborn.  It’s always the little ones.”

Howard added, “It’s self-entitlement, my friend, these kids today are just so fucking self-entitled.  Thinking that the world has yield to their whims, that everyone has to give them what they want and tip-toe around their emotions.  God, I love breaking them of that illusion.”

Hoss laughed, “Yeah, the look on their faces when they realize they are not in control anymore and that they have to take your shit, priceless.”

Khan continued to tell me, “Hoss was having such a hard time busting the spirit of that little prick.  Well, since he’s a cop, he had access to all sorts of evidence from a number of real child molestation cases and had that little brat arrested on a bogus charge of diddling a little boy.  It got him a year in jail.  And do you know what prisoners do to child molesters in jail?  Especially the prisoners who are fathers.  They beat and rape the molesters to within an inch of their lives.”  Khan turned to Hoss, “So, how’s he doing?”

Hoss shrugged, “Oh, I get reports from the guards that he’s completely devastated, a hollow shell of the punk he use to be.  Sits in his cell crying the night away, when he’s not being raped that is.  Because of the charges, his parents have disowned him, his friends have cut him out of their lives.  But in five months, when he’s released, I’ll be the only one their to receive him, the only one to forgive him, and since he wont be able to get a job as a sex-offender, I will be his only means of support.  He will be tenderized piece of meat, beaten, raped and hopeless, a lump of clay that I can shape into anything I want, a wounded puppy that I can train to do anything I want.”

Khan poked my shoulder, “Let that be a warning to you, boy, you get out of line and I’ll have Hoss trump up some charges on your ass.  Lo entiendes?”

All I wanted after hearing that story was to prove my loyalty to my master.

“Oh si mi maestro.”

Our law office catered to Hispanics as well.

I continued, “Señor, puedo chupar tu pene?”

Khan smiled, “Si, muy bueno.”

Khan took off my mask and directed me to go under the table where I promptly started to massage his cock with my tongue while he started to eat his breakfast.  Others at the table moved their chairs back or contorted themselves to watch me unabashedly orally gratify my master.

Howard protested, “Hey, I thought you were saving him for later?”

Khan shrugged, “Master’s prerogative.” And then Khan tapped me on the head, “Adagio, you little shit, you know how I like it.  I don’t want to blow a load while I’m eating.”

Oh, the many times in the past I would lick him to sleep as my tongue would dance on his cock for hours.  Just enough to keep him hard, but not aggressive enough to make him cum.  The many nights and sunny weekend afternoons he wold relax to the point of complete bliss as I polished his manhood.  And here I was showing all these men how well I can please my master.  And I continued orally manipulating my master’s member as he and the other masters tried to finishing their meal.  I only wished that my hands had been free at the time to play with his balls.

And when the meal was finished and us slaves were given scraps from the table of our masters, Khan walked me over to the main lodge.  With my mask back in place and my catwalk in high gear, well, if that had been a dog show, you know the fucking blue ribbon would be mine.

In the main lodge, at the far end, was a kind of classroom setting with old school chairs and a chalkboard.  As the masters and their slaves filed into the room, the masters hitched their slaves to hooks on the wall and scrambled for chairs with the best view.  Except for Howard who casually strolled to his reserved chair which was front and center.  Khan took a chalk stick and wrote on the board…



The men oohed and awed at the title and they applauded as Khan placed me centerstage facing the audience.  I was so proud of how I looked and that my appearance would make men go wild.

Khan became very professor like as, “Good evening masters and slaves, as you can see, the subject concerns asphyxiation, some of you may refer to it as choking or strangulation.  And I will demonstrate the different safe ways to accomplish asphyxiation on my slave, Bandi.”

What the fuck I thought as I looked to Khan with a sense of shock and betrayal.  Even with the mask covering most of my face, Khan could sense my fear.  Khan gave me consoling pat on my back and kissed my shoulder.

“Khan smiled at me, “Don’t worry, you are going to love this.”  Khan turned to the audience, “Isn’t he gentlemen?”

They all applauded and politely cheered.

Howard cooed, “Em, Bandi, you say.  I love the derivation of names, especially a name like, Bandi.  Bandi is a Greek name meaning virile.  And he certainly looks it.”

Howard leaned forward in his chair almost to the point of falling off just to grab a handful of my cock, “And he feels virile too.”

To be judged purely on the physicality of my cock would have and should have offended me, but this version of me was so proud as Howard leaned back and instigated another round of applause for my throbbing appendage.

Khan smiled, “Yes, I can personally attest to his virility.”

We, Khan and I, master and slave, exchanged coy glances.

Khan continued his lecture, “Now the emphasis is on safety, cause the last thing you want is having to explain to the police why there’s a dead boy in your dungeon.”

Just then, surprise of surprises, Ranger Malik walked in on our bizarre lecture.  And as bizarre as we may have looked to him, it was just as arresting for us to have a man in uniform, and I mean a real uniform, standing in our midst.

Khan asked with some trepidation, “Is there a problem, Ranger Malik?”

The ranger stalled fumbled with his thoughts as everyone else was looking at him wondering if he was here to shut us down.  I, on the other hand, was so wrapped up in my sexually euphoric state that I just found him so attractive.  I hadn’t notice his Egyptian heritage before, but at this close distance it was impossible to miss.  I didn’t know Egyptians could be a turn-on for me, or maybe it was the uniform or both, but woof, I wanted him to see me, I wanted him to want me.

Malik cleared his throat, “Well…I thought I would accept your invitation.”

Khan, “So you’re not here in any official capacity?”

Malik took off his hat, “Oh sorry, no Im not.”  And then he took off his badge and put it in his pocket.  “See, I’m just some curious guy.”

Khan was relieved to hear it, “Well then, you’re welcome to take a seat.”

The ranger hemmed, “And it doesn’t matter if I’m straight?  Cause I am…straight.”

Khan welcomed him, “As long as you don’t judge us, we won’t judge you.  As a matter of fact, a few of the men here are straight.”

The ranger was surprised to hear that, “Really?”

Khan, “You see, we are not here exploring homosexuality, we are here exploring the power of sexuality.  The power one can have over another, how to wield it, or how to surrender to it, and most importantly, how to enjoy it.  And how that power can unleash a truly euphoric orgasm and make you aware of your body like never before.  Right now, Ranger Malik, your brain sits in your body like a driver sits in his car, just using that vehicle to simply get from point A to point B.  But imagine that your brain and your body, like the car and the driver, were truly one and together, aware of every feature of the road with the wind in your hair and the vibrations through the seat and the steering wheel.  One way to unlock that awareness and develop that bond is through extreme orgasms, and the only way to achieve that is through extreme sexual practices.  And these are things you can practice with the…hm, woman in your life, if you so choose.  Interested?”

Ranger Malik was sold and with a puff of air, he quietly took a seat in the back of the room.  I, in the meantime, was scanning the crowd trying to figure out which ones were straight and just how straight could they be.

Khan continued his lesson, “Now, like I was saying, the most important thing is safety.  And since I will be using a noose, I will show you how to make one that is safe.”

Okay, that did frighten me a little, “Noose?”

Khan assured me, “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”  Khan turned to the class, “By the way everyone, now that my salve is properly tamed, this would be a good time to formally introduce him.  This is Bandi and he is mine, body and soul.”

The crowd of men applauded as their eyes scrutinized every inch of my body.  Their looks of approval and lust made me feel…perfect.

Khan continued, “As you can see, my salve is clearly healthy and fit.”

Khan grabbed my cock and balls at the base and wave them around vigorously.

“Just look at that slab of meat hanging off of him, yeah!  He gets his musculature from his hobbies of weight lifting, mountain biking and skateboarding.  Later, I’ll have him demonstrate some of the wonderful stunts he can perform on a skateboard.  I love watching him play with his board.”  He smirked.  “I’m looking forward to seeing him skate in the nude for us.”

Wow, he knows my on switch.  For a long time I’ve wanted to try that, to go skateboarding naked.  And now to do it in front of him was going to make it extra special.  Khan also seemed momentarily distracted by the notion of me skating naked as he just rubbed me between my shoulder blades and caressed me with his eyes.

Khan snapped out of it and resumed his lecture, “Anyway, let’s get back to it.”

Khan let go of my leash and draped it down the front of my body making sure that it would rest against the side of my balls.  The cool metal links of the leash tingled the delicate flesh of my neatly shaved sack and sent a shiver up my spine and goosebumps all over my body.

“Now, when you make your noose, make sure that it’s really loose.”

Khan pulled a coil of nylon rope out of duffle bag and draped one end of it over my shoulders making sure it dangled on the other side my cock.  Its smooth synthetic texture felt just like the glassy-smooth scales of a large snake slithering across my body.  Yeah, that happened to me once a friends house and it was unexpectedly erotic, but that’s another story.  I had been so denied an orgasm for so long that the subtle sensations of the leash and the rope touching me down there was almost enough to make me lose control of my reproductive system.  As  Khan demonstrated making a noose, my end of the rope would gently rub my flesh and ever so minutely slide against my cock.  I couldn’t hear a thing he said as I concentrated on that rope; imagining that it was a snake slithering across my publicly displayed privates.  I started to swoon as the pressure in my loins began to build up.  Oh god, I wanted to cum so bad, I was about to cum ad in front of all these men.  I was about to make a hot mess and I wanted them to see it.  Unfortunately, some of them did notice what was about happen and Howard ratted me out.

Howard alerted Khan, “Hey Khan, I think your boy there is about to spill his baby-batter.”

Khan, who was caught up in displaying the beautiful noose he just finished tying, nearly dropped the rope as he grabbed the back of my head.

Khan slapped me hard across the face, “Stop it!  Don’t you dare cum yet, not until I tell you to!  Stop it, breath normal.  Take a deep breath.”

I felt him reaching for my balls.  He was about to do that painful trick again to make me stop from cumming.  I didn’t know what I hated more, having my gonads yanked or being denied an orgasm that was over a day in the making.

I panted, I pleaded, “Please sir, let me cum for you, please.”

He slapped me again, “You’re making a spectacle of yourself in front of all these men.  Is that what you want, to humiliate yourself like that?”

“Yes, oh god, yes I do.”

And I did, especially in front of that forest ranger that I thought was hot.

Khan was pleasantly surprised by my answer, “Well then, good, that’s a good little piggy.  You want to be a piggy in front of all these men, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re nothing but a filthy little pig!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then let’s not waste anymore time, pig.”

Khan threw the noose over the rustic beam of wood over us and placed it over my head and around my throat.  He neatly arranged my hair so that the rope would lay directly on the skin of my neck.  I barely noticed what he was doing as I was still in a daze from being yet again denied a major orgasm.  Good god, I needed to pump out a load so badly.  But I snapped out of it as Khan tightened the noose snug around my neck.  I shot him a what the hell look.  Eve though very little of my face was visible, he could tell I was nervous.

Khan whispered into my ear, “Oh, you are going to love this.”

He playfully bit me on the nap of my neck as he shook my cock one more time.

I was still afraid, “Please sir, don’t hurt me.”

He sneered at me, “Oh, I’m going too hurt you real good.  So good, that you’re going to want me to hurt you again, and again, and again.”

Then he made sure that I could see him wrap the other end of the rope around his hand.  My breathing started to get deeper and faster as I feared the worst, but at the same time I took solace that my death would be by the hands of someone that I worshiped that much.  How pathetic is that?  And I actually thought how I was going to make a fabulous looking corpse.

Khan rubbed his body up against mine and played with my cock as he pulled on the rope making it tighter around my neck.  I had a hard time breathing and an even more difficult time trying to comprehend the mix of emotions I was experiencing.  His hot body humping my body, his hand all over my privates, his hot breath in my ear and my hair, all while he was strangling me.  Too feel such passion and fear at the same time was driving me crazy.  The men in the audience started playing with themselves or each other as they watched Khan torture me.  I couldn’t breath!  Oh my god, was I surrounded by a cult of men that liked to sacrifice hot young men for their sexual pleasure?  Where was I?  I didn’t know what to think anymore as my vision became clouded with floating spots of light.  My face felt like it was going to explode!  I could barely hear that Khan was talking to me, his voice sounded like a distant echo.

“Come on boy.”  He tells me, “Breath, come on, breath.  Fight for each breath.  Come on, fight for it, you pussy!”

I flex my neck trying to open my throat and I gasp in a deep breath.  I can feel every molecule of oxygen hitting every fiber of my lungs.  I can entirely perceive the inner volume of my lungs as they are allowed to consume oxygen again.

Khan yelled at me, “Come on, keep breathing!”

I fought to take another breath as he brutally slapped my cock around.  I wanted to back away from the corporal punishment he was unleashing on my manhood, but the noose kept me in place.

Khan addressed his class while he continued to assault me, “Watch the eyes, make sure they don’t get too bloodshot.  And you have to keep reminding your subject to breath.  Make sure they keep breathing.  And sometimes you can stimulate deep breathing with some pain, like with a punch to the nuts.”

Khan gave me a backhanded slap to my nuts.  Fuck, that hurt!  But it did get me to take a deep breath.

I strained and pleaded, “P…please…I…can’t take…anymore.  Please.”

Khan was relentless, “You’re stronger than you think.  I know you can take it.  Don’t quit on me, boy.  You’re almost there.”

Khan slapped my cock hard enough to make it bounce off my chiseled abs once, then twice, then thrice and then I lost count as I lost control of my senses.  Oh, the brutal pleasure of Khan aggressively manhandling my manhood.  He stroked my cock dry without any lube until my cock started drooling with my clear man-tea.  Finally, a little relief as my cock lubricated itself.

Khan grunted, “Yeah, look at your cock getting all wet.  Yeah, you want to cum for me, huh, don’t you?”

I gasped, “Yes!”

“You want to cum?”


“You gonna cum for me?”


“Oh yeah, your cock is so hard right now.  Hard like never before.  It feels so good in my hand, like it’s about to explode.  Do you feel it?”

I did, “Yes!  I’m about to cum.”

Just as my nuts were about to be drained of their precious juice, Khan pulled harder on the rope completely cutting off the flow of air to my body.  As my loins exploded launching a torrent of sperm, I felt my consciousness fall into my body.  It was like I was in a dark void that was the shape of my body and I was looking out two windows that were the shape of my eyes.  And then the void filled with all the stars of the heavens and I was floating in space.  A euphoria that I never knew was possible consumed me as every nerve ending in my body blazed with electricity.  I came so hard that my prostate cramped up; my groin got a charley horse.


For a moment, I actually thought I was flying, but in fact, Khan had let go of the rope and I was falling back for complete and utter enervation.  I was caught by Khan’s strong arms and was gently laid out on the floor.  My body continued to convulse and gush as Khan cradled me in his lap.  My orgasm slowly waned as my vision cleared up.  I was staring up into my master’s eyes and I started to cry.  And in my periphery, other men, including Ranger Malik, were staring down at me.  They all had their hands on my body giving me consoling rubs and trying to share in my orgasmic energy.

I sobbed, “Oh master, what was that?  What happened to me?”

Khan smiled, “Welcome to my universe, a universe where a man can truly be in touch with his body by flirting with death.”

I had mixed feelings about that.  It was the best feeling I ever had.  It was like being born all over again.  But I also knew at that instant that nothing less would ever satisfy me like that and that flirting with death was going to be a regular practice for me.

I cried, “You changed me, you changed me.  And I can’t go back.  Damn you.”

Khan worried, “Didn’t you love it, my boy?  Oh come on, you loved it.”

“Yes, god damn it, I loved it.  And I want to do it again.  I want you to rape me like that over and over for ever.”

Khan, “So what’s your problem?”

“I feel like a freak for wanting that.”

Khan smiled at me, “Well…yes, you are a freak, cause the average man will never know just how exhilarating an orgasm can truly be.”

I sighed, “But I don’t know how many more times I can take it.”

Khan kissed me, “Don’t worry, with me as your master, you will live forever.”

I felt like a baby in his arms, “I don’t need to live for ever, just as long as you’re with me at the end.”

Ranger Malik looked very concerned as he stepped in to look at me, “Is he okay?”

Khan answered him, “Oh yes, he’s more than okay…”  Khan removed my mask so I could breath freely. “He’s perfect.”

And you know, I did feel perfect.  Laying there on the floor, partially cradled by my master-lover, a dozen or so men caressing my spasmodic body, my cock still very much erect and oozing sperm.  My warm sperm splattered across my flesh, trickling down my cock and meandering through the tiny valleys of my well defined musculature to drain off the sides of my torso and down through my crotch.  I was freed by pain from pain, freed from personal worry, and freed from any concern of the external world… nirvana.

To be continued…eventually.


A personal warning from the author;

Estimates of the mortality rate of autoerotic asphyxia range from 250 to 1000 deaths per year in the United States alone.  Celebrity deaths include actor David Carradine, the lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence, and musician Kevin Gilbert.  And as intriguing as we may find this, I have never engaged in this practice, and I suggest you don’t either.  Play safe.