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Jungle Boys Coda
Part 2 - Jungle Boys Coda II
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“A Jungle Boy’s Coda” Part II

By Jotto

When we last left the jungle boy, Jeremiah, he had just narrowly escaped being recaptured by the dark order of men and was almost shot by the evil Sheikh Al, only to witness the slaying of his lover, Tiago.

Three weeks later…

The jungle boy, Jeremiah, had finally stopped crying for his lost love and started dishing out his own wild brand of justice.  In the three weeks since his love was taken from him he had completely reverted to his feral ways and become a rabid beast consumed with a lust for vengeance.  Various creatures such as deer, boar, and turkeys had been imported to this island in order to provide game and food for the non-indigenous deviants that ruled this isle.  To deny those perverted men that pleasure eating and to starve them off the island, Jeremiah began a campaign of killing these creatures and throwing their remains into the ocean.  Which in turn had the effect of attracting sharks and raising their numbers in the waters surrounding the island. 

Irrespective of the sheikh’s desire to hunt the jungle boy himself, the island master had ordered his men to hunt down the jungle boy in order to protect their food supply.  And when they went hunting for the jungle boy, the feral version of Jeremiah proved there was nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast.  And the wound across his heart was deep.  

One by one, each man that laid a hand on him or his beloved Tiago would come face to face with the jungle boy’s wrath.  His weapon of choice was the formidable cock that hung off his powerful body.  And his manner of execution was rape.  Whenever one of the men was careless enough to be on his own in the jungle, it wasn’t long before the jungle boy and his cock swooped in and overwhelmed them. 

Justifiably the first to go was the callous brute, Curly.  Curly knew very well how to satisfy his own carnal appetites, but not as much about hunting.  As an oversexed bodybuilder, he never missed an opportunity to eroticize a situation.  Suited in only boots, a camouflaged themed thong, and a bandoleer, he and his semiautomatic rifle were woefully ill prepared for the task of hunting down a vengeful man-beast.  Curly’s thinking was two-dimensional as he only scanned the jungle to his left, to his right, forward and backwards, but he never looked up into the thick canopy of the trees.  For it was up in the lush ceiling of leaves that the jungle boy took to and flew silently from limb to limb like his prehistoric ancestors did many millennia ago.  And on one fateful afternoon as Curly passed under a coconut tree, the jungle boy swooped out from the fronds with a coconut in hand and smashed it atop Curly’s thick skull.


The drupe split in two on Curly’s head and its milk knock out the former competitive bodybuilder turned henchman.  Curly was felled like a redwood and his incapacitated body bounced and rolled down into a ditch.  Like a tiger, the jungle boy pounced upon his prey and ripped off Curly’s bandoleer.  The enraged man-beast used the bandoleer to tie the henchman’s arms behind his back.  As Curly regained his wits, he could only muster a few moans as the vengeful wild beast man used the henchmen’s bound arms like the reins on a horse and set him to his knees.  The jungle boy slapped Curly across the face with his solidly engorged cock until he was fully conscious again for he wanted him fully aware of what he was about to do to him.  As blood trickled through his hair, Curly looked up into the vengeful gaze of his captor. 

Jeremiah growled, “Now it my turn.”

Over the years of his captivity, whenever Curly would rape Jeremiah, he would say, “Now it’s my turn.”  And after fucking Jeremiah, Curly would dislocate the jungle boy’s jaw so he would be able to bite down as Curly shoved his cock down his throat and make him swallow a load or two.  And a couple of times, Curly actually managed to break the jungle boy’s jaw.  But now it was the jungle boy’s turn.

 Powered by the anguish of his lost love that was slain before his eyes, Jeremiah made a fist that was as dense as iron and smashed it into Curly’s jaw instantly breaking it in two places.  Curly screamed and was incapacitated by the pain of broken bone and the inconceivable notion that some wild beast of a boy that was only two-thirds his mass had domain over him.  Jeremiah pried Curly’s jaw open with ease as the pain made it impossible for the henchman to resist.  The vengeful jungle boy instantly crammed every corpulent inch of his raging jungle cock down henchman’s gagging gullet.  Curly tried to fight and bite his way off the powerful jungle cock, but his broken jaw was to painful and his gag reflex was too intense and force his mouth to stay agape.  Curly’s garbled screams filled the air and echoed out in all directions.  All he could do was choke and gag until he suffocated on the jungle boy’s ferocious manhood and drowned in a flood of hot semen that deluged his throat.


And early the next morning, Curly’s cum-filled body would be found dumped in front of the main doors minus his genitals that had been viciously ripped off his body by the jungle boy who was now insane with vengeance.  And four more went the way of Curly, each more ferociously than the last as the jungle boy improved on his skill of revenge and left the bloody, soiled and neutered remains in conspicuous places and in unflattering poses for all to see.  This kept the faint of heart confined to the compound and distracted all from most of their evil sexual routines.  The island master began to really regret his losses when word of the revenge fucking jungle boy got off the island.  This had the affect of keeping away some of his highest paying clientele.

And the jungle boy had managed to do all this while eluding the nefarious Sheikh Al who had become absolutely obsessed with hunting down and castrating him.  So addicted to this hunt, he neglected his professional obligations to the point of having to abdicate his position at O.P.E.C.  And no amount of pleading from his man, Regis, could deter him.  All Regis could do was watch as his employer slowly lost his mind to this singular obsession.

The island had become a cesspool of fear and maniacal emotion, a three-way tug of war between obsession, revenge and dread.

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, a room relatively cleaner and saner than any place else in the compound, the island master walked past a long row of old hospital beds.  And restrained in each bed was the naked body of a sex slaves still recovering from the twisted desires and warped delights of perverse men.  The island master stopped at the last bed at the far end of the room and weaved his way through the forest of medical equipment that surrounded it to gaze upon his favorite slave.  He studied the marred and debauched body that was spread out and naked, and that was riddled with scars both old and new.  His fingers reached out and traced the new surgical scar that ran up the center of the unconscious man’s torso, his hand then rose and gently landed on the face of… Tiago.  Tiago lives, though unresponsive and hooked up to all kinds of monitors and life-sustaining machines.  He was barely recognizable through the swath of surgical tubing that protruded from his nose, mouth and penis.  The island master had a brief and furtive moment of empathy as he used the back of his fingers to caress Tiago’s cheek, but Tiago remained as still as a corpse.

The island master whispered, “Oh you poor thing.  You misguided fool.  Were you truly so willing to die for that feral boy?  Are you that much in love with him?  I guess that’s why I’m fond of you, after everything this island has done to you, you still have love in your heart.”

Then his hand glided down Tiago’s body, his fingers circled around his penis and cradled it gently.  The master rolled the unresponsive organ in his fingers like he would a fine cigar.


Outwardly, this would see like an act of subtle perversion, in actuality, it was a tender embrace from the master who was glad to see his favorite was alive as he reminisced about the good times he had with that handsome phallus.  For that phallus was the only cock the master ever went down on, and only as a gesture of gratitude, and dare I say it, love.  He was an extreme top.  Then he quickly withdrew his hand as the doctor walked up behind him.  The island master believed the only way to maintain authority was not to show emotion, especially not towards any of the slaves, not even his favorite.  But anyone on the island with more than two brain cells to rub together could see the love no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

The island master quickly pulled his hand away from Tiago as he heard the doctor walk up behind him.

The island master scarcely acknowledged the doctor, “Good work doctor.  I’d hate to lose this one.  He is special… I mean… one of my better slaves.”

The doctor grimaced, “You almost did lose him…twice.  His pulse and blood pressure were so low when Curly first brought him in that he was practically dead.  It was nothing less than a miracle that I was able to get his heart back up to speed.  And his heart did stop once before I could repair the all the damage done by that mad Arab.”

The master sighed, “Careful doctor, that mad Arab, as you say, has made me very rich.”

The doctor asked, “Speaking of which, do you think that hairy Elmer Fudd will ever kill that hunky rabbit?”

The master was amused, “No, not without our help.”

The doctor sighed, “I know.  I hope you have something in mind?”

“How long before you can bring Tiago out of this chemically induced coma of yours?”  The master’s question was almost rhetorical.

The doctor dithered, “Well, he’s a strong one he is.  I guess I could have revived him, oh, about a week ago.”

“A week ago?  Then why is he still here?”

Coyly, the doctor admits, “Well, I’m still…examining…him.  Even as marred as his flesh is, he’s still one of the prettiest young men on this island.”

The island master raised an eyebrow at the doctor.

The doctor continued defensively, “Well, you’ve been organizing search parties looking for that jungle boy.  And you were busy dealing with the loss of our food supply.  And the sheikh has gone mad trying to find, Jeremiah?”

The master cut him off, “Don’t use that name around me.  He’s nothing more than a jungle boy, a wild troublesome beast to be slaughtered, put down like a rabid dog.  I’m beginning to wish we had never crossed paths.”

The island master pulled a small glass vial from his coat pocket.  Inside was an object the size and shape of a small caplet.  He handed it to the doctor.

The doctor asked, “What is it?”

“It is a G.P.S. tracker, I’ll be able to track Tiago’s every move with that thing implanted in him.  I trust you can find an inconspicuous place within his body where it can be planted?”

The doctor smiled, “I think I can.” Then he signaled his nurse. “Bring me the liquid suture.”

Using the sheets under Tiago, the doctor flipped him over onto his stomach.  The nurse came up beside the doc with a small plastic bottle of liquid suture and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor spat a few times into his hand and spread his saliva meticulously in and around Tiago’s hole, very careful not to miss a spot as his fingers circle Tiago’s rim like a small boat caught in a whirlpool.  His middle finger slowly circled in towards the center of Tiago’s brown eye and then disappeared into the inner regions of the male model’s tight little hole.  The doctor's finger was methodical as it twisted and plunged in and pulled out repeatedly until Tiago’s backdoor opened up just a bit.  Then the unethical physician plunged two fingers in for a turn… then three… and then four… then all five fingers swiftly followed by his entire hand.  He was now wrist deep into Tiago’s ass his hand tumbled around inside of him like a loose shoe in a dryer.  The doc’s arm looked like a trapped animal as it pushed and bucked against Tiago’s capitulating ass, slowly loosening the grip of the unconscious models anus had on the doctor’s wrist.


Tiago’s unconscious model was unresponsive as it bounced and floundered across the mattress ruffling the sheets.  After about ten minutes of Tiago being fisted by the resident quack, the island master finally had his fill of the depraved puppeteering.

The master nudged the doctor, “Doctor, I appreciate a man who enjoys his work, but please, I’m in a hurry.”

The doc conceded, “Oh yes, sorry.  I often get lost in my…work”

Finally, the doc pulled out his hand, placed the chip on the tip of his finger and topped it with a drop of liquid suture.  The doctor pulled at Tiago’s butt cheeks apart as he reinserted his hand into Tiago’s anus, pressed firmly against the inner walls of the former model’s glory while giving his ass a little wiggle.  After a few more lingering seconds, the doc ever so slowly pulled out of Tiago’s ass.  The doc and the nurse rolled Tiago face up again and gingerly realigned EVERY part of his body.

The island master cleared his throat, “Now, wake him up.”

The doctor directed the nurse, “Let’s clear the patient’s body of all tubes and wires, and then restrain him.”

And within a few minutes, Tiago’s body was completely severed from the medical equipment. The sensors were pealed off his chest and head.  Breathing tubes pulled out of his nose mouth and extra care was taken as the doctor gently cradled Tiago’s genitals and gradually slid the catheter from his hefty penis.  Fur-lined leather shackles were then set around his wrist and ankles.  The doctor walked off and quickly returned with two syringes.

As the doc tap the bubbles out, “The first one is a pain killer, the second is the magic kiss that will wake up our sleeping beauty here.”

And with that, the doctor twice pricked Tiago’s arm.  Three minutes later, Tiago’s eyes started to flutter as his limbs delicately tugged at the restraints.  And then with one deep breath, his eyes were wide open.  He was clearly shocked as he looked around the room, but just as quick was dismayed as his eyes were finally able to focus in on the island master.  A tear rolled from his eye and down the side of his face as he realized he had once again woken up into his ongoing nightmare.

Tiago turned his head to the wall and whispered with a dry and gritty voice, “Oh fuck, I’m still alive.”  Then he looked down to where he was stabbed and saw the scars, these where the worst yet, “Oh fuck, my beautiful body, what have you done?”

Tiago was about to cry and made a fist as the island master tried to pat him on his hand.

The island master reassured him, “Yes, my resilient one, the scars are ugly.  There was a lot of damage and we almost lost you, but you are still alive and the scars will improve with time.  But this will cheer you up, your boyfriend is still alive.”

Tiago glanced at him through the corner of his eyes and just as quickly looked away.  As he closed his eyes, he realized his reason for living still existed; his jungle lover was still alive.

The island master continued, “But your boyfriend is causing me a lot of trouble.”

Tiago smiled. The island master grabbed Tiago by his jaw and made him look him in the eye.

“Wipe that smile off your face and listen to me.  Your boyfriend must have seen you stabbed by the Arab and thinks you’re dead.  Ever since then, he has ambushed my men one at a time and killed and mutilated them, five so far. I need him to stop his acts of terrorism and you’re the only one that can bring this to a peaceful resolution.”

Tiago sneered, “And why would I want to do that?  I hope he kills all of you.” 

The master took a deep breath, “I’m prepared to make you an offer.  Now, I believe you do in fact know of at least one of his hiding places.  I need you to find him and convince him to stop his attacks on my men.  As a matter of fact, I believe once he sees your alive that will be enough to calm him down.  You do this, and I’ll afford you every luxury at my disposal.  You will no longer be a slave; you will be given the rank of, lieutenant, you will be pampered in any manor of your choosing, and you’ll have domain over any slave you choose.  No more pain or subjugation for you, only pleasure.”

Tiago forced his head away, “Bullshit.”

The island master countered, “Hey, you know in matters both positive and negative, I am a man of my word.  I have never lied to you.  I don’t need too. Now, will you consider my offer?”

Tiago looked back at him, “Okay, you’re not lying, but what you don’t understand is that I just don’t want to be like you.” 

The master bristled, “Hey, there’s no need to be rude.  Just tell me what you want then.”

Tiago almost for got, “But what about that insane Arab, is he still here?”

The master sighed, “Yes, and he has gone insane trying to hind your boyfriend.  But if you act now, we may be able to save his life.”

Tiago thought for a moment, “How about this, you release me into the jungle, I let Jeremiah find me, and then my boyfriend and I take one of your boats and we sail far away from this fucked up island.  How about that?”

The master pondered it for a moment, “Okay, you can have, “Lucy.”  She is big enough for the two of you and supplies.  But only if you promise to take your boyfriend away from this island never too return.”

Tiago scoffs, “That old barnacle laden tub?”

“I just had her hull cleaned off.  She’s small but sturdy, and she’ll get you two wherever you want to go.  You can take her or the two of you can swim for it.  I am not giving you any of my bigger boats.”

Tiago countered, “Can I have provisions?”

“All that “Lucy” can carry.”

Then Tiago remembered, “And what about that Arab monster that tried to kill me?  Is he still here?”

The master sighed, “Yes.”

Tiago became alarmed, “Will he agree to this?”

The master looked off, “I do not and can not speak for him.  He has become …single minded in hunting down that jungle b…Jeremiah. Let’s just say I’m leaving him out of the loop on this.  This is just between you and me.”

“Well then, since you can’t guarantee his actions, I guess we don’t have a deal.”

The island master’s tone got heavy, “Look Tiago, the sooner you get to Jeremiah and get him off this island, the more likely you can save his life.  And then the two of you can sail off beyond the horizon. Think about it, the two of you alone on some uncharted paradise swinging from each other’s vine.  I suggest you accept my offer for both your sakes.”

Tiago mulled it over as he considered any other possible alternatives.

The next morning…

One half of the main doors to the compound opened just enough for Tiago to walk out and immediately slammed shut behind him.  Tiago was fashionably dressed for safari in hiking boots, khaki shorts and a white tank top that beautifully accented his broad shoulders.  And a fedora that was made to look just like the one Indiana Jones wore was tilted back on his head and shaded his beautiful face from the tropical sun.  From the beginning of his enslavement on that island, Tiago had been deprived of any clothing aside from an assortment of leather harnesses and skimpy French-maid uniforms.  But now to be wearing regular clothing for the first time in years, well, the sensation of have cotton fabrics hugging his form and concealing parts of his body was unexpectedly…erotic.  Tiago lovingly adjusted his new attire as his hands slid down and tugged at the skin-tight tank top.  It felt good.  However, Tiago was still somewhat frail from his near-death experience and lifesaving surgery and he strained to slip on a backpack loaded with food and water as he began to gingerly walk into he jungle.  He looked back as the large wooden doors behind him and hoped he would never have to walk back through them again.

Back in Sheikh Al’s room, the island master walked in with a laptop as the sheikh sat in an overly stuffed chair slovenly devouring a turkey leg.  The island master wondered how such a refined man could eat like such a pig.

Bits of fowl flesh rolled out of the sheikh’s mouth and stuck to his beard as he impatiently inquired, “Well, well?”

The master set the laptop beside the sheikh’s dish and opened it.  On the screen was a digital model of the island with one red dot slowly blinking its way across.  The sheikh dropped his food as he leaned in for a closer look.

More strands of turkey drooled from his mouth as, “Excellent!  Your plan is working perfectly.  We’ll give him a day to find and get reacquainted with his love, cause you know, I’m such a hopeless romantic.”

The sheikh laughed maniacally as the master and Regis exchanged concerned glances. 

His chair fell back to the floor as the sheikh rose to his feet and victoriously raised one fist into the air, “Soon, soon, the jungle boy’s beautiful body will be in my sights and then his massive manhood will be in my clutches.”

The island master cleared his throat, “Now remember, you’re not to hurt Tiago.  Not even a scratch.”

The sheikh grew annoyed, “Tiago?  What do I care of that cocksucker?  I slew him once already.  He must be really good at sucking your cock for you to be concerned about him.”

The island master insisted, “It’s just that I made him a promise and I intend to keep it.  I am a man of my word.”

His highness was amused, “Interesting, even with all your perversions and cruelties, you are still a man of honor?  Fascinating.”  The sheikh pointed a finger at the island master, “But I suspect that you are infatuated with him. Be careful my friend, a successful drug pusher never gets addicted to his own product.”

The master would never acknowledge that last part, “So it’s agreed?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Tiago is all yours, provided he doesn’t get in my way.  Don’t worry; all my arrows are devoted to that jungle boy. Now leave me, I have to prepare for tomorrow.  I predict that tomorrow will be a special day.”

The sheikh grabbed a turkey leg and ate it fervently as he gazed down at the computer screen anticipating the events soon to come.

Later that afternoon, somewhere deep in the jungle, the painkillers have started to ware off as Tiago fought to keep on his feet, he stumbled over the uneven terrain clutching his chest.  He intended to only stop for a moment as he braced himself against a tree but then couldn’t move as his body started to shake and sweat profusely.  Hugging the tree, he slid down to his knees and noticed a spot of blood soaking through his white shirt.  He lifted his shirt and saw a small trickle of blood ooze from one of his most recent surgical scar.

Tiago sighed, “Lousy doctor, I’ll sue him for malpractice.”

And that’s when he heard it, a loud snort, or was it a grunt.  His head snapped around to see, “Mister Belvedere”, the largest and meanest wild boar that was imported to the island.  It was hard to see its face behind those huge tusks and layers of dried mud.

Tiago whispered, “Oh, Mr. Belvedere.  Nice piggy, piggy.  Are you going to be a nice piggy?”

Nope.  The boar made challenging gestures at Tiago, snarling and scraping the ground gnarly hoofs.  To his own surprise, Tiago found the energy to leap to his feet and started running, and the boar took chase.  Tiago’s hat flew off as he gasped for air while running through plants as if they weren’t even there.  The boar was just inches from his heels.  He through his backpack down at the creature hoping to distract it, but the boar ignored it and remained focused on Tiago.  Tiago’s vision started to blur as the blood seeped even faster from his wound.  And as he cleared the brush, he was so disoriented from fear and fatigue that he didn’t even notice he had just run off a cliff.  It wasn’t until half way down that he realized he was falling. He couldn’t make sense of his surroundings as he tumbled end over end.  And just a he noticed the sound of falling water, SPLASH, he was underwater struggling to figure out which way was up.  He bumped into a partially sunken boulder, held on for deer life and quickly clawed his way up to the surface of the water.  After coughing up water and a few deep breaths, he kicked and waded his way to the shallows, crawled up onto the muddy shore and collapsed facedown into the very muddy shore.  He rolled onto his back and slid his hand across his torso. Tiago raised his hand to his face and despaired at the sight of blood-drenched mud in his hand.  He just stared at the cloudy sky wondering when he was going to die.  Completely covered with bloody mud and filled with pain, he just laid there and waited for the inevitable, but glad he would die a free man in the great outdoors.

Tiago muttered, “Oh my dear Jeremiah, it looks like I will fail you.”

Just as Tiago was fading off, through the corner of his eye and foggy vision, he caught the movement of a shadow.  He feared another boar had found him.  He looked but couldn’t see a thing and then looked some more…nothing. Then without warning, a hulking mass fell out of nowhere, landed on his stomach and started to choke him. He couldn’t scream as he clawed at the attackers arms.  But then his fingers recognized the budging biceps and reached up to confirm his striking jaw line.  The massive cock that was readied for raping slid across Tiago’s torso and felt wonderfully familiar.  And the strong jungle born cologne that he loved to inhale from his lover’s body told Tiago all he needed to know.  Jeremiah had found him but didn’t recognize him through all the mud.

Tiago gasped and choked out, “Jere…miah.”

The wild lad’s hands stopped tightening around his throat and froze in place.

Tiago repeated, “Jeremiah, it’s me…Tiago.”

The jungle boy’s hands slid up Tiago’s head and pushed away the mud to reveal the words “cock sucker” and “cum slut” tattooed across his face.

Jeremiah leapt off Tiago and stumbled back into the water and froze with disbelief. Jeremiah’s trembling hand slowly rose and pointed at Tiago.

Jeremiah shuddered, “Dead!  You dead!”

Jeremiah took another step back into the water as Tiago sat up and wiped the mud from his face.

Tiago smiled, “I got better.”

Jeremiah started to cry, “You not dead?”

Tiago weakly, “No, not yet.”

Jeremiah sprinted out of the water on landed on Tiago, kissing him passionately through the mud on his face.  Tiago tried to return the passion but just scream in pain instead. 

Jeremiah pulled back, “What?”

Tiago placed his head in Jeremiah’s chest, “I’m not dead, but I fear I will be soon.  I hurt a lot.”  Tiago looked up into his lover’s eyes, “I’m in a bad way, but at least I get to die in your arms…this time.”

Only then did Jeremiah notice the blood seeping out of Tiago and placed his hand over the wound in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding.  Then like a groom with a blushing bride, Jeremiah took to his feet as he swept Tiago into his arms.  The jungle boy carried his lover into the fresh water pool and thoroughly rinsed the mud off of him.  And as he stood tall above the churning waters, Tiago’s blood quickly saturated his wet shirt.

Tiago whispered, “Do you think you’re about to save me?”

Jeremiah nodded, “Yes.”

Tiago’s body went completely limp as he fainted. 


As if Tiago weighed nothing at all, Jeremiah whisked his love up the steep sides of that dormant volcano.  And as Jeremiah ascended the steep terrain, Tiago fell into a blissful unconsciousness with a smile on his face.

In what appeared but a blink of an eye to Tiago, he found himself laid out on the shore of the volcanic lake.  Tiago was put off by the appearance of the fluorescent green and yellow water.  He looked down his body to see Jeremiah undressing him starting with his boots.  His skin had become pale and his mouth dry, it took all his energy just to whisper.

Tiago dimly smiled, “Hey sweetheart, what type of girl do you think I am?”

Jeremiah smiled as he unfastened Tiago’s belt and unbuttoned his shorts.

Tiago frowned, “Hey, isn’t dangerous to be near this lake?”

Jeremiah pulled Tiago’s shorts down his limp legs.

Tiago raised an eyebrow, “Hey, I appreciate the gesture…but…I really don’t think I can…get it up right now.”

Jeremiah ripped off Tiago’s blood stained shirt.

Even near death and barely audible, Tiago’s sense of humor was still intact, “Oh, you delicious animal.  I can’t promise anything…but you can…devour me, you beast.”

Jeremiah swept the nude Tiago up into his powerful arms and looked tenderly into his lover’s eyes, “This will hurt, but is good.  Trust me.”

As Tiago closed his eyes, “As long as you hold me like this, I can endure anything. Wait…what do you mean by hurt?”

“Jeremiah love Tiago.”

And with that, Jeremiah threw Tiago into the lake.  Instantly, the water boiled and sizzled away at Tiago’s flesh and like a breaching whale the former model leapt up through the churning waves with a primordial yell.  The water had already started to cause his scars to fizzle like seltzer while the ink from his tattoos ran like cheap mascara.

Tiago screamed, “Ahh, what the…FUCK!”

Crippled from the pain of the searing waters, Tiago walked like Frankenstein’s monster trying to get out of the lake, but Jeremiah just pushed him back down into the water.

Tiago pleaded desperately, “Why are you…”

The water seemed to come alive as Tiago slipped back under.  His screams turned into a desperate gargle as his head went under and his arm lingered above the waves as his hand made one last grab for the clouds.  Then slowly, his hand disappeared as it submerged into the fluorescent green and yellow waters of the mystical lake.


Back at the compound, while Sheikh Al reclined in a chair as some unfortunate leather bound slave sucked on his hairy cock.  He had the laptop within arms reach on a desk beside him that was displaying a recording of one of the jungle boy’s earlier torture sessions when suddenly, the computer started to emit an alarming tone.  The sheikh closed the image of the jungle boy revealing the digital map of the island.  There’s an alert message across the screen that read, “WARNING, SIGNAL LOSS!” The sheikh kicked the cock-sucking slave to the floor as he bolted to his feet calling for his valet.

“Regis, come in here!”

Regis ran in, “Yes Sir?”

“What’s wrong with this thing?”

Regis examined the laptop, “It would seem the device planted up Tiago’s ass has stopped transmitting.”

“Can you determine the last location recorded on this thing?”

Regis played with the controls, “According to this, his last recorded position places him in the caldera of that dormant volcano.”

“Of course, that jungle boy is desperate enough to hide in the most dangerous spot on this island.” His highness smiled.  “Straining upon the start. The game's afoot.”

Regis smiled, “Shakespeare, Henry V, act 3, scene 1.”

As the sheikh jumped into his clothes, “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!  Get a truck ready, we leave now.”

Regis wondered, “But didn’t you say you would give him a day with his love?”

“I change my mind.  The signal loss changes everything.”

In the meantime…

Back at the volcanic lake, squatting in the sands of the lakeshore, Jeremiah kept vigil over Tiago’s naked body as it floated unconscious and facedown in the mystical water.  Uncertain how long he himself had remained like this, Jeremiah started biting his nails.  He reached out and ladled some water across the two hummocks of Tiago’s buttocks that floated above the water like twin islands and rinsed away any lingering traces of the tattoo that had labeled his ass as a “sperm dump”. Without warning, Tiago’s arm swung out of the water and grabbed onto Jeremiah.  Jeremiah reacted just as quick pulling Tiago up on shore and into the safety of his sturdy arms.  Tiago rose onto his hands and knees, his back arched high, his stomach constricted and his mouth became a gapping maw as he purged the healing waters from his lungs.  Then a second purge gushed out of him and was quickly followed by a third vomit of water.  Tiago spat out what little remained and growled as he rose tall onto his feet.

“I’m alive! I’m alive!”  Tiago took an extra deep breath, “I feel more than alive, I feel perfect!”

Tiago grab Jeremiah by the face and forced his lips against his.  Jeremiah was pleasantly caught off guard by his lover’s burst of energy as he pulled back with the biggest smile.  Jeremiah’s perked up when he saw Tiago’s massive boner briskly swing up and press insistently against his chiseled abs.

Jeremiah smiled, “You feel good?”

Tiago shouted, “I feel wonderful and I have the energy of the entire universe flowing through me!” Tiago scrutinized his on cock, “Is my cock bigger?  It feels bigger.”  His jubilant expression flipped to that of a hungry tiger.  “I need to fuck you…now.  And then I want you to fuck me.”

Filled with the energy of the universe, Tiago manhandled Jeremiah up against a palm tree, spun him around and smacked him hard across his ass with his fervently engorged cock.

Tiago commanded, “Hug that tree wild boy, I’m going wild boar on your ass.”

Jeremiah laughed with all the joy of being reunited with his beloved and with the astonishment of his ferocity.  Jeremiah willingly hugged that tree and presented his ass as Tiago’s engorgement slammed up between the wild lad’s rippling cheeks pushing the rear flap of his loincloth out of the way.  Tiago gasped at the site of his raging cock drooling its clear over his lover’s ass.  Jeremiah’s glorious hole now glistened with Tiago’s pre-cum.  The fashion model’s cock teased and danced about the jungle boy’s puckering rim.  Then, with the finesse of an oil rigger who’s behind schedule, Tiago took his over-charged manhood and drilled deep and hard into his boy’s hot mantle. Jeremiah gasped as Tiago slammed his body.  Jeremiah had never experienced such ferocity from his normally gentle lover.  The jungle boy expected such treatment from his former captors when blunt objects were rammed up his ass.  And though it did hurt to have his ass treated this way, it hurt good knowing that he was satisfying the urges of a man he loved so much.


Jeremiah quipped, “I think you are jungle boy now.”

As Tiago repeatedly smashed his pelvis into Jeremiah’s ass, with a rebel yell, he cried, “More, more, more!”


Further down the mountain, a well-worn Land Rover came to an abrupt axle-bending stop in a washout. The mad Arab kicked the door open as his valet climbed out the window.

Sheikh Al yelled, “I hate this fucking island!”  He turned to his valet, “Regis, how long a hike to the caldera would you say it is?”

Regis hastily calculated, “I’d say…at least an hour, probably two, your highness.  It is hard to tell as we are unfamiliar territory.”

The sheikh screamed, “FUCK!”  He barks at Regis, “Grab the gear, we’re walking, god dam it.”


Atop the dormant volcano, young love continued to erupt.  Two hot masses grinded against each other as their cores boiled over with white magma.  Their two hearts pulsated frantically with passion, lust and love.  Jeremiah was on his back and folded in half, his ankles hovering above his head while the plump head of his cock flirted with his own tongue.  His jungle body shook to the rhythm set by his lover’s groin hammering down hard against his ass.  Tiago’s endless repetitions of pushups had already produced a first load of man-milk that had spilt out of his wild boyfriend’s ass and splashed out in all directions each time their hips collided.  Then as Tiago was about to burst for a second time, his cock whipped out of Jeremiah’s ass, flopped up besides Jeremiah’s pulsating meat and got pinned between them as the former model collapsed on top of the jungle boy.  The two young men clawed at each other as they became one.  Their nuts jostled together as their reproductive systems synchronized.  Their volatile cocks both exploded with sperm that coated the two of them as well as the surrounding plant life.  Their bodies slick with sperm glided across each other’s until Tiago slipped off of Jeremiah and came to rest beside him.  Deep passionate kisses lead to the two of them giving the other a tongue bath, each consuming the combined effluence of their wild animal passions.

Tiago looked into Jeremiah’s eyes, “I want you… I need you to shove your cock up my ass.”

Jeremiah was astonished by Tiago’s renewed stamina, “You sure?  You almost dead before.  Healed short time, rest, heal more.”

Tiago was fervent with renewed life, “I’m on a high like I’ve never been before and I want to be fucked by you while I’m like this, so please shut up and shove your cock up my ass.”

Jeremiah worried, “Um, you little crazy now. The boom-boom mountain water make you boom-boom in head.  Rest.”

Tiago tried to hold back the animal growl of his passions, “Please, don’t tell me what I need.  I’m positively high on life and for the first time in years I’m doing what I want to do, and what I want more than anything right now is for my boyfriend…my husband…to make wild passionate love to me.

Jeremiah smiled, “Me husband to you?”

Tiago smiled, “Yeah.”

Jeremiah put his hand on Tiago’s chest, “You husband to me?

Tiago leaned over Jeremiah, “Yes, will you marry me.”

Without a second thought and a broad smile, Jeremiah answered, “Yes.”

Tiago swung his body over and sat on Jeremiah’s torso, pressing their cocks together as he joined hands with his lover.

Tiago took a deep breath, “Then, with the powers vest to me by Mother Nature herself, I pronounce us husband and husband, happily ever after.”

Tiago and Jeremiah kissed with a passion and desire that the island had never experienced before.

Tiago whispered, “Now, you may fuck the groom, please.”

Tiago slid his body forward enough for his glorious hole to tease the plump head of Jeremiah’s cock.  Jeremiah gasped at the sensation of his cock about to enter his newly wed husband’s body.  And as the husbands held hands, Jeremiah’s cock found its way home into Tiago. 

The former model had been recruited to this island for his oral skills and was not often allowed to have his groin played with.  And in all the times Tiago had sneaked a visit to his love, this would be the first time for him to receive Jeremiah as a free man, completely and unashamedly without fear of being discovered or reprisal from his master.

Like a torpedo being loaded into its tube, the huge slab of jungle meat easily loaded itself into the Brazilian vessel. Tiago took deep breaths as the jungle phallus impaled his body over and over again and road Jeremiah like the proud bull he was.  Any lingering inhibitions that Jeremiah had about taking advantage of Tiago faded away with every thrust and each exhale.  The fit was perfect and both knew this is how things were meant to be from now on.

What they didn’t know is that their union was about to face a horrific challenge.


Half way down the side of the dormant volcano, Regis clutched a bloody arm as the sheikh took aim with his bow and planted an arrow right between the eyes of the charging Mister Belvedere.  The oversized boar’s snout plowed into the soil as its lifeless body came to rest at the feet of the sheikh.

The sheikh scoffed, “Filthy pig.”  The sheikh turned to Regis, “How are you?”

Regis looked at his wound, “The bite is not severe.  A simple bandage should take care of it.”

“Fine, as soon as you’re ready, we’ll continue. I suspect we have less than an hours journey to that caldera.”

The sheikh reclaimed his arrow from the boar as Regis dressed his wound.



Back in the caldera, the Mister and Mister Diamante-Vidal had moved to the main creek that fed the lake.  Nestled on a slick incline of rock as water gently cascades over them, Jeremiah and Tiago recline into each other’s tender embrace.  Tiago slowly rolled his hips around his jungle lover’s cock that was sandwiched between them.  Tiago strained his neck to keep his lips against his lover’s as Jeremiah reached around forward to stroke his lover’s cock.  Water cascaded over intertwining muscles and kept them cool as the day wore on.  Time was no longer relative as the union of spirits and flesh was perfected.  Tiago swooned in Jeremiah’s embrace as his head rolled into his chest and his hands caressed his torso.  It wasn’t until then that he noticed something was absent. Like someone looking for his keys, he search his body for any of the scars that had marred his flesh or the tattoos that were put there to humiliate him.  He frantically searched over his whole body.  Tiago rolled forward and off of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was bewildered as he watched his boyfriend crawl through the stream.  Tiago froze when he found a still pool of water and gazed at the reflection of his face.  His hands pulled at his jaw and forehead.  His disbelief was quickly replaced by jubilation as he started to cry.  He had come to accept that even if he managed to escape the island that he would always be subject to the humiliation of the ink etched into his flesh by notorious men. Jeremiah walked over and knelt beside Tiago who turned to him with tears rolling down his face.

Jeremiah reached out to wipe away the tears, “Why you cry?”

Tiago caressed his beloved’s face, “I thought I had to live like that for the rest of my life with those scars, those tattoos. But you, the lake, I don’t know, but you fixed me, you made me beautiful again.”

Jeremiah shrugged it off, “But you ever pretty, with scar and tattoo, or no.  You ever pretty to me.”  Jeremiah placed his hand over Tiago’s heart, “Here.”

Tiago’s jaw dropped, “Oh crap, I have the best husband in the world.  The grammar needs a little help, but we’ll work on that.”

Jeremiah smiled, “You make me good talk?”

Tiago smiled, “Yes, I make you talk good. But for now, you kiss me.”

Jeremiah placed his lips on the lips of his love, “Good, I love kiss you.”

And as the two became one again locking their lips together as they rested on the shore of the creek for some serious face time.  And when their kisses ran dry, they sipped on the trickles of creek water that meandered across their bodies and rested in each other’s embrace.  And just as they were about to doze off, Tiago looked up into Jeremiah’s eyes.

Tiago whispered, “I’m hungry.”

Jeremiah smiled, “Even after all my milk you eat?”

A coy Tiago, “Yes, even after drinking all of your milk, I need some food.”

Jeremiah rubbed Tiago on his stomach, “I get food. You stay.”

As Jeremiah sprung to his feet, Tiago sat up to watch him walk away.  Tiago watched, as Jeremiah’s muscular butt cheeks seem to compete against each other for higher ground, as each rippling mound of muscle tugged at the frail little piece of loincloth that did nothing to cover his ass, pulling it into the deep crevasse that separated the rolling hills of flesh that were alternately pushed back by voluptuous thighs.

Tiago sighed, “I hate it when you leave…but I love watching you walk away.”

Jeremiah heard that and slapped his ass as he continued to walk away through the trees.  Tiago stood to get a better look at his boyfriend’s ass.  And when Jeremiah was out of site, Tiago embraced himself and danced in the creek as he playfully splashed the water with sweeping kicks.  A couple of pirouettes that were fast enough to make his hefty penis slap his hips.  His arms spun out and wrapped around again as his eyes caught the sight of something unpleasant; there was a snake in their Garden of Eden.  Stunned, he froze in place and had to dare himself to look over his shoulder.  His eyes slowly pivoted in their sockets until they locked in on…Sheikh Al and his valet, Regis. Tiago almost screamed as the two men leered at him while they took their last few steps out of the jungle and towards the creek.

Tiago chilled, “Fuck.  What are you doing here?”

The sheikh calmly stated, “I’m here to kill your jungle boyfriend.  Where is that beast?”

Tiago evasively, “I don’t know.  I haven’t seen him yet, he’s not anywhere near here.”

The sheikh began to realize something was different as he scrutinized Tiago’s naked body.  Tiago became uncomfortably shy as the Arab’s eyes focused on him like a pair of lasers.  Tiago placed his hands on his hips.

Tiago, defiantly, “What?  Stop looking at me like that.”

The sheikh inquired, “Your body, it’s more pristine than when I last saw it.”

Tiago played with his words, “What are you talking about?  If you think that I’m… that you and I…”

His highness commanded, “Shut up.  I am asking about your tattoos and your scars, especially the one I caused.  Why does your flesh appear to be completely unblemished?”

Wanting to keep knowledge of the mystical powers of the lake away from the sheikh, Tiago hemmed and hawed, “Well…ah…you see, it was all a fake.  The tattoos and scars were fakes, you know, to make me look like some pathetic slave, for the entertainment of our guest.  You know, for the theatrics of it.”

The sheikh wasn’t buying it and just coldly stared at him, “I don’t believe you.  What of the wound I inflicted upon you?  That wasn’t fake.”

Tiago gave up, “Well fuck, I don’t know, I guess I just heal fast.”

The sheikh’s pulled one of his arrows from his quiver, “Well, maybe I should stick you again just to witness this miraculous healing for myself.”

Just then, a smiling Jeremiah emerged from the jungle on the far side of the creek with an armful of mangos.  He froze and lost his smile when he saw the sheikh.  The sheikh sprung into action as he loaded his bow.

Tiago screamed, “RUN!”

Jeremiah threw a mango at the sheikh, the sheikh tried to deflect it with is bow but instead managed to get the mango impaled on his arrow.  Tiago rushed the sheikh and tried to grab the bow from his grasp.  The two fought over the weapon but the sheikh was stronger and had Regis to help him out.  Sheikh Al yanked the bow out of Tiago’s hands and kneed him right in his nuts as Regis yanked him around.  Tiago fell into the creek cradling his balls.  As the sheikh took aim at Jeremiah, Tiago looked back at Jeremiah.

Tiago implored, “Run boy, run!”

Jeremiah froze for an instant, torn between helping his lover and saving his own life.  But when the first arrow flew at him, Jeremiah decided to run, hoping that the obsessed Arab would come after him and forget about Tiago. And that’s exactly what happened as Jeremiah ran to the far side of the caldera with the arrow wielding Arab in close pursuit.

Tiago tried to rise to his feet but was quickly pounced upon by Regis who shoved his head under the water of the creek. The older valet proved to be quite formidable as he kept Tiago’s head submerged.  The valet could have simply shot him with his gun, but so preferred killing slowly with a more intimate form of murder.  The once again beautiful model clawed in vain at the hands on the back of his head until a burst of bubbles rose to the surface of the water and his hands fell to his side.  Tiago laid motionless facedown in the creek as the waters gently rolled over him.  Regis gave one more shove to the back of Tiago’s head as he rose and stood astride the Brazilian model’s body.

Regis gloated, “My master my have agreed to spare you, but I did not.”

Regis placed his booted foot on the Brazilian ass that sat above the swirling waters.

Regis mused, “It’s a shame though that I never got a chance at that.”

But then, Regis noticed something was odd and leaned in for a closer look at Tiago.  He thought it looked like Tiago was holding his breath.  To test him, Regis moved his foot down between Tiago’s legs and stood on his nuts.

Regis smiled, “Can you fake your way through that?”

Without warning, Tiago flipped over on to his back and high kicked his foot right into the valet’s nuts.  As Regis fell back in to the creek clutching his groin, Tiago rolled over backwards and onto his feet.  As Regis looked up in agony, Tiago shook the water from his face.

Tiago snapped back, “One secret to being a great cocksucker is learning how to control your breathing.  Now if you excuse me, I have to save my husband.”

Regis strained, “You know this can only end one way, with the death of that jungle bastard.  My master will not rest until Jeremiah is stuffed and mounted.”

Tiago’s resolve became stronger as he ran off after his love.  Regis clumsily rose to his feet and started to follow.

Regis stumbled as he yelled, “You’ll never save him!  Never!”

At the far end of the volcano, where the caldera wall facing the ocean had collapsed, the sheikh is in hot pursuit of the jungle boy.  But the chase has slowed as the sheikh has lost sight of his prize.  This was Jeremiah’s home turf and he had the advantage.  The sheikh inspected every twig and bare patch of dirt for any signs of recent disturbance, and so intense was his close scrutiny that he failed to look up.  Hidden high in the branches above the Arab was the jungle boy readying himself for another rape assault.  Stroking his cock up into its full majestic engorgement, Jeremiah was preparing to gag the sheikh to death like it had gagged so many others.  And when the sheikh was directly under him, the loincloth wearing, sperm loaded youth simply stepped off the branch and landed on the bloodthirsty sheikh.  The sheikh lost his grip on his bow as the jungle boy grabbed the Arab’s wrist and held them behind his back.  With one hand, Jeremiah pulled the sheikh’s camouflage trousers down just far enough to expose his ass.  Like an armor piercing bullet, the wild lad’s cock plowed its way through the thick field of ass hairs and rammed right up virgin hole.  As the sheikh screamed in utter shock and indignation as the jungle boy gloated.

Jeremiah roared, “Now you the bitch!”

But Jeremiah got only two strokes into the sheikh’s ass before the element of surprise quickly wore off and the sheikh was finally able to conjure up his superior physical strength.  The sheikh’s yells turned into a roar as his arms started to challenge the jungle boy’s hold.  This just excited Jeremiah to the point of climax and his raging cock filled the Arab’s ass with a hot load of jungle semen.  The wild lad was well primed for action. As the hot liquid seed filled the Arab’s innards, the sheikh found the motivation he needed to break free, flip over and kick the wild orgasmic lad off of him.  As the orgasmic jungle boy stumble back, the last purging rope of his juice kept the tip of his cock tethered to the Arab’s ass.  As the defiled sheikh went for his bow, the jungle boy could be heard laughing as he disappeared into the brush.  Sheikh Al turned to fire, but Jeremiah was gone. And in the moment it took the sheikh to wipe the cum from his ass and pull up his pants, Tiago showed up and smiled as he quickly surmised the situation.

Tiago laughed, “Oh…my…god.  My man raped you!  Didn’t he?

Humiliated and angered even more, Sheikh Al fumbled with his bow and quickly took aim at Tiago.  That got the former model to stop laughing just as Regis showed up behind Tiago and pistol-whipped him over the head with his gun.  Tiago hit the ground flat on his stomach. Severely dazed, Tiago clasped the back of his head.  The sheikh withdrew his arrow, reached into his back pocket and tossed a pair of handcuffs to Regis.

Sheikh Al insisted, “Cuff that impudent prick, I need him as a hostage.”

Tiago tried to crawl away, but Regis was quick with a knee to Tiago’s back and pinned the young Brazilian as he effortlessly bound his wrists across his naked ass.  Tiago thought of pleading for Jeremiah’s life but knew his words would fall on ears that were deaf to him.

Regis noticed the stain of sperm on the back of his master’s shirt.  He knew not to ask of it but could not help himself.

With trepidation, Regis asked, “What happened to you, my lord?”

Sheikh Al raged, “I will not speak of it and if you ask me again, I will not hesitate to use an arrow on you!  Now set that cocksucker on his feet. Hurry, I know which way he went and I don’t want to lose him again.”

And soon enough, the two nefarious men and their nude hostage were on the trail of the jungle boy.  But this time, the sheikh was careful to scan high into the trees as well as the ground; he would not let recent history repeat itself. Then suddenly, to the sheikh’s dismay, as they walked through a wide fissure in the caldera wall, the trail came to an abrupt end on a cliff that overlooked the ocean.  At there feet was a treacherously steep incline that went down eighty feet to a narrow ledge, and beyond that was a six hundred foot shear vertical cliff that dropped straight down to the ocean below. And walking along that narrow ledge of that cliff was the jungle boy, Jeremiah.  The sheikh was quick to aim and had him dead in his sites, but this was not the shot the vengeful Arab wanted.  He wanted the first shot to split his prey’s manhood, he wanted it to hurt, not kill, or otherwise his vengeance would be incomplete.  He wanted that wild boy to suffer as he suffered.  He wanted the jungle boy’s cock in his site, so he needed him to turn around.

So the sheikh called out his name, “Jeremiah.”

Jeremiah instinctively hugged the rock face and disappeared from the sheikh’s site.  Frustrated, the sheikh rested his weapon and thought for a moment. Then he turned back and pointed his bow at Tiago.

The sheikh commanded, “Regis, hold that cock sucker still!”

Regis put the naked Tiago in a chokehold. Tiago struggled and gasped for air but was unable to offer much resistance with his hands cuffed behind him while trying to keep his balance on the precarious rock face.

Sheikh Al shouted down to his intended prey, “Jeremiah…I have your boyfriend!  If you don’t show yourself, I will kill him and cut off his cock.  And then I will throw his body off this cliff!”

For moments that seemed to linger a little too long, there was only the sound of gusty winds and waves crashing far below.

The sheikh turned to Regis, “Make him cry out to his lover.”

Regis reached down to the Brazilian model’s nuts and put them in a vice-like grip and pulled almost to the point of ripping them off his body.  Tiago tried to resist the pan but could only hold out for so long and finally screamed out in severe agony.

The sheikh challenged Jeremiah once again as he held up his loaded bow, “Boy, this arrow will be shot into you… or your lover!  Which is to be!”

Still nothing from below as Jeremiah remained out of site.

The sheikh continued as he took aim at Tiago, “I give you to the count of three to save your boyfriend’s life. One…two!”

Jeremiah shouted out, “NO!”

The sheikh looked back down the cliff, and there behind a small outcropping of rock peered the jungle boy, Jeremiah. The wild man crouched low and barely in site of his foe.

Jeremiah shouted out, “Tiago go free now!”

The sheikh quickly nodded his head at Regis who released his grip and tossed a red-faced Tiago to the ground.

The sheikh stared down at Jeremiah, “He is free to go.  I have no interest in him, only you.”

Tiago rose to his feet with his eyes fixed on Jeremiah as he started to tear up.  He pleaded to his lover, “No, run!  You don’t have to do this. I can take care of myself!”

Jeremiah lovingly countered, “No, I take care of you.”

 This time, Jeremiah’s love for Tiago was able to subdue his primal instinct for self-preservation as he slowly stood tall and raised his arms out, making himself a clear target for the mad Arab.  The sheikh raised his bow and pulled back on his arrow.  The titanium cable rolled over the chromium pulleys as the Kevlar body of the bow creaked as it was stressed to its breaking point.  Tiago tried to rush the sheikh but was body-slammed to the hard rock surface by Regis. 

The sheikh glanced at Regis through the corner of his eye, “Do you have a handle on that faggot?  I want nothing to interfere with this moment.”

Regis assured, “I have him, sir.  Your free and clear to shoot.”

The sheikh smiled as he savored the moment. Predator and prey stared at each other, both knowing that this hunt was coming to an end.  A billionaire filled with lusting vengeance and a defiant wild man resolute with love.  And when the wind blew the frail tendril of loincloth off to one side and reveled Jeremiah’s prodigious manhood, the sheikh released the arrow.

Tiago cried, “NO!”

Jeremiah took a deep breath.  The fiercely contoured arrowhead punctured his mighty cock and skewered his voluminous scrotum. 


Jeremiah’s screams of unparallel agony echoed off the walls of the volcano as Tiago joined in with sympathetic painful cries. Jeremiah fell to his knees clutching the arrow that pierced his body’s dominant feature.  Tiago collapsed to his knees as he watched in helpless horror the beginning of his lover’s end.  The sheikh’s smile grew as he drew another arrow from his quiver, placed it on the bow and pulled back on the cable.  Jeremiah let out a rebellious yell as he looked up at the sheikh.  The sheikh released the second arrow that was quick to pierce the appendage of Jeremiah’s manhood just above the first arrow, but unlike the first, it went through his groin, skewered his innards and exited out of his glorious ass.  Overwrought with pain and choking on his tongue, Jeremiah stopped screaming and simply gasped for air, trying to take what he knew would be his last breath.  The sheikh savored the moment as he set a third arrow on his bow.  In a finale act of defiance, Jeremiah raised his middle finger at the rancorous Arab.

Tiago desperately pleaded, “Please, don’t! I beg you please, don’t do this!”

And as the sheikh pulled back on his bow one more time, Tiago couldn’t stand by anymore and broke free from Regis, and with his hands cuffed behind him, he charged at the sheikh.  And just as the sheikh released the third arrow, Tiago body-slammed the sheikh.  But alas, this last ditch effort on Tiago’s part to save Jeremiah had the opposite effect as it deflected the arrow only a bit and for the worse.  The third arrow did not make its intended target of Jeremiah’s mighty genitals; instead, it went straight through his heart.


For different reasons, both Sheikh Al and Tiago cried out, “NO!”

With only a few heartbeats left to him, Jeremiah knew the sheikh would cut off his manhood as his prize and realized he had only one last act of defiance available to him as he looked back down at the six hundred foot drop behind him, an act that would deny the sheikh the prize of collecting his extensive cock and robust balls.  Jeremiah looked lovingly at his darling, Tiago. Tiago was drenched in tears.

Jeremiah smiled, “Tiago”.

And as if he was trying to take flight, Jeremiah raised his arms out wide like a bird about to leave its perch and simply leaned back and off the edge of the cliff.  As Jeremiah’s body fell out of sight, Tiago set lose a torrent of tears and inconsolable sobs.  The sheikh was pissed, he would not be denied his prize and immediately tried to salvage any opportunity of collecting the jungle boy’s pride.  The sheikh shoved aside the hysterical Tiago and slid down the incline of rock until he landed on the ledge of the six hundred foot cliff.


 Jeremiah’s body seemed to almost float as it headed for the thin strip of sand that separated the foot of the cliff from the ocean.  With his pierced heart struggling to keep beating, the young man’s last moments of consciousness delighted in his last great act of defiance as the wind combed his hair and wrapped around his flesh.  As his body tumbled end over end, he imagined he was one of the birds he used to envy through the barred windows of his prison cell.  His mind faded into obscurity and felt nothing as he landed on the back of his neck with a strident crack.  Now on the strip of beach where only seals could bathe in the sun laid the motionless and outstretched body of Jeremiah.  The vibrant gleam of his gaze dulled as the ocean breeze brushed one last tear over the lid of his eye and down onto his temple.


The sheikh peered over the edge of the cliff looking for a way down to collect his prize, but all he saw was the restful body of the jungle boy completely out of reach.  As the waves ebbed around Jeremiah’s head and shoulders, and his limbs neatly splayed out, the sheikh couldn’t help but think to himself how beautiful he looked even in death.  And it was a peaceful scene except for the arrows piercing his body and the blood draining from the wounds and staining the wet sand underneath his amazing body.  The only movements of the jungle man’s body were locks of dark wavy hair tussled by the ocean breeze and muscular arms that limply rolled to and fro in the wet sand nudged by the waves lapping up around him.

The sheikh scurried back up the incline and sped past Regis.

Sheikh Al commanded, “We have to get a boat so I can retrieve his body and cut off his cock and balls.  Oh, I would like my handcuffs back, please.”

Regis wanted to make sure, “So, I’m to set this cocksucker free?  You not going to finish him off?”

Al shrugged, “Na, he’s not worth it. I did promise not too. Besides, look at him, he’s so despondent right now that he’ll probably commit suicide.”

Regis thought it was a mistake not to kill him but wrestled the cuffs off a sobbing Tiago any way.  Incapacitated with grief, Tiago just laid there and could barley raise his head.

Tiago sobbed out, “You fucking bastard, you fucking bastard!  I hope you’re happy, you filthy beast!”

The sheikh was amused by his grief and coldly stated, “Yes, I will be happy as soon as I have your boyfriend’s body stuffed and mounted in my trophy room and his cock and balls nailed up on my wall.”

Tiago was barely perceptible as his Portuguese tongue nearly took over, “I hope you rot in hell, voce porra degenerado!”

Sheikh Al mocked, “Hey, you’re young, good looking, you have a big dick and I hear you’re one hell of a cocksucker. You’ll find someone else someday, so get over it.”

“Foda-se!” Tiago sobbed, “Foda-se!”

Tiago collapsed into a pile of sobbing muscles on the rugged rock face of the dormant volcano.  As the two nefarious men helped each other back up into and through the fissure of the caldera, Regis shook the sheikh’s hand.

Regis praised, “Well done, sir.  Well done.”

Sheikh Al worried, “We must hurry back, I fear the rising tide will claim my prize before I can.  We must get back to the compound and commandeer a motorboat before it’s too late.”

And as the two men disappeared into the caldera, Tiago looked up and spat in there direction.  As his attention turned back down towards his love, he noticed small droplets of water trickling past him down the rock face.  Tiago stood to get a better look and saw that it was coming from a low spot in the lakes rim.  Driven by the hope that he could save his love and taking no notice of his bloody feet and hands, Tiago ran back up to the lake and saw that all that was holding back the top six inches or so of the lakes water level was a loose assemblage of rock and mud.  Tiago knew instantly what he must do; he jumped onto the natural dam and started kicking and clawing away at the rock and mud.  It seemed the healing waters of the lake were trying to help as the water started to gush around the loosening rocks.  As Tiago wrestled with the larger rocks, he screamed as the mystical waters severely stung at his bare flesh, but he did not care for he knew this was the only chance to save his love.  And with one last resolute yell, Tiago fought the torrent of water as he rolled the one boulder-sized rock back into the lake.  He knew he couldn’t let the large rock roll the other way off the cliff, for it might land on and crush his inamorato.  When Tiago slipped on the slick surface, he feared he lost control of the large rock and that it would roll over him and then drop onto his lover. But to his joy, he saw the rock safely disappear into the lake as the water started to cascade around him. Tiago lost his grip and was carried off by the new waterfall.  He feared for his life as his bare flesh slid across the rock, but a cool head prevailed as he remembered the ledge his precious Jeremiah last stood on.  He reached out grabbed onto the hard lip of rock.  And even though his legs dangled over the edge, it took Tiago only a second to realize he was safe and whipped his head around to look down the cliff just in time to see the waters fall onto the beautiful body of Jeremiah.


The trip back to the encampment was much more arduous and took longer than the sheikh cared for.  It was over a five-hour hike to the encampment, and another thirty minutes to the docks and to ready the island master’s speedboat, and almost an hour of speeding across the waves before Sheikh Al and his man Regis could return to the scene of their crime. 


The motorboat carrying the two nefarious men sped up to the base of the cliff from which Jeremiah fell.  The sheikh brought the boat to a dead stop at the base of the cliff that was now completely engulfed by fierce crashing waves.  The tide had come in and the beach was completely submerged and the body of the jungle boy was gone. He scanned up the cliff face and scarcely took note of the waterfall that was now just a trickle.  And at the top of the cliff was, Tiago, naked and sobbing, was tossing flowers down into the water

Tiago sobbed out, “You may have killed him, but you have been beaten…the sharks have denied you of your trophy you evil bastard!” His voice echoed off the wall of rock beneath him.

It was only then that the sheikh had notice that the water was red and laden with chunks of meat, and that the mad thrashing of sharks were the cause of the waves churning around him.

Sheikh Al lost his cool as he growled up at Tiago, “You smegma licking…faggot…piece of shit!  What have you done?”

“I didn’t do a thing, you filthy fuck! This fucking island did it!” Tiago sobbed.  “The waves came in and carried my beloved’s body away and into the jaws of those fucking sharks!”

The sheikh brought the boat to into the center of the blood-red waters and circled around desperately searching for the jungle boy’s body.

“I will not be denied!  The one thing I came to this island for will be mine even if I have to pry that boy’s cock from the jaws of those oversized fish!”

Regis scanned the waters around the boat, “Your highness, I do believe the ocean predators have claimed him.”

The two men scanned the waters boiling red with blood and littered with chunks of meat.  Then came the realization that the jungle boy had already been reduced to chum by the numerous sharks that churned the water.  But then floating just off to the side, loosely wrapped up in the jungle boy’s loincloth was a chunk of meat.  In the sheikh’s desperation, it seemed to be Jeremiah’s very recognizable cock and balls, somewhat mutilated, but there it was.

Regis slapped Sheikh Al on the shoulder, “Look, my master, miracle of miracles, your prize!”

Sheikh Al smiled, “Oh, the sharks have spared my trophy.”

Regis grabbed an emergency oar and coaxed the jungle boy’s manhood closer to the boat.  As Regis was about to reach for the floating bits of cock, Sheik Al pushed him out of the way to snatch it up himself.

“No!  No one else ever touches that, I alone earned the honor of retrieving that man-beast’s pride.”

Sheikh Al had to bend far over the gunwale of the boat to retrieve his much sot after trophy.  With one hand on a cleat, his other hand was barely able to reach Jeremiah’s manhood.  And just as his fingers were able to touch it…the biggest of the sharks leapt out of the water, swallowing the last remnant of meat and biting onto the sheikh’s arm up around his bicep.

Sheikh Al cried out, “REGIS, HELP ME!”

Tiago cheered as the sheikh scream in bloody horror while the shark shredded the flesh from his arm.  But Regis was calm and slowly walked over to his terrified master only to pry loose the grip that Sheikh Al had on the cleat.

As panicked and pained as the sheikh was, he still was able to be condescending, “No you fool, the other arm!  What are you doing?”

Regis coldly responded, “I’m taking the opportunity to make a regime change, your highness.”

And with that declaration of independence, Regis pushed Sheikh Al overboard and into the jaws of the swimming meat grinders.  The sheikh was able to surface for one more time after his arm was completely severed off; blood gushed out from the shredded remains of his arm.  Al made one last desperate bloodcurdling scream but was quickly silenced when he was pulled under the bloody waters by the frenzy of sharks.

Regis was silent as he watched the waters turn a deep red again.  The manservant turned the boat around to look up at Tiago.

Regis shouted out, “Thanks to you and your boyfriend, I’m about to become a very wealthy man.  How could I ever repay you, young man?”

Tiago was uncompromising, “You aided in the death of the man I was proud to call my husband.  All I want from you is to drop dead.”

Regis smiled, “So be it.  Then you will be pleased to hear that I am leaving this place never to come back again.”

None of that mattered to Tiago as he turned his back to Regis and started his long and arduous trek back to the hellhole that has imprisoned him for the past-untold years, for he too had plans to leave that island.  Regis held his position to keep an eye on Tiago, not out of any concern or anything like that; he just liked watching a physically fit and naked young man negotiate the steep incline of rock.  Once Tiago was out of sight, Regis knew the curtains were closed on this dramatic play.  He turned the boat around and headed back to the encampment.  Once back at the compound, he informed the island master that both Sheikh Al and Jeremiah were in the bellies of sharks.  After that, it was if Regis took a vow of silence as he packed his belongings.  He didn’t even say goodbye to the island master as he boarded the helicopter as its new owner and flew away over the horizon and on to his opulent future; forever departing from those perverse inhabitants of that unholy. Quickly enough, the dark hearted inhabitants of the island returned to their depraved routines.


Very early the next morning, just before sunrise, a barefoot Tiago wearing a miss fitting pair of cargo shorts that he stole from someone, loaded the last of his provisions into the small twenty-foot sailboat named “Lucy”.  Even though she was some years older than Tiago, her well-maintained hull still bounced buoyantly on the waves that swirled around the pier.  The silence of the early morning was interrupted as island master’s shoes drummed softly on the planks of the pier as he walked towards Tiago.  Tiago jumped into the boat and grabbed a spear gun and pointed it at the man who had enslaved and defiled him for far too long.  The island master took a few more steps as he lit his cigar.

The master rhetorically asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

A guarded Tiago, “I’m keeping your end of the bargain.”

“Relax, I’m not here to stop you, I am a man of my word and you earned your freedom.  But that is one of my favorite boats.”

Tiago scowled, “You promised me I could have this boat.  And I’m sure you can afford a small fleet of these boats with the fortune that fucking Arab paid for the body of my beloved, Jeremiah.”

The master puffed on his cigar, “Yes, I know. And by the way, Jeremiah’s last name was, Diamante.”

Tiago proclaimed, “I know, cause it’s also my last name now.  We married each other on that mountaintop.”

The master puffed, “Oh, did you now. Did you know that Diamante means diamond?  Jeremiah Diamante. He was as pure and strong as a diamond.  I’ll give him that.”

Tiago lowered the spear gun, “Thank you for making sure I knew that.  It will look nice on his tombstone.”

The master smirked, “I guess I deserved that.”  He takes a long puff on his cigar, “Do you really think it’s wise to face the open ocean alone? You really should have another man to help you, even in a small boat like that.”

Tiago rhetorically asked, “ Are you offering to let another one of my slave brothers to go with me?”  Tiago knew he would never set another slave free.


Tiago was understandably bitter, “Well, then why bring it up?  As far as I’m concerned any dangers I’m about to face out there alone are better than the life you forced upon me here.  I would rather die free in the open ocean than spend another day on this godforsaken island.”

The island master challenged, “Oh, come now, it wasn’t all bad.  You mean to tell me you never were titillated by any of the goings on here? Never?  Not all of your erections were chemically induced. In fact, some of your boners seemed quite sincere.”

The corner of Tiago’s mouth crept up just a hair, but he kept any conformation of any enjoyment he may have experienced to himself.

As the morning sun crested over the island, the increased light illuminated Tiago’s rejuvenated flesh.  It took a moment for the island master to believe what he was seeing.

Thedisbelieving island master asked, “Your tattoos, your scars, where are they?  You skin looks…rejuvenated.”

Tiago wasn’t feeling forthcoming, “I don’t feel like telling you.”

“Tell me, please.”  The master’s words were polite but his tone was insistent.

Tiago contemptuously, “Well, it requires a leap of faith.”

Tiago tries to cast off the line holding the boat to the dock but the island master quickly places his foot on the line, keeping Tiago at bay.

The master warns, “If you don’t tell me, I will have my men keep you here.”

Tiago counters, “If I tell you, will you use it to heal my brother slaves?”

The island master agreed, “Yes, I don’t see why not.  As it is, our doctor’s limited talents are over taxed.”

Tiago took a moment, “Go jump in a lake.”


“The caldera lake, it healed me.  There’s something magical about the water up there that heals and rejuvenates.  Hurt like hell, but it healed me, completely.”

The island masterwas disbelieving, “That’s impossible, no human can survive those waters.”

“Then toss one of my brother slaves in and see for yourself.  Like you say, we slaves are expendable anyway.  And if I’m lying, you can hunt me down in one of your faster boats. I mean like that sheikh was able to find me pretty fast.  How do you suppose he did that?”

The master smirked, “Yes, I had a G.P.S. chip implanted inside of your ass.”

“I knew it.  Now if you don’t mind moving your foot, please.”

The island master considered telling Tiago that the chip didn’t work any more, but decided keep him in suspense.  Then in a momentary flash of compassion for his favorite slave, he slowly moved his foot off the line.  As Tiago cast off the line and raised the main sail, the island master suckled on his cigar.

He puffed out, “Good luck, Tiago.  I hope to see you again.”

An irreverent Tiago, “Not if I can help it.”

The island master speculated, “You never know, some day you may need the healing waters of this island again.”

What the master didn’t know is that Tiago had a busy night.  Already loaded into his boat was a half dozen five gallon water jugs filled with the mystical waters of the caldera lake that Tiago had hauled down the side of that dormant volcano.

Tiago knew otherwise, “I doubt it.”

The master shouted out a parting gesture, “Tiago, keep your course North to India or East to Malaysia, those are your best chances for avoiding the pirates.”

A haunted expression crept over Tiago’s face as he remembered back to the time when the men who enslaved him killed or enslaved a small group of Somali pirates that had stumbled across their island.

And as Tiago’s boat pulled away from the pier, the island master walked back into the shadows of the island as he whispered, “Bon voyage, Tiago.”

A few hours later, Tiago sailed his vessel up to the spot where his lover was impaled with arrows from a mad man and fell to the shore of shark-infested waters.  He withdrew the main sail and the boat came to a slow drift under the cliff that his love fell from.  He looked up the cliff and let out a loud New York style whistle. Emerging from the fissure in the caldera wall was the majestic form of a very muscular young jungle man with an abundant amount of manhood swinging between his legs.  His unruly hair fluttered in the strong ocean breeze. 


Jeremiah smiled down to his Tiago, Tiago smiled up to his Jeremiah.  Even from such a distance, they could clearly see each other’s smile. Like a shot from a gun, Jeremiah ran down the steep incline rock, and when he hit the rim of the cliff, he sprung into the air and into a perfect swan dive, and with nary a splash; he plunged into the water just feet from Tiago’s boat.  Jeremiah swam over hoisted himself up the side of the boat before the sharks even knew he was there.  And as Jeremiah rose out of the water and his lips joined with Tiago’s.

Jeremiah smiled, “Hello, Tiago.  Okay to be with you now?”

The newly freed slave, Tiago, smiled, “Now and for ever.”

Jeremiah climbed into the boat and was greeted by Tiago’s lips.

Tiago gleefully said, “Oh my, a naked jungle man just boarded my boat.”

Jeremiah proclaimed, “No more jungle boy, he dead. I am, Jeremiah.”

Tiago smiled, “Welcome aboard, Jeremiah. Long live,” kiss, “Long love, Jeremiah.”

The two young men laid down and slid over each other in the cockpit of their boat as their tongues wrestled together.

Jeremiah smiled, “Thank you for save me. Now you my hero.”

Tiago smiled, “You owe me a lot more than just a thank you for saving your muscle-bound ass.”

Jeremiah coyly, “My muscle-bound ass belongs to you.”

Tiago teased, “Hmm, I don’t know if I want that any more.”

A bewildered Jeremiah, “What you mean?”

“Well, the sheikh couldn’t tell the difference between you and a dead pig in a loincloth.  So I wonder just how pretty you are.”

“But pig all in little pieces.”  Then Jeremiah realized, “You tease me? You make fun me?”

Tiago couldn’t hold back his smile, “Yes, I fun you.  How could I ever resist that beautiful, curvy, bodacious, rippling with muscles hunky ass of yours?”

Jeremiah smirked, “Oh, now your ass I take.”

Jeremiah yanked the cargo shorts off of Tiago and pinned him to the floor.

Tiago, “Fine, take my shorts.  They’ll fit you better anyway.”

Jeremiah breathed, “I never wear clothes when I with you.  And you never wear clothes.  We just wear each other.”

Tiago whispered, “Hmm, I like the sound of that.  Our love will always keep us naked as we sail around the world.”

Jeremiah kissed Tiago, “And together. Jeremiah love Tiago.”

Tiago kissed Jeremiah, “Tiago love Jeremiah.”

And as Jeremiah’s face hovered over Tiago’s, his massive member rose to the occasion and found its way home inside Tiago.  And as they kissed, Tiago’s hand reached up and pulled on the main sheet and the main sail swelled up with the tropic wind and carried the two of them off to who knows where. As their boat set off to explore the seven seas, the two of them thoroughly explored each other over every surface of that durable boat.  And together, they would face the dangers of the open ocean, pirates, and most dangerous of all, civilization.


The End.