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Jason Todd, Beaten and Milked
By Jotto
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“Jason Todd Beaten and Milked”


What follows contains recently declassified information about the exact details of the events preceding Jason Todd's death, (A.K.A. Robin the Boy Wonder, the second one).  The reader is warned that the following account is so perverse and inhumane that it will test your constitution.  Newly declassified information and recently discovered surveillance footage has shed a new light on the atrocities that took place that night.

The antagonist in this matter is a man known as the, Joker.  A human monster so distorted in physicality and psychology as to defy description.

The protagonist/victim in this matter is, Jason Todd, a young man that was taken in and tutored by Bruce Wayne, the Batman, to be his replacement the first Robin who went off on his own and became, Nightwing.  However, Jason Todd's impetuous nature proved to be a roadblock in his relation with his mentor and the key element in his demise.

What you had been told is that the Joker beat Jason Todd nearly to death with a crowbar and then killed him and his mother with a bomb.  What follows after the initial beating are the new are the truly perverted details of Jason Todd's torture that include blunt force trauma, electrocution and humiliation, and then his eventual demise.

On the night of December 7th, 1988, Jason Todd searching for his mother Sheila Haywood ended up in a warehouse in Ethiopia.  What Jason didn't know was that his mother was an unwillingly partner in crime with none other than the Joker.  Very shortly after their reunion, Sheila is forced to turn over her son Jason to the Joker.

Still defiant, Jason stood between the Joker and his mother.  As the seasoned villain held Jason at bay with a gun, his shadow crept up Jason's manly form.  The back of Joker's hand sung swift and hard across Jason's face and sent the overwhelmed sidekick to the floor.  The young crime fighter quickly regained his wits just in time to eye the crowbar in the Joker's hand that seemed to come out of nowhere.  Before Jason could raise an arm to defend himself, the dastardly villain hammered the heavy metal bar into his back, instantly breaking a rib and knocking the wind out of his fit body and turning his sculpted muscles to jelly.  With the wind knocked out of his lungs, Jason was unable to scream as the Joker unleashed a hailstorm of crowbar impacts across Jason's body.  The Joker being somewhat deformed himself and jealous of the Boy Wonder's stunning face made extra effort to rearrange Jason's handsome features.

Riddled with disgust and fear, Sheila looked away as the clown villain and his crowbar hammered away at her son.

The Joker stopped to catch his breath "Take a look Sheila, It looks like he's sleeping.  How sweet."

Sheila lit a cigarette, "Leave me out of this, Joker."

"Kill joy.  Oh well.  You may not wan to look at this next part as your son and I have a man-to-man moment."

The Joker cuffed Jason's hands behind his back and with his crowbar started to violently tear the colorful superhero threads off Jason's crime fighting body.  In his severely battered condition, Jason was barely aware of his increasing nudity.  All he knew was that it was starting to get colder as he felt the artificial draft of refrigerated air brushing his well defined backside.  He felt his heavy cock flop out as his shorts were torn away and land with a slap against the cold and hard cement floor.

The Joker took a moment to admire the young man's athletic form and used his foot to spread Jason's legs apart to get a better look at the hefty manhood that was peeking out from under his body.  In a brief moment of jealous rage, the Joker swung his leg and planted his foot hard and deep into Jason's balls.

“You think you’re better than me because you have a beautiful body and a big dick?  Well, now look at you.”

In Jason's semi unconscious state, the only reaction the Joker got out of him was a mournful moan.  Desperate to get a reaction out of him, the Joker kicked Jason's nuts again.

The Joker continued his verbal assault, “All that exercise and weight training to sculpt your body to perfection and now you’re nothing more than my punching bag.  Hmm boy wonder, what do you think of that?”

After ten minutes or so of traumatizing Jason's taint and man-sack, the Joker lost his balance and stopped to catch his breath.  And through it all, Jason just let out huffs and moans.

Joker was frustrated, "Hmm, that was disappointing.  No pleads for mercy or anything like that.  It's a little bit of a let down when they're unconscious I guess.  Well, let’s see if we can up the ante by gong up the wazoo."

Then that evil clown placed his left foot between the hapless sidekick’s firm buttocks and twisted his shoe around until he had a clear view of his glorious asshole.  The Joker’s grip on his crowbar strengthened as he placed the blunt end at the entrance to his virgin hole.  Then with the sole intent of inflicting pain, the Joker crammed the crowbar into the young man’s ass!  Jason screamed as the Joker laughed.  Jason’s mother turned away in disgust and hide behind some crates, only to wonder why she was not doing a thing to stop this atrocity.

What little energy Jason had was spent on feeble attempts to break free as Joker used the crowbar up his ass to pop his man-cherry.

Jason could barely utter between his screams, “Please……….stop.  Please.”

The Joker stopped right were he started the assault.

The Joker begrudgingly, “Well, since you asked so politely, and I do place a high value on good manners, I’ll move on to another part of your body.”

Joker yanked the crowbar out of Jason’s manhole.  The cruel clown tossed the crowbar aside and as it hit the ground, an echoing clang filled the large room.  The ruined hero let out a sigh of relief and became quiet and still.

Sheila winced, “Do you have to be so vulgar?”

Joker huffed, “That is the point, my dear.”

The Joker walked around and placed a foot under Jason's hip and with a hearty punt, rolled him onto his back and cuffed arms. The legs of the nearly lifeless hunk drifted apart as his ample shaft of meat rolled across is leg, came to rest on his hip, and then slowly slid back down between his legs and nested neatly atop two large orbs that kept producing sperm despite their recent punishment.  The Joker pulled put an electro stimulator out of his pocket as he stood over the sullied and ruined hero.  It was now all to clear to see the once handsome features of Jason's face were riddled with shame.

"Oh my, boy wonder, you're going to need a lot more than that stupid little mask of yours to hide the humiliation."

As Sheila puffed on her smoke, "Oh Joker, just get it over with and kill him already."

"No my dear, any body could just kill, but an artist of cruelty like me lives to make others suffer through pain and humiliation, especially him.  Don’t worry, I will kill him, but only I have broken his spirit.  Just a shame though his bat daddy isn't here to see this.  I do love an audience in anguish.  Oh well, now for something painful and humiliating."

Without decorum or respect for another man's dignity, the Joker knelt down between Jason's legs and callously took hold of his manhood.  Joker swiftly attached the electrodes just beneath the plump apple of Jason's robust cock.

Sheila was disgusted, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Joker was amused, "Oh, just seeing if I can net a rise out of him.”

The Joker turned on the power sending a mild electrical charge into the meat between Jason’s legs.  The sullied hero was so spent that he didn’t even flinch as his dick was electrified and started to chub up.  His young and virile penis wasted no time responding to the battery-powered stimulus by becoming a fully engorged and throbbing cock.  The Joker was at once both impressed by its stature and frustrated by his own inadequacies.

“Oh Sheila, come take a look at your son.  With a body and a king dong like his, he should have been a porn star.  To bad though that I ruined his pretty face.”

Sheila dared herself to peek around the crate she was hiding behind and gazed upon her naked and erect son.  She had a flashback as she stared at the majestic phallus and remembered what it was like to be fucked by his father.

Sheila coyly asked, “What are you doing to him?”

Joker interrupted, “I'm going to make sure he dies like a man.  This little electrical toy of mine should give me a better look of his manhood.  While I have used this on myself, I've never dared to use it at full power.... until now."

The Joker’s thumb casually turned the dial all the way up to full power.  That gave him the reaction he was hoping for as Jason screamed out.  The young sidekick folded up and rolled over on his side into a semi-fetal pose.  Jason’s reaction was purely autonomic as his conscious mind was on pause.  His body flinched and fidgeted on the harsh concrete.  That was good enough to send the Joker into an uncontrolled fit of laughter as Jason’s mother watch horrified.  Jason’s muscles flex and his cock throb and start to drool copious amounts of pre-cum.  Then the young man’s body went spastic as gobs of pearlescent man-sap erupted from his cock and flooded across the warehouse floor.  The Joker laughed uproariously as Jason's cock purge load after load of his valuable D.N.A.


Joker gleefully, "Oh this is even better than I could have hoped for.  Oh Sheila, you have to try this."

"What?” She asked.

Jason became still as the Joker turned down the power surging through his cock.  The Joker held out the controller to Sheila.

The Joker's offer was more of a command, "Come on Sheila, take the control and take him for a spin.  I know you want too."

Sheila just stared at the Joker for a moment...and then slowly walked over to him as he dangled the device from his fingertips.

Joker smiled as she approached him and snatched the controller out of his hand and pulled the electrodes off of Jason.

"Fuck off you bastard!"  Sheila grabbed Jason's cape and used it to cover his privates.  As she consoled her son the Joker stepped back and away.

"Of course. I'll leave the two of you alone to get...acquainted."

Wile the mother wiped away her sons tears, Joker stealthily opened a crate.  Inside was a bomb and the Joker activated it without a second thought.  The timer started counting off the seconds.

The Joker cleared his throat, "Well my dear Sheila, I've become tired of you and him.  See-ya."

With those words, the Joker chuckled knowing victory was his for he had truly compromised both mother and son, ruined Jason's body and spirit and broke Sheila's heart.  And with the slam of a heavy metal door, the Joker was gone.

Sheila leaned in, "Don't worry my son, it's okay."

Jason feared, "No, it's not.  He's not done yet, I know it.  He always likes to go out with a bang."

"I know."

"Oh God.  No I think I hear the beep of a timer."

Severely incapacitated, all Jason could do was turn his head away as his mother's lips kissed him on the forehead.  As Sheila's started to lift Jason off the floor, the timer on the bomb reached zero.