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Eulogy of Darius Du Toit
By Jotto
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“Eulogy of Darius Du Toit”

By Jotto


Hello, my name is DeAndre Du Toit and Darius was my little brother.  First, I would like to thank all of you for coming to pay your final respects to Darius.  I’m sure he would have been thrilled to see how many of you showed up, especially since the services are being held at a bathhouse.  He loved rattling peoples’ cages in fun ways and making them do things they never would have done other wise.  And I assume for many of you, this would be the first time you’ve been to such an establishment.  But as you can see, Darius had some unique requests for his funeral.  And the least we could do is honor him in the way he saw fit.

When Darius was born just thirty years ago, it was obvious at birth that he was born with, shall we say, a very distinctive appendage.  He referred to it as his, “little brother”.  Mention of it may be considered by some of you to be tawdry or sensational, but it did define a majority of his life.  I mean, just look at it, how could something like that not influence your life?  And yes, by all means, look at it.  It’s okay to look at it, he loved to show it off and have people look at it.  He was very proud about his cock.  That is why he arranged to be viewed in all his naked and erect glory.  And by the way, my compliments to the mortician for his artistry and professionalism in making my little bro look so glorious.  But it is also because of the glory of his naked body that we weren’t allowed to have his service at any of the churches in town.  So much for love and forgiveness and the God given beauty of the human body he created.  But thankfully, all his friends and coworkers here at the “Bear Hug Spa” have graciously opened up their grounds and their hearts to all of us.  Thank you, gentlemen.

Darius was no stranger to being ostracized because of his abnormality.  When he was a child, other children would make fun of him because of it.  Around our home, he often had to go without clothing as he could never achieve comfort unless he was nude.  Having an extra large penis isn’t as much fun as some would think it to be.  When he was old enough to date, women would run away in fear of it like it was some sort of monster.  But he was the most gentile person I knew.  And I hear from those that did share of him, that he was a most considerate lover who never made his partners take more than they could endure.  When out of desperate loneliness he turn to sharing himself with men, many of them would get perverse or possessive about it, so it was always others that be aggressive with him or they would want him to be aggressive with them.  But that just wasn’t who Darius was.  He often found himself as a lamb surrounded by wolves.  And when it interfered with his athletic ambitions, he even considered very risky surgery to have it reduced.

But his childhood wasn’t all strife.  Darius would often have fun with it, like when we were kids playing war-games in our backyard, he would pretend his penis was a bazooka or canon and shoot us down with it.  And we would all fall down and shout, “Oh man, we got bone!”  When he was a little older, he told me he named it “Ward”, after the father from that old television show, because it was always looking for beaver.

Then he met Jeffery.  Jeffery, through his kindness and love made Darius not only feel loved, but normal as well.  It was with Jeffery that Darius not only came to love his body as it was, but also cherish that special gift that God gave him.  And with Jeffery’s help, he got a job here where he could be free to live and work as he was most comfortable, in the nude and unashamed.  It was while working here that Darius learned to play the piano under the attentive tutorage of his boss, Smokey.  And it was here that Darius found it safe to have his special organ worshipped while being watched over by Smokey.  Smokey made sure that no one ever got of line with my little brother.  Thank you, Smokey.  There are those who would call a place such as this a house of ill repute, but I know for Darius, it was the place where he was reborn and given a sense of purpose and was able to rejoice in himself and his body.

Now, I don’t fully understand the whole penis worship culture, and as a straight man, I’m not sure I want to.  But I do know that the adoration of his penis made Darius not only feel accepted, but truly happy as well.  He truly enjoyed being worship by all of you, but not out of any sort of vanity, but because he really found fulfillment in bringing joy and wonder to his followers, to his friends.

Which is why when the doctors warned him he needed to have penile reduction surgery to relieve the strain on his heart, he refused.  Men of African decent are already prone to high blood pressure which can lead to heart attack or stroke.  Add to that a grand penis like he had, well, Darius knew he was like those super human replicants in “Blade Runner” in that, “A star that burns twice as bright lives half as long”.  And since he knew that his body, as it was made by God, was bringing joy to others, he decided to live with that risk and made plans for the eventuality of an early demise.  And that is how he died, living large and true to himself.

I know it’s not proper mention how a person dies on these occasions, but I do take some solace in knowing that he died being as happy as a man could be, while climaxing surrounded by the people that loved and worshipped him so well.

But there were two other parts of his body that were even bigger, his smile and his heart.  He always found a reason to smile and he always found a reason to love the one he was with.  Darius touched the lives of so many and left them all with a sense of joy and wonder.  And when all is said and done, that’s a pretty good legacy to leave behind.

On behalf of Darius and his family, thank you.