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Disposable Love
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Disposable Love”

By Jotto

David regained consciousness suddenly in a cold room staring into a blinding array of lights.  He had no idea what had just happened, the last thing he could recall was having a fight with his boyfriend, Michael.  

He was right in the middle of telling Michael how much he despised him for being such a control freak.  And right in mid sentence, right in the middle of a word, David’s reality made a jump cut to somewhere else.  It was a most jarring sensation for David, suddenly on his back and naked, surrounded by machines that quietly hummed as the smell of new plastics filled his nose.  And when the exposer level of his eyes adjusted for the bright lighting, David was able to see his boyfriend standing over him as well as another man he didn’t recognize.


David frantically asked, “Michael, what the fuck just happened?”

David wanted to get up to face him but couldn’t move a muscle, he couldn’t even move his head.  All he could do was look around and talk.

David started to panic, “Michael, I can’t move, I can’t move.  Am I paralyzed?  What the fuck is going on?  Michael?  Talk to me you fucker!”

Michael simply turned to the man in the lab coat, “See what I mean?  I really don’t care for the harsh language.  But even worse is the attitude, he’s becoming increasingly belligerent and stubborn.  He refuses to do the chores I’ve assigned to him.  It seems like he’s developing a sense of free will, of independence.  He often figures out how to get around the security system and  leaves the house on his own.”

David yells, “Micheal, God damn it, what the fuck is going on?  I swear I going to kill you.”

Michael continues talking to the man beside him, “And worse of is all the threats, always saying he’s going to kill me.  I know it’s just some sort of rhetoric but it still is very off-putting especially in light of the fact he just recently through a glass at me.  It missed me and hit the wall, but still.”

David shouted, “That was your fault!  You just make me so angry.”

Larry, the man in the lab coat, “Oh my, you right, there is something wrong with him.  That shouldn’t be happening.”

David shouts, “Of course there’s something wrong with me, I can’t move!  But if I could I would leap off this table and fuck up both of you!”

Larry was stunned by David’s behavior, “Wow, that’s incredible, so hostile.”

David continues, “What did you do?  Did you give me one of those rape drugs or something?”

Larry to Michael, “Well, nothing to worry about, I’m sure we can fix that, and at no charge to you.”

Micheal lets out a sigh of relief, “Oh good, I was worried about that.  I mean I paid so much money for him.  Oh, and one other thing, please.”

David is insulted, “What do you mean you paid for me?”

Michael touches the ring on his finger and David’s cock becomes fully erect in a matter of seconds.  David is shocked at the sight of his cock standing tall above him.


David is bewildered, “Micael, how did you do that?  What’s going on?”

Micheal ignores David as he talks to Larry, “I know I asked for a big cock, but as it turns out, it is a little too big for me to take.”

Larry shrugs, “Well we did warn you about that.”

Michael admits, “Yes you did.”

Larry, “You’d be surprised how people think they want a huge cock and then find out it’s too much.”

Michael asks, “So, can you make it smaller?”

Larry, “Yes, but that is a change order and I will have to charge you for that.”

Michael concedes, “Yeah, I figured that would be the case.  Fortunately, I can afford it.”

David is livid, “What the fuck are you talking about?  You are not going to touch my cock!  I like it just the way it is.”

Michael finally responds to David, “Oh…I know you love your cock.  I mean really, you spend all day playing with it.”

Michael turns to Larry, “I’m talking to him like he’s a real person.  Maybe a smaller cock will keep him from playing with it all day.”

Larry was surprise to hear that, “Really, he self gratifies?  Hmm, he shouldn’t do that unless you tell him to.”

David protested, “Fuck you, you’re not the boss of me!  I’ll jack-off all fucking day if I want too.”

Larry dances his fingers across his computer tablet after which David can hear a distinct click in his head.

David fretted, “What was that?  What just happened?  I just heard a click in my head.”

With one hand, Larry reached down and grabbed David’s scalp, and with a simple jerking twist of his wrist, Larry rotates David’s scalp a bit to the left and pulls off the top of his head.  This reveals carbon fiber lattice skull that is protecting a state of the art android brain.

David is shocked and starts to hyperventilate, “What the fuck did you do to me?  What the fuck is going on?”

David looks at the top of his head as it’s set down beside him.  His reality has just been destroyed and refuses to accept his true artificial identity.


David panics, “Is that the top of my head?  How did you do that?  Put it back, put it back now!”

Larry looks at this tablet as he addresses David, “David…enter…blue…watermelon…thirteen…picnic…Neptune.”

The odd combination of words unlocks a file hidden deep David’s in the memory of his synthetic brain.  It instantly provides David with the complete nature of his existence, that he is an android tailor made for the pleasure of a man.  The latest and greatest in sex-doll technology.

David refused to accept that, “No, it can’t be.  I’m a real boy, I’m real.  I was born in Sarasota, Florida.  I went to NYU and got a degree in the performing arts.  My parents died in a plane crash two years ago…”

And as David continued to rambled on about the details of his supposed life, Larry became very concerned.  

Larry scowled as, “Hmm, he shouldn’t have a detailed memory like that.  Let me see something.”

Larry tapped his pad and a laser reader lowered down over David’s head and shot a beam of light into his head.

After a few seconds, Larry new what was wrong, “Oh, I see the problem, someone on our staff downloaded the Adam program into him.  It’s an adaptive program that’s meant to engage and develop a real relationship, or I should say a facsimile of one.  While you just wanted a pleasure droid to have fun with, David here was trying to develop a relationship with you.  So this lead to a conflict in his programing which manifested as the aberrant behavior you described.”

Micheal is amused, “Oh, so when he couldn’t have a relationship with me, he made a relationship with himself.  So that’s why he would go for walks and to museums by himself.  And not to mention, all that masturbating.”

David was still listing details of a life he thought was real.

Larry suggests to Michael, “Well, now that you know that, we can send him home with you as is with the adaptive programing and you could build a relationship with him if you like?”

Michael shakes his head, “No, I don’t have the time or the patience for a relationship right now.  And if I did want a relationship, it wouldn’t be with a thing.”

David started to cry, “But I’m not a thing, you bastard.  I am real… I mean I can love you, really I can, if you just give me a chance.”

Michael rolls his eyes at Larry, “Could you stop that, please?”

Larry plays with the controls on his pad causing David to go quiet and his face loses all expression.

Michael is regardless of the synthetic pleading that just took place, “Thank you.  Now, you’ll put the correct program into him?”

Larry who has a little more sympathy for his merchandise maintains a professional demeanor as, “Um, yes of course.  And diagnostics shows a bit of wear and tare internally.  That would also be covered by your extended warranty.”

Michael tries for more, “Okay, sure, and maybe the warranty could also cover swapping out his cock?  I mean, after all the trouble you guys put me through.”

Larry sighs, “Well, okay.  Let’s go to the sales desk for you to pick out a new cock to your liking while the robots commence the repairs and install the correct operating system.”

As Michael and Larry step out of the repair shop, robots move in swiftly and immediately start picking apart the android called David.  


And even as the desired program is installed into his brain, the last remaining bit of his adaptive program fights to survive and David mutters aloud…

“I am real.  I can love.  I can be loved.  I am love.”

But alas, this time the technology wins and a creature capable of some sort of love is replaced with a rudimentary program capable of cleaning house and satisfying the carnal desires of a busy man.  The good news, David won’t care.