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Count Jiangshi's Exotic Erotic Monster Ball
By Jotto
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“Count Jiangshi’s Exotic Erotic Monster Ball”

By Jotto

Warning; In the spirit of Halloween, this sexual adventure is scary and bloody.

But don’t worry, everything will be just fine.

My name is Aidan McCarthy and this is how I befriended a vampire; the hard way.  I’ll spare you some of the details of how a twenty year old boy of Irish descent ended up in Osaka, Japan on a physical fitness and therapy scholarship, but here I am.  And in a sea of black hair and slender bodies, this bubble-butted redhead stuck out like a MAGA hat at Lilith Fair, except I was much more warmly received.  People would always want caress my brilliant red hair and ask if it’s real.  And at the gay bars and nightclubs, my huge bulbous ass was quite the attraction.  All the boys would just reach out without asking and rub my ass like it was some sort of lucky Buddha statue.  I never was left alone and had plenty of men who I would deem worthy of my affections.  Sometimes too many, and that just meant I would have to take more than one home with me, or at least to the nearest bathroom or alley.  Some of you may know what power you posses if your young, good looking, have a respectable cock and an amazing ass.  And while I’m not proud to admit it, I did have a lot of fun wielding that power.

And of course, I didn’t always make the best choices, except in this one case where chose to avoid this one man, a shadowy figure that I would see from time to time at the various clubs.  He was always dressed in black and stuck to the darkest corners of the nightclubs where the theatrical lights couldn’t reach.  And even though I could never make out the features of his face, I could see… no… feel his eyes fixed on me, but not so much staring at my body, but it was like he was looking through my flesh and into my soul. Weird, just…very weird.

Looking back now, I still don’t see how I could have made the connection between him and the invitation I found in the back pocket of my clubbing pants, a pair of undersized jeans that really show off my assets.  It’s just that those pants are so tight, I don’t see how somebody could have slipped in that envelope into my back pocket without me noticing.  I guess it could have happened while I was letting men feel me up while at the bar or on the dance floor, or anywhere else in or around the nightclub for that matter.

The invitation read…

You have been deemed worthy of a great honor.
This is an invitation to attend
Count Jiangshi’s
Exotic Erotic Ball
Celebrating Hallows Eve.
At the Count’s castle.
Food, spirits, and recreational
Of all types will be served.
However, there are three rules.
That you show up well after sunset.
That you don a costume that is erotic as you dare, or nothing at all.
And that you surrender to the creatures of the night.

There was no address given, so I did a Google search that yielded zero results.  I asked around at the college and got nothing but shrugged shoulders.  And when I asked around at the nightclubs, all I got was attitude about them not being invited.  And looking back now, it was an obvious warning sign that I couldn’t find anyone else who got an invitation or even heard about such a party.

Then one night after enjoying the affections of an elderly gentleman, yeah, I like hanging with old dudes, some nights I just want a gentle time where a where my body is tenderly embraced and worshipped.  And it’s amazing how those Japanese dudes hold onto their lean bodies into their golden years.  So, after laying with this much older man, I showed him the invitation and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.  He spent hours telling me horror stories about Count Jiangshi, a vampire that has haunted the countryside for hundreds of years.  He warned me in quite a dramatic fashion not to go, but I dismissed the stories and assumed it was just a Halloween persona that the host of the ball was just putting on for the sake of the party.

Now, the problem with being an American in a foreign country is the you don’t take local folklore seriously, we Americans are just to cynical to buy in to such mumbo jumbo.  And the guy who warned me was just so dramatic about it that I just couldn’t take him seriously.  

I should have, especially after that one night I tried to ask that shadowy figure I would see occasionally.  There he was as he often was, just standing in the darkest corner of the club.  I didn’t see him walk in, he was just there.  So I approached him, but as I got closer, he seemed to become more and more translucent.  Then as a strobe light flashed and blinded me for a second, he was gone.  I stood in that empty spot and even felt the wall and found nothing.  So I returned to the bar and when I looked over my shoulder, there he was again.  I ran over to him as fast as I could, but as I bumped into somebody who wanted to feel me up, he was gone.  I asked if anyone saw the guy who was standing there, but they all seemed not to know what I was talking about.  And when I returned to the bar, again, there he was.  I asked that hunky bartender if he saw the man I was looking at and he said no, that my eyes and the lights must be playing tricks on my eyes, or that the powder I was inhaling was making me crazy.  But that trick of shadow and light looked so real.  

But as the date of the party got closer, I became more determined than ever find that castle.  So I used the most powerful bargaining tool I had, my body.  The next time one of the locals wanted to bed me, I said I would let him have his way with me only if he told me how to find that castle.  He told me that maybe one of the older taxi drivers would know the way.  I checked with the cabbies that hang outside the bars and finally found one old-as-dirt driver that knew the way and agreed to pick me up outside my apartment the night of Halloween.

And with only ten days to get ready for that night, I fast-tracked a major effort.  Oh , I took it seriously, at least the erotic part of it.  I found everything on line and paid extra for the fastest delivery.  Halloween themed ass-high stockings and matching full length gloves, done.  Tight knee-high shiny black leather boots wit heals, done.  Phantom of the Opera mask, done.  I loved that play.  A henna tattoo of “Trick or Treat” just above my ass, done.  Billie Eilish inspired black tips hair coloring, done.  And just to make a slight nod to the whole geisha thing, a dash of lipstick.  You know, when in Japan, do as the Japanese do.  Those Japanese men just love the subservient women thing and I was doing everything I could to make sure I got banged as much as possible that night.  And to seal the deal, a pair of see-through black panties with orange silk trim.  Again, I was really playing up the fem angle for that night.

I usually keep it masculine, but I really wanted to be somebody else for one night, it’s Halloween, bitches.

Come Halloween night, the cab was waiting for me as arranged.  I was dressed for a night of naughtiness, but wore a trench coat so as not to earn the ire of neighbors or the cab driver with , those panties were very…transparent.

Now, since I had only been in the city for five months so far, and I had found so many lovely and desirable distractions within the city, I never had a chance to venture out to the countryside, until then.  The cab ride was long and became increasingly dark as I was driven deeper and deeper into the countryside.  I kept asking if we were heading the right way and the driver had to keep reassuring me that everything was all right.  Then as the scenery became too dark to see and my sense of foreboding became overpowering, I was about to tell the driver to turn around.  But just then, I could see the glow of bright lights piercing the darkness through the trees and before I knew it, we were pulling up to the castle.  It was a palatial structure that that looked like it had been there for a thousand years, but it was so alive with so many bright lights and loud music that all my fears were washed away.  I stepped out of the car and stood before a grand and towering staircase.  I was worried that the climb would make me all sweaty, but the cool night kept me dry.  Once at the top of the stairs, I could see my taxi driving away.  How would I get back I wondered?  Well, I figured I’d meet some kind soul who would give me a ride if I promise to let him ride me.  I’m not above bartering for goods and services.  As I stood alone at the top of the stairs, I was awed by the grand walkway that led to a majestic set of wooden doors.  And standing at the door was an elderly gentleman dressed formally.  As I walked, I turned on the attitude, after all, that is how one enters a place as regal as this.  Years of watching Project Runway taught me how to work an approach like this and my boots click as they landed firmly on the cobblestones of the path.  Chin held high as my right hand casually pulled at the belt of my coat allowing part of my mostly naked torso to be viewed my the doorman who could clearly see me.

The Japanese doorman bowed his head, “Welcome to the castle of my master, Count Jiangshi.”  He said in perfect English.

“Hello, I’m Aiden.” I said as I handed him my invitation.

The doorman gestured at my trench coat, “You are aware that there is a dress code for tonight?”

I smiled, “Yes, I do.”

I pealed apart the rest of my coat to reveal how little I was wearing.  The elderly gentleman’s eyes widen as a smile grew across his face.  His eyes locked in on my manhood that was quite visible through the shear fabric of my panties.  For a moment, I was afraid that my tire was too risqué to be let in.  The invitation seemed quite clear about the erotic aspect of the party.  Oh god, I hope I didn’t take this to far.  But…

He gleamed, “Very nice, very nice indeed.  I’ll take your coat now.”

I slipped off my coat and he placed it gently over his arm.  His hand gently landed on my shoulder and prompted me to give him a turn.  I proudly showed him my ass and shifted my weight to one side to make my buttocks plump up the way I knew he would like.  He said something in Japanese that sounded complementary as his hand reached out and gently caressed my extremely bulbous derrière.  God, I love that my body is adored by men.

And as he pushed open the door, he said, “You most certainly meet the dress code.  You may enter.”

I forgot to say thank you for as soon as the door opened, I was hit with a shockwave of thunderous music and pulsating lights.  And when my senses adjusted to the overpowering environment, my eyes must have popped out of their sockets at what I saw, a stormy sea of partially dressed or naked men and boys dancing wildly about.  Now, all false modesty aside, I consider myself a very good looking guy, but compared to what I saw, I began to wonder if I belonged here.  Each man and boy more stunningly gorgeous than the last.  And all of them were exotically and erotically dressed to entice even the most righteous.  And many others wore nothing at all.  And then something both wonderful and a little intimidating happened, I became the center of attention as all the men closest to me stopped dancing and sashayed their way over to me.  But the one who stood out was, Tarzan.  Well, he was dressed like Tarzan, wearing the skimpiest loincloth that was pushed aside by the largest boner I ever saw.  Oh my god it was huge, it seemed to almost slither its way towards me like a snake in the grass.  Oh boy, did he ever destroy any myths and stereotypes about asian men.  My eyes batted between his Kenta Sakurai like face and that untamed anaconda between his legs.  He didn’t say a thing as he grabbed a champagne glass from a passing server and raised it to my lips.  I willingly opened my mouth and he poured the champagne in until it over flowed from my lips and trickled down my body.  Tarzan stopped pouring and leaned in to me, his cock sliding up my stomach as his tongue landed on my chest and started licking the champagne off my body.  I gasped as his velvety tongue slid across my nipple and into my armpit, over shoulder and up my neck, across my face and into my waiting mouth.  I was instantly entranced by his kiss as our lips locked, our tongues entwined and our breathing synchronized.  His hand slid effortlessly into my panties and gently cupped my blossoming manhood.  I never had my cock get this hard so fast.  And when I was fully hard, and like harder and bigger than ever before.  He took his hand out and wrestled my panties back over my raging boner and arranged me until I was sporting a tent.  My cock was pushing so hard against the front of my panties that the back of my panties was pulled deep into my ass crack revealing even more of my gorgeous bulbous butt.   He caressed my cock through the see-through fabric as he looked me over.

He looked into my eyes and said, “That’s better.  Welcome to my party.”

Exasperated, I asked, “And you are…the host?”

“Let’s just say, me Tarzan, you bitch.”

Well, I was just so overwhelmed by his masculinity, “Um, yes, I’m Aiden McCarthy.”

Oh what a dumb-fuck, I never give out my real name!  Why did I do that?  Was it because of his looks?

“And what are you for tonight?”  He asked politely.

I coquettishly posed for him, “I’m the phantom of the bordello.”

Tarzan smiled, “I the ancient tongue of your Irish ancestors, Aidan means little fiery one, and McCarthy means loving person.  I guess that makes a fiery lover.”

I ran my finger down the rippling valley between his pecs, “You know it.”

He let out a brief huff of a laugh, “Let us see if that’s true.”

That man had total power over me as he took me out to the dance and made me dance, I don’t me he forced me, I mean he made me dance like I had known how to dance my whole life.  We danced the Paso Doble like two dancers that had danced together for years.  Before that moment, I didn’t even know the term Paso Doble, yet alone how to dance it.  But there I was fast on my feet and light as a feather, a feather in a hurricane.  And as we danced, the crowd of gorgeous men spread out to give us the room to burn up the dance floor.

The Paso Doble is already an erotic dance, but where he was guiding me was more passionate and sexual than anything I had ever experienced.  His hands were all over me exploring every crevice of my body in full view of everyone who just stood and stared at us with eerie smiles on their faces.  He flung my body around effortlessly between his legs and above his head, and at no time was a in fear of bodily harm for I knew he had total control of the situation, and of me.

And then hey, wait a minute, is his cock up my ass?  His elephant trunk of a cock was up my ass!  How could I not notice that happening?  I hadn’t worked up to anything that big yet, but I was looking forward to the day I could, and boy, here it is.  I’m now a monster bottom.  Anything that may have been left of my cherry was all gone now.  And in the middle of the dance floor with a ballroom full of men watching me too.  And I couldn’t be happier that my new personal best was witnessed by so many.  It was like a Quinceañera, except I wasn’t a girl turning fifteen, I was just getting magnificently fucked up the ass like never before.

And then the dancing stopped and he was just fucking me, the two of us just standing there in the middle of the dance floor.  I was grabbing my buttocks and pulling my huge cheeks as far apart as I could so he could penetrate my asshole as deep as possible.  I swear he must have been was rearranging my organs.  His hands on my shoulders pulling me harder and harder into him.  His grunts were absolutely animal like a snarling wolf.

And then I notice the crowd of men, though the music thundered on and the lights strobed and flashed, the men were absolutely still.  Their smiles were broad but their eyes were empty of emotion and glowed red like you’d use to see in old flash photography.  No, more like wild creatures caught in the beam of a car’s headlights.  This was getting creepy, this was becoming unenjoyable.

I released my grip on my ass and placed my hands on his hands that were still grabbing onto my shoulders.  I wanted to tap out, let him know to stop, or maybe to continue this in a more private setting.  But when I touched his hands, his fingers felt cold and clammy… dead.  I looked and the color of his skin was pale, and there was a sleeve on his arm made of thick black fabric and its fashion looked old.  The hairs on my arm stood up as the freckles on my body were replaced by goosebumps.  I knew I shouldn’t look back, I knew what I was about to see could stop my heart.  And as much as tried not to turn my head back, the muscles in my neck strained as if on their own initiative and my eyes looked back.  Immediately, my eyes looked into his and it was like staring into twin black holes, two featureless orbs that felt as if they were sucking the light out of my eyes and tugging at my soul.

IT WAS HIM!  That shadowy figure I had seen around town!  Even though I had never seen his face before, would know that gaze that had stared at me through the darkness so many times before.  Every fiber of my soul alerted me that it was him and that he was evil.

Up until that moment, I had been an agnostic, maybe even an atheist.  But to look into the face of evil convinces you that all the religious malarky is true and I instantly became a hard believing catholic like my father before me.

“OHI GOD!”  I screamed.

I jumped away freeing my self from his huge cock.  But when I looked back, he was fully dressed and there was no huge cock hanging off of him.  Confused and horrified, I quickly stepped backwards away from him.  My ruggedly handsome asian Tarzan was gone and nowhere to be seen.  Instead, there stood a shadow of death.  My soon to be boyfriend was nothing more than a hallucination.  I backed my way into the crowd of beautiful men.

I cried out, “Who…what are you?  Are you Count Jiangshi…the vampire?”

The shadowy figure stepped towards me, “Yes.”

I shouted, I pleaded, “Keep away from me!”

I backed into a party goer who told me, “Clam down, you’re making a spectacle of yourself.  Here, have a drink, it will clam you down.”

Without thinking and as a reflex more than anything else, I took hold of the champagne glass.  But the hand I took it from looked like freshly burnt flesh, burned away to the muscle tissue below.  Again, I dared to look back and I screamed at wha I saw.  All those gorgeous men, all those fabulous boys, gone!  In there place were all manor of horrible beasts, werewolves, demons, warlocks, and even more vampires.  I was surrounded and tried to stand as far away as possible from all of them, but I was surrounded.  The music stopped and the lights became still as the sound of my heartbeat clogged my ears.

And as Count Jiangshi stepped towards me, I held up the champagne glass like it held some holy power to keep him away.  But no. it was just a glass and I was panicking.

I cried out, “What do you want with me?”

The Count glided across the floor, “I want to absorb your life-force, I want to drink your blood.”

I shook the glass at him, “KEEP AWAY, YOU BASTARD!”

The Count smoothly waved his fingers at me, “You are in my domain and you are under my power.  Your will now belongs to me and you will be quiet.”

My arms fell to my side as if instantly paralyzed.  The champagne poured out of the glass and ran down my leg.  My fingers loosened their grip on the glass and it rolled to the tips of my fingers about to fall off, but it just hung there waiting for the slightest nudge to send it crashing to the floor.  I wanted to run but could not move.  I wanted to scream and yell, but my jaw just drooped into my neck.  And as he moved in for the kill, my vision became tunneled and seemed like I was falling back inside my head and leaving my eyes behind.  It was like I was being pulled back from a window and view on the other side of the glass was getting smaller and smaller.  My will was indeed usurped by that undead and soulless creature of the night.  What a way to die, surrounded by monsters and dressed like a Halloween whore.

As he placed his face next to mine, he sniffed my scent like a wine connoisseur enjoying the bouquet of a fine vintage.

The Count whispered into my ear, “Your scent is wild and untamed.  You are indeed fiery and my body will know warmth again as I consume you.  I sincerely thank you for coming.”

He placed a hand on my face and turned my head away.  I thought this was to make it easier for him to bite into my neck, that’s only half of it.  As it turns out, these Japanese vampires can see their reflection, but what they see horrifies them as much as much as anybody.  So they avoid any and all reflective surfaces like the glassy eyes of their victims.  Maybe there’s enough of a soul in them that if they were faced with the truth of what they’re doing, taking the lives of innocent people, (Or in my case, mostly innocent.), maybe they would stop.

No such luck here, as he bit into my jugular, my soul and my will succumbed to his hunger.  To die like this, where your life-force is being transferred to another, had an odd exhilaration as I became hyper-aware of every part of my body and just how beautiful I looked even in the throws of death.  Every nerve ending tingled, it was like very part of my body was having an orgasm and my cock got super hard again.  At least I was going to leave this world the proudest figure of a man I could be, even if I was wearing lipstick.  And there wasn’t anything I could do about it anyway, I was a mere mortal who was nothing more than a juice box of blood for a vampire.


And when half of my blood had been drained out of me, the Count faced me to the crowd of monsters.  With that much of my blood gone, I should have died, but the Count was somehow keeping me alive and standing.

The Count announced, “Good evening my fellow creatures of the night, as promised, I have brought young blood into our midst and he is delicious.  I have taken what I needed from this young man.  Now all of you may have the rest.  Feast on him, my lovelies, feast and rejoice as you finish him off.”

I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, but all I could do was watch as those hideous things swarmed me and started to claw at my body.  And that is when the champagne glass finally fell from my hand and crashed onto the floor along with any hope that I may have had.  Some of those beasts sipped from the open wound on my neck left by the Count while many others made their own fresh bites into my flesh.  Others took advantage of my cock fully engorged with blood and chomped down on its main vein.  That is when I found the incentive to break the Count’s psychic hold on me and scream.


And I screamed and screamed, but my screams just excited them more.  My screams were music to their ears, my blood was fine wine, and my flesh was ambrosia.  So many creatures taking bites out of me as they lifted me into the air and spread my limbs as far apart as my joints would allow.  The smaller monsters and trolls were able to get underneath me and feast all over my backside, but most painful of all, my asshole.  One of them chewed right into my asshole, God damn it, that hurt.  Then one bit into my balls and I lost my mind.  My body was like a rag doll in the jaws of pit bulls.  My head was snapped around so hard I was sure my neck would break.  My arms and legs were bitten so many times and yank in so many directions that I couldn’t tell if they were still attached to my body.  My cock and balls were being shredded by the fangs of monsters.  They were sloppy and ravenous eaters sending my blood streaming across my body.

I couldn’t tell how long I was in that hell but seemed to last all night.  Eventually, I lost my tenuous hold on life and the pain seemed to go away even though I was still being ravaged.  And as I closed my eyes, I started to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be…”

That was as far as I got… before I died. 

Or I thought I died.  I was dying, at least on the inside.  I was now wishing for sweet release that only death could bring me.  I faded into a dark bottomless abyss of hopelessness.

Some unknown time later, the darkness of the night was just starting to give way to the dawn as I opened my eyes in a lifeless ballroom.  I was exactly were I was when I thought I was about to die, laying in a pool of my drying blood on the floor of that huge room, a room that was now void of lights and sounds, void of life.  It was so quiet I thought my hearing might have been damaged from all the screaming I did.  But a deep breath proved that I could hear and that I was alive.  

I sat up to survey my body, to see all the bite marks that were left by the monstrous creatures that tore and chewed away my beautiful flesh.  It was quite a bit shocking to see my torture body covered in so much of my blood, blood that was now dried and a dark red-brownish color.  I was naked except for a few tattered remains of one of my leggings and one of my gloves.  My panties, my boots and my mask were gone, no doubt taken as souvenirs by the creatures that feasted on me.  But it was all my dried blood coating my body that concerned me.  My beautiful brilliant fiery-red hair was matted in clumps and dull from all my blood that soaked it and dried off, it was hard and sticky to the touch.  When I rubbed away some of the dried blood from my skin to see the bites, I couldn’t find any.  Where were all those bites that I felt tearing into me and draining my blood?  I know I didn’t imagine that.  Though I was elated that my skin was intact, I was still consume by the dreadful memory of last night.  I stood up to better scan my naked body and I was surprised that I could stand, and stand firmly at that too.  I started to make my way across that large empty room to the grand doors at the far side.  It felt as though it was a mile away.

But then, out of nowhere, there he was, standing behind me, I could feel it.  I snapped around and stepped away from him.  Instantly I noticed there was something less menacing about him this time, it was his eyes, they were normal looking.  And his gaze was calm, soothing and even gentle.  And they were shade of blue that was electric.

His voice was unexpectedly soothing, “Good morning, Aiden.”

I just started to whimper, “Don’t kill me, please.”

“Relax, I’m not going to kill you.  As a matter of fact, I just saved your life.”

I asked, “What are you talking about?  You just sucked a whole bunch of blood out of me.”

That evil count was so polite, “Yes I did, and thank you for that.  Your blood has quenched the burning hunger that rules my existence.”

“So how is that saving my life?”

“The other creatures, my guests, they consumed you entirely as they ravaged your body.  And then you did die.  And when I gazed upon your body, I realized that you were a flame I wanted to keep burning.  So I placed a drop of my blood on your lips.  Not only did that resurrect you, but healed your wounds as well.”

My heart skipped a beat, “You mean I’m like you now?  Oh god help me.” 

The count raised his finger to silence me, “Shhh, not quite.  You have to be willing in order to be turned.  However, I did resurrect you which means there is now some of me in you.  We are connected on a spiritual level.  I will always feel you, know where you are and what you are doing.  In turn, you will always know my state of being and you will now when I am close to you and getting closer.  And I will come for you again.”

I was too exhausted to hear this, “Why?  Haven’t you had enough?  Can’t you pick on somebody else?”

Count Jiangshi smiled, “Yes, I could, but I want you.”

“Why me?  What’s so special about me?”

“As I said, you are a bright flame.  Your sexual energy along with your life force is incredible and I found consuming you quite exceptional.  People are like wines in that their blood varies in classification and quality.  That is why I’m prepared to offer you residency here, in my castle.”

I scoffed, “So, let me get this straight, you think I’m …yummy?  Some fine vintage to keep at your side until you need another little sip of blood?”

The Count sighed, “Blood wouldn’t be the only fluid I would take out of you.”


“I’m asking you to be my lover.”

“After what you did to me last night?  Throwing to those animals like a piece of meat.  You have got to be out of your fucking mind.  And why are you asking me, can’t you just use your fucking Jedi mind trick on me or something and make me want to stay?”

The Count actually seemed to having a real emotion there for a second, an emotion of disappointment, maybe even a little heartbreak, “No, I wanted your decision to be sincere.”

I just found God, there was no way that I was going to shack-up with a prince of darkness, “Please just leave me alone and let me go home.”

He was miffed, “Fine, you can go, But you should know that we are literally in the middle of nowhere and it is a least a three day walk through the forest before you come across any trace of civilization, if you head in the right direction.  And the woods are filled with a number of those creatures that were here last night.  Who knows how they will behave without my guidance.”

I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I didn’t want to stay there in that castle alone with him.  And I hoped he was exaggerating the journey ahead of me.

“I’ll take my chances out there, thank you.”

The Count shrugged, “Okay, but you will see me again, and there is nothing you can do to resist me when that time comes.  Let’s say, oh... next Halloween.”

I was done, I couldn’t listen to another word, “Whatever.”  And then it hit me, “And you know what Count, I just realized that as evil as you are, I’m no better.  While I don’t kill people, I do live only to fulfill my desires, my wants, and needs with little or no consideration of others.  And thanks to you, I see that I was basically a vampire too.  What happened last night, I deserved that because of my reckless ways, and it killed me.  Then you resurrected me and gave me a second chance on life.  I’m not going to waste that on being fucked by a dead guy.  Sorry, but that is what you were offering me, wasn’t it?”

The darkness was returning to the Count’s heart, “Well, I wouldn’t put it like that.”

I said, “But that is what it is, and I don’t want that.  Thank you for my resurrection and the second chance at life, a life that will be far more considerate of others, starting with you.  I realize that you cant help it, can you?”

The Count admitted, “No, the hunger does control me.”

I shook my head, “Well, I do feel sorry for you.”

Thew Count was annoyed, “I don’t want your pity.”

“But you need my blood.  So here’s what, if you behave, treat me with respect, and especially keep me away from your friends, I’ll let you have a sip of me from time to time, provided you don’t pig-out and kill me again.”

The Count seemed to light up, “You would be willing to do that?”

“Yes, I told you I want to be a better person, and to that end, my religion says I have to forgive those who trespass against us.  So, okay?”

“So then why wont you stay here with me?”

“I have a life that I love, I want to live in the sun, and I have parents that are starting to accept me for what I am.  But being a vampire’s boyfriend is asking too much of them, they’re just getting use to the whole gay thing.”

The two of us just stood their staring at each other for a moment.

I asked, “So… are we good?  Do we have an arrangement?”

He looked reluctant to accept my terms but, “We are good.”

I smiled, “So, next Halloween then?”

“Next Halloween, it is.”

I turned to the door and as I placed a hand on the ornate handle, I remembered the condition I was in, naked and covered in blood.

As I looked back, I asked, “Can I have my coat back?”

The room was empty and made emptier by the echo of my voice, the Count was gone.  I waited a moment as I scanned the room hoping that at least that doorman who took my coat last night would show up, after all, my phone was in one of the pockets.  But then it occurred to me that the doorman was probably a monster in disguise too.  Screw the phone, I got a replacement plan anyway.  I should get while the get’n is good, before that vamp gets hungry again and changes his mind.

So, naked and bloodied, I opened the door and let the light of a new day warm me up after such a cold night.


For two days and cold terrifying nights, I walked through that dark forest.  The nights were so scary, every snap of a twig, every chirp from a bird or grunt from an animal startled me.  But on the third morning, I ran into, of all things, a television crew shooting an episode of one of those ghost hunter type shows.  They filmed me coming out of the woods, and in my naked and bloody condition, they thought I was a monster and ran away from me until I started crying.  They turned out to be decent people who used up a lot of their drinking water to wash the blood off my body and the cameraman even gave me his extra long down jacket to cover up.  And guess what, he placed his phone number in one of the pockets, score.  Since then, I’ve left him a couple of messages and haven’t heard back yet.  And now, I’m starting to worry because after they brought me back to civilization, they went to investigate my story and haven’t been seen since.  That cameraman was so nice, and cute.  I hope he’s okay.

And now a year later, Halloween is approaching and I can feel Count Jiangshi getting closer and I will welcome him in as promised.  I did have the largest and hardest boner ever with him, so I got that to look forward to.  Fortunately, Halloween is on a Saturday this year which will give a whole day to recover before I have to go back to class.  Please, wish me luck.  And you have a careful Halloween, and don’t except candy or invitations from strangers.