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Spermworks: Chrome's Cold Caress
By Jotto
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Chrome’s Cold Caress”

By Jotto

This is one more of the ongoing misdeeds of Spermworks and its heartless founder, Noel Kums.

Deep in the bowels of the Spermworks’ corporate headquarters, in one of the many nefarious research labs, C.E.O. Noel Kums walks into the slick circular room to personally check in on the status of one his latest acquisitions.  Doctor Fein is at the control station and nods hello to his boss.

Doctor Fein smiles, “Good morning, Mister Kums.”

Mister Kums ignores the greeting as his attention is on the main attraction at the center of this room.  A young man is suspended above the floor and folded up by shinny fixtures that have his wrists and ankles held tightly above his head.  Chrome plated grapplers have each of his testicles spread as far apart from each other as his fully stretched out scrotum will allow.  A large corrugated ramrod is inserted into his asshole and methodically oscillates in and out of his newly breached manhole.  Its lubricated chrome finish easily glides through the young man’s virgin anus.  An extra large and highly polished stainless steel beaded sounding rod suspended from above is planted deep within his cock and pistons within and throughout his reproductive system in perfect synchronization with the corrugated rod ramming his ass.  Plus, a series of chrome headpieces hold his head in place.  Furthermore, each shinny piece of cold hard metal sizzles and glows with sparks of electricity that send countless electrons through his brain and reproductive system.  The sparks cast a subtle glow that highlights his body’s attributes.  


However, days of this treatment have turned this once Justin Bieber-type-handsome young gymnast into a slack-jawed cow that is being siphoned for every drop of its man-milk that it has to give.

But even with all of these things going on, the one element that commands the most attention is how large his cock and balls are.  Noel Kums reaches out and touches one of the lad’s bloated testicles but quickly recoils as his fingertips come in contact with the electrical field surging through and around the cream filled orb.

Doctor Fein gives a belated warning, “Oh, be careful, sir.”

Noel rids himself of the sensation by rubbing his fingers together as he slowly strides around the stressed youth, his eyes always fixed on the lad’s bloated genitals.

Noel commands the doctor, “What is the status of this one?”

The doctor pulls a mini I-pad from a pocket of his lab coat and reads, “Well sir, subject is a predominantly white male, nineteen years of age, he currently weighs seventy-three point five kilograms, which is an increase of six kilograms when compared to his pre-augmentation weight, and he is currently producing an average of nine hundred and fifty milliliters of semen every hour.”

Noel smiles, “Good, very good.”

The doctor hesitates and clears his throat, “And, um, it says here that the subjects name is Jacob Kums.  Interesting coincidence, him having the same last name as you, sir.”

Noel continues to inspect the young man suspended before him, “There’s no coincidence, this handsome sperm donor is my nephew, my brother’s firstborn as a matter of fact.”

The doctor was stunned, “Wow.  Really?”

Noel coldly replies, “What, are surprise by my lack of familial compassion?  You know I’m an atheist, and if I take my belief seriously, take it to the nth degree as I do, without a god, we are all just flotsam floating in the cosmic ocean, utterly meaningless, like this young assemblage muscles here.  So am I swayed away from subjecting him to these extremes measures just because he is related to me, or that he’s extremely young and good looking, or because we are both gay?  No, he’s just a thing to be exploited, a cow to be milked.  To keep this corporation going, I need to constantly be on the lookout for ever increasing sources of sperm.  And if I had a son of my own and thought he had the goods that I needed, I would personally hook him up to any one of my machines and milk him until he was an empty husk of flesh.  Do you understand me better now?”

The doctor takes a breath, “Yes, I do.”

Noel pats Jacob on the upturned back of his thigh, “Besides, he volunteered for this.”

“Did he?”

“Yes, well, he had been begging me for some time to have our services enlarge his genitals.  I told him I would as long as he could pay the hefty price tag or make a sizable seminal donation.  Being a youngster of limited finances, he chose to make a donation.”

The doctor asked, “Did he know how much or how he would be donating his sperm?”

“I did skip some of the details.  You saw how surprised he was when you started attaching all these appliances to him.”

“Yes, he did make quite a fuss.  But his protests ended when we turned on the juice.  And then he just spent the next few days screaming.”

Noel sighed, “Well, he seems to have quieted down quite nicely.”

The doctor cleared his throat again, “Yeah, about that, that brings us to the bad news.  But considering what you just told me, you may not care.”

“What is it?”

“Well, it seems our pre-op evaluation overestimated his cerebral stamina, and the fact that he is not a fully matured male, plus the synaptic enhancer on his head is new tech that hasn’t been fully tested yet.  Oh, and the fact that he has so far endured a eight day long orgasm.”

Noel was getting impatient, “Yes, what is it?”

“Well, it seems your nephew Jacob is somewhat brain damaged, maybe even severely.  We’ll know better how bad he’s been damaged once we turn off the power and disconnect him.”

Jacob was indeed brain damaged, but not completely, not yet.  While he had lost the capacity for intelligible speech and was only able to gibber and jabber like an infant, he could still understand what was being said about him and that his status in life and in his family had just bottomed out.  Jacob new his uncle was a man of little affection, but only now did he realize what utter disregard his uncle had for life, or for at least his life.  And even though he was forlorn to hear the dispassionate contempt in Noel’s voice, and electricity was coursing through his body’s most sensitive organs and scrambling his thoughts, he was still mesmerized by the grandeur of his new cock and hoped that he would be able to use it under his own terms.



Noel was more worried about the damage to Jacob’s body rather than his brain, “But he’s still producing copious amounts of sperm?”

“Oh yes, and of the highest quality too.”

“Oh good, that’s all I care about.”

“But, sir, what about his father?”

Noel scuffed, “My brother does not possess great mental dexterity or high moral fiber, I’ll just feed him some standard bullshit about an accident during the operation and pay him off…I mean compensate him for his loss.  A million dollars, maybe two million should keep him quiet and send him on his way.  I just hope he’ll trust me with his two other sons when they start to mature.”

“But what of, Jacob?”

Noel pondered, “Yes, what of, Jacob?  Well, since I’m compensating his father for him, I’ll consider it a purchase.  He’s mine to do with as I please.  As long as he’s producing his high quality seed, he can just stay right there.”

The doctor asks, “His productivity is bound to drop off.  What do we do with him then?”

Noel muses, “Don’t underestimate the endurance of youth, he should be good to go for quite some time.  But come that time…well, his really is a cute one.  I would hate to just dispose of him.  You know, I do suppose he would make a very nice sex doll for someone.”

The doctor smiles, “Oh, yes he would.”

“Well doctor, in that eventuality, he’s yours.”

The doctor beams, “What?  Are you serious?”

“You’ve done such a good job milking countless men for this operation that I feel you are very much owed a bonus of some sort.  What do you say?”

The doctor grabs Noels hand and shakes it vigorously, “Oh yes, Mister Kums!  Thank you so much, thank you.”

Noel is uneasy with personal contact and pulls his hand away from the doctor and coyly wipes off his hand on the leg of his pants.

Noel turns and heads for the door as, “Remember, Doctor Fein, when he becomes yours, you’ll have to take care and clean up after him.”

“Yes sir, no problem.  It will actually be a pleasure, sir.”

As Noel walks out of the room and the door closes behind him, Doctor Fein walks up close and gets personal with Jacob Kums, and he looks directly into his hazy eyes.

“Well, I know it’s wrong of me as a doctor to say this, but I sure hope you are brain damaged.  And you know, I do believe I can ensure just that.”

The doctor walks over to the control console and turns up the power to full.  Sparks really start to fly and cause Jacob’s body flail about as much as his restraints and the appliances plugged into him will allow.  And as the young man starts to scream again and is consume by this man made purgatory, what little coherent function his brain has begins to fade away into the fog of a void without form, function or time.


As Jacob’s mind and testicles empty out, the doctor smiles an evil smile, “This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”