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Catch and release of Subject 23316
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Catch and Release of Subject 23316”


Professor Frank N. Beans was running out of virile young men to be the subjects of his sexual experiments.  The male gymnastics coach who had been supplying him with prime specimens of collegiate athletes was banned from the campus after it was found out that he was having deeply intimate and penetrative relations with a couple of his boys.  So the professor set out on his own to restock his supply of masculine guinea pigs.

His first stop was Auntie Matter’s Gentlemen’s Club of Men, were men could watch men strip and perform sex acts with other performers or just by themselves.  And for a hefty fee, a patron could purchase a white poker chip that granted a private “dance ” session with any performer of your choosing.

After an hour of one adequate performer after another, the professor finally found his next subject as he walked out on stage.  His name was Bruno Kim, but he was introduced as, Alley Cat.  This gorgeous genetic mixture of an Asian father and a Hispanic mother sashayed his way to center stage wearing an oversized pair of army boots, helmet and a glossy camouflage thong.  A thong that was being stress tested by a raging hard-on, and shimmering in one spot where a drop of pre-cum was pushing through the fully expanded fabric.  His young eyes were glazed over like a cheep doughnut thanks to the crystal meth flowing through his virile body.

The music got louder and Bruno got busy, gyrating, swaying, undulating and twerking.  And the professor’s eyes were locked in the naughty dancer like an owl spying a field mouse.  Specifically, the professor was focused on the young man’s package, as it seemed to bob and jostle independently of his motions.  When Bruno kneeled at the edge of the stage, men rushed up, each trying to stuff Bruno’s already overstuffed thong with dollar bills. Then one man slid his fingers under the waistband of Bruno’s skimpy uniform and started to pull the garment down off the hips of the dancer.  Bruno offered no resistance as he sat on the stage’s edge and lifted one leg at a time as his camouflage thong was slipped down over his boots.  The man took a whiff of the thong as Bruno placed his legs back down over the edge of the stage revealing all twelve inches of his gloriously erect cock.  The audience of men at his feet clamored to cop a feel as Bruno folded over and effortlessly swallowed his cock down to his balls.

Professor Beans sprung up from his seat and presented the poker chip to Bruno.  The dancer looked up from his crotch and slurped up his spit as his cock glided out of his throat.  Bruno took the professor’s hand with the chip and walked him towards the side of the stage.  He ignored the men grabbing at his wagging cock as he ushered the professor to a private room beside the stage.  As Bruno closed the door behind them, a choir of disappointed groans from the audience was cut off.  The room was only ten feet square and was lit by a single red light.  A plush reclining chair was the only place to sit.  As the professor seated himself, Bruno removed his helmet as he stood on the arms of the chair.  The professor slid his hands up the muscular thighs of the young man and brushed the tips of his fingers between Bruno’s smoothly shaven balls.

Bruno kindly cautioned, “Easy does it, the bouncy boys are sensitive.”

The professor smiled, “Perfect, that’s even better than I hoped fore.”

As the professor’s hands slid up between the young pup’s buttocks, he flicked open a secret compartment on his ring revealing a small needle and stuck the unsuspecting sex-worker right on the rim of his glorious hole.

Bruno squealed, “Ah, what was that?”

The professor feigned, “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did my ring scratch you?”

Bruno sighed, “Yeah, why don’t you take it off before we…”

The drug was swift and left Bruno unable to finish his sentence.  The agile youngster stumbled off the chair as the professor stood up to catch him.

The professor deviously asked, “Are you okay?”

Bruno leaned into the professor, “I don’t know.  Hey, did you do something…”

Bruno went limp in the professor’s arms as the crafty scientist swung him around into the chair.  As Bruno slumped into the chair, his mighty phallus went limp and nestled itself between the dancer’s brawny legs.  The professor ran over to the window, hoisted it open, looked out and took note of the dumpster just beneath.

The professor smiled, “Perfect.”

The professor picked up the unconscious stripper and slung him over his shoulder like a floppy sack of potatoes.  The professor was careful as he fed Bruno through the window and let him fall into the trash laden dumpster.  The professor nimbly heaved himself through the window and was careful not to land on his unconscious prey.  He quickly retrieved his car, loaded his catch of the day into the trunk and sped off into the night with his bodacious booty.

Some time later…

Bruno awakes in significant discomfort.  Being hogtied was something he was familiar with, but this time he was completely immobile.  Huge metal cylinders encapsulated his lower arms and lower legs behind his back; another collar had a chokehold around his neck.  And all the weight of is body rested on a narrow metal arm that reached through his groin.  At that arms end was a cockring that tightly strangled his manly goods.  Also protruding off that intrusive piece of metal pressing against his groin was a massive metal dildo that completely obstructed his inner sanctum where heretofore many engorged penises have sought refuge.

Try as he might, the unique restraints were completely unforgiving and quickly put an end to any of Bruno’s attempts to break free.  It was then he noticed a draft across his scalp and realized he had been shaved bald.  He mourned for the loss of his lush jet-black hair and the expensive hairstyling he had just received two days ago.  Unable to break free, he settled for trying to make himself more comfortable but the restraints also made sure that wasn’t an option.  Then he noticed the equipment mounted on spring-loaded arms hovering uncomfortably close around his family scepter and jewels.  He could smell the steal of the four walls that closely surrounded him.  The only feature of the room was thick safety glass that that gave him a view of the dingy laboratory that lay beyond.  Thick metal grating made up the floor and the ceiling above and was the source of a cold draft and was accompanied by a low hum.

Out of the darkness came Professor Beans.  Bruno’s pulse quickened when he recognized him instantly as that guy from the nightclub.  As the professor got closer, Bruno could tell by the leering look on his face that this day was about to get a whole lot worse.

The professor grabbed onto a handle and slid open the wall facing Bruno.

Bruno grumbled, “Don’t suppose it would do any good to tell you to let me go.”

The professor reached into his pocket and activated a recorder.” Subject two three three one six has awakened after six hours of unconsciousness and is exhibiting typical amount of frustration.”

“My name is, Bruno, asshole.”

The professor paused his recorder and slapped Bruno hard across the face, “Shut up, two three three one six, you’re interrupting the my note taking.”

Bruno was use to being objectified but this was too much.  Professor Beans examined the new tattoo on Bruno’s chest.

The professor continued recording, “Subject has been tagged and there seems to be a minimum of irritation.”

Bruno eyed the tattoo of a barcode on his right pectoral, “Ah shit, that better not be permanent.”

The professor slapped Bruno again, “Shush.”

The professor placed his hand firmly over the young dancer’s mouth with almost enough pressure to push in his teeth.

Beans continued, “Subject’s body has been shaved clean of all hair in order to allow for optimum electrical contact and is quite conscious enough for the procedure to begin.”

The professor removed his hand from Bruno’s mouth and turned off the recorder.  He started to slowly walk around the hapless stripper as he delicately ran his fingers along the contours of his brawny physique. 

The professor spoke softly, “You are a beautiful specimen of a young man.  And to my eyes, you even seem perfect.”

Bruno caustically, “Well, it’s what I’m paid for.”

Professor Beans smiled, “Yes, of course.  And now I’m going to test your body’s virility under stress.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

The professor’s fingers slid up Bruno’s thigh and gently dance across his ample meat while his other hand gingerly stroked his scalp.


“You see, I believe that the potency of sperm, that is to say sperm count, can be improved under stressful stimuli.  With pain comes gain, as I’m sure you’ve heard in the gyms you cruise or the muscle magazines you peruse.”

Bruno feared, “What are you going to do?

The professor’s tone became ominous, “I am going to electrically shock your cock, balls, anus and your feeble brain.  And after your cock becomes erect from the electrocution, I will shove that corrugated metal siphoning hose down through your reproductive system where it will effectively pump out all your semen directly from the source and transfer your invigorated milk into those vials.  Then the room will be filled with psychotropic gasses and horrible noises that should force you to imagine all sorts of horrors.  All of this, if I am correct, will greatly improve your virility once I’ve analyzed enough of you sperm.”

Bruno tried to bargain, “Well shit, that’s crazy.  Why don’t I just jack-off while you slap me around?  I’d be willing to do that.”

“No, it needs to be the type off stress that will test your physical limits.  The type of stress that could even kill you like it has some of the others.”

In fact: no one has died from his experiments, the professor just said that to add to Bruno’s stress.

“Others?  Others have died from this?  For what?  For your lame ass experiments”

The professor shrugged, “Oh findings so far have been inconclusive, but I’m sure your perfect body will give me the results I’m looking for.”

Bruno grimaced, “Oh fuck me.”

Professor Beans calmly, “Don’t worry, if you survive this, I’ll make sure you don’t remember a thing, if you survive this.  No need to put this off any longer.”

The professor tapped on the glass and his assistant came into few.

The professor commanded, “Get ready to turn on the current.”

As professor Beans placed the metal pads of the electrodes on either side of the young man’s balls and attached a cable to the base of the cockring, Bruno tried vain to fidget his nuts out of the device, but the spring-loaded arms made sure the electrodes stayed attached to his sack.

The professor ordered, “Start number one at ten percent.”

Bruno flinched as his balls tingled with electricity.  After a moment, Bruno thought this wasn’t too bad as his cock started to thicken and then quickly rose to full attention.

The professor ordered, “Start number two at ten percent.”

Then Bruno jerked again as the ring around his cock began to tingle.  Not to bad he thought as his cock became even harder.

The professor ordered, “Start number three at ten percent.”

Bruno tried to jump out of his odd seat as the plug up his ass became alive with electricity causing his anus and prostate to constrict.

Bruno pleaded, “Okay, that’s enough.  Please, no more.  Stop it.”

His captor ignored him as he poured copious amounts of sexual lubricant over the length of the siphon hose.  With the young stripper’s cock so fully engorged, the professor grabbed a hold of the quivering tower of meat and started to feed the siphon tube into it.  Bruno was a practitioner of sounding, but had never taken on anything like this.  The young man squealed as the professor fought with the helmet of Bruno’s flesh-soldier as he made a few clumsy attempts to get the bulbous end of the hose into the maw of his cock.  Finally, with a plunk, Bruno’s cock started to swallow the tube.  He screamed with pain and horror as he watched his cock deform as the fat end of the hose made its way down the length of his shaft and the disappeared into his pelvis.

The professor ordered, “Start number four at ten percent.”

Bruno yelped as the metal tube down his shaft became alive with electricity.

Bruno begged, “Oh god, p…p…please…m…ma…make it stop!”

The professor placed a set of electrodes on Bruno’s temples.

The professor ordered, “Start number five at ten percent.”

Bruno’s eyes up bugged out and tears ran down his face as electricity coursed through his brain.

Bruno screamed, “Ahh…n…no…no!  Are you…that…heart…heartless that you…can wa…watch me suffer…like…this?”

Professor Beans calmly walked out of the chamber and closed the wall behind him.  A red glow of light lit the room as a gas poured in.  A loud incoherent and ominous noise drowned out the young stripper’s cries for mercy.  But through it all, Bruno could just barely hear his heartless captor.

“Okay, bring everything up to one-hundred percent.”


Before Bruno could even protest or plead, a massive force of electricity surged throughout his body while concentrating on his manly goods and his brain.  As unbridled as the pain was, it was occasionally challenged by the hellish hallucinations he was having.  His only hope for this to end came when notice the two vials hanging from the sperm collector were almost full.  But disappointment overwhelmed him as the professor’s assistant came into the chamber and swapped out the full vials with empty ones.

Four hours later as Bruno was filling up his eighth set of vials, he finally succumbed to the mental and physical stresses and passed out.

Some time later…

Bruno awoke naked and splayed out on a park bench.  As the starry night came into focus and the cool night air gave him goose bumps, he wondered how he got there.  He had no memory of his recent ordeal.  “Why am I bald?” he wondered, “What is this tattoo on my chest?”  And just as his naked self stumbled up to his feet, a police car pulled up with a quick toot of its siren. 

Bruno was to confused and weak to run.

As the policeman got out of the squad car, “Okay nature boy, what brings you out here on this beautiful night?”

Bruno dazedly, “I don’t know.  Where am I?”

The cop coldly asked, “Okay, what are you on?  Molly?  Ecstasy?”

Bruno squinted against his flashlight, “No, I…um…”

“Okay, up against the car.”

Bruno gave no resistance as the cop cuffed his hands behind his back.

Bruno pleaded, “Oh god, could you please just take me home?”

“Sorry, kid, you’re going to have to sleep off this one downtown.”

The cop threw him into the back of the car.

Bruno sighed, “Could I have a blanket or something?”

“Nope.  Exhibitionists get treated like exhibitionists.”

And off to the county jail he went with nothing to ware but a pair of handcuffs where soon after nine members of the Crips that had been rounded up earlier that night raped him.  And those motherfuckers had a lot pent up anger to get rid of.  By morning, those gang members had a new favorite bitch.  When it rains, it pours.

But this was not the end for the little stripper/sex worker, Bruno would be caught and released by the nefarious Professor Beans seven more times.  And each time with no memory of how he ended up naked on that park bench.