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Have you seen Jeffrey Armstrong?
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Have you seen, Jeffery Armstrong?” was the question du jour for over a year at the college I attended.  It was printed at the top of the missing person posters peppered all over the campus and surrounding neighborhoods.  Under that question was a grainy photo that severely understated the boyish charm of his beautiful face, and gave nary a glimpse of his Adonis-like body.  But the following text was a bit more enticing.  “Five foot, eleven inches.  Two hundred and twenty-five pounds, very muscular build.  Tanned white skin with blond hair and bright blue eyes.  Last seen wearing brown hiking boots, blue jean shorts, tight fitting white muscle shirt and a faded red baseball cap with the word “TOY” printed on it.  Last seen leaving wrestling practice on his black and red Ninja motorcycle.”  An eight hundred number that begged any one for information followed that.  With an impromptu pencil, some of the more irreverent supplemented his description with the fact that he had the largest cock in town.

The poster didn’t mention what everybody knew, the fact that his overly sculpted body and voluminous genitalia were well known and admired by all who saw him in his snug fitting wrestling tights.  We were on the same wrestling team and he was the attraction that brought out many young women, and some men as well, making our matches one of the better-attended events on campus.  To see him bend over backwards as he performed a reverse pin-down was a sight to behold.  His massive member was especially well known to our teammates, who tried not to watch him as he showered after every practice, match and workout.  But he was especially hard not to notice back at the frat house where he spent most of his stay there in the nude.  His monstrous endowment made it uncomfortable for him to wear clothing.  It was hard not to notice him as he walked around, his muscular thighs exploding into a rippling mass with each planting of one leg and then the other, causing his lofty privates to bob and sway, performing an obscene hula.  The guys objected at first but soon got use to it since his presence helped us to score pussy.  Jeff and I shared the same small room making me expertly familiar with his form and function.  I tried not to watch him exercise his morning wood every fucking time he woke up.  Seemed like his hands were always on his junk, though I have to admit it was fascinating to watch go down on himself.  I watched out of envy…I think.

Thanks to Jeff’s exhibitionistic ways, the art majors were equally blessed with the sight of his nude body as he was more than eager to strip and pose for the price of a compliment.  Some of the art students and teachers had him come in for very private after-hours sittings where his sessions became much more provocative as he and his stiffened manhood would pose around or on various inanimate objects.  And while he would usually not let the artists get familiar with him, he would always end these private sittings by disposing of his erection with vigorous self-manipulation until pearlescent geysers sent rivers of virility flooding down the terrain of his body.   He was beautiful and he knew it, and without any clothing, he wore his vanity well.

The eight and a half by eleven posters were stapled or taped everywhere around town.  But after enough time, most of these quickly copied tombstones became nothing more than urban tumbleweeds, devolving into a nuisance that would clog storm drains and clutter doorways.  And as I scraped one of Jeffery’s epitaphs from the bottom of my shoe, a very small part of me wanted to call that eight hundred number and tell the person on the other end what I knew.  How I saw his last breath exhaled from his body.  How my fingertips gently touched the artery running up his neck as it pulsed for the last time.  How his desperate gaze became peaceful as his eyes veered away from me and to the heavens beyond.  And how I was a part of the most intense and almost the last, sexual experience of his life.  And how when I resurrected him, he arose as something completely different.  But the majority of my superficial soul did not want did not want to be bothered with all the social and legal ramifications that would be unleashed upon me if I should do anything as so stupid as confess to Jeffery Armstrong’s ongoing torture.  After all, he was the one who wanted it…mostly.

Jeffery’s transformation started the day I told him of my perverted uncle’s incarceration for indecent exposure.  How he was into violent sex acts involving all sorts of tools and gadgets and odd pieces of furniture.  And that we found out about his odd appetites when he was arrested for having sex in a park while a friend of his shocked him with jumper cables clamped onto parts of his naked body, and that I was now stuck with his farm and all of its perverse contents.

Later that day, after he had some time to think about it, Jeff asked me, “Can I take a look at some of those things on your uncle’s farm?”

I was stunned for a second that he’d be interested in that shit, but then I remembered he was sexually adventurous.  The team and I caught him on more than one occasion getting a blown by one of the two gay members on our team in the frat-house showers.  Sometimes, both of those homos would be servicing him at the same time.  He was never shy about sharing his body with any one who would take on the challenge of his gigantic cock.  In fact, whenever someone asked him just how big his dick could get, he’d shed what little clothing he wore and work up the hugest erection that I’ve ever seen.  And then he would let whoever wanted to test his vigor slam his cock around for a while until he shot one of his copious loads.  His demonstrations usually had the effect of leaving men who saw it in shock and feeling a bit inadequate.  He loved being the main attraction of men or women.

I told him, “Get the fuck out of here.  I’ve put up with enough of your sexual antics.  I’m not going to help you become more of a sexual beast?”

Jeff argued, “Hey, it’s not my fault that I was born with this mutant dick, and that because of it, I like to push the envelope, really explore my sexual horizons.  I just want to see just how much this bad boy hanging between my legs can take.  I’ve liked the times when someone has tied me up and slapped my cock around.  I think I want more of that.”

“Oh my God, I didn’t know you’re so kinky.”

“You remember the time we threw that Exotic Erotic party and I came as Tarzan?  It was ten minutes before those girls had me tied down and spread eagle on the coffee-table, performing their own brand on stress testing on my cock.”

“You were asking for it, you had no lining under that skimpy flap of suede.  Those girls were like a pack of wild dogs on you.”

“Oh yeah, I was the sexual beast master and now I need to be tamed.  So, what say you let me get my hands on your uncles gear?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ll pay good money for it.”

And with that, we arranged to meet at my uncle’s farm over the weekend after practice.  He showed up at the farm on his motorcycle wearing his trademark too-tight clothing. A white shirt and blue jeans tailored extra short, fitting like his muscles and ample genitalia were about to burst through at any moment.  His helmet gave way to his favorite cap.  I signaled him to fallow me into the old barn that stood alone in the thirty acres of raw land.  Inside were all sorts of slings and harnesses hanging on chains from the ceiling.  On long selves were an endless number of dildos, butt-plugs, vibrators and a lot of I don’t know what the hell that is.  There was a crude table with handcuffs and wenches attached to it.  A huge wooden X stood in the middle of the room with shackles and straps hanging off of it.  We just stood there in awkward silence until one thing caught Jeff’s imagination, a ruff wooden chair complete with shackles sat beside an old electric generator by the big door.  It was like I wasn’t even there as Jeff walked over to the chair, examined it for a moment and then placed his muscle bound ass into the seat.  It looked like he knew what he was doing as he reached down and locked the lower shackles around his ankles.  He gracefully reached around and tightly secured his left wrist in one of the shackles from behind the chair.  He struggled for a while to get his right hand into the last shackle, but with no success.

Finally, he looked at me, “Jotto.”

“Yes, Jeff?” I cautiously replied.

He nodded to his right hand, “Lock me in.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  Don’t you need a key to unlock those things?”

“There’s a bunch of keys hanging on the wall by the door.  Now lock me in, I want to take this thing for a spin.”

With morbid curiosity, I walked over to help him, not knowing where this was going to end up.  As I handled his arm and guided it back towards the restraint, it turned me on as he pretended to struggle against me.  He was the strongest man on the team, if he wanted to, he could have broken my grip, but he didn’t.

Jeff’s voice took on a new tone, “Yeah, you want to lock me up for being a bad boy, don’t you?  Going to punish me, bitch?”

“Shut up.” As I placed his right wrist in the shackle and locked it shut.  “Now, who’s the bitch?”

His role-playing persisted, “You bastard, you locked me up, how could you?  Punish me all you can!  I dare you!  I’ll never do want you want!”

Before we go any further, I feel I should tell you that up until this point, I had never been attracted to guys, not even Jeff, but watching him struggle against those shackles was doing something for me.  To see the strongest man on campus finally overpowered and made helpless, well, it was turning me on.  Not as much sexually, but more in terms of being in control of his destiny, or at least his body.  I was now the alpha-dog and I liked it!  I could feel my dark side emerging and started casting my morals aside.  I grabbed his hair and jerked his head back and we just stared at each other for a moment.

Jeff growled, “Well you bastard, you finally got me were you want me.  Here’s your chance to ravage my body, to punish me, to hurt me, to have me.  Cause your not man enough to do it when I’m not in chains.”

I slapped him playfully across the face, “That’s no way to talk to the only man who knows you’re here and who can set you free.  I guess that makes me your master?  Doesn’t, boy?  Well answer me you muscle bound pig!”

“Yes, sir.”

Like it had a mind of its own, my hand forcefully patted his face.  “That’s better, now you be a good boy, hmmm?”

“Yes, sir.”

I stood behind him as my hands slid down Jeff’s body and started slapping and pounding his chest, harder and harder until he started screaming.

Jeff shouted out, “Oh, God, yes!  That’s what I’m talking about!

“You like the pain, don’t you?”

“God help me, yes.”

I smiled, “Well it’s a good thing that there’s no one around for miles to hear you scream, cause I think I’m going to love making you scream.

“Bring it on, mother fucker!”

I noticed his shorts starting to bulge with anticipation.  I surprised the both of us as I thrust my hand into his groin and brutally manhandled his swelling jeans.  Jeff screamed in ecstasy as I molested him for the next ten minutes or so.  His cock felt just like an over inflated bike tire.  The more I pounded my fist into his package, the harder it got.  When I noticed a clear flow oozing through his shorts, around the thick tip of his mighty cock, I released my grip on his manhood and his head collapsed into his chest.

Jeff gasped, “Oh, God, please, don’t stop.  Please don’t stop.  I want more.”

As I maneuvered around the chair to face Jeff, I noticed a big bear of a figure standing by the door, IT WAS MY UNCLE, RON!

“Oh fuck!  What are you doing here?”

Jeffery was equally shocked, “Oh fuck me!”

Ron smiled, “I got out on a technicality.  Now what are you doing here and who the hell is this sitting in my chair?”

I tried to find the right words, “Um, this is Jeff, and, ah, well we were just curious about…well I guess this type of stuff, you know.”

Ron was an imposing figure of a man, not fat, just big and hairy, like two lumberjacks stuck together.  And all of him casually walked over to the helpless Jeff.  Ron handled Jeff by the jaw with the authority that commanded the captive wrestler’s attention.  I stood aside as if waiting for an explosion.

Ron interrogated Jeff, “So, you curious about some discipline, looking for a little creative pain, are you boy?  My nephew doesn’t know shit about this, but I do.  Now that I’m here, you want me to so you what its all about?”

Jeffery knew he shouldn’t have said yes, but… “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well then, let’s get started.”

Ron’s big hands roughly examined the contours of Jeff’s body.  Ron squeezed, poked and prodded every inch of Jeff’s body.  He made Jeff flex as he slapped his arm and legs.

Ron seemed almost gleeful, “Well, you’re all just busting out with muscles all over the place.  Too bad they can’t help you to escape.  Let’s get a better look at you.”

Without warning, Ron easily ripped the front of Jeff’s shirt away from his body.  Jeff gasped and his chest heaved in fear and sexual exultation.  Ron started vigorously slapping the rolls of muscles that made up Jeff’s abs.  Jeff grimaced as he tried to endure the punishment his stomach was enduring.  Then Ron released a few punches into my friend’s torso.

Jeff screamed out, “OHHH fuck, fuck, fuck!  AHHH you mother fucker!”

Ron slaps him across the face, “Don’t go pussy on me, you can take it, boy!  Now lets see what’s aching in your shorts.”

As Ron grabbed onto the waistline of his shorts, his hand brushed against the ample mass of Jeff’s package.  In disbelief, Ron pressed down on the mound inside my friend’s shorts.  Ron looked at me and gave me the thumbs up.  His attention turned back to Jeff.

“Well, you must be that Armstrong boy I’ve heard so much about.  You’re supposed to have the biggest dick in town.  Is that you boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Bullshit, boy!”

“Why don’t you see for yourself?”


Ron cocked is arm way back and bitch slapped him with the back of his fist so hard that I was sure he broke Jeff’s neck.  I rushed in to stop my uncle.

I tried to intervene, “Hey!  What the fuck…”

Ron reached out and grabbed me by the neck with choking force.  “This is between me and him!  So you just stay out of this!  Ron turned to Jeff.  “Isn’t that right boy?”

With blood trickling down his chin, Jeff spit out, “Yes, sir!”

Ron threw me back into the wall, “You can watch, but one more word out of you and you’re next!  Got it?”

I was dumbfounded into silence, disbelieving Jeff wanted it this ruff stuff.  Ron pushed Jeff’s head back with one hand while trying to undo the wrestler’s shorts with his other hand.

Ron lectured Jeff,  “You don’t understand, boy.  I’m now the one with the biggest dick in town because that thing between your legs now belongs to me.”

“Yes, sir.”

With Jeff’s compliance, Ron uses both hands to rip apart his shorts at the fly. Ron wrestles Jeff’s engorged manhood out into the open.

Ron is shocked at the site of it, “You are a freak, boy!  A god dammed freak!”

“I know, sir”

Jeff flinches vigorously and screams as Ron takes a powerful chokehold around the bass of Jeff’s scrotum and uses his uncaring grip to furiously shake the bloated phallus around like a paddleball.  When a glob of precum flies off Jeff’s meat and hits Ron in the face, Ron slaps Jeff across the face.  He grabs the back of Jeff’s head and forces him to lick his face clean.

Ron make Jeff submit to him, “I don’t like your cum on my face until I say so!  Now lick it off!  That’s right, all of it!”

“Yes, sir”

“You like the taste of your own cum, don’t you faggot?”

“Yes, sir!  I do love it, sir!”

“Then have some more, you muscle bound queer!”

Ron puts a hand on the back of Jeff’s head and the other on his cock and then forces the two parts of the young man’s body together.  Jeff’s muscles bulge, he struggles to turn away as Ron starts slapping him in the face with his own cock.  Jeff’s cock leaves a glistening trail all over his face as he continues to resist.

Ron commands him, “Eat it, boy!  Eat it if you know what’s good for you!”

“No, I don’t want to.  Fuck, this can’t be…”

“I don’t care what you want! Now eat it before I really get nasty!”

Ever so slowly, Jeff surrenders and his mouth reluctantly opens.  Ron forces Jeff’s mouth down around his own cock until he gags, lets him come up for air and then back down again.  Over an over, Ron forces Jeff to repeat the motion until he’s doing it on his own.  Ron hold’s the wrestlers throbbing member in place by choking and squeezing his ball sack, forcing moans and screams out of my subjugated friend.  I watched in amazement as the proud stature of a young man became defeated and reduced to that of a dumb slobbering animal.  God help me, it was giving me a total boner.  After several minutes passed, Jeff looked like he was enjoying it too much, so I walked over, placed my hand on the back of my friend’s head and forced him down further until he started to choke on his own dick.  Jeff mumbled something at me, but I didn’t care what he had to say.  His fight against the shackles and me intensified forcing me to use place both hands on the back of his head.  His moans turned to screams.  Jeff’s screams became violent coughs and gag reflexes, his muscular body started to heave frantically as his cock seemed to swell up even bigger.  Jeff’s body locked up as his cum spewed from his mouth and nose and then trickled down his body.  I could hear him swallowing the rest of his man-seed.

Ron instructed me, “That’s enough, let him come up for air.  Let him go.”

I almost didn’t want to, but I released him.  His head flew off his cock and slumped backwards over the back of the chair, as he almost seemed to pass out.  Ron and I stood there in amazement, gazing at a sperm coated heap of muscles that was motionless and freshly strip of its humanity.  The only sign of life was is persistently erect cock bobbing to the beat of his heart.  Ron slid his hands all over Jeff’s body, gathering up all of the young man’s spilt seed and spoon-fed it back to Jeff.  Like an obedient dog licking peanut butter off a spoon, Jeff eagerly sucked Ron’s hands clean.

Jeff was barely able to lift his head. “More.”

Ron patted him on his cock, “You got more to give, do you?”

“Yes, sir, a lot more.  I want you to fucking hurt me, sir.”

“You sure?  Cause once I start, I’m not going to stop.”

“Bring it on!”

“You’re fucking amazing, boy!  Fucking amazing!  Here we go, boy.  Next stop, purgatory”

Webster defines “purgatory” as a place or state of temporary suffering or misery.  And with that, Ron starts up the electric generator sitting beside them.  That machine was incredibly loud as it sputtered to life.

Ron warns me, “Son, what’s about to happen here is not for the faint of heart!  You stay and watch at your own risk!”

I wanted to leave and I told my feet to move, but I found myself frozen there, consumed by my own curiosity and surprised by my desire to see his brawn challenged to the point of failure.  Ron slipped on a pair of rubber gloves before uncoiling a set of jumper cables that were wired into that machine.  Jeff’s chest heaved with anticipation as Ron touched the electrified clamps together sending bolts of bright blue between the two pieces of metal.  Ron held one end against Jeff’s left nipple and teased him a while before jamming the other end into his right nipple.  Jeff jumped out of his seat as far as the shackles would let him.  No matter which way his young body convulsed, no matter how much his muscles contorted, Ron held the clamps in place.  His face turned red, his screams ran out of air and his amazing phallus flopped around as he jumped in and out of his seat.  And the only thought I had was how great his muscles looked as they flexed and bulged like never before.  Ron pulled back and Jeff collapsed.

Jeff could barely hold his head up,  “Oh, God help me, that was insane.”

As Ron leans in for more, Jeff braces himself.  Ron plants the clamps on both side of his waist sending Jeff into violent convulsions.  His muscles seem to tear themselves apart as Ron slides the cables all over his body.  His eyes are bloodshot and wide open.  His endless chorus of screams starts to breakdown his voice.  Ron plays him like a master violinist plays a violin, creating different tones of screams as he places the jumper cables on different combinations of Jeff’s body parts.  One on his thigh while one was on his nipple, electricity coursing through his body from point to point.  From his navel to his neck to his fingers to his armpits to his…and on and on it went.  Jeff went silent when Ron placed the cables on both sides of his head causing his body to shake like a vibrator.  Then Jeff’s body went ballistic as one cable end was placed against his anus and the other at the base of his sturdy cock.  Jeff’s body arched backwards out of the chair as a geyser of sperm gushed out from is electrocuted groin.  I thought for sure the chair would break as Jeff’s body fell back into the chair when Ron pulled the clamps away.

Jeff could barely be heard over the noise of the generator, “No, no more, please…don’t think I… can’t take anymore… my heart…can’t breath.”

Ron smiles, “I’ll let you know when you’ve had enough.”

Ron squeezes open the spring-loaded jaw of one clamp and takes aim at my young friend’s scrotum.  Jeff fights the chains but they are much stronger than him.  He tries to put his legs together, but his voluminous ball just ride up onto his lap.  Ron cradles the neatly shaved and supple skin of Jeff’s sack in the wide-open maw of the spring-loaded clamp.

Jeff pleads, “Wait a…I don’t know…wait, wait.  Please wait!”

“I told you, boy, this trip was none stop!”

Ron lets the clamp spring shut on the precious skin surrounding his nuts.  The jaws of the jumper cables chomp down on Jeff’s family jewels as he cries out a bloodcurdling scream.


Ron tenderly tells Jeff, “That’s my strong boy.  See, you can take it.  Now open your mouth wide.”

Jeff looks at the other clamp poised over his mouth and starts to cry inconsolably as he vehemently nods no.  Ron maneuvers to cradle Jeff’s head in his free arm and caresses him gently across the face.

“I know you want this, and you know you want this, which means this is going to happen.  Now open wide or should I just place the end of this cable all the way up you ass?”

I had never seen Jeff cry like this, with so much emotion and uncertainty.  It was …beautiful to finally witness all that emotion pouring out of him after years of seeing him behave like a robotic-fucking machine.  After a few minutes of Jeff crying into Ron’s arm, he slowly opened his mouth.

Ron kissed him on the forehead, “That’s a good boy.”

Then Ron slide the clamp into Jeff’s waiting mouth and let it spring shut on his tongue.  Jeff’s body looked liked it was about to explode as electricity passed from his mouth down through his chest, then through his stomach, through his groin and out his balls.  Jeff garbled yells vibrated with his pulsating body.  Ron walked over to the generator and turned it up to full power.  The noise got louder as sparks flew out of Jeff’s mouth and off his balls.  Smoke rose from his body as his screaming stopped and his eyes bulged with a lifeless glare.


Ron pushed me back and pointed to Jeff, “WAIT FOR IT!  JUST WAIT FOR IT!”

Just then, a fountain of sperm flew from his cock with such volume and force like I’ve never seen before.  For two or three minutes his body purged itself of its man-bouillon.  And as his cock ran dry, Ron turned off the generator and Jeff collapsed into a limp heap of flaccid muscles.  I raced over and placed my fingers on his neck.  I felt one beat of a pulse and then nothing.

“He’s dead!  His heart stopped!  You killed him you asshole!”

Ron races over, “Not yet!  He’s not dead yet!  You know C.P.R.?””


Ron removes the clamps from his body.  He flips a latch on he back of the chair that allows the chains to drop to the floor.  Ron and I gently lower Jeff’s body, shackles and all, to the floor.

“You work his chest while I give him mouth to mouth!”

While the two of us try to pump life back into Jeff’s body, his cock came to rest on his stomach and drained what little man-juice it had left.  Then after only a minute or so, life returned to his body as he started to move around on the floor.  Ron and I sat up as Jeff opened his eyes.

I asked him, “Jeffery, are you okay?”

Jeff look at me and then at Ron, his beefy arms rose up and hugged Ron around the neck until their lips touched and the two engaged in a passionate embrace.  Jeff’s member once again erected itself over his body as he pushed Ron back and looked him in the eye.

Jeff asked, “Why did you stop?  I never want you to stop doing that to me?”

Ron hushed him, “Easy boy, you need to heal for a spell.”

“I want it now.  Give it to me.  Hurt me some more.  I’m not leaving here until you do.”

“Obviously, what you need right now is a little discipline.”

Ron gets up and heads for the wall; Jeff tries to stop him by grabbing onto his ankles.  Ron kicks him off but Jeff still follows him, crawling on the floor.  Ron reaches up and pulls down a collar and leash and fits it around Jeff’s neck.

Ron tugs on the leash, “So, you want to be my whipping boy?  You want to be my muscle bound bitch?  You want me to treat you like the bad puppy you are?”

“Yes, I want nothing more from life now than to be abused by you.”

“Well that’s a good bitch.  In that case, I think I’ll call you …Nancy.”

Ron tugs on the leash making Jeff…I mean Nancy, heel beside him. 

We’ll, Jeff died that day and was reborn as Nancy, an obedient lap dog.  I lost a friend, but my uncle gain a pet, a pet that he keeps chained up all of the time.  It’s just cruel how some people treat their animals.  I would fill you in on more of Nancy’s new life, but I have to go to my uncle’s farm right now.  Ron is back in jail for unpaid parking violations and until he gets back out, I have to feed, wash and continue Nancy’s training.  Work, work, work.