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Did you hear what the sheriff did to that Tyler boy?
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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The best way to stay informed in a small town with a population of only eight hundred and seventy-three people is to take a seat at the local barbershop. And in one of the two padded leather barber chairs sits a quiet and contemplative Billy Tyler, a boy with a troubled past who has recently been dealt a severe punishment, a punishment that left the lad with traces of a black eye and engulfed with shame. The elderly barber, Mr. Canard, dusts away the last of the trimmings from the back of the young man’s neck as old Doc Natter shuffles in and takes the empty chair like a king takes his thrown. The two older men are so use to each other’s company, they don’t bother saying hello as they nod heads. Doc Natter neatly places his fedora in his lap and pulls the town paper from the pit of his arm as he takes notice of the young man in the chair next to him.

“Is that you, Billy Tyler?”

Billy’s gaze is distant and hollow and his voice is monotone. “Yes Sir.”

“Finally getting a proper haircut, Billy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, ain’t nothing wrong with a boy your age starting to look like a grown gentleman.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You want me to take a look at bruise under your eye?”

Billy makes a mild attempt to conceal it with his hand, “No, Sir, I’ll be fine.”

The barber waves his brush one last time and lifts the cutting cape off of Billy like an artist revealing a work of art.

The barber proclaims, “You’re a new man now. That’ll be sixteen dollars.”

Billy pulls his wallet out as he rises and hands the barber a twenty without making eye contact and heads for the door.

The barber queries, “You want your change, Billy?”

Billy politely offers, “No, Sir. No thank you, Sir”

The two men eye Billy as he walks out and past the window. The barber spanks the padded leather clean of any hair trimmings and relaxes in the empty chair.

Doc Natter delights, “Yes, Sir? No, Sir? Sounds like someone finally took a switch to that troublemaker’s hide.”

Barber Canard scoffed, “Well, it was more than a switch, I can tell you.”

“How’s That?” The retired doctor leans towards the barber.

The barber leans towards the retired doctor, “Well… did you hear what the sheriff did to that Tyler boy?”

“No, what?”

“Well, you know that Billy keeps trying to start a pot farm out in the woods, right?”

“Yeah, I know. Everyone knows.”

“Well, Sheriff Barnes told me he finally had enough of Billy’s shenanigans. But if you ask me, he just didn’t like Billy denying him a cut of the profits.”

Doc Natter chuckles, “Whatever the reason, the sheriff sure set him straight.

Canard rest back in his chair, “Well, I don’t know if “straight” is a word I would use in association with Barnes.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve seen when he coaches the wrestling team at the high school, he always seems a little to eager to mount one of those boys and show them how to pin him down.”

“And you’ll wonder about him even more so when you hear what he told me after a few beers last night.”

Doc Natter shakes his head, “Amazing how the grizzly bear of a man can’t hold his liquor. What’d he say?”

“Well like you were insinuating, his eyes do seem to stick on a good looking boy, and that Tyler boy is as good looking as they come. Well, two Sundays ago, the sheriff followed that boy out to the woods.”

“Oh, I don’t like where this is going already.”

“Sure enough. So, like I was saying, Barnes, in his squad car, followed Billy, who was on his bicycle, out of town and into the woods. You know that clueless boy never noticed that a squad car crawling up behind him. I guess the marijuana really does slow you down a bit. So he unwittingly leads Barnes right to his patch of marijuana. Only then did Billy catch on that the sheriff has tailed him and tried to make a run for it. Well, that huge man is pretty fast himself and manages to grab Billy by the shirt. Billy, having youth on his side, just wiggled out of his shirt and hightailed it out of there. And even though he was peddling his ass down the road as fast ass he could, Barnes caught up to him in his car and ran him off the road and head first into a tree.”

“Ouch, you never run from the law. Is that how he got that shiner?”

“Oh no, that comes later.”

Doc shakes his head from side to side, “This story is going to get messy.”

“Very much so, Doc. Well, the sheriff scooped that boy up by the seat of his pants, cuffed him and tossed him into the back of his car. And just out of spite, ran over that boy’s bike as he drove off.”

“My, my, ugly business this.”

Canard takes a deep breath, “And getting uglier. Later, back at the jail Barnes wrangled Billy into the cell and shackled his hands above his head to the bars of the cell.”

Doc lets out a puff, “Oh my, a shirtless robust boy strung up in front of a man who has an eye young male flesh. Getting ugly indeed. Go on.”

“I know. Then Barnes started to frisk Billy who was only wearing jeans and sneakers. Well, I guess Billy was aware of the sheriff’s eye boys and tried to resist the search. Then Barnes bitch slapped the boy and told him to hold still, then Billy called him a pig.”

“And I bet that’s when the sheriff gave that boy his shiner.”

“Oh, you would win that bet, Doc. Barnes bare fist careened into that boy’s face. Well, that took some of the fight out of that troubled youth. So Barnes told him that resisting arrest has just earned him a strip search.”

“He didn’t strip him, did he?”

“He did. Even though Billy was dazed, he tried to resist as Barnes lifted that boy by his ankles and wrenched his shoes off. Well, that boy started thrashing about like a snared rabbit as Barnes grabbed the waist of his jeans and yanked them off his body. So there’s Billy, naked as a Jaybird, except for his cap, and cussing up a storm. Until…”

“Until what?”

“Barnes slugs him right where you know you’re a man.”

“You mean…”

“Right in the good old hotdog and beans, and hard enough to loosen his bladder too. That poor boy whizzed on himself and made the floors a little slippery. Well, that made Barnes even angrier, especially since he just had those floors redone. Barnes told him that he would teach him to mess up his jail and then promptly shackled that boy’s balls to the bars of the cell.”


“Yes. And then you know what happened? Billy gathered his wits just in time to see the sheriff locking a cuff around his balls. Well, just to prove how stupid he could be, Billy called Barnes a faggot. Barnes told me he just gave that brat a long cold stare and then walked out of the cell.”

“I was afraid for a moment there it was going to get worse.”

“It does. Then the sheriff came back in with a car battery and jumper cables.”

Doc leans away from Canard, “No, no, no, I don’t want to hear any more.”


Doc leans back in, “Not really, go on. Tell me the rest.”

“Okay, Barnes got all theatrical by taking his time to put down the battery, clean off the leads, attached the cables to the battery and then attached one of the cable ends to chain holding his wrist. And all the time, that poor Billy Tyler was pleading for forgiveness and leniency. Well, that nasty sheriff took the other loose end and teased Billy by tapping the jail bars and showered sparks all over his naked body. Billy screamed every time those sparks hit him.”

“But he didn’t actually electrocute that boy, did he?”

“Now, now, I’m getting to that. So Barnes took that free end of the jumper cable and held it just in front of the chain hanging from that boy’s balls. Billy pleaded even more and started to cry, sobbing that he’ll be good and that he’ll never do it again, blah, blah, blah. Barnes, he just smiled and gave that chain a quick tap with the cable. Electricity shot through that boy by way of his nuts and his body jolted back slamming into the bars. Barnes said he started whistling that “If Your Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands” song. Well, every time you’re supposed to clap your hands, Barnes tapped the chain a few times with the jumper cable. And each time, that poor boy screamed and jumped around like a Mexican jumping bean.”

“Oh dear lord, this can’t be. Nobody heard Billy screaming?”

“It was Sunday and nobody was working in town, and his deputies were out on calls or patrolling I guess. So any way, after a few more minutes of this, Barnes noticed that Billy’s dong has started to get hard. I guess the kid liked it.”

“No, that was just an involuntary reaction to electrical stimuli and increased blood pressure from stress. Basically, he was scared stiff.”

“Really, Doc? Hmm. Anyhow, Barnes took this as an invitation to take it up a notch. So he took that last cable end and let it clamp down on that chain hanging from that boy’s balls.”

“Oh good lord!”

“And you know what, Barnes just left that boy there bouncing against the bars while he went out and had a smoke. By the time he finished that cigarette and came back in, that boy’s cock was hard as a rock. And it’s a rather large cock I am told.”

Doc laughs, “Well I guess that boy has some talent after all.”

“Yeah, well, I guess the battery was starting to die, so Billy managed to calm down a little and held his ground by bracing his body against the bars. Billy stuttered out pleads for mercy. But the sight of Billy’s young smooth ass pressed against those jail bars was more than Sheriff Barnes could resist.”

Doc reached out and grabbed Canard by the arm, “You’re not going to tell me that Barnes deflowered that Tyler boy?”

“Yes…I…am… I tell you, he couldn’t rip his shirt open and unzip his pants fast enough. He just whipped out his cock and coughed up a big glob of tobacco-stained spit onto his cock and then stuck it in deep and hard into that Tyler boy. Well, that boy was so busy being electrocuted, it was five minutes before he realized he had another man’s cock up his ass.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it. Billy started screaming hysterically and tried to pull away, but the sheriff was just to strong for him.”

Doc quizzed, “Wait a minute, wouldn’t the sheriff get electrocuted too?”

“He said he could feel a slight tingling on his cock, but he really wasn’t a part of the circuit. But it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since it was only ten more minutes before Barnes shot a load up that boy’s ass. After he caught his breath, Barnes then went off to clean up and take a dump. By the time he came back, the battery was dead and Billy hung there like a broken string puppet.”

“You mean marionette.”

“Yeah, that. Anyway, Barnes unhooked him a let him collapse into a pile on the floor to sleep it off. The next morning, the sheriff tossed him out back onto the street with just his jeans, shoes, cap, and a reminder that he’s the law in this town and to keep his mouth shut, because no one would notice if a troublesome punk went missing.”

“Don’t you think Barnes was taking a chance by treating that boy like that and then letting him go?”

“I don’t think so, cause Billy showed up at the jail again a few nights later to confess to some other crimes and asked Barnes to punish him again.”

Doc is stunned, “What? Well, ain’t love in a small town a special thing.”

The two men laugh as the barber rises and walks out the door to shake off the cutting cape. He happens look down the street and then gestures for Doc Natter to join him outside. Natter shuffles out and traces Canard’s gaze down the street just in time to see Billy step into the sheriff’s office.

Doc muses, “Well, I guess he ain’t done confessing yet.”