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Boy Farm: Hunting Vincenzio
Part 2 - Boy Farm: Hunting Vincenzio
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Early the next morning, Steve walks into Vincenzio’s room and beholds a beautiful sight.  A full moon still owns the sky and its delicate rays shine in through the open window, casting a spotlight on the young collection of muscles that are spread out and shackled to an old mattress. Vincenzio lies dormant except for the sculpted stomach the heaves with every breath he takes.  An erection powered by an undisclosed dream, towers over his body, gently bobbing to the beat of his heart.  Drops of cum ooze from the wide maw at the top of his dick and repel down the mighty shaft of meat.  When the liquid seed dances across his balls and then down into his puckering hole, it stets off his body into subconscious motion.  His legs pull against the chains that bind him.  His hands try to slide out of the shackles around his wrists. Vincenzio mutters incoherently at first, but then his voice slowly comes into focus.
“What are you…  Hurt me so… No… Stop it… Stop.” Vincenzio’s words degenerate back into a mutter.
Steve slowly moves in closer for a more intimate view and takes a seat on the edge of the bed.  He slowly reaches in and uses his fingertips to paint the back of Vincenzio’s boner with the clear man-tea that percolates from within. Vincenzio’s body stirs more vigorously with the ranchers touch.  Steve guides more of the pre-cum through Vincenzio’s crotch and onto his glorious hole.  Using his middle finger, he pumps the shimmering flow into the young man’s ass.  After each set of violations, Steve is able to add one finger and then another.  Just as he’s slipping a forth digit into the unconscious man’s ass, Vincenzio’s legs try to close up, his muscular thighs strain but can’t escape. The young body builder arches his back and the veins of his cock become even more defined.  Vincenzio awakes and the two men make eye contact.  He tries to fight Steve but is painfully reminded of his restraints when his limbs are stopped in mid-flight.  He tries to force the ranchers rough fingers out of his asshole by tightening up his anus, but no luck.
Vincenzio yells, “What the fuck are you doing?  Hey, that hurts!”
”What’s the matter, you not a morning person?”
Steve realizes he’ll never get this opportunity again.  As some of the other men rush into the room, Steve leaps onto Vincenzio and shoves his weathered hand all the way into the young ass. Vincenzio screams in agony and spits thick saliva across Steve’s face.
Steve orders his men, “A little help gentlemen!”
Some of the other men race around the bed and pin down Vincenzio.  Steve starts pumping the young man’s ass with his fist as vigorously as he can.
Cries of pain bellow out from the overpowered stud, “AHHHH, GET OFF ME!  THAT FUCKING HURTS!  TAKE IT OUT!  TAKE IT OUT!  PLEASE, TAKE IT OUT!” Vincenzio starts crying like a lost schoolgirl.
Steve hollers back at him, “Oh, don’t go pussy on me!  Take it like a man!”
Vincenzio desperately cries for help. “Somebody help me!  I’ll do whatever you want!  Whoever helps me, I’ll do whatever you want!”
Steve looks into his eyes, “You’re already doing what we want boy!”  He turns to one of his men, “Roy, work his cock!”
Roy reaches in and works his dick over like a punching bag.  Vincenzio screams to the point of straining his voice.  Vincenzio tries as hard as he can to break free of this rape, he screams out for help that won’t arrive, divine or otherwise.
“Oh God, help me!  Oh God, help me!”
Steve’s fist heaves and twists as he molests the previously undefiled walls of Vincenzio’s glory hole.  Roy pounds the mighty phallus around in all directions.  One man takes the lit cigarette from his mouth and extinguishes it on Vincenzio’s left nut.  The screaming becomes hysterical as the hot end of the smoke presses deep into his sack.  Vincenzio‘s singing is cut off when Doc clamps down on the stud’s throat with all of his weight, cutting off the flow of air to the muscle boy’s lungs.  Vincenzio’s face and then his eyes turn red.  His tongue flails about and turns blue as saliva gurgles from the corners of his mouth.
Steve voices pseudo caution, “Careful Doc, we don’t to lose him yet.”
“I know what I’m doing. I’m a doctor and I’ve done this many times before.”
Doc eases his grip just enough to let Vincenzio live, but just barely.  The hapless lad’s vision starts to fade and a wave of euphoria washes over him.  Even in the midst of such a painful raping, he notes how he has never been so self aware of one of his orgasm like this, so intense and so conscious of every detail.  He can feel the semen drain from his testicles and surge through his urethra every inch of the way.  He can feel the pulse of his heart pounding in his head.  He can feel the diamonds on the ring on Steve’s fist inside his ass.  Vincenzio curses himself for thinking that this is the most incredible orgasm he’s ever had.  He thrusts his pelvis into the air as a pearlescent geyser violently erupts from his hard cock. Vincenzio’s muscles explode with both pain and pleasure as his cock rocks back and forth, spraying him and some of the men with the white gold of his loins.  Steve’s fisting eases off to a gentle massage as Vincenzio’s body settles back down to the mattress.  His orgasm throttles back to a trickle.  Doc releases his grip, but the men keep their places as Vincenzio’s breathing returns to normal.  The tears take longer to stop.  A splattering of sperm rolls unchallenged off Vincenzio’s quivering lower lip and into his mouth.
Steve orders, “Doc, now’s a good time to give him that special shot of yours.”
Doc races out of the room as the men start to revel in the afterglow of their deeds. Vincenzio’s expression goes totally neutral and he stares off into space.  The rapists play with the sperm coating the muscle boy’s face and body.  As Doc runs back into the room, Vincenzio’s eyes follow the needle in his hand. Vincenzio tries to struggle free again.
Steve puts his weight down on his fist inside Vincenzio’s ass, “Simmer down boy, before we really hurt you!”
“What is that?  Keep it away from me!” Vincenzio screams out as Doc injects him with the needles clear blue elixir.
Steve pulls his fist out of Vincenzio’s ass and the young stud lets out a sigh of relief.  Steve uses the same hand to pat Vincenzio’s strained face.
“Don’t worry V, It’s Doc’s own special brand of Viagra.  It’ll keep that huge cock of yours permanently locked in its upright position.  No matter what you do or how you feel, you’ll always have a rock hard boner.  And your orgasms will now have a hair-trigger.  The slightest physical stimuli, like just touching it, breathing on it, and even just walking or running, will cause you to shoot a load.  We find it keeps things interesting.”
Vincenzio chokes on his sobs, “Why are you doing this to me you sick mother fuckers?  Oh God, I’m in Hell!”
Steve stands up, “Okay boys, let the big pussy go.”
The men unfasten the shackles, and then step away form the crime scene.  Vincenzio curls up into a fetal pose and cries into his clinched fists. 
Steve is disgusted, “Get out of bed you big dick freak!  And wash-up, you’re a disgusting mess!”
Steve places the bottom of his boot against Vincenzio’s ass and kicks him out of bed. Vincenzio falls limp to the floor and cowers into a corner of the room, a sniveling, shivering shell of the man he use to be.  Steve walks over and kicks him violently again.
Vincenzio pleads, “Stop kicking me!”
“Are you going to get up?  Come on, get up!”
Vincenzio slowly climbs up the wall and then braces himself into the corner.  Steve moves in and starts slapping him around until the pathetic stack of muscles has a painfully intense orgasm.  Sperm shoots half way across the room.  The stunned bodybuilder stares down in amassment at his dick and the drug induced erection.  The throbbing veins of his cock balloon through all but the last layer of skin, giving the shaft of flesh a stained glass like appearance.  The head of his cock feels likes it’s going to explode.  His cock is as hard as wood and just as excruciating.  The rush of blood to his groin leaves him lightheaded.  As Vincenzio recovers from his painful ejaculation, he starts hitting back.
“That’s more like it V!  Man up and show me you have some fight in you!”
Steve lets Vincenzio get in a couple of good punches as they fight and then fall to the ground.  The two of them wrestle each other.  Then when Vincenzio gets a dominant hold on Steve, the other men step in and pull Vincenzio off just in time for the stud to double over from yet another painfully intense orgasm.
Steve rises, “Now that there is what I call manning up.  Now go wash yourself V, you filthy pig.  You may want to get clean for the hunt.”
Vincenzio’s orgasm last longer this time and it takes him a moment to respond. 
“What?  After what you did to me!  How can you expect me to go hunting with you, especially while I keep having these fucking insane orgasms?
“No, you won’t be hunting with us, we’ll be hunting you.”
Vincenzio doesn’t believe what he heard, “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Remember when I told you yesterday that we only hunt the best out here.  Well these men pay me big money to lure young physically fit men, like you, out here to the middle of nowhere.  And once out here, these young men are subject to one of two things, torture, or the hunt.  You’re lucky, after you went to bed last night, the men voted and decided you get to be hunted.
“How the fuck is that lucky?
“Well, with torture, you’d be chained to the rafters by now and slowly poked, electrocuted, whipped or beaten to death.  But with the hunt, if you make it to the main road before we can find you, you get to live.  However, if we do find you and shot you down with our bows and arrows, well, at least your death is quick.”
Vincenzio starts to notice the men are in hunting gear, but tries to deny it.
“I don’t believe you.  I’m not playing this stupid game.”
Steve pulls a stopwatch out of his pocket and starts it.
“You get a sixty minute head start.  I suggest you get started now.  You may want to skip the shower.”
Steve picks up Vincenzio’s shoes and throws them at him.  Vincenzio cautiously puts his shoes on, still not sure if he should believe him.  Doc hands him a canteen of water.  The young man is dumbfounded and just stands there.
Steve shows him the stopwatch, “Fifty-nine minutes!  If you want to spend the whole hour in that spot, we’ll all wait right here and kill you were you stand”
Vincenzio slowly backs out of the room, not trusting that the men won’t jump him again before he reaches the door.  Once at the door, he turns quickly and sprints out of the house and into the dark of the early morning.
Vincenzio attempts a quick stop by the shower to wash his sperm from his face and body, but when he sees the men file out of the house he keeps running.  His drum-tight skin goose bumps from the cool morning air and the anxious excitement that consumes him.  His rock hard cock and voluminous balls slap his body as he sprints down the dirt road.  Seminal discharge lashes from his whipping schlong, marking his trail like breadcrumbs in a children’s story. Vincenzio runs in fear for his life.  A few minutes later, the fleeing buck stumbles to his knees from the pain of another orgasm.  He arches his back as sperm shoots from his wooden manhood and washes down the dirt road.  He tries to choke off the painful purge of seed from his over inflated cock by grabbing on to it, but his own touch just makes the orgasm more intense.  The ejaculation last one minute, then two minutes, then during the third minute, he collapses and rolls around on the ground in orgasmic agony.  Sperm washes across his body and turns the dirt road to mud.  Sometime during the forth minute, the flow of his essence finally stops.  As he lay dormant on the ground, he knew he had to get to his feet and keep running, but that orgasm has left him very weak.  As the light from the rising sun hits his him and reflects off the sperm coating his body, Vincenzio finds the strength to rise to his feet and start running again.  As he gets back up to speed, he scrapes his cum and the dirt from his body.
A short while later, he feels another monster orgasms coming on, but knows he has to keep running or risk being caught.  As the orgasm climaxes and sperm flies from his body, he stumbles, but is able to stay on his feet this time.  As Vincenzio keeps running, his monstrous cock is vigorously rocked from side to side, slapping across his body and between his thighs, causing further stimulation of this unholy orgasm.  As minute after minute passes, the flow Vincenzio’s precious fluid shows no signs of stopping.  The ejaculation slows down a little after a few minutes, and only for moment, and then ramps back up to full power again.  The young man already had exceptional virility that came with his freakishly huge cock and voluminous balls.  But now combined with Doc’s special blend of Viagra, his sexual stamina works against him as he now suffers from a perpetual orgasm, an ejaculation with no end.  This purging man-juice would last to the point of dehydrating his body, draining his nuts dry and beyond.  This orgasm was a monster with a mind of its own and would only die with medical intervention, or the failure of his heart.
One hour latter, Vincenzio is still able to run in spite of the relentless orgasm that has nearly drained his balls dry.  An orgasm that now molest his every thought to the height of rapture and euphoria.  So delusional is he that at times he believes he can fly.  In his state of mind, he almost doesn’t notice the sound of car engines revving loudly from far away.  The revving of the engines is an obvious act of intimidation by the hunters to let him know the games afoot.  Vincenzio quickens his pace.
Fifteen minutes later, his canteen is empty and discarded.  The orgasm is more intense than ever, but the flow of cum from his overburden testicles has lost some of its volume.  His empty nuts throb in pain trying produce sperm as fast as the perpetual orgasm demands it.  Delirious from dehydration, panic and an unyielding ejaculation, it takes him a while to notice the sharp pain that shoots through the lower left side of his torso, through his left kidney and intestines.  But the pain is not enough to stop him from running.  As Vincenzio starts to wonder what the new pain could be, he feels the trickle of a warm fluid running down his hip and then his leg.  He touches himself and raises his hand to his face.
“Blood?  It’s Blood!  It’s my blood!”
Vincenzio looks down and can’t believe what he sees.  The head of an arrow and part of its shaft are sticking out of him! 
In his compromised state of mind, he has to force himself to accept the facts as he looks over his shoulder.  A topless Jeep is right on his heels while one of the hunters stands on the passenger seat reloading a second arrow onto his bow.  He curses himself for being too distracted by his orgasm to notice them coming up behind him.  Vincenzio looks around in desperation for somewhere to hide, but there is nothing but waist-high grass as far as the eye can see.  He tries to out maneuver them by running into the grass, but the Jeep easily follows after him.  The foxtails and thorns of the grasses and weeds pierce the tight skin of his legs and the looser skin of his bouncing scrotum.  The hostile vegetation drives him back onto the road.  The Jeep and its occupants are close behind.  As Vincenzio regains his stride down the road, he can hear the pluck of a bowstring, the approaching whir of an arrow in flight.  Then just as he was about to make a quick step out of the arrows path, a sharp sensation hits him in his spine, he loses his breath as his left lung collapses, his chest explodes with a fountain of blood, revealing a second arrow rising from his pectoral.
Vincenzio loses all command of his limbs and crumples helplessly to the ground.  The Jeep almost hits him as it grinds to a stop.  The driver and the hunter get out and walk up to their quarry.  Vincenzio puts all his strength towards getting up and running away, but his body lies still.  He tries raising his arms to strike at the men, but his arms stay at his side.  He tries to kick at them, but his legs remain splayed out.  The only sign of life below his neck is a throbbing phallus that continues to pump out copious amounts of semen.  To his shock and horror, he realizes that last arrow has severed his spine.  Blood gurgles from his mouth.
Vincenzio offers one last act of defiance, “You god dammed mother fuckers, you fucks crippled me.  I hope you rot in hell!”
The two men nudge and kick the powerless pile of muscles with their feet.
Brian, the driver, looks up, “Well look at that, you crippled him Victor.”
Until now, Victor had been a mortgage broker from Beverly Hills. “Well shit, I wanted to kill him.”
Victor kneels down beside Vincenzio’s limp body as Brian takes a picture of him over his prey.
“You still can.  You got a lot of arrows still.”
“Where’s the fun in that?  He can’t run any more.”
“Well, we can still have fun with him.”
“Oh yeah.  Silly me.”
The two men pick up Vincenzio.
Vincenzio yells, “Keep away from me!  I swear I’m going to kill you.”
Victor laughs, “I don’t see how you’re going to do that, boy.  Or do you plan to drown me with all the cum pouring out of you?”
They fling the helpless Vincenzio onto the hood of the Jeep, which causes the two arrows two push further through his body.  It doesn’t actually hurt him, but he knows it should have.  It panics Vincenzio to see more of the arrows length sticking out of him.  As the men quickly tie him down, Vincenzio realizes the metal of the hood is probably hot enough to burn him, and it depresses him that he couldn’t feel that either.  Hope drains from his soul faster than the blood and semen drain from his body.
Brian grabs his walkie-talkie, “Hey boys, this is Brian, we got the prick.  Meet you all at the barn.”
As the jeep drove off with its new studly hood ornament firmly attached, Vincenzio gazes up at the cloudless sky.  He coughs up the blood pooling in the back of his throat.  The wind rushing over his body blows semen off his still pumping member and into his face.  He glances down through the small forest of arrows sticking out of him and below his towering member to look at the bloodied and sperm-laden landscape of his once proud body.  The only talent he had to offer the world was his stunningly handsome face and the body of a Greek god.  Men and women worshiped his sexual prowess and mutant endowment.  But now with his body branded, molested and paralyzed, all that was taken away and his will to live dies on the hood of that Jeep.  He hopes his body would soon follow that same fate and convinces himself that maybe it’s better to die young when your only attribute is that you’re a great fuck.  He closes his eyes and drifts into unconsciousness bliss.
The next time Vincenzio opens his eyes, his view is upside-down as he finds himself bent in half and draped over a fence railing back at the ranch.  His cock remains steadfast and relentless as it spews semen onto his once beautiful facade.  The liquid seed coats his face, filling-up his mouth and nose.  A quick cough sprays sperm back at his diligent member and all over himself, and his one good lung breathes easily again.  Through his legs, he can see the men are naked and gathered around his ass.  The fattest and oldest of them is pumping a load into Vincenzio’s ass, causing his body to sway back and forth, his knuckles make perfect circles in the dirt and the two arrows sticking out of him massage his internal organs.  The other men drink beer while they wait their turn.  The stud wants to fight them off but can’t move a muscle.  He finds some solace in that he can’t feel his glorious hole being defiled and eventually surrenders to the rape.
Vincenzio strained voice chokes out, “Yeah, fuck that tight ass.  Give me all you got you disgusting pig.  A fat slob like you wouldn’t dare try to fuck my hot ass when I could defend myself, you coward!  Yeah, everyone step right up and make me your bitch.”
His conquerors ignore his ravings, for little did Vincenzio know that he had already been there for hours, the cataleptic and defenseless subject of copious fisting and exuberant fucking.  His ass was already spilling over with the cumulative cum of his admirers.  After many more hours of each man having repeated turns at him, Vincenzio prays for the supreme tranquility of death.  Finally, when the men have had their fill of drinking beer and fucking a helpless bodybuilder, they drag the ill-fated collection of muscles over to the wide-open doorway of the barn.  As they tie ropes around his wrist, Vincenzio searches for their humanity and makes a last request.
“Kill me.  Please just get it over with and kill me, please.”
Steve passionately kisses Vincenzio’s blood and semen-drenched face, “All in good time boy.  You’re taking the scenic route to hell.”
The ropes are fed through pulleys, stretching his muscular arms out wide towards either side of the barn’s huge doorway.  He is quickly hoisted in to midair as the men jerk the ropes tight.  Another set of ropes is used to tie his thunderously muscular but helpless legs far apart.  He realizes that he is just a piece of meat being hung out to dry, but looks down at his miraculously still ejaculating cock and takes a perverse pride in dieing with a full erection.  His attention turns to the men now gathered in the distance and drunk to the point of nonsensical laughter.  Then the men get quiet as an arrow flies away from them and plants itself in Vincenzio’s right nipple.  The men cheer.  No pain, nothing at all, but the hopelessness of being turned into a target for their perverse practice.  Vincenzio starts to laugh hysterically when another arrow is planet into his scrotum.  Hoping to end it all, Vincenzio makes his last challenge.
“Come on you sick fucks, you can do better than that!  Plant one right between my eyes, come on, I dare you!”
The men are amazed, especially Doc, “What the fuck!  Hey, Steve, that son-of-a-bitch still has some of that cockfight spirit in him.”
Steve spits out his last sip of beer, “Oh really?  Well, let’s put an end to that.”
Steve walks into the barn under Vincenzio, and then soon walks back out with a nasty looking machete.  As Steve gets a good grip on the sharp instrument, the other men know what’s about to happen and gather around.  Steve cocks his arm back.
“You know what, V, as big as my cock is, and you know intimately how big it is, don’t you?  You’re making me just a little insecure with that stupidly large boner of yours.  So, let’s see how cocky you are without that huge slab of meat between your legs.
Vincenzio pleads frantically, “NO! PLEASE WAIT A…”
Before Vincenzio can finish his plea, Steve swings the machete at the young man’s throbbing cock. Vincenzio tries once more to command his body to
do anything, something, but it’s useless.  The very sharp blade makes no sound at all as it passes through the base of Vincenzio’s manhood.  There’s a large spray of blood as his huge phallus falls away from his body, summersaults down to the ground, making a thud and raising a small cloud of dust as it lands flat in the dirt beneath his feet. 
Blood gushes out from his groin as the men let out an uproarious cheer. 
Hyperventilating, Vincenzio cries out, “AHHHH, YOU GOD DAMMED FUCKERS!  FUCK YOU ALL TO HELL!  FUCK YOU ALL TO HELL!
The body builder shakes his head violently in disbelief as tears fly from his eyes.  Steve picks up the dismembered phallus and hands it to Victor. 
“You made the kill, here, you earned it.  Do whatever you want with it.”
Victor takes the still engorged cock and shakes it around testing its weight.
“Fuck, it’s heavy.  No wonder he was into bodybuilding, he needed all those muscle just to carry this thing around.  I think I know what to do with it.”
Victor runs in to the barn.  A moment later, he emerges from the hayloft with Vincenzio’s cock in one hand and a hammer and nail in the other.  He leans out as low as he dares and with two swings of the hammer, nails his trophy over the barn door, directly over Vincenzio.
As the last of Vincenzio’s life force leaves his body, as the draining of his blood slows to a trickle, he quells his sobbing and looks up at the favorite part of his body, now a fixture of the Boy Farm barn, and sheds a tear for his lost member.  His cock returns the gesture as a last trickle of semen drips out from its plump head and lands on his face, mingling with his tears.  Another drop of semen lands in his mouth.
Vincenzio smiles, “Sweet.”
Vincenzio’s eyes set their sites to the heavens beyond as his heart makes its final beat.  The weight of his soul is lifted from his young body. He was a creature of stunning beauty, a victim of his vivid sexuality.
Vincenzio Pasolini
Born August 26th , 1979. 
Died August 13th , 2005.
Steve announces to his men, “More target practice everyone!”
For the rest of the day through the night, they continue to party as they shoot arrows into his body, until there are no more arrows to shoot.  For the next week, his body remained suspended in the barn’s doorway, a macabre wind chime, swinging in the breeze and baking in the sun.  His flesh surrendered to the occasional snacking of a forsaken crow.  When the smell of Vincenzio’s rotting corpse got to strong, even for the constitution of those wicked men, they took his body down and drove him out to a remote and forgotten location.  There, the men would reclaim their arrows and strip him of his jewelry.  They make a brief toast to Vincenzio’s impressive body, his exaggerated manhood, and what a great fuck he was.  But they went on to ridicule him for not being a challenging prey.  Eventually, in that lonely place, the buzzards would have their turn with him, and later, the earth would claim his bones.  Vincenzio would become part of the cycle of life.  In death, Vincenzio contributed more to the planet than when he was alive.
When the men drove back to the farm, they draped Vincenzio’s dog tags around his enshrined phallus.  If you should ever be a guest of the Boy Farm, look for Vincenzio’s manhood right above the barn doors.  Trust me, you won’t be able to miss it.

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