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Boy Farm: Hunting Vincenzio
Part 1 - Boy Farm: Hunting Vincenzio
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Vincenzio is a muscle-bound stud of Italian descent.  His olive complexion is so tight it looks as though it were painted directly over his voluptuous and rippling musculature.  His eyes are dark, like black holes that not only consume all available light, but your soul as well.  This breathing replica of Roman statuary was recently disqualified from a bodybuilding competition because of a jack-off video he made when some friends got him drunk.  The controversy had chased him out of town.  Wanting to get away from it all for a while, he got in his vintage truck and sought out the back roads of California. Vincenzio had been driving down the lonely Bakersfield road for three hours before he started wondering if he followed the directions correctly.  Directions that were given to him from the gas-pump jockey that told him about this job opening at a ranch.  He really wanted this job as a ranch-hand to help him forget about his indiscretions and didn’t want to blow it by being late on his first day.  Then he sees what he’s been looking for, a high wooden arch that reads, “Boy Farm”, and a gate that opens on to a dirt road.  Just as he drives through the gate, his car erupts into a cloud of steam and dies.  Assuming the ranch isn’t too much further, he abandons his car and starts walking the rest of the way.
Six hours later, the unforgiving afternoon sun finds him with his shirt rolled up in one hand.  Drooping below his waist, his once fashionable jeans are completely unfastened and have been butchered with a dull pocketknife down to a skimpy pair of shorts.  Absent underwear and a divided fly reveal the thick base of his cock and the neatly groomed hairs that surround it.  His reckless tailoring leaves his ruined jeans to short to conceal the other end of his plump drooling penis.  The heat had boiled away his modesty and left him grateful for the breeze wafting through his crotch.  His throat craves for the tiniest drop of water.  As he wonders if someone will find his body out here and give him a decent burial, he begins to see movement through the hot shimmering horizon. He sees a man fixing a fence post beside a Jeep.  Vincenzio starts to shuffle faster with the hope his rescue is at hand.  Without a care as to the level of his nudity, Vincenzio closes in as the man turns to him and quickly notices his immodest condition.
“What the fuck?”
“Oh thank God I found you.  I’m Vincenzio.”
“I’m Steve, and you’re late.”
“Car broke down.  Do you have water?”
Before Steve could answer, Vincenzio spots a gallon jug of water and grabs it without asking.  He rips the cap off and raises the jug to his lips as he throws his head back.  The young man guzzles on the bottle like a hamster on a water feeder.  Steve eyes the wayward streams of water trickle their way across both of Vincenzio’s cheeks and then down his neck.  The two beads of water stall at his collarbones and then regroup at the center of his chest before continuing south on its journey of young flesh.  Like a musical fountain, the stream of water breaks up into separate drops as it hits the boarder of his well-defined abs.  Each weep of water takes a separate course down his stomach, and one by one, disappear into the nest of pubic hairs that add landscape to his manhood.  The droplets reappear from beneath his shorts trickling down his legs.  One drop makes its way down his hefty phallus and mingles with a drop of penile seepage, creating a web like filament that stretches down to the ground.   Steve pushes back the erection pressing against the inside of his jeans.  Vincenzio stops short of drinking the whole bottle only to pour the rest over his head.
“Oh, that feels good!  Do you have more?”
Arrested by the impromptu water show, Steve takes a moment to respond, ”Ah, no.  Not here.  And what are you almost not wearing?”
“Sorry, I’d been out in that fucking sun for hours when I tried to make my jeans into shorts, but I just fucked them up instead.  I really need more water.”
“Well, I guess I better get you to the ranch.  Get in.”
As they take their seats in the Jeep, Vincenzio’s shorts ride up and his package spreads out between his legs. Vincenzio tries to stuff himself back into his pants, but is unable to holster is manhood.
Vincenzio apologizes, “Sorry about that.  Can’t seem to get Ward and the boys back inside.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“Thanks dude.”
Vincenzio gives up struggling with himself and slumps back into his seat and spreads his legs far apart, allowing his cock to hang off the edge of the chair.
“Having huge junk can sometimes be a hassle. Vincenzio notices Steve looking at his crotch.  “You want to touch it?  Never met anyone who didn’t.”
“I bet.” Steve reaches over and pats Vincenzio on his meat.  Then Steve cradles the huge penis in his hands and rolls it between his fingers to examine it.  Vincenzio is indifferent about Steve’s handling of him.
“Are you taking those male enhancement drugs or something?”
Vincenzio smiles, “All natural dude.”
Steve tightens his grip and gives it a vigorous shaking.  Drops of pre-cum fly around the Jeep.
Vincenzio giggles, “Sorry dude, I’d pop a boner for you but I’m just to tired.”
Steve drops the mighty phallus back between the young man’s legs.  “No problem, I can wait.”
As they drive off in a cloud of dust, the rough road causes his privates to roll and jostle around between his thighs.
Vincenzio remembers, "Oh wait, all my stuff is back in my car. We need…”
 “Don’t worry.  It’ll be fine out there.”  Steve has trouble keeping his eyes on the road.
“Are you sure?”
“Oh yeah, nobody ever comes out here.  But first, we need to get you and water together, Vin…What was your name?”
“Vincenzio, but my friends just call me, “V”.
“Good enough, V.
“What type of farm is this, Boy Farm?  I haven’t seen any crops.”
“It’s more like a dude ranch.  Various sports and hunting activities that are designed to test and/or improve and man’s endurance.”
“Manly men doing manly things.  Howling at the moon, that type of thing?”
Steve smiles, “Something like that.”
Vincenzio ponders for a moment, “Hunting?  What do you hunt out here in the middle of nowhere?”
“Only the best.  You’ll see, only the best.”
“Well, what will I be doing?  Cause I don’t want to do any hunting.”
“Don’t worry, you won’t be doing any hunting.  I’ll explain it to you tomorrow.  But tonight, you freshen up, eat and get some sleep, cause tomorrow we need you alert and lively.  Okay, V?”
“Okay, Steve.  As a matter of fact, I think I’ll catch a few winks right now”
Vincenzio closes his eyes and falls into an easy sleep.  During the fifteen-minute ride, Steve keeps his right hand in Vincenzio’s lap, gently caressing, petting and fondling the young man’s massive cock and oversized balls.  Steve’s inspection goes mostly unnoticed by the sleeping Vincenzio.
Vincenzio wakes as they drive up to a ranch house that looks more like the Bates Motel.  Eight men of various ages are sitting on the porch, tuning up bows, sharpening arrows or drinking beers.  Across from the house are a barn and a water tower.  As Steve parks beside other off-road vehicles, the other men gather around Vincenzio as he steps out of the Jeep.
One of the men asks, “Is this him?”
Steve announces, “Gentlemen, this is Vincenzio, but you can call him, V.  Give him a proper Boy Farm welcome.”
The men line up to shake his hand and pat him on the back.  As Vincenzio says hello to each man, he realizes he’s being examined like a prize bull at a county fair. The young stud is no stranger to being the subject of body worship and he knows the routine well.  Hands seem to overstay there welcome on his body as the men nudge him around one-way and then the other, patting down his chest and stomach.  He feels a hand or two test his privates.  Eyes conspicuously scan his body as voices comment on how strong and fast he looks.  Then simultaneously, a number of hands reach in from all around and pull apart what little is left of his shorts.  Two men wrestle both of his arms out straight as others start to fondle and examine his privates. Vincenzio fears protesting will be useless and submits to the storm of men.  Another man forces his mouth open and fingers his teeth.  An older gentleman shoves a couple fingers up Vincenzio’s asshole. The aggressive handling pushes the helpless Vincenzio into a state of arousal and his manhood rises to the occasion.  The men start to shake and slap his freakishly huge cock around violently and tug hard on his scrotum.
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Steve is wowed by Vincenzio’s penile wonder, “Well look here men, we got us a bona fide monster cock!”
Vincenzio finally protests, “Hey, easy does it boys.”
One of the men tells him, “Shut up boy.” And slaps him on the face.  He looks at the man probing Vincenzio’s ass, “How does he feel, Doc?”
Doc responds with a smile, “All good back here.  His caboose is smooth and clean.  Real pretty too, yes sir, a real pretty ass.”
Steve brushes them aside, “Okay guys, give him a chance and back off.  He needs to freshen up for a while.  He just spent he day walking in from the main road.” 
The men step back revealing Vincenzio’s unclad body standing proudly in the golden light of the setting sun.  A drop of pre-cum glistens as it descends from the tip of his throbbing cock.  Just before it lands on the ground, Steve catches the sample of the young man’s juice with his pinky finger, brings it to his mouth and sucks his digit clean.
“It taste sweet.  Very nice.”
He escorts Vincenzio past the men and walks him over to the water tower.
“Sorry about that.  The men sometimes get a little rowdy.  You’ll just have to get use to that as long as you’re here.”
Vincenzio gripes, “I have no clothes now and I really think I should keep this huge meat of mine out of site”
“Well, it’s a shame to hide a masterpiece like that in clothing anyway.  If I had what you have I’d want to be naked all the time.
“I don’t mind being nude.  It’s just that…I don’t know.”
“Then it’s agreed, the number one rule for you is no clothing.”
“You want me to work in the nude?”
“Oh yeah, you won’t have to concern yourself with clothing anymore.”
“Well then, nude dude it is.  I’m willing earn your paycheck any way I can.”
The two men stop by the water tower.
 “This is the shower and there’s the soap.”
Vincenzio smiles, “Out here in the open, in front of everybody?”
“What are you worried about, V?”
“It’s just that I have to get rid of this killer erection.  I assume it’s okay with you and the guys if I jack-off?”
Steve smiles, “You’re going to work out just fine.  You’re a lot more fun than the last guy we had here.”
“What happened to him?”
“Oh, early retirement.”
Steve walks back to the house as Vincenzio takes center stage on the cement slab under the showerhead.  He turns on the water and it is cool compared to the hot summer air.  Steve walks up on the porch callously tossing what’s left of Vincenzio ‘s clothes into the trash.
Steve tells the men, “He won’t be needing those rags anymore.  You guys may want to get a better view of the show that’s about to start.
As Vincenzio lathers up, he notices the men adjust their chairs for better views of him.  He tries to appear nonchalant about it all, but he does love the attention.  He loves the sensation of the soapsuds slowly tracing out his muscles and the desert wind sweeping across his body.  Vincenzio spends some quality time on washing his fully engorged cock.  The men move in close and form a loose circle around him.  His wash turns into a slow dance as he begins to stroke his cock and juggle his balls.
Steve seems to offer a challenge as he wonders aloud to the other men, “I bet it’s real easy for V to go down on himself.”
Vincenzio flashes Steve a sly look as he kneels flat of his legs under the stream of cool water.  A slight bend at his waist and a gentle two-handed grasp of his cock brings the head of the phallic beast to his mouth. Vincenzio’s tongue emerges and dips into the well of his cock that now spills over with the self-lubricating juices of his body.  He forces the tip of his tongue into the penile orifice and giggles slightly as he tickles the inside of his manhood.  As he pulls his tongue back, a tether of pre-cum keeps the two body parts connected. Vincenzio licks the side of his cock before he swallows the head of his meat.  One hand glides down his mighty cock all the way to his balls.  He puts his nuts into a one-handed chokehold, skillfully pounding and rubbing them against the rough cement.  Over the next twenty minutes, the rubbing, kneading and sucking of his genitalia becomes less and less gentle, then downright violent.  With little warning, his moaning turns into a muffled scream as a pearlescent crude spews out from the tight seal of his lips around his cock.  His head jerks up and away, his torso arches back and his hands fall to his side, keeping him from falling all the way back.  The huge phallus continues to purge the life generating fluid high into the air, splashing down on the tight flesh of Vincenzio’s body.  As the fountain dies down to trickle, Vincenzio regains his composure.  He rises into the showering streams of water and to the applause of a grateful audience.  But Steve is not applauding or even happy.  In fact, he has a very predatory look in his eyes.  He starts to rip off his own clothing as he lets out with a quick growl.
“Gentlemen, I need to fuck this boy.  If you would all please …Set the table.”
Vincenzio defies with him “Who you call’n boy?  You pig.”
Vincenzio steps behind the shower in a lame attempt to cower behind the water.  Steve steps out of his clothing, his body of superior brawn moves towards Vincenzio. Vincenzio and his superior cock step back further under the water tower, intimidated by Steve’s musculature.  Steve halts his advance and stands his ground under the shower as he signals the other men.
“Gentlemen, please get him and present his ass to me.”
Vincenzio’s pulse accelerates as the eight other men slowly surround him and move in from all directions.  He wonders if his exhibitionism has finally betrayed him.  He realizes he has nowhere to run to, nowhere he can keep his ass safe from penetrating members.  How could he prevent that dirty and sweaty pile of muscles from fucking him, he wonders to himself?  If nothing else, he would make Steve fight for it.  Vincenzio makes an attempt to break through the circle of men.  Like some dark ballet, the men quickly and gracefully overpower him as they evenly distribute Vincenzio’s two hundred pounds of Italian heritage amongst them. Vincenzio tries to wiggle free as they raise him off the ground and turn him facedown, carrying him about their waists.  With military precision, the precession of men spread his limbs to their limits as the fly him in backwards toward Steve.  The nude rancher stands fast under the shower as his thick hard cock reaches out from the curtain of water.  As the men approach their boss with their catch, Steve gazes down in awe at the site of Vincenzio‘s ass.  Two huge beautifully rounded mounds of muscular flesh that frame a glory-hole that quivers and puckers with anticipation.  The men walk over and slide Vincenzio’s glory hole onto Steve’s cock.  Vincenzio shouts in pain as Steve’s meat is shoved into him.  Steve grabs onto the water tower supports, bracing himself as the men swing Vincenzio back and forth on his cock.
Vincenzio pleads, “No, please don’t do this.  AH, it hurts.  Let me go you mother fuckers!”
For fifteen minutes, Vincenzio’s ass is used like a battering ram against the fortress of Steve and his cock.  For fifteen minutes, Vincenzio growled and moaned while struggling to free himself of the firm hands that imprisoned him.  For fifteen minutes, water rained on them, cascading down Steve’s hairy chest and pooling up in the muscular creases and dimples of Vincenzio’s back, then dripping off his pendular cock and balls.  As Vincenzio’s body starts to go limp from exhaustion, Steve tightens up in the throws of his orgasm.  He lets go of the water tower and grabs onto Vincenzio’s smooth waist, forcing the young man’s sculpted ass tight against his body.  Steve screams as he plants his seed deep within Vincenzio’s body.  As Steve’s breathing returns to normal, he whips his cock from Vincenzio’s ass. 
Steve proclaims, “Now that his as is mine, I need to make sure everyone knows it.  Roy, get the branding-iron.”
Roy runs into the barn and just as quickly returns with a butane blowtorch and a branding iron that has the initials “B.F.” carved out of steel.  Steve grabs the iron and holds it out while Roy anoints it with the flame of the torch.  Vincenzio finally gets a look at the men standing behind his ass are preparing to do and then violently struggles to break free, but the men have too tight a grip of his limbs.  Steve aims the red-hot iron at Vincenzio’s ass.
“Hold him still boys, this is going to hurt him much more than it hurts us.”
Vincenzio begs, “Please don’t do this!  Not to my beautiful ass!  Please, NO!”
Steve plunges the iron smack down on Vincenzio’s right butt-cheek.  The young bodybuilder lets out a blood-curdling scream, but anyone who would care is nowhere near to hear him.  Steve holds the iron in place until the red glow fades away.  As the branding iron is pulled away, a few seared pieces of Vincenzio’s ass flesh stick to the iron.  Vincenzio’s once gorgeous ass is now deflowered and scarred with the letters “B F” burnt into its flesh.
The men place the sobbing Vincenzio back on his feet only to have Steve steal a long passionate kiss from him, as they stand nude under the shower.  Vincenzio tries to resist Steve’s lip-lock.  The young man tries to push and turn away from the rough and insistent rancher, but soon submits to his charms and sinks into his steely embrace. Vincenzio shivers and starts to cry for the loss of his ass’s smooth skinned beauty and its former virginity.
Steve looks Vincenzio in the eye, “Who you calling a pig?  Bitch.”
“What have you done to me?  You’ve ruined me.”  Vincenzio sobs.
Steve grabs Vincenzio’s hands and holds them up towards the showerhead, guiding the water down his body.  The circle of men reaches in and gently assists in the rinsing of his body.  A swarm of hands gracefully cascade down Vincenzio’s body.  The young man finds some solace in the forced cleansing of his body.  As Steve turns off the water, Vincenzio’s arms descend down into the cloud of hands that engulf him.
“Gentlemen, as you all know, Vincenzio has a big day ahead of him tomorrow.  He needs his sleep.  And after what he’s been through, I want you to make sure he gets that much earned sleep.  Chain him to his bed.”
As the sun sets for the last time on the life he knew, and with no hope for escape, Vincenzio is carried off to bed, and the fate that awaits him.
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