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Back Off
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Noun Medicine
A persistent and painful erection of the penis

Jung Soo Kwon suffered from Priapism as a result of unauthorized use of Viagra.  Curiosity left this cat with a permanent erection that was painful and difficult to hide.  Unable to wear a swimsuit, his only options for sunbathing were on the somewhat secluded roof of his apartment building or somewhere in the wilds of Navasota, Texas.  Jung would occasionally sun and bathe at the Hidalgo Falls, a section of rapids on the Brazos River.  Because it was a popular spot with the locals, he would only visit in the early hours of the morning before any one would visit there.  But on one fateful morning, he over slept on the bank of the river while the cooling waters swept over the tight skin of his naked body and swirled around the base of his towering cock.  The waters surged up and trickled down between the folds of his groin and the loose skin of his scrotum.  And all of this took place under the watchful eyes of a local sheriff who had been called to this spot by a priggish ornithologist who took offense to this beautiful sight.

The sheriff was a dark-hearted man by the name of, Barnes.  And once he laid eyes on the naked sun worshipper, the reason for his visit changed from law enforcement to fresh meat recruitment.  He told the bird watcher to scram as he approached the slumbering Jung.  Sheriff Barnes’ beefy mass caused his regulation boots to crunch loud enough into the sand to awaken the more streamlined form of Jung.  Jung’s eye’s quickly focused on Barnes; his athletic body sprang out of the shallow waters and made a dash for his clothes perched on a rock further up the shore.  The sheriff, already on his feet, was quicker to Jung’s belongings.  The young bathing beauty’s shirt and shorts became the possession of the mean sheriff. 

Jung protested, “Hey, come on dude, just give me my shit back and I’ll get out of here.”

The officer smiled, “Then go fetch them, boy.”

Barnes tossed the clothes into the deepest and quickest part of the river.  The nude Korean took a step towards the river but stopped when his belongings instantly disappeared. 

Jung placed his hands on his hips, “Ah man, that’s so wrong dude, how am I going to get home now.”

The sheriff’s eyes traced the contours of Jung’s sleek form, “Who said any thing about you going home, I’m talking you to the unit.”

Like every one that lived in that part of Texas, Jung saw the local news reports about the “Unit”, the W. J. "Jim" Estelle Unit.  That four of America’s Top 10 most-rape-y prisons are in Texas, including the Estelle Unit, in Huntsville, which beat the national average of inmates reporting sexual assaults in the previous 12 months. Nationally, some 4.5 percent of inmates report abuse; at Estelle, it was 15.7 percent.  Most startlingly, however, is that victims more often report their assailants not as fellow inmates, but as guards.

Then Jung tried to make a run for it but was quickly felled by the sheriff’s nightstick tossed between his legs.  Before the brawny lad of Korean descent knew what had happened, his hands were cuffed behind his back and was being shamefully paraded in front of onlookers down a busy street and into the sheriff’s car while his cock proudly wagged side to side.  As Jung sat in the back of the squad car while the one eye of his permanently aroused cock literally stared him in the face, he feared just how long a pretty thing like him would last in a place like the Estelle Unit.  They arrived at the Estelle Unit much sooner than he anticipated.

Jung broke the silence, “Hey, don’t you have to take me to the courthouse first for a trial and all that sort of stuff?”

The sheriff’s hand quickly found its way into the back of the car and smacked Jung hard across the face. “You’ve already been tried and convicted in this here mobile courthouse, boy.  Welcome to the rest of your life.  And if you want to last more than five minutes in there you pervert, you better get rid of that rod you’re packing.”

“I can’t, I have a condition.”

“Well, ain’t that to bad for you.”

Jung desperately pondered how to escape with his hands cuffed behind his back as the car pulled up to the front gate.  The guard at the gate tipped his hat as he walked over to Barnes.  Barnes casually used his left thumb to point at the back seat, the guard’s eyes popped when he looked in and gazed at the prize catch of the day.

The guard licked his lips, “Wow Barnes, that’s a fine piece of rice cake you got there.  It’s been a while since we’ve had some good Chink takeout around here.”  The guard reached in patted Jung’s cock.

Jung slide to the far side of the seat, “One, that term is offensive.  And two, I’m not Chinese; I’m Korean, you hick.

As the guard moved back to the drivers window, “Do you think I care what offends you?”  The guard fist-bumped Barnes of the shoulder, “He’s got a mouth him.  I guess we’ll have to find a way to plug up that pie-hole of his.”

The two uniformed men laughed as the gate raised and the car drove in and through a slender canyon of chain link fencing.  The car stopped a few hundred feet from the closest door and in full view of the inmates behind both fences.  The fence on one side held back all the murders while the fence on the other side held back all the other offenders, some of whom were just like Jung, who’s only crime was being guilty of being good looking.  When Barnes yanked Jung out of the car, it was like setting a rabbit down in the middle of a dog park.  Behind both fences, the inmates gathered and clambered for a look at the fresh meat.  The amount of howls and catcalls was defining as Jung was paraded past them.  Barnes took a moment to incite more of a ruckus as he shoved Jung up against one of the fences.  Jung tried to peel away as hundreds of fingers reached through to cop a feel of his unclad flesh.  Some one in the crowd managed to pull his balls through the fence clamp on tight.  Jung screamed out as his nuts were nearly ripped off.  Barnes pulled Jung away and shoved him towards the main door as the young Korean/American tried to walk with his legs knock-kneed in pain.  Jung regained his composure as he was escorted through the door and into processing.

The six other prison workers in the room immediately all stood at attention as the naked and erect Jung was placed in the center of the room.  Jung was quickly surrounded in a tight circle of men who were all twice his mass by way of muscle or fat.

Barnes smiled, “Well boys, what are you waiting for?  Can’t you see by his massive hard-on that he wants it?”

Jung desperately, “I can’t help that.  I have a condition.”

Barnes scoffed, “Well, I think the boys here have a cure for that.”

The men grabbed onto all parts of Jung’s body as he tried to fight back in vain.  His judo training hadn’t prepared him for an assault of this magnitude, and especially not with his hands cuffed behind his back.  Office supplies scattered and stationary took flight as Jung was slammed stomach down across the desk.  His cock rapped against the side of the desk as his legs fought against being spread apart by two of the guards.  Barnes stood behind the hapless Jung as he unfastened his belt and unzipped his fly.

Barnes commanded, “I think I going to need some lube for that tight yellow ass of his.”

One of the men grabbed a stick of butter that was left out from breakfast, smeared it over the rippling muscles of Jung’s struggling buttocks, then shoved it into the young man’s asshole.  Jung screamed out in horror more than in pain.  Then came the painful part as Banes massive cock emerged over the top of his tighty-whities.  The cruel sheriff wasted no time and rammed his cock fast and deep into Jung’s defenseless hole with the finesse of a jackhammer.  Jung’s screams escalated as his face turned red and glory-hole tried to push out the nasty intruder.

Barnes howled out, “That’s right boy, let everyone know you’re getting the full welcome treatment.”

As the sheriff continued to pump away at Jung’s ass, one of the other guards fetched a dental dam and crammed it into Korean’s mouth.  The second guard whipped out his somewhat less impressive cock and fucked Jung in his mouth.  Jung screamed for salvation that was nowhere near and struggled against the force of a half dozen burly men.  Somewhere during this atrocity, Jung had lost all hope of escaping and surrendered to the soiling of his innards.  The rape of Jung went on for the next few hours as each man took his turn pumping load after load of his hot white tea up into the Asian’s ass and down his throat.  By the end of it all Jung was nothing more than a sperm soaked rag that lay motionless across a state issue desk.  The men were drunk with alcohol and unbridled lust and would occasionally revisit Jung’s ass that oozed gobs of spent semen.  His mouth gently percolated sperm as he moaned with utter hopelessness.

Finally, Barnes declared, “It’s time to go home to our wives, gentlemen.”

The second shift came in as the day crew was leaving.  The lead of the night shift, a Sergeant Polk, wasn’t all that surprised to see some naked disgraced beauty lying across his desk.

Polk sighed, “Newbie?”

Barnes patted Jung’s ass, “He’s all yours.”

“He’s a filthy little thing.  And I don’t feel like getting gook all over my dick.”

Barnes laughed, “Whatever, then I guess I’ll throw him to the dogs?”

Polk smiled’ “Yeah, the lifers have been a well behaved bunch lately and they could use some fresh meat.  It’s their shower time right now, that’ll be a good place for them to meet each other.”

Polk pointed at Jung’s hard cock, “What’s with the boner?  Did he like it or something?

Barnes scoffed, “Apparently, he has some sort of condition or something.”

Barnes grabbed Jung by the cuffs that still bound his wrists and pulled him off the table.  Jung collapsed into a pile of twisted and spent muscle on the floor.  Barnes forced him to his feet.

Barnes growled, “Come on you filthy little slant, get on you feet, time to meet your new cellmates.”

Polk reprimanded Barnes, “Hey, you know you could get in trouble for using such offensive language.”

The two men stared at each other for a moment and then broke out into uproarious laughter.

Barnes, “Yeah, right.”

Barnes forced Jung to his feet and marched straight into the showers that were already crowded with death row inmates.  Barnes yanked the dam out of the Korean’s mouth and started to unfasten the cuffs.  Just as Barnes unlocked one of the cuffs, Jung sprung to life and took a defensive posture against the back wall of the showers.  Jung grabbed a soap-on-a-rope and raised his fists into the air.  The lifers howled and whistled at the sight of the newbie Asian with his fists and his cock raised proud into the air.

Barnes shouted out, “Boys, here’s some fresh meat for you dogs.  Give him a proper Estelle welcome.”

As the men grouped in closer, and closer still, Jung knew that this night and all the days to follow were going to pass very slowly and painfully.

NOTE TO THE READER.   It should be known that the paragraph about the W. J. "Jim" Estelle Unit is a quote from an actual news article and the story of the rapes taking place there are true, at least according to that online news story.