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Part 2 - Bottoming Bill
By Jock Topper

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Bottoming Bill

By Jock Topper

My night started out innocently enough. I had gone to a local bar for a drink. Nothing crazy, simply unwinding after a long day. I had barely entered when, I noticed a guy at the end of the bar staring at me. Now I’m built and good-looking so getting that “laser eyes” cruising from guys isn’t unusual. I smiled and nodded over at him then, walked up to the other end of the bar and ordered a drink.

Now this guy wasn’t bad looking. Olive-toned complexion with curly black hair. Yeah, he was easy on the eyes. His build was a bit was bigger than me but not by much. He also had some more muscle to him.  From the open neck of his shirt, I could just detect some nice dark chest hair. A group of other guys were around him. By the way he was loudly boasting to them about his lifting prowess at the gym, it was clear he thought he was hot shit. I’d seen his kind before in bars. Strutting around acting like some macho top. The typical deferential crew he used as his audience  and whose job was to act impressed by him. Still, he did have that beefy body type that I liked, and, in his tight jeans, he was showing a bubbled, rounded butt that cried out to be tapped. Still, I played it coy. I could tell, by the quick side looks he was shooting my way, that he was interested. I had to suppress a smile knowing the game was on. Now it was all about who made the first move. A lot of Dom’s got off on marking the other guy approach them. It makes sense, it’s a show of power.  But I don’t play that game.  If you want it come and get it. He’d have to make this small capitulation, this small first crack.

So, I just slowly drank my vodka on the rocks and waited.  I occasionally glanced in his direction. Every fucking time, I saw he was trying to look at me without being obvious about it. A half hour later, he cracked. First point score to me! Leaving his fawning posse, he walked over to me. He was trying to be cool, but his eyes told me he was hot for me.

“The name’s Bill Positano,” he said as he got up close. He looked at my empty glass. “Care for a refill?”

I gave him a smile as we shook hands. “The name is JT. If you’re offering it then, sure, go for it,”  I replied making sure it sounded as if I  couldn’t give a fuck about whether he brought me one or not. I figured showing that indifference to his offer and him would make Bill even more determined to bag me.

He blinked and, for a second, he acted as if  he was unsure how to respond.

Good got you unsureSecond point to me , I thought. “Well, you buying?” I asked. Time to subtly keep him thrown. I wanted him  a bit uncertain.

“Sure,” he hesitantly answered.

Billy-boy wasn’t used to guys not falling at his feet. As I intended, I’d thrown him off his stride. Right then, I decided that, before this night was over, there would be a lot he’d be getting used to,

As he leaned around to signal the bartender for drinks, I took in inventory. He had a nice build. Good arm development and, from the way his jeans fit, he had taken care to be sure his legs were taken care of too. I hated guys who are all worked out above the waist yet, have that ‘chicken leg look’ below it. This dark-haired beauty clearly took the time to keep his torso’s definition in proportion. Broad chest leading into a narrow waist. Not an ounce of fat on him from what I could see. His best feature was, as I said before, his ass. Rounded and fully filled out, it almost cried out to be fucked. Lucky for that rump, I intended to fulfill its plea.

Something else happened in this moment. As I looked up, I noticed him wink at the bartender and the bartender wink back. It was subtle, almost subliminal.  However, I’ve learned it’s best to be aware of all the things going on around you. I also noticed the bartender had poured more vodka into my glass than into Bill’s. I also quickly caught the guys in his posse nudging each other and smiling. I played dumb, grinned and started to drink it. I was barely halfway done when Bill offered to go another round. He signaled the bartender and they magically appeared.  If I had any doubts before, I had none now. It was your classic, “get the bitch drunk on his ass then take his ass” ploy. Unfortunately for this hunk, I was no dope who would fall for it. I figured it was time to redraw the game board.

“Hey why don’t we sit down and talk,” I said to him as I passed over my still half-full, first drink to pick up the second one. I offered it to him. “If you take this to a table, I’ll us next round…on me.”

“Sounds good,” he replied. He downed his drink, grabbed mine, and walked to the table. I took the opportunity to call the bartender over.

“I know the score; so, here’s how it goes down tonight,” I whispered to him. “Double vodkas for Billy boy and plain water for me. Try to fuck me and I’ll come back and clean your clock.” I looked him over. Young, tall, not bad on the eyes, and with a lean build  but still a nice body. “Or I  can come back one night and fuck that sweet ass on you into heaven. Whatever you prefer,” I added.

He smiled. “Deal,” he replied. He poured a double dose of vodka in Bill’s glass but, a club soda for me. “I get off at 2 every night. I’ll keep condoms on me,” he shyly told me as he wrote his digits on a napkin.

“Got it,” I said as I pocketed the napkin and grabbed our drinks. I nodded. “You’ll love the size of my…tip,” I stated while letting him catch a glimpse at my crotch. “Really big. Oh, and get the ‘larger size’ too.”

“Yes Sir!” he eagerly replied as I left to join Bill.

I knew from now on, he was my boy and not Bill’s. Tonight, was about to get very interesting,

So, we sit, drink, and talk. I buy the next few rounds. He gets vodka while for me it’s plain water. They look alike so he’s not seeing the difference. Fuck, by the third round, he’s looking a bit worse for wear. To be fair though, we're hitting it off. He's a mechanic. From his name and his dark looks I already knew he was Italian-American. Definitely a sex on a stick…or soon to be.

At some point, he got up to go to the bathroom. By the way he was weaving about  any idiot could tell he was slightly drunk. Guys in his crew looked shocked. A few gazed at me. I smiled and waved to them. One moved towards Bill until he got grabbed back by another guy in the pack. That one was nice-looking but a bit too thin for my tastes. He winked at me and nodded. Seemed someone in Bill’s crew wasn’t unhappy that good old macho Bill was getting played.

When Bill came back, he’s holding two drinks. One of them had a lemon in it. I glanced over at the bartender who lifted a lemon wedge and gives me a subtle ‘high sign’. The lemon drink it is,  I thought as I took it from Bill. Yep, that was the one with only water.

By now, Bill’s got a slightly out of it look and a shit eating grin. “Nother round…”, he slurred as he raised a hand to signal the bar. I had to admit that, while his tactics were shady, I also had to respect him for trying so hard to bag me. To his credit, he was relentless. I noticed some in his crew whispering to the guy who had held his friend back from tipping off Bill about what was going down.

It was clear that, though, he’s had been holding them in check right now, that control wouldn’t last much longer. I made a quick decision that we needed to get out of this place before one came over to rescue his friend. Besides lover boy was drunk enough and I was horny enough to want to get things moving.

“Hey, do you want to head out?” I asked.

A hungry look came to his eye. “Fuck. My place is three blocks away. You want to fuck? Just know, I only top. Never gave up my ass; don’t intend to.” He leaned towards me. “I’m a fucking amazing top,” he woozily assured me. “So, we go to my place and do some ass plowing?”

I tried not to laugh out loud. As hot as he was, he had no real game. In fact, other than plying guys with drinks and boasting about being a top, he had no style with in his seduction.

“I’m up for a good fucking,” I replied.

He gave me a shit-eating grin and, downs his drink Maybe if he had been a bit more sober and, less certain of his prowess as a top, he might have realized that line had two ways of being interpreted. As I expected, he thought I was saying my ass would be open for business. Well, someone’s ass would be not, however, the one he expected.

As we headed out, I shot a grin at my “ally” in Bill’s crowd. He raised a glass, bent his other hand a bit, made a fist, and did a short hard forward thrust. I got the “fuck his ass hard” signal and winked at him  Whatever Bill had said or done to this guy, it was clear he wanted me to fuck his friend over, that or he was just tired of the top boasting. Hell, I was an obliging guy. A part of me also figured that, by the time I was finished with Billy-boy, he  would find his crew had a new top dog running it.

When we got to his place, he immediately led me to the bedroom. Looking around his place I could see it wasn’t some dump, but it felt like a frat boy had served as his decorator. Yeah, fitting for him. He s a frat boy who never grew up , I thought.

“My bedroom’s over here,” he said.

I’ ll give him cred for not engaging in some boring conversational foreplay , I mused as I followed him to the bedroom.

 As we entered, I noticed he already had the lights on low. It seems Billy-boy, cause by now I knew he was going to be my boy and soon, had already anticipated bringing someone back tonight. I also observed a mirror was situated just above his headboard. 

“Interesting,” I said to him. Form the whole setup, it was clear that he saw himself as a playa’ who brought his ‘dates’ here only for some fucking. Doing him will be even hotter , I thought as I watched him go to the mirror.

“I can unlatch it and adjust it too,” he eagerly stated.

I watched as he reached behind it, hit what I assumed was its latch, and moved the mirror outward. He swung to a 45-degree angle. It was pretty obvious the thing was positioned so he could see himself fucking. Looking at it, I also knew it was unlikely that whoever was getting fucked could see much of anything. So, Billy-boy was an exibitionist too.

We stripped down and, from the second he saw I was only wearing a jockstrap, he sprouted an erection. I was just slipping my strap down when, he stopped me from it taking it off.

“Guys in straps fucking turn me on,” he grunted as he moved to me.

Now there was no doubt he was an asshole but, he was a hot asshole. Nicely defined chest with a light matting of dark curly hair that was connected to a thin honey trail. He had a nice dick and a set low hangers that would clearly be fun to yank. Next to my junk however, it was in second place.

We started kissing standing up. One of his hands was soon rubbing my bulge. As things heated up, we moved quickly to his bed, lay down on it, and continued making out. All during it he was moaning about how hot he was for me. Throughout it all his hand was nicely cupping my growing bulge. Clearly Bill had a thing for touching a guy’s dick. If you love feeling dicks with your hands, you will go crazy when you feel mine humping into your ass ,” I thought as we rolled about on his bed. Eventually he positioned himself to be up above me. I noticed he looked at the mirror and check himself out. When he did it again, I pulled my junk out of my strap.

 "Oh fuck,” he gasped as he caught site of my family jewels in the mirror. He looked away from their image to really check them out. “Fuck,” he rasped while keeping his eyes locked on my growing erection.

I was easily twice his size and, it was pretty clear to us both that his junk, though respectable, was no match for what I was packing.

“Big fucking dick, man,” he rasped. From the hungry look in his eyes this boy was totally on fire. Top only my ass,” I mused as Billy-boy actually started salivating.

Considering how fixated on my dick he was, I decided to try something. “Want to lick?”

He gazed up at me. “I only top,” he told me but his rejection was undercut by the fact his eyes dropped to again focus on my erection.

“Hey I know you never bottom but what the hell. One lick won’t mean shit,” I answered. “It will get me ready for…you know,” I added to give him a fig leaf to hide behind.

“One lick,” he told me.

I watched as he leaned down to tentatively let his tongue lick the head of my cock. I could swear I heard him sigh.  Before I knew it, one lick turned into two and then three. I watched as he spent a minute running his tongue up and down my shaft. Then he stopped.

“We need to fuck, man,” he grunted as he moved or tried to move me into the ‘bitch position.’

I pushed him off.

"I wanna eat your ass first," I said to him. His eyes lighted up like a kid seeing presents o under a Christmas tree.

“Fuck yeah,” he happily told me before eagerly moving to lay face down-ass up on his bed.

I took in the sight of his round set of butt-cheeks just waiting to be spread. I grinned, pushed his legs to expose his pink-hued pucker, then went to work. Now eating ass is an art. Lucky for Billy-boy I wrote the book on doing it so fine that the other guy is squirming in heat. I went work on the outer muscles of his chute doing a bit of pre-penetration with my tongue before I slowly worked in a finger. I teased it getting those defenses looser and looser. All the while, Billy was gasping. Fuck for a total top he was purring like a cat. Soon those muscles were so relaxed I could insert the whole thing into his hole.

“Easy there,” he grunted while making no move to stop me…a telling sign.

“Relax and enjoy it,”  I told him knowing he was doing just that. I let my finger massage that soft inner lining.

“Fuck,” he softly moaned. “Oh, fuck me; that’s so hot.”

Oh, I will fuck you bitch. You can count on it , I silently told him.

At one point, I got into so deep I tapped his prostate. His entire muscled body bucked from the hit.

“FUCK,” he yelped as he wiggled his ass. “Don’t stop,” he gasped while squirming under my control. As I worked that G spot in him my total top stud began slowly moving his rump upward to get my finger in deeper.

Yeah, his inner need to bitch was coming to life , I decided as I prepared Billy-boy for his debut as a bottom!

“I can make it even better for you if, you move your body a bit,” I whispered to him. I let my finger rub his prostate as I made this suggestion.

(I thought of this as turning a guy into my personal puppet. It was really a form of mind control.    From past experiences, I knew, when you worked a guy well and got him into heat, he was gonna start to loose track of the situation. The more excited he becomes the more jammed up his brain gets and rational thinking starts to go out the window.    Once, I had a guy totally stuck in a sort of pre-orgasm head space while I jackhammered his button for 10 fucking minutes keeping him on the edge.    And, edge him I did.    In the end he was mindlessly babbling shit while begging me to either pop him or stop.    It was torture for him.    I was gooning him from the inside. Now I had my Italian Stallion in the same position, with his prostate so jazzed up and his brain so overloaded that I could get him to comply with any request I made. My Billy-boy was soon in full rutting mode.)

 “Yeah, make it better,” he moaned.

“Let me slide this pillow under your stomach so I can get a better angle,” I instructed him. By now he was so stimulated he quickly complied.

“This okay,” he mumbled as he rolled forward a bit and angled his ass up.

“That’s great.” I continued doing into him.

I took in the sight of his rear-end positioned high up and open for business. “Perfect ,” I huskily told him. “Just breath and enjoy the ride,” I said as I spread those huge thighs farther apart and moved between them. As I was doing it, I was making sure I never stopped finger fucking into him. By the sounds of his heavy breathing, and the way he was humping the bed, good old top man Billy-boy was losing it. “Breath baby,” I softly whispered to him as I pulled out my finger.

“Fuck man don’t stop,” he pathetically moaned

Yeah a closet bitch , I told myself. “Relax baby. I got you.” I eased my dick through his now truly loosened outer anal muscled ring that once defended his hole.

“Fuck what’s happening,” he gasped as my shaft slowly plowed into him. He tried to rise but his current position, combined with the fact was pressing down on his lower back with all my weight, kept him under me.

“Just let me have some fun before you fuck me buddy" I said to him as I thrust in deep to whack my cock on his already sensitized prostate.  “I’ve almost….almost…Got it,” I muttered as my dick and his inner G spot slammed into each other.

“OH FUCK” he bellowed as his whole frame shuddered, like he had a chill running down his muscled and sweaty back.  “Oh Fuck….OH FUCK…my ass it’s….it’s…on fire,” he cried out as a bolt of pleasure hit him.

“I’ll hose it down soon, baby,” I laughed as I began slowly fucking him with about half my cock.

By now, he’s babbling shit about me doing him…telling me he’s no cunt… yet, making no move to stop me.

“OH…you’re…you’re fucking me…you’re fucking my top ass….so good…I….oh…I….” his voice trailed off…his head craned back over one shoulder then the other as he tried to get a handle on what had gone wrong with his plans.

Yep a closet bottom , I thought. All total top posing covered up what he secretly truly craved. I just hammered away as I rode his ass.

At some point he managed to get up on his hands and a doggy style position. Once he had done it, he twisted his head back...I realized he was watching me fuck him!

“Fuck  JT, you’ll kill me with that thing," he yelped as I continued my screwing. He spread his legs farther apart which, in my opinion, meant that he was now thinking about HOW to take it. A few seconds later he stopped bitching about getting torn up by my cock and eased into again simply enjoying his bitching.

As I did him, I kept thinking about his posing in the bar talking shit like: I don’t bottom…my ass is off limits. “ Yeah, tried to get me drunk and pop my ass,” I snarled. “ Yet, here you are… on all fours while I stuff my donkey dick up your hole.”

“More,” he grunted in reply, In fact, the ex-top was even more energetically thrusting his butt up to meet my strokes.

By now, I was relentlessly doing him. I just kept pounding into him with my cock.  I leaned forward as I jammed my shaft deeper.






I reached under him and damn if his dick wasn’t rock hard and leaking too.

Soon he was howling like a two bit whore in a back alley. “Yes. Yes,” he was sobbing but in a high tone of voice. I mean his pitch was higher than you'd it earlier gruff bar tone. He was really loosing it, but also getting loud.

Nothing puts a man off his stride more than a bitch in heat screaming. I looked over and saw his shirt was still on the was a black sleeveless muscle tank that looked great on him but was gonna look better shortly with what I had in mind.

(By the way. I looked like a god in the mirror and I'm loving that too. )

Anyway, I grabbed his shirt....twisted it up then, told him to "open wide."

He turned his head and said "wha....”

Before he could close his mouth, I quickly flipped the shirt over his head getting it lodged between his upper and lower jaw.... basically I’d gagged him so I could concentrate on my  fagging him.

As my now gagged power bottom tried to come to grips with how this was all going so wrong for him, I pulled back hard on my new mare’s bridle, causing his head to snap up. Now, my mount was staring right into the mirror; looking back at me with my cock buried inside his ass. He could now see that I had him literally had him at both ends at the same time.   I gave his right butt cheek a hard slap and cried out,

Giddy up!

My horse let out a muffled grunt and we really began to ride! I lifted up onto my feet and leaned back, using the shirt and his weight for balance as I jammed my shaft deeper.


I felt that erotic rush that came with a sense of power. I knew I was gelding his old self-image but frankly couldn’t have cared less. This asshole didn’t deserve any pity. So I continued fucking the hell out of him while giving each cheek some hard whacks that caused him to howl. Tears were streaming from his eyes but let’s face it, he could have gotten out of this in two seconds if he truly wanted. Also, judging by the way he was thrusting his cock between my fingers, Billy-boy was loving it all!

Suddenly I hear him say through the gag

"Cum in me.”

“You sure, baby?”I asked. "Do you think you can take being bred by me? It will mean you’re my bottom bitch. You know that, right?”

“Yes,”came the muffled reply through his gag. “Cum in me, please.”

I reached under him. By now, I could feel his bloated dick screaming to cum.  His shaft was slick with his sweat and pre-jizz and it with each thrust is was helplessly dragging lightly across a cum lubed fold in the sheet. I slowed down a bit to edge him on a little bit more. I was out to really head fuck him. “Guess you’re not the top you thought you were, huh bro?”I queried, watching my oversized cock and his overfilled ass come to a perfect union of passion and pleasure.

“Don’t stop...not a top,”he blurted out though his gagged mouth.

“That’s my baby,”I replied. “Just let me ride your ass a bit more. I promise to bred you good. That  okay?”

He nodded.

Now, as I was doing him, I was hearing muffled cries of, “Yes, yes…please...make me shoot.”

I was riding my mare hard...pulling back on the shirt...his head pulled up...his eyes wide…his ass red from my slaps…I was fucking him with my dick and he was seeing it all on his mirror.

He was truly going crazy. I heard his muffled cries grow louder begging me to bred him.

It was time! “I guess, since you asked so nice baby, sure. Squeeze that ass so I can cream your hole good,”I said to him. His ass clamped around my cock and I nutted hard into him. As I bred his butt, he yelped. That last thrust coupled with the rubbing sheet and ragged prostate were too much. He cried out as his cock unloaded a torrent of cum, a truly huge load of Italian spunk. It went on for at least 20 seconds ending with dry spasms. He grunted and collapsed with my dick still inside of him.

“You took my ass,”he contently sighed. “You fucking bred my ass.”

“And a nice piece it was,”I teased as I gave his right cheek another hard slap.

“Fuck,”he surprisingly grunted.

Damn from total top to muscle bitch,  I thought to myself.

Finally, I pulled out, pushed his hot body down deeper into the pool of his own slag, and got off the bed. Bill was a mess. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel.

“That was fun.”I told him as I wiped off. When I finished, I threw him the towel. As usual, after I’ve fucked the shit out of guy,  Billy-boy was still lost in his post ‘JT ass pounding sexual high”so, he just let it fall to the floor by the bed.

I dressed as he laid ass-up on his bed. He was sighing like a cat who got the cream which, in some way, he did. His legs were spread and, from a certain angle, you could see my cum dripping out of his reddish looking, swollen hole.

As I finished I looked at him.

“Hey,”he softly said gazing at me with unfocused eyes. “Can we...I you want to get together again? You can fuck me all you want. On the downlow.”

Like I would need your permission to do you again , I thought.

I stared at him sternly. Then he added, “Ok, um, not on the downlow?”

I can see from his eyes he’s still in the final remnants of arousal. I walk to the chair to grab my wallet and keys.

“So you liked getting fucked and you want me to do you again?”I asked.

“Yes,”he replied.

“You’re giving up your Top-Status to a real Alpha?”


“Ask me nice and I might,”I said to him

“Yes please,”he instantly responded.

“ Sorry,”I coolly replied. “I only fuck total tops.”

The End

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