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Tagged, Bagged, and Turned into My ...
Part 1 - Tagged, Bagged, and Turned into My ...
By Jock Topper

Tagged, Bagged, and Turned into My…

By Jock Topper

I hope you enjoy this story. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. So, Write.

Part One:

It doesn’t matter what’s my real name. I’m known to everyone as JT. That’s short for Jock Topper. I got that name because of my sexual specialty. I break and dominate jocks who, until I got to them, thought they were total tops.

Let’s face it, sex is about domination and power, and I love both!  When I fuck a so-called top into being my bitch, the guys knows I'm in charge and I'll do what I like to him. Of course, I’m not cruel. If he's not comfortable or enjoying it, I'll move on to some other act with him.

My goal is turn him out slow and obliterate him with pleasure until it’s too torturous for him to fight me. When I finally flip him it’s an amazing sensation. I feel like a god, whatever the scene, from muscle worship to plain old domination, I get their virginal butts in the end.

Turning a jock out, especially when he thought he was straight, can take some time but, I’m  down for it. On the plus side, it's not like I'm just into this for myself though.  I get off when the other guy gets overheated and I can subtly push his buttons. His mind fuck is what drives that heat in me. In the end however, my goal is all about: Tagged, Bagged, and Turned into my fag.

I started young. My first tagging & bagging was during my junior year in high school when I took down a hot looking senior who was the school’s golden boy. He was handsome and nicely built and, until I came along, the star of the baseball team. Dating the most popular girl in school, he had that cocky strut that begged for me to bitch him.

All it took was going at him in just the right way. Now some guys might charge right in and simply end up flaming out in the attempt. I mean he was fucking straight so, trying to obviously ‘sexually do him’ was going to fail. Besides, I like the slow burn approach. I arrived at my new school in my sophomore year. In the first season together I stood out above everyone on the team including the “star player”. I had played since PeeWee’s and learned to dominate on the field. It became very clear very quickly that he was not happy about the new world order. I made note of his behavior both on and off the field and was easily able to find that weak chip in him. In his case, it didn’t take long. Our former BMOC was used to everyone admiring him as the star player and he had never had competition before. He had gotten complacent, lazy. I simply outplayed him by being more aggressive and because of what I think we can call natural ability.

That shook the golden boy. Soon, regaining his “glory” became his fixation. He had always been the star, but now, I was the object of the hero-worshiping crowd. But his ego was too frail and as he obsessed about it he began a slow decent into oblivion. By the end of the school year, he was mind fucked. His girl broke up with him. His so-called friends drifted off.

This is when I stepped in and quickly became his sole supportive buddy. I offered to work with him in the off season to improve his game and over that summer we constantly hung out. I worked with him on and off the field and offered my help wherever I could. Within a few weeks he was eagerly listening to whatever I suggested to improve his on-field performance. The thing with this jock is that he’d been preprogrammed to accept advice from anyone he viewed as superior. His history in sports had installed a crack. I merely stepped into that role. I  made sure to deal with him in that same way, so I fit that bill for him. As he entered his senior year, he was putty in my hands. Under my tutelage he got back his confidence and he went back to his winning ways. Naturally, as I expected, he attributed it all to me. He became even more dependent on my advice and guidance.

Again, the slow burn. In his mind I was already his alpha. By the end of his senior year, I was ready to make my move. A weeks into his senior summer Iput my plan in motion. My parents were going to be away for the summer, so the house was mine. Naturally I invited him over for a beer which I’d laced with a small amount of Viagra. Later, I told him about this hot porno I found. I showed him the box and suggested we go look at it. Down to our furnished basement we went with out beers and video. Being horny jocks, we soon had our dicks out and began masturbation. At the risk of sounding like a total asshole, you should know that I have a really nice dick. Thick, long and perfectly shaped with some nicely rounded low hangers to compliment it. I noticed my buddy occasionally sneaking glances at my meat then down at his equipment. Now, to be fair, he had nothing to feel ashamed about. He had some good shit down there too. Yet, compared to mine, he clearly realized he was in second place…again. I tried not to smile at the hit his manly image was taking Still, another wedge in his image was scored that first night by my superiority in another department.

It soon became routine for him to hang out at my place, get nicely buzzed (and dosed), develop a raging bone, and then head down to the basement with me to beat off to climax. After a month of this I figured it was time to make my move.

OneafternoonI’d pretended I’dburned my hands earlier that day so I couldn’t get a grip to beat my meat to a climax. (Yes, I had wrapped my hands to look injured.) After a few minutes of porn I brought up the idea of him jerking me off as a way of thanking me for helping him.

Fuck JT. That feels gay,” he uttered as he stroked his boner.

What’s so gay about helping a guy get off,” I asked him

The look on his face as he watched my dick while also seeing his own hormonal, and Viagra induced boner , was priceless. After a minute he fixated and I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes my waving wood.

Look if you don’t want to its fine,” I added making sure to sound angry. “It’s fucking harmless shit. I just thought, considering all I’ve done for you—Fuck dude! I’ve been there for you every time. I ask one fucking favor and you blow me off.”

Sorry bro, but, I mean, jerking off a guy feels funny,” he weakly replied.

Forget it,” I replied being sure to sound disappointed in him. 

I then inexpertly tried to masturbate, first with one bound hand, then the other.

Fuck,” I hissed.

I took my hand off my rod, stared at the porn, and waited. This was the key moment. He’d either succumb to helping me or get up and go.

Gees man,” he whispered as he tentatively reached out to grab my shaft. “It’s cool, right? No big deal…..Let me help you,”

You sure?” I hypocritically asked as I handed him another dosed beer.

Yeah, it’s fine,” he said. 

As he gingerly took my dick in one hand, he used his other free hand to grab his dosed beer and quickly gulped it down. I then watched as he hesitantly jerked off his first guy. You could hear the sounds of his quickened breathing as he stroked my erection. I was watching him watching my dick in his hands. Like I said. I have a very nice dick. At one point he gazed up at me through slightly glazed eyes.

Doing good,” I cooed. Why not use your other free hand to masturbate yourself too,” I instructed like any good coach.

Okay,” he slurred as he took hold of his erection.

Everything okay there boy,” I asked throwing in that term to get him used to hearing it.

Very,” he told me as the pace of his hand stroking picked up.

He groaned.

Not too gay, is it?” I causally moaned back. Hell, the guy knew how to work meat.

No feels good,”: he muttered. His eyes were fixated on my stiff bone despite his other blurred hand on his own cock.

After that I lay back and let it all happen. I made sure to compliment him as he worked on both our meats. After all, the boy still craved praise. I also made sure I combined it with my usual display of authority that overcame any resistance he had about doing it. Of course, it helped that, thanks to the laced beers, he’d been stimulated into a raging hard-on. I simply let him beat us both off. By the sounds he was making he was enjoying it too.  Like I said before, I’m not cruel.

Aw fuck,” he grunted at one point. “I’m ready to pop my load. As he said this, he increased his hand job on my shaft. 

Go on then permission granted,” I told him.  

He stared at me, nodded and a quick blushing smile appeared on this face while he added, “thanks,”

I smiled back and over what had just occurred. All those years bowing to some athletic authority had him primed. I just re-activated it inside of him into my own direction. He was turning out into submission. A surge of power  flowed throughout my body. My cock lurched in his grip.

We both shoot at the same time. Arching upward like two squirting geysers, our jism collided in the air between us. We watched as they combined before plopping down on our chests. Afterwards we sat side by side. My  jock- boy was all smiles.

Fuck that was intense!” he blurted out as he looked over at me. Then clearly felt bad for being so emphatic.

Good job,” I responded . I noticed him grinning as he heard it. “You can jerk me off anytime”

Yes, he was riding down the road to Fag-Town and I was driving the car.

After that, helping his injured buddy jerk off while having a ‘beer’and watching porn became our routine. I kept the bandages on for longer than it would have taken to be “healed” and he continued jerking us both off. It was shortly into that phase that I moved things into another new path. When he first started masturbating me, we sat side by side on sofa and both watching porn.  One night, after a few minutes of awkward jerking by him, I casually suggested he get down on his knees in front of me. 

If you’re doing it facing me it would be easier for you,” I stated. “I mean it makes sense, right?”

I guess,” he slowly replied. “If I did though I couldn’t see the porn.”

You’d still hear the shit, though. Go on try it,” I told him using a tone of voice with a bit of authority in it. “If you don’t like it we can try something else. Common, I’m really horny today and by the looks of it, you are too.”

He looked down at his bone. I had increased his viagra dose and his erection was harder than ever.

Okay just this once though,” he replied


Once in that position he was now staring at my cock while I was  supposedly looking at the porn…but really down on him.  He kept staring at my dick. It was fucking hot. Here was the once BMOC school’s stud kneeling between my splayed muscled legs jerking us both off with my dick inches from his face. It was epic.

And so that became our new routing until one night I upped the my game. I ‘accidentally’cream-pied him right in the face. He freaked.

Shit don’t go all pussy about it,” I sharply said as I watched him trying to clean his face.

You came on me,” he said in a tone of voice more whiny than manly.

Grow a pair boy. It was an accident.” I arrogantly told him. 

I stood over him to give me the superior position.  I looked down at him. There he was, on his knees, still stroking his own erection in his free hand, and gazing up. I waited. Would he crack into the next step in his submission?

It’s cool,” he lightly replied as he used a shirt sleeve to help him clean off.

I pulled my tank off fully exposing my chest, abs, and shoulders which he could not help to checkout. I offered it to him to wipe his face off. (What can I say, I’m chivalrous.) But by physically towering over him and using a forcefully vocal tone, I managed to keep him between my legs. He had yielded and sat there wiping the cum away with my sweaty tank top.

Over time, I slowly added more ‘harmless sexual shit”’for him to do to get off. Nothing big. Simply a series small erotic concessions by him in his behavior. Actions that were so subtle, my jock never puts it together that he was being mentally subverted. I exploited his raging hormonal need to spunk to slowly “turn the ship”in his mind towards compliance. Throughout it all, I always made sure, by adding more to the dosage of the viagra, to keep harder and harder longer. Once I had him into full rutting -mode, my straight boy jock was soon easily induced into trying some more interesting ‘harmless sexual shit’.And if he ever wavered I always commented afterward about how he was still boned as my own cock when back down. That helped reinforce the idea that his subconscious must like it.

A week later, I inducted my jock into the erotic charge that came with mutual ball-play(him doing us both)and later, how hot a guy can get if he inserts one of his fingers up his ass while strokes his dick.(That one really blew his mind and provided a new avenue after my bandages came off.) Again, as I told you, my goal is turn him out slow and obliterate him with pleasure until it’s too torturous for him to fight me.  In the end, his overwhelming need to ejaculate, combined with his programming as a jock to listen to authority figures, all worked in my favor.

Look, let me say it again. A boned guy is pliable. Get any guy hot and, keep him boned, and he stops thinking with his brain. His cock’s need to spunk takes over the decision making. I love getting a guy so frenzied that he starts making bad decisions. The simple fact is that, in the heat of the moment, he will choose anything that gets him hotter without realizing what the repercussions will be. I think we can all agree on this point, right! I refer to it as the Nut-ter Effect .  

So, employing that Nut-ter Effect  on him, I used the viagra and beer to keep him in a state of  arousal during our get togethers.  Employing its effects, I gradually took him mentally down a path to my total domination. In the end, it all led to a night where he was in a heavily buzzed state of viagra induced sexual arousal, lying on his back, his legs spread wide, his erect dick waving in front of his face, and me pounding my cock into his ass. As I did, he was moaning like a two-bit back-alley whore. My boy was rock hard. His dick suddenly began waving about. I actually saw the outline on his undershaft of his cream throbbing up to his cockhead.  He fucking shot while I was in him. Not wanting to breed him yet I quickly pulled out. He seemed surprised when I didn’t cum, but I explained to him that I fucked him because he needed it so bad. I mean, I actually presented it as if I was doing him a favor. That really floored him.

After that we hung out for a few more hours and I got him to jerk me off again. It was a trip as I told my now demoralized, ass fucked, ex-BMOC buddy questioned his sexuality.“

Buddy,” I said, “If you ain’t a fag why was your dick boned while I was fucking you? Remember how you asked for it? Man, you shot too…and not a small amount.” 

He looked at me then, at his still raging bone bouncing below the ribbed indentations of his six pack. The thought of the spunk that he’d blown as I fucked him.

I creamed while you fucked me.” He said.

So that is proof man,” I stated in a firm tone of voice. “Go on admit I’m right.”

He gazed at me, clearly unsure about his new role and nodded. “I’m a fag?”

My fag, got it!” I added going for the ‘kill shot’ and seal the deal.

Your fag,” he mumbled.

Goal reached. The stud jock had  crumbled and for the rest of that summer his hole was open for business. My first jock that I’d tagged was bagged and fagged.

For me, the hunt is the fun part more than the conquest. Seeing the alpha in a guy slowly dissolve until you’ve turned him out into mind set of submission. As I said, that thrill you get when a jock gets flipped is amazing. Fucking his ass is anticlimactic. He was my first but trust me, other falling alphas soon followed. My fag is now a star player on a major baseball team. The fan magazines are filled with pictures of him taking out women. Shots of his muscled body in his form-fitting baseball uniform are the stuff of thirst traps. Yet, when I whistle, this stud crawls back to me to service my sexual commands. I like to fuck him in his uniform (courtesy of a small slit in the seam in the back of its pants) while he’s sucking on his signed official all-star bat. Hell, a few times I made him leave my place with my creamy jism in his hair under his baseball cap.And once, just once, I made him play a practice game with a butt plug inserted up his hole to keep my spunk inside of him.

Anyway, enough about him.

As I got older, I slowly perfected my approaches on other targeted guys. I always adjusted my methods of conquest to fit to the alpha-jock that I was going to bitch. It’s all about being flexible in your methods. Have the patience to determine what  gets that guy hot. When you find it, go use it to keep him in heat. I bears repeating, a guy whose balls are churning to spunk can slowly be guided to where he unconsciously begins seeing you as the one in charge. Trust me, once you have him in that aroused mind-set, it’s a short walk to where he consciously concedes that very fact to you both. That admission, my friend, is his brief rest stop on the road to his permanent residence in Bitch City . The Nut-ter Effect  never fails.

Side note: It was helpful that I had the looks and build that allowed me to easily fit into a jock’s world. Sorry if you thought I was some small nerdy type. Honestly, to fuck over a jock you need to look like one. I did.

I recently took on another alpha jock type. A real self-assured, six-foot, 195 muscled guy who, was fucking hot as hell. He was gay which, while interesting, did not make taking him to Fag-Town any less of a victory for me. The challenge was that he was a guy who was used to calling the shots with others. In addition, the dude was a cyber dominate who preyed on guys and financially turned them out as his cash pigs. He had a rep as a total top, man’s man. I knew taking him down would be a long game but, I determined to bag and tag that conceited stud. It would be a real hard but thrillingly erotic challenge. One however, I was determined to win! Slow burn and the Nut-ter Effect

Again, I went at him guided by my first rule. Take the time to scope out your quarry. Look for that weak flaw in their armor. Trust me it will be there so, be patient. Once you find it, you can exploit it to slowly, again slowly, crack him. Now this guy was totally confident in his alpha nature and his belief he was top dog in the kennel. Yeah, massively overconfident and that, was the flaw I knew I could manipulate to fag him. Another alpha soon to be tagged and bagged, and fagged coming up, right.


But that’s a story for another time. Till then, feel free to email me at:

Fair warning though to any alphas who reach out to me. Keep in mind that, if you do, you just might find you too got Tagged, Bagged, and Turned into My

The End?

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