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Coach Goes Down
Part 2 - The End Zone
By Jock Topper

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Coach Goes Down: The End Zone

By Jock Topper

I knew I had Coach Johnson in a tight situation. Having seduced him over the course of the week, I had pretty much broken down all his defenses. Now, with the still fresh memory of my cock inside this throat, he found himself in a situation he desperately wanted, but which he had never allowed himself to experience. 

“It’s OK Coach, I’m not going to tell a soul.”I cooed into his ear,  “I promise to make a new man outta you.”  I looked down and marveled at his back.  It was thick and wide and muscled.  His neck was only slightly narrower than his head. He didn’t look like a Neanderthal, but he was solidly built.

I took a few minutes to feel my lubed cock pressing against his ass. By now he was heavily breathing. We both knew what was coming. The fact he hadn’t tried to move away or, get up, told us both he wanted it too. With my left arm across his chest and my head behind his neck, I spit on my s fingers and proceeded to slide one of them  between his perfectly smooth cheeks. He was tight, crazy tight. He gasped and his body shivered.

“Fuck…oh fuck,”he wheezed. Right then, I knew I’d tapped the hidden desire to be screwed within him. That would run the show! As he leaned forward and moaned even louder, I slowly worked another finger into his hole.  He whined a bit, trying to accommodate physically what his mind wanted mentally.  I marveled at the feeling of his pecs and shoulders as he involuntarily flexed.  

“Shhh…that’s it.  You’re doing great sport,”  I softly whispered into his right ear. I loved throwing that term back in his face and the fact that our positions were now reversed.  “Tell me Coach….tell me what you want.”I whispered. 

“I…oh fuck…I can’t believe I’m saying this…..I want you…to do me.”

“Do it again coach, with respect this time.”I said to egg him on.

“I want you to do me.  Please, Sir.  I…need….this…so bad.”

Yeah, I thought so, I told myself.

I reached back into the locker and pulled out his whistle, putting it around my neck as he watched in the mirror in front of him. I didn’t say a word, but I could tell in by his look that he understood the meaning here. The new leaf that he was trying to turn over with this transfer had already fallen from the tree. He was getting off with a student again, but this time he was not the one in charge. I’m sure in his mind this might have been a lesser offense, after all, he was the one being seduced. But after the fact the full ramifications of this slight change in roles would become all too apparent.  He looked into the mirror at me with longing eyes. 

“Yeah, that’s right. You need it bad, don’t you?”, I asked already knowing the answer.

“I…what’s happening. I…fuck I’m so turned on. What is wrong with me?”

I laughed.“Don’t worry boy, nothing that I can’t fix with a little training. Guess I’m the coach now, huh.”  

I tossed the whistle over my shoulder and went back to opening up his ass.  It didn’t take much more work to do it. As I’d hoped, my coach comment and whistle move mentally loosened him up and that made all the difference. He was now seeing himself as a player doing as his coach wanted. In this case, a relaxed hole and my approval! I easily added yet another finger.

“I’ve got three fingers in you, how you feeling about that?”I asked.

“Fuck, really?”He shyly replied.  “I thought it was all of them. God…fuck, it feels so good.” 

“Ok, well let's see if you can take a bigger piece of me.”  I swung my leg over the bench and settled into a better position behind him.  His head was craning back over his shoulder, first one way then the other, trying to see what was happening. I realized his best view was in the mirror on the side wall. 

“Coach, have a look in the mirror.”I said, pointing to the wall.  His eyes went wide as he saw my erect cock thrust up from between my thick legs. My quads and hamstrings looked so thick from the side, making my cock somehow look even longer. By now it was just an inch or so from his lower back. More importantly, it was aiming right at the crack between his butt-cheeks.  I took the whistle and held it in my mouth…just so he could see it.  For coaches, whistles are an important show authority…power over others. Showing I controlled it now was my way of killing his inner sense of being the one in charge…in a way his manhood too.  I leaned over to the locker again.

“I’m gonna go slow, but I think we should do something to keep you quiet,”I said. “Open your mouth,”I instructed. I smiled as he meekly complied. Grabbing a  nearby face cloth,  I stuffed it in his mouth.  His face showed his shock by this additional demonstration of my dominance but he didn’t stop me. His grip on the end of the bench was so tight, it made the muscles of his forearms pop through the tan skin.

“Yeah, that’s better.  We don’t wanna attract any attention, do we, right?”I stated.  He nodded quickly, still looking at the reflection of rod that was about to spear him.

I slowly pushed my cock down . He rocked forward, angling his ass back and up and aligning his virgin hole with my helmet.  I grabbed the sides of his small waist and began to push forward into it.

Now there are some things you gotta know about fucking a guy. The most important one involves motivation of the guy getting plowed.  A guy who is an accomplished bottom will struggle with even the smallest dick if, he’s just not into it.  People think ass fucking is about getting loose and relaxing, but it’s really about desire.  If you want that cock, your mind will find a way to get the “loosen up”message from your brain to your ass 100 times faster than the manual manipulation method.  It's just a matter of mind over matter.  So even though I spent a good 10 minutes fingering his tight hole, firing up that inner desire in him was the important thing here.  

So I’m now pushing my fat head at the perfect pink sphincter of the coach and he’s undoubtedly nervous at the idea of what’s about to happen.  Ultimately though, by now we both know he badly wants me up his chute. From the first moment he first saw my BBC (Big Beautiful Cock), I knew he was enthralled.  I get it.  I’ve always known how blessed I am in this particular department. As soon as he saw what I was packing he was doomed.  He was now riding the bench like a horse, me directly behind him and my cock head pushing into his perfect hole.  The coach was ready for the ride of his life.

“Just keep watching Coach.  I know you got this,”I assured him.  I leaned forward and kissed his back  as I pushed my cock forward…into his slick, wet, hole.  Slowly pushing forward. My head was like a snowplow, the head pushing his ass-lips aside like a curtain of snow, until I had a good 2 inches inside of him.  

“You ok boy?”I asked, lobbing a loaded term into the already steaming situation.

My goal was to help him mentally think of me as caring but also his alpha.  My jacked and muffled coach vigorously nodded his head in agreement From his muffled grunts, he clearly desired to get this first stroke accomplished fast.  I understood, but I had other plans.  I pushed forward again, sliding the thickest part of my cock into his gut. Here my aim was so the slightly less girthy next section could give him some relief.  I saw his eyes go wide as he let out a loud groan…or was it a sigh.  Both I guess. Soon, he seemed to realize he was past the tough spot.  What he didn’t realize was the pleasure he was going to feel in 3….2…1…BANG!  

My head rammed itself across his prostate sending his eyes wide. He made some unintelligible noise then, his body shuddered from head to toe.  I figured he was a virgin. The confirmation came when, I could see in his eyes as he had his first “man-gasm”.  He nodded his head vigorously again. I heard something which sounded like “yes”before he reached back to hold me there.  

“That got you, huh coach.”I teased. He merely groaned louder and nodded.

In rapid succession, I pulled back an almost imperceptible amount and then pushed forward the same distance 5 or 6 times.  He repeatedly whimpered as I did…shuddering and shaking. His ass lips spasmed around my thick cock as they tried to swallow more. . I changed my pace to slightly slow down his prostate’s massaging.  I next varied it…intermittently sawing my cock across his inner G Spot to force a series of intense waves throughout his body. I observed how his initial look of grimace turned to one of elation then, finally, mindless ecstasy. His cock was bobbing between his legs as copiously oozing  globs  of pre-jizz drooled out of the throbbing head.  He was desperate to orgasm. I could see in his pleading eyes his dilemma.  He was caught in a zone of pleasure so intense that, if I kept him there, it would eventually drive him mad.  But I wasn’t ready to grant that relief to him. He had to learn what true submission was: he would only cum when I wanted it to happen.

“Guess you’re liking this.”I queried.  He nodded again…his hands still clutching the bench. Every muscle on his body flexed and squeezed as he steadied himself. His legs were randomly spasming as I held his waist thrusting my cock even further into him.

He mumbled ‘please’or something similar as I held him on that edge.  Few things in life are better than being edged.  It’s like being next in line on a roller coaster…the best part is when you’re just about to ride, but for now you have to wait.  I watched in the mirror as his eyes rolled back, his face wracked with pleasure. His upper body thrashed in small jerks in every direction, while his overloaded brain became too jammed upto get him over the hump or back himself down.   And so I just held him there….minute after minute after minute.  That is definitely one of the hottest things, holding someone on the edge like that. Completely helpless. You own them in a completely in a new and different way and they will do anything to have that again.

Eventually I started to worry that I might actually mentally damage him. So, after what undoubtedly seemed like an eternity to him, I started my forward assault on his hole again. I pushed my shaft’s remaining inches in deeper. The reducing diameter toward the base gave him the chance to catch his breath.  As my cock head moved off this prostate, my veiny shaft took its place. I was still stimulating him but, at a lower more manageable level.  I looked in the mirror to see a puddle of pre-cum on the bench directly under his waving cock.  It was easily 4 inches in diameter. I chuckled at how he was milked without touching himself or knowing it was happening.

I pulled myself forward one last time and wrapped my arms around his waist.  Together we panted in sync as he caught his breath. He was fucking amazing piece of ass. I could have plowed him for hours, but a newly tapped ass can be a finicky thing. I wanted him to have his nut before he got uncomfortable.  I let go of him and grabbed the sides of the bench behind me.  I lifted my ass up, freeing it of the friction of the bench. Supporting my body on my feet and hands, I began to fuck him…slowly at first so he could get use to the rhythm.  The rhythm of sex is possibly more important than any other aspect and coach stayed put as I slid smoothly in and out of his butt.  Soon he got a feel for it. He loosened his grip on the bench enough to meet my strokes without us violently impacting each other.  It was like a gentle kiss as we moved together. My cock absolutely destroying his virginity…and spasming, overstretchedhole.  He moaned and groaned as we screwed, looking alternately in the mirror to the side, the one in front, or over his left or right shoulder. The whole time he was obviously trying to get a good look at the tool that was turning him into my bitch.

After a while I pushed him further forward, grabbed the sides of the bench in front of him, and started to really jack rabbit him.  He took it like a champion. I noticed he was now starting to drool through the face cloth. From the dull lustful look in his eyes, he was lost in the heat of what I was doing to him.

Eventually I slowed down and cooed in his ear, “Hey coach, we’ve been at this over an hour now…I think it’s time for me to take us home. You ready for that?”

Again the rapid nodding head and the muffled word “Yes”in a pleading tone. He suddenly reached down and grabbed his soaking wet cock and began to stroke it.  I began to thrust harder and faster and, through the rag he mumbled“I’m…I’m….cum…..”. The tight assed coach now unable to complete a full sentence.  I watched as his cock exploded throwing a wave of jizz against the wall that was inches from him.  The splat was audible. Looking at the dripping globs, I wondered how he’d explain the stain that it would leave as it rolled slowly down the wall and pooled on the floor.  As soon as he finished, I pulled my cock out. Pushing him down hard, I shot all over his back while he watched in the mirror.  He was spent. As I always say, nobody works harder than a power bottom, and he had all the makings of one.

Afterward I collapsed on him, my sticky cum now sandwiched between us.  I reached up and pulled the face cloth out of his mouth.  He groaned, “Fuck….huff-huff….that…was…huff….amazing….huff….

Slowly, Our mutual panting subsided. He lifted his head and mumbled, “Maybe until health services opens, I should check your testicle daily.”  He winked.

“Sounds good coach. But, when its just us, the word to use with me is Sir, you feel me? Now, howabout we head back to your place…I have a few more things I’d like to show you…"

He swallowed hard, trying to grasp what was happening. After a second or two he looked down, “Ok, Sir."

I smiled. It was going to be a good year!

The End?