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Coach Goes Down
Part 1 - Coach's First Down
By Jock Topper

Coach’s First Down: Slippery When Wet

By Jock Topper

I’d first heard the college hired a new assistant coach when I arrived back on campus. I’d heard some rumors about him in the spring but didn’t really pay attention and nothing ever seemed to come of it. I played baseball so a new football coach was not going to rock my world much, or so I thought.

On my third day I hit the gym. I like to get there first thing in the morning when its quiet. Basically, I have it all to myself.  I did my usual routine and later showered. After I’d finished, I noticed that the light was on in the assistant coach’s office. I didn't think he was supposed to start for another week so I went down to investigate. As I stepped around the corner, I could see him through the window at his desk. There was an unpacked the box lying inside the door and he was looking at the school calendar online. Still wrapped in just a towel. I decided to go in to introduce myself. As I entered, I was more than a little bit shocked. Unlike the usual overweight, past-their-expiration-date  former athletes the school hired, this one was a looker. He had a beautiful body that was clearly worked out. He was wearing tight shorts and an even snugger tee that showed he clearly spent a lot of time at the gym and maybe at one point did a competition or two. Everything just fit together perfectly. From what I observed, I could see both his legs and forearms were completely tan. Also, from the lack of hair on them, this brown-haired stud liked to keep his body shaved. Since he had his back to me I got a good view of his butt. Hight and tight those rounded twin orbs just begged to be pulled apart and fucked. Yeah, this coach was prime!

After a few moments of quiet ogling I casually said, “Hey.”

He jumped a bit and turned towards me. “Didn’t hear you,”he replied with a look of embarrassment that only made him appear hotter.

I guess being barefoot, I’d made no noise on entering. I walked over with my hand extended. “I’m JT,”I said adding some extra charm to my voice. “I take it you’re the new assistant football coach?”

“Hey. Ah…ah yes. I’m Coach Murphy.”He said, reaching out to shake my hand.  “I just got here last night and thought I’d come check things out.”

As we stood there, I couldn’t help notice that one of the things he seemed to be checking out was me.  I didn’t want to show my hand so, I made it a point to alternatively look him in the eye or else look around the office. 

“You’re here early,”he said.

“I’m on the baseball team and an RA this year. I wanted to get here early to train at get cleaned up,”I told him. As I replied, I casually reached down and rubbed my crotch area as if I was drying my junk off. I noticed his eyes drifted down to watch me do it. Even more telling, his focus stayed there for a bit longer which, in my mind, showed he was interested. I rubbed a bit more then…coughed. 

He quickly glanced back up to look at me. A slight blush showing his embarrassment at getting caught appeared on his face. “What position do you play?”He asked.

I turned and looked at him, dead in the eye, “Pitcher.”

He nodded. 

“It’s actually the only position I’ve ever played.”I told him. “I’m really good at it too,”I added taking some fun at saying that to him with some emphasis.

I watched his expression after that statement but, his look was ambiguous.  I was unsure what his deal was. I recalled that  one of the guys I talked to over the summer said the new assistant coach had to leave his last gig under a cloud of suspicion. I was intrigued and when I get intrigued…

“Well, I should get going. I’m here about this time every morning whether I work out or not. There’s a problem at the steam plant and the dorms won’t have hot water for another week. Let me know if you need anything. (I leaned into this question subtly).  I know the school is huge and with so few people around it can feel like there’snobody here at all. Good privacy, but can get creepy if you’re all alone.”

“Thanks JT.  I appreciate that.  You have a great day.”He shook my hand again and went back to work, but somehow seemed flustered.  There was a mirror at the end of the first row of lockers. As I walked back to my locker, I noticed in it that he looked up repeatedly to watch me go. I suddenly took off the towel and draped it around my neck. I wanted to see his reaction when he had a good view of my body. Sure enough, he kept staring. I couldn’t be sure but his right hand seemed to press against his crotch. This might be fun , I thought to myself.

Two days later, as I was finishing showering, he again appeared in the locker room. He was trying not to be seen but, from the corner of my eyes, he was clearly checking me out.  I decided to give him a show. I slowly lathered up my body taking time to soap up my chest then my junk. As I lathered my shaft, I thought I heard a sigh coming from his direction. I resisted the urge to either smile or gaze over at him. Instead, I closed my eyes and stroked my dick.  Now I heard heavy breathing. I stopped and quickly washed off. When I turned he was gone but, I now knew. I wrapped my ‘goods’in a towel and walked down to see how he was making out after my ‘show’.Today, he was in just a tank top and shorts.  My first observation was correct, he was jacked. I stepped into his office and said hi, asking him how he was doing.

“Yeah, well enuf“, he said, looking up at me but again doing a bad job of controlling his eyes.  

“Good to hear,”  I walked over to his filing cabinet and let the back of my towel slide a bit down to show a bit of the crack of my muscled ass.  I saw a picture of him and a woman on the cabinet.

“Is this your wife?”I asked.

“Ah, we…we’re separated,”he replied.

“Oh, sorry Coach,”I replied noting the obvious clue that might be before me.

“It’s ok, we married young,”he said.“There were some issues,”he softly added.

I bet , I thought. I turned and nonchalantly pulled my towel tighter around my waist before tuckingthe end into it. The towel now barely covered my junk.

“I get it,”I added.

“Do you have a girl?”He asked. This time looking me right in the eyes.  I wondered if he was looking for a clue, but I didn’t intend to give him any.

“I don’t…right now,”I smiled knowing my last two words would have him guessing. “Been a busy summer and I didn’t really ever get out of here at the end of last semester.”

Right then, as if we were in some crappy porno scene, the power went out. Now we were alone in the dark.  After a moment the battery powered emergency lights came on leaving us in a shadowing light.  He stood up, paused for a moment right in front to me., “We should probably exit the building.  This is an unsafe situation,”  he stammered with an edge of panic in his voice. He glanced down at my crotch. Without taking his eyes off it he goes on to say, “I think you should dress. I could come with you while you do…to make sure nothing happens. In case it’s not lit,” he rasped. 

I chucked to myself seeing him standing there trying to be cool, nice try coach . I stood there for several moments pondering the sexual tension of the situation while also drowning him in it. I didn’t move in any direction.  Our spacing was completely at his hand. He could not seem to move. I waited…then replied, “Makes sense. I’ll go get dressed.”I made sure not to comment on his offer to go with me. I wanted that action to be solely his call.

I walked out of his office and back to my locker.  He came to my locker a few minutes later. I knew he would. Back in his office, he had that hungry look I’d seen in guys who wanted me to fuck the hell out of them.  When he arrived, he had his whistle around his neck. Was it his attempt to display to me a symbol of his position or simply to remind him of it? No matter, it somehow made him 10 times hotter.  Yeah, I was definitely going to bag him.  I dressed knowing his eyes were watching me do it. Usually I pull on pants and a shirt in record time. Today, I slowly did it.  Doing a reverse strip tease or sorts, I gradually pulling on my tighty whities then, calmly lifting each arm to apply some deodorant. By the time I’d slipped into my jeans, I swear he was sweating. All throughout it, we exchanged some small talk. We left the building and I walked off to the dorm.

The next day coach was back again by the lockers to,  as he put it, “just to say hi.”  Funny thing was, every time he seemed to arrive exactly when I was in the showers. After I finished, I came by his office but, this time I was bolder.  I walked in, completely naked, drying my hair with my towel. “Seems they got the power back.”I casually said.

“I guess so”he replied as his eyes again drifted to look my cock up and down.  With the towel drying my hair, and me looking sideways, I couldn’t really tell when he started doing it. Yet, when I looked over he was still staring.

I pulled the towel down and moved into his office. I closed the door quietly, though nobody was around. Our pre-game play time was over. 

“Hey. Ah, this is embarrassing,”I said.  “I’m having a little problem.  Would you mind looking at something for me?”  I asked trying to look innocent and concerned.

“Ah, yeah, sure thing sport. What’s going on?”  (I loved that he called me sport, as if he was trying to push away a guy 12 years his junior.)

“Well, I ah, I got a weird…lump on my right testicle. I’m sure it’s nothing. But, I’m a little freaked because its seems to have appeared suddenly and Health Services won’t be open for another week.  Would you mind looking at it?”

“Oh, ah, well,”he stammered. “I’m not a doctor or anything,” there was along pause, “Here, come back into my shower room and I can check it out for you.”He said looking out the windows of his office to confirm nobody was around.

“I…er…ok…if you think that would be better.”I sorta half smirked.  As we stepped into his shower room I could see that it had a series of lockers, a large singe shower, and a bench that was bolted to the floor.  It was essentially a scaled down version of the larger locker room outside, with similar fittings.

Once inside, he motioned me to straddle the bench . He sat down also, straddling the end of the bench.  At this point, he was still trying hard not to directly look at my junk. However, I’d set things up so that would not be an option for him. I figured at this point he was either gay or at least someone that could be played with.

“Do you ah, want to hold your penis up for me?”He asked looking up at me.

“Oh, sure, yes,”I coyly stammered as I lifted it with my right hand. Now my large full balls were fully in view. The sexual tension had returned and I knew we could both feel it. Coach was maybe an inch taller than me standing but, with him sitting, I towered over him, his face now just inches from my crotch.

After a second or two, he took a deep breath and reached out with his right hand to inspect my testicle.  As soon as he touched me, my cock began to swell. I noticed him glance up to see the stiffening member in my hand.  

“I, er, I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary,”he told me. “I mean I’m not a doctor, but I do have the requisite first aid training and….”  He continued rolling my right testicle in his hand before raising his other hand to feel the left one,comparing them.  “I see what you mean, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. You might just need, ah, a release.”  By now his face was close to my nuts. Taking advantage of its position, I loosened my grip on my fullyerect dick.  It slipped out of my hand and slapped the side of his head.  He froze…a small droplet of pre-jizz appeared on his cheek. He slid back a little, stared at it, and looked up at me.  “You have a beautiful cock,”he whispered.

“I know,”I said.

He continued to look down then up at me.  

I knew this was the key moment. Playing it light but, with a hint of firmness, was needed. I nodded. “Go on,”I softly instructed. “It’sokcoach. I know.”

He let out a deep breath. Focusing on my erection, he moved his hand from my ball sack to my stiff cock.  He looked up briefly. A barely audible “fuck,”came from him before he opened his lips kissed its head. His tongue extended and began licking the remaining pre-jizz from the tip.

“Oh, fuck…coach, I er…I don’t think you should….I mean…”As I intended, he was caught off guard by my sudden concerns.  I’m sure, inside his head, he wondered if he had misread the signal.  Regardless this had gone too far and the hunger in his eyes too intense for him to stop. He ignored my weak protests. His mouth slowly took in my cock and then more…and more.  As he worked to get it deeper, I gently pushed it forward while again beginning to object.

“Coach, you’re…oh fuck…so hot….you’re mouth…you’re sucking my cock…”I grunted while continuing pressing it into him. “Fuck…it’s so hot and wet…I’ve never…oh fuck…” 

He slid backward off the end of the bench and onto his knees. Somehow he managed to keep a lip lock on my rod. I kept on pressing my cock forward. “Oh…oh so wrong…what are you doing to my cock…”I added as my hand came took hold of the back of his head. At some point I pulled him off just to see his face.

From the dully lustful look he gave me, coach was too far gone to care about anything other than slurping my cock down into his throat. I let him get back to blowing me. My words of surprise and protests about what he was doing  were now replaced by to those words of a guy in control of his bitch.

“Oh fuck…yeah, suck my cock coach….so good…what a good boy you are,”I whispered. My hands grabbed the locker jambs and I started slowly skull fucking my newest and, my supposed superior.  I looked down at his eyes, now full of tears, as my snake first pushed further and further into his mouth and then down his throat.  

He was in heaven. Still, I could tell by the way his eyes darted around, he was not so sure this was a good idea. In his mind, I’d made sure he thought he was seducing me. Yet now, as I stuffed more and more of my donkey dick into his muscled neck, he seemed alarmed. I continued cooing softly to assure him it was fine. I swear, he worked my dick with a passion I was not expecting.  Coach Murphy was a borne cocksucker, no two ways about it.  He had clearly done this before I noticed too however, he seemed to be in a state of conflict.  

After about 10 minutes of him slobbering all over my cock, I changed direction and started backing up. I let my hand gently guide the back of his head forward so he never lost contact with my thick tool.  Once I dragged him to the other end of the bench, I pushed his head back. He gazed up at me with his tongue still trying to lap at my dick.

“Very nice job coach, I think you really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”I added.  His face was a mess; covered with his own tears, snot and spit.  I stepped around him and squatted over the bench. I slide forward until my cock was pushing against his crack. “Let’s mix it up a bit.”

He shuddered. “No, please.  I…I’ve never…”his voice trailed off.

“I think we both know you need this coach,”I gently said to assure him. “Are you going to sit there and tell me you want me to leave?”

“No, I…it’s just…”he stopped talking. He knew what was coming and was ready to allow it.

I noticed lube on the top shelf of the locker when I was skull fucking him. I grabbed it and began greasing up my stick.

“It’s ok coach. I’ll be gentle.”  I whispered into his ear.

“But…fuck, you’re a student. This can’t happen again,”he unconvincingly mumbled.

Again huh,  I thought as I got ready to pop his cherry. So this fucker had a little gay dalliance beforwith a student.    Something that had gotten him in trouble.  

“It’s ok coach, I’m not going tell a soul.”

I pressed my cock forward.


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