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From Aquaman to Aquafuck
Part 3 - A Gift for Aquafuck
By January Weather

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From Aquaman to Aquafuck

Part 3: A Gift for Aquafuck

Black Manta moved to a chest next to his bed, opened it and handed to his sex slave a pair of shiny hot pink tights with a golden belt and a belt buckle with "AF" written on it.

"Go into the bathroom behind you, Aquafuck, clean yourself off and put on your new tights," commanded Black Manta, "I want to see how my fuck slave is going to look before we do some sex wrestling on my bed. I challenge you to a fight, Aquafuck, and I am going to defeat you as well. Now go and change!"

While Aquafuck went into the bathroom, Black Manta slipped on a new pair of black tights similar to his old ones. However this new pair not only hugged his body but also sent off erotic charges throughout his butt, cock, legs and feet whenever it came into contact with similar tights. This is what also he gave to Aquafuck as he readied himself for his sex wrestling match with his former foe.

Aquafuck felt charged for receiving a present from his Master so soon. For him, it meant he was doing everything right, that he was a good slave for his Master. He undressed and got into the shower. As Aquafuck soaped himself he caressed his now completely hairless body. His cock and balls, now devoid of any hair, like a slave should be, were plumped and ready to serve any request his Master had. He finished the shower quickly and cleaned himself throughly.

He admired himself in the mirror and like what he saw. The pink tights outlined and accentuated every curve and muscle of his body. He put on the belt: AF, Aquafuck. He felt proud of his name.

He walked out of the bathroom all ready, walk to his Master and took his position on the floor, on his knees in front of Black Manta.

"Master Black Manta, I am ready."

"Excellent, Aquafuck," Black Manta pointed to the bed, "Now get up on the bed, we shall wrestle there. There are three rules to our match, Aquafuck: First, the first one to pin the other or make the other cum wins. Second, you may physically and verbally resist me as much as you wish short of injuring me, Aquafuck. And third, regardless of what you do, I will win this match. Do you understand, Aquafuck?"

"Good!" Black Manta followed Aquafuck onto the bed and crawled up behind the former hero. He wrapped his arms around his sex slaves waist and held him close savoring the slick feel of Aquafuck's lycra pink hot bubble butt pressing against his black-lycra encased cock, "Now, begin!"

Black Manta immediately pushed Aquafuck down pressing his head into the bedsheets as he once again dry-humped his sex-slave's hot ass, "What's the matter, Aquafuck? Can you not defend your juicy hot bubble butt against me? My cock and I are enjoying this domination. Writhe beneath me, Aquafuck, writhe beneath me and excite me more!"

Aquafuck loved the feeling of being pinned down by his Master. He felt Black Manta monster cock rub against his butt and made him crave for it. All he wanted to do was to be fucked into submission by his Master. But, he didn't want to disappoint and struggled back, being able to escape Black Manta's grip.

Black Manta could see the bulge on Aquafuck. Aquafuck attacked his Master, going on offensive grabbing a handful of His Master cock. Black Manta moaned with the pleasure. Aquafuck latched his mouth on Black Manta nipples and started to suck hard on it, making his Master moan even more.

As Aquafuck massaged Black Manta's cock and sucked on his nipples, the villain fought to control his moans. He wrapped his arms around Aquafuck's waist and grabbed two handfuls of his slave's hot bubble butt squeezing both cheeks getting a girlish squeal from Aquafuck.

Shoving his sex slave onto his back, Black Manta mounted Aquafuck and pressed his master lycra-encased cock against his slave's lycra-encased cock. As he pinned his sex slave's wrists to the bed with his own hands, Black Manta rubbed his engorged cock back and forth against Aquafuck's cock.

"Speak to me, Aquafuck, tell me how you are going to defeat me." hissed the villain, "Taunt me! Resist me! Tell me how you are going to defy your master Black Manta."


Aquafuck was moaning with pleasure of being dominated by his Master. He didn't want to fight him, only be taken and used hard, but he had to follow his MASTER Manta orders, so he started to struggle and try to get free.

"I am Aquafuck, Black Manta. I am nobody slave. I am gonna knock you down, pound your muscles till they turn jelly. I will use my iron cock to take the fight out of you, make you submit to me and my will. I will milk you dry and turn you into my bitch."

Aquafuck was able to flip Black Manta and get him on his back. Now on top Aquafuck was the one controlling the rubbing.

"I will start that by making you cum into your tights."


Black Manta closed his eyes and enjoyed the slick feel of Aquafuck's cock pressing down upon his own. The villain was equally turned on by the language his faithful sex slave used to defy him yet he was determined to win this contest and so began to turn the tables on Aquafuck.

"You think you can make me cum in my tights, Aquafuck, think again!" Black Manta broke Aquafuck's grip, rolled over onto his stomach and shoved his black lycra ass into Aquafuck's crotch. Pinning his sex slave's cock between his own hot bubble butt, Black Manta grinded away at Aquafuck's trapped cock, "Now what are you going to do, Aquafuck? Soon you shall be defeated. Soon you shall cum in your tights. Soon you shall be my bitch. And soon I shall be victorious."


Aquafuck was grinding and humping back, feeling Black Manta ass rubbing harder and faster with each minute. He didn't know what was wrong with him, but he felt more and more submissive with each movement.

Trying once again, Aquafuck grabbed Black Manta nipples and twisted hard, pinching them violently, but that only brought an evil grin on the face of the villain.

"Wrong move Aquafuck. You just sealed your defeat."

Black Manta leaned back and increased his grinding as Aquafuck tortured his nipples. The villain then reached back and ran his hands through Aquafuck's golden hair massaging and soothing the temple of his faithful sex slave.

"Do you still think you can defeat me, Aquafuck?" Black Manta laughed as he ratcheted up his grinding motion, "Your cock is trapped between my luscious globes. Tell me what you're going to do, Aquafuck! Tell me how you are going to continue to defy me so close to defeat?"

It was them that hit Aquafuck: he was never going to be able to defeat Black Manta. Not because he lacked strength or intelligence for it. It was because he loved his Master and all he wanted was to serve him. All he cared about was to feel the weight of his master on top of him, taking him in every way he could possibly could come with it.

Black Manta was challenging him, not to be brave and escape or try to dominate his Master but, to be bold and admit, come with the answer on your own that you are his slave and he loves you for that.

The clarity of the thought brought an smile to Aquafuck face, he pushed his cock deeper into Black Manta grip and kept torturing his nipples.

"There's no way I can defeat you My Master, because you are Black Manta and I am your slave. I belong to you. My life would be empty without you"

"I am so glad you feel that way, Aquafuck!" snarled Black Manta as he released his slave's cock from between his ass cheeks, turned and pushed him so he was lying flat on his back, "Because you have just conceded victory to me. And to the victor goes the spoils!"

Grabbing his sex slave once again by the waist, the villain flipped him onto his stomach, unzipped a micro-zipper in Aquafuck's tights which gave him easy access to his sex slave's hole. Pulling down his own tights covering his engorged cock, Black Manta plunged his 12" rod into Aquafuck's hole and proceeded to rape his sex slave.

"Is this what you want, Aquafuck?" The villain pumped in and out mercilessly, "To be taken like a bitch and a slave? To be fucked by your master Black Manta? Is this what you want? Tell me! Tell me how bad you want to be fucked again and again and again by your master? Tell me as I cum and tell me as you scream my name!"

"Yes, that's what I want My Master. I live for your monster cock and being raped by you. That's my purpose in life. That's why I submitted to you. Because it's the right thing to do."

Aquafuck was not just rambling, he was giving Black Manta his lifelong commitment as his fuck slave bitch. For him that was all that matters. HE loved the way his ass stretched around his cock and grabbed it. The way his Master took him and pounded him. It made his eyes rolls of ecstasy.

"I am your slave Master Black Manta. That's what I live for. To serve you. Nothing matters but your pleasure. I am empty without you and serving you. FUCK ME MY MASTER and breed me over and over again."

"Is that you want My Slave? Is that what you live for Aquafuck??" Scream my name, because your Master is gonna bred you once again and mark you even deeper as my fuck slave."

Aquafuck started to push his ass against Black Manta and tightening his ass, milking the monster cock, giving it in even more to the pleasure. That brought Black Manta to the edge.



Black Manta came within his faithful Aquafuck and came hard. Exploding within the well-raped ass of his sex slave, the villain filled the ex-hero with his cum in an orgy of violent rape.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" cried Black Manta as he repeatedly came and came within Aquafuck for ten solid minutes, "Enjoy it, Aquafuck! Enjoy me within you!"

Once he was done, an exhausted Black Manta nearly collapsed on his bed as he moved his cock out of the widened hole of his fuck slave, "Come, Aquafuck, come and rest in the arms of your master Black Manta."

Aquafuck, dizzy with pleasure and with the pounding he received from his Master, slided his body in the bed. He molded his body against Black Manta, fitting perfectly with his back touching Black Manta chest, his nipples poking his back. He rested his head on his Master arm, breathing the strong scent from his armpit. He never felt more comfortable than that. His Master pushed a pillow below his head and put his hand on Aquafuck crotch, finding a huge wet spot in there. Aquafuck couldn't see it, but Black Manta had a huge evil grin of satisfaction on his face.

Aquafuck moved his body a little lower and felt Black Manta leg go over his leg, trapping him in that position.  He was totally cocooned by his Master body and scent. He put his hand back, searching for  his Master cock. He massaged a bit, bringing a moan and a smile to Black Manta. Aquafuck got hard enough and pushed just the mushroom head inside his slave ass.

"There is were your monster cock belong My Master Black Manta."

With a sigh and moan of satisfaction Aquafuck feel asleep for the first time on the arms of his conqueror and Master: Black Manta.

Black Manta enjoyed the feeling of complete dominance he now possessed over his slave, Aquafuck. Now his control was so complete that Aquafuck initiated his own subservience to his master Black Manta. The villain fell fast asleep comforted in the knowledge that he had finally defeated Aquaman once and for all.

The End.

Aquaman and Black Manta are part of Dc Comic's this is a work of adult fan art! No copyright infringement intended.