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From Aquaman to Aquafuck
Part 1 - The Defeat of The Sea King
By January Weather

From Aquaman to Aquafuck

Part I: The Defeat of The Sea King

‘Here he comes!’ hissed Black Manta to himself as he stood on the hot, sandy shore and watched Aquaman march towards him, ‘Soon, I shall turn my greatest nemesis into my greatest conquest!’

Black Manta hated and lusted after his enemy, Aquaman. He hated the King of Atlantis because Aquaman had repeatedly foiled his attempts to pirate the seas, to pillage shipwrecks and to destroy the underwater kingdom, Atlantis. However, the villain lusted after the hero because Aquaman was everything he ever wanted in a sex slave. With his sky blue eyes, golden blond hair and chalk pale skin, Aquaman was an Adonis that Black Manta secretly desired to possess. With his chiselled frame and washboard abs covered by a skin-tight orange shirt, Black Manta longed to trace every curve and muscular outline of his enemy’s chest with his fingertips. However, Aquaman’s green lycra tights revealed the true treasure that Black Manta wanted to plunder. Every square inch of the Sea King’s well-toned legs, his sizable cock and his incredibly hot bubble butt made Black Manta hungrily lick his lips in anticipation of the battle to come. The very thought of fighting Aquaman would, just like now, cause Black Manta’s own cock to rrise upon command as his member swelled to its full 10” stretching the limits of his black-lycra encased tights.

Yes! Black Manta in the past had attempted to destroy Aquaman and failed. But this time, things would be different. This time, Black Manta would not try to kill his nemesis but defeat him, capture him, milk him for his cum, and then convert the fallen hero into one of his own Manta Men. This time he would succeed in defeating The King of Atlantis!

Once Aquaman got within ten feet of Black Manta, the villain held up his hand as if to ward him off, “This is as far as you go, Aquaman! Now that you have received my challenge to a fight, are you prepared to face me alone? Or--like the coward you are--do you wish to call upon your fish friends to save you from certain defeat?”

Aquaman drew up before Black Manta and assumed a regal stance with his hands on his hips. His muscles were taut beneath his skintight costume, and his expression was grim.

"You dare call me a coward," the Sea King snarled, "after using such a craven tactic as abducting a hostage to lure me here? I promise you Manta, if you have harmed Aqualad at all, you will suffer the very worst Atlantean justice has to offer."

Aquaman was proud however, and could not allow his honour to be sullied by refusing the villain's challenge, even when young Aqualad's safety was still in question. Besides, he had defeated Black Manta so many times before. This fight wouldn't be any different.

"Have it your way, villain," he said derisively. "Perhaps when you lose this time you will finally learn that you cannot hope to threaten Atlantis or its people, even when I stand alone." Aquaman assumed a fighting stance, with his fist tightly clenched before him, ready for the villain's first move.

‘The fool is right where I want him,’ Black Manta grinned to himself beneath his mask, ‘I think I shall make him pay dearly for that mistake.’

“Threaten Atlantis? Fool! When I am finished with you, you shall be handing your kingdom over to me on a platter,” snarled Black Manta as he charged towards his target as though he had been jet-propelled. Aquaman may have been prepared for Black Manta to merely face him, but he was not prepared for the villain to cover the distance between them so quickly.

Black Manta slammed into Aquaman’s stomach, wrapped his powerful arms around the hero’s waist and planted the Atlantean into the sandy shore with a tackle that would have made an NFL linebacker proud.

Before The King of Atlantis could recover from this brutal assault; Black Manta flipped Aquaman onto his stomach, seated himself squarely atop the Atlantean’s ass and used both of his hands to press Aquaman’s face into the sand. Black Manta could hardy restrain himself! He had wanted Aquaman like this for a very long time and finally his dream of conquering the Atlantean were beginning to come true!

Black Manta, still atop Aquaman’s struggling ass, began to rhythmically dry-hump the Atlantean hero. As black lycra rubbed against green lycra, as Black Manta’s engorged cock slid back and forth between the crack of Aquaman’s hot bubble butt, and as the friction from his gyrations began to produce a kind of heat between the villain’s cock and the hero’s ass, Black Manta laughed as he enjoyed the triumph of this orgasmic experience, “I thought you were going to dispense Atlantean justice upon me, Aquafool! See how effortlessly I defeat you? How can you hope to stand against the might of Black Manta?”

Aquaman could hardly believe how fast Black Manta moved, how strong he seemed. The villain seemed possessed of an energy and a will that the Sea King had never seen before. The hero was knocked off his feet before he knew what was happening, and then having his face rubbed in the sand like the scrawny victim of some common surface-world bully. Then, as if that shame were not enough, Aquaman felt Black Manta humping him through his tights!

Manta had made a foolish error in his rush to get Aquaman into this humiliating position. He had left Aquaman's hands free. Aquaman reached back and grabbed the arms of the amorous supervillain in his powerful hands, and hurled Black Manta forward, flipping him over his hand and down onto the sand. The Atlantean Adonis rose to his feet. He glared at Black Manta, his pale cheeks coloured with shame and fury.

"I see your sick game now, Manta. And I won't let you lay your perverted hands on me again."

Black Manta grunted as he hit the sand, but quickly regained his feet and turned to face his nemesis. Looking into the eyes of the hero who challenged him, Black Manta snarled, “You don’t have to worry about me putting my hands on you again, Aquafool!” The villain fired two bright beams of light from his helmet which slammed into Aquaman’s eyes and painfully yet temporarily blinded him, “Because the next thing you are going to feel is my ass on your face!”

As Aquaman grabbed his eyes and fell back in pain, Black Manta leapt atop his prey once more and tackled him. But this time, the villain pinned Aquaman’s arms beneath his knees and reared back planting the crack of his black-lycra clad ass squarely into Aquaman’s handsome face.

Seating himself comfortably atop the Atlantean’s head, Black Manta placed his hands on his hips and confidently grinded his tight lycra ass into Aquaman’s helpless nose and mouth, “Kiss my ass, Aquafool! Smell my sex! As air rushes from your lungs and the bliss of my black oblivion fills your nostrils, know that it is I, Black Manta, who is the author of your defeat!”

"Mmmmph!" Aquaman struggled in Black Manta's pin. But the villain held the Sea King much more firmly than his first attempt. Aquaman could only grunt in disgust as he struggled to turn his head away from Manta's lycra-covered ass. He bucked underneath the villain, trying to throw him off, but Black Manta had deprived him of all leverage. Aquaman flexed his muscles beneath his skintight orange shirt in an effort to heave the villain away. He kicked and flailed his toned, graceful legs in green tights. It was no use. Manta had Aquaman right where he wanted him, and the hero knew it. And true to the villain's boasts, Aquaman was struggling for breath in the humiliating pin. Beneath the crush of Manta's ass, the hero gasped for breath. His Atlantean strengh was fading with every moment, and soon he would be totally helpless before his twisted captor.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Black Manta took notice of Aquaman’s lycra-encased cock as it strained along with the rest of his body to break free of the villain’s restraint. Black Manta reached down and gently stroked Aquaman’s cockhead in an effort to stimulate the hero's member to enlargement, “You have a rather large cock for such a small man, Aquafool! Which do you think is going to happen first if I continue to stroke your cock and smother your face: Do you think you're going to pass out before you cum or after? Hmmm, let’s find out!”

Black Manta immediately seized Aquaman’s vulnerable cock with his right hand and began to massage it towards orgasm, “Some hero you are, you're not even heroic enough to save yourself from cumming in your own tights, let alone escaping from my ass smother.”

The villain continued his erotic assault on Aquaman’s package allowing his black lycra hands to stroke, massage and caress Aquaman’s green lycra bound cock, “But, I am feeling generous today, I will give you only one opportunity to unconditionally surrender, Aquafool. All you have to do is tap the ground three times with your left hand and I will stop my assault, accept your unconditional surrender and take you as my prisoner and sex slave. What do you say, Aquafool, are you ready to spare yourself more embarrassment, humiliation and pain?”

Aquaman gasped and shuddered as Black Manta grasped his lycra-sheathed cock. He couldn't believe he was being manhandled this way by his greatest foe. He squirmed beneath Manta's ass and renewed his desperate struggle to get free. But for all his efforts, the Atlantean hero couldn't force his villainous captor away, or resist growing hard in his tights at Manta's ministrations.

The Sea King seethed with shame at the humiliating position he was in, as shudders of unwanted pleasure washed over him. So despite Aquaman's pride, when Black Manta made his offer of surrender, he was genuinely torn. Which would be the greater humiliation: to be forced to cum in his tights with the villain's lycra-clad ass in his face, or to surrender willingly to whatever other embarrassments Manta had in store for him?

Ultimately, Aquaman was not ready to surrender. The villain could inflict whatever tortures and humiliations he could devise, but the King of Atlantis would not break. He refused to tap out. He shook his head as best he could, pinned as it was beneath Black Manta's ass cheeks, grunted a muffled refusal, and steeled himself to resist Manta's manipulation of his straining cock.

When Black Manta noticed that Aquaman had not surrendered, the villain stopped his erotic assault on the Sea King’s cock, reared back and punched the vulnerable Aquaman square in the stomach, “Defiant until the last, aren’t you, Aquafool? No matter! I shall break you one way or the other!”

Black Manta grabbed and yanked down the hero’s tights exposing Aquaman’s stiff member to the open air. Reaching into a pouch attached to his belt, the villain pulled out a clear plastic condom and stretched it down and over Aquaman’s stiffened cock from his piss slit to the base of his balls. When he was done, Black Manta snapped the hero’s tights back into place and inwardly smiled with glee.

Aquaman felt the smooth, slick feel of the condom encasing his cock. But he could also feel the strange material not only hardening around his member but also rhythmically and erotically stimulating him. It was almost as if the device was carrying on the task of driving the hero to orgasm that its master had begun.

Black Manta stared down at Aquaman’s green-lycra encased tights and took note of a pulsatingly soft red glow highlighting the hero’s cock and balls. The villain laughed, “Now I have you, Aquafool! What you are feeling right now is my Cum Collector at work. It is quickly and pleasurably bringing you to orgasm so that I can collect your cum and use it to create my next batch of Manta Men. My Cum Collector is twice as powerful as any normal stimulant you could find and it keeps me from wasting any of your precious cum while you embarrass yourself in your tights. Waste not, want not, I always say.”

Though he knew he did not need to enhance Aquaman’s torture, Black Manta did so by wrapping both of his hands around the hero’s captured cock and resuming the stroking of Aquaman’s member, “One way or the other, Aquafool, you will either pass out from the power of my ass smother or cum in your tights from the power of my Cum Collector. And when you do, you shall only start your journey from being Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, into being Aquafuck, Fuck Toy of Black Manta!”  

Aquaman moaned in pleasure, helpless before the erotic assault of the Cum Collector. He tried vainly to resist, as he had against Manta's probing hands. But it was no use. The sinister device was relentless, working the Sea King towards orgasm more doggedly than any human or Atlantean ever could.

Aquaman writhed beneath Black Manta. His groans of pleasure and protest were swallowed by the villain's lycra-clad ass. Spots danced in front of Aquaman's eyes. Manta was choking the life out of him as surely as his cruel invention was coaxing out his cum. Indeed, it was only the relentless drive towards climax that was keeping Aquaman from fading entirely.

Finally the Atlantean Adonis could stand it no more. His feet arched in his tights, his every powerful muscled flexed taut, and he gasped as the Cum Collector forced him to orgasm. He thrust his captive cock in the air as he blew a massive load into the tortuous device.

Aquaman's orgasm eventually subsided, but he continued to squirm. The Cum Collector had not stopped its work just because Aquaman had blown one load, and its continued pressure was an agony of ticklish pleasure. However even that sensation couldn't keep the Sea King conscious. Breathless from his forced orgasm, he finally, mercifully succumbed to the crush of Manta's body and drifted into exhausted unconsciousness.

Black Manta enjoyed riding Aquaman’s face as much as he enjoyed the bucking, twisting and grinding of Aquaman’s body beneath him as the hero succumbed to the power of the Cum Collector. Watching the highlighted balls and cock of the Atlantean change color from red to yellow, Black Manta knew that the Cum Collector had done its work well.  Once again, the villain yanked down the hero’s tights revealing an opaque hardended condom in the shape of Aquaman’s cock. Seizing one of it, Black Manta slowly but steadily moved the hissing Cum Collector off of Aquaman’s penis until it came free with a resounding pop!

Noticing that his opponent was no longer moving beneath him, the villain believed that Aquaman probably passed out at nearly the same time he achieved orgasm. Still, Black Manta was the victor and Aquaman was the vanquished--and to the victor goes the spoils!

Rising from his sitting position atop Aquaman’s face and onto his feet, Black Manta flipped the unconscious hero onto his stomach with his foot.  Holding his Cum Collector aloft as though it were a sword bloodied in battle, Black Manta planted his right foot atop the green-lycra clad ass of his prey like a big-game hunter, “I have done it! Finally! I have beaten Aquaman! Now he is mine--” Looking down at the fallen hero, the villain added, “--and I will show you no mercy!”

Placing the self-sealing Cum Collector back into his pouch, Black Manta dropped down to his knees and began to lustfully run his hands up and down the back of Aquaman’s legs and ass savoring the slick feel of his own lycra suit against that of the fallen hero and the shapely form of his handsome frame. As he stroked Aquaman’s lycra covered hole between the hero’s tight bubble butt, Black Manta activated a signal within his suit that would call forth his Manta Ray submersible to bring both him and his prize back to his Manta Base.

“Soon, Aquafool,” Black Manta flipped Aquaman onto his back and began to stroke the Sea King’s limp cock, “Your old life as the King of Atlantis will soon be over and your new life as my sex slave will shortly begin. Soon, you shall be nothing more than the submissive Aquafuck of Black Manta.”

Off in the distance, Black Manta spotted the all too familiar dark shape of the vehicle which would carry both the victorious villain and the doomed hero to their respective fates.

+  +  +  +

An hour later, Aquaman awoke to a stinging slap across his face and found himself restrained by several tentacles wrapped around his body slowly but sensually caressing him. When he looked up, the hero stared into the cruel face of the Black man behind the mask of Black Manta and also found himself within what appeared to be a giant clam.

“It’s time to wake up, Aquafool!” snarled the Black Manta derisively, “It’s time for you to say good-bye to your old life as the King of The Seven Seas and say hello to your new life as my personal Aquafuck!”

Black Manta brusquely stroked the face of the doomed hero as the tentacles firmly held Aquaman in place,  “Don’t bother trying to escape. My Octo-Clam is strong enough to restrain a whale but also sensual enough to sexually arouse every square inch of your body. And don’t bother trying to use your aquatic telepathy to call for help or free yourself from my creation, I used my Manta stingers to neutralize your powers as well.”

Black Manta leaned down and got close enough to lick the side of Aquaman’s face with his tongue. Enjoying the salty taste of his victim’s sweat, Black Manta reared back and hissed, “Soon, Aquafool, you will not want to escape from my Octo-Clam. Just relax and enjoy the arousal of my creation as it reaches beneath your lycra tights, strokes your large cock, caresses your hot bubble-butt and prods your tight hole. By the way, do you have any questions while you enjoy the pleasures of my victory and the agony of your defeat?”

It didn't take long for Aquaman's predicament to shock him into full wakefulness. He twisted and struggled in the octo-clam's grasp, desperately trying to pull away from tentacles' tender but powerful grip. However, Black Manta was right; the creature was impossibly strong. That didn't stop the Sea King from continuing his struggles though. His pride had taken enough of a blow already. He couldn't just sit there while this monstrosity "prodded his tight hole", as Manta claimed. That would just be too much.

Aquaman glared at Manta. He found that he did have questions for the perverse villain. "Where is Aqualad? He's no good to you now that you have me. If you even truly captured him to begin with, let him go."

selflessness. But to answer your question, Aqualad is not here.”

The villain affectionately ran his right hand through the hero’s blond locks, “And you are right, I never captured him, I never even attempted to do so. While we sit here within my Manta Base deep beneath the South Pacific Ocean, Aqualad is in the North Atlantic dealing with an oil spill I created to distract him. Aqualad’s capture was a ruse designed to lure you into my clutches, Aquafool. And what do you know, it worked!”

While Black Manta spoke, the Octo-clam kept touching Aquaman, caressing him, soothing him and violating him. One tentacle began to roll along the underside of his engorged cock. Another tentacle spread his ass cheeks, while another slid over his tight, puckered hole. The Octo-clam laid claim to the body of the fallen hero and did its best to stimulate all of Aquaman’s errogenous zones without mercy or quarter.

“However, I am more than a little disappointed in you, Aquafool,” Black Manta playfully tapped Aquaman on the nose as though to admonish him, “I was certain your first question was going to be: ‘What are you playing at?’ or ‘What do you want from me?’ or ‘Why are you doing this?’”

The villain’s dark brown eyes stared longingly into the hero’s deep blue eyes, “Shall I answer one of these questions for you, Aquafool? Or shall I leave you alone with my Octo-clam so that you can get fucked in peace? You decide.”

Aquaman shuddered with every touch from the octo-clam, even as he was stimulated by it. Against his will, his dick was already growing hard. That only increased his struggles. He pulled fiercely against the tentacles with all his might, and strained to keep his tight ass clenched, forbidding any violation. But it was only a matter of time before the creature's probing forced its way into Aquaman's virgin ass.

Aquaman's only source of relief was the discovery that Aqualad was not in Black Manta's clutches. The thought of his sidekick subjected to tortures such as Aquaman now face was bleak and terrible. But Manta's plot seemed much more personal, much more focused on the Sea King himself. And even despite their long rivalry, Aquaman didn't quite know why.

"Why *are* you doing this then Manta? If all you wanted was material for clones, you've got that." Aquaman shuddered with disgust. "So why this perverse torment? What is this really about?"

“To answer your last question first, Aquafool,” responded Black Manta with an evil grin, “I am playing at nothing. This is no game. All that you see and are experiencing is only the start of your transformation from being Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas into Aquafuck, the Sex Slave of Black Manta!”

Black Manta sighed longingly and continued, “To answer your second question, you are undergoing this perverse torment as you call it because I want three things from you: Your cum to serve as the key genetic material for my new race of Manta Men. Your body which I will enjoy fucking whenever it suits me. And your mind which will happily surrender your body and your cum to me whenever I want it.”

The villain held up before Aquaman’s eyes what appeared to be a typical Black Manta helmet, “And this is what I shall use to finish the job. As my Octo-clam is making your body susceptible to my every touch and caress, so this helmet will make your mind susceptible to my will. Once I place this helmet over your head, it will start to feed your mind a series of hypnotic images and messages of you and I as lovers, companions and fuck buddies.” Black Manta set the helmet down along the side of the Octo-clam’s mouth, “Your role will be that of my obedient and submissive sex slave, Aquafuck, who will do whatever I ask when I ask. I, however, will assume the role of your dominant and powerful lord, Black Manta, who will expect every one of his commands to be obeyed by his faithful Aquafuck without question.”

Without warning, Black Manta grabbed a fistful of Aquaman’s hair, yanked the doomed hero’s head back and planted a lustful yet powerful kiss upon the Atlantean’s lips until oxygen became an issue. Pulling away from Aquaman with a gasp, Black Manta licked his lips as he savored the salty taste of the Atlantean’s saliva, “And to answer your first question last, I am doing this because I have lusted after you since the moment I first saw you, Aquafool. I have longed to turn you into my helpless sex slave and fuck you senseless. When my Octo-clam and this helmet are finished with you, Ex-Sea King, you will no longer be Aquaman! You will no longer care about who you used to be because you will become the willing Aquafuck of Black Manta!”

Recovering the helmet, Black Manta was about to slip the wicked device onto Aquaman’s head but held back before he added, “When this is all over, Aquafool, I am going to fuck that hot bubble butt of yours and there is nothing that you can do about it! Face it, Aquafool, you are going to be my bitch and my slave and there is no one who can save you from my power. But, before I finish what my Octo-clam has started, do you have any famous last words before your old life as a King of Atlantis comes to an end and your new life as my sex slave begins?”

"You twisted fiend," the hero spat. "While this abomination you've created may be able to take my body..." Aquaman trailed off slightly, suddenly all too aware of the tentacles urgently tugging on his stiff cock and probing at his firm buttocks. Try as he might to resist, it would only be a matter of time before the beast forced its way into his virgin ass, and his dick was already hard as a rock from its attentions.

Aquaman shook his head to regain his composure. He leveled his gaze at Black Manta's masked visage. "But you will never take my mind. Whatever you might do to me, my will shall remain my own. I am Aquaman, King of Atlantis, and I will never be your slave, outside of your sick, deluded fantasies!"

When Aquaman was finished with his last message of defiance, Black Manta retorted, “We shall see, Aquafool, we shall see. At the very least, your words are well spoken for a doomed hero. But know this before I introduce you to your new life of sexual servitude, once I tire of you as my Aquafuck I am going to hunt down your sidekick, Aqualad.”

Black Manta laughed maniacally, “That’s right, Aquafool, you shall serve as the perfect lure in my trap to ensare your friend and convert him into my next sex slave. But until that day comes, I shall savor the feel of my cock between your hot luscious bubble butt.”

Retrieving his Manta helmet, Black Manta walked to the head of the Octo-clam and slipped the wicked device over the head of the prone hero as the Octo-clam continued its seductive yet malevolent caress. Once the helmet was secured in place over the handsome features of the King of Atlantis, all movement ceased from Aquaman as both the sexual fondling of the Octo-clam and the hypnotic messages of the Manta helmet started to take hold. Black Manta also slipped another Cum Collector down and around Aquaman’s cock and balls before he snapped the hero’s lycra tights back into place.

“Enjoy my helmet and Cum Collector, Aquafool, I promise you that once they have done their work you shall never be the same again,” Black Manta stepped back from the Octo-clam as he barked an order to his creation, “CLOSE!”

The top half of the Octo-clam’s shell began to lower itself towards the bottom half as Black Manta laughed, “Twelve hours from now you will neither be the King of Atlantis nor the Master of the Oceans nor the Ruler of the Seven Seas. Twelve hours from now, you will be my willing sex slave and obedient fuck toy, Aquafuck!”

With that said, the lid of the Octo-clam closed around the doomed hero thus sealing Aquaman’s fate.

Trapped inside the giant clam shell, there was little Aquaman could do but focus on his torments. The Cum Collector relentlessly massaged his cock. The octo-clam's tentacles pried his butt cheeks apart and forced their way inside him. And all the while he was bombarded with sounds and images from Black Manta's helmet, hypnotic illusions of him and Manta in all manner of erotic scenarios.

Aquaman tried to resist with all his will, but there was only so long he could hold out. While the tentacles tickled at his prostate, the Cum Collector did its work, capturing his heroic load. And neither of Black Manta's insidious inventions stopped there. The erotic torture continued until Aquaman came again, and again, and again, so often over the course of those long hours that Aquaman lost count.

All the while, the helmet did its work. Every time Aquaman came, it was to a bombardment of images of Black Manta as his lover and master. He was slowly conditioned to associate the ecstasy of orgasm with the villain. Black Manta was the source of all pleasure and pain. He must serve Black Manta. His body and soul belonged to Black Manta. And as those thoughts took hold, Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, was no more, and Aquafuck, fuck toy of Black Manta, was born.

The End of Chapter One of Aquaman Vs. Black Manta: The Defeat of the Sea King

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