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Villain's Dream / Hero's Nightmare
Chapter 5 - The End to the Last Great Hero
By Jacob Lawrence

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With each new rectal penetration, Superman grew ever closer to death.  Man after man entered him, ejaculating kryptonite rich cum into his battered ass. Each man attempted to outdo the one before him---searching for new and more demeaning ways to deliver their loads.  Some smeared their pre-cum over the face of the superhero and into his mouth prior to raping.  Others made the defeated Man of Steel clean their cocks afterwards.

 Video cameras recorded the ongoing process- forever preserving each expression of pain and suffering for future viewing.  The audio recorded the deriding comments of the merciless group as they taunted and humiliated their victim. This tape would be a permanent record of evil's triumph over good.

Luthor's entrepreneurial spirit recognized the financial potential of such a visual and auditory record.  Crime lords would pay millions for a copy of this tape.  Luthor would build an unstoppable crime empire on the wealth he would realize from this event.  This fact "sweetened the pot" even more for the evil genius.

As Luthor stood watching the vicious onslaught, he mentally estimated his nemesis' remaining survival time.  It would be midnight before the hero was on the verge of expiration. It was important to know when to step in and deliver the fatal blow.   Luthor had no intention of allowing the Man of Steel to succumb without adding his own personal touch to the experience.

Midnight would be the appointed hour of Superman's complete annihilation.   It would mark the end of one era and the beginning of another.

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