The Telemachus Story Archive

A Jokers' Winning Hand
Chapter 1 - Batman and Robin’s Weakness
By Jacob Lawrence


During their first years together, Batman and Robin were unbeatable-unstoppable.  Their crime fighting skills complimented one another. Their ability to successfully rescue one another saved them time and time again.  Villains like the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker relentlessly searched for a weakness-a fatal flaw in the duo’s behavior that would result in their ultimate downfall.

Most villains concentrated their efforts on unmasking the two heroes, thinking that their secret identities would lead to self destruction.  Only the Joker took the time to gleam through uncounted hours of video news footage to reach an inescapable conclusion. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder were lovers!  Despite their age difference, the glances they gave one another and the manner in which they touched and hugged at the conclusion of crime fighting sprees left no doubt in the Joker’s mind to what their true relationship might be.


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