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Video Star
By Hooder

Video Star

“All right Mike? How ya doing?” Jed threw his jacket onto a chair and sat down.

“Hi Jed. Be with you in a tick…” Mike finished what he was doing at the editing suite and swung his chair around. On the screen was a close-up of an enormous uncut cock.

Jed smiled. “That’s a big one.”

Mike glanced back at the screen. “It is that. New boy. It’s big but it has difficulty staying hard for long.”

Jed nodded, then he frowned. “You Ok, Mike? You look a bit down.”

“Nah, I’m fine. Bit of trouble at home with Carol, that’s all.” Carol was Mike’s little sister.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Anything I can do?”

“Nah, thanks. It’ll get sorted.”

Jed looked over into the main studio area. “A dungeon?” In the centre of the space were three chipboard walls with stone textures and fake torches on them, surrounding a vertical wooden frame with restraints. Lights and many cameras stood on tripods, pointed at the scene.

Mike looked over at it. “Yeah. It’s for a BDSM shoot next week.”

“How’s the studio doing?”

“Fine thanks. Doing well. As much work as I can handle at the moment.”

They chatted for a few minutes but Jed could see that Mike wasn’t really in the mood for company.

“Ok. I’ll leave you to it. Just popped by to say hello – been to Alex’s to get a speedo cable so I thought I’d say hi on the way past.” He got up and put his jacket back on. “See you soon. Say hi to Carol, and I hope things get sorted with her.”

Mike smiled. “Will do, and thanks. Good to see you, Jed. Take care.”

When Jed had gone, Mike turned back to the screen, but he wasn’t really seeing it - he was thinking about that bastard Jack. He worked for an hour or two but he couldn’t concentrate. In the end he picked up his phone.

Jack almost missed the pub table with his empty beer bottle. “You should’ve seen her. Fuck me - tits you could suck on for hours and a cunt like a vacuum cleaner. I screwed ’er blind for ages. But then the little bitch starts bawling and says, ‘you hurt me! I don’t want to go with you any more!’ As if I’d want to fuck the cow again.” He burped, then leaned to one side and farted resonantly. “But the best was the other day. Another bitch. Carol. I fucked her on top and then I rolled her over. She started complaining so I gagged the cunt and tied her down.” He leered at the memory. “God, she yelled like fuck but I screwed ’er up the arse two more times. Still, that’s what bitches are for, innit?” He laughed, and tried to focus his eyes. “Your round, Baz.”

It had been a lot easier than Mike had expected. Mike’s sister Carol had a friend - Charlotte, a cute girl with enormous boobs – who knew Jack. He’d been wanting to get into her knickers for ages but she didn’t fancy him. Thought he was a lout. At Mike’s request she had delivered the offer of a job to him: a starring role in a straight porn movie, at an irresistibly large fee. Jack had taken about ten seconds to think about it. He’d grinned to himself - at last, his unequalled sexual technique was going to be rightfully admired by a much bigger audience.

Mike had greeted him at the door when he’d arrived at his house, both of them smiling, and had led the way through to the lounge. “You’re looking good.”

“Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve wanted to do this for ages.”

Perfect, thought Mike. He poured drinks.

Jack was sat in Mike’s living room, sipping expensive scotch, reading through the screenplay, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“So,” said Mike, nodding at the papers in Jack’s hands, “what do you think?”

Although Jack had never seen a screenplay before, it seemed like a piece of piss. He didn’t have many lines, and it looked like he’d be spending most of the time fucking two sexy girls – Chloe and Jet – either on a bed in a ‘large mansion’ or in the back of a strip club. And he was going to get paid for doing it. He couldn’t believe it.

He tapped a paragraph and grinned. “Oh yeah, up the arse!” He said. “I fucking love that.”

Mike had to stop himself from smiling. This was even better than he’d hoped. “It’s hard work. Can you take it?”

Jack leered. “I can take it for long as you fucking like, mate.”

“Excellent.” Better and better. Mike pushed a sheet of paper over the coffee table along with a pen. “All we need then is your signature on the bottom.” Pause. “Am I going to fast for you?”

Jack shook his head. “No – the faster the better for me.” He signed on the dotted line.

“Ok then. Come on through into the dungeon.” He paused, then continued, laughing, “that’s what I call my gallery of shots.”

Jack smiled again and stood up. He followed Mike through the door into the study.

Mike had pinned stills from his films on the board specially for the occasion.

After commenting lewdly at some of the pictures, the boy followed Mike back to the front door of the house.

“Well thanks for that!” Jack grinned.

“Any time. You’ll be great in the film.” Careful pause. “I’ll see you again soon.”

Jack nodded. “I hope so! I can’t fucking wait!”

Mike closed the door behind him.

Afterwards, when the boy had gone, Mike opened his laptop and turned the four hidden cameras off.

The studio was on a small industrial estate and Mike was surprised how different it all looked at night. Normally he finished work there around five in the evening and didn’t see it again until the following morning. Like the rest of the buildings, the studio was in darkness and even switching the lights on didn’t completely seem to dispel the atmosphere of desolation. It was strangely quiet; usually there was always the distant sound of lorries and vans moving about outside – you could hear them from here in the edit suite, but over in the main studio area the soundproofing was better. Now, however, it was eerily silent.

Alex and Jed had been great: once he’d explained why he was asking them the favour, they had both been only too pleased to help. Good friends, Mike thought. He looked at his watch; they should be delivering the item in half an hour. He’d positioned everything ready the previous evening so there was very little to do. After turning on the lights in the studio, he fired up the computer, double-checked that the things he’d need were ready and in their right places, and sat down in the chair to wait.

When he heard the van, he got up again and watched its lights through the window as it drove into the loading area and reversed with its rear facing the big studio door. Mike pressed a button and the metal roller slid up.

Alex jumped down and went to the back of the van, opened the door, and between them he and Jed manhandled the hooded and restrained figure out and into the building. Mike went through the internal door to meet them.

The figure was not happy. He was swearing and struggling, but unable to do much about anything with his hands tied and a short bag over his head as he was marched into the studio, and the roller door closed behind them. Silence descended on the industrial estate once more.

They got him restrained to the wooden frame. Although the walls around it were false, there was nothing fake about the frame: it was a very solid, real piece of kit he had hired from a specialist company for the filming next week. He went around the cameras, checking and adjusting the view from each. When he’d done them all he returned to the editing suite briefly to set them to record, then he gave the two lads a thumbs up. They waved as they left, Jed indicating that they’d be back in two hours.

Mike stripped off his tracksuit top and bottoms, and walked slowly towards the struggling figure strapped to the frame.

Jack was nineteen, and had a great figure that his tight jeans and black tee shirt were doing nothing to conceal. Mike’s cock was already semi-hard and it grew even more as he reached out a hand and stroked his fingers slowly over the boy’s bulge.

Jack’s body jerked in surprise at the unexpected touch, and he yelled.

Everybody assumed Mike was straight – but if anything he’d played with more guys than girls. He loved sex, and to him both males and females offered equal, if different, pleasures. He was confident that he would have no trouble with this boy.

He stroked the bulge, bringing more yells and swearing from beneath the hood, but this time his fingers explored until they found the soft cock. True to form, Jack had got nothing on under his jeans. Mike smirked – no doubt the bastard thought the girls would salivate when they saw him.

Ignoring the violent protests, he unfastened the boy’s jeans and pulled them down, allowing the cock to spring out into the air, then positioned himself behind him and pulled the cloth bag off Jack’s head. The boy looked around, trying to see who the bastard behind him was, but he couldn’t turn far enough. He swore and struggled as Mike went back to work on his cock. It remained soft for some time, but eventually, as Mike knew it would, it began to succumb to the gentle teasing. Slowly it began to get hard. Mike continued to play with it, monitoring the boy’s reactions carefully, trying to get him to move sensually – which he started to do once his cock was hard enough. He was still swearing and struggling, but with a little less enthusiasm now he had a horny cock to think about.

Standing behind Jack and working both by feel and from a screen by his side that was connected to one of the cameras, he teased along the length of it lightly for some time, causing it to kick repeatedly.

Although the occasional “get your fucking hands off of me!” and “when I get out of this you’re fucking dead!” came from him, Jack’s protests were becoming less frequent – and more and more they were becoming interspersed with groans of reluctant pleasure.

Mike enclosed the whole of the boy’s cock with his fingers, and began to wank the full length of it slowly. Reaching round with his other hand he teased the boy’s balls at the same time. Jack’s body movements increased, as did the moans.

He continued to work on the cock, and surprisingly soon he’d got Jack close to cumming. It was clear that the boy had never been edged before, and he was extremely easy to control. The first time Mike stopped - both hands motionless, the fingers just touching his cock lightly, and leaving Jack on the brink of orgasm - the boy yelled, shook his head, and tried to pump his hips. “No! Don’t stop! Keep going! I’m cumming!”

‘Oh no you’re not’, thought Mike to himself with a smile. He let his helpless victim cool down for a minute and then started on him again.

This continued for the next half hour, during which time Mike brought the boy repeatedly to the edge of orgasm and then stopped. By the end of it Jack was desperate. “I need to cum! God, I need to cum!”

He didn’t have a camera feed to see the boy’s expression, but that was Ok - from the sounds coming from him, everything was just as it should be. He went back to edging him.

At one point he stopped for a few seconds, then suddenly rubbed a fingertip over the lad’s frenulum. The response was exactly what he’d hoped for: a gasp of pleasure, and a slow sigh of satisfaction. He continued playing with the precum-slippery cock, getting – he hoped – good shots of the boy’s face: probably screwed up with lust and concentration. The noises he was making certainly suggested that was the case.

Now, the next part had to be done carefully. As quickly as he could, he lubed his own hard cock, and then, as gently as possible, and leaning back so that the camera would get a good view, he pushed it slowly it into Jack’s arse while going back to teasing the boy. As he’d expected, this brought sudden and very violent protests, but that was fine – the lad would cool down when he got used to it. For a while Mike just held it there without moving, still stroking the horny cock slowly, keeping him close.

Gradually Mike began to fuck him – very gently at first, but then with slowly increasing speed as Jack began to cope better with it. The poor boy was being fucked by a guy – something he most definitely didn’t want – but at the same time he was being kept as close to cumming as possible. The noises he was making veered from swearing and threats to groans of lust.

At one point Mike leaned back again slightly, and slowed his fucking right down for a few moments, counted to five, and then resumed hard and fast.

He pushed in further, and a sudden gasp from the boy told him that he’d found the lad’s prostate. He pulled back very slightly, and then froze his hips - the moment he most needed to get on camera was coming up. He put all of his concentration into getting Jack right to the very edge with his hand, stroking the cock teasingly, tickling the frenulum with just one fingertip. He did this until he could feel that Jack was on the very brink of cumming – then he removed his hands completely, gripped the boy’s shoulders, and fucked him hard, making sure that the head of his cock battered his virgin prostate with every stroke.

It worked perfectly. Jack had been so close from the work of the fingers on his cock that the rubbing of his prostate pushed him over the edge immediately. With a yell of ecstasy he started to cum – the prostate orgasm was like nothing he’d ever felt before.

His spunk shot out powerfully in wide arcs onto the floor. “Yeah! Jesus! Oh Fuck YEAAAAAH! Oh God!! His hips were pumping against Mike’s cock and his body was vibrating in the wooden restraint frame.

Mike continued to fuck him until his orgasm was over, slowing gradually as the boy’s contractions diminished. He didn’t pull out straight away, though.

“Shit.” Mike sounded impressed. “Not many lads cum just from being fucked - without their cock being touched at all. You really do love it!”

Jack’s head was dropped down, and he was too in his own world, too busy panting, to register what Mike had said. Still recovering from his orgasm, he took a long breath. “Oh fuck. Yeah.”

After a minute he seemed to come to his senses. He raised his head. “Who the fuck are you?”

Mike pulled his cock out of the boy and wiped it, then put the bag back over Jack’s head. “I’m going to leave you for an hour. When I come back I’ll have something for you.”

He put his trackies back on again and went into the editing suite. He looked at the control panel and smiled: all the cameras had recorded perfectly. He plugged a mic into the board – he had a couple of extra lines to say before he could do the edit. Humming to himself, he went to work.

Jack squinted in the bright lights as the hood was pulled off his head again. He managed to focus, and gasped when he recognised Mike. It was the first time he’d see him since he’d arrived. “You!”

“Yes, me,” replied Mike. At his side was a large monitor screen. “Now watch.” He pressed play.

On the screen, Mike is greeting Jack at the door. Both of them are smiling. Mike leads the way through to the lounge.

Mike: “You’re looking good.”

Jack: “Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve wanted to do this for ages.”

Mike: “Ok then. Come on through into the dungeon.”

The view changes to show them walking away from the camera towards an interior door.

Jack: “Oh yeah, up the arse! I fucking love that.”

The scene changes. Jack is now strapped into the restraints, his body is moving sensuously. Mike isn’t visible behind him, but his hand is and it is slowly stroking Jack’s cock. Jack is moaning carnally , very clearly loving it.

After a while the view cuts to Mike’s pelvis, his own cock being pushed slowly but firmly into Jack’s arse. A close-up of Jacks face, his eyes closed, a lustful smile on his lips . He gasps in pleasure , then lets out a slow sigh of satisfaction.

Back to Mike’s pelvis, now fucking harder. The view changes several times, showing his cock pumping into the boy from different angles.

Mike: Am I going too fast for you?”

Jack: No – the faster the better for me. I can take it for as long as you fucking like, mate.”

The fucking continues.

A shot of Mike slowing down.

Jack: “No! Don’t stop! Keep going! I’m cumming!”

Mike speeding up again, fucking the boy hard and fast once more.

Jack yells in ecstasy. O ne of the side cameras catches the spunk beautifully as it pumps out of the throbbing, jerking cock.

Jack, his eyes screwed up, head thrown back: Yeah! Jesus! Oh Fuck YEAAAAAH! Oh God!!

The monitor screen shows Mike continuing to fuck him, gradually slowing, until the boy’s orgasm is over.

Mike, sounding impressed: “Hmm, not many lads cum just from being fucked - without their cock being touched at all.”

Jack’s head drops down as he pants. He takes a long breath.

Jack: Oh fuck. Yeah.”

After a moment during which the camera stays on the boy’s exhausted but happy face, the film cuts to show both of them at the front door of Mike’s house again. Jack is leaving.

Jack, grinning: Well thanks for that!”

Mike, smiling: “Any time. See you again soon.”

Jack, nodding enthusiastically:I hope so! I can’t fucking wait!”

The final shot is of the door closing behind the boy.

Jack was staring at the screen, his mouth hanging open. He stuttered for a moment, only stupefied grunts coming out. “It - it didn’t happen like that! That was your fucking house when I was signing the fucking contract, not here! That’s fucking wrong!”

Mike smiled gently. “Oh I know it’s wrong. You know it didn’t happen like that, and I know it didn’t happen like that. But what are people going to think when they see it? It’s perfectly clear to them what happened. You arrived smiling, you got comprehensively fucked by a guy, you loved it, and you left grinning. You even shot your load just from being fucked, with nobody even touching your cock.”

Jack was shaking his head, trying to understand. “Wh- Why?”

“Why? I’ll tell you why, Jack. You remember Carol? The one you gagged, tied up and then buggered up the arse recently? She’s my sister. She hated it. Being fucked up the arse is something she swore to herself she would never, ever do. It disgusts her. But did you give her a choice? Did you fuck. You gagged her and tied her down. You’re a piece of shit, Jack. A worm that needs teaching a good fucking lesson.” He pointed at the screen. “Now listen carefully, my boy. If you ever so much as touch any girl in this fucking town again, that video is going to go straight onto the net. Do you understand? You’ll have a bigger audience than you ever fucking thought. The great Jack, who secretly loves getting fucked up the arse by guys. Think about it, you worthless cunt.”

Jack closed his mouth. He swallowed. Oh fucking shit. His worst nightmare. He dropped his head, then he sighed and nodded. “Please. I’ll do anything. Don’t put that on the net.”

Mike pulled the cloth hood roughly over the boy’s head and walked away.

Jed and Alex arrived with immaculate timing a few minutes later and removed Jack the same way that they’d delivered him.

The dungeon walls and the wooden frame had gone weeks ago. Instead, in the middle of the studio area there stood a yellow inflatable paddling pool.

“A yellow paddling pool,” said Jed. “I have the feeling I’m gonna regret asking, but what the fuck is that about?”

Mike chuckled. “You want to get pissed on, nothing better.”

“Pissed on?”

“Indeed. Gay film next week. “Pissed And A Newt”.

Jed closed his eyes. “Really?”

“Really. Some guy’s gonna get tied up in that while another four lads do it to him. There’s some fucking and general horseplay as well, but the pissing is the main thing. Gonna have to put the nearer cams in something waterproof.”

“And where does the newt come in?”

“You really, really don’t want to know. Hey listen, I’m short of a guy to get pissed on. They’ve got one already, but a second one would be good. You up for it?”

“Fuck off. In your fucking dreams.”

Mike nodded. He stared into the distance for a moment, then suddenly brightened. “Hey, I know a boy who’d be perfect. Would do it for no pay too.”

Jed looked at him. Frowning. After a moment the frown turned into a grin. “You wouldn’t.”

Mike smiled. “Oh, I would.”