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Unfair! Unfair!
By Hooder

Unfair! Unfair!

Friday night at the Mansion. Entertainment night. There was a buzz in the main room as the residents filed in and sat cross-legged on the floor, their hands cuffed behind their backs. All eyes were on the two boys in the middle of the room. Master Jeff stood up and the buzz died down to silence.

“Good evening everyone. Now then, I’m pleased to tell you that we have a contest tonight – not only that, but it’s an inter-house one.”

There was a murmur of approval. Contests were popular.

“James and I were chatting the other day about the varying ability of our residents to stop themselves from cumming – their self-control. Some you are better at it than others. Most of you are not so good.” Jeff smiled happily. “This contest will be a test both of our two contestants’ edging skills, and also of their self-control.

“The contest’s in two parts. For the first sixty minutes, it’s all about edging. Each boy will get the other gradually closer and closer to orgasm. The goal is to get your opponent repeatedly almost to the point of cumming, but without allowing him to cum. If either does cum in this first hour, both will be punished severely – the one for cumming, the other for letting him.

“At the end of that hour I will give a 5-second countdown, and from that point it’s a test of self-control. Each boy will try to make the other one shoot – and the first one to make his opponent cum will be the winner.

“So, the first part is a test of edging skill: the more horny you can get your opponent, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to make him lose control first and cum after the countdown. The second part is purely a test of self-control. The longer you can hold out after the countdown, while you’re being irresistibly milked, the better the chances that your opponent will cum first.” Jeff looked slightly startled that he’d been able to explain this so easily. He glanced at James, the Mansion’s sadistic German butler and aide, who was, as always, looking inscrutable.

“Now, in the first hour, it’s clear that it’s in your interest to get your opponent close, but not too close – if he cums, you will both be punished. So there is room for cheating, by not getting him close enough. However, James will be watching extremely carefully, and if he considers that a boy is doing this he will stop the contest and both will be punished anyway.

“As for the second part of the contest, the bit after the countdown, you all know from experience,” he smiled at the audience, “that when a boy gets close enough to the edge, any reason he might have to stop himself from cumming – punishment, loss of reputation, any reason at all – goes out the window and he’ll do anything he possibly can to cum, no matter what the consequences may be. So this is where that famous self-control will be tested. Reputations are on the line here.

“Here at the Mansion we like deviousness, and so we’ve chosen these two contestants very carefully. These two boys have been chosen because they have the very best self-control. Each is very proud of his reputation for it. But, as well as incurring punishment, the one who lets himself cum first will lose that hard-won reputation totally. I like that.”

Jeff took a sip of water – he wished it were scotch. He had a worrying feeling that he was over-explaining all this. No matter, move on. “One of the two contestants is well-known to you all: our own Mark.” There was a cheer from the audience as Jeff pointed to the muscular dark-haired 21 year old who was restrained face up to the padded table in the centre of the room, with only his arms free. He was wearing an industrial-thickness leather gag with an insert that filled his mouth. “Mark has been with us for almost a year now, and, as many of you boys know all too well, he’s an expert edger. But he is extremely proud of his legendary ability to control himself.”

James scowled. He preferred boys who were much less able to control themselves.

“So his reputation – and that of the Mansion - is at stake tonight.”

Jeff now nodded towards the second boy. This one was cute and athletic, with a swimmer’s build, and was suspended in a leather harness, face-down and pointing the other way a couple of feet above Mark. He was wearing an identical gag.

“The second contestant is Jay. You don’t know Jay. He’s 19, and he’s visiting us from Master Guy’s house in Cambridge. Jay is also a talented edger, but Master Guy, an old friend of mine, was talking to me the other day; Guy’s biggest turn-on is cock-rape - making boys cum while they’re fighting against it - and he said that more than anything, he wants to do that to Jay. I think he fancies the boy rather a lot,” Jeff chuckled. “And I can see why. Cute, blue-eyed and blond. Oh yes.”

James glanced over at Guy sitting the other side of Jeff, raised his eyebrows and gave him a hopeless what-can-you-do? look. Guy smiled.

“But apparently it’s very difficult. Jay’s ability to stop himself from cumming is far too good – better than any of the others at Guy’s house – and Jay is very proud of that. But James, our resident expert on the sexual control of boys here at the Mansion tells me that he knows exactly how to reduce substantially Jay’s ability to control himself, and to make him a lot less able to resist what Master Guy wants to do to him. To that end, James has graciously offered to design a few weeks’ treatment for Jay here at the Mansion. Guy thinks that’s an excellent idea, so Jay will be with us for a week or two.”

In fact, James wasn’t entirely sure that he knew how to go about doing that – if he did, he’d have done it to Mark - but that was something he wasn’t about to tell Jeff. Not if it meant being able to work on that sexy blond boy for a few weeks.

This was one of the longest speeches for some time that Jeff had made without getting distracted and going off on some tangent. But it was early evening and he hadn’t been at the single malt yet.

“So, not only individual reputations but also the reputations of the Mansion and of Master Guy’s house are at stake tonight. The winner will get a week of pleasure milkings, the loser a 6-hour punishment session with James. Let the contest begin!” He pressed the button on a stopwatch, and sat down.

A shudder ran through those assembled at the thought of any punishment session with James – a six-hour one didn’t bear thinking about.

Years ago, having both the finances and the connections, Jeff had decided to establish a house with the single purpose of indulging his greatest love of all: to be surrounded by horny boys. Boys who needed to cum very badly indeed. In this he had been enthusiastically aided by his friend and butler James - a thin, wiry man with a thick German accent, who was suspiciously silent about his past, and who had one of the most extreme fetishes for black rubber that Jeff had ever known. Even more than his employer, James had a great obsession for keeping boys needing to cum - but, unlike Master Jeff, James was a sadist. Most sexual sadists are interested in causing pain, but not James: his lifelong obsession was to find ever more devious and effective ways to get – and to keep - boys as horny as possible and thereby to cause them the most excruciatingly intense frustration it’s possible for a male to experience: that of desperately needing - but not quite being able - to cum. James both fed on, and lived for, the frustration of his victims. He always thought of them as victims; the word had a nice ring for him. He was inventive: over the years he had designed countless devices to encourage and inflame a victim’s need for orgasm – and he was also an accomplished psychologist; he loved nothing better than getting deep into a boy’s mind, to find out what really turned him on; what his weaknesses were; what he had the least defence against; what would get to him most of all.

James was very skilled at interrogation. He knew well that, in the hands of an expert, edging can be a devastatingly effective torture technique: a helpless boy, who has been got so horny that he would sell his soul for orgasm, and who is being kept on the very edge - but prevented, just, from getting there – by gentle, lubed rubber fingertips or the point of a soft feather on his cock-head, will beg to reveal his deepest, darkest and most embarrassing secrets, in the frantic hope that it will end the torture and he’ll be allowed to cum. And then, in future punishment sessions, James would mercilessly use that knowledge against the boy, so that he could make his victim’s need to cum ever more unbearable. The progressively increasing inability of the boy to resist him from one session to the next was a source of intense sexual gratification for the man. He often came in his rubber jeans while working on a struggling victim in those later, more advanced sessions.

James enjoyed his daily duties which included a short period with each of the residents, to keep their level of horniness high, but what he really looked forward to were those punishment sessions where, behind closed doors, he could experiment on a boy at leisure. In his soundproofed room, the helpless, desperate victim - strapped down or otherwise restrained in exactly the way that James knew made that individual boy feel most vulnerable, most defenceless, and most horny - could only try to endure the unbearable torment. A punishment session with James was something to be greatly feared – but, frustratingly, it was also something that, afterwards, a boy couldn’t stop himself from re-living behind tightly-shut eyes as he lay in bed at night, wanting more than anything to be able to wank over it – but, of course, not being able to.

Everyone’s attention was fixed on the table and the suspended harness in the centre of the room. Each of the two contestants was stroking and teasing his opponent’s cock lightly, and each cock was as hard as iron and straining directly towards the other boy. The gags James had chosen were especially effective: only the quietest, muffled, and completely unintelligible sounds escaped them as the boys got more and more horny at the touch of the other’s fingers.

Mark reached out to a table positioned to be accessible to both of them, and picked up a thin lubed leather thong. He wrapped it around Jay’s cock head, just under the ridges, and began to see-saw it slowly backward and forwards. Jay was using two feathers: one on Marks cock head, the other on his balls.

James was watching the proceedings like a hawk. The boys were doing well – each was working hard to keep the other as close to cumming as possible. His own rigid cock was forcing the codpiece of his rubber jeans out into an obscene bulge above his waders, and his fingertips were nervously stroking the shiny black rubber of his trench coat, which rustled quietly with the slightest movement.

Master Jeff was watching closely too, but also taking the opportunity to sip the first of what would undoubtedly be many glasses of Laphroaig that evening.

Jay was, at the moment, using a softer feather, tickling just the edge of it slowly over the precum-glistening head of Mark’s cock while the rubber-gloved fingers of his other hand were lightly stroking the boy’s balls. With each touch of the feather Mark tried desperately to thrust his hips, but the thick leather straps prevented that, making it both impossible for him to get his cock away from the relentless teasing, and also denying him the small relief that humping provided. In turn, his own fingertips were teasing Jay’s cock with infinite lightness, causing the boy to screw his face up with need, and making his cock jerk repeatedly. The competition was in its twenty-eighth minute.

The favourite to win was Mark. He’d been at the Mansion for over a year, and of all the residents, he was known to possess almost unbreakable self-control. He was often a top himself, being an expert edger and force-milker, and helped James with the daily boy-teasing periods. Even James had learned a thing or two from him on occasion. The man hadn’t admitted it to Jeff, but of all the victims he had worked on, Mark had been the one who could most often manage to stop himself from cumming however much James caused him to need to. It was a constant annoyance to the German that he had only made him cum a very few times, but he was getting better as he learned more and more about the lad’s weaknesses. Mark had a strong fetish for boots, but even using that on him wasn’t usually enough to do the trick. As James watched the contest, in his mind he was devising ways that would make the fucker cum – however much he tried to stop himself. It was becoming something of a personal mission for him.

Jay was something of an unknown quantity to those at the Mansion. According to Master Guy, it was frustratingly difficult to make him cum if he decided not to. Guy was watching from the chair at Jeff’s side, and his feelings about this competition were actually ambivalent: on the one hand he wanted his house’s representative to be the winner, but on the other he longed to see Jay beaten: to be forced to lose control and shoot his spunk. As Jeff had rightly said, he thought Jay was drop-dead gorgeous. Guy longed to see the boy struggling and swearing – but cumming helplessly into his milking hands despite anything he could do to stop himself. He was actually praying that Mark could make Jay lose it. He realised this would actually be defeat for his house, but he didn’t care. He’d said as much to Jeff. Jeff had chuckled. “So it’s a no-win contest really for you. Just the way we like them here at the Mansion.”

James looked at the stopwatch: fifty-one minutes gone. The boys were sweating, their naked bodies glistening in the lights as they worked ever more cunningly and ever more carefully on their opponents’ cocks.

The first time James had set eyes on Jay, the German had sprung an instant erection. There was something about him: quite apart from being so cute, he exuded an air of little-boy vulnerability, but at the same time altogether too much cockiness and arrogance. This unusual combination made James very much want to get the little bastard alone in his torture room and work on him excruciatingly slowly and for a very long time.

If Jay made Mark cum first after the sixty minutes were up - and therefore won this contest - Jay would be untouchable for his week of pleasure milkings, and only after that week would the German be able to get his hands on him. Even then, the boy wouldn’t be really horny for a couple of days. James’ cock could not wait that long. But if Jay lost, he would be taken straight to James’ soundproofed room for six solid hours of torture with nobody to disturb them – and the boy would not have cum already. Oh God, James wanted that so badly. He prayed that Jay would lose this; Jay had to cum before Mark did.

Through his wire-frame glasses, the German was watching the proceedings with deep concentration. Both boys were moaning and writhing in their restraints, each lad’s extreme horniness making him work more sadistically on the other. James’ cock was as hard as iron and he could feel the head sliding over the slippery inside of his rubber codpiece. Much more of this and he would cum himself, he knew. He was frowning - although Mark was the favourite, it looked like Jay was doing slightly better: although the blond boy was moaning and humping in the suspension harness, it was Mark below him who seemed to be losing it faster.

James looked at the stopwatch on the table. Fifty-nine and a half minutes. Both boys had been very, very close for ages, but now Mark was clearly struggling not to let himself cum. James’ eyes narrowed – perhaps Mark had a thing for cute blond boys. He would have to investigate that in depth later. He checked the stopwatch again and thrust is hands deep into the black rubber pockets of his shiny black trench coat.

Master Jeff was staring at the stopwatch. “Five. Four. Three, Two, One -”

It was James’ duty to prepare the boys for the contest. Half an hour before the audience had started to come in, he’d taken Jay into the room first, making sure they were alone. Picking up one of the two identical gags, he’d carefully inserted the thick padded leather tongue into the boy’s mouth, and had pulled the strap tight behind his head. He’d locked it on with a small but strong padlock, then he’d smiled to himself: there was no way Jay could get it off. He’d made him lie face down on the padded table, and had gently parted the boy’s legs. Then, with lubed, black rubber-gloved fingers, he had slowly and carefully inserted a tiny vibrator - positioning it, very gently, against Jay’s prostate. James had done this in silence, but had smiled in satisfaction at the outraged but muffled and unintelligible protests when the boy had realised what the man was doing. “Shhhh….” James had stroked the boy’s blond hair comfortingly. “After you are so horny from ze hour of edging, I sink it vill be difficult for you to fight against zis little zing, pretty boy.”

Jay had fumed impotently as James had hidden the thin, flesh-coloured cord attached to it deep in the crack of his arse where it would be both unreachable and invisible, then had stood him up, strapped him into the harness and hoisted him into position. After checking that there was no sign of the cord, he’d leaned close to Jay’s ear and had whispered quietly and very slowly, “You vill tell nobody about zis. If I hear that you heff done so, I vill make very sure that the ‘treatment’ I am to give you in ze next few weeks is very, very unpleasant, and zat your stay in Master Guy’s house is very, very short. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Jay had stared daggers at the man, but he’d realised he had no choice. James was a powerful man at the Mansion and would take great pleasure in making his life a total misery. Also, it was well-known that he had dangerous connections, and he knew Master Guy. They were not just empty words. Reluctantly, Jay had nodded.

James had stroked his round bum for a moment, and then gone to get Mark. His cock had been very hard indeed in his rubber jeans just then.

“Zero!” Master Jeff beamed.

The boys instantly changed their technique. They went from slow, careful teasing and tickling of their opponent’s cock to full-on, irresistible milking. From what they’d learned of each other’s responses over the last hour, their techniques were very different: Jay’s hand was a blur, moving up and down the shaft quickly; whereas Mark worked more slowly, concentrating on Jay’s cock-head – he’d discovered early in the contest that it was supremely sensitive.

The murmuring from the audience suddenly rose as Jay’s body convulsed in the leather straps of the harness. His eyes opened in panic, but the thick leather gag made it impossible for the boy to let anyone know what was happening. They’d both been on the very edge for the minutes preceding the countdown, fighting to keep their opponent as close as possible but not to let him cum - but the moment Master Jeff reached ‘Zero’, the devilish device inside Jay had begun secretly, silently and inescapably to vibrate against his prostate. Jay had already been on the very brink of cumming, and the moment he felt the vibrator start he was forced to concentrate with everything he’d got to control himself. But it was – as James had intended it to be – more than the boy could deal with.

A wave of sadistic pleasure surged through the German as he watched Jay trying to fight the little vibrator. He knew the boy could do nothing about it: that he couldn’t get away from it, that he couldn’t resist it, and that he couldn’t let anybody know it was there. The man sighed with deep gratification as he watched Jay struggling and fighting to stop himself from cumming – the boy’s seething eyes staring straight at the German in impotent fury. With a slow smile James pressed the remote control in his pocket again very gently, turning the intensity of the vibrator up to full. Jay’s body convulsed and he started to cum. At the exact same moment that Jay lost it, James also came, in his rubber jeans. Two loads of hot spunk pumped out – one into a black rubber codpiece and the other helplessly spurting onto Mark’s chest.

“Got you,” whispered the German to himself quietly.

His eyes almost closed in the throes of his receding orgasm and the feeling of his cock-head sliding inside the smooth, cum-slippery rubber, James adjusted himself on the chair, pushed the little button on the remote control again and turned the vibrator off.

Master Jeff stood up, shaking his head. “Jay, Jay, you let yourself cum – and so soon. We expect a better level of control here at the Mansion. Mark, you are the winner. You’ve earned a week of pleasure milkings, and your reputation – and that of the Mansion – is intact. Well done!” He looked down at Jay. “But for you, Jay my boy, a six-hour session in the tender hands of James, I’m afraid.”

Jay was livid. His fists were clenched in fury and his eyes were staring straight at James. His reputation for self-control was in tatters. He’d not only let himself cum, but that fucking vibrator had made him lose it within seconds - he’d be a laughing stock for ages both here and in Cambridge. A corner of the German man’s mouth lifted and he gave the boy a slow wink. He could see Jay’s hands now trying to reach the back of his head, fighting to get the gag out of his mouth – he had to tell everyone it had been a fix. But the restraint of the harness made it difficult to reach, and the gags were locked on anyway - James had made very sure of that. He was perfectly aware that at that moment Jay was experiencing furniture-smashing rage - and his smile broadened as he breathed a slow sigh of pleasure.

James looked down at the cute blond boy strapped to the table in his torture room – although he could see neither his cuteness nor his blondness at the moment. Research had revealed that the boy had a very usable fetish for leather, and that being unable to see was one of his biggest turn-ons, so James had hooded him with a tight, thick blindfolding hood with smooth black leather on the inside that clung to his face. The boy was lying on his back, his upper body restrained to the table. From his ankles up to his mid-thighs, his legs were encased in strips of black rubber that had been wound round and round them, strapping them tightly together. His legs were bent, his knees almost touching his chest and his feet restrained immovably above his head. A pointed feather had been suspended above each sole so that it would stroke across it lightly with any movement the boy made. His arms were strapped down to the table at his sides, with thick leather mitts over his hands, to render them useless. His cock and balls had been pulled through between his thighs to the back, his cock pointing angrily at the ceiling. A leather strip was wrapped around the balls and another, longer one encircled the entire length of his cock shaft, leaving just the head exposed and exquisitely vulnerable. The German sighed in anticipation, knowing that this arrangement was a combination of everything that turned this particular boy on most of all. All that was missing was the feel of cold rubber or leather between his thighs. He took a pair of long black rubber gloves from a stack of them he’d put into the fridge earlier, pulled them on, and coated both well with lube. This boy hadn’t cum – his cock was as hard as steel from the edging competition – and James had got him restrained in exactly the way that he knew would make him the most uncontrollably horny, the most defenceless, and the most screamingly susceptible to what he intended to do to him. He was using every one of the boy’s weaknesses against him.

Then, with his own hard cock sliding against the rubber of his jeans, he forced one cold, slippery gloved hand in slowly between the tops of the naked thighs, above the rubber strip, the fingers and thumb coming to rest gently holding the root of his cock and pushing it even further back. An urgent gasp of lust came from under the leather hood at the feel of the cold rubber between his legs and Jay couldn’t stop himself from squeezing his already tightly-touching naked thighs together even harder around it. James smiled knowingly, and positioned the lubed, shiny black fingertips of his other hand ready to begin working on the desperate, straining glans.

“You sink you need to cum now, boy. In six hours you vill know exactly what it means to need to cum...” He exhaled a breath of pure sadism. “Oh, I know how to torture horny boys...”

The fingers gently descended, and the six hours began.