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The Vulcan Bikers
By Hooder

The Vulcan Bikers

Adrian was horny. This was not at all unusual, but today he’d been especially so. It had started around lunchtime and it had been getting steadily worse since then - by late evening he was walking around the flat with a permanent erection. After a shower, he gave in and decided he’d put his most blatant come-and-get-me gear on, and go out on the prowl – not that it ever did any good in this godforsaken place, but it might at least lead to a good wank later.

The boy was obsessed with leather - the blacker, the shinier and the tighter the better – he spent all of his available cash on it, to the extent that his flat was as devoid of furniture now as it had been when he’d moved into it after he’d left school. At eighteen, he wasn’t earning a lot, but the second-hand market provided: so far he had four pairs of leather jeans, three biker jackets, motorcycle and combat boots. The jeans had fit him nicely when he’d got them, but very early on his fetish for all things tight had driven him to acquire – and then to teach himself how to use - the Sewing Machine, and he’d become so enthusiastic with this device that now it took the best part of an afternoon to squeeze himself into them. He’d got the latest pair last week – much thinner leather than his others and, at the moment, they were his favourites: like all of them they were skintight on his legs, but these he’d made slightly less so over the crotch – he wanted to feel his cock sliding inside them as he walked, and he wanted it to be obscenely obvious when he got hard. In both of these he had succeeded admirably; he’d only had them a few days but already he’d cum in them twice.

For Adrian, the holy grail of tightness came as one of a boxed pair – its partner being the sacred mug of shininess. Shininess was a big thing for Adrian: he treated all his leather every week with conditioner and, after having allowed that to soak in for a day, he carefully polished it, first with boot polish and then with spit. Finally - having already brought it up to a gloss - he used spray polish as well. It took him a long time, and he was getting muscles from all the buffing, but it was a labour of love. By the time he’d finished you could see your face in it.

No tee shirt – he’d go naked under the black leather tonight.

Now, a jacket. There really was only one choice, he thought: the first two he’d bought were thin, punk-like ones, but the third was the real deal. He’d literally run to the cash machine when he’d seen it, and taken the £60 out from his meager savings there and then. Sixty quid was nothing for a real leather jacket, but this one was an absolute steal: thick black horse hide, a wide, double-holed belt; shiny chrome zips, epaulettes, red quilted lining, and lace-up sides. It was heavy, incredibly sexy, built like a tank, and he’d been astounded that it had been so cheap. And it polished up beautifully. He took it off the hanger and put it on the bed along with the jeans.

Now, bike boots or combats? The motorcycle boots were the weak link really – they were very old and a bit tatty, but he reckoned they still beat the newer combats. He decided on the bike boots and took them over to the bed as well.

Music. He needed music while he got into this gear. Naked now, Adrian sorted through his collection and found an old Iron Maiden CD. Soon the bedroom window was rattling to the sound of Bruce Dickenson in full voice. Adrian nodded. Perfect.

It took him a while to get the jeans on – he had to lie on the floor and go through a series of serpentine contortions to work them up his thighs inch by inch – but eventually he’d pulled the zip up and fastened the metal button over his flat 28” waist. Oh God, he thought, they felt so good. Then the bike boots, and finally the jacket.

All done. He looked at himself in the mirror; he was no narcissist, but he wondered how anybody in their right mind could resist him, looking like that. Adrian was well aware that he was no hunky biker, but surely there must be some guys who would go for a cute boy with emerald-green eyes and a mop of curly hair, in shiny black leather. He hoped so, anyway.

He turned the collar of the leather jacket up and pulled the zip down slightly, then he adjusted his cock in his jeans, and grabbed his keys. “All right, boys, here I come.”

Adrian loved the city at night; he was young enough that there was still something sexily dangerous about it. At other times he wasn’t at all exhibitionist, but when he was this horny, being seen in public in tight, shiny leathers sent a thrill of excitement through him. He’d done it many times before, though only once in these jeans. Often he’d had curious glances or disbelieving stares, but none of them had ever led to anything (if you didn’t count the two occasions when he’d had to run away very fast). There was always a chance, though, he thought. He’d been with many guys, but so far no bikers. This was unfortunate because bikers occupied his fantasies much more than they should- and he had yet to find anybody who was into gear as much as he was.

Smells wafted from the rear of restaurants and the sounds of clinking glasses and laugher came through the open windows of pubs as he passed them. The street lights cast patches of brightness - but there, just beyond them, was always the dark.

Adrian was disappointed that there was no leather club in this city; he would have taken up residence in it if there had been. There were bikers about from time to time, but nowadays they always seemed to be wearing Kevlar, not leather. Surely, he thought to himself, half the point of having a motorbike was to look hot – and Kevlar was not hot. Not in any possible way. And when he actually did see one in leather, it was usually pink and white or some other awful colour, with one of those dreadful humps on the back that made them look like Quasimodo. No, for Adrian it had to be black. And shiny. And no hump. And preferably jeans that bulged. In this particular city that seemed to be asking for too much.

He came to the square and stood looking around;a car trundled past him on the cobblestones. Not a biker in sight.

While he’d been walking he’d started to get a bit of a hard-on, but now it was going down again. Yet another night without seeing a single sexy guy to fuel a wank back at the flat. Oh well.

Usually at this point he made his way home via the canal path – he’d once seen a guy in a leather bike jacket working on one of the boats; he’d stood and watched him for a while from the bridge, then he’d gone down to talk to him. A little later a passing duck had been slightly startled as the narrow boat had rocked in its moorings for a while, but the next day the boat had gone, and he’d never seen the guy again. Tonight, though, he decided to go past the train station; there was another small square in front of it, and leading off the other side of that was a maze of narrow, dark streets. Few people used them at night – apart from a small pub on one of them, the ‘Vulcan’, there was no reason to go there - but for Adrian there was something exciting about those dark alleys.

He looked up at the metal fire-escape ladders as he passed them; many were rusty, he noticed, and he wondered where they led. One went right to the very top of a high warehouse with boarded-up windows. He liked that.

He was idly building a fantasy about nefarious goings on inside that warehouse - which was beginning to involve tables with straps, and masked, leather-clad interrogators - when he heard voices.

At first Adrian thought they were coming from the pub – he was just about to pass the Vulcan – but then a movement caught his eye in the darkness of the yard next to it. There were three motorbikes parked there, and that was very unusual. Some guys were leaning against the pub wall, bottles of beer in their hands, laughing and chatting. Then he saw what the one in the middle was wearing, and he froze in mid-stride.

Black leather jeans. Skin-tight, lace-up-sided leather jeans, intensely black, and so shiny that they almost looked oily. But that was not all: the bulge was fucking mouth-watering. As the guy turned, his leathers reflected the light of the street lamp across the road, and Adrian was transfixed: he couldn’t move and he couldn’t take his eyes of them.

He swallowed, realised that the guys had seen him, and quickly forced himself to start moving again.

“Awright, mate?”

Adrian didn’t know what to do: he couldn’t just ignore them, not when they were so close. He stopped again and smiled nervously. “Hello. Nice night.”

Nice night? What the fuck had he said that for?

He could see now that all three of them were wearing leather jeans. That was unheard-of in this city. The other two were Ok: their jeans were leather, so at any other time they would have been, by definition, of extreme interest to him - but right now it wasn’t them he was looking at; it was the one with the bulge. Fuck, those jeans were skin t ight on his muscular thighs. Adrian felt a physical compulsion to feel them, lick them and bury his face in them. That biker was the hottest guy Adrian had seen for ages. With great difficulty, he tore his eyes away from that amazing, shiny black leather bulge.

The biker glanced down to see what the boy had been looking at – perhaps his zip was open or something. No, all was as it should be. He raised his head again, a small frown on his face.

“Looks like you can’t take your eyes off our Gav,” drawled the third guy along. He pointed his beer bottle at Bulge. The bottle rotated to point to Adrian’s crotch. “And looks like you fuckin’ fancy him.”

For a moment Adrian didn’t understand, but then he realised that his cock was rock-hard and pushing the shiny, thin leather out between his thighs in exactly the way he’d intended these jeans to do. But at this particular moment, he thought, that might not be the best thing. He quickly covered his crotch with his hands - which, he immediately realised, made it even more obvious.

What to say? What to do? Run? Say ‘no, of course I don’t fancy him’?, or own up and say yes?

Adrian’s cock made the decision for him. “Fuck yes.”

There was laugher and whistling. Hurriedly, Adrian started walking again, but he was too late: the first guy pushed himself off the wall and stepped out in front of him, blocking his way. Another was behind him. The one with the bulge – Gav – walked closer and looked him up and down.

“How old are you?” Gav asked.


“Where’s your bike?”

“Erm, I haven’t got one. Yet. I’m saving up for one,” he added, hoping that might make him an honorary biker as far as they were concerned.

It didn’t. The biker blocking his way grinned and pointed the beer bottle at him accusingly. “So - an eighteen-year old boy in full leathers and motorbike boots, who hasn’t got a bike, and with a stonking hard-on in his skin-tight leather jeans.” He smiled cunningly. “You got a fetish for it then, have you? For leather?”

Adrian swallowed, and finally nodded. “Yes,” he said quietly.

“And do hunky leather bikers like us turn you on, little gay boy?”

He groaned. “Oh fuck yes ss .” His eyes were still fixed to that sexy one’s crotch.

The guy tilted his head towards him. “Mmm. You’re nearly cumming, looking at Gav, aren’t you…” He said, gloatingly. “Those tight, shiny, black leather jeans …”

A low moan came from the boy and his steel-hard cock jerked at the biker’s words.

“Oh fuck. Y es,” he breathed. “You have no fucking idea.” Although he was scared, he couldn’t remember ever feeling more horny than he did at that moment – and he dropped his hands to his sides. The bikers’ eyes immediately went back to the unmistakable shape of his hard cock under the thin leather.

“We can fucking see you like him,” the guy chuckled. “Well, how about you take a closer look?” He gripped Adrian’s arm and pulled him into the shadows.

Gav leaned back against one of the bikes, his elbows on the seat and his booted feet apart.

In spite of his nervousness, Adrian couldn’t stop himself: he sank to his knees. The bulge he’d seen from across the road was now directly in front of him - as black as midnight, shiny, almost perfectly round, and sticking out a good three inches from the biker’s thighs - but he daren’t touch it. He felt someone standing close behind him, and then a leather-clad arm closed around his neck, holding him immobile. Adrian almost came. The feel of that was more horny than he could have imagined.

A chuckle came from behind him. “Those jeans turning you on, boy?”

Adrian nodded. He nodded hard.

“Feel ‘em.”

He ran his hands over the biker’s thighs. The glossy black leather felt intoxicating beneath his fingers. “Oh fuck,” he whispered to himself.


Adrian didn’t need telling twice. He moved his hands up – and then he was actually touching the smooth warmth of that sexy biker’s leather-clad cock. He stroked it, caressed it, worshipped it.

The arm left his neck, and hands grabbed his wrists; they pulled them behind his back and held them there. “Lick it.”

Adrian’s head moved forward and he sighed in pure bliss as his tongue made contact with the leather; it was sleek, shiny, and had almost no grain. He licked it. The bulge filled his field of vision – and it was no longer as round: it had elongated sideways - Gav’s cock was getting hard.

With a rumble, a truck went down a nearby street and the bikers froze until it had gone past. “I think we should take this boy somewhere more private,” said Gav. The other two agreed. Adrian was pulled to his feet and a crash helmet was lowered over his head – but back to front. The bikes started up and he was put on the pillion of one of them. They rode out of the yard and into the narrow street.

Adrian couldn’t see a thing. The helmet wasn’t fastened up and he hoped to God that he didn’t fall off – though the thought of someone trying to turn his head round the right way made him smile. This was the first time in his life he’d ever been on a motorbike and he was both exhilarated and scared shitless. He could tell by the feel of the jacket that the biker he was holding onto for dear life was Gav. He badly wanted to explore those horny jeans but his arms were clamped around the biker’s waist and he daren’t move them. However, he was stroking the front of the leather jacket under his fingers.

When the bikes finally came to a stop, Adrian was led blindly into a house and up the stairs, then pushed down onto a bed. The helmet was lifted off and he saw the three bikers looking down at him.

One had tattoos: a small flaming sword in the middle of his forehead, and a stylised motorcycle on the side of his neck. His head was shaved at the sides, with an inch-long dark mohawk running down the centre, and he had a short beard. Usually Adrian didn’t like beards, but there was something hot about this guy, and on him it worked. Over a white tee shirt his leather jacket was scuffed and worn, and the bullet belt around his hips rested on leather jeans that somehow managed to be tight and loose at the same time: the thick black leather followed the curves of his legs beautifully, but there were also deep folds and creases in it that were begging to be explored,licked.

The second guy wasn’t wearing anything under his open bike jacket and a valley was visible between what were clearly well-developed pecs. His jeans were tighter, and lace-up-sided like Gav’s. The bulge was not as remarkable, but even so Adrian could have spent a very happy week or two getting to know it. The guy obviously worked out, and wasn’t at all bad-looking, with brown eyes that matched the colour of his hair, and he had a stud through the side of his nose.

And then there was Gav. Gav was fucking gorgeous. Adrian had thought so even in the dark yard at the side of the Vulcan, but here in the better light he looked even hotter. Short, thick black hair, deep blue eyes, stubble, and with what seemed to be a permanent sexy half-smile on his face. His leather jacket was similar to Adrian’s, but despite the fact that it had seen a lot more wear, it had clearly also been looked after. Adrian’s eyes were back on that bulge, however. The guy’s cock was still semi-hard, and it was lying over his left thigh.

As Adrian looked up at them he was still very unsure, very frightened, but his overwhelming emotion was one of lust. Apart from each of the bikers being a hunk in his own right, all that leather was getting to him big-time. He was just longing for the three of them to dive on him so he could feel them all over him – an orgy of bikers and black leather.

The one with the stud in his nose parted Adrian’s legs, jumped onto the bed and knelt down between them. “So, little wannabe biker boy, leather turns you on, does it?”

Adrian didn’t trust himself to speak. He nodded nervously.

Stud dropped forward, lying on top of him, grabbed his head and buried it in his jacket. Adrian gasped, then pressed his face into the leather even harder and began to lick it, inhaling the smell. He could feel the guy’s bulge pushing down against his cock. He ran his fingers over Stud’s back and across his smooth, round, tight arse. Oh fuck, he felt so sexy. Adrian worked his hand underneath the guy’s hips until it was between his own bulging cock and Stud’s, which was even harder now.

He was pinned down under a straight biker in black leather, with that biker’s hard bulge against his fingers. Adrian came. With a groan and a squirm he thrust his hips and shot his load into his leather jeans.

Stud pushed himself up and looked disbelievingly over his shoulder at the others. “The little fucker’s just cum!

Adrian’s face was red. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

The biker got off the bed, sighing theatrically. “I dunno, boys today – no fucking control. Let’s grab a beer.”

Mohawk laughed. “Always happy to drink Gav’s beer - it’s free. And let’s tie the little bugger up – he’ll probably love that…”

They hogtied Adrian on the bed, and then disappeared into the kitchen. There was the sound of bottles being got out of the fridge, and then quiet talking.

Ten minutes later they were back. They’d clearly discussed what they were going to do because without saying anything Mohawk untied the boy and knelt on the bed, then he and Stud set about stripping him. The boots and the jacket were no problem, but it took them a long time to get Adrian’s jeans off. “Fucking hell these are tight.” Cold spunk squelched as they finally slid off, inside out. “Yeuch.” A box of tissues landed on his chest. “Clean yourself up.”

“If you like leather, you wanna fuckin feel it,” said Mohawk. He pointed to a pair of bike jeans hanging over a chair, and looked at Stud. “Chuck those over, willya?” He held them in front of him like a weapon. “Let’s see how long this takes to get you hard again…” He dropped the cold jeans onto the boy’s naked crotch and moved them around slowly, teasing his balls and cock through the leather.

Immediately Adrian’s erection started to return, and very soon he was writhing on the bed shamelessly.

Mohawk felt the stiffening cock. “Fuck me - this boy really has got a thing for leather…”

The other two bikers were watching: Gav stood a little way back, with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his jeans, and with that half-smile on his face – and even though it was Mohawk who was working on him, Adrian’s eyes were fixed on Gav.

Stud pulled his bike gloves on, then clamped his leather hands over the boy’s eyes and mouth. A few seconds later there was a sudden, urgent moan: Adrian was going to cum.

“Oh no you don’t,” chuckled Mohawk, “You’re not gonna fuckin’ cum again.” He removed the jeans and Stud quickly took his hands off Adrian’s face. The boy squirmed – that had been so close.

Gav was still just watching, not taking part at all. The other two sat on the bed, and began to run their gloved hands over Adrian’s body.

A couple of times he yelped as fingers squeezed or kneaded his flesh too hard, but mostly they just stroked, and every inch of his skin was teased, from his eyelids down to the soles of his feet. It was impossible for him to keep still, especially when it tickled - and when it did, they just laughed and held him down tighter. He could feel their bulges and the delicious coolness of their leather jackets, zips and buckles on his naked skin as they moved against him. The whole thing was just incredibly erotic, and it was making him need to cum again - desperately. The smell of leather was overwhelming and Adrian was in heaven. At various times they put his hands on their crotches and the boy felt hard cocks in leather jeans. He played with them. Then a zip was pulled down, and this time his hand was placed around a naked one – it was Mohawk’s. He worked on it enthusiastically. But before the guy came, his hand was transferred to Stud’s.

More than anything Adrian wished that Gav would join in, but he continued to stand there, just watching.

This time it was Mohawk who lowered himself onto the boy. Again, Adrian groaned in pleasure as leather made contact with his naked skin. He felt the biker’s weight pushing him down into the bed. Mohawk squeezed Adrian’s hard cock between his legs. The folds of leather enclosing it between the biker’s thighs were again threatening to make the boy cum. He thrust his hips, but Mohawk opened his legs again so that he couldn’t get any friction. Adrian wailed in frustration, and the biker chuckled evilly. Then he lowered his head and kissed the boy hard.

“All right, let’s blow this pervert's mind. You gonna join us, Gav?”

The biker just shook his head slowly. “Nah, I’m fine. You two carry on.” The shape of his cock was much more clearly defined now; his fingers had been gently stroking it for some time as he’d been watching.

Mohawk got off and they turned the boy onto his side. Stud lay on the bed behind him, pressing his leather-clad body tight against him and holding the boy’s arms behind his back. Mohawk got on as well, but in a 69 position. He thrust his bulge – now fully hard – into Adrian’s face.

Adrian’s mind was well and truly blown. He could feel black leather pressing all over him; his fingers were kneading Stud’s bulge behind him; and he was licking the leather of Mohawk’s jeans. He was sandwiched between bikers. Although nothing was touching his cock except the occasional brush from the collar of Mohawk’s jacket, he still almost lost it again – but he forced himself not to: he wanted to have something left for Gav, if that beautiful biker ever actually fucking came over here…

After a while they disentangled themselves, and Mohawk knelt astride the boy, unzipping his jeans. He lifted Adrian’s head and pushed his hard cock into his mouth. The boy sucked it, his eyes crossed as he watched it pumping in and out between his lips. The biker smiled in satisfaction: the little perve was a fucking good cock-sucker, he thought. After a minute of this Mohawk came with a loud grunt, forcing his cock deep into Adrian’s mouth. He knelt there for a while, panting, and then got off.

Stud replaced him, unzipping his tight jeans, and Adrian thought he would want his cock sucking too, but instead he wrapped the boy’s right hand around it, and placed his left hand on the bulge of his balls. Adrian immediately started teasing them and milking the cock. The biker closed his eyes and put his head back, rocking his hips slowly. Very soon his cock stiffened abruptly, he grunted breathlessly, and Adrian squeezed his eyes shut as hot spunk shot all over his face. It ran over his cheeks, the side of his nose, and over his lips. When the biker’s breathing had returned to normal he grabbed a handful of tissues from the box and threw them into the boy’s hand, leaving him to wipe the spunk off.

Adrian looked over at Gav, pleading with his eyes for him to be next. Oh fuck he hoped so. Would he want his cock sucking? The boy hadn’t seen it yet, and he dearly needed to. But Gav wasn’t making any signs of getting onto the bed. With a sinking feeling Adrian guessed that the biker wasn’t in the least bit interested in him.

Gav stretched. “You two going to the Vulcan tomorrow?” He asked.

They nodded, Stud zipping himself up. “Yeah, fuck-all else to do.”

“Ok. I’ll see you there then.”

Mohawk smiled slowly, looking from Gav to Adrian. “Ah. You want some one-on-one time with the boy.”

A corner of Gav’s mouth lifted. “Maybe.”

“You going gay in your old age, Gav?”

Gav smiled. “This from a guy who’s just had his cock sucked by an eighteen-year old boy? Fuck off, you two. See you tomorrow. Get outta here.”

“Okay, okay.” They picked up their helmets. “Try not to split him.”

Gav chuckled, then watched them leave.

He turned to Adrian. “Come over here. Kneel down,” he said.

Adrian got off the bed and knelt on the floor between Gav’s booted feet. The view from there was wonderful.

“You Ok? Those two clowns didn’t hurt you?”

Adrian smiled. “I’m fine. Thank you.”

Gav tilted his head. “You honestly fancy me, then?” he was frowning as if he found the idea unlikely.

“Oh fuck yes. You have no fucking idea.”

Gav nodded slowly. “What would you like to do to me?”

In reply, Adrian raised himself and touched Gav’s jacket reverently. He stroked it, loved it. He felt the zips, and the buckle of the heavy belt, he ran his lips over them. Then he lowered himself to the motorcycle boots. They were black and white, with four quick-release fasteners. He stroked them, licked them and kissed them slowly, all over. After that he knelt up and looked for a while longingly at Gav’s jeans, concentrating just on his legs. He’d seen a lot of leather jeans in his life, but he didn’t think he’d ever seen any that were as intensely black – or, apart from his own, as shiny - as these. His fingers stroked up the biker’s legs; he explored his knees, his thighs. He traced the seams at his perineum, stroked the backs of his legs, the round cheeks of his arse, and then – finally - he allowed himself to look at the bulge itself.

Gav’s cock was hard now, the shaft lying almost horizontally across his left thigh, with a visible ridge showing through the leather, where the head was. Another bulge below it was his balls. Adrian leaned forward very slowly and licked his tongue over it, and along the cock to the very end. He ran his teeth carefully along it at the same time. Gav breathed in pleasure.

The black hide was smooth, and Adrian’s tongue left a wet trail. The boy had already cum once, but the other two bikers had got him horny again almost immediately - and now the sight and feel of that beautiful black leather in front of his face was making him badly need to cum again. His hands stroked the biker’s thighs – even the thongs lacing the sides felt so sexy; he played with them for a while, then he reached his fingers up between Gav’s legs and teased the bottom of his balls. Suddenly Adrian pushed his face hard into the leather cock bulge like he was ravenous for it. He licked it and squeezed it and rubbed the head with his fingers.

Gav chuckled, and gently pushed the boy back. “I think you’d better stop. Or things could get messy.” He looked down into the adoring green eyes. “Tell me what turns you on about me. I’ve never had a boy fancy me before. I don’t understand how it works.”

Adrian gazed up at him, thinking. “Well, first of all you’re good-looking – no, you’re fucking gorgeous - but you must know that. And you wear leather like you were born in it. Not many guys can do that. And your gear is, like, the hottest I’ve ever seen. These jeans are wet-dream. Fuck, your legs, your thighs, your arse… And your bulge – it’s fucking amazing.” He paused. “There’s something different about you. Bikers don’t usually wear leather to look hot. But that’s exactly what you do.” He stroked the bulge in front of him slowly. “I think, biker, that secretly you’re into leather every bit as much as I am.”

He waited for some reaction to that, but none came. “I’m gay,” he continued. “And you’re straight - I guess. But I get the feeling that with me, that might not matter so much. I might be wrong. I probably am…” He trailed off.

There was silence for a while as Gav stroked his fingers through the boy’s hair. “No, you probably aren’t wrong,” he said at last. “I don’t know yet. You’re right, I’m straight; I have no interest in guys, and no experience with them – well not sexually.”

A corner of his mouth lifted. “You should have been a psychiatrist, boy, ‘cos you’re right again: leather turns me on like fuck. Leather makes me cum. These jeans you like so much - it took me a long time to find some that were the right kind of leather, and tight enough to show my tackle off. Some women tell you they’re into leather, but the first thing they want is to get it off you.” A rueful smile played on his lips. “If there’s any who actually are into it, I can’t bloody find them.

“And yes, strangely enough I’d somehow guessed that you’re gay. I’m not interested in having sex with boys. But I am interested in having sex with leather. And if that leather comes on a boy, well…” He chuckled. “I don’t know.” He was playing idly with Adrian’s curly hair. “I said I’ve got no interest in sex with boys – but I’ve never tried it, so really I don’t know.” He put a hand under Adrian’s chin and raised his head. “And from what I’ve seen so far you can probably suck cock better than most of the women I go with.”

Adrian grinned. “Oh, you’d better believe it, biker.”

“Put your gear back on.”

He watched the boy as he struggled into his skintight leather jeans and pulled his jacket on.

“Boots as well.”

Adrian sat on the bed and buckled them up.

Gently Gav pulled Adrian to his feet. The boy thought – prayed – that he was going to kiss him, but he didn’t. He lay on the bed and pulled Adrian down beside him.

He inhaled slowly as he buried his face in the boy’s jacket, his fingers stroking the leather. Adrian found the biker’s bulge, and began to play with it; he tickled the balls, and slid his fingers up and down the cock shaft for a while, then began to concentrate on the head. He could feel the shape of it through the smooth leather quite clearly and he rotated his fingertips around it, every now and then working on the shaft as well. He pushed it down the biker’s thigh as far as it would go, then worked it back up, knowing that Gav could feel the leather sliding over it. He did to the biker exactly the things that would have turned him on if they were being done to him .

Gav’s hips began to thrust slowly. “Mmm… You know what you’re doing with cocks,” Gav said, smiling.

“Oh yes.”

He pulled Adrian further down the bed so that he could reach more easily, and then for the first time in his life he began to play with another guy’s cock - he squeezed it gently, and stroked his fingers lightly and slowly over the tight,flexible leather.

Adrian worked on the horny biker’s bulge for a long time – and, like a good boy, stopped every time Gav told him to, although he would dearly have loved to make him cum right there and then.

Gav groaned. “Get my cock out. Suck me off very slowly.”

It was every bit as big and beautiful as Adrian had suspected – but he had no trouble taking it: smoothly he slid his warm wet lips down the full length until they were pushed up against the leather of his jeans. That brought an appreciative sigh from the biker. Then he started to suck it slowly and sensuously, teasing the head with his tongue at each stroke.

Gav moaned in pleasure. “Oh fucking hell. Yes!”

As well as concentrating on Gav’s cock, he was also teasing his balls and stroking his leather-clad body. He couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather be than here, doing this.

His talent for sucking cocks became apparent as Gav felt himself approaching orgasm again – and this time he’d left it a bit too late to tell Adrian to stop. Knowing he only had seconds, he thrust a hand between the boy’s thighs tight under his balls, and took the head of the hard cock in a firm grip with the intention of making him cum – but then he suddenly gasped, and as Adrian’s tongue pushed him over the edge, his physical coordination went completely to hell. Instead of wanking the boy’s cock properly, all he was able to manage was a series of random shaky squeezes as he convulsed in the throes of an intense orgasm.

But even this was enough: Adrian closed his eyes and took a sudden deep breath.

They both came, and at almost exactly the same time. Their muscles tensed as Gav shot into Adrian’s sucking mouth, and the boy into his jeans.

Eventually Adrian groaned in contentment, and wiped some spunk off his face.

Gav let out a long, low growl. “Mmmmmm……. That was,” he closed his eyes and smiled, “nice.”

“It was… passable.”

Gav opened his eyes abruptly. Passable ?”

Adrian’s face broke into a grin. “That,” he said, “was the best sex I have ever had in my fucking life,” he laughed. He gazed into Gav’s blue eyes for a while, then he put a finger on the end of the biker’s nose. “My crotch is fucking soaking again. Next time, I’m gonna tie you up and make you cum in your jeans, mate. Make you shoot your biker spunk helplessly into those prick-teasing leather jeans. Teach you a fucking lesson for making innocent boys like me want to touch it and lick it and… Mmmm.”

“In your dreams, boy.” He ran his eyes down Adrian’s tight, shiny black leather body. “And anyway, you? I nnocent?”

Adrian smiled.

And what’s with this ‘next time’? Who said there’ll be a next time?”

“Next time.” He removed the finger. “Got any beer?”

Gav looked at him. “I have. Don’t go away.”

While he went to the fridge, Adrian opened his jeans and wiped the spunk off the inside. Again.

Gav handed a bottle to the boy. They faced each other on the bed, propped up on elbows. The biker looked Adrian up and down again and grinned. “I love the way you’re so into leather. Like it’s the most important thing there is for you. I’m not gay but I gotta say you look fucking sexy in that gear.”

Adrian beamed. “Believe me, you have no idea how much I’m into leather. I think about it all the bloody time. You’re a good-looking guy, Gav, but it wasn’t your face that stopped me by the Vulcan. It was your leathers, and that fucking bulge.” He gave the bulge in question a squeeze.

He took a swig of his beer, then he tilted his head. “Have you ever been tied up?” He asked.

“No I fucking haven’t! You have a worrying obsession with bondage, young man.”

“Gagged? Blindfolded? Hooded?”


“Hmm.” A smile grew at the corner of Adrian’s mouth. “I’d love to play with you when you’re helpless like that. You’d struggle against it like fuck.”

Gav raised an eyebrow. “Why would I struggle against it?”

“’Cos you wouldn’t be able to stop me from lying on top of you in leather, licking and sucking your nipples, stroking your body with leather-gloved hands, kissing you, teasing and tickling your cock and balls, covering you in black leather, edging you, sucking you off very, very slowly – and you have no idea how long I can make that last. I wouldn’t let you cum for hours - however fucking desperate you got – and believe me, biker, I’d get you desperate. Feel you struggling and fighting in the restraints, trying to bring yourself off.”

A mischievous grin appeared on his face. “And if I wanted to make you cum in those sexy leather jeans of yours there’d be fuck-all you could do to stop me. You’d shoot your spunk helplessly…”

Gav was trying not to smile, but failing. “Stop that.”

The boy looked at him sideways. “You ever been forced to cum in leather jeans before?”

“No! I fucking haven’t!”

“Would you like to be?”

“That’s not -” Gav paused, sighed, shaking his head hopelessly. Then that sexy smile was back. “What do you think? Yes. I’d fucking love it.”

Adrian grinned. “I knew it!”

He rolled onto his back and hooked his thumbs in his pockets. His cock was beginning to push the front out yet again. He stroked his fingers teasingly over his growing bulge. “Imagine having a little boy-toy to play with when you like – in between your women who aren’t into leather, of course… A leather boy you could do whatever you wanted to. A boy in sexy, skintight gear who’s probably even more into leather than you are – and who knows exactly how to use it on you. A boy who would tie you up, get you gagged and blindfolded - helpless in black leather. You might be straight, you might not be into teenage boys – but I think you’d like that. I think you’d like that a lot.”

Gav gave a little laugh.

“What’s funny?”

“Just imagining you trying to get me tied up. I’d visit you in hospital.”

“Oh, you’d let me tie you up if you were horny enough. Boys will do anything if they’re horny enough. And I’d fucking get you horny enough, believe me - I’m very good at that. And when I’d got you strapped down, I could make you cum whenever I wanted to. And that would be often. Especially ‘cos I’d be living here…”

“Living h-” Gav was grinning again. “You fucking little…” He rolled on top of the boy and tickled him hard, all over his body. The boy yelled, then kicked and struggled under him, laughing and giggling like a mad thing.

They were both grinning, and out of breath. “Hmm. Perhaps restraints would be useful after all. Be a good way to keep you in order – tie you up and tickle the shit outta you…”

“Ah. Fuck. Hadn’t thought of that.”

They kissed.

A little later the biker was gazing at the ceiling, lost in thought.

“What you thinking about?”

Just wondering what being tied up would feel like.”

Adrian smiled to himself, but said nothing.

His eyes re-focused on the boy. “Anyway, I don’t have any restraints.”

Adrian turned his head, looked at him for a moment, then grinned devilishly. “I have.”

Gav chuckled and shook his head despairingly. “Now, why did I know you were going to say that?”

Adrian’s smile disappeared and he looked searchingly into Gav’s eyes. “Because I can give you everything you want, biker.”

Gav gazed at him for a long time. “Not everything,” he said. Then he nodded. “But enough, I think.”