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The Sound of Silence
By Hooder

The Sound of Silence

- from an idea by John I.

“Ha! If I ever see one at that price I’ll be first in the fucking queue.” Bill typed. He took a sip from the beer bottle and smiled at the screen while he waited for Derek’s reply.

“You’ll have to fight me for it! Anyway – how’s things? Oh, and sorry to hear about the crabs. You’ll be itching for a while I guess :P”

Bill’s smile slowly evaporated. He put the bottle down. “Yeah. Well, one of those things. Hey, I gotta go. Catch you soon.”

He closed the laptop and sat back. The ointment he’d put on his balls yesterday had got rid of the pesky critters, but he still found the fact that he’d had them at all extremely humiliating. After a few seconds he stood up, turned round and roared: “Kyle! Get your fucking arse up here! Now!”

- - -

“Course it was fucking you. You’re the only one that knows.”

Kyle hung his head. “I only told Beccy, Sir. She promised she wouldn’t say a word to anybody.”

“You fucking told Rebecca ? That’s as good as shouting it to the whole fucking world, you stupid wanker! Thank you. Thank you very fucking much.” He pulled the boy’s head back by the hair. “For fuck’s sake can’t I tell you anything without it getting all over the fucking net?”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Not as fucking sorry as you’re going to be, boy.”

Kyle stood outside the playroom with his head bowed and his hands behind his back. He was trembling as he heard Bill moving about inside.

The playroom door opened and Bill came out carrying a blindfold. He put it onto the boy and took his arm. “In.” He pushed Kyle into the room.

“Hands up.” Bill closed the leather cuffs around the boy’s wrists and ankles, restraining him in a spread-eagled position to the vertical posts, then he attached the electrodes of a modified TENS machine to the head of the soft cock and to the lad’s balls.

Standing at the side of the two vertical posts was a microphone on a boom stand. Bill moved it closer, and adjusted it until the mic was a foot in front of the boy’s face.

Kyle had been unable to see any of this, but he’d recognised the feel of the electrodes being fitted. It had done nothing to alleviate his fear.

Bill looked over his work and nodded. He set the TENS machine to high, and then checked the amplifier that the mic was plugged into. The output of the amp went into the modified TENS. When he’d tried it on his hand earlier it seemed to work well at about 50% gain.

He knew that it may need adjusting later, but satisfied for the moment, he switched the amp on, and then the electrics machine. Walking silently he stood behind the boy. He placed his fingertips lightly on Kyle’s sides, and ran them teasingly up to his armpits.

Kyle giggled.

And then he yelled as the mic picked up the giggle and sent it to the TENS machine, which translated the sound into a signal which, in turn, activated the electrodes on his genitals. The yell was one of surprise more than anything, but it was louder than the giggle had been, and therefore the shock from this was much worse.

Kyle yelled again – from the pain this time - and the same thing happened, only more so.

Bill gagged the boy with his hand, and the electricity stopped.

He leaned closer and whispered into the boy’s ear. “So, you see how this works. You make the slightest sound, and you get shocked. I’m not controlling it – it’s all up to you. I’d suggest keeping very quiet indeed.” He removed his hand from the boy’s mouth and replaced it on his naked side. Bill’s hands began to tease slowly up to the defenceless armpits again.

Kyle was struggling not to make any noise. His mouth was clamped shut and his head moved about as the fingers again got closer and closer to his pits.

When thy reached them they paused, and then the fingers tickled madly.

Kyle lost it. He thrashed about in his restraints trying to get away from the tickling, and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing hysterically. The machines dutifully translated every nuance into pain which ran through his entire cock and balls.

This time Bill did not gag him. Although he lowered the intensity of the tickling a little, he didn’t stop.

Fuck, that had hurt - but Kyle fought to get himself under control. He managed it, just, and there was silence in the room except for the occasional stifled grunt and breathlessness, luckily too soft for the machine to pick up.

Bill pulled on some surgical gloves, lubed them well, and then ran clawed fingers down the boy’s chest, pressing between each rib as it passed.

Kyle screamed. Then he screamed even louder as the shock arrived.

Bill waited, then did it again.

Ticklish as Kyle’s ribs were, both he and Bill were very well aware that his absolute nemesis was his sides, just above the hip bones. So the boy’s head began to shake from side to side as he felt Bill place his fingers there now. They were only touching him lightly, but he knew things would not stay that way for long.

Bill gently and slowly moved his fingertips in small circles over those two uniquely vulnerable spots. He was smiling to himself, knowing the dread that Kyle must be feeling at that moment.

After waiting for a full minute, Bill pressed slightly harder,his fingers probing into the oblique muscles.

Kyle’s body jerked. He’d been expecting sharp jabs into them, but this was just on the edge of being manageable. His head was still shaking, and he was moaning very quietly – thankfully, again too softly to activate the electrics – but he knew that any second those fingers might suddenly press in much more forcefully, and if they did he knew beyond a doubt that he would scream his lungs out.

They didn’t, for the moment, jab; they just pressed a little harder still.

Kyle was well used to edging, but this was a different kind altogether. The bastard was making it intentionally more and more difficult for him to keep silent – but very slowly: he was riding the point of Kyle’s self-control.

The boy was sweating, and concentrating like crazy. He willed himself not to be ticklish, but it made not the slightest fucking difference. It was something he had no control over whatsoever.

The fingers were removed for a while, and then they came back. Again more pressure – and slightly faster movements. He could feel them sliding over his skin on the film of lube. He knew that he needed distraction – something to take his mind off the tickling – but staring into the blackness of the blindfold he had nothing. The fucking thing forced him to concentrate on those fingers.

They moved to his abs. He wasn’t quite as ticklish there, but even so, he’d got himself into such a hypersensitive state at the moment that even here the fingers were threatening to make him lose it.

The fingertips slid slowly out to the sides again – and then they were suddenly in his armpits once more.

The sheer unexpectedness of this, and the fact that his pits were unbearably ticklish, wrenched a sudden shout out of him. Before he could stop himself he’d also yelled when the pain from that shout arrived at his cock. That caused its own shock, and he had to clamp his mouth shut and force himself to hold his breath so that it didn’t happen again.

The pain stopped.

“Shhh…” Bill whispered into his ear. His fingers were just gently stroking the boy’s hips now. Slowly, they moved inwards to the very tops of his thighs. Once there, they began to tickle lightly and quickly.

Bill knew this boy’s body very well indeed, and he was aware of every one of his most vulnerable spots. He’d never intentionally tickled Kyle before – it wasn’t something they did together because Kyle hated it – in the time they’d been together it had become very apparent when they’d been playing just how unbearably ticklish the boy was.

The insides of Kyles thighs were more of those spots. He strained to close his legs together to protect them, but the leather cuffs were holding his legs wide apart and he could do nothing to stop the bastard from getting to them. Short, uncontrollable, strained gasps came from him – some loud enough to produce small shocks – as the fingertips stroked unbearably over his bare skin. Even though Bill wasn’t increasing the speed at which they moved, Kyle seemed to be stuck in a positive-feedback loop: the tickling was making him more and more sensitive and vulnerable to the very tickling that was causing it in the first place. It was getting worse by the second. He was concentrating as hard as he could, and again he found himself on the very edge of yelling in hysterics. By sheer effort of will, he managed not to make any noise.

But Bill wasn’t even trying. He moved to the front of the boy and squeezed the sides of the knees, just above them, with a thumb and a stiff first finger.

Immediately Kyle screamed. Ignoring the jerking cock as the electricity poured through it, Bill quickly released his grip, moved up an inch, and did it again. He worked his way up the twitching muscles of the boy’s legs mercilessly, alternately gripping hard and releasing.

Kyle continued to scream – he couldn’t stop himself. And every time he did, the machine shocked him with an intensity proportional to the volume of noise he made. And those shocks caused more screaming. It was continuous sound and pain.

Bill took his hands away and allowed the boy to recover. Fun as it was, he actually didn’t intend simply to torture him – he’d meant this to be a little more constructive. He put his hands back and worked on the vulnerable ribs and sides again, but trying to keep Kyle on edge of losing it.

The boy was trying. Beneath the blindfold his eyes were open, staring with intense concentration into the black leather. He could do this. He could control himself. But Bill never allowed him time to get used to it: every time he thought he was winning, the fingers would move a few millimetres to a slightly different spot. He would feel himself losing it and he’d have to start all over again.

But in fairness, Bill wasn’t intentionally torturing him now. His fingers roamed unpredictably all over the struggling body, getting between the ribs, tickling the backs of his knees, stroking in the armpits very slowly, teasing his sides, his groin, his abs, even his back – but it was only just enough to make the boy work very hard to keep silent.

At every moment Kyle was fighting not to make any sound, and it was one of the most difficult things he’d ever had to do. At any moment he could have lost it and yelled hysterically, but Bill seemed to be keeping him a fraction short of that all the time, no matter which part of the boy’s body he was working on.

This went on for a long time.

So far Bill hadn’t touched his cock or his balls. But then the fingers stopped and Kyle felt the electrodes being removed. Was it over? He prayed that it was.

Bill turned the TENS machine off, removed the electrodes from the cables and fitted different ones. He clipped them carefully to Kyle’s nipples. Unlike the ones he’d used so far, each of these electrodes was a double one consisting of a metal ring that sat around the nipple, and a small clip that attached to the nub itself. The electricity would stimulate them without passing across the boy’s chest, so there was no danger of interfering with his heart. He’d used them on Kyle before, but not often, as the lad could take very little.

He turned the amplifier gain down to 40%, then pulled up a stool, lubed his gloved hands well, and took the soft cock between his fingers.

Kyle had started shaking his head as soon as he’d felt the nipple electrodes going on. He was whimpering very quietly, whispering, “please Sir, no…”

Bill smiled. He switched the TENS machine back on. If he knew the boy’s body well, he knew cock in his hand even better. It didn’t take long until it began to respond to his gentle stroking, and soon it was at full erection.

Kyle was circumcised, and the bulbous head was shiny. Bill formed his lube-slippery fingers into an ’O’ around it, pulling the cock down towards him. He rotated his hand back and forth, sliding at the same time up and down over the glans. This, he knew, was one of the most effective ways to make the boy need to cum. He would get to the frenulum later.

Quiet moans began to come from Kyle, who stifled them sharply as the first small shock went through his nipples.

Bill reached down and turned the amplifier up very slightly.

As he continued to work on the cock, the boy’s body started to move; his hips pushed out and back slowly, and he pulled leisurely at the restraints – Bill knew that when he was getting close to cumming the boy loved to feel his helplessness.

Bit by bit, Bill brought him gradually closer to orgasm. The nearer he got, the slower Bill’s fingers moved on the now precum-slick cock head. There soon came a point when the man knew that he was on the edge. He gently enclosed the balls with his free hand, with one finger curled around the base of the hard cock to keep it in position – this brought a renewed soft gasp of lust from Kyle – and then he used the tip of his first finger to stroke the frenulum.

Being edged was one of Kyle’s favourite things, though he found it unbearably frustrating. Bill was well aware of this, and he knew that on him, that one spot produced by far the most intense orgasms. He also knew that by working on it carefully he could keep the boy as close to cumming as he wished, indefinitely.

So far Kyle had managed to keep fairly quiet, but now he knew he was on the very edge: he could feel his spunk getting ready to burst out of his cock. But the bastard was doing it too lightly, too slowly. He couldn’t get there.

A low moan started in his throat. He was utterly unable to stop it – the only thing he was able to think about at that moment was cumming. The moan grew quickly in volume, and then it was replaced with a sharp yell of pain as the electrics machine kicked in. For a few seconds his body thrashed in the restraints, and then – somehow – he managed to muffle the sound enough to stop the shocks.

All thoughts of orgasm had gone. But Bill’s finger continued to stroke his cock, right on the frenulum. Very quickly those thoughts came back.

Kyle’s head was slowly shaking. “No… no,” he whispered so quietly it was barely audible.

The fingertip stroked, the other hand enclosing the balls caressed them gently.

This time Kyle forced himself to keep silent, even though he was getting close to the edge again. But he needed to cum so badly – and the finger was making that need worse by the second.

Just when he knew that he was going to cum, the finger was removed.

NO! PLEASE!” It was an involuntary yell.

Followed by two loud screams.

Followed by two more.

Kyle hung his head in desperation. That had been intensely painful.

But the finger returned. It began to stroke.

Kyle whimpered quietly as he felt himself start back on the road to withheld orgasm and more shocks. The worst thing was that he was helpless to do anything about it. He couldn’t stop himself from getting close, he couldn’t stop himself from yelling when Bill took his finger away a microsecond before he could cum.

Very carefully and very quietly, he whispered, “Please Sir, let me cum. Pleeease.”

Bill, however, was in no hurry. He began to stroke the horny, desperate cock again. Lube- and precum-slippery gloved fingers slid slowly over the boy’s most sensitive spot. He smiled to himself: Kyle was so easy to control.

After many more of these edgings followed by pain from the electrodes, Kyle was beside himself. He thought he was going to faint. Those damned shocks hurt like fuck, and he knew that they were powered only by the sound he made. But he couldn’t fucking stop himself. It was infuriating.

Eventually Bill decided that the boy had had enough. This time his finger didn’t stop. The smooth rubber slid round and round and across the boy’s frenulum. Kyle got quickly closer and closer – he was on the very edge – and then he came. His hips thrust madly and his cock jerked as his spunk burst out in thick white gobs, hitting Bill on the chest and running down his biker jacket.

And Kyle was not silent. He screamed as he finally got to cum. And the strange thing was that although the pain in his nipples was worse from those screams than it had been at any point so far, it didn’t detract from his orgasm – if anything it seemed to make it even more intense.

- - -

As Bill switched everything off, an idea occurred to him: he had an echo machine downstairs in his music studio. He wondered how that would work with this system; a few seconds delay before each shock arrived might be interesting. The boy would know that the shock was coming, but he’d be unable to do anything about it… Oh yes. Bill smiled at the thought.

He removed Kyle’s blindfold and held the blond head in his hands. “Did that teach you anything, boy?”

Kyle swallowed, and nodded slowly. “Yes Sir. It taught me to keep my mouth shut. And it taught me that you know exactly how to punish me.” A reluctant smile appeared on his lips. “You are the best Master a boy could possibly have, Sir. Thank you.”

Bill looked at him, then pulled him close and kissed him.