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The Latest Thing
By Hooder

The Latest Thing

Scott had never been to Tokyo before; it was all new and exciting. Jamie, a friend from way back, had moved here a year ago and he was staying with him for a couple of weeks.

“There’s lots to see. It’ll blow your mind.” Said Jamie enthusiastically over breakfast. “But the very first thing you just have to experience is the Sky Plains Entertainment Centre. Brand-new technology for sex. You’ll love it.”

Jamie was straight, but he’d known Scott for years – ever since the boy had tried to pick him up back home - and was perfectly aware of what he was into. “Teasing, tickling, milking, leather, bondage, control – everything you could possibly want. It’s all there waiting for you. You have got to try it!”

This all sounded good to Scott; he was twenty years old, and constantly horny. The Centre was only a short walk from the apartment, and Jamie dropped him off there shortly after lunch.

Apparently the first thing he had to do was make a choice from a large screen, of all the things he was into. There was screenful after screenful of just about every fetish and sexual activity possible, and after scrolling through most of them he backtracked and made his combination of choices. There followed a whole section about how he liked to work on his cock. It consisted, thankfully, of pictures and arrows rather than Japanese words. Finally there were three more choices – this time there were only words and no diagrams, so he had no idea what they were. He cast caution to the wind and clicked all three.

When he’d finished, a large number 28 was displayed – he assumed that was the room he had to go to. He walked slowly down the corridor until he found it. Scott checked his watch. It was 2pm. An hour or so of fun in here, and then he’d go up the Shibuya Sky tower and take photos.

It was a very strange room. In front of him was a shiny black, padded wall, in the centre of which, at about knee-height, was what seemed to be a hole. A couple of small stainless-steel shutters, which appeared to be built into the thickness of the wall, closed the hole completely, meeting in a straight horizontal line across the middle of it. Sticking out towards him on either side below the hole were two long, slightly angled raised blocks with leather-covered pads a couple of inches thick on their tops, and hanging from the low ceiling higher up on either side were a pair of cables with triangular hand-holds on their ends.

There was a plastic notice on the wall – undoubtedly instructions – but it was in Japanese and Scott had no idea what it said. However, the idea was clear: he was supposed to kneel on the padded blocks, and put his cock and balls through the hole. He felt a bit unsure about this, but Jamie had assured him that this place was all about pleasure. Nervously he stripped and knelt on the leather surface of the blocks, which supported his lower legs down to the ankles. The leather felt cold at first, but it was a comfortable position.

His weight must have triggered something as he heard the door lock behind him, and a panel slid open in front of his face to reveal an angled mirror. In it he could see the reflection of a screen. It was showing the Sky Plains logo. He waited for something to happen, but nothing did.

Jamie had given him no further instructions – he’d said that he’d be able to figure it out with no problem. He tried with his fingers to open the steel shutters closing the hole but they wouldn’t move. He reached up, gripped one of the handles and pulled. The shutters moved very slightly. He tried the other one as well and saw the shutters open. Intrigued, he released first one and then the other – and discovered that both of the handles needed to be pulled to keep the shutters open: if he released either one they closed.

There was a click and a hum, and a soft male voice said something short and unintelligible in Japanese. Scott waited, and the voice repeated the same thing – it was clearly a recording. He guessed it was telling him to put his tackle through the hole. He did so.

There was a whirr of machinery and he felt something grip his balls and the very base of his cock on the other side. It pulled him gently in until his stomach was pressed against the padded wall. He tried to pull out but he couldn’t. For a moment he panicked, and let go of the handles to free himself. The shutters closed and he yelped as an electric shock sizzled between them. He pulled the handles again and the shock stopped as the shutters opened. That had been very unpleasant indeed.

Suddenly there was a series of louder clicks from the blocks he was kneeling on, and curved metal restrains came out just behind his knees and at his ankles. They revolved smoothly until they were over his legs, holding them immobile. Another, thicker restraint did the same thing around his pelvis and he found himself pressed even harder against the wall, unable to move his hips at all.

Before he could panic again, the screen reflected in the mirror came to life. It showed a cute, slim Asian boy strapped down to a table. His hard cock was being teased by a sexy masked guy with shiny black rubber gloves on. The masked guy was not tall, but he had a beautiful body: slim waist, firm abs. Not over-muscular, but he looked strong and very fit. The porn continued to play and, as Scott watched, his own cock began to get hard.

Although his legs were held quite wide apart, he was comfortable. He was expecting to feel something on his cock at any moment, and so he jumped at a noise that came from behind him. He turned his head and stared as a panel in the wall opened and a nightmarish machine slid out on small wheels that followed tracks in the floor. Waist-high, it was roughly conical in shape, and had several pairs of what looked like metal arms attached to it. On the ends of the arms were sinister-looking devices. It came to a stop directly behind him.

Scott was worried now, but he reminded himself of what Jamie had said: that this place was about pleasure. He forced himself to relax and return his attention to the screen. In the movie the Asian boy was struggling to cum as the guy teased the head of his cock with slippery black fingers. He forgot about the machine behind him as his own cock hardened even further.

He jumped as he felt something touch it. What felt like gentle fingertips stroked up and down the length slowly, lingering on the head. His cock jerked. Then it was softly enclosed, and something began to slide along its whole length.

Scott gasped as more fingertips began to tickle and tease his balls as well. Occasionally they pulled gently. He wondered if there was an employee behind the wall, or if it was all mechanical. Given that everything else seemed to be machinery, he suspected the latter.

The device behind him came to life. A couple of the arms extended, red laser targeting dots shining on his feet, and eight pointed metal probes scraped along each bare sole lightly.

He yelled. It tickled like fuck. The pointed ends of the probes teased over his feet, along the outsides, over his arches, his heels; they inserted themselves between his toes and they tickled the toes themselves. It felt wonderful, but the stimulation was almost more than he could bear.

Scott was yelling and struggling in the restraints but he couldn’t get away from them – two pairs of thin metal bars had appeared just above the level of his toes and stopped him moving his feet from side to side. At the same time, whatever or whoever it was that was working on his cock and balls was learning very quickly what his triggers were. They were concentrating on the head now, running over the frenulum and the piss-slit lightly, and every now and then they seemed to be replaced by something wet and warm, that sucked.

The boy loved being tickled gently – it got him very horny – and after the initial surprise, and when the metal points running over his soles slowed down a bit, he began to enjoy it - a lot.

Scott was getting close to cumming.

More arms extended from the machine and made their way to his armpits. The moment they made contact Scott gasped, let go of the handles and pulled his arms down quickly to protect his pits – but then he screamed as the electric shock – worse this time than before – ran through his balls and cock. He yanked the shutters open again and held them there, allowing the machine’s appendages to resume tickling his armpits. They moved leisurely, the eight tips either side tickling unbearably. Scott’s arms trembled as he fought against his need to get those tickling things out of his pits.

A vibrator of some kind was being touched to his cock-head and it felt amazing. He watched the Asian boy struggling on the screen as the masked guy took the desperate cock, pulled it down and licked his tongue lightly across the very tip.

The tickling in his armpits suddenly seemed to join forces with what was being done to his feet and to his cock and he held his breath as he prepared to cum.

But the vibrator went away and he couldn’t cum. The armpit tickling continued, and the probes were still working on his feet – but now two more sets of arms came to life.

The first pair went around his chest and found his nipples. Their pincer-like ends gripped his tits gently and applied a little pressure, then they stayed there, not moving any more.

There was a single ‘finger’ on the end of each of the second pair, made of hard black rubber. The rounded ends moved up and came to rest just above the boy’s hips. Then they began to press repeatedly, and sharply, into his sides.

Scott screamed. He was a very ticklish boy anyway, but his sides were his nemesis. He couldn’t stand being tickled there. And the rubber fingers seemed to know exactly what they were doing: they moved around slightly, exploring, finding the spots that were the most unbearably ticklish on this boy. They eventually came to rest just below his bottom ribs.

He was suffering from stimulation overload: he was being tickled by a machine that in some devilish way knew exactly how to work on him in the most effective ways possible, and his cock and balls were being teased, stroked and tickled in ways that made him need to cum like fuck. How long was this going to go on? He couldn’t stand it.

The Asian boy in the video was clearly suffering as much as he was: a second masked figure had appeared and was tickling the struggling youth at the same time as his cock was being edged by the first guy. Oh God, Scott needed to cum.

The machine behind him had not exhausted its repertoire. A shiny, curved attachment homed in on the boy’s arse and began to insert itself slowly. Scott felt it going in and closed his sphincter muscles as hard as he could to keep it out – but it was a machine and would do what it was programmed to do. The curved dildo disappeared slowly into the boy’s arse, and the end of it came to rest against his prostate. It began to vibrate.

Scott was cross-eyed with the need to cum. He struggled, but the restraints held his legs immobile while the machine tickled his feet, and the one over his hips kept his cock thrust forward into the embrace of the thing on the other side that was driving him mad with frustration. The rubber pincers on his nipples were now rolling them gently, he couldn’t let go of the two handles or he would be shocked, and so his armpits and sides were freely available and accessible to the metal tips that were working on him and driving him insane with - what had now become intensely erotic - ticklishness. And the curved dildo up his arse was pulsing on his prostate, making his need to cum worse and worse. He thought he was going to faint. But at least the rubber fingers were no longer digging into his sides, although they still rested there lightly.

On the screen the cute boy’s jet-black hair was all over the place, sweat was running down his face, and he was bouncing up and down on the table as one of the masked torturers dug his fingers into the boy’s armpits while the other was working on his cock-head with the tip of a single feather. He was yelling in Japanese but the meaning was very clear: for God’s sake let me CUM!”

Beyond the shutters some kind of smooth, rubbery cylinder was around Scott’s cock now – it fitted perfectly and it was sliding slowly up and down the length and sucking. At the same time something was tickling the very tip of his cock right on the piss-slit. This was the worst yet – he’d never felt anything like that. The two together were beyond wonderful: it made him need to cum like nothing else had ever done before. At the same time his balls were being tickled lightly by what felt like feathers.

So far, whenever the boy had got close enough, the stimulation on his cock had suddenly stopped for a few seconds to make him back off from the edge before resuming. Those moments were fucking unbearable. He’d been brought right to the edge of cumming, but then everything stopped and he couldn’t cum. He shook his head and wailed.

But then the modus operandi changed: now, each time he got to the edge, the cock-work didn’t stop - it continued exactly as it had been doing - but the rubber fingers in his sides suddenly and repeatedly jabbed in very hard, moving in small circles. This sudden and overpoweringly unbearable tickling forced him back from the edge. It continued until the controlling computer decided he was far enough away from orgasm for it to start again, and then the tickle-torture of his sides stopped, allowing him to concentrate on the the cock-teasing once more. Unable to stop it, he began the unbearable and helpless journey towards another edge.

In retrospect, thought Jamie afterwards, he should have remembered to tell Scott how to let the machine know he’d had enough and was ready to cum. But in all the excitement of telling the English boy about the wonders of this new Japanese technology, it had slipped his mind.

That was unfortunate, as the machine had no intention of stopping. Over and over again Scott was brought to the very edge of orgasm – it seemed that the machine was getting him closer every time – and then the boy screamed as that longed-for release was snatched away at the very last moment by those hard rubber fingers that jabbed and dug unbearably into his sides. The cycle repeated continuously – and all the time the machine continued to learn about his body.

* * *

Mr. Yutaka Fukuda switched off the floor-sweeper and looked at his watch: it was 7:30pm. He frowned - the place had been closed for half an hour but one of the rooms still appeared to be occupied. Clicking the handle of the sweeper to its rest position he knocked on the door of room 28. There was no reply so he opened it with his master key card. There was a naked boy using the machine. He compressed his lips in annoyance and took his glasses off. “Dengenwokiru! Anata wa koko ni irubekide wanai!”

The boy didn’t react to him at all – he was too busy screaming and struggling in the restraints.

Clicking his tongue in irritation, the old man walked around the frantically tickling arms of the machine and hit a button in the wall by the right-hand handle. The machinery stopped and a cheery voice thanked Scott for using Sky Plains Entertainment Centre, and to be sure to come back again soon. The restraints retracted, and Scott fell onto the floor, his cock as hard as a rock between his legs.

Amazed, Mr Fukuda watched as the boy’s hand shot towards his cock, and with a single hard stroke he came all over the floor. He shook his head and clicked his tongue again as the boy convulsed at his feet. The youth of today.

Scott didn’t go to the observation tower. He dragged himself back to Jamie’s apartment and fell onto the bed, exhausted.

Jamie came in, having heard the door. He was drying a plate. “Have a good time? What do you think of the new Japanese technology?”

Scott looked at him, and told him exactly what he thought of it.