The Telemachus Story Archive

The Experiment
By Hooder

The Experiment

“Fetishes,” said Tony. “Strange things. Just about everybody’s got some – mind you, most of ’em would l deny it.” He lit a cigarette and blew out a plume of smoke. “I mean, take straights - most straights would call you a pervert for even suggesting they have a fetish, but give one a big pair of boobs to look at and you’ve got a slobbering Neanderthal with an erection.”

Kev nodded. “Yeah. Strange things I suppose, but they’re fuckin’ fun.”

“They’re supposed to start in the first five or six years of your life, but I’ve often wondered if it’d be possible to plant one in someone later. And yesterday something happened that made me think about that again.”

Kev raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“A couple of weeks ago my nephew Ashley – you know Ash - said he wanted to have a ‘private’ talk with me. Basically he came out to me.” He chuckled. “I’ve known he was gay since forever, but he’d had no idea that I’d known. He was self-conscious at first, but as soon as he realised that I was fine with the idea he opened up a lot.

“I didn’t know Ash was gay,” said Kev. Oh fuck, he thought, Ash was hot. He ran his hand through his short blond mohican.

“Yeah, he is. Then he asked me if I was. He’d thought I might be, but he wasn’t certain. I said that yeah, I’m gay. His face lit up. He seemed to be dead pleased that his uncle was gay.

“That was a couple of weeks ago. Then on Tuesday he wanted to talk some more. He asked about leather. Wondered why I wore it so much even when I wasn’t on the bike. We talked about fetishes and I told him that I had one for leather. He was fascinated.

“We talked about leather and playrooms and bondage and all the usual stuff, and I think it blew his mind. He said he wanted to experience all of that. But he said that he didn’t have a fetish for leather.”

Kev smiled slowly; he suspected he knew where this was going.

“So, he eventually asked me if I could give him one. That threw me. I said I had no idea – that those things start very early in life. He kept on about it all Tuesday and through yesterday. I thought about it, and I reckoned it would make an interesting experiment. It won’t hurt him, and whether it works or not it could be a lot of fun for him.” Tony sat back. “What do you reckon?”

Kev considered. “Well, like you say, there’s no harm in trying. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.” He wished like fuck he could be there to watch.

Ash gazed unbelievingly around his uncle’s playroom. He’d never been allowed in it before – it had always been locked – and it was a revelation. “This place is amazing.” His blue eyes were wide and he was grinning.

Tony smiled at the boyish wonder and enthusiasm; he remembered wistfully having seen the same thing a long time ago in the mirror.

“What sort of things do you do in here?”

“Well, you’ll find out before long.” Tony smiled. “Ok. Now the only way I can think that I might be able do this fetish thing is by getting into your mind. We gotta build up a powerful association between leather and extreme pleasure. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

Ash nodded, but looked quizzical. “How?”

“How often do you wank?”

He thought about it. “Three or four times a day, usually.” He looked down, smiling. “Sometimes more.”

Sheesh, Tony thought, youth. “Ok. Well, first thing, I want you to stop that. Completely. No matter how horny you feel. I want the only times you cum, to be when I’m working on you, in here. That is very important. Are you willing to do that?”

Ash was silent for a moment, then he nodded his head. “Yeah. No problem.”

“Oh I think you’ll find it’ll be a problem before very long,” Tony chuckled, “but if you do cum at other times, this is not going to work.”

“I won’t. That’s a promise.”

“Ok. Now, let me explain this. The hornier a guy is – the more urgently he needs to cum – the more intense his orgasm’ll be when he does eventually shoot. Get that?”


“Right. So, the plan is to get you very horny. Very horny indeed. I’m good at that, and it’ll make you want to cum very badly. But instead of letting you cum, I’ll make that need worse. And worse. I’ll be honest with you, Ash, it’ll be a torture – but a very nice one. You’ll have to be tied up for it, ‘cos you’ll do anything to bring yourself off. Understand all this so far?”

A bulge had been growing in Ash’s jeans as he’d been listening to Tony describing this. He nodded, his eyes wide and a smile on his face. “I understand. Will I get to cum at all?”

“You certainly will. That’s the next part. When I decide that I’ve worked on you for long enough, and I think you’re horny enough, I’ll make you cum. But you’ll cum into black leather. There’ll be leather between your thighs, on your balls, and around your cock. You’ll be strapped down helpless, and it’ll be leather that makes you cum. And you’ll be so horny by then that you’ll have a fucking intense orgasm. We’ll do that over and over in different ways, for a few weeks. Every time you cum it’ll be the best ever, and it’ll be into leather. If it works, you’ll come to associate the feel of leather with the best orgasms you’ve ever had and, hopefully, you’ll get a fetish for it.”

“Wow.” Ashley thought about it. “None of this is gonna hurt, right?”

“Of course it won’t hurt. This is about pleasure, not pain.”

Ash nodded. “I’ve never been tied up before.”

A corner of Tony’s mouth lifted. “No, I didn’t think you would have been.”

Ash was strapped down naked to the gurney, his arms by his sides but his wrists tightly restrained so that he couldn’t reach his cock however hard he tried.

Tony had changed into his heavy bike leathers and was sat on a stool level with Ash’s crotch. He looked down at him. If slim, drop-dead-cute emo boys were your thing, then Ash was a total wet dream with his big innocent blue eyes, soft, long black hair, and cock-sucking lips – but cute emo boys weren’t Tony’s thing; his type of meat was big, bearded and muscular. Still, a dick is a dick, he thought, and he was looking forward to working on this one.

“Ok. First I gotta find out how your cock works. I mean what it likes. What gets you going. What makes you want to cum. And also, I need to find out how easy it is to make you shoot.”

He began by exploring the hard cock gently with his fingers. It was smaller than the ones he was used to, but it bobbed and jerked very responsively as he touched and stroked various parts of it.

“Oh fuck, I gotta cum.” Ash had never felt like this before. If he got turned on (which was almost all the time) then he had a wank. Being tied up and unable to reach his cock, unable to do anything about it, while a fucking bastard intentionally got him hornier and hornier, was absolutely unbearable.

Tony looked up, startled. “What? Already? I’ve haven’t done anything to you yet!”

“I’m so fucking close. I need to cum.”

“I don’t think so. Not for a long time yet. You don’t know the meaning of the words ‘need to cum’”. His fingers stroked very carefully up and down the shaft, hardly touching - and each time they slid over the head Ash gasped. Tony chuckled to himself: this boy was going to be so easy…

By the time Tony had been working on him for fifteen minutes Ash was beside himself. He’d been begging and pleading constantly for ages.

“Oh all right,” Tony sighed. “But you’re going to have to do better than this in future sessions.”

“I will! I promise! But I need to cum now! PLEASE!

Tony took a pair of heavy gauntlets from the table and very slowly pulled them on. “Look at them,” he said. The black leather was shiny and smooth. “This leather is going to make you cum, boy.”

He closed one hand gently around Ash’s balls, and the other around his cock.

Ash gasped loudly as the cool black leather made contact and, arching his back, he thrust his hips forward as far as he could into the hands.

For a long moment Tony just held the cock and balls gently, immobile, and then – without warning – he gripped harder and milked the boy mercilessly.

Ash came immediately.

With a strangled groan the boy shook, as load after load of spunk erupted from his cock so powerfully that most of it cleared the bottom of the gurney and landed on the black rubber floor. Tony’s hand continued to stroke him until it had milked every last drop out of him.

With a loud gasp Ash released the breath he’d been holding and collapsed back onto the padded surface. He looked at Tony. “Oh fuuuuck…” was all he was capable of saying.

It was the following day. For the last half-hour Tony had been using one of his favourite edging techniques: he’d pull a sheet of tissue out of the box, hold it by one end and tickle the length of the straining cock and the head with the opposite edge, while using the tip of a feather to tease his helpless victim’s balls. When the tissue became wet with precum he’d turn it around or change it for a new one. And he had lots of tissues. He’d learned yesterday that he had to be very careful indeed (he’d forgotten just how easy it is to make boys that age cum, and how non-existent their self-control is) but he knew that there was little chance of a victim – even one as desperately close as Ash was - cumming from the tissue technique; it was wonderfully effective at increasing a boy’s need, but far too light to allow him to cum. Of course Ash had never been edged before in his life – hadn’t even heard of edging – and so he had no resistance to it at all.

When Tony had started doing this to him Ash had screamed in hysterics – the feather on his balls had tickled more than anything he could have imagined. But there was nothing he could do to persuade Tony to stop, and, as the tissue teasing his cock had got him closer and closer to the edge, the unbearable tickling of his balls had somehow turned into something that, every bit as forcefully, had made him need to cum even more. He couldn’t stop himself from struggling to reach his cock although he knew it was useless – the bastard had carefully adjusted the leather wrist restraints so that they allowed his straining fingers to get within an inch of his cock but no closer. It was insanely frustrating.

He was sweating and the fringe of his soft dark hair kept getting into his eyes as he shook his head in desperation. Tony moved it to the side. Although Ash wasn’t at all his type, he could appreciate how beautiful the boy was, and how vulnerable he looked lying there helpless. What was turning Tony on, however, was working on his his need for orgasm; if Tony had one obsession, it was using a guy’s need to cum to make him suffer.

“Nah, you’re not horny enough yet.” He tickled the very tip of Ash’s cock with the corner of the tissue.

Oh fuck! Please, Tony. I have to cum. I can’t stand any more.”

Tony chuckled. “You promised you were going to do better next time.”

“I know.” Ash was panting. “But I need to cum so badly. You have no idea.”

“So make yourself cum then.” The soft tissue continued to tickle and tease the boy’s cock-head.

Ash strained every muscle in his body, but then let out a groan of frustration. “I fucking can’t.”

Tony smiled slowly in satisfaction. “I know you can’t.” The teasing continued.

And it went on.

Finally, when Ash thought he was going to go completely crazy, Tony put the tissues down. Quickly, he picked up a pair of leather jeans, dropped them between Ash’s thighs, and wrapped one leg around the boy’s cock. Gripping it through the shiny black leather he immediately began to milk it while his other hand was pushing the jeans up tight between Ash’s thighs and holding his balls through them.

Ash screwed up his eyes, thrust his pelvis forward into the leather and, with a yell, he came. There was no sign of spunk this time – it all went into the folds of the jeans.

As Tony’s hand slowed, in synch with Ash’s thrusts, the boy let out his breath and fell back onto the gurney. It took him a moment to be able to speak, but then he blew out a long breath. “Oh fucking shit. That was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Good. And there’s more where that came from.”

“So, how you been?”

It had been three days since their last session. Tony had intentionally left it for that long to make sure Ash was nice and horny and ready for this one.

“Shit. It’s not been easy. I’ve had an erection all the time. God, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been fucking hard not to wank thinking about the things you do to me.”

“Good. Should be nice and susceptible to some more edging then.”

Ash groaned. “Oh fuck.”

He was spread-eagled vertically this time, between the posts, his already fully-erect cock swinging in the air.

Tony took a leather face mask and pulled it on, zipping it up at the back. With the heavy motorcycle gear and the skintight cop gloves he was already wearing, the only parts of him now that weren’t covered with shiny black leather were his eyes – and they were only visible through the evilly-slanted slits of the mask.

“Whoa. That’s scary.”

Tony chuckled. “Don’t worry, it’s still me in here.”

“Why the mask?”

“It’s more leather, and it’ll distance you from me. Think of me as a black leather fiend who enjoys torturing helpless, horny boys…”

Ash shuddered, but then he smiled. “Mmm… That works.” Tony walked slowly around the boy, coming to a stop directly behind him. He pushed himself against Ash’s naked body, making contact all over, including the backs of his legs, and reached around his waist with both hands. Very gently and very lightly, he began to tease the boy’s cock and balls.

A gasp had come from Ash as the leather and the zips touched him, and his cock jerked. He began to groan and move in his restraints as Tony’s gloved fingers worked on him. After a while the left hand was removed from his balls, went through between his thighs from behind, and up, back onto them from underneath. Tony smiled to himself as the boy instinctively tried to close his thighs together. He could feel his arm being squeezed, and he reminded himself to wear the jacket with studs on next time.

For the next hour he worked on Ash from behind, from the side, from in front. He even lay on the floor between the spread legs at one point, reaching up to tease the jerking cock above him. He caressed the boy’s naked skin with the shiny black leather of his jeans, jacket, boots, and fingers - and he was exceedingly careful to keep him as close as possible to the edge, but never to allow him to cum.

After three days without wanking, Ash had been as horny as hell even before Tony had tied him up and started on him, but now he was off the scale again. Constant, quiet whimpers and pleading came from him. A full-length mirror was on the opposite wall, so when Tony was behind him he could watch the black shiny hands teasing him; when he was standing in front of him he could see, over the sadistic bastard’s shoulder, his leather jacket and jeans from the back as he slid them over his sensitive skin. He tried not to look, but he couldn’t stop himself.

At one point Tony almost blew it when he pushed Ash’s cock between the thighs of his leather jeans and closed them around it. It was only the sudden intake of breath and then the complete freezing of the boy’s body that alerted him; he parted his legs sharply and stepped back a split second before Ash would have cum. Hmm, Tony thought: that would be a good way to make him shoot this time. But later. Much later.

Thirty minutes later Ash was so desperately horny that he was finding it difficult to concentrate enough to support his own weight. He’d been constantly begging and pleading to be allowed to cum. It was more than the boy could take. Long strings of precum fell from his cock – lubrication which Tony made good use of, sliding his leather fingers slowly through it over the slippery cock-head.

Ash’s muscles were trembling as Tony stood facing him. He positioned the boy’s cock between his leather thighs again, this time with his legs slightly apart. He could feel it pressing against his perineum. Then he clamped a leather-gloved hand over Ash’s mouth. With his masked face inches away, and, while riveting the boy’s blue eyes with his own, he squeezed his muscles tight around the desperate cock. “These leather jeans are gonna make you cum,” he whispered, and his hips began to thrust. He pressed his hand harder over Ash’s mouth, gagging him tightly, as the movements of his pelvis milked the boy. Ash stared back at him wide-eyed as his cock jerked uncontrollably, shooting his spunk between the shiny black leather of the masked bastard’s thighs.

Two days later.


“Shush. It’s only a rubber-gloved finger, and it’s well-lubed.”

Ash had never had anything up there before and it felt weird. The finger pushed in gently, moved forward a little, then touched something that sent electric shocks of pleasure through him. “Ah! Oh! fuck! What are you doing?”

“That, my boy, is your prostate. Now, you wanna cum?”

“Oh fuck. Fuck! YES!”

“Ok.” Tony wrapped the leather-gloved fingers of his free hand around the desperate cock. “Fuck my hand if you want. I won’t move it.”

Ash fucked. Tony had positioned his hands, and now he kept them quite still, so that as the boy moved backwards and forwards, his finger slid over the prostate at the same time as Ash fucked his other, stationary, hand.

The fucking increased in speed very quickly, but not for very long – within seconds Ash was cumming into Tony’s leather-gloved fingers. His whole body convulsed at the intensity of this orgasm.

“Aaargh! Shit! Fuck! Oh God…!”

When he had stopped shaking and had managed to stand up straight again, Tony gave him a smack on the bare arse. “All for today, I think.”

As usual, Ash had stripped as soon as he’d come into the playroom.

“Put those on.”

The boy took the shorts and turned them over in his hands. They were made of two layers, the inner one shiny on the inside. He pulled them on. The leather was cold.

Tony got Ash onto the pad on the floor, and quickly hogtied him. “Ok. Now, the last session we had was very short. But this one can be a long one if you want. It’s completely up to you. I’m going to try to make you cum, but if you hold out for five minutes and don’t let me, I’ll put you onto the restraint table and we’ll have a nice long session. Ok? So it’s up to you – if you want a long session, don’t let me make you cum now.”

“That’s not fair! I’m as horny as fuck!”

Tony’s smile was in his voice. “I know you are,” he said, slowly.

Ash looked up into the masked face and for the first time it was no longer his uncle Tony – it was a fiend in black leather. His cock jerked inside the shorts.

Tony fell on the boy, who immediately started to struggle like fuck under him. But the position and the restraints made it frustratingly difficult for him to defend himself. Tony’s hand found his cock, gripped it through the leather shorts, and milked it.

Ash lasted about five seconds. Tony’s hand continued to rape his cock as his body convulsed and his spunk pumped helplessly into the shiny black leather.

Ash cursed.

Tony chuckled.

“Wait in the bedroom until I’m ready.”

Ash stripped, and sat on the bed, gazing distractedly at the posters on the walls. He was thinking.

He’d been early for this session. Over the last two days he’d had to force himself so many times not to wank that he’d lost count. It was difficult to concentrate on anything else. Tony had opened his eyes to things he’d never known before, never even considered. For instance, if anybody had told him how acutely unbearable, how excruciating, but also how wonderful it was to be kept on the edge but unable to cum for hours at a time, he’d have told them to fuck off. Or that being strapped down and helpless could feel so intensely horny – that was something else he wouldn’t have believed.

The thought of that masked fiend using his need to cum to torture him was something he could not get out of his mind. It was so fucking unfair. And he’d done it so knowingly, so calculatedly. The bastard had been getting off on every fucking second of his suffering.

And that last time, when he’d been struggling to stop Tony from making him cum in those leather shorts when the fiend knew very well that he was incapable of stopping himself however hard he tried – for some reason, thinking about that turned him on, if anything, even more.

He still wasn’t sure if he had a fetish for leather – but he realised that even thinking about Tony looking like that made him want to wank. He knew, of course, that it was still Tony, but somehow that mask and the rest of the leather gear turned him into some kind of dangerous sexual deviant, capable of things his normal uncle couldn’t be. And when he used that cold, smooth, shiny black leather on him to make him cum, it felt so fucking horny he could scream. Perhaps he did have a leather fetish, then. He grinned: more research was required.

Tony appeared at he door. “Ok, come on in.”

Ash gasped. In the middle of the playroom, strapped tightly to the gurney, was a slim biker in full leathers: jacket, jeans, boots, and a black-visored crash helmet with a short blond mohican stuck to the top. His jeans were beautiful: they looked brand new, and they were the shiniest and tightest the boy had ever seen. The leather clung to his legs and thighs as if it had been sprayed on, but it was the crotch that grabbed his attention: Ash could clearly see the biker’s balls at the bottom of the bulge, and above that, every detail of the hard, horny cock was visible. But the leather seemed to be not quite as tight at the top of the bulge, which allowed his cock to stick out three-dimensionally away from his body just enough, Ash thought, to allow it to be gripped on all sides. Even so, he could see it straining against the thin leather. The sight of it made him need very badly to touch that bulge, to feel it.

“He’s hooded. Can’t see you. Doesn’t know who you are. Or what you’re going to do. And he’s got earplugs in so if we keep our voices down he can’t hear us. Now, sit here.”

Ash sat on a stool at the side of the gurney and then Tony pulled a second one close behind him and sat on that, his leather-jeaned legs touching the outsides of the boy’s naked thighs.

“Now, I want you to concentrate on the surface of the leather. Any of it. All of it that you can reach except for his bulge - don’t touch that for now. But the rest, touch it, feel it, stroke it. Smell it. Lick it if you want. But very slowly, and very lightly – those jeans are thin; he could feel a fucking feather through them. And the most important thing is that you concentrate . Don’t get distracted by anything else. At the same time, imagine exactly what he’s feeling as you work on him. Remember: just the surface. Ok?”

Ash nodded. He was disappointed not to be able to touch that amazing bulge, but he guessed that he probably would later. He reached out and carefully ran a fingertip over the biker’s thigh. The guy jumped at the unexpected touch. The leather felt smooth and warm, and he could feel how thin it was. He watched it indent slightly as his finger ran slowly over it. He leaned forward and smelled the scent of new leather. He gave it a lick.

Then Ash felt Tony’s arms reach around his waist, the gloved fingers encircling the base of his balls and gently gripping his cock.

“Ignore me. Just concentrate on what you’re doing.”

Ignore that? Ha! But Ash tried. He brought his other hand up and stroked slowly all over the helpless biker’s legs and boots, feeling the buckles, the insides and fronts of his thighs, the studded belt, the jacket, the biker’s arms. Tony’s hand was teasing Ash’s cock slowly and lightly. Already, Ash wanted to cum.

He took a long time to explore the biker’s body, but when he had, Tony said, “Ok, now work on his bulge. Imagine that you’re a torturer, and you really want to make this biker suffer. Do whatever would make you want to cum if it was being done to you.

The biker’s cock was as hard as a rock, its shape clearly visible through the thin leather. Ash traced a finger lightly up and down the shaft. The finger and thumb squeezed gently a few times, just below the clearly-defined corona. He knew the biker was as horny as fuck because the cock jerked wildly every time he touched it.

Then, all at once, Ash was conscious of a strange feeling – a motivation that was building up quickly in him; from everything Tony had done to him in this room he knew what it felt like to need to cum but not be able to – and he suddenly realised that he really, really wanted to make this biker suffer in exactly the same way. He’d never felt anything like this before and he was stunned at how overwhelming the need to do this was.

He was trembling with excitement as he began to stroke his fingertip over the biker’s cock-head for the first time, as frustratingly lightly as he could. The cock bucked violently under his touch and the biker groaned loudly. He nodded to himself – it seemed that the head of this cock was every bit as sensitive as his own. Imagining what this was feeling like to the biker very nearly made Ash cum.

Behind him, Tony had been about to suggest that he get the biker closer – that he work on his balls at the same time – but Ash had already begun to do that. Tony smiled, and continued to stroke Ash’s cock very slowly with his leather gloves.

Ash had never been so horny in his life. But it was as if there were two distinctly different kinds of horniness here: the acute type he was familiar with every time Tony edged him, and which was being caused right now by the leather fingers teasing Ash’s cock; and a different, somehow deeper horniness as well – the word ‘sadistic’ came closest to describing it. He knew then that he had found the thing he wanted to do; this was the most satisfying feeling he’d ever experienced.

Time passed and, without any further suggestions from Tony, Ash was instinctively finding ways to make the biker need to cum more and more urgently – the boy’s newly-found sadism constantly fuelled by the leather fingers teasing his own cock and balls.

He had been desperate to cum for ages now; the biker’s leathers felt wonderful (as did Tony’s behind him and around his waist), and the guy was squirming with frustration very satisfactorily in his restraints. Having a terminally horny, helpless biker under his hands – one who couldn’t see him, didn’t know who he was, couldn’t move, didn’t know what he was going to do next - was turning him on like crazy.

“Careful you don’t make him cum, Ash,” Tony warned. “He only bought those jeans the other day. Had them specially made for clubbing. Cost him an arm and a leg cos he had ‘em specially designed to show his bulge off. Expensive thin leather.”

Ash had been intending to continue edging this biker out of his mind for a very long time, but what Tony had just said made him remember how he’d felt when the bastard had so easily forced him to lose it in those leather shorts the other day; he hadn’t wanted to cum – he’d fought not to – but he’d been helpless to stop himself. He’d felt so fucking humiliated. The thought of doing exactly the same thing to this biker – making him lose control of himself and cream those fucking horny jeans when he really did not want to – that made him absolutely determined to do it to him.

He teased his fingertip very lightly along the length of the cock for a few more moments, then he lifted it off, and pulled the cock as far away from the biker’s body as the leather jeans would allow. He took just the head carefully between his thumb and two fingers, gripped it just a little more firmly, and began to slide his fingers up and down over the glans slowly, closing them together over the very tip with each stroke.

The biker – Tony’s friend Kev – squirmed in pleasure. Oh shit, that felt fucking amazing. It felt so good, in fact, that it was getting him dangerously close. This was only the second time he’d worn these new jeans and he was stunned at how vulnerable the thin, carefully-shaped leather crotch made his cock-head feel. He kept expecting the boy to stop – but he didn’t.

And then it hit him exactly what the bastard intended. He shook his head violently from side to side and yelled urgently: NO! STOP ! I DON’T WANT TO CUM NOT IN THESE JEANS!” But his yells were muffled into incoherence by the gagging hood and the crash helmet. He struggled and fought in the restraints; he was usually good at controlling himself, but although he couldn’t see anything, he knew – because Tony had told him when he’d arranged this – that it was his nephew, that gorgeous emo Ash whose fingers were on his cock. The thought of that beautiful, sexy boy working on him right now was blowing his mind. And fuck, he was talented. He thrashed about in the leather straps doing everything he possibly could to stop himself from cumming in his new jeans, but he could feel those fingers sliding up and down his cock-head, irresistibly getting him closer and closer.

The fingers slowed even more. But they were stroking the most sensitive spot on his cock, a spot that the prolonged edging had made exquisitely susceptible to exactly what he was doing to it now. He concentrated. He cursed, he strained and fought to control himself, and the fingers slowed even more. They held him on the very edge. He would not fucking cum! As if the boy were inside his mind and knew exactly what he was feeling, the fingers stopped completely for a heart-stopping moment. To the biker, it was as if Ash were saying ‘try to fight it as much as you like, mate, but I’m gonna make you shoot your spunk into those jeans and there’s fuck-all you can do about it.’ And then they started to slide over his cock-head again – every bit as slowly.

He could feel the wonderful, dreaded, point of no return inching towards him unstoppably – his whole body was gearing up for it – and then it arrived. The tsunami of orgasm crashed over him. With a long, muffled scream of both frustration and ecstasy, he thrust his hips, trying desperately to fuck the fingers hard and fast – but the tight straps holding him down to the gurney did not allow enough movement of his pelvis. As he started to cum he could do nothing to speed up what Ash was doing; the boy continued to stroke his cock-head so slowly, so leisurely, milking him helplessly into his expensive, pristine leather jeans. The gripping fingers, stretching the leather tight over his cock-head, impeded the thick gobs of spunk that were manically forcing their way out of his urethra, intensifying and prolonging everything – his entire body tingled and vibrated. He’d never had an orgasm like it.

Ash could feel the cock-head sliding around in the spunk inside his jeans but he continued to milk it relentlessly – but every bit as slowly - until the biker’s balls were completely dry.

Ash had been silent, but now a strangled sigh of satisfaction came from him. And then, “Fuck, I need to cum!”

Tony was already pushing his stool back. “Get on top of him, cum on his leathers.”

Ash needed no further encouragement; he jumped up onto the gurney, and lay flat on top of the biker. His hips thrust madly as he came, coating the new leather jeans with as much spunk as there was already inside them.

Exhausted, he buried his face in the leather jacket. “Thank you,” he breathed.

It had been five weeks since Tony had started the experiment, and until now they’d had a session every two or three days. But work had meant that he hadn’t been available for this last week, and Ash’s balls were full to overflowing.

“When did you last cum?”

They were standing facing each other in the playroom. As usual, Ash was naked, and had a hard-on already, and Tony was in full leathers and masked.

“The last time I was here. Last week. On top of that biker.” He looked sheepish. “Although I did have a wet dream the other night.”

Tony smiled, and nodded. “That’s Ok. Not your fault. Well done. Are you horny now?”

“Oh fuck. You have no idea.”

“Good.” He produced a heavy hood. “Turn around.”

Ash had never had leather pressing tight against his face before, and it felt intense. The hood was heavy, lined with shiny leather on the inside, and had no holes other than two small ones under the nose for breathing. Not a single ray of light was visible. It cut out a lot of sound, too, and smelled strongly of leather. But the most intense thing, he thought, was how it shut you off from the outside world. Ash was in his own private universe of black leather. Had he not known full well that he was in Tony’s playroom, he could have been anywhere. Hands gripped him and turned him around a few times. Now he didn’t even know which way he was facing.

The hands had gone. He listened, but couldn’t hear anything. He had no idea where Tony was, what he was doing, what was going to happen to him, or when. It was scary – but it was, he found, also fucking horny.

As he stared blindly into the black leather over his eyes his mind was full of that last session, with the biker. Edging him, seeing him so desperate but making it impossible for him to cum – and then, later, making him lose it while he was fighting to stop it – had been the most amazing experiences he’d ever had. He’d discovered things in himself he’d had no idea were there. He dearly wanted to do that kind of thing again.

“Aah!” He let out a surprised gasp as Tony suddenly pressed his leather-clad body against his back, the arms of his jacket creaking as he got him in a full Nelson. Tony held him there for a few moments and then released him.


“Aargh!” Fingers squeezed his left nipple briefly, then were gone.

More silence.

Ash tried to curl up into a ball as a leather-jacketed arm went between his thighs, the leather-gloved fingers gripping his balls, while another leather arm went around his waist, the hand enclosing his cock and squeezing gently.

Then they were gone.

Tony’s voice whispered close to his ear, “a hood makes you very vulnerable, very helpless.”

Ash laughed. “You’re not fucking joking.”

“Ok. Turn around.”

Ash did so.

“Jeans. Put them on.”

It wasn’t easy putting on unfamiliar jeans when you were hooded, but he managed it. And he groaned in pleasure as they slid up his thighs – they were lined with shiny leather on the inside too.

Next, a pair of heavy motorcycle boots. It took him a while to work out how the quick-release fasteners worked, and Tony didn’t help him, but eventually he had them done up.

A very heavy jacket. At least he thought it was a jacket, but it felt as if it was back to front. Then he realised: it must be a leather straitjacket! Tony pulled it tight and fastened the buckles behind him, then crossed the long arms over the boy’s front, and strapped them together at the back as well. A final strap went over his arms to keep them together at his chest.

“How’s that feel?”

“Oh wow. Amazing. Fuck, it’s heavy.”

Tony smiled at the obvious bulge of the boy’s cock in his jeans. He moved him over to the gurney and strapped him down to it – but not too tightly, so that he felt very restrained, but was still able to move a little. Then he stood looking down at him. A helpless, horny boy, covered from head to toe in shiny black leather. “See you later,” he said very loudly, knowing that Ash would only just be able to hear him. He had no intention of leaving the playroom, but he wanted Ash to think he had. He walked heavily to the door, opened it, and then closed it. After that, he tiptoed to the stool and sat down silently.

Tony looked at him. Over the last weeks he’d been surprised at how much he’d got into working on the boy. Quite shortly after they’d first started he’d realised that Ash’s extreme responsiveness to everything Tony had done to him had turned him on like crazy. True, Tony had never been into boys that age; he’d never been into cuteness, or inexperience. But before long he’d come to the conclusion that all of that was changing. And edging him out of him mind – which was so deliciously easy to do – made Tony want to cum every bit as much as it made Ash need to.

After a while Ash began to move on the gurney. He squirmed in the restraints, trying to free his arms, trying to get the hood off, trying to get out of the leather straps holding him down.

Tony smiled. He unzipped his own jeans quietly and got his cock out. He wrapped his leather-gloved hand around it and began to wank himself very slowly.

Ash’s movements were becoming more urgent. The straps began to creak, and the boy’s hips started to thrust.

Tony wanked himself slightly faster.

Ash was groaning into the hood now. His head was moving from side to side, the sound of creaking leather was coming from the straps, the straitjacket and from his jeans as his pelvis pumped up and down faster and faster.

Tony gripped himself harder and his hand flew over his cock as he watched.

With a yell, Ash came. He was hooded – gagged and blindfolded by the black leather pressing tight across his face; he was strapped down, fighting a leather straitjacket, and his cock was sliding on a film of precum inside shiny leather jeans that felt like they were intent on milking him helplessly. He shot his spunk in wave after wave of pure, pervy pleasure.

Tony’s muscles convulsed as he came watching the boy. His own spunk shot into his leather-gloved hand and dripped down onto the floor.

When it was over he wiped his cock with a tissue and zipped himself up again. He stood up and rested a hand on the boy’s thigh. “Was that good?”

Ash had been panting into the hood, but at the unexpected touch of Tony’s hand and the sound of his voice he jumped and yelled in surprise – he’d thought he’d been alone. He was incapable of speech, so he just nodded. He nodded a lot.

They were standing in the playroom again – Tony masked and in full leathers, Ash naked – but Tony was making no move to get any gear ready. “We’re done,” he said. “I think I’ve done as much as I can do to give you a leather fetish. You came in leather by yourself last time. I think that’s probably it.”

Ash looked crestfallen for a moment. “Oh.”

Tony smiled beneath the mask. “Come here, Ash.” He moved close and embraced the boy. Ash responded immediately, wrapping his arms around Tony. His cock immediately stiffened at the touch of the black leather. Without a word, and for the first time, Tony kissed him.

Ash kissed him back – hard. They sank onto the padded mat on the floor, and for a while there was a tangle of leather-clad and naked arms and legs. Very soon, though, Ash came.

They lay there looking at each other. “God, you’re beautiful,” said Tony.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” Ash smiled back.

“Well, you wanted a leather fetish, and I reckon you’ve got one.”

Ash shook his head. “I don’t think I have.”

Tony frowned. “You don’t think so?”

“No. I think that what I’ve got is a Tony fetish.”

Tony laughed. “Could be worse. Goes with my Ash fetish.”

They were silent for a while; Ash was thinking. “That session with the biker.”

Tony chuckled. “Yeah. He wasn’t too pleased about getting his new jeans full of spunk.”

“I know. He really didn’t want to cum. And that made it the best thing ever.”

Tony was surprised; it hadn’t occurred to him that Ash had got off so much on that.

“I want to do that again. A lot. I think I’m a top, Tony. I’ve loved what you’ve done to me – that’s been fucking amazing – but working on that biker made me realise that what I really want is to do those things to other helpless guys. In leather.”

For a moment, Tony felt sad. His sessions with Ash had been amazing, and he’d developed feelings for him that had surprised him by their intensity, but it was only to be expected that the boy would want to play with other guys now. He smiled. “Well I don’t think you’ll have a shortage of volunteers, Ash. You’re a very sexy boy – and there aren’t many cute young tops about.”

Ash chuckled. “Thanks.” He looked into Tony’s masked eyes. He smiled slowly. “And you can get that mask off, because I’m going to start with you…”