The Telemachus Story Archive

The Cube
By Hooder

The Cube

Ozzy was loving this. It was the first time he’d ever been to Tokyo, and the boys were stunning. He’d always loved their black hair, their almond eyes, their slim figures – and here it seemed that boys like that were everywhere.

And the city itself was amazing. He’d spent ages just walking around. Ozzy was a computer nerd, and the tech shops had drawn him immediately. They were gob-smacking – there was one called “Bic Camera Shibuya Hachikoguchi” (he had no idea how to pronounce most of that) but he’d come across it on one of his walks. Seven floors; an Aladdin’s cave of stuff he’d never known he needed but all of which he wanted very much indeed.

It was on an equally unpronounceable street, Hanamichi-dori, that he saw the toilet. At first he hadn’t known what it was – a black-framed, clear glass cube some 3 meters to a side, with what appeared to be a sliding door on the front. It was only when he’d looked for longer that he recognised a toilet pedestal inside, along with a sink with taps and air-dryer, and a small control panel.

He stood back again and looked at the thing. Presumably the whole of the glass would go opaque when someone was inside. He hoped that was the case, anyway. It was genius. Sheer genius. Beautifully designed, practical, and so fucking cool. Why didn’t the UK have things like this?

The cube sat at the exact centre of a busy pedestrian area next to a road in Kabukicho, the red-light district of Shinjuku. There were people everywhere, walking, stood chatting, drinking coffee. Ozzie looked around, but nobody seemed to be interested in this western tourist who was clearly fascinated by their public toilet. He was, however, momentarily distracted by two boys stood talking to each other near a waste bin; oh fuck – one of them was, as far as Ozzie was concerned, absolute perfection.

He watched the Japanese boy for a few moments, then forced his attention back to the cube; he just had to try this. The door slid open silently as he approached it. Now that he was inside he had no idea what to do – all the instructions were in Japanese, and he didn’t speak a word of that. He saw a card reader at the top of the control panel, and so he held his card to it. After a moment the screen changed to an illustration of two windows, one with an arrow going out of it, the other with an arrow going each way. Experimentally he pressed the first one. The door to the cube locked and the illustration darkened smoothly to black. From the inside the walls were still transparent.

Ok. If he understood this correctly nobody could look in at the moment. It seemed that he could choose to make the window either opaque both inwards and outwards, or just inwards. Oh, that was kinky, he thought. These Japanese never ceased to surprise him. To be doubly sure, he tried the other button. Yep, the cube went black and the interior lights came on.

He had a wild idea – and he wondered if that boy was still there. He pressed the one-way only button again and the cube cleared so that he could see out. The boy was indeed still there.

Yes! Without wasting any more time Ozzy pulled his jeans and pants down and sat on the loo. He took his cock in his hand and started to wank, staring at the beautiful Japanese boy.

The boy laughed at something his friend had said, and then he stretched – his biker jacket falling further open and his white teeshirt pulling tightly across his beautiful pecs. Oh fuuuuck… Ozzy’s hand flew up and down his hard cock. He was in heaven.


Two streets away, Mr. Takashi Ichiro fumbled with the remote of his car. He may have had one too many Sakes, but the bar had been heaving. Many girls. Oh yes. And one of them had flirted with him. For a gentleman of his age that was not a frequent occurrence and it had kept him there for longer than had perhaps been advisable. It had also cost him an arm and a leg in drinks for them both.

He pulled away from the kerb and set off home to his wife. He was humming happily to himself as he drove through the streets.

Suddenly a pigeon who had been conscientiously pecking bits of food off the road decided on a whim to try somewhere else. It launched itself into the air and set off at high speed in an unfortunate direction – one whose vector intersected with that of Mr. Takashi’s rapidly approaching windscreen. The resulting collision only slightly stunned the bird, and it flew off, a little confused, but the bang startled the Japanese gentleman so much that he changed course abruptly. The car veered to the left and hit a dark green electrical junction box on the pavement.


The beautiful Japanese boy nodded, and said goodbye to his friend. They parted with a wave. For a moment Ozzie was afraid that the boy was going to leave, but he didn’t – he checked his watch, then ambled towards the toilet cube where he waited for its occupant to finish.

For Ozzie this was absolutely perfect: a gorgeous Japanese boy in a black leather biker jacket with the collar turned up stood two meters away, facing him, with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his tight, faded, bulging jeans. Given Ozzie’s turn-on for boys in sexy gear, this was his ultimate private porn show.


The collision didn’t do much damage – in fact Mr Takashi would find later that there was only a minor dent in his bumper – but inside the junction box a small number of circuits took a momentary mechanical shock, causing a few jagged spikes of current to set off along wires at almost the speed of light. The other end of one of the wires was in the toilet cube’s control box.

The microchip there reset, then reverted to Ozzie’s settings, then reset again, then threw a wobbly and lost the plot completely. From the inside, nothing appeared to happen. From the outside the black cube flickered to transparent, returned to black, then settled on crystal-clear and stayed that way.

Yuto stared, his mouth dropping open. Sitting on the toilet, looking directly into the Japanese boy’s eyes with pure, unashamed lust - and wanking furiously - was a western teenager. As Yuto watched, the boy came. Large gobs of spunk sprayed everywhere, most of it landing on the black composite flooring.

Yuto stood transfixed as Ozzie hurriedly pulled his jeans up, hastily wiped up most of the spunk, flushed the toilet and fiddled with the control panel. The sliding door unlocked and the boy came out. None of the pedestrians appeared to have noticed anything.

Ozzie glanced nervously at Yuto and began to walk off. Yuto came to a decision. He followed him for a few paces and tapped him on the shoulder. He smiled. “Hello. I am Yuto. What’s your name?” His English was good.

Ozzie blinked. “Erm – Ozzie.”

“Hello Ozzie. You like me, I think. You had good wank looking at me, yes?”

Ozzie was confused. How did the boy know what he’d been doing?

Yuto laughed. “The cube was clear when it should be black.”

Ozzie’s mouth dropped open. He stared. Oh God. Everyone had seen him wanking. Yuto had seen him. He wanted the pavement to open up and swallow him.

“You like to come to my home? We can have fun.”

Ozzie was trying to process all of this. Finally the boy’s suggestion got through. “Erm… Yes. Oh fuck yes.”

“Good. You are sexy boy. I like you.” He grinned and hailed a passing taxi. Yuto’s arm was around Ozzie as they got in.

On the road surface, a slightly disorientated pigeon had the second narrow escape of its day as the taxi drove over it, missing it with all four wheels.