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The Blue Room
By Hooder

The Blue Room

(From an idea by TDG)

You’re interested in how it all began? I’d be happy to tell you. Please, sit.

It was a long time since I’d smelled Jean Patou’s ‘Joy’ perfume, but its unmistakable Jasmine and Rose scent preceded this young woman into the shop. I stood up from the sewing machine and smiled. “Good afternoon Madam.” She was in her early twenties, stunningly beautiful, and wearing clothes that were probably worth as much as my entire shop.

As a leather worker I’ve had all kinds of odd requests, but this one took the biscuit. She wanted a pair of panties making, she said, in the finest, thinnest leather available. So far, so good, nothing too unusual about that – we’re known for our extremely fine leathers here. But then she looked directly at me without a trace of embarrassment, and added, “and I want the leather soaked in boys’ precum.”

Well, I take pride in being professional, but for a moment I was completely lost for words. However, it was remarkable how quickly I recovered when she told me how much she would be willing to pay for such an item. “I think we can accommodate your wishes, Madam. Do you have any specific... erm, donor, in mind?”

“I do.” She swivelled on her high heels and pointed to Colin, who was arranging the window display.

He would normally be here today but it’s his day off. Colin is eighteen, and has been with us for a year or so. He’s very fit, and very blond. When I’m not training him to be a master leather worker like me, he’s our general gopher. At that moment he was standing staring at us with his mouth open, his blue eyes wide.

Quickly, before he could say anything, I smiled. “Of course, madam. It will be as you wish.”

She swivelled back and pointed an elegantly-gloved finger at me. “But precum only. The slightest amount of actual cum will ruin everything. I will be able to tell immediately.”

I nodded as if I understood completely. “Of course,” I repeated.

“And the leather must be completely soaked in it before you make the panties.”

“I understand, Madam.” I took the pad of order forms and made one out. Her address was as expensive as her perfume.

I found the very finest leather, and handed it to Colin to take home with him. It took us six weeks to fulfil that order. Colin tells me he got his boyfriend to get him horny repeatedly, and collected the precum drop by drop. I didn’t enquire too closely, but I had many wet dreams imagining it.

I’d thought that it was going to be a one-off, but I was wrong. Apparently word got around that panties made in this very special leather, by this shop, were oddly efficacious at increasing libido. I began to get more orders from other people – and then even more - and when the first guy came in and ordered a complete lederhosen in precum-soaked leather I knew I was going to have to find more boys; poor Colin was almost on his knees.

That was a year ago. Since then we’ve expanded the premises somewhat. Come, let me show you around.

This is the main workshop. I still have my machine in the shop – it looks good when a customer comes in to see me working there behind the counter – but through here is where the main work is done. Three work stations, as you see. My employees are recruited from the very best establishments – I can afford it now – and their work is immaculate. Over there on the racks are assorted hides. We still make more ‘normal’ things, of course, but there on the right are the finest leathers, the ones we use for our special items. When we get an order I take one of these hides to where we’re going next. Follow me, please.

Now, please remain very quiet as you walk down this corridor. You may look through the small windows – they are one-way mirrors so we can’t be seen from inside. You will see that inside each of these ‘cells’ there is a boy. He is the ‘donor’. As you notice, he is blindfolded and strapped down to a table. Oh! Please – don’t be concerned, nothing unpleasant is being done to him. On the contrary, in fact. If you watch you will see what is happening. Another boy is teasing him. You will see him using his hands, or feathers, or other implements to get the boy horny – and to keep him that way. The reason the donors are blindfolded is that they may be straight. If they’re straight then the blindfold helps them to forget that it’s another boy working on them. We use other boys rather than girls because we’ve found that guys are much better at ‘edging’ boys than women are. They have cocks themselves, so they know exactly what it feels like. And these boys have been trained very carefully in techniques which make a donor produce as much precum as possible. Many of them were donors themselves – some still are when they’re not in a recovery period. And working on donors shortens their recovery time no end; they are soon ready and eager to be strapped down again themselves. And of course all the boys – both donors and operatives – are the most fit, the most sexy, and the most drop-dead gorgeous guys you could possible find. That, of course, is a requirement.

You see? See the feather stroking slowly over that one’s cock? The other one teasing his balls? That boy needs to cum very badly indeed , but he can’t. That’s what the restraints are for – otherwise the boy would have no option but to make himself cum. If he can’t, then we can harvest a great deal of precum. The object of the exercise is to make a boy need to cum very urgently, for an extended period of time, without his actually being able to achieve orgasm. Then he produces precum in great quantities.

Why do the victims do it? They are paid very well indeed to be there. Very well, I assure you. And it is also extremely pleasurable for them. Very frustrating, of course, but pleasurable. Let us move along to the next cell.

Ah there. See? Precum is being collected. If you watch you will see the operative gather it carefully, place it onto the leather, and gently rub it in. It’s done one square centimetre at a time. Ah. The next room is empty – come in. Here is some leather waiting to be completed – you see, this part is untreated, and here it’s soaked with precum. You see the difference? Feel it. Oh yes, the difference is great, is it not? The treated leather is so flexible, so slippery, so – well, sexy. You can see why people want it.

Do the donors ever cum accidentally? Yes, of course. It happens. In the early days we harvested precum by wrapping a boy’s cock in the leather and then getting him horny – but if he came then the entire piece of leather was ruined. The way we do it now, by manual edging and then transferring the precum to the leather, avoids that problem.

Onwards. Ah! Look through here – that operative is cumming! They do that often, though it is discouraged. The more horny an operative is, the more effectively he will work on a donor, and so if he allows himself to cum, his efficiency is reduced for a while. But edging a sexy boy is a very very horny thing to do, and often it is difficult not to cum yourself.

I can’t show you this room, as there is a… process… going on in there which is our trade secret. But come to the end cell and look through here.

This is modern technology. We’re trying it out - we’ve only got one of these at the moment as they are unbelievably expensive. This is computer-controlled edging. You see the boy, the donor? He is hooked up to the machine. He has a milking sleeve over his cock, and many sensor electrodes connecting him to the computer. If you look between his thighs you can see little devices touching his balls – they move and stroke and tickle. You can’t see it from here but there is also one which stimulates his prostate when the computer decides it would be advantageous. The sleeve on his cock is complicated inside; it has sensors and variable vacuum, bits that rotate, and things that move. That white tube coming from it delivers an almost continuous stream of precum into the flask. See? When a boy first meets the computer it tries various different pre-programmed techniques on him, and registers his responses to each. And it learns. Quickly. It refines its methods, until it becomes very effective indeed. And for each donor – each one has a number, by the way - it keeps a record of its settings so that the next time it has that boy it knows exactly what to do to him, and how to interpret his responses. When it works well it is devastatingly good, but we’re still learning how to use it and occasionally it is too effective, and makes the boy cum. But it’s early days. I can forsee a future where there are no human operatives at all and it’s all done by machine. I think that will be a sad day – but of course it will be much more efficient.

Ok. Through here please. After you. This is where the fully-treated leathers are stored. Not for long, you understand, but just until we can get around to making the item the leather is intended for. Here, feel this hide. Wrap it around you. Is that not the most sexy, horny, piece of black leather you have ever seen? Ever felt? Imagine a pair of jeans made out of that. Skin-tight, unlined. Imagine your cock sliding under that slippery, smooth leather. Or a hood, perhaps; this precum-soaked leather pressing tightly across your face. How long would you be able to hold out before it made your partner – or you – cum?

So there you are. Our production line. Recently there have been other manufacturers who have jumped on the bandwagon and are trying to produce similar leathers – but I’m happy to say that every one is inferior to those made here. We have the experience, and the very best boys. And of course I haven’t shown you quite everything – we do have some trade secrets after all.

You were concerned that our ‘special’ leathers were so expensive. Now, I hope, you see why. The finest leathers, impregnated, in our own special way, with the precum of the most sexy, beautiful boys in the country.

So, have you decided? Would you like to place an order? Yes of course, we would be happy to do that.

Here is the order form, and that is the price.

Excellent. Sign here please.

“Ah Colin. How are you doing? Recovered yet? Excellent. There’s a donor ready for the Blue room if you’re up to it.”

“No problem. Did you tell that guy about the Blue room?”

“Of course not! That is our ‘edge’, as it were.”

“Dreadful pun. What do you think he would have said if he’d seen? A boy screaming, begging, pleading, tearing at the restraints?”

“Well, I have no intention of finding out. You’re to blame anyway – it was because you are a sadistic little bastard that you found out that keeping a victim that close to cumming produces precum that’s what – 5 times more effective?”

“Just over 6, actually, on average.”

“I still don’t know how you can keep a boy that close. The computer can’t.”

“That is precisely where being human, and being sadistic, helps. And I’m getting better. I had one pass out last week.”

“Right. Well, be careful. We don’t want any heart attacks. 1645 is waiting. He’s ready to go in. He’s been prepped by Tony. All ready to go.”

“Mmmm…. I’m on my way. Oh fuck I love this job.”

I smile as I watch his tight, round, leather-clad bum disappear through the doorway.

I love this job too.