The Telemachus Story Archive

Searching for the parasites
By Hooder

Searching for the Parasites

It was a strange set-up. Keith and Rod were about as unlikely a couple as you could imagine: Keith was slim, with mousey hair, his expensive suits, the creases in his jeans, and his academic look perfectly in keeping with his position as the town GP; while Rod stood six feet two, was built like a weightlifter, and on the rare occasions he wasn’t in scuffed, thigh-hugging black leather, it was obscenely bulging, ripped jeans. He ran “Rod’s Harley Shop” and was never happier than when he was working on a bike, up to his elbows in oil. Keith and Rod had been together five years now, and were happy with their lives in small-town Indiana. Four years ago they’d bought a small ranch-style house at the edge of town.

Then Jed came into their lives. Rod’s only employee at the Harley Shop was Mo. Jed was Mo’s 18-year old son. The boy would visit the shop now and then, and it took Rod all his time to keep his hands off him: Jed was small for an 18-year old; had a slim but nicely muscled body; a tight, round butt; shaggy corn-blond hair and blue eyes. And his faded dungarees did nothing to hide his frequent teenage erections. Out in the sticks people tended to get their kicks where they could, and Jed was the product of genes from a very limited pool indeed. The only obvious sign of this was that he had a slight overbite – but in Rod’s opinion that only made him look more cute. He was by no means the sharpest knife in the box, but fuck, though Rod, that boy was hot.

Jed’s parents had been on their way back to their ranch the other side of the valley after a heavy night on the beer at Jake’s Bar in town, when their pick-up had left the dirt road, piled down the incline and exploded at the bottom, near the creek. They had been dead before they’d hit the ground.

There were no relations, no friends, and that had left Jed on his own, incapable of looking after himself. Rod and Keith had discussed it, and decided that he obvious answer was for the boy to move in with them.

The death of his parents seemed to have very little effect on the boy – he cried for a day, was very quiet the next, but on the third morning he appeared at breakfast with a happy smile on his face – it was as if he’d got it all sorted and had moved on. “Hey Rod,” he said, with a toothy grin, “can I work at the shop with you? I’m good with parts.”

Rod had thought about it for a while, but by the time the coffee had boiled, he’d agreed.

Three nights after that, at bed time, Jed came into the living room. “Hey guys.” Instead of his usual dungarees, all he was wearing was a pair of white running shorts. They were thin and worn, and the legs ended halfway between his crotch and his knee. They were very loose. And the front of them was tented out by an enormous erection. “I ain’t been checked for the parasites for a few days. You guys gonna do it?” He stood there grinning from ear to ear.

Keith frowned. “Checked for parasites? What do you mean?”

Jed walked closer. “Maw used to to it to me every night. She’d make me stand with my feet apart and she’d kneel down behind. Then she’d take her hand and feel up my legs, up from my knees. One leg at a time. She’d go right up. Said she had to do it slowly cos else she wouldn’t be able to know if the parasites were there. Like this...” He reached out and ran his fingers lightly – hardy touching – over the back of Keith’s hand. “She always went slower at the top, inside the shorts. Feeling round. Makin sure the critters weren’t there. Took a while for her to do it. She was careful, though, never missed an inch. Said they liked to hide on my balls and dick.”

Parasites? Keith blinked. “Did she ever find any?” He asked finally.

“Nope. But she said she had to do it every night to be sure.” He dropped his head slightly, looked serious, and took a short breath. “Needs to be done. For my own good.”

Keith and Rod looked at each other. Rod’s cock was almost bursting out of his ripped jeans. “I think we should take him into the surgery and have a look,” said Rod. “Boy clearly wants it done.”

Keith nodded slowly. The boy’s mother must have been doing this to him for years – he was obviously very used to it, and expected it. And by the state of his cock he was looking forward to it. It occurred to Keith that he could get struck off for this – but the sight of that sexy blond boy standing there with a hard on in his shorts, asking to have his cock teased, made the decision for him. “Right. Well, come on then.” He got up and led the way into the surgery.

“Ok, well, assume the position, then.” Keith had no idea what the protocol was.

Jed stood with his feet wide apart and put his hands behind his back. “Maw used to blindfold me – said it wouldn’t be as emb… emburrazing for me if I couldn’t see her, and said it would help to keep my dick stiff and straight an make it easier. Dunno if you want to? You don’t have to.”

“Oh I think we should,” said Rod. He adjusted his cock in his jeans – it was leaking precum like crazy. He started to look around the surgery for something to blindfold the boy with.

Keith opened a drawer and took out a length of white bandage. He passed it to Rod with raised eyebrows and a smile. Rod wrapped the bandage round and round the boy’s head over his eyes. As it went on, the boy’s cock got even harder.

“Ok,” said Keith. “You know this might tickle a bit. Keep completely still.” He knelt behind Jed, took a deep breath and touched his fingertips to the inside of the boy’s knee. Jed jumped and his cock jerked. Keith stroked his fingers over the golden skin, as if he were feeling for tiny bumps or imperfections. Very slowly he worked higher and higher. As his fingers slipped under the leg of the shorts, a soft moan came from the boy. He was finding it increasingly difficult to keep still – Keith’s touch was even lighter than his mother’s had been. His cock was straining the front of the shorts out, and a dark patch of precum was spreading slowly, turning the white cotton dark.

Very gradually, Keith’s hand moved upwards. The higher it got the more the boy groaned and moaned. His leg muscles were vibrating with his effort to keep still. When Keith’s fingertips got to the very top of his thigh, and started exploring his perineum and into the crevices at the side of his balls, his breathing got faster and his moaning suddenly became louder and more urgent.

Rod was sat on the chair with his mouth hanging open, watching this. He was playing with his own hard cock through his tight jeans. When Keith’s watch disappeared up the leg of the shorts, his fingertips stroking and teasing lightly over the boy’s balls, Rod suddenly lost it. His big cock bucked under the faded denim as he shot his load in his jeans. Quietly, he groaned. “Oh fuuuuck...” It was the most horny sight he’d seen for a very long time.

Keith had reach Jed’s cock. Rod could see his hand pushing the shorts out as he felt slowly up the length of it and over the head. The boy was thrusting his hips now, his head thrown back. Keith was very careful not to let him cum.

He reached the very tip of the boy’s cock head. After stroking it for a while, he took his hand out. “Ok Jed. You seem to be free of the parasites today.” He stood up and unwrapped the bandage. “As a doctor, Jed, I would like to change this routine a little. If we have you on the operating table with your feet up in the stirrups, then both Rod and I could check you at the same time – one hand up each leg of your shorts. That would make the examination much more efficient. And I think we can find something better than that bandage to blindfold you with. That Ok with you?”

Jed was having difficulty keeping his hands behind his back. He desperately wanted to jerk himself off. “Oh yeah, man. Oh yeah. That would be ace!”

The following night, Jed appeared in the shorts again. He was shifting from one foot to the other in excitement. Keith put down his newspaper and looked at the boy over his glasses. “Time for your examination?”


“Ok. Follow me.”

Keith and Rod had spent a long time discussing this. The operating table had been prepared. The stirrups were in place, and black leather straps hung down from it.

“The straps are to keep you still. That all right with you?”

Jed was breathing fast. “Oh yeah...”

They carefully strapped the boy down to the table with his hands by his sides, lifted his feet and secured them in the stirrups. Keith pulled over a small table with an assortment of items on it.

“Now, Jed, these parasites are difficult to feel – that’s why we have to do this so slowly and so carefully. But they may be encouraged to show themselves if we stroke your skin very lightly with feathers or other soft things first. Now that’s going to tickle a bit more than before, so the straps will help to keep you still. He picked up a strip of black leather. “We’ll us this as the blindfold.” He fastened it tightly around the boy’s head. The blond hair fell over it. “Now, you must keep very quiet, otherwise we’ll have to gag you as well. Ok?”

Jed nodded. He just wanted them to get on with it.

Rod stood on the opposite side of the table to Keith, and they picked up feathers. Then they set to work - taking a leg each - using one hand to lift the shorts away from the boy’s thighs, and the other to tickle him up inside them.

Jed began to laugh. He squirmed on the table as the feathers tickled their way higher and higher up his shorts and tried to close his knees together – but the stirrups prevented that. When they got to his balls he was thrusting his hips and yelling with both ticklishness and the need to cum.

The feathers teased along the length of the boy’s shaft, one working on each side of it. When they got to the head they stayed there for a long time, tickling and stroking over the sensitive teenage glans and foreskin. Jed was beside himself, and making a lot of noise.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to gag you, Jed. It’s for your own good.”

Rod picked up something he’d prepared earlier: a ball made from a rolled-up sock, fixed to a leather strap. He pushed it into the boy’s mouth and fastened the strap tightly around his head. Immediately the shouts and yells were muffled.

“That’s better.” They resumed their work on the helpless boy.

At length Keith straightened up. “Now, we’ve finished the feathering. Time to check for the parasites.” He and Rob pulled on long, shiny black rubber gloves that had been kept in the cool box. They grinned at each other, lifted the cotton away from the boy’s sensitive thighs, and together they pushed their hands slowly up his shorts - their fingers moving and teasing.

Jed screamed into the gag. He was writhing and humping in his restraints, doing everything he could to make himself cum. His blond hair flopped over the leather blindfold as he shook his head desperately from side to side.

They worked on the helpless boy for half an hour solid, covering every square inch of his legs many times, but always returning to his straining, horny cock.

Finally they stopped. Keith removed the boy’s gag and blindfold, then pulled his shorts down as far as his parted legs would allow.

“Fuck I need to cum. I need to cum!”

Keith smiled at him. “We know you do. But if you do, then those parasites will multiply. We didn’t find any this time but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. And it only needs one of them. You could be covered with them by tomorrow.”

He held up a something plastic. “This will make it easier for you not to cum.” He fitted the chastity device over Jed’s cock and locked it behind his balls. “You’ll want to, but you won’t be able to. You see, the danger is when you make yourself cum too quickly. That’s when they’ll strike. We are going to have to make you cum, and under very controlled conditions. You understand?”

Jed looked horrified. “What? I ain’t gonna be able to jerk myself off?”

“No, Jed. You won’t. You’ll want to, but you won’t be able to. You’ll be a very horny boy until we unlock it.”

“And you’ll jerk me off?”

“Yes Jed.”

The boy looked uncertain. “When?”

“Oh I think tomorrow night after the examination.”

Tomorrow?” Now he looked horrified.

“Yes, tomorrow. So try not to get too horny until then.”

The following night there were even more straps on the operating table – but the stirrups had gone. “You see, Jed, the way to keep the parasites away is to make you cum very very slowly. You’ve been jerking yourself off too fast, and that makes it more likely that they’ll get you.”

Jed nodded, not really understanding, but getting the basic idea.

“And this kind of parasite seems to be very sensitive to feelings. Research has shown that the more helpless you feel, the more effective the treatment will be.” He held up a black leather hood. “So we’re going to strap you down, and hood you.”

Jed’s blue eyes were big as he looked at the hood. “I won’t be able to see...”

“No, Jed, you won’t be able to see. That’s one of the interesting things a hood does.”

They got the boy on the table, tightened all the straps over his arms, legs and body, and laced the thick hood up tightly. His cock was standing like a flagpole between his thighs. Keith pulled on the black rubber gloves, and lightly took the boy’s cock between a finger and thumb.

Jed struggled for a moment in the restraints, then immediately came. He yelled into the hood as his spunk shot into the air and splashed back onto Keith’s hand and the table.

“FUCK!” Keith swore. “Fuck fuck FUCK!”

It appeared that the boy liked being hooded and helpless…

The next night they just did the examination. Out of revenge for the previous evening, Keith and Rod made it last much longer, and made it as frustrating as they could. By the time they’d finished Jed had been on the table, his feet up in the stirrups, for two hours. Keith fastened the chastity device onto the boy.

Jed’s cock was hard all the following day. His work at the Harley Shop consisted of menial, unimportant jobs, but he couldn’t concentrate even on them. His hand kept going to the bulge in his dungarees and more than once Rod had to hide the boy away when a customer appeared.

Jed needed to cum. He tried everything but he couldn’t fucking get at his cock. To make it worse, when they were alone and he was next to him by a bike they were working on, Rod would stroke his fingertips teasingly up the inside of the boy’s thigh. While they were working, he continually described what they were going to do to him that night. That he would be strapped down so he couldn’t move an inch, hooded so that he couldn’t see, that he’d feel totally fucking helpless while they repeatedly teased, tickled and jerked him off almost to the point of cumming – but then they’d stop, so he couldn’t cum. Over and over again. And there would be fuck-all the boy could do about it. They were going to drive him mad with the need to cum. And then they’d wrap that cool rubber-gloved hand round his cock, tickle his balls and jerk him off until he came, his hot boy-spunk shooting out all over the fucking room.

Jed couldn’t bear to hear this, but he could not stop himself from listening. Every word made his need to cum worse…

They began, as always, with the examination. This time they went back to doing it while Jed was vertical – but instead of standing with his hands behind his back, the boy was now held immobile by Rod behind him, his muscular leather-clad arms enclosing Jed’s upper body and forcing the boy’s hands onto his tight leather-jeaned cock-bulge; and his feet inside Rod’s, to keep them apart while Keith’s teasingly exploring hand disappeared tortuously slowly up the leg of the boy’s shorts.

By the time Keith got to the horny cock, Jed was struggling in Rod’s grip.

“Can’t feel any parasites today.” Keith stood up. “Now, it’s treatment time.”

Rod held him while Keith brought over what looked like a heavy, brown leather jacket. He held it up and Rod pushed the boy’s arms into the long, closed sleeves. It was an institutional leather straitjacket. They got it strapped up tightly at the back, then crossed Jed’s arms over his front and fastened the long straps behind him. The boy’s rock-hard, precum-drooling cock stabbed the air below the bottom edge of the stained, brown leather.

Keith looked into the kid’s blue, blue eyes. “Understand that this is for your own good. Don’t worry, we’ll make you cum.”

Rod grinned evilly. “Eventually...”

Keith picked up a hood. This was a different one to last time. It was the same colour as the straitjacket – brown – and made of very heavy leather. On the inside, a separate layer of shiny black leather shone wickedly. There was lacing at the back and several straps to tighten it over the eyes, mouth and neck.

Jed looked at it nervously.

“It’s a bit more heavy-duty than the last one. This will make you feel alot more helpless, believe me.” Keith lifted it and pulled it down over the boy’s head. He positioned it carefully, and held it there while Rod fastened it on tightly.

They got him onto the operating table, pulled the leather straps over him, and secured his feet to shackles at the bottom end.

This time, thought, Keith, they would be more careful. He selected the softest feather there was, and began to tease the boy’s cock with it.

At the first touch of the feather Jed’s body tensed under the straps. He struggled inside the straitjacket and began to thrust his pelvis.

“Hmm. We gotta make it so he can’t do that,” said Rod. They found another strap and fastened it as tightly as they could over his hips. Now, although the boy was still trying to thrust, he couldn’t, and his cock stayed relatively still. Keith resumed teasing it with the feather, while Rod used another on the kid’s balls.

Over the next hour they drove the boy mad with the need to cum. The feathers worked on his balls, his cock shaft, head, piss slit and frenulum with sadistic precision. They tickled and teased, building up the spunk in his blue teenage balls, carefully encouraging him to need to cum, intentionally making that need more and more compelling.

Under the hood, the boy was cross-eyed with horniness. The straitjacket felt so sexy – it was heavy and restraining – he couldn’t move his arms, couldn’t get free, but he couldn’t stop himself from struggling in it. It creaked with every movement, reminding him that he was powerless to stop these guys. The hood smelled intensely of leather. The inside layer clung tightly to his face with each breath, making him feel intensely helpless.

They stopped working on him, and waited a while for him to cool down. Then, very carefully, Keith took the boy’s cock head between a single rubber-gloved finger and thumb. While Rod tickled the naked balls with the pointed, soft tip of the feather, Keith got the boy to the very edge with a few slow strokes. He paused, then slid the foreskin over the shiny glans at about one-second intervals: down and up – once, twice, three times. Then he stopped, his hand immobile. Rod stopped tickling the balls as well.

The boy’s body had tensed, preparing itself for an orgasm of monumental proportions. When the hand stopped, he wailed into the leather hood. It was a wail of pure, unbearable frustration.

Keith counted to three, then did it again. Down and up: one, two, three. Rod teased the tip of the feather over the sensitive balls.

They continued to do this - three strokes, stop, wait three seconds, then repeat – for a very long time.

The thin inner layer of the hood wrapped itself tightly over the boy’s face every time he breathed in, enclosing him with leather and adding to his unendurable horniness. His shaggy blond hair was flattened under the hood, wet with sweat, and his blue eyes were screwed up in despair. He couldn’t stand another second of this. It was pure torture – he would go insane. But at the same time part of his mind wanted it to go on and on and never ever stop.

One, two, three, pause… one, two, three, pause… the boy’s foreskin slid smoothly on a thick film of precum. At the end of every down stroke, Keith’s fingertip rubbed over the frenulum; and at the end of every up stroke a finger teased the piss-slit. It was calculated to be as unbearably frustrating and as irresistibly horny for the boy as possible. Both Keith and Rod had huge erections in their jeans, and were concentrating with undisguised sadism on their work.

Eventually Keith whispered, “Ok, let’s make him cum. Slowly.” He did the three-stroke thing again, paused for just two seconds, and then started giving the boy one single stroke every two seconds.

This brought Jed gradually closer and closer to the point of orgasm. But it was still just too slow for him to fucking cum! He was right on the edge but there was nothing he could do to push himself over.

After a couple of minutes of this, Keith suddenly slowed his strokes, but didn’t pause between them. Now he was very slowly sliding the foreskin over the head continuously.

It was enough. Jed began to cum. His whole body strained the leather straps as he bucked and heaved under them. His cock stiffened even more, and he felt his spunk start moving. It barrelled through the tubes and out of his cock.

The instant Keith felt the boy’s erection stiffen for orgasm, he began to rub the cock head fast and hard. Rod dropped the feather and gripped the root of the boy’s cock firmly with his rubber-gloved hand - the fingers and thumb deep into the crevices at the sides of his balls - making the kid’s orgasm even more intense.

Spunk pumped out of the teenage cock, and the brown leather bundle on the operating table writhed and creaked in ecstasy under the leather straps. Jed was straining at the straitjacket, and breathing in hard to make the shiny leather in the hood cling even more tightly to his face and smother him - he wanted to feel as helpless as he possibly could.

As the boy’s orgasm subsided, Keith’s hand slowed, and Rod gradually released his rubber grip.

They removed the hood and gazed down at the exhausted, panting boy.

“I think that will keep the parasites away for a week. We’ll have to examine you every day, of course, but we won’t need to do this again for seven days.”

“Nooo…,” Jed was hardly capable of speech. “Tomorrow. Pleeeeease...”

Keith smiled down at him. “No, seven days. Examinations every night, the chastity device in the daytime.”

There was an evil grin on Rod’s face. “The examinations every night will make you as horny as fuck, boy. Both our hands up your shorts, feeling for them parasites. You’ll want to cum. Oh fuck will you want to cum. But you won’t be able to - we’ll make fuckin sure of that. And then, next week – in seven long days time - we’ll get you strapped down to the table again and hooded...”

Rod desperately needed to have a wank. He pulled the leather hood back loosely over Jed’s head, got his cock out and with a few hard strokes he came - all over the helpless boy.

And so a routine developed. Every night for six nights, they would ‘examine’ the boy, both their hands teasing and tickling slowly up the legs of his shorts on the operating table – and as they learned his weaknesses and triggers, they became more and more skilled at getting him unbearably horny. Before long just one of these examinations was enough to have him screaming up the wall to cum – but he had to endure seven of them before he could. And every day, all day, his cock was kept hard and desperate in the plastic chastity device. If he fucked up at work, Rod would tell Keith, and they’d make him endure an extra day without cumming – and the examination that night would be a special one. A very special one, which went on for a very long time. “See, those pesky parasites have to be kept away, boy. It’s for your own good.”

In the end, all pretence of parasites was dropped. It was a clear as the tyres on a Harley that the boy wanted – needed more than anything – to be edged out of his mind, kept as horny as fuck, and milked helplessly in leather. And Rod and Keith were very happy to oblige.

At dinner, they would talk across the boy as if he wasn’t there, discussing ways of keeping him more frustrated; of increasing his desperation, and of making him feel even more helpless during the milkings.

Jed would just sit there, his mouth hanging open, listening to them discussing him...

… and his cock ready to explode inside that fucking chastity cage.