The Telemachus Story Archive

Room 43
By Hooder

Room 43

The Department is on the third floor of the Baxter Building, and its proper name is ‘The Calder University Department of Monozygotic Research’, but it’s usually known as ‘The Twins Floor’. I’ve been head of the department for six years. Our work aims to shed light on environmental and genetic influences for traits, phenotypes and disorders, and behaviour. Identical twins are an excellent opportunity to discover the contribution the environment makes to the individual, as opposed to the genetic, as monozygotic twins both come from the same zygote – the same egg – fertilised by the same sperm, and so the genetic contributions can be ignored.

I’m sorry if this all sounds a bit arcane; put simply, we experiment to find out how much an individual’s experiences since birth has on him or her, as opposed to what he or she was born with.

The work is interesting enough, but a while ago some new arrivals caused quite a stir. Not twins, but identical triplets. I’d heard they were coming, but I wasn’t prepared for what they were like. Three boys, 18 years old, straw-blond hair, blue eyes, slim but firmly muscled bodies, five feet nine and a half inches tall, 152 lbs each, and stunningly good-looking.

When I first saw them they were wearing white workout vests, patched grey cargo pants and black trainers. I’m used to seeing identical twins, but I’m skilled at recognising some slight difference – hairstyle, the way they move, their voices and speech patterns, individual scars – that makes it possible to tell one from the other; but with these boys it was literally impossible to tell them apart. It was like looking at CGI. Even after being with them and interviewing them for a couple of hours I still could not tell one from the other. Their names were Dave, Damien and Don.

I scheduled the usual program of tests, showed them to their room and got on with other things. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They were fucking gorgeous. I sat there in my office, tapping a ballpoint on the desk and staring out of the window, and after a while I (or more accurately, my cock) decided that I’d arrange a second series of tests, in my own time at night, to investigate some things that were not normally on the Department’s agenda. I knew I could very easily be dismissed for this if anyone found out, but to be honest I didn’t care; it would be worth it.

The Baxter building was built in the 1970's; it’s old and rambling, with a lot of rooms that haven’t been used for years. It’s long overdue for retirement, but with the economic situation as it is I can’t see its being replaced in the foreseeable future. I did a walk-round one evening and found a room that would be ideal for my purposes. Room 43 was off an unused corridor on the east side, and after a couple of evenings spent cleaning it up and repurposing some old medical tables and other equipment I found, it was ready.

The boys didn’t seem at all surprised when I told them about the additional evening tests; nor did they raise an eyebrow when I said they would be of a sexual nature. The first time they saw Room 43 they did frown at the presence of the straps on the tables, and some of the gear that was on the shelves, but after I’d explained what the new tests were about, their frowns turned to smiles. It seemed they quite liked the idea.

There was a whiteboard on the wall, with four columns on it. The first listed the things I was going to test, and the other three were for each boy’s results. I intended to keep my own notes, of course, too.

The tests were: Erogenous zones and their sensitivity; susceptibility to edging; and ability to control themselves when being milked.

Other people would probably have chosen different tests to do to these boys, but those were exactly the ones that were going to turn me on most of all – and, I make no bones about it – these extra tests were all for my benefit. I’m gay, I’m seriously into leather, and I fancied these three boys more than I’d fancied anybody for a very long time. I was just longing to get them strapped down.

The boys were so enthusiastic about the whole thing that it occurred to me to wonder if I could actually make these tests official. Some eyebrows would no doubt be raised upstairs, but it was bona fide research that had never been done before, and may in fact yield very useful data. As it turned out, the only one who was even slightly concerned was the director himself, and an explanation of the possible benefits and prestige they might bring to the University allayed any fears he had. Other sex tests had been done in other places, after all.

I couldn’t believe it - it was now all above board and I wouldn’t have to slink about the place at night. And I would get paid for it.

The first time I got them naked and spread eagled in the vertical frames I almost came on the spot. Their bodies were beautiful, they were boyishly good-looking, and they were helpless. Three identical cocks swinging gently between their thighs. I’d arranged the frames pointing inwards in a circle, so that each boy would be able to watch what I was doing to the others – that is, when I allowed them to see anything at all.

It was so impossible to tell these three boys apart that I’d had small patches of their hair dyed different colours at the back of their heads: Dave was blue, Damien green, and Don red. It was going to be important that I didn’t get them mixed up, and impish twins or triplets have been known to pretend to be one of the others.

I had wanted to be both anonymous to them, and also to appear not like the doctor I was, but slightly out of the ordinary. Something that would make them think of sex. And so I’d decided to wear my bike leathers, and a plain black leather full-head mask. That way, I reasoned, they would not be conscious all the time that it was a guy working on them – although the bulge in my leather jeans made that pretty obvious. At any rate, their being unable to see my face would anonymise me a great deal.


I stood at the side of Dave and began to run my fingertips over his body. The first test was to discover all his erogenous zones. His genitals were obvious ones, and so I started there. After five minutes all the boys had erections – Dave from my teasing of his balls, and the other two from watching me working on him. Their cocks continued to grow as I moved to his legs. The tops and especially the insides proved, unsurprisingly, to be highly erogenous – especially at the tops of his thighs - but less obviously, the backs of his knees did too. I’d asked Dave to tell me how sexually interesting each spot I worked on was, and I noted this into the mic of the recorder clipped to my top pocket. I couldn’t get to the soles of his feet at the moment, as he was standing, but the arches and sides were more ticklish than erogenous. When I lifted each foot in turn and ran my fingers over the bare soles he laughed in hysterics and jerked the foot away. His nipples turned him on a lot. Working on his armpits, too, made him groan with horniness – they were clearly powerfully erogenous - but of course that tickled a great deal as well.

I stood behind him. His neck, shoulders and back were more ticklish than anything else, and also the crack of his arse. But pulling the cheeks apart and stroking the rim of his hole with the end of a fingertip made him groan – that was very erogenous indeed.

I explored every inch of his firm, slim body, making notes all the time, and then transferred my attention to Damien.

Working on Damien was like a re-run of working on Dave: he had erogenous and ticklish places in exactly the same spots. His responses were the same to the point where I had to remind myself that this was the middle frame, so it was clearly Damien I was working on, not Dave.

And the same was true with Don. When I’d finished, I noted that the most surprising thing was that each of them had responsive zones at the backs of their knees.

I considered my results, and wrote them on the whiteboard against test one, then released the boys from the frames. Each one’s hand went to his cock immediately – not to wank, but just to play with it – and I had to ask them to keep their hands off it.

Working on these boys had made me need to cum very badly, but rolling the frames back to the wall and replacing them with the restraint tables allowed me to cool down a bit.

We were standing in the centre of the room. “Now, do you know what ‘edging’ is?” I asked them. They nodded. “Ok. I’m going to edge each of you in turn. Now, watching the others being worked on is going to make you much more horny than you are now, and so I’m going to have to work on you separately. The two not being tested will be in the next room. Damien and Donny, if you’d follow me please?” I led the two boys next door and restrained them comfortably to the two camp beds there. I put headphones on them so that they wouldn’t hear any noises Dave made.


Back in Room 43 I strapped Dave to the table, legs slightly apart and with his arms at his sides but far enough from his body to enable me to get to his armpits, which had proved responsive in the last test. His blue eyes were watching me as I put a few things from the shelves onto the small trolley at his side.

“Now, you are probably going to get very horny indeed. You will want to cum, but I’m going to try very hard not to let you. I don’t know your body or your reactions yet, so the first time you feel you’re very close, tell me please. After that you don’t need to say anything. Ok?”

He nodded happily. His cock was already fully hard in anticipation of what was coming. I sat down level with his crotch and took his cock gently between my fingers.

“I’m not usually into guys, but you look hot in that gear,” he said.

“Do I?” I tilted my head. “That’s good.” I was very pleased he’d said that. “What is it about the way I look?”

He thought for a moment. “You look intimidating – especially the mask – sort of dangerous. But hot.”

“Do you like leather?” I asked him.

He thought again. “I don’t know.” He looked at my jacket and jeans. “It sort of makes you look like you’ve got sex on your mind. And I feel like I’d like to touch it, feel it against my skin. I’m wondering what it would feel like on my thighs.”

I nodded. He was being very honest. “Ok. That’s excellent. We’ll find out more about that later. For now, keep looking at me.”

I started to stroke the shaft of his cock, not touching the head yet. The skin moved with my fingers. I knew his balls were very responsive so I used my other hand to tease them, and the insides of his thighs. He began to groan and move his body slowly on the table.

Oh fuck, he looked gorgeous lying there, his shaggy blond hair falling over his blue eyes. I desperately wanted to lie on top of him and kiss him. But there was work to be done.

I pulled on a pair of black nitrile surgical gloves and poured lube onto my right hand. Watching his face closely, I made a circle with my slippery finger and thumb, and slid them slowly over the ridge of his cock,the tip of my forefinger grazing the frenulum through the thin, sensitive gloves with each stroke. He closed his eyes and moaned, and his hips began to thrust slowly. The thrusting gradually increased in power and speed as I got him closer to the point of orgasm.

He grunted. “Close!” He said.

I removed my fingers. I’d noticed that there’d been a sudden tensing of his abdominal muscles just before he’d told me, and I thought I could now probably get him close without his saying anything if I watched for that tensing. I let him back off from the point for a few moments and started on him again.

This time I recognised his body movements and stopped on my own without his telling me. He moaned in frustration. I smiled under my mask, knowing that now I could get him closer still.

I was watching him carefully, and the next time his abs tensed I didn’t stop, but just slowed the strokes and made them much lighter, my fingers gliding gently over the glistening glans. His thrusting increased and I had to concentrate to follow the movements of his cock and to avoid his fucking my fingers. I got him as close as I dare – much closer than he’d been so far – and then took my hand away. His wail of frustration was a lot louder this time.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. “Oh fuck I need to cum,” he said.

“I know you do.” I attached another strap – this one tighter and just above the root of his cock, to prevent the thrusting – then I reached my un-lubed hand up and stroked a single fingertip teasingly in his armpit at the same time as I worked on his cock head. His moaning was louder now and he got to the edge much more quickly.

The next time I tried the back of his knee. I teased it in the same way as I’d done his armpit, and once again he approached the point of orgasm quickly. I wished I had three hands so that I could work on all these places at the same time.

But trying to concentrate on his cock and an armpit or knee at the same time was difficult. I wanted to get him even closer, and I wasn’t going to be able to do that without my full attention being on his cock. I re-lubed my right hand and set to work slowly and carefully. It seemed that the most effective technique on this boy was to position my hand above the end of his cock, then to close my fingers and thumb around the head and pull my hand back slowly, my slippery fingers sliding over the shiny glans until they met at the very tip, over the urethra, my thumb stroking the frenulum on the way each time. This was guaranteed to get him to the edge very quickly indeed. Once there, I could stop moving my hand, and just rotate my fingers slowly around the ridges of the head to get him much closer still, and much more slowly.

By the time I’d been working on him for half an hour I could control this boy perfectly. Time after time I brought him to within a hair’s breadth of cumming, and then stopped. His yells of anguished frustration were music to my ears. My own cock was pushing hard against the inside of my leather jeans and I hadn’t needed to cum so badly in my life before. To see such a gorgeous boy squirming helplessly in his restraints, so desperately horny, was heaven.

I worked on him like this for another fifteen minutes and then stopped.

NO! Please make me cum!”

“I’m afraid not. Not yet. Later you’ll cum.” I waited until I thought he was more in control of himself, and then released him and took him next door, strapping him into the camp bed. Next was Damien.

I looked down at him on the table, amazed again by how absolutely identical his face, hair and body was to Dave’s. “Ok, I’m going to hood you for this.” I took the leather hood I’d brought into work with me and showed it to him. “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to breathe fine, but it will feel restrictive. You Ok with that?”

He nodded. I lowered the hood over his head and pulled the straps tight. I loved that hood – I’d worn it many times myself – the soft shiny leather on the inside felt unbelievably horny. It was a shame I wouldn’t be able to see his beautiful face, but one has to make concessions to science.

I noticed that his cock was hard already – it had started to grow the moment I’d begun to put the hood on him. I wondered if this boy was into bondage or leather. But that was already on my list of things to find out later anyway.

I edged him the same way I’d done Dave – but I almost made him cum the first time because he got there much faster than his brother had done. Was this because he’d been lying next door thinking about it, I wondered, or because of the hood, or and individual difference, or something else entirely? I realised I was not actually dong these tests scientifically at all – there should be controls, and each boy worked on the same way – but I didn’t actually care. I could design a whole new program later and start all the tests again.

Damien’s cock responded to exactly the same technique as Dave’s had done, and he proved to be every bit as controllable. He was very soon wailing and yelling in frustration every time took my fingers off it. I worked on him for the same length of time as I had done Dave, but much more of this time was spent close to the edge. By the time I’d finished with him he was beside himself with the need to cum.

Don next. He was not only going to be hooded, but also have a curved dildo inserted into his arse to rest against his prostate. He grunted as I inserted the dildo gently – I suspect he’d never had anything up there before.

This time I was much more careful the first time, and I brought him to the point of orgasm easily and in a very controlled way. The first time I took my hands away he yelled and shook his head violently.


My cock jerked in my jeans as I watched him trying desperately to make himself cum, but he couldn’t, and after a moment or two I started on him again. I knew that every movement he made was causing the dildo to stroke against his prostate. It was fascinating how much difference both the hood and the dildo made – assuming that the three boys would have reacted the same way if they’d all had them, which was something I hadn’t proved at all. I knew that this was not good science, but I didn’t give a fuck – I was enjoying myself more than I had done for a very long time.

I watched my shiny black fingers gliding slowly on the film of lube and precum over the equally shiny cock head, my other hand teasing his balls gently. I was in heaven. Edging such a hot, helpless boy was the most wonderful thing I could imagine, and each time I stopped, leaving him on the unbearable brink of orgasm, made me really, really needed to cum myself.

I took Don back next door and restrained him on the bed. “Ok. I’m going to leave you for a while to let Don cool down, then we’ll continue with the next test.”

They were talking about what had been done to them as I left to get a cup of coffee.


“This is about restraints. I’m going to edge you all again, but this time I’m going to do it with different degrees of restraint. I’ll also be investigating the effect of a fetish – leather, in this case – on you. And the ones I’m not working on will be able to watch. You all Ok with that?”

The three boys nodded enthusiastically.

“Ok. Dave, you’ll go first. You were immobilised almost completely before, so you’ll be able to move a lot more this time – but,” I smiled at him, “not enough to do you any good.”

I got him onto the table again, with his upper body strapped down tightly, then I put my fingerless leather mitts over his hands so that he wouldn’t be able to use them, and cuffed his wrists on chains that would let him almost, but not quite, reach his cock. Where his ankles had previously been strapped tightly in place, now the cuffs were also on chains so that he could move more, and with no straps over his legs, he’d be able to close his knees or open them wider as he wished. He was still restrained inescapably to the table, but he’d be able to struggle or move a lot more. He would still not be able to get away from my fingers, though.

I’d brought several hoods with me, and the one I put on him was a loose leather bag-hood, with a strap around the neck. This, I knew, felt extremely leathery, as it ballooned in and out as you breathed. It was also, if anything, even more frustrating than the tight one I’d used on him earlier. I noticed the other two got very hard as they watched me putting it onto Dave.

I began to work on his cock, which was already hard and dripping precum. This time I started with feathers – one on his cock and one tickling his balls. He immediately started to writhe slowly and lasciviously in the restraints – he was clearly loving this.

The feathers did their work on him and very soon his movements were becoming more urgent. He could thrust his hips again as there was no strap over them, and he began to do so. This made targeting the feathers much more difficult, but I kept them working on his cock and balls wherever he moved.

But before long his fucking movements were too vigorous for me to use the feathers, and I changed to using my fingers. I gripped the shaft of his cock with my thumb and all but the first finger, using that one to tease the cock head. His movement became even more urgent, and his hands began to jerk towards his cock. He needed to cum very badly. Although my hand was moving up and down with the movements of his pelvis, I continued to work gently and slowly on his cock. As I did so I heard Damien and Don moaning quietly as they watched.

After fifteen minutes I stopped, leaving Dave yelling in frustration, and thought about the results of this. The looser restraints didn’t seem to have made him get to the edge any quicker. He seemed to like the new hood though – his head had been moving a lot and often when he breathed in and the leather clung to his face I’d been able to see him biting it and licking it. That was interesting.

Damien was next. With him, and with the results of Davy’s test still fresh in my mind, I restrained him much more tightly than before. I used many more straps, over his body, arms and legs, but I didn’t put one over his head, and again I was using the loose bag-hood. When I was finished he was unable to move a muscle.

I started with the feathers again, and he got to the edge in about thirty seconds. That was the quickest yet. I could see his muscles straining against the straps, and his hands were keeping the chains taut as he fought to get them to his cock to make himself cum.

The other two boys were watching this with wide eyes. Their cocks were as hard as Damien’s and their hips were thrusting too.

Each time I left him wailing on the very edge of cumming, I teased the boy’s armpits and the backs of his knees. This kept him close to the edge for a lot longer, the moaning continuing long after I’d stopped working on his cock.

After a further fifteen minutes I stopped completely, let him go off the boil, and put him back in the spread-eagle frame to watch Don being worked on.

I used the same tight restraint with Don as I had done with Damien, and I started off doing the same things to him with the feathers, but now I made sure my leather jacketed arms touched him as much as possible, where with the others I’d been careful not to let the leather make contact with skin. I took another of the hoods I’d brought with me and enclosed his balls with the leather, or stroked it over his chest, into his armpits and the backs of his knees. This was remarkably effective – the first time I touched him with it he almost came, and I was only just able to remove it and to stop in time. He let out the loudest yell of frustration yet.

Very carefully, and avoiding any contact with his cock, I climbed onto the table and got into a press-up position over him. Then I lowered myself onto the boy, my leather jacket, jeans and bike boots pressing against him all over. As I did this, not only Damien but the other two, as they watched, let out a long moan of lust. Damien immediately started to try to hump me, but the tight strap over his pelvis prevented that. I reached down and unfastened it, and the moment he felt it release, he began to fuck my leather jeans. I’d made sure my thighs were away from his cock, so it didn’t actually touch anything at all, but even so, he was very quickly nearing orgasm. I jumped off before he could cum. Leather, it seemed, was indeed a turn on for these boys.

After he’d cooled down I released him and put him in the vacant frame.

“Ok. Good,” I said, a bit breathlessly. “You’re doing well. Now the final test.” I knew that they were all still very horny indeed from the edging and from watching each other being worked on, and this was exactly what I wanted. The spread-eagle frames were in a circle so the brothers could see what was going on, and they were moving their hips slowly as they thought about what was going to happen to them.


“Now,” I said. “This test will determine the strength of your self-control. From edging you earlier I know exactly how to make you cum, and I’m going to do that – but in a very controlled way. I want to know if you can each hold out for the same length of time as each other. You will want to cum almost as soon as I start working on you, but it’s extremely important that you do everything you possibly can to stop yourself cumming for as long as possible. Don’t let yourself cum. Think of it as a competition – which one of you three has the best self-control? Ok?”

They each nodded. The three cocks were as hard as iron and sticking angrily up between their thighs.

The other two watched as I pulled on some thin leather gloves and lubed them, then stood behind the boy. I pressed my body against him, making sure that he could feel my leather jacket and jeans all down him. As soon as he felt my leathers he started to moan and push back hard against me. I reached around his waist. The fingers of my left hand enclosed his balls gently, and I took his cock lightly in my right hand. “Now try as hard as you possibly can not to let me make you cum.” Into the mic of my recorder I said, “Test four, Dave, start.” I began to slide my slippery leather gloved fingers over his cock.

I wanted to make my technique as identical as I could on each of the boys, so I was very conscious of the pressure and the speed of my hand as it glided up and down his cock, and I was careful to run my fingers over the head with each very slow stroke. Up – count two seconds – down. Up – count two seconds – down.

I could have made him shoot immediately, but I was intentionally doing it very slowly so that he would have time to fight against it: it was the boy’s ability to control himself that I was interested in.

It took four strokes in each direction to make him lose it. I could feel him fighting it – I knew he needed to cum, wanted to cum more than anything - but he was trying as hard as he could to hold out. But it was impossible. I felt his cock suddenly stiffen, and then jerk in my hand as he lost control and started to cum.

I said, “Time,” into my recorder. I gripped his cock more tightly and speeded up my strokes, milking him hard and fast to make him orgasm as intense as possible. He threw his head back and yelled, and his entire body convulsed in my arms. My leather-gloved hand slid up and down his cock smoothly on the spunk, the rest of it shooting out and landing on the white-tiled floor. His orgasm went on for a long time, and as it eventually ebbed, I felt his body lower until he was hanging from his wrists in the frame, totally exhausted.

Damien next. This was an almost identical repeat – but he held out for the longest of any of them. Eight strokes of my hand made him cum.

Finally Don. Whether it was because he’d just watched both of his brothers cumming so intensely, or whether he just had less control, was something I would be investigating at a later date, but whatever the reason he came the most quickly. The feel of my leathers pressing against him seemed to have more effect on him even than it had done on the other two – he’d arched his back and started to fuck my bulge with his arse – and he’d started to cum almost as soon as I’d begun to work on his cock. And his spunk shot a lot further than the others. I must remember to test the distances some time, I thought.

I needed to cum more at that moment than ever before. I decided that was enough for tonight, and I’d go and have a wank after I’d released them.

I unfastened the straps and they stood rubbing their wrists in front of me. “Thank you all. I’ll be processing the data for a while, but there will be more tests over the next few days – if that’s Ok with you.”

They were smiling. “Oh yeah. Absolutely no problem with that,” Said Damien.

Then he looked at the other two and gave each of them a wink.

I was very happy indeed with the tests I’d done on the boys. I knew very well that they hadn’t been carried out at all scientifically, but it had been fucking wonderful. I knew that the next step was to design a program of experiments which would be done under much more controlled conditions, and which may yield real, useful data. But that was for later.

“Well, you’d better get to bed,” I said.

They didn’t move.

And then they did. As if on an unspoken command the three of them closed in on me. Their arms reached out and they ran their hands over my leathers. Don gripped my head and kissed me hard through my leather mask. The feel of that boy’s lips on mine was breathtaking. Their hands were all over me. One of the others – I couldn’t see which one – had my cock bulge in his fingers and was teasing the head lightly. And then I was being herded towards one of the tables.

“Before we stop for tonight, there are one or two tests we want to carry out on you…” Damien was grinning evilly.

They pushed me down onto the table and I felt the straps being tightened. I looked up at the three most beautiful boys I’d ever seen as they started to work on me. Very, very slowly.

I enjoy my work. But there are times when I love it more than usual.