The Telemachus Story Archive

By Hooder


Charlie’s eyes snapped open. A Dali-esque dream trailed off into nothingness and he blinked. The green numbers of the clock on the bedside table glowed silently: 3:29am. Slowly he pushed the duvet to the side and lowered his feet to the floor. Pulling on his jeans, he stood up and tiptoed to the door. Opening it a crack, he listened. There was someone downstairs.

The baseball bat that lived by the bedroom door was in the garage – he’d been playing with Tom the neighbour’s boy yesterday and he’d not brought it back up yet. He scanned the room for anything else he could use as a weapon, but there was nothing.

Another sound – he thought it had come from his study. As silently as he could, he made his way down the stairs, listening intently. At the bottom he paused for a moment, then walked in slow motion down the hall towards his study. The house was in darkness, and there were no more noises.

Stopping at the doorway, he looked in. Nothing. Very carefully, his senses alert to the slightest sound, he entered the room.

There was a sudden movement behind him, and then a hand hit him very hard in the middle of his back. Barely having time to break his fall, he hit the floor.

Immediately there was a knee pressing him to the carpet, and then something was pulled quickly over his head. What little light there had been disappeared instantly – and he felt a zip tie close around his neck. His hands went up to get it off but they were grabbed and forced behind his back. Another zip tie secured them there. He yelled and kicked out with both legs but hit nothing. Hands pulled his ankles together and a third plastic tie went around them. In the space of fifteen seconds he had been rendered completely helpless.

He opened his mouth to yell again – but a hand clamped over it hard, pulling his head back. “Shhh...” whispered a voice close to his ear. The hood over his head felt like canvas – he’d had no difficulty breathing though it – but now, with the hand covering his mouth and squeezing his nostrils together tightly, he couldn’t get any air at all. His heart was racing and he began to panic.

“Shhh...” The hand didn’t move for a few seconds and then, slowly, began to lift. It allowed him to breathe, but stayed there, ready to press down again at any moment. The message was clear: if you want to breathe, be quiet.

Charlie gulped in air, but did not make any noise. After a few moments the hand was removed. He heard the sound of one of the wooden chairs being moved across the floor, and then he was lifted onto his feet and placed onto it with his arms behind the chair back. Something cold and hard pressed against the bare skin of his flat stomach. He’d never felt one before, but with a shudder of terror he knew exactly what it was: the end of a gun barrel. He froze. It was another message: stay quiet, do not move.

The unseen hands parted his knees wide and secured them - and his ankles - to the legs of the chair. While this had been going on Charlie had felt the guy’s hands brushing against his naked stomach; he was wearing leather gloves.

Although, like many people, Charlie had occasionally fantasised about sexy home invasions, he realised now that the real thing was very different to fantasy. But even though he was almost pissing himself with fright, a little part of his mind was finding something worryingly horny about it.

Minutes passed. He heard the guy moving about in the room, the quiet rattle of things being stolen.

Under the black canvas Charlie was experiencing a mixture of emotions. He desperately needed to see, and finally he couldn’t stand it any longer. “Please,” he whispered, “will you take the hood off?”

There was no reply.

The guy was still moving about, presumably getting on with robbing the place. “Please. I need to see you. Not your face. Just you.”

The sounds stopped. After a few seconds they resumed.

“What are you wearing?” He whispered.

The sounds of theft stopped again. Footsteps approached. He knew that the guy was standing in front of him.

Nothing happened for a long time, and then Charlie jumped as a leather-gloved hand touched his bare skin. It stroked once, slowly, over the side of his chest and then was removed.

Charlie breathed out. “Leather gloves. I bet they’re tight.”

There was another long pause, then the gloved hand returned, but this time more of the arm slid over his skin. The sleeve felt like a tough material, and not soft. It went away. He felt the guy bend down. His head briefly touched his shoulder. He was wearing a mask of some kind.

“You’re masked,” he said hopefully, “so I won’t be able to see your face. Please, please take my hood off so that I can see you.”

“Why?” A single question. Although it was whispered, the voice was hard, gruff.

“I don’t know.” And Charlie really didn’t know. “But I need to see you.”


“Even if you take it off I’m not going to be able to see your face, so I won’t be able to identify you. So why the hood?”

Fingers touched the canvas over his eyes and he thought the guy was going to take it off. But they just stayed there.

“Please? Why do I have to be hooded?”

One finger stroked the hood slowly. “Why do you think?”

“I want to hear you say it. Please.”

“So that you can’t see. So you can’t pick me out of a line-up from my build, or from the way I stand. If you can’t see there’s no problem. Safer for us both.”

“Is that the only reason?” His hard-on was terrific at the moment.

The guy was looking at him, at his bulging cock. It was obvious that bondage turned this boy on. For some reason he got the sudden urge to turn him on more. “If you can’t see, you don’t know what’s happening. Can’t even begin to fight. You’re controlled. Helpless.”

Charlie almost came at those words. “Mmm...” He groaned quietly. “Oh yeah.”

The guy gave a short scoff. “Do you really want that hood off, or are you enjoying it?”

Charlie thought about this. “Both.”

Hands stroked over his face through the hood. Over his eyes, his mouth. Charlie licked – although his tongue met canvas, he could feel the guy’s gloved fingers through it. The end of one pushed the thin hood between his lips. He sucked.

The hands were gone. There was more silence. Then movement. His head was pushed forward and he felt the front of the zip tie tighten momentarily as it was cut behind his neck. There was a long pause.

“You’d better fucking behave yourself if I take this off, boy.”

“I will.”

Nothing happened immediately, but then the hood was very slowly pulled off. The study light had been switched on, the curtains drawn.

Charlie looked up, but saw no-one - the guy was standing behind the chair. He blinked, and wet his lips with his tongue. He heard a rustle to his right, and a figure appeared slowly. The guy walked around the chair and stood in front of him, holding the hood. He was covered from head to toe in combat gear and Charlie could name most of it: 5.11 Speed TD tactical boots; black tactical trousers and shirt; tactical vest; utility belt; and a black nylon ski mask with a grey edge running around the one single, thin eye slit. Attached to the belt or in the vest pockets, there were zip ties, handcuffs, a small bottle of something, a roll of duct tape and other things Charlie couldn’t see properly. The Glock 17 whose barrel he’d felt earlier had been replaced in the holster on his hip. Oh fuck, breathed Charlie. A shock of lust surged through him.

A large duffel bag lay open on the floor by his desk and there was a small radio of some kind by the side of his laptop. It squawked with static quietly now and then.

“Thank you,” Charlie whispered. “Wow,” he swallowed. “You look... amazing.”

The guy stood watching him for a while, then walked back to the desk. He sat in the computer chair and picked up the laptop. It went into the duffel bag.

Charlie couldn’t take his eyes off the guy. “God, you’re so sexy...”

The robber turned his masked head, and looked at him again. Then he resumed loading the bag with his belongings.

Charlie watched in silence as the guy took his time stripping the desk and the shelves around it of anything valuable.

“Please… touch me.” There was longing in his voice.

The guy stopped, and gazed at him. Then he went back to his business.

Pleeease.” The longing in the boy’s voice now was palpable.

The robber stopped again. He sat there in silence facing away from Charlie for a long time, then he came over to the wooden chair and stood between the boy’s parted knees, his hand resting on the Glock in its holster. The computer chair revolved slowly behind him for a moment.

Charlie gasped at the feel of the rough cloth against the insides of his legs. He couldn’t explain what he was feeling, or why, but he was aware of an overpowering need to hug this masked guy: to hold him; to feel his body against his own. There was something deeply sexual, something compellingly magnetic about this guy.

The robber was staring at him through the mask’s slit. “You gay then?”

Charlie shook his head. “No. Well, I don’t think so. I don’t know. But there’s something about you...”

The robber continued to look at him. Then his eyes dropped. “You’ve got a hard-on.”

Charlie looked down and opened his mouth. He had. His cock, naked under his Levis, was lying over his right thigh, as hard as a rock. There was even a small darker blue spot at the end where precum had oozed out. His face reddened. For some reason he felt the need to apologise. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

The guy gave a single quiet snort, like a cut-off chuckle. He stared at the bulging outline of the boy’s cock – and for a moment Charlie thought he was going to touch it – but then he shook his head as if in disbelief. He returned to the desk and began opening the drawers.

Charlie watched as his few possessions of any value gradually disappeared into the duffel bag.

“Where’s your cash?”

Charlie said nothing. The guy straightened up and walked back to the chair. His hand went towards the Glock, but then he changed his mind. Instead he lowered his head until his masked face was inches away. And he rested one hand on the boy’s thigh.

“Where is your cash, gay boy?” He asked quietly.

An electric charge buzzed through Charlie at the touch. He swallowed. This close, he saw that the guy’s eyes were beautiful: a clear, deep blue. He inhaled deeply. “Oh fuck. Kiss me. Please.”


Charlie didn’t repeat what he’d said; it had slipped out before his mind could censor it.

Kiss you?”

Charlie nodded. His eyes roved over the black-clad figure in front of him. He looked like some kind of horny ninja superhero. “Oh God, you are so fucking unbelievably sexy...”

If it were possible for someone to appear confused through a mask, the guy did. He stood there not moving, his eyes travelling over the boy’s face. He started to turn away again, but stopped. He turned back. Then, to Charlie’s absolute amazement, the guy lowered his head slowly, and kissed him through the mask.

The nylon of the robber’s mask tasted wonderful, and he could feel the robber’s warm lips through it.

It was over far too soon. When the guy straightened up, Charlie exhaled in pleasure. That had been the most amazing kiss he’d ever had.

“The cash?”

“Oh. There’s a wall safe. Over there.” He nodded his head towards the far wall.


“I’ll tell you if you untie me and let me hold you. Let me feel you.”

The guy stood looking at him. This boy continued to surprise him. He took the hood and pulled it over Charlie’s head again. Then he cut the ties holding his legs to the chair and lifted him to his feet. His hands were still tied behind his back.

Charlie gasped as he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around him. The lumpy tactical vest pressed into his naked chest and the shirt was rough against his skin as the guy held him in his embrace.Charlie became conscious of something pressing into his thigh. For a moment he wondered if the guy was getting an erection himself, but no, it must be something in his gear.

“The hood. Please. I need to see you.”

There was silence again. At first the robber made no move to remove it – but then, after a few seconds, his hand moved to the hood and he lifted it off the boy’s head slowly. Brown, adoring eyes gazed into the robber’s own blue ones. It was clear that this job was not going according to the usual plan.

“The combination?” His voice was a little softer.

“What will you do with me if I tell you? When I’ve told you?”

The guy didn’t reply for a while. Then he asked, “what should I do with you?”

“Make love to me.”

They looked at each other for a couple of heartbeats, then Charlie moved his head forward and kissed the guy again. For a moment the robber did not respond – but then he did: slowly, he tilted his head and they kissed.

“Turn me around. Please.”

The guy frowned under his mask, then released him and turned him to face the same way as he was. Behind his back the boy’s fingers found the robber’s bulge and closed around it gently. The cock was not hard, but it was not completely soft either. His fingers rested on it through the rough tactical trousers. “Blindfold me with your gloved hand.”

He did so, pulling the boy’s head back hard against his shoulder.

“And gag me.”

The other hand clamped firmly over Charlie’s mouth and the boy’s cock jerked in his jeans as it did so.

They stayed there for perhaps fifteen seconds, then the robber released the boy and turned him to face him again. They stared into each other’s eyes.

Although Charlie couldn’t see the guy’s face, it was clear by his voice that he was frowning, not understanding. “What is it with you? I’m robbing your place. I’ve tied you up, threatened you with a gun...”

Charlie shook his head. “I don’t know. For some reason I want you so badly it hurts.”

“I am going to take your stuff. There’s fuck-all you can do about that.”

“Oh I know that. I don’t care. It’s not important. It’s you that’s important.”

It was the guy who was shaking his head now. “It’s not supposed to go like this.”

Charlie managed a little smile. “No, I don’t suppose it is.”

They continued to look into each other’s eyes, and then Charlie said, “please untie my hands – just for a while. You can tie me up again properly after. In fact I need you to. Very much. I just need to hold you and feel you.”

The guy appeared to be thinking about this. Then he seemed to come to a decision. He removed a knife from his belt and then the Glock from its holster, turned it thoughtfully in his hands for a moment, then put the gun into the duffel bag and closed the zip. He used the knife to free the boy’s wrists. He was still holding it, and standing ready to overpower Charlie at the slightest provocation.

The boy reached out slowly and wrapped his arms around the guy. He ran his hands over the back of the tactical vest, the guy’s shirt and trousers, sighing with deep satisfaction. Then he pulled the masked head towards him slowly, closed his eyes and opened his mouth. They kissed again.

“I don’t understand you,” said the robber once their lips had parted. “You say you’re not gay...”

I know. I’m not. Well, I’ve never fancied guys before. But you… you’re different. You are beautiful.

“You can’t see my face.”

“I know I can’t. But I don’t mean that. Everything about you is just unbelievably sexy.”

The robber thought about this for a while. “What would you want to do with me?”

“It’s more what I’d want you to do with me .”


If Charlie were honest, he really didn’t know. “It’s strange. I want you to tie me up, but I want to be able to feel you. I want you to blindfold me but I need to see you. I want you to gag me but I want to kiss you and tell you how sexy you are.” He ran out of words. “I don’t know. I want you to tie me up and make me cum.”

The robber moved his head back slightly, surprised at this. “I’m not here to make you fucking cum. I’m here to fucking rob you.”

“I know.” Charlie smiled. “But there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a bit of fun. You can finish robbing me after.”

“You’re something else. I suppose you want me to fuck you as well.”

“I’ve never been fucked. Not something that I’ve thought about much. But if I was tied up I wouldn’t be able to stop you from doing anything you wanted.”

He shook his head again and exhaled through his nose, then his eyes hardened. “Strip.”

Charlie hesitated for a moment then unfastened his jeans and took them off. He felt deliciously vulnerable now he was completely naked and the robber was still in full kit. His hard cock stabbed the air in front of him.

“Turn around.”

A zip tie was tightened around his wrists behind his back. “You want to be able to feel me. So now you can’t.” He took the roll of duct tape off his belt, ripped of a length and roughly gagged the boy with it. “You want to tell me how sexy I am. You want to kiss me. Well now you fucking can’t.” He dropped the hood over Charlie’s head again. “And now you can’t see me either.” His voice dropped and he said, very slowly, “however much you want to.”

Charlie nodded his head urgently. His cock was raging between his thighs. Why was he getting so horny over this guy? He had no idea. It was a deep, all-encompassing horniness he’d never felt before. The hood, his wrists tied behind his back, and the duct tape over his mouth were doing very strange things to him.

The robber sat him back in the chair and zip-tied his legs to it again. Charlie heard more quiet sounds as the guy resumed filling the duffel bag with his possessions. He was experiencing intense frustration: he desperately needed to see this guy but he couldn’t. He couldn’t move. He felt helpless, controlled. And he was loving it. He moaned loudly into the gag.

The sounds stopped and he heard the robber walk around to behind the chair. Suddenly hands clamped hard over his eyes and mouth through the hood. Charlie moaned again and pushed his head forward into the hands. They stayed like that for a few seconds and then the hood was pulled off. The robber moved around to the front and removed the duct tape as well. He flicked the boy’s rock-hard cock with one finger. “If you’re not careful you’re gonna burst.”

Charlie swallowed. “Oh fuck I want you so badly.”

“What do you mean, ‘want’?

He boy shook his head and screwed his face up. “I don’t fucking know.”

The guy gazed at him thoughtfully for a while. “I think you just like being controlled. Made to feel helpless. Overpowered.”

Charlie had a hopeless expression on his face. “Yeah I think you’re right.”

“How old are you?”


The guy was silent for a bit, continuing to look at him, seemingly deep in thought. “You got any bondage gear?”

Charlie shook his head. “No.”

“Hm.” He hooded Charlie again, cut all of the zip ties, and marched the sightless boy upstairs to the bedroom, where he threw him onto the bed. Using more zips he hog-tied him, then stood up and watched him moaning quietly and struggling in the restraints. The robber could see his lips moving under the black canvas.

He pulled the hood off again. With his booted feet apart and his thumbs hooked into the utility belt, he stood over the boy, looking down at Charlie’s worshipping gaze. “Try to get free.”

Charlie pulled harder at the zip ties but shook his head. “I can’t.”

Try! It’s only bits of plastic holding you.”

Charlie struggled and did everything he could to escape the restraints but he got nowhere. He shook his head. “I can’t.”

“That’s right, I know you can’t. You’re helpless. I could do anything I wanted to you,” he said slowly, taking the knife out again and twisting it so that it glinted in the light, “and there would be fuck-all you could do to stop me. And if I gagged you again nobody would hear you screaming...” He watched the boy for a moment and then put the knife back into his belt.

For some reason that hadn’t made Charlie any more afraid. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he didn’t think the guy would really hurt him, or whether it was because he knew he’d die happy if he did. He ran his eyes up and down the black figure. Oh fuck, he’d never seen anything so sexy in his life. And he’d never felt like this before: he knew it was dangerous, but the feeling of being overpowered, controlled, was intense.

The guy walked around the bed and knelt on the mattress behind him. He clamped his gloved hands hard over Charlie’s eyes and mouth, pulling his head back against his chest.

Charlie struggled, breathing in the smell of the leather, and then he came. With nothing touching his cock at all, spunk shot out and landed on the duvet a couple of feet away.

The robber held him tight until the boy’s convulsions had ended, then released him “Fuck’s sake.” he said, shaking his head slowly, “I really do turn you on, don’t I?”

Charlie licked his lips. “You have no fucking idea,” he panted.

The guy looked at him, then lay down at the boy’s side. He put his arms around him, pushing one under his back, and hugged him.

Assorted sharp things from the guy’s vest and belt were pushing into him but he didn’t care. He closed his eyes and sighed in bliss.

“This,” said the robber gently, “was not something I’d counted on.”

Charlie chuckled. “Nor me.” He opened his eyes again and gazed into the masked face. “You are so beautiful.”

The robber gave a single, quiet chuckle. Then he exhaled in a sigh. “So, what happens now? Do I leave you here, tied up? Would anybody find you?”

Charlie shook his head. “Probably not for a long time.”

“Hmm. Well you stay there and have a rest while I finish off downstairs. I’ll be back.”

“You haven’t cum. Do you want to?”

The robber just looked at him, then pulled the hood down over the boy’s eyes. Charlie heard his footsteps as he went down the stairs, and shortly afterwards, quiet noises coming from his study.

* * *

Some time later he returned. “You’re hard again.”


Gloved fingers stroked his bare shoulders lightly for a moment, then they lifted his head and removed the hood.

The robber cut the zip ties, then he turned the boy face down and used a single, much thinner one to fasten his wrists behind his back. Charlie’s head was sideways on the pillow and he was looking at the guy, smiling happily.

The robber turned him face up again and stood gazing down at him. He held the canvas hood in his hands. “A present for you.” He held it up. It was the first time Charlie had had a good look at it. “You’ll be able to free yourself without much trouble, but I’ll be long gone by then.” He bent down, his masked face above the boy. He shook his head slowly. “You are something else.” He kissed him gently, then pulled the hood well down over Charlie’s head but didn’t put a tie on it. It would take the boy a few minutes to get free, he thought.

Footsteps again, going down the stairs, and then the sound of the back door closing. The first bird of the morning cheeped somewhere in the garden.

Charlie didn’t even try to free himself for a while. He lay there on the bed loving the feel of not being able to see, and of his wrists tied behind his back. His cock was as hard as steel.

Later, by stretching the thin tie around his wrists and bending his knees up to his chest, he managed to work his hands past his feet and to the front. The stretched zip tie broke. He lay there again for a while before he pulled the hood off, got up and went downstairs, carrying it with him.

Most of his stuff was missing, but the robber had left him his laptop. He ran his fingers over it, feeling a very deep sadness. He wanted the guy so much.

Why? He wondered? Why did he feel like this? Was he gay? He’d never fancied guys before and he’d had a fair number of girls with very satisfying results – but this guy had got to him more than he would have believed was possible. He didn’t understand what he was feeling. He’d been in love once before and this felt like that. He wanted to give himself to this guy. And he didn’t even know what he looked like. Or his name. And there was no way he could find him again.

Still naked, he sat down on the wooden chair, closed his eyes and remembered what it had felt like when the guy had been standing there. The gloved hands over his face, gagging him and blindfolding him. The tactical gear against his naked body. That first time when he’d leant down and kissed him. He opened his eyes again and looked at the remains of the cut zip ties lying on the carpet. Very carefully he picked each one up. He had a feeling of vague but intense longing.

The dawn light was seeping through between the curtains. He held the hood in his hands. Then he pressed it to his face, closed his eyes, and breathed in the smell of the black canvas.

It was all he had left of the beautiful guy.