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Kell and the Creatures
By Hooder

Kell and the Creatures

It wasn’t that their enclosure was too small – the garden outside was huge; it wasn’t that they knew they were prisoners; it wasn’t even that the neighbours had heads shaped like trumpets and made honking noises each sunrise. No, it was none of that; it was that they were bored. Oh, they could walk the grounds, sit under the strange trees, relax on the slightly bluish grass and enjoy the peculiar flowers; they could take a dip in the (disturbingly amber) water of the swimming-pool, watch films on the wall-sized screen or read books. But that didn’t cut it somehow.

There were four of them: Jenny and Elizabeth were lesbians and had claimed the upstairs as their private, male-free preserve; Matt was gay, and Adrian was straight. This last fact, as far as Matt was concerned, was unfortunate because Adrian was blond, blue-eyed and hot as hell, and Matt fancied the arse off him.

The abduction had been carried out very efficiently: Matt had been walking home from soccer practice one evening and he’d suddenly found himself in a strange room, lying on a plastic bed. It had been instantaneous and had almost given him heart failure. The others could tell similar stories. The fact that they were now residents in some kind of alien zoo had become plain after only a few minutes of exploring: the fences between the enclosures were invisible, but impenetrable. Wherever ‘here’ was, they’d realised early on, it was certainly not planet Earth.

The Keepers were also invisible – or almost: you’d sometimes see a dark, shadowy movement in the corner of your eye, but every time you turned to look, it disappeared. The four knew that the Keepers came and did things – they often re-arranged the furniture, for some strange reason, and once Matt had almost caught one of them moving a chair, but as soon as he’d looked, the chair had dropped to the ground and the Keeper had gone.

And then there was The Trance. This was what Matt had named it when it had first happened. Whenever the Keepers wanted to, they could control a subject either physically or mentally. It was possibly the most infuriating thing that Matt had ever experienced.

Every few days they knew that they were being watched (more so than usual, that is) – not by just Keepers, who seemed to have a serious, scientific, disciplined approach to their work – but also by what felt like larger numbers of observers who milled about more, were far less constrained, and often threw unsuitable food into the garden. The four had discussed this, and had decided that the mass of vague shadows that were evident on those days were whatever passed for the general public on this odd planet. A trip out to see the strange creatures in the zoo.

It had been clear from day one that the Keepers had a particular fascination for the boys’ cocks (whether they knew what they were or not): on the non-viewing days there had been several intimate inspections while they lay helpless under the Trance, and also many mornings when they had awoken just knowing that they had been interfered with. Matt guessed that the Keepers were trying to get them to mate, but it also appeared that human sex was completely unknown territory to them and they didn’t have the vaguest notion about how to go about it. Matt wondered if they actually knew the concept of gender; at any rate, they’d had little success so far.

First they’d tried to get Jenny and Elizabeth to mate. There had ensued some enthusiastic and (for Adrian, at least) interesting hours of girl-on-girl action, but the Keepers had evidently found that this had not been productive.

Next, Adrian and Elizabeth were compelled to explore each others’ bodies. This had had an interesting effect on Adrian, but a less than ideal one on Elizabeth. There had been no progress there, and Adrian’s bruises had taken a while to heal.

Then the Keepers had put Matt and Adrian together. Matt had needed little encouragement, but in general Adrian had reacted badly, even though the things Matt had done to him had caused a respectable erection which had persisted for much of the time. A couple of things did not go unnoticed: first, that Adrian’s struggling seemed to excite Matt; and secondly that the more gentle and teasing Matt’s fingers were on what the Keepers now suspected was Adrian’s primary sexual organ, the more agitated its owner became.

The following day nothing happened, during which, Matt suspected, the Keepers were discussing their findings. They were, in fact, doing exactly that, and – hyper-dimensional beings as they may have been – they were not above fisticuffs. Senior Lecturer Kell was of the opinion that Matt was not an expert in sexual matters, and that if he were given a little help in technique, better results may be obtained. This view was violently opposed by Junior Lecturer Zell who wondered how Kell was qualified to make such assertions. (There had been bad feeling between them ever since Kell’s book on the anatomy of Truvian Water Bears had come out, which Zell thought was rubbish.)

The two were eventually prised apart by Head of Faculty Gell. Gell thought that nothing could be lost by trying Kell’s idea, and so he put him in charge of proceedings. Kell was convinced he was on the right lines, and to have a breeding individual from the newly-discovered planet they called ‘Earth’ in the collection would earn him kudos aplenty. He was already trying the title ‘Professor’ on for size.

He had been especially interested in the fact that two of the creatures had organs that became long and stiff when they got excited, and so he theorised that the longer and stiffer they became, the more likely it would be that mating would take place. It seemed logical to him.

So it was that the next afternoon Adrian found himself strapped down on a table in a room that had never been there before. Now that Adrian was in a position where he couldn’t stop him, Matt’s natural instinct was to take the beautiful boy’s cock into his mouth down to the balls and suck it, but he felt the familiar intrusion of a Keeper in his mind, and knew that a suggestion had been implanted. Instead of sucking the cock, he gripped it lightly between a single finger and thumb, and began to stroke it slowly. Despite Adrian’s violent protests, his cock started to harden almost immediately. There was much creaking and yelling as Adrian desperately tried to get away from the hand, but the straps held him there, incapable of stopping Matt from touching his dick.

To his surprise, Matt found both his own response to Adrian’s struggling, and also the helpless boy’s reaction to the light stroking, fascinating. Encouraged by the suggestion in his mind, he lightened his grip even more and slowed the stroking further. The cock surged to greater stiffness.

Suddenly there happened one of those Trance things – it was as if someone had pressed the pause button: both boys froze. A shadow appeared and Matt had the distinct impression that someone was measuring the length of Adrian’s cock. The shadow went away and Matt felt a great need to repeat the slow stroking – even more lightly – and the moment the control over them was lifted, he did just that.

After a while the boys were put on pause again while more measurements were taken. Matt was surprised that these interruptions didn’t seem to dampen his enthusiasm in the slightest for working on Adrian, and when they were released he was every bit as eager as before.

In the Keepers’ previous investigations Kell had seen that when a subject becomes sufficiently excited a thick liquid squirts out of the end of his cock, and he was convinced that this – along with the length and the stiffness – was something important to do with the fertilisation. He’d also noticed that the subject’s level of excitement dropped to almost nothing directly after this happened, and so he guessed that it might be some sort of pressure-release mechanism which subverted the mating procedure temporarily, in order to make it more viable next time. He wanted to find out what would happen if the pressure were to be built up without the release being allowed to happen; he suspected that there would come a point where fertilisation would then occur spontaneously.

Just about the only things Matt had ever done in his sexually active life was suck cock or get fucked. Those would seem to be the only two interesting things, if he ever thought about it, which he didn’t, much. But right now he was suddenly aware that more than anything, he wanted to make Adrian’s need to cum unbearable. For some unaccountable reason he felt the deep urge to see him struggling and pleading and desperate to shoot his load so badly that the gorgeous boy could think of nothing else. The fact that Matt had never had thoughts like this before didn’t seem important to him – that was exactly what he wanted to do.

He’d never done this to another guy before (in fact until the Keeper had put the nebulous suggestion into his mind he’d never even considered the possibility of making a boy need to cum but not letting him), and if anyone had asked him he wouldn’t have been able to say how to do it – but then he simply imagined that someone else was doing it to him . What would make it unbearable? The slow, light stroking was a good start, he realised, and as he continued to do that, more ideas came to him.

He stopped, and held the now-erect cock stationary just below the ridge, then he leant forward and licked the tip of his tongue across the very tip. Adrian moaned and struggled in his restraints. This was good, Matt thought, and did it again.

Another pause, another measurement. Senior Lecturer Kell was gratified to see that his brilliant idea, carried out by Matt, had caused Adrian’s cock to get as hard as steel and stick out further than ever. He released his hold on the creatures and watched as Matt continued to work on it.

Adrian was very confused. He was the same age as Matt – nineteen - and all his life he’d been completely straight, with no sexual interest in guys at all. Many of his mates were homophobic, and although he himself wasn’t particularly, he still balked at the idea of sex of any kind with another guy. He thought of himself as athletic, virile, and masculine – and what Matt was doing to him was intolerable. But not just because it was a guy doing it – he was so horny right now that he was past that – it was intolerable because he needed to cum and the fucker was just playing with his cock and not wanking it properly. He was harder than he could ever remember being before.

“Oh for fuck’s sake make me cum, you bastard,” he wailed.

Matt smiled. That was music to his ears. The sight of this sexy boy strapped down, vulnerable, as horny as fuck, with his cock stabbing the air in front of him brought out feelings of sadism Matt had never known before. He tickled the head of Adrian’s cock mercilessly with infuriatingly-light fingertips. It was almost as if he could feel exactly what he was doing to Adrian. He played with his own cock for a moment and then continued working on the helpless boy, concentrating on making his touch as soft as a feather.

Feathers! That’s what he needed – they would be ideal. He looked around but there were no feathers in the room. Abruptly he was conscious of a shadow in his peripheral vision and when he turned his head several feathers lay on the table. He blinked, picked one up and looked at it. It was quite small, and a suspicious shade of purple, but it was very soft, and came to a sharp point. With infinite care he applied it to Adrian’s cock, stroking it slowly up the shaft and over the head.

The effect was immediate and dramatic: Adrian thrust his hips and let out a loud moan. This was good, Matt thought, but it could be better. His own cock was always much more sensitive when it was held pointing down, away from his body, against its natural springiness, so he placed one finger across the root of Adrian’s and pulled it towards him, holding the cock there, then resumed teasing it, but now just on the head.

The soft feather stroked and danced around the shiny glans, teasing and tickling the urethra, the ridge, and the frenulum. There was another pause while a measurement was taken, but then everything resumed as if there had been no interruption at all.

Kell was pleased. Judging by Adrian’s violent reactions the pressure was building up nicely, but he felt that there was further to go yet. He was taken by surprise when Matt inserted a finger into Adrian’s arse hole – he’d had no idea that that spot had anything to do with the sexual process.

Matt felt Kell’s astonishment and grinned to himself: he knew all about the erotic potential of the arse hole but apparently the Keepers didn’t. He moved his finger further in until he felt the tip come into contact with Adrian’s prostate, and massaged it.

A look halfway between horror and pure lust appeared on Adrian’s face. He squirmed, struggled and moaned disgracefully.

Kell was amazed: there was clearly a lot more than even he had imagined to these creatures’ bodies. He sent the suggestion to work harder with the finger.

Matt shook his head, but he had no choice but to comply. He knew what was going to happen.

Adrian’s struggles and yelling had reached new heights. His hips thrust fast and manically, he threw his head from side to side, he begged, pleaded and threatened Matt to let him cum.

His cock was being touched only by the feather, but suddenly – as Matt’s finger rubbed up and down across his prostate – he arched his back and spunk shot out in enthusiastic jets. It landed everywhere: in Matt’s hair, running down his face, coating the table, and pooling on the floor. Matt licked as much as he could reach from the side of his mouth, and purred.

Junior Lecturer Zell smirked. Not a successful result, then. Kell disagreed: Matt had licked some of the spunk, so the ingestion of the sticky liquid was clearly what was required for the mating. The argument was threatening to get out of hand and Gell had to keep the two from coming to blows again. He asked Zell for his opinion. It was obvious, the Keeper replied, that the emission of the sticky liquid was at most only a preliminary to the mating process; that it was mainly recreational in some way. He pointed to the extreme pleasure that Adrian and Matt had clearly experienced. Recreation was a very different thing from mating, he said, and the two had little to do with each other. He did concede that the building up of the pressure was of interest, but he maintained that the real fertilisation involved those other two creatures – the ones that lived upstairs and did not have the organs that got stiff. The argument resumed, and objects were thrown.

Gell said that he would consider whether to allow Kell to continue his investigations, or to let Zell try his ideas. His decision would be forthcoming later. Zell stomped off in a huff.

Perhaps, thought Kell, Matt did actually have more skill in matters sexual than he’d given him credit for. He’d felt the boy’s reticence to work on Adrian’s prostate harder, and perhaps he should have taken notice of that. Ok, he thought, next time he’d allow Matt more leeway to do his own thing.

It was later. To Kell’s disgust, Gell had decided that Junior Lecturer Zell should be allowed to try his ideas. At Zell’s suggestion, the one called Adrian would have his organ made hard and stiff by a short teasing by Matt (as that appeared to have been effective), and then the ‘Jenny’ creature from upstairs would be restrained (as that also seemed to increase excitement), and made to ingest Adrian’s sticky liquid.

Things were arranged, Adrian’s cock was got hard by Matt, and then he was taken next door where Jenny was waiting.

It did not go well. When Jenny saw the erect cock approaching her mouth she went ballistic. Within five seconds she’d broken the straps and punched Adrian in the balls before fleeing, screaming, into the garden.

Gell shook his hyper-dimensional head sorrowfully. That had not been successful. He gave Senior Lecturer Kell permission to continue. Zell seethed quietly in the background.

Matt lay on his bed trying to sort out in his mind what he’d felt while he’d been working on Adrian the day before yesterday. In the past, foreplay had always been something to be got over and done with as quickly as possible before the main course of getting fucked senseless, but yesterday had been a revelation: it had been nothing but foreplay – and he’d had no idea that it could be so much fun. He’d been every bit as hard as Adrian while he’d been teasing and tickling the boy’s cock with his fingers and the feather, and he had not wanted him to be able to cum. If it hadn’t been for that damned Keeper in his mind he most certainly would not have allowed Adrian to shoot. Not for a very long time.

But it seemed that he was going to get another chance today. Just looking down at the helpless boy was getting him hard. He flexed his fingers. “You horny, Ade?”

Adrian scowled. “Fuck off, Matt. I do not want to be here.”

“I know.” Matt smiled. “That somehow makes it better.” He set to work on the limp cock. It didn’t stay limp for long.

Matt wasn’t aware of any further mental suggestions by the Keepers, and that was fine; he just felt that wonderful sense of sadism that he’d had last time. And it was addictive. He was going to make the boy suffer.

His fingers teased lightly along the fully-erect shaft of Adrian’s cock without ever touching the sensitive head – he wanted to save that for later, after he’d already got the boy desperate to cum by only working on the lower regions. He had the feeling that this way, when he eventually got to it, it would drive the poor boy out of his mind. And this time he included Adrian’s balls, just to make it worse.

And it worked. Boy, did it work. Adrian had already been moaning and, despite his straightness, asking Matt to make him cum, but when the fingertips began stroking, teasing and tickling the glans, he lost it completely.

For fuck’s sake! Please Matt! For God’s sake. I can’t stand it! I’ll do anything! Make me cummmmmmm!”

Matt’s only response to this was to lighten his touch even more and play closer attention to the very tip of the cock and the frenulum. He teased them, and the boy’s balls, with feather-like strokes. Occasionally he enclosed the entire cock in his hand, keeping it motionless and letting Adrian’s increasingly frenetic thrusting wank it, but making very sure that his fingers were hardly touching, so that they didn’t provide anything like enough friction. He thought that this would be very frustrating.

He was right. Adrian couldn’t take it. He had to cum. Now! He would never have believed that needing to cum could be such a torture. And Matt was fucking enjoying every second of it. No amount of thrusting his cock into the bastard’s fingers made any damned difference – whenever he got too close Matt’s grip would loosen even more, so that he couldn’t quite cum. He screamed in frustration.

Matt himself had been terminally horny for some time, but he’d forced himself to work on the boy for another half hour. Now, though, his need was too great.

Unseen by him, the Keepers – especially Kell – were holding their collective breath. They knew that something important was about to happen.

Finally Matt could stand it no longer. Jerkily, he leaned forward and took the entire cock into his mouth. He sucked it and used his tongue on the glans to milk the boy, while simultaneously ticking Adrian’s balls with one hand and fingering his arsehole with the other.

In less than three seconds Adrian let out an ear-splitting yell, and came. Matt felt the hot spunk hit the back of his throat, but it was arriving so fast and there was so much of it that he couldn’t keep up and a lot escaped, running out of his mouth and dripping onto the table.

Kell punched the air. This was it. The mating. The Keepers watched in fascination as Matt’s mouth moved up and down the cock, his eyes closed, a look of transcendental satisfaction on his face, and his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. Kell turned to the others, grinned in triumph, then squinted directly at Zell, and gave him a hyper-dimensional finger.

A day later the two girls, along with Adrian, had gone, and Matt was alone in the enclosure. He wasn’t sure how he was aware of the fact, but he knew that the others had been transported back home to planet Earth.

But Matt was far too important now to be released. The other three had played their parts and were no longer required (although they could always be brought back if necessary), but from Matt the Keepers would be able to re-stock this section of the zoo.

Kell was pleased. In between checking on Matt every day to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible, the Senior Lecturer got back to writing his book. He thought ‘An Expert Treatise on the Mating of the Indigenous Creatures of the Planet Earth’ would be a good title. He’d show that wanker Zell.

He smiled as he gazed indulgently at Matt with a kind of parental pride.

All he had to do now was wait for the babies to come out.