The Telemachus Story Archive

By Hooder


Derek stared nervously at the poster on the wall. It showed a large white tooth in cross-section, with arrows pointing to all the places where trouble usually struck: a black cavity in the top left; a green blob that represented plaque sticking like a limpet on the top right; something called ‘pulpitis’ in the middle; an abscess lower left; and gingivitis in the gum. The white tooth had a face with eyes and did not look happy.

Neither did Derek. He hated dentists, and in his eighteen years on the planet he’d taken every opportunity to avoid them. But yesterday, while he’d been eating a bar of hazelnut chocolate, there had been a small crack, followed by a sudden stabbing pain. The pain wasn’t getting any better, so he’d rung the dentist. One of his teeth was going to have to come out, he knew it. The receptionist had taken his name, age and address, and then had arranged an emergency appointment for 5:15 that afternoon. She had explained that the surgery actually closed at 5 o’clock, but that Dr Roberts kept a slot after that for special cases, so Derek should ring the bell when he arrived. He’d never had a tooth extracted before, and he was frightened.

The surgery had been in darkness, but lights had come on and the door had been opened by a small, wiry man in his forties, with thinning black hair, glasses, and thin lips. “Derek? I’m Dr. Roberts. Have a seat in the waiting room and I’ll be with you shortly.”

The white tooth on the poster stared at him accusingly. On its face, a tear was falling from one sad-looking eye.

Five minutes later the dentist was back. “Derek? This way please.” He led the way into the surgery.

Oh shit, Derek thought, looking around. The room was almost completely white, with dark grey counter tops and a tiled floor. In the middle was the chair – also white, but with black leather (or more likely PVC, he thought) padding. A strange little sink with a tumbler of purple liquid in it hovered by the side of it on an articulated arm, and a large double light was suspended on another jointed pole from the ceiling. A trolley bearing what looked like small instruments of torture lurked to one side.

“Have a seat.”

He sat down tentatively and put his feet up on the rest. It was comfortable, at least.

“Just going to move the chair into position.” There was a click and hum; the chair flattened out slightly and the head end dropped a little. The doctor reached up to adjust the lights. “Now, let’s have a look.”

Fighting every instinct to keep his mouth clamped shut, Derek opened it as wide as he could. A small mirror on a handle and a steel thing with a wicked-looking spike on it approached his mouth. The mirror moved around inside for a while, but at least the spike was only used to hold his lip away.

“Hmm. You’ve broken a corner off this tooth. That must hurt a bit. Well, everything will be fine very soon.” He straightened up and took something from the trolley. When he turned back he was holding a syringe. “I’m going to give you a small injection, Derek.” He pushed the needle carefully in, just above the boy’s wrist.

“Will that help with the pain?”

The doctor smiled. “What, this? No, this has no effect on pain. It will make you a bit dizzy, and you won’t be able to remember anything afterwards.”

“But – it’ll still hurt?”

“Don’t worry, Derek. Just try to relax.”

If the boy had been frightened before, he was terrified now. What was this madman doing? Something to make him forget what happened? So he was going to suffer through the agony of having a tooth removed without anaesthetic but it would be all right because he wouldn't be able to remember it afterwards? Oh fuck. What was going on?

The doctor pulled on some surgical gloves, and then Derek stared as the man produced a light brown leather restraint cuff. He placed it over the boy’s left wrist, securing it to the arm of the chair. Derek shouted and tried to resist, but he couldn’t think properly, and his muscles wouldn’t do what he wanted them to.

Another restraint went over the right wrist, then one over his ankles. Finally a long, wide strap was fastened around his waist. He realised that he felt drunk – or high, like he’d had a spliff. Actually, a good spliff. He was strapped to the chair, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“These straps aren’t really necessary because you can’t move very well anyway thanks to the injection, but they will make you feel a lot more helpless.” He smiled. He didn’t look good when he smiled.

Derek blinked – the doctor’s hand was on his leg. It slid slowly up his thigh, over the inside seam of his jeans, until it reached his balls. There the hand stopped, but the fingers began to tickle.

What the fuck? Derek fought to close his knees together, but his muscles would not work. He watched as the hand started to move again, upwards over the bulge of his balls, to his cock. They felt around, squeezed gently, stroked and teased.

Derek was incandescent: another man had his hand on his cock and was feeling him up! What the fuck? He’d punch the fucker’s lights out! He struggled to lift his arms but they stayed exactly where they were. Fuck fuck FUCK!

He wished he’d worn underpants – he never did, partly because the feeling of his cock sliding against the tight denim turned him on, and partly because he knew that a good bulge got the girls more interested. That was why he wore his jeans so tight. It certainly worked for him, anyway. Or it had done until today. The dentist’s fingers were still tickling his cock, and with a sudden sinking feeling he realised that he was beginning to get a hard-on.

The hand was now cupping his growing bulge, one fingernail scratching lightly over the now more obvious head of his cock. His concentration immediately centred on that finger and what it was doing to him. Oh fuck, that felt amazing.

The dentist could not believe his luck; he’d had a fair number of boys in this chair but he couldn’t remember ever having one this cute. He was gorgeous. Blond hair, blue eyes, and his tight teeshirt showed his developing pecs beautifully. And those jeans – they were skintight. Boys who wear gear like this were just begging to be abused, he thought.

For a while he had remained silent, but now he began to speak quietly. “You are a very cute boy, Derek. I like cute boys. You’re sexy. You’re also helpless. You’re strapped down, can’t move. Cant escape. The injection I gave you is making you high. Making it very difficult for you to resist. I can do anything I want to you, boy, and you won’t remember a single thing afterwards. Not a thing.” All the while the fingernail continued to scratch over the cockhead through the thin, worn denim of the boy’s tight jeans. He leaned closer and gripped the cockhead more firmly. “I am going to make you cum, boy. And there is nothing you can do about it.”

“No!” That came out as an unintelligible moan. “Fuck off. I’m straight…” Even he couldn’t recognise his own words, but apparently the dentist could.

“Oh I know you’re straight. That’s what makes it so much more satisfying.” The finger started to move again, and wrenched Derek’s concentration back to it.

It stopped. “You see? Teenage boys are all the same: I’ve only got to play with your cock and you’re incapable of thinking about anything else.”

“No I’m fucking not! Get your hands off me you fucking cunt!”

The dentist just chuckled. “Oh, I don’t think so.” His hand gripped the top of the cock – which was now fully hard and stretching the thin denim of his jeans out as if it wanted to be gripped even more – and began to slide up and down very slowly along its full length.

“I’m going to make you want to cum very badly, cute boy.”

“No way you cunt.”

The fingers unbuckled his belt, then undid the button, and took hold of the zip. Very slowly, the man pulled it down. Derek fought to stop him, but however hard he tried to move he just continued to lie there. He cursed the dentist and more than anything he cursed whatever had been in that fucking injection.

“Oh! No underwear, I see. Naughty. But excellent. In that case, a little more teasing through those tight, sexy jeans…” He reached to the trolley of horrors and came back with a dentist’s drill. He pressed a button and a high-pitched whine came from it. “Don’t worry, the drill head isn’t on it. But even without it this thing can produce good results…” He touched the end of it to the bulging cockhead, and Derek inhaled sharply. Oh fuck, the vibrations felt like nothing he’d ever experienced before. It very quickly made him need to cum.

But the dentist took it away. “You see? I could make you cum any time I wanted to, straight boy. I could make you cum in those sexy, tight jeans.”

Derek fought again to move. “No way a fucking guy is gonna make me cum. NO FUCKING WAY.”

The man touched it to the boy’s bulge again for just a second. Again Derek moaned. He needed to cum but he was fucked if he was going to let another guy make him.

The drill was gone again. “But I’m a guy and you’re straight. Surely you don’t want another man to make you cum?”

“Damn fucking right I don’t, you fucker!” He was still as horny as shit, but the drill wasn’t touching him at the moment, and he was, for the moment, able to think more coherently. “I’m not gonna fucking cum for you…” Every time he tried to speak, his words sounded to him slurred almost beyond recognition, but the dentist seemed to understand with no problem.

The man leered. “That’s it, boy, try to fight it.” The vibrating drill came down again onto the straining denim bulge of the cockhead, but this time the touch was much lighter, and it was removed almost the instant it had made contact. Even so, it was enough to make Derek tense in the restraints, and his cock jerk towards the drill, which was being held half an inch away.

A pause, perhaps two seconds, and then a repeat.

This was unbearable – it was sufficient stimulus to keep him close to cumming, but at the same time he knew full well that he was being abused by another guy. He used all the concentration he’d got, but to his fury he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his hips, trying to reach that drill and to push his cockhead against it.

“I see you like this drill.” The dentist had an evil smile on his face. He touched the device a few more times to the worn, straining denim, even more lightly, lifting it away again each time the bulge pushed forwards. “But enough of this. The injection will begin to wear off soon so we must proceed.” He switched the drill off and put it down, then opened boy’s jeans so that he could get to the boy’s cock and balls.

“Now,” he said slowly, with gloating in his voice, “You’re already strapped down, but I’m going to blindfold you as well, so that you can’t see. That’s so unfair, isn’t it…” He produced a strip of black leather and strapped it over Derek’s eyes, pushing it down well and adjusting it carefully. “Do you feel helpless yet?” The man chuckled quietly.

Holding the hard cock pointing towards him with one hand he licked the very tip just once with his tongue. The cock jerked urgently. He did it again, and then he stroked it around the whole head. His eyes were fixed on the boy – he was making him squirm in need with every touch.

He opened his mouth and took the entire cock into it, closing his lips around it and sucking. Derek gasped, his whole body tensing. For a long moment the dentist stayed there motionless – and then he began to slide his lips very slowly up and down the full length of it.

Strapped down, blindfolded and drugged, Derek gasped, then moaned, and then yelled. “FUCK OFF! YOU WILL NOT MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!”

The dentist moved his head back. “No?” He chuckled. “We’ll see.” He took a circular sheet of thin transparent plastic with a hole in the middle of it, and carefully pushed it over the boy’s hard cock, straightening the plastic out so that it was covering his crotch and the area around it. Then he took the surgical glove off his right hand and replaced it with a shiny black rubber one that was dripping with lube. He enclosed the horny cock with the slippery glove and began to stroke his thumb slowly over the tip of the head.

The moment the cool rubber glove gripped his cock Derek gasped and moaned. His cock jerked in the dentist’s hand.

“I’m gonna make you cum, boy. I’m gonna make you lose it and shoot your boy-spunk into this slippery black rubber glove. Try to stop me. Try to stop another guy from making you cum, straight boy.”

He transferred his grip to just the end of the cock, with his fingers and thumb around the ridge. He held his hand motionless for a few moments.

Derek screwed his eyes shut in concentration under the blindfold. He was fucked if he would let this cunt make him cum. No Fucking Way.

Suddenly, without warning, the dentist gripped firmly and began to slide his fingers up and down, stroking over the curve of the cock head from the ridge and the frenulum right to the piss-slit, quickly and irresistibly. At the same time he pushed his other hand deep into the boy’s groin, gripped the very base of the cock firmly and moved his fingers and thumb quickly, squeezing and releasing against the balls. In his experience this technique made a horny boy lose it more reliably than any other.

Ah, teenage boys, he thought; he knew from the many he’d had in this chair that they’re always - even the straight ones – so satisfyingly easy: once you get them helpless, they can struggle as hard as they like and fight to stop you from making them cum, but they just can’t. They never can. And this one would be no different.

The man had hardly begun when, with a long, loud yell Derek’s spunk began to erupt from his cock in violent bursts. It shot into the milking hand, covering the shiny lubed black rubber thickly, squirted between the fingers and ran down onto the clear plastic where it collected in pearly globules.

The dentist was in heaven. He loved to see helpless boys trying to struggle. He loved that they were strapped down and restrained. He loved the fact that they were blindfolded so they couldn’t see. But more than anything he loved to watch them fighting not to cum – and then making them shoot helplessly.

Eventually the pulses became slower, weaker. The man continued to slide his fingers over the cockhead until he’d milked every last drop of straight-boy spunk out of it.

He straightened up, sighed in satisfaction, and switched the two concealed cameras off – he would be having a wonderful wank tonight watching this recording, and then it would go into his large – and still growing – collection hidden at home. It was a shame, he thought: he’d given this boy just a touch too much of the drug; he preferred it when they could move just a little bit more – not enough to do them any good, of course, but enough so that their struggling and fighting was just a little more visible. He liked the hear the restraints creaking. Oh well, not perfect perhaps, but still wonderful.

Next thing was to remove the evidence. He carefully removed the plastic sheet, making sure that not a drop of spunk landed on the boy’s clothes. After disposing of that he set about releasing Derek and putting the restraints back out of sight.

He pulled up Derek’s jeans, put his cock back inside and fastened everything up. Last thing, he removed the boy’s blindfold.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked.

Derek was still panting, but didn’t seem to be entirely there. His eyes were slightly crossed. “Fuuuck…” He managed to groan.

The dentist smiled. “Ok. Now, let’s see about that tooth.”

The tooth only required a short drilling to clean up the surfaces, for which Derek was given a normal local injection in the gum. Then it was built back up with some hi-tech material that hardened when a small ultra-violet light was shone on it. The whole procedure was painless and relatively short.

“Have a rinse.” He indicated the purple liquid in the glass. “How do you feel?” He knew that the injection should have mostly worn off by now.

Derek wasn’t quite sure. It seemed to him that he’d been here a long time, but his tooth didn’t hurt any more. Something felt slightly strange at his crotch though, but he dismissed it. “Ok, I think.”

“Good. Go home and rest. You’ll be a bit woozy for a while but that will soon pass and you’ll be fine.”

Derek signed the form, thanked the dentist, and left. He walked home slowly, and slightly erratically.

“You’ve been a long time,” said his mother, looking in from the kitchen. “Did you have it out?”

“Erm… No. He drilled it and built it back up again.”

“Oh. That’s good. I’ve made soup for dinner – thought you wouldn’t want anything hard today.”

“Yeah. Thanks. I’m going to have a lie down.”

“Ok, love. I’ll warm it up when you’re ready.”

He went up to his bedroom and looked down at his crotch. That’s what felt strange: his cock was on the right, whereas he always had it to the left. He wondered how it had got there.

He sat on the bed and thought. It was just like a dream. He remembered going into the dentist’s, he remembered getting onto the chair. Then nothing until the guy told him to rinse his mouth. Odd. He unzipped his jeans and moved his cock back to the proper side. His fingers came away sticky. Precum? No. That was spunk. This was very strange.

Later they sat and watched TV. After the news a hospital programme came on that, coincidentally, involved a dentist.

“I don’t think we want to watch this after Derek’s just been there, do we?” Said his father, lifting the remote.

The dentist was using his drill off-screen. The room was filled with a high-pitched whine.

Derek looked down. He’d suddenly got a stonking hard-on.