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Part 8 - PVC
By Hooder

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I get off on PVC (usually jeans) because of the tightness, and the fact that it's so black and shiny - and also because it's so thin and unbelievably sensitive . I've got several pairs of shiny, black stretch PVC jeans, and they're great for several reasons, mainly that they look unbelievably pervy with a leather jacket and fuck-off motorcycle boots; and that it's possible to feel the lightest touch through them. Of all materials I've cum across yet, they exaggerate and show off a bulge better than anything. The thinness and shininess of the PVC can show every tiny detail of what's underneath. The extreme sensitivity of the PVC is great for cum-control and edging, or where the victim is being cock-raped in his jeans - they stretch to accommodate growing erections, and things become easy to grip and to work on.

Ariel had originally come to visit for a session of tickling - and indeed it had started off with that - but he was so wonderfully responsive that I decided to try something else. Ariel was 21, and recently out of a vanilla relationship with another guy.

He was extremely ticklish - but more than that: every tiny movement of my fingers on his thighs, legs, cock, balls – anywhere - made him moan and writhe and turned him on like crazy. I currently had him naked, suspended horizontally in the parachute harness from the ceiling chains, so I went to get my thinnest, stretchiest, most skin-tight shiny black PVC jeans, and then released him from the harness. I made him put the stretchy jeans on, and stared in amazement: they fitted him even tighter than they did me. It was like a thin shiny layer painted over his skin. I passed him my glossy black DMs to put on his feet, then got him on the medical examination table, his upper body and arms strapped down tightly, and his booted feet secured so that they were flat on the table a couple of feet below his arse. In this position, his knees were bent, and although he couldn't move his feet, he could open or close his knees together as much as he wanted. I love having a boy in this position - I find it incredibly sexy.

For some reason, a single layer of something smooth and very thin over the skin can make it much more sensitive than the bare skin itself. I've never really understood why that happens, but it's an effect I've often used in tickling sessions. However, I wasn't intending to tickle Ariel at the moment - or rather I was, but not to make him laugh - I wanted to get this boy more horny than he had ever been in his life.

Ariel had a strong fetish for anything black and shiny - in fact when he'd arrived he'd been wearing a leather jacket and tight leather jeans. He'd never worn PVC jeans before, and they were really turning him on. His cock was wonderfully sensitive, and at the moment it was stretching the shiny black PVC out into a mouth-wateringly horny bulge. Those jeans are so thin that every tiny detail on his cock was visible.

I wanted the boy to concentrate fully on what he was going to feel, so I blindfolded him before I started to work on him.

Using the very lightest touch I was capable of, I traced a single fingertip from his knee up the outside of his thigh to his hip. He drew in a sharp breath and moaned in pleasure. Then, stroking all the fingers of my hand over the glossy PVC, I caressed and teased all over his legs and thighs, being especially careful to do it very lightly on the insides. He was moaning and slowly thrusting his pelvis already.

My other hand joined the first, and I stroked lightly over both his legs, paying particular attention to the creases at the backs of his knees, the smooth backs of his thighs, his calves, and the insides of his thighs. My fingers teased and tickled lightly all over the black PVC jeans. It was tickling him, but not in the way that I had been doing earlier - this was a purely erotic - and the tickling and teasing kept making him open his knees wide and then suddenly and involuntarily close them together again as my fingers found places which the jeans had made increasingly sensitive. I was hardly touching him - my fingertips just sliding over the smooth surface, but he was reacting more and more violently all the time.

His cock was now jerking under the jeans every time I touched him. So far I had been careful to ignore his genitals, but now I intended to tickle his balls. I placed my hand between the tops of his thighs, my elbow resting on the padded tabletop, and just touched a single fingertip to his balls, teasing slowly. He arched his back and let out a yell, then pressed his knees together, clamping my hand between his thighs. I continued to tickle his balls with my finger, lightly and frustratingly. I knew that even the very lightest touch was being amplified by the sexy black jeans.

The first time I touched his cock he nearly came. Using just a finger and thumb, I traced the outline lightly right from the root of his cock up to and over the tip. He threw his head back and moaned in ecstasy - he had never felt anything like that before. His cock jumped around under my hand, desperate for something to rub against harder, but I removed my hand so that it couldn't find anything.

Before I'd put him onto the table I'd pulled the jeans up well so that the thin PVC would get right into the creases between his balls and the tops of his thighs, and I was pleased to see that they'd done just that - his balls were separated beautifully from his thighs. I ran the tip of one finger deeply down one of those creases, tickling the side of his balls, and this brought fresh moans from the boy. He was so responsive that it seemed anything I did was making him want to cum.

I returned my attention to his cock. Carefully, I moved it over to the other side of his crotch, and kept on moving it round until it was pointing slightly downward, and straining against my hand and the stretchy PVC. I did this because I knew it would – if possible - make his cock even more sensitive, and also because in that position, the natural tendency of his cock to point the other way would force his cock-head tightly against the underside of the PVC, pushing it outwards until only a thin, tightly-stretched, ultra-sensitive layer of PVC was between it and my fingers.

Holding his cock there with my thumb over its base, and lightly stroking his balls with the fingers of the same hand, my other hand was free to concentrate on his cock-head. Very lightly I began to tickle it, running my fingertips around the ridges and over the sensitive head. He started opening and closing his knees jerkily and madly (the only movement he was capable of) and trying to thrust his hips up and down to ram his cock into my hand. Unfortunately, I’d put the thick leather strap over his pelvis to make it quite impossible for him to do that, and, ignoring his increasingly desperate pleading, I continued gently and slowly driving the boy insane by tickling his balls and his cock-head at the same time. Occasionally I would let go of his cock - whereupon it would spring back partly to its natural position - work on his thighs and calves for a while, and then reposition his cock back where it was and continue working on his cock-head.

The shaft of his cock didn't escape my attentions either - I would grip it through the stretchy PVC and rub it slowly from the base to just short of the head. But even doing this caused the precum-lubricated PVC to slide over the tip of his cock, adding to his frustration.

Ariel was so sexy, cute, and responsive that I worked on him like that for over two hours solid. I was very careful not to let him cum, but also to keep bringing him as near to the point of orgasm as possible. Yeah - I know - almost everything I do ends up as edging! I make no apologies for it, though, cos it turns me on like fuck.

By this time the poor boy was desperate. The inside of the PVC all around his cock was slippery and wet with precum, and he was finding it quite impossible to keep either quiet, or still. Every touch of my fingertips anywhere on his legs, thighs or crotch brought renewed pleas to be allowed to cum. He was struggling in his restraints, and moving his knees in infuriated frustration. And as well as that, he looked amazing lying there strapped down helpless, in those shiny, skintight jeans and boots, and with that incredibly horny bulge sticking up, just begging to be teased, tormented and milked. There are few things in this world I find so compellingly sexy as a boy who is desperate to cum.

I took advantage of the fact that he couldn't see anything, by teasing him unpredictably in odd places - the back of one knee - the inside of a thigh - his arsehole - a calf - his left hip - his balls - his right shin - the tip of his cock...

And so it went on. I was so turned on by his intense horniness, that I kept it up for a lot longer than I otherwise would have done.

I’d originally intended to get his cock out and milk him like that, but he looked so sexy in the shiny PVC with that big, sharply-defined and very desperate bulge sticking out between his thighs that I decided to make him cum in them. I waited until his knees were apart, then I suddenly and simultaneously gripped his balls with one hand and his cock with the other. I didn't want to tease him any more - I wanted him to cum - NOW! So I began milking him properly. The slippery PVC rubbed over his cock-head under my grip as my fist pumped up and down the length of his cock, and within seconds he started to cum. It was all I could do to keep my hands on him as he bounced around so much, but I continued to milk him, his cock throbbing under my fingers. His spunk instantly coated the inside of the PVC, and it began to slip and slide over everything more easily. This just made his orgasm more intense, and he kept on cumming, for a long time.

Eventually he collapsed back in the restraints, panting with exhaustion. I asked him if he'd enjoyed that. He couldn't speak - so he just nodded.

He nodded a lot :)

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