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Part 4 - Rubber
By Hooder

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I have a strange relationship with rubber. Black leather has always made me feel very top, while rubber – especially thicker, industrial rubber gear worn by someone else – works directly on my fetishes and makes me feel very, very controlled.

My very first encounter with rubber happened many years ago when I was living in London - I was 100% bottom in those days. I'd replied to an ad in a Gay magazine, from a guy called Spike. It was late on a night in July when I went to meet him, and the address he'd given me turned out to be a small factory in an industrial estate. I wondered if it was the right place - but a door opened, and an unseen voice told me to come in.

Tentatively, I entered. There was very little light anyway but, as the door closed behind me, the whole room was plunged into total blackness.

"Walk forwards five paces and stop," said the voice. I raised my arms in front of me defensively, and did as he asked.

"Now strip."

I hesitated, unsure what to do - but then decided that I'd come this far so I might as well carry on. I stripped off and placed my clothes in a pile by my side.

"Walk forward another five paces, slowly."

I did so.

"One more."

I took another step in the pitch darkness.

"Does rubber turn you on?" His voice was much nearer and quieter now. The question was, in fact unnecessary - he already knew that rubber turned me on a great deal, and that I had never before experienced it.

"Oh yeah, it does," I replied.

Suddenly a light came on and I found myself facing a very horny boy in rubber boots, bulging rubber codpiece jeans, a rubber tee shirt, and long black rubber gloves. His face was hidden by a rubber mask. He looked indescribably pervy, and I felt my cock getting hard. He was standing at the bottom of a spiral staircase, looking at me.

Without speaking any more, he took a step towards me and put his arms around me, pressing himself against me - his shiny black jeans and tee shirt were warm. I felt his hard, rubber-covered cock thrusting into my crotch through the codpiece. He kissed me deeply, his rubber-masked head angled to the side. I closed my eyes and returned his kiss passionately, giving myself to this horny rubber boy.

Then I heard a sound behind me. As he released me, I turned - and saw two other masked figures walking towards me into the pool of light. Both were also in rubber, but these wore gas masks, waders, long rubber aprons, and thick, elbow length gloves. Their naked shoulders and pecs shone in the light. They looked like perverted torturers - or butchers.

Without a sound they grabbed me and, holding me tightly with my arms behind my back, walked me to a different area in the large room as the first guy switched more lights on. On the floor was what appeared to be an empty garden pond - it was about ten feet in diameter, twelve inches or so high, and lined with black rubber sheeting. They lifted me into this and, as the first guy joined us, they dived on me. They got me sandwiched between them, and their six rubber-gloved hands were everywhere: stroking across my bare skin, between my legs, over my face; they pinned me down with their bodies; they held my arms, they gagged and blindfolded me with their rubber-gloved hands; I sucked one guy’s finger as he pushed it between my lips; they wrapped their legs around me, and totally covered me from all directions. The smell of rubber was overwhelming, and the sound of the creaking was wonderful. I was beginning to need to cum, but I couldn't reach my cock and they were only playing with it now and then. It was an unbelievable turn-on for an inexperienced 18-year old like me.

This went on for a long time, and I got progressively more horny. At one point, one of the guys got out of the container, and went to fetch something. He returned a few moments later holding a large can. The other two got me between them, holding me face up, one of them with his hands over my eyes and mouth. I squirmed helplessly, not knowing what was going to happen - when suddenly I felt some liquid being poured over me. It was some kind of oil - very slippery - and it was warm. He emptied the entire can over me, and then joined us again for another roll-about, this time slipping and sliding in the oil. Again, their hands stroked and teased all over me, playing with my balls, gripping my cock and wanking me with their lubricated rubber gloves. By this time I desperately wanted to cum, but still they wouldn't let me. They weren't exactly holding me down, but they just made sure I couldn't bring myself off: whenever I managed to get a hand anywhere near my cock, they'd gently but firmly move it away - or if I was rubbing my cock against one of them, he'd move into a different position so that I couldn't cum like that. I've no idea how long they played with me like this, but they kept me there for a long time.

We were all completely covered in the oil - it was in my hair, on my face, all over my body - and their black rubber gear shone brilliantly in the harsh overhead lights. Shiny, slippery black rubber all over me - I was in heaven.

The first guy's jeans and tee shirt were skintight latex, but the gear the others were wearing was heavy industrial rubber - the aprons, gloves and waders were thick and protective. For some reason this gear turned me on even more than the latex - it was somehow more pervy, more powerful. I wanted to explore it more - and under it. I managed to work my way around in the pile of bodies so that I could reach one of the guys' crotches, and I felt a hard cock under the rubber apron. I tried to grip it but my fingers kept sliding off the oil-slippery rubber. Each time I squeezed it I felt it jerk under my hand. So I reached under the apron and groped around for his cock. My fingers slipped around the shaft and I started to wank him off under the rubber. Within seconds he started to cum, and I felt his warm spunk pumping out into my hand.

I tried to reach for the second one, but the guy in the latex grabbed my hands and forced them behind my back. He held me down as one of the others suddenly wrapped a rubber apron around my head like a hood, and I felt a hot mouth go down on my cock. Rubber-gloved hands played with my balls, and other slippery fingers stroked all over my body. I struggled, wanting to bring the other two off before I came myself, but the two rubber boys held me down as the third one sucked my cock irresistibly. A lubed, rubber-gloved finger was inserted deeply into my arsehole, and that instantly took me to the brink of orgasm. I was being held down, half-suffocated by the thick black rubber over my face, and being expertly sucked off by a pervy boy in rubber. I felt myself going over the edge, and I came in explosive bursts into the hot, sucking mouth. He milked me dry.

I felt a couple of the boys getting out of the container, but I was still being held by the third: I was lying face-up on top of him, and he was holding my arms behind my back, and had my ankles locked between his own. Suddenly the rubber apron was removed from over my face and, squinting up into the light I saw the other two standing with their cocks out, and pointing at me. Before I knew what was happening, two streams of warm piss began to shower me. I closed my eyes as they covered every inch of my body. I wasn’t particularly into water sports - but that was somehow a perfect ending to the rubber orgy.

When they'd finished, they took me to a shower room and we all stood in the hot water stream, laughing and washing the oil off each other with foamy detergent. I got a hard on again, but I didn't have the energy to do anything about it.

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