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Encounter in Church Street
By Hooder

Encounter in Church Street

A thought experiment: There are over seven and a half billion people alive on the Earth at this moment. Say about half of those are male. That’s three and three-quarter billion guys. Ok, let’s get rid of the kids and the geriatrics. Say that leaves two billion. Two billion . Remember that number.

Now, imagine you have a magic machine that can read your mind – right into the deepest, darkest, most private, and perviest corners. And it can select from all of those two million guys, the one single individual who would best fit your image of sexual perfection. The one boy out of all those billions whom to you, and just you, was the most inexpressibly irresistible, the hottest, most horny, cock-hardeningly sexy, the most to-fucking-die-for boy on the entire planet. Have you any idea what effect that boy would have on you if you actually saw him?

Davy was looking at him at that very moment.

He’d just turned the corner into Church Street and there was the boy, on the other side of the road. Davy ceased, at that moment, to be a rational, thinking human being; he stood frozen to the spot, unable to move a muscle, not breathing, his mouth hanging open and his cock hardening rapidly in his jeans. What he felt was more than lust, more than want – it was pure, unadulterated need. If a demon had appeared at that moment and offered him a chance to kiss that boy, but at the cost of an eternity of suffering in the bowels of hell, Davy would have grabbed the demon round the throat and shaken him while yelling ‘yes’ into his ear.

As it turned out, demons were unnecessary. The boy walked across the road to Davy and smiled.

It’s pointless trying to describe the effect this had – any description would not even begin to come close. The boy was every one those different things that turned Davy on most, rolled into one. He was what Davy would have pictured in his mind when he was having the absolute best and most pervy wank of his life - if his imagination had been that good. For Davy, the boy was the distilled essence of pure sex.

Davy still could not move. Nothing was working. He was standing there like a dummy with his cock threatening to burst out of his jeans, his heart racing and his mouth dry.

With a smile on his face that made Davy go cross-eyed with lust, the boy took his hand and pulled him into a secluded yard at the back of the Frog and Ferret. Davy thought he was going to faint as the boy put his arms around him and kissed him hard. He stared into the boy’s beautiful eyes and kissed him back like he wanted to devour him.

The boy reached down and unzipped Davy’s jeans, got his cock out. Their tongues entwined as they kissed violently. He swayed slightly on his feet as the boy knelt down on the pavement and took the hard, desperate cock into his mouth.

The pupils of Davy’s eyes slid upwards as his cock slipped between the hot, wet lips and, as the boy began to suck, Davy’s head rolled back in bliss. He had never ever had a blow job as good as this before in his life. His hands ran through the boy’s hair and within seconds Davy was on the edge of the most momentous orgasm he’d ever had.

As far as it’s possible to translate the name, they were called the Eth. Its meaning was about halfway between ‘gardeners’ and ‘guardians’. A scout ship disguised as an asteroid had visited two years ago (the local race had given it the preposterous name ‘Oumuamua’), and now here they were in a similar ship – more sensibly, the humans had named this one ‘C/2019 Q4 (Borisov)’.

An inconceivably ancient race, The Eth had watched so many civilisations come – and go, and the story was always the same: over-population leading to over-exploitation of their planets, wars, famines and, ultimately, self-destruction.

And that saddened the Eth to the point that they changed their name - previously it had been the ‘Sjkrokd’ (which meant nothing, and had been fairly unpronounceable even in their own language) - and they took on the mission of seeking out new civilisations and pruning their populations to manageable numbers, thus enabling said races to thrive and prosper until they could take their places as productive and successful members of the galactic fraternity.

But the Eth were, above all, a compassionate race; they abhorred the idea of causing pain or distress, and so they employed their telepathic abilities to make the process not just pleasurable for their victims, but transcendentally so.

Each race required a different approach; this human race seemed to be, in the main, preoccupied with a particular pleasure they called ‘sex’ - and so that was what the Eth used. In their thousands the Eth landed on the planet, targeted selected individuals and, after fulfilling their most basic, intense needs for a single, most shatteringly wonderful moment, they absorbed their physical bodies, removing them from the population, thus reducing their numbers. Such were the Eth’s mental abilities that no distress was caused either to the individual or to anyone else. In fact even when the pruning had been completed, the victim race didn’t realise that anything untoward had happened; only individuals who were not indispensable to the running of the infrastructure were targeted.

And so it was that one Eth scanned the mind of a human called Davy, and caused itself to appear as the embodiment of that human’s wet dream.

Davy had never felt anything this beautiful before. He was no longer conscious of his surroundings – the only thing he was capable of experiencing was pure, blindingly intense, pleasure. A guttural sound escaped his lips as he began to cum into the boy’s milking mouth; it was the most devastatingly intense euphoria he had ever experienced. He gave himself up to the total, all-consuming ecstasy.

His legs gave way, but he never hit the ground.