The Telemachus Story Archive

By Hooder


Robbie had taken the part-time job a couple of years ago to help pay for a computer graphics card he’d been saving up for. He’d only intended it to be temporary, but he’d stayed there; he liked the work – it was mindless and undemanding, he could listen to his music on his phone, nobody bothered him, and the time passed quickly enough.

He was there for four hours, twice a week. It was one of those stainless-steel-and-black-marble places, and for some reason the lobby always reminded him of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter films. His job consisted of going over the lobby floor with the rotary polishing machine; dusting the three offices; and then, after a break for tea and a brief potter on his phone, up to the first floor to do the two labs.

The company was called ‘RH Scientific’; he wasn’t quite sure exactly what they did, but the larger of the two labs had a line of glass containers running along the back wall, full of exotic-looking flowers. At the far end was another room he’d often wondered about – it had a complicated door that was protected with a security card lock, and ‘AUTHORISED PERSONNEL ONLY’ signs. He’d never seen the door open, but then it was rare for any staff to be here at this time of night.

Unusually, there was someone here tonight. As Robbie manoeuvred the polishing machine through the lab door, Thurlow looked up from his computer station. “Hi Rob.”

Robbie smiled, surprised to see him. He liked Thurlow – the guy was sexy, and he had gorgeous eyes. “Evening Thurlow. You’re in late tonight.”

“Yeah. I’ll only be another half-hour or so.”

“I can do the other lab first if you like. Keep out of your way.”

He smiled again and shook his head. “Nah, no problem, carry on – I’ll be in there anyway.” He nodded to the secure room.

“Oh. Ok.” Robbie plugged the floor-polishing machine in and switched it on.

Thurlow finished what he was doing on his computer then used his card key to enter the room. Robbie saw the lights come on through the half-open doorway; it illuminated more plants in containers. This was the first time he’d seen into the secure room, and he was disappointed – it was probably just the same kind of thing as out here, he thought. He wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting: triffids, perhaps.

Thurlow was still in there when Robbie had finished the floor. He switched the machine off, parked it by the cart outside the lab door, and got the polish and the dusters.

As he was walking back he heard a short sound from the secure room; he wondered if he should call and ask if Thurlow was Ok, but decided it probably wasn’t his place to do that.

A minute later it came again. It had sounded like Thurlow calling his name. Robbie straightened up and turned towards the open door. “Hello? You Ok, Thurlow?”

There was no reply. He walked slowly forwards. “Thurlow? You all right in there?” He listened.

There was a rustle, but no reply. Very tentatively Robbie opened the door wider and poked his head into the room.

It was much bigger than he’d imagined – more glass containers lined the far wall, but a control station blocked his view of what was down to the left. He walked further in and looked around it.

Against the end wall was a much larger enclosure, higher than the others and running the full width of the room. There was a glass door in it, and the door was open. Thurlow was standing inside, smiling. “Robbie. Come meet Cynthia.”

Robbie blinked. Cynthia appeared to be – if not exactly a triffid, then something worryingly similar. The plant stood eight feet high, and had stems and leaves that partially filled the enclosure. One long and sinuous tendril was curved around Thurlow’s shoulders, the fleshy pink protuberance at the end lying in his hand. It twitched occasionally.

“Don’t worry, Cynthia won’t hurt you. Quite the opposite, in fact. Come and say hello.”

“Cynthia?” Robbie wasn’t at all sure about this. That was a big plant and it looked muscular. It also gave him the impression that it was itching for a fight. He could swear that the main flower head was looking at him. Cautiously he inched forward.

Thurlow chuckled. “She does look a bit intimidating, doesn’t she. But she’s a pussycat. You’ll like her, believe me.”

Slowly, Robbie moved to the doorway of the enclosure and stepped inside. He looked up the full length of the plant. The big, round flower head had tilted down to follow him. “What the fuck is that?”

“Phalaenopsis Cynthiabilis. Close to the orchids, in spite of appearances. Not of this planet, Robbie. She was found on a meteorite that came down in Argentina. ”

“An alien?”

“Indeed. Here – hold her hand for a while. It feels nice.”

Robbie was stood, his mouth open like a fish, staring. He was having difficulty processing the apparent fact that the human race was not, after all, alone in the universe. This was earth-shattering – why had it not been on every news channel on the planet?

Thurlow was holding out the pear-shaped protuberance.

Robbie looked at it, then slowly reached towards it. Thurlow passed it to him, the tendril uncoiling from around him as he did so. “Wow.” said Robbie, still stunned; the thing felt warm and dry. He ran his fingers over it carefully.

Thurlow stepped out of the enclosure and shut the glass door. Suddenly Robbie was aware of a strong scent; it reminded him of lilies.

His lips went dry and his pupils dilated – suddenly, and for no apparent reason, he felt incredibly horny. Before he knew what was happening he’d dropped the tube and was tearing at his clothes, pulling them off as fast as he could. Soon he was stood there naked, his hard cock waving in the air.

The protuberance he’d been holding was swaying slightly in front of him like a Cobra getting ready to strike.

Then, abruptly, the plant moved. Tendrils snaked out around him, enclosing his body, curling around his arms and legs and holding him immobile. Robbie yelled as, with a disgusting squelching sound, the protuberance split open into quarters, the sections parting like the petals of some obscene flower, revealing a soft, pink inside. In the centre of this ‘flower’ was a thick, dark green bulbous tube with a frilly edge, and it was growing quickly, as if it were being inflated. As he watched, it lengthened and became fatter. There was something compelling about that tube – Robbie couldn’t tear his eyes away from it.

A viscous clear liquid began to appear inside it, running down slowly over the folds of the smooth green surface and dripping onto the floor from the fringe on long, glistening strings.

It pounced: with a sudden burst of energy it jumped forwards onto the boy’s cock, enveloping the head immediately, and then quickly working down the rest of its length with movements like a swimming octopus. Within seconds the entire cock had been swallowed by the plant.

Robbie closed his eyes and howled. That was the most amazing thing he’d ever experienced. It felt like cool, wet leather around his cock as it started to slurp and suck and ride up and down it through the thick, slippery, lube-y goo.

It took perhaps ten seconds, and then Robbie yelled as he came. The feel of his spunk shooting out into that sucking tube was beautiful. The plant didn’t stop until it had extracted every last drop out of him.

When it was finished, it slowly slid off with a faint popping sound. The coils didn’t release the boy, though. Instead they pulled him further into the mass of tendrils. Things like fleshy leaves stroked over him, exploring every nook and cranny of his naked body; they got into his armpits, teased over his bare soles, around his balls, over his face, his nipples, his arms, his thighs; they snaked between his fingers. He was aware of the smell of lilies getting stronger and he felt his cock hardening again. One stiff, tubular thing burrowed between his arse cheeks, parted them, and slipped inside on more lube. He’d never had anything up his arse before in his life, but he welcomed it, feeling it sliding further in.

The sucking flower head moved towards him, nudged his cock once, and then slipped over the head. For a minute or two it just rotated slowly, going no further down than the ridge. At the same time the thing against his prostate massaged it gently. What felt like a bunch of smaller leaves had enclosed his balls and were now pulling them gently downwards.

Robbie was moaning and moving in the restraining tendrils like a slut in heat; he was in heaven - it felt unbelievably fucking horny. He could stay there for hours.

But Cynthia wanted more spunk. As if unable to wait any longer, the plant impatiently milked the boy again: the thing on his prostate began to work harder, and the tube swallowed his entire cock down to the balls in one wet, slithery gulp. It sucked and slurped noisily, riding up and down the length of it.

This was all far too much for Robbie. His body tensed, and he came in a shuddering, moaning, and very prolonged orgasm. The plant swallowed every drop.

The smell of lilies had gone just as quickly as it had arrived. The head slipped off his cock. It looked at him for a moment, burped, then closed up again and disappeared into the foliage. The coils released him and he sank to the floor. They pushed him away, then retracted back into the general greenery.

Thurlow had been watching from outside the door, licking his lips as he stared through the glass. His own cock was hard in his jeans and he’d been playing with it constantly. Seeing that the plant had finished with the boy, he opened the door, sniffed the air, and came in. He collected Robbie’s clothes, helped him to stand, then took him outside, bolting the glass door behind them. He sat Robbie down on a chair.

“What the fuck just happened?”

Thurlow chuckled. “You just fed Cynthia.”


“Yeah. As well as the usual plant stuff, she also likes spunk. But new spunk. Gets tired of the same guy after a while. Typical female. That’s if she is female – we’ve no idea.”

Robbie was frowning. “But why’s she here?”

“Ah. You know that flowery smell? Did you notice the effect it had on you?”

“It made me fucking horny.”

“Exactly. We’re trying to find out how to harvest that. Would be the best aphrodisiac ever. Better than Viagra. Make us a fucking fortune. But so far we haven’t been able to.”

Robbie nodded. “How many guys does she… feed... off?”

“Just me and Colin the gofer so far. Martin and Dr Parkin tried, but she doesn’t seem to like older guys. And now there’s you. She likes you – she’s never made me or Colin cum twice like that in one go.” He sounded envious.

Robbie nodded, still dazed. He stood up, and then realised he was naked. “Erm, I’d better get some clothes on and finish work.”

Thurlow smiled. “I’ll get you a key card and you can come and feed her whenever you like. I assume that you’d like to?”

Robbie looked into the enclosure thoughtfully, remembering the feel of that wet, slippery, leathery tube sucking him off. “Oh yeah…” He sighed.

The main flower head seemed to be watching him. It was a bit like a huge sunflower – round and fringed with white petals. And now that he looked closer, there were two spots on it that were very much like eyes. They even had hairs around them that could be long lashes.

As he looked, one of them very slowly winked at him.