The Telemachus Story Archive

By Hooder


Master Jeff settled back in his black leather chair in the viewing gallery to enjoy the evening's entertainment. He took a sip of whisky and raised his eyebrows, inviting James - his assistant and butler - to announce the first bout.

There were entertainments of various kinds almost every night at the Mansion, but Master Jeff always looked forward to the first Saturday of the month, as the Cockfight evening was one of his favourites. The fights were between pairs of boys carefully chosen by James from the Mansion's stable of slaves; sometimes the two boys were closely matched, sometimes the fight was intentionally unfair. The rules were simple: the boy who made his opponent cum first was the winner, and was rewarded. The loser was punished severely by the sadistic and perverted James in his private dungeon, where he would suffer days of excruciatingly unbearable cum-denial - helplessly restrained, and screaming into the gag and the tight black leather hood as James' rubber-gloved, expert fingers worked on his defenceless, vulnerable body in all of the ways he knew made that particular boy need to cum most urgently. James took great pleasure in doing this - but even greater pleasure in making quite, quite certain that the boy couldn't cum. That was what turned the sadistic James on most of all: the more insane the boy became in his desperate need for orgasm, the harder James' cock became inside his shiny black rubber jeans. When the pressure became too much, James would call for his favourite slave Chris, who would crawl backwards between the man's legs, work his way under the black rubber trenchcoat, carefully unzip the rubber jeans, and slowly suck the man off. While this was going on, James would not miss a stroke on his helpless victim, and would continue as if nothing had happened. Any boys who had lost a cockfight and had suffered punishment at the hands of James were deeply motivated to win next time.

But even here James made things as difficult for them as possible. All contestants scheduled for a cockfight were not permitted to cum for three days before it, and on the day of the fight itself, they were restrained and had their cocks and balls teased with soft, pointed feathers for three hours before the match.

James had been waiting for Jeff’s raised eyebrows. "Sir," he said, his German accent thick, "there are five bouts this evening. The first is really by way of training for our newest and youngest slave, Timmy. I've paired him with Daniel."

Master Jeff frowned and smiled at the same time. "Daniel? That's a little unfair isn't it?"

"Yes, Sir - very unfair."

Jeff laughed. It was obvious that James wanted very much to get the cute young Timmy into his private dungeon for the first time. But perhaps it wouldn't be quite as unfair as it seemed. "What will they be wearing?"

"Daniel will be naked, Timmy in full leather."

Jeff nodded. This would be interesting. Daniel was a huge, muscular lad; Timmy was small and slight. Their strengths were very unmatched. However, Daniel had a weakness for cute young boys, and also had an incapacitatingly intense fetish for leather. Tim got off on big, powerful boys - the bigger the better.

"This will be interesting," smiled Jeff.

The two contestants were, he knew, having their monitors attached. The monitor was a simple little electrode and transmitter which could be stuck anywhere onto bare skin - it was usually put out of the way at the back of the neck, and would sound an alert and put up a display on the computer by James' chair the instant its wearer came.

The door below the gallery opened and the two blindfolded boys entered, guided by the pair of senior slaves. A contestant was never permitted to know who he would be fighting, and it was not until his blindfold was removed that he would see his opponent for the first time. The physical difference between the boys was huge: Timmy barely came up to Daniel’s nipples. The senior slaves walked them across the padded floor to opposite ends of the room, turned them to face Master Jeff where, unseeingly, they bowed to him. The slaves then removed the boys' blindfolds, and left the room. The contestants turned to face each other, seeing who their opponent was for the first time, and waited for Jeff to give the signal to begin.

Jeff paused for a moment, admiring the lads. Daniel was 28, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and was built of solid muscle. His naked body shone in the room lights, and his huge, heavy cock swung out pendulously in front of him, still three-quarters hard from the enforced celibacy and the earlier feathering. As he looked at Timmy - cute, 17 years old and wearing a leather biker jacket, boots, and skintight, thin, black leather jeans, he groaned, and his cock came to full erection instantly – the young boy was Daniel’s wet dream.

Tim gazed open-mouthed at the naked hunk before him. The guy had the most gorgeous body he'd ever seen: Tim had a great weakness for muscle – and Daniel wassolid muscle. And that cock was enormous! Tim's leather jeans stretched visibly as his own dick became rock-hard inside them at the sight.

Master Jeff pressed a button on his chair and a gong sounded. The fight began.

The two boys circled like gladiators for a while. Daniel was so horny that he was afraid he'd cum the second he felt that sexy young boy's leather jeans against his bare skin. Tim was exactly the kind of lad he fantasised about when he was being milked by the sadistic German, James.

Timmy was having similar thoughts: he'd never be able to hold out against a powerful, sexy hunk with muscles like that; he was sure he’d cum as soon as the big guy touched him.

Daniel made the first move - he rushed forward and grabbed Tim's wrists, forcing them behind his back and pinning them there with one hand. In doing so he had to hold him close, and the smooth black leather of the boy's jacket and jeans slid across his skin. He gritted his teeth, fighting mentally not to cum.

In Daniel's arms, Timmy struggled like a fish in a net, but the bigger guy had got him. He forced the boy down onto the floor, pinning him with the weight of his body. His hand burrowed its way between them and searched for the boy’s cock bulge. He was not going to waste time trying to get his cock out – it would be much faster to make Timmy shoot just by wanking it through his thin leather jeans.

Tim needed to think fast. If Daniel got his fingers around his cock it would be all over – a hunk like that would make short work of him and there would be nothing he’d be able to do about it.

Wide-eyed, he gazed up into Daniel's face; he struggled and kicked, tried to roll over, but Daniel held him down, helpless. The feel of the beautiful young leather boy struggling under him was getting him dangerously close. Timmy’s arms were trapped beneath his body, he couldn't get them out. He felt the big guy’s hand working its way towards his cock bulge – and then the fingers found it. A gasp of lust escaped him as they gripped his hard cock through his leather jeans.

He was going to cum any second - and there was not a fucking thing he could do about it. He could feel Daniel's solid muscles holding him down, and the fingers gripping his young cock, milking it irresistably.

Then, on an impulse, he brushed his lips against the guy’s mouth and whispered, breathlessly, “make me cum in my skintight black leather jeans, boy...”

“Fuuuuuuck!” Daniel's body shuddered. The feel of his greatest fetish - leather - rubbing against his cock, and of the cute boy struggling beneath him, had got him to the brink of cumming on their own – but when Timmy looked at him with those big blue eyes, touched his lips to his and said that, it pushed him over the edge. With a yell, he lost it - his cock bucking against the leather as hot spunk pumped out onto Tim's jeans and ran down his thighs.

A second later Tim was cumming as well. Daniel felt the boy’s cock jerking madly as his milking fingers made him cum in his jeans – but it was too late.

James waited until the two lads had recovered, and were stood facing him. He inspected the computer screen carefully. "The winner of this bout is Timmy, by 1.3 seconds. Well done." He had a furious expression on his face as he turned to look at Daniel. There was thunder in his voice. "Daniel, you will report to my quarters immediately and wait for me there."

"Yes, Sir," said Daniel. He knew about the sadistic German's punishment for losing a cockfight, and he also suspected that James had wanted Timmy to lose so that he could have the young boy helpless and all to himself in his private dungeon. The two boys left the room.

James was not pleased. He had been looking forward to working on cute little Tim. He intended to make Daniel suffer very greatly indeed for that.

Master Jeff smiled. "Excellent," he said. "There's something very sexy about unfair matches. He took another sip of his whisky.

James controlled his seething. "Sir, the next bout is between Jonathon and David."

"David and Jonathon," mused Jeff. The biblical reference had gone unnoticed by James. The lads were brought in, bowed, and had their blindfolds removed. Unlike the historical pair, these two were of almost identical build and height, with slim, tight bodies. David was wearing full skinhead gear - DMs, tight bleachers with braces, Fred Perry shirt and a green bomber jacket. Attached to his belt were a pair of handcuffs - while Jonathon was in full black rubber: waders, codpiece jeans, rubber teeshirt, and a full-length shiny black rubber macintosh.

"There is a small bet on this bout, if you're interested, Sir," said James. "Again, each of the contestants is wearing the fetish gear which is his opponent’s biggest weakness. They are quite well matched."

Jeff smiled, and studied the boys. "I'll have a fiver on Jonathon," he said.

"Very good Sir."

Jeff pressed the button and the fight began.