The Telemachus Story Archive

Christmas Present
By Hooder

Christmas Present

It was early afternoon. Christmas dinner would be at around 6pm, and Dave had been in the kitchen cooking. “OK,” he said, wiping his hands on the towel, “I think it’s presents-opening time.”

We went into the front room and looked under the Christmas tree.

“You first,” I said.

Dave opened his presents, making delighted noises at the things I’d got for him. He kissed me, then he handed me mine. It was a small cube. “Go on, open it,” he said, smiling.

I tore the paper off and found a dark blue jewelery box. I turned it around so the little gold catch was towards me. I’m not big on jewelery normally, but anything Dave had got me I would love – if for no other reason that it was from him.

I opened the box slowly – and at first I thought there was nothing in it: the white satin inside was empty. But then I saw there was a folded piece of paper at the bottom – it had been white on white so I hadn’t noticed it straight away. I took it out and unfolded it. In Dave’s neat handwriting were the words: ‘Look in the playroom. Happy Christmas – all my love, Dave.’

I frowned, and saw him grinning. Then we went upstairs and I opened the playroom door.

There was a hooded figure lying on the floor. The rubber hood went underneath the turned-up collar of a long black rubber trench coat. The only holes in the hood were for breathing – apart from that it was featureless. It wasn’t particularly tight, and I could see it ballooning in and out as the guy breathed. He was lying on his side facing me, his rubber-gloved hands restrained behind his back, with a leather strap round his chest pinning his upper arms to his body. There was a second one tight around his knees, and a third around his rubber-booted ankles. Tied loosely around his neck in a large bow was a red ribbon.

I was speechless.

“Dinner’s at 5 – don’t be late.” Dave chuckled and left.

I looked down at the helpless figure, my cock suddenly as hard as a rock, then I knelt down, carefully removed the bow, and ran my hands over the shiny black rubber. It felt – and smelled - wonderful. Who was this guy? I had absolutely no idea – and at that moment I didn’t care.

I stroked my fingertips over the hood, over the straps, over his arms, his rubber boots; then I pushed my hand inside the front of the the rubber coat – it was shiny rubber on the inside too! Exploring, my fingers felt even more rubber – rubber jeans. And inside those was a very hard cock indeed.

My fingers stroked over the the cock lightly through the smooth, tight rubber jeans. The figure moaned and thrust his hips. I had three hours. I intended to make this guy cum – and I was going to take every single minute of those three hours to do it. I got myself comfortable and then I slowly opened the rubber coat a little more.

I smiled. Dave always seems to know exactly what to get me for Christmas.