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Chastity begins at home
By Hooder

Chastity Begins at Home

There had been noises coming from the workshop all week. Gary had heard hammering, the lathe being used, and other sounds he hadn’t been able to identify. That was mysterious enough, but the day before all that had started, Nick had gone over Gary’s hard cock with calipers, getting precise measurements, and had taken a mould of it in silicon rubber. Nick would answer none of Gary’s questions.

They were sitting at the table, breakfast finished. “This lockdown is a pain,” said Gary, staring longingly out of the window. “I want to go for a walk in the country.”

“I reckon 2020 will go down in history books as the ‘Year of the Pestilence’. “This Covid thing is about the worst thing that’s happened to humanity for a long time.” He took a sip of his coffee. “But I’ve made something for you that may keep you amused while we have to stay indoors.”

Gary looked up, interested. “Yeah? Is that what all the banging and hammering was about in the workshop?”

“Indeed it is. Finish your coffee and let’s go look.”

Gary started to head for the workshop but Nick stopped him. “Not there. The playroom.”

Gary raised his eyebrows and changed direction.

The two floor-to-ceiling wooden spread-eagling posts in the middle of the room had had something extra added to them: in front of them was a strange construction of metal and wood. It stood waist-high, and consisted of a frame which supported, very solidly, what appeared to be a rubber tube, the open end of which pointed towards the posts. But there was a complicated arrangement of gears and a motor attached to it.

“What the hell is that?”

Nick smiled. “Today, Gary, you are going to start wearing this.” He held up something else Gary hadn’t seen before: a black chastity device.

Gary’s mouth fell open. “A chastity cage? But why?”

“You complain of boredom because of this lockdown. Lack of interest in just about everything. After you’ve worn this for a few days I think you’ll be less bored, and more interested in a lot of things...”

Gary spent every available moment wanking – there was little else to do. Surely not being able to do that would make things even worse. “But -”

“No ‘but’s, Gary. You will wear this.”

Gary dropped his eyes. “Yes Sir.” The thought of not being able to wank was horrifying. “Will I ever be able to cum?”

Nick smiled. “Ah. Well, that will be entirely up to you. And that’s where this little machine I made comes in.” He put his hand on the frame with the rubber tube. Gary noticed the inside was covered in black leather.

“I don’t know how often yet – we’ll have to see how it goes – but every day, or every week, or whatever, I will spread eagle you to the posts and put your hard cock into this sleeve. You will then have a certain length of time to fuck it and make yourself cum. If you do, all well and good. If not, you’ll have to wait until next time to try again.”

“That is evil. That is sadistic.”

“I thought so. But it gets slightly worse. Observe.” He indicated the rubber tube. “At the moment it’s a very close fit for your cock. It will grip it tightly. But...” Nick pressed a button on the machine and the motor began to whir. Very gradually the sleeve – which Gary now saw was in two halves, split lengthways, began to separate: the two halves moving apart slowly.

“I can set the time it takes to open from two minutes down to a couple of seconds. Now, when it’s fully closed you’ll be able to cum easily. The leather in the tube will grip your cock nicely. But when it’s fully open it’ll hardly be touching your cock at all and, I hope, you won’t be able to cum from fucking it.”

Gary was frowning. “I don’t understand.”

“Well, you start fucking the tube, and I start the motor. You’ll have to try to make yourself cum before it opens too much to let you.”

Gary’s mouth was open again. “You are a fiendish bastard. Sir.”

“I try.” Nick closed the tube again. “So. It’s Saturday today. I think we’ll have the first session on, what, shall we say Wednesday?”

Four days? That’s inhuman! I’ll need to cum before then!”

Gary smirked. “Yes, I know you will. Now stand still while I fit this.” He locked the chastity device onto Gary’s cock.

* * *

Gary was bursting. By Saturday night he’d needed to cum. By Sunday night he’d been climbing the walls. It was Monday now and he was sat in his bedroom with a mirror in his hand, desperately trying to see if there was any way he could get this thing off his cock without it being detected by Nick. There was no way. The device was hard, strong and rigid, and it was held closed by a silly little plastic thing the shape of a small, flat padlock. It wouldn’t open, but it could be cut off easily – though Nick would know immediately, of course. It even had its own unique number on it so that it couldn’t be replaced with another lock – the number on the new one would be different and so, again, the tampering would be evident. And Gary didn’t know where Nick had put the locks anyway.

He was so fucking horny. Inside the device his cock couldn’t get fully hard – although it wanted to very badly indeed – and it was uncomfortable when it tried. But even the feel of the device between his legs everywhere he went, whatever he was doing, kept his mind on it and so made him more horny. It was torture, plain and simple – and it wasn’t fucking fair. He threw the mirror down and flopped onto the bed in frustration.

Tuesday was unbearable. All he could think about was sex, although he did enjoy fixing the bird table in the back garden; it had needed doing for weeks. Perhaps Nick was right, he thought: he was getting more interested in things. But when he wasn’t occupied with anything else, the increasingly insistent messages from his cock got through: “Oi! I need to cum! Now!”

All day Tuesday the only thing he was capable of thinking about was tomorrow: of fucking that black leather-lined tube. Release at last!

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny. “How you doing with the chastity device?” Gary was beaming.

“Huh. I need to cum. You have no idea how much I need to cum.”

“Good. Well, you’ll have a chance this evening.”

Gary looked startled. “Tonight? Why not now?”

“It won’t be four days since I put it on you until ten o’clock tonight. That’s when we’ll go into the playroom.”

“Oh fuck. Another day of this torture?”

“You must learn to occupy yourself with other things. Listen – why don’t you give the playroom a spring clean? It could do with it.”

“Is that an order, Sir?” Gary didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the idea.

Nick considered. “Yes, it’s an order.”

An hour later Gary realised that Nick had much, much more of a sadistic streak than he’d ever imagined. Each object he held and cleaned – the heavy restraint equipment, the hoods and blindfolds, the gags, collars, cuffs, ropes, chains – made him ever more desperate to have them used on him. His cock ached inside the plastic cage as he dusted and cleaned the very things that turned him on so much.

Dinner was a quiet affair. Gary was sullen.

“Look Gary, if you don’t buck up I’ll cancel tonight’s session and you’ll go for another four days without the chance to cum. Up to you.”

“It’s all right for you, Sir – you can cum whenever you want. I’ve been desperate to cum since Saturday.”

“I know you have. That is the point. You’re supposed to like being controlled. That was the first thing you ever said to me, that you wanted to be controlled completely. Well, you’re being controlled.”

Gary sniffed. “I know, Sir. But it’s different from being tied up or edged or flogged or having my tits worked on. That I can deal with. But this, this doesn’t go away. I can’t think of anything but sex. Cumming.”

“Doesn’t it feel good to be horny?”

Gary thought about this. “Yeah, it feels great. But I want to cum.”

“Instant gratification, that’s your trouble. You have to learn to pleasures of delayed gratification. You have to grow up.”

Gary sighed. “I suppose you’re right. As usual, Sir.” He smiled.

“Good.” Nick looked at his watch. “Four hours until ten o’clock. How are you doing with the playroom?”

“Almost done, Sir. Just the floor and the posts to polish.”

“Ok. Well that will keep you out of mischief for the evening. Ten o’clock will be here before you know it.” He stretched. “I’m horny. I’m going to go and have a wank. See you later.”

* * *

Gary’s cock sprang out like a flagpole as Nick removed the chastity device. Oh God it felt good to be free of that thing. The black leather-lined tube of the machine was in front of him and looked unimaginably inviting.

Nick looked around admiringly. “ You’ve made a good job of the room.” He turned his attention to the machine. Now, how long shall I set this for?” Asked Nick. “You’re horny, aren’t you?” He tapped his finger on the control dial thoughtfully. “How about fifteen seconds?”

Fifteen seconds?” Gary was as horny as fuck, but it would take him longer than that, wouldn’t it? “No! Much longer!”

“No, I think fifteen seconds is about right. You should be horny enough to cum by then.”

“And how long do I have to wait for the next try if I don’t cum this time?”

“I think another four days will do.”

“Fuck off! That’s impossible!”

Nick waited, but the ‘Sir’ didn’t come. “Ten seconds.”

“Noooo!” Gary wailed.

“Be careful – I can make it less...”

“Sir. Yes sir. Fifteen seconds is good. Thank you Sir!”

“No, not fifteen, ten.”

Gary groaned. “Yes Sir,” he whispered.

“Ok.” Nick moved the frame closer and inserted Gary’s hard cock into the tube. It was a very tight fit. “Go!” Gary began to fuck the tube and Nick started the motor.

Eight seconds. Oh fuck – that felt so unbelievably good!

Six seconds. “N-n-n nearly there!” Gary panted. But the motor was separating the tube and there was much less friction on his cock now.

Four seconds. He struggled to make himself cum quickly. He could feel his spunk building up and the very beginnings of orgasm approaching.

Two seconds. He could feel the leather brushing his cock lightly but there just wasn’t enough pressure to let him cum. He fucked the tube hard, doing everything he could to rub his cock head against the leather, but it was only touching the sides of the ridge, and then only occasionally.

“Time.” Nick stopped the machine and pulled it away. Gary’s cock waved in empty air.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Gary had been so close – on the very edge of cumming – but that fucking machine had gradually loosened its grip on his cock and he hadn’t been able to cum.

“Looks like you’re gonna have blue balls for the next few days.”

Gary hung his head in despair. “You should have been a torturer. Sir.”

Nick smiled and poured cold water from a beaker onto the hard cock. “Got to get it soft again so the chastity device can go back on.”

“Oh fuck, not another four days. I’ll go insane.”

“Perhaps. But at least you’ll be horny.”

* * *

It was Thursday morning and they’d just finished breakfast again.

“How long are you going to keep me in chastity and fucking that tube every four days?”

“Well, the government will decide that.”


“This is amusement for you while the lockdown is on. When the government decide to lift it, we can stop.” He lifted a corner of his mouth. “Unless you’ve got to like it by then. I should think another couple of months, that’s what they’re suggesting on the news.”

“Another two months? ” Gary was about to complain again, but then he thought hmm, two months of being horny all the time. It did feel good. In fact it felt very good – not just being horny, but the feeling of being controlled. He’d never been controlled like this before and it was… very interesting. In fact, he realised with a surprised start, he was loving it.

Nick was looking at Gary, and smiling slightly. “Now, my bike leathers and all my leather jeans need cleaning. I want you go into the bedroom and polish all of them. Everything - jackets, jeans, boots – the lot.”

At first Gary looked very pleased. Black leather was his biggest fetish – the feel of it, the sound of it and the smell of it all made him want to cum.

Want to cum. Oh fuck. No.

Nick’s smile got bigger as he watched realisation dawn on Gary’s face. “I want you to do it on the bed - put the leather sheet on top of the duvet so you don’t get polish on it.” And then, as an afterthought, he added: “Oh, and strip naked before you start.”

Gary’s jaw dropped. The man wanted him to sit on the bed - with black leather – his greatest fetish object – all over his bare thighs, and polish them? While sitting on more leather? Inside the plastic cage, his cock was already trying to get hard again. His eyes closed to a squint. “You are a fucking bastard. ” He said very slowly.

Nick smiled and raised his eyebrows expectantly.

Suddenly a laugh bubbled up and Gary had to try hard to keep it in.“Sir!” he added.

Oh, he loved this man.