The Telemachus Story Archive

Alien Abduction
By Hooder

Alien Abduction

Laine had been fixing the fence over at the west field – a couple of cows had escaped again yesterday - but it had got too dark to work, so he’d decided he’d finish it in the morning. His dad and mum were away for a week and this was the first time they’d left him to look after the farm on his own. He wanted them to be impressed.

As he drove the Jeep back in through the gate he frowned – there was a glow coming from behind the old barn. At first he thought it must be another car, but there was no road there and it was unlikely anyone had driven over the ploughed field. Also the light was too greenish to be headlights. Puzzled, he pulled on the handbrake, picked up the flashlight and got out. His gumboots sank into the earth, still muddy from the weekend’s rain.

The strange glow seemed to be coming from somewhere near the well on the far side of the building. He stepped onto the concrete that ran along the wall of the barn and walked slowly and quietly towards the end, his boots leaving black footprints behind him.

The Visitor hadn’t intended to stop here – he was conducting one of the general surveillance runs that many of his kind were doing – but he’d noticed the opportunity to refuel when a source of clean water had showed up on his ship’s screens. Silently, the gravity drive of his small craft had lowered it to the ground by the well, and he’d set the system to fill the tanks. It would take a few minutes, so he walked around for a while, enjoying the way the mud squelched around his feet and between his toes. Even at night this was, he thought, a pleasant planet. He’d been to a lot worse.

He’d assumed he was alone, that there was nobody around for miles - the farm had been in total darkness – so he looked up, startled, at the sound of the Jeep. They’d only just begun on this planet and there had been no contact with this world’s races so far; it wasn’t really his place to be first – there were protocols for that sort of thing - however, he thought that the powers that be might be very pleased with him if he could temporarily capture one: he might be able to get some vaulable data on how they worked, what made them tick - and the medbay in the ship would provide good facilities. That would put him in good standing and could even lead to a promotion. Undecided as to whether he should, he looked back and forth from the water-loading machinery to the headlights the other side of the barn. They weren’t moving any more.

He wasn’t certain what to do. It would take some time to stop the water loading, reset the machinery and take off, and that could well attract the attention of anyone who was nearby. He came to a decision: he’d go and have a careful look. If it was just one human he’d bring him back to the ship, do an examination and collect some data. If not, by that time the refuelling would be finished and he could take off sharpish.

His feet made very little noise as he moved to the wall of the old barn and walked cautiously towards the corner. From there he should be able to see what was going on. This was a new planet on the list, and very little was known yet about its inhabitants; but he was young, fit, and stronger than many of his kind – he’d always enjoyed exercising, and his body was in good shape – so he was confident as he appoached the corner.

Laine stopped at the end of the barn wall and took a deep breath, then he peered around it.

The Visitor stopped, extended his neck, and looked around the corner.

Laine screamed.

The Visitor screamed.

They were face to face, just a few inches apart.

All sentient beings have their own instinctive reflex when faced with sudden danger from a possible predator or enemy. The Visitor’s was to let fly with a mental signal that caused others to like them, to react in an extremely friendly way, and to do them no harm.

Laine’s was to hit the Visitor over the head with the flashlight.

Laine opened his eyes. His head hurt – it felt exactly as if he’d hit himself on the top of it with a flashlight. He looked up, and his eyes widened even more - with pure, unbridled lust . The fact that the figure strapping his ankle down to a table was clearly an alien – with smooth, rubbery black skin; large sunken blue eyes; a bald head and a snout - was making no difference: to Laine at that moment this was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen and he fancied him like fuck.

The Visitor saw that the boy was awake. He tilted his head slightly. He’d been lucky in that he’d reacted quickly when he’d seen the boy raise the weapon, the mind signal he’d sent causing the effects of the blow to rebound onto his attacker. The thing in the boy’s hand had still hit him between the ears, but the skulls of his kind were very thick. No harm had been done. Subsequent inspection had revealed that the ‘weapon’ had in fact been a portable light source.

While the alien stared at him, Laine ran his eyes unbelievingly down the creature’s body. It was wearing some sort of thin armour: a kind of silvery, short, tactical vest made of what looked like very fine, spun metal covered the top half down to just above the slim, naked waist; and the creature’s legs were encased in what looked like very tight rubber combat trousers, but much stronger – with an eye-wateringly big, rounded, perfectly trianguar bulge between the thighs. The large, splayed feet were smooth and naked, as were the six-fingered hands. The boy noticed that there was a slightly discoloured bump on the creature’s long neck. He felt sad that maybe this beautiful creature had been injured sometime in its past.

Laine returned his gaze to the amazing face. The creature’s own skin – as much of it as was visible – was leathery: it was mainly black, with bronze splotches here and there. The eyes were looking at him.

“Hello,” said Laine. Given his circumstances, he felt strangely calm. “What are you?”

The Visitor seemed to be thinking. Moments later a sound like an electronic hum began. It began very low, but rose slowly in pitch for a while, and then it leveled out and the creature made some clicking sounds with its mouth.

Laine frowned. “I don’t understand. Do you speak our language?”

The clicking sounds started again, and gradually morphed into what could possibly have been an attempt at words.

“d.d.d.dy…… w……….. spspspsps….kkk… rrrr l.l.l.l.l.l.g.j...

Laine shook his head slowly, still not understanding. God, he thought, this creature was hot. Every time it moved its snout he wanted to kiss it. Other things he wanted to do had also occurred to him.

“d.d.d.o.o.o.o.o y.o.u.u.u. s.p.p.p.p.eak o.o.ur lan.g..uage”

Laine grinned. That had sounded like a very bad phone connection, with sharp clicks and fricatives interspersed in it, but he’d understood it. “’Do you speak our language!’ Yes!”

The creature tilted its head the other way.

“Fucking hell you are sexy,” whispered Laine.

“Ssse.xy. Th.ank you.”

Laine smiled again. “I’m Laine. My name is Laine.”

“L.l.aine. Y.y.our is Laine.” The Visitor paused. “ name is,” and then it produced something quite unintelligible with what sounded like lots of ‘x’s in it.

“Hmm. That’s no good. I’ll call you Gonk. Easier for me.”


“Gonk. Do you like that?”

“A is as good as an.nother name.”

“Right, That’s sorted.”

The visitor – aka Gonk – considered. He had intended to conduct a thorough physical examination on the boy, but communication of a sort had been established, so it might be better to gather psych data first, he thought. The specimen - ‘Laine’ - didn’t seem hostile; in fact quite the reverse. He pulled up a stool and sat down at the side of the medical table. His superiors were going to be very pleased with this one, he thought.

“ old you?”

“I’m eighteen. You?”

The alien thought for a while. “ of your y.ears.”

“You have a beautiful body. I want to kiss you.”

Gonk blinked. “K.kiss me?”

“Oh yes.”

For a moment it seemed like Gonk was hurriedly turning the pages of some mental dictionary. “K.kiss. Oh.” This was very strange. But the boy was strapped down, and it may well prove educational data. “Ok. K.kiss me.”

“You’ll have to come here and bend down. Put your face right in front of mine.”

Gonk hesitated. Humans posessed teeth. He was fond of his snout and did not want it bitten off.


Cautiously Gonk bent down, ready to move out of range at the least provocation. Laine kissed him on the only bit he could reach: the end of his snout. The boy closed his eyes and purred in pleasure.

Gonk’s eyes opened wide in panic and he pulled his head back sharply. But nothing unpleasant had happened, so he relaxed a little.

Laine had a satisfied smile on his lips. “Mmmm...”


“That was nice.”

“W.w.what w.w.was.s t.t.t.tha….t? W.w.wy d.d.d.did you” Nerves had made his speech not so good again.

“That’s called kissing. It’s a good thing.”

“K.k.k.issing. W.w.what is its p.purrpose?”

Laine had to think about that. “It’s an expression of emotion. Love. Lust.”

“ L.l.l.ust.” He was consulting his internal dictionary again. “ Ah. Yes. L.lust,” His eyes opened wide again and his head shook from side to side. “! N.n.not l.l.l.lusssst! No!”

Laine’s mouth curved upwards again slowly. His eyes moved to the inviting bulge in the creature’s combats.

“May I stroke you please – just there?”

Gonk looked down at where the boy’s eyes were pointing. He seemed less nervous, but puzzled. “W.why do w.want to strokke my craj?”

“Your what?”


“Just let me. Please. You’ll see.”

Not understanding, but seeing no harm in it, the creature positioned the big, sexy bulge within the reach of Laine’s fingers. They stroked and squeezed.

“Doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t it make you feel horny?”

Again Gonk seemed to be looking up the meaning of words. “Hhhhorny. Craj.” Then a strange gurgling sound erupted from him. He closed his eyes and his snout bobbed up and down. Although the creature was an alien, it appeared that it was capable of laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

Gonk unfastened a couple of press-studs and opened the bulging pouch.

Inside was a tight wad of dense, green cotton-like material. Nothing else.

There was a disbelieving expression on Laine’s face. “What is that?”

Gonk got his laughter under control. “Craj. It is food.”


“Yes. You w.would it emergggggency rations. We always carry craj.”

“But… But if that’s not your – your cock, where is it?”

“C.cock. Male bird. No. Ah. Oh. Cock. Yes. We not have a c.cock.”

“What? No cock?” Laine was confused. “Are you female?”

“No. I am male.”

“Well how do you – you know, make other Gonks?”

The creature lifted its head and touched the bump on its neck. “There.”

Laine looked at the bump again. It seemed that it wasn’t the result of an injury. “That is your cock?”

“No. Not cock. That is – you w.would not be able to pp.pronounce it. That is what makes us,” he tried to remember the word, “horny. Yes. Horny.”

“By touching it? Stroking it? Playing with it?”

Grok seemed to be looking slightly uncomfortable. “Yes,” he said.

“And then what? What happens when you get horny enough?”

Gonk shook his head. “That is p.p.rivate thing.” He must tell his superiors, he thought to himself, to be very careful with the mental signals they used on these humans - it seemed that they were much more susceptible to them than most other races. The one he’d sent to this boy at the barn appeared to have become very deeply rooted in him and as yet, showed no sign of fading: this human wished to have sex with him.

Laine looked at the creature; he wanted to devour him. But then, he wondered, how do you have sex with a creature with anatomy that’s so different? If a creature has no cock, keeps food in its bulge and has a bump on its neck, where do you start?

Interesting, thought Gonk – the first thing this human had wanted to talk about was sex. He wondered if they were all like that. It seemed very important to him.

Laine glanced at the straps holding him down to the table. They looked ridiculously weak – but looks, he knew, could be deceptive. Experimentally, he pulled his arms and legs to test them – and all four of the straps broke easily. He sat up.

Gonk had frozen in terror. These humans posessed unbelievable strength! Those straps would have kept the most powerful of his kind helpless.

Laine reached out his hand and stroked his fingertips over the bump on Gonk’s neck.

The effect was immediate: Gonk’s blue eyes dilated, his body moved sensuously, and a strange rasping sound came from him. Then he pulled himself together and moved back quickly. “No! must not that!”



Laine stood up. Gonk looked up at him nervously – the boy was quite a bit taller than him. A little exploration revealed how the silvery tactical vest unfastened (it seemed that Velcro was universal) and he opened it wide. Gonk had pecs – well-developed ones, too - but without any nipples. The boy leaned down and licked the creature’s chest all over, quiet moans of pleasure coming from him as he did so. His head moved gradually downwards. Although that bulge between the creature’s legs was not what it would have been on a human male, it nevertheless still exerted a magnetic attraction for him and he licked the rubbery surface lovingly. Thighs, however, were thighs, and Gonk’s were wonderful. Laine spent a lot of time on them while the alien remained totally motionless, daring to do absolutely nothing to antagonise this human.

When Laine reached his knees, however, the creature’s legs started to tremble and he began to make that rasping noise again. Laine smiled: it seemed that Gonk had erogenous zones after all. He went to work on the knees, knowing at last that he was turning the sexy creature on.

“N.n.n.n.o. Ssstop. Please sstop.”

Laine had the feeling that the protests were now less sincere than they had been. He gripped Gonk’s shoulders gently and moved him onto the table. Then he sat on the edge of it and held the creature’s head down gently. Either the creature wasn’t trying to escape or his muscles were a lot weaker than they looked. He licked the bump. The texture of the skin under his tongue was smooth, and he thought he could feel slight movement – but it may have been his imagination.

He ran his fingers over it, squeezed it gently – everything he would have done to a human cock head (not that he’d ever experienced one first-hand, but he knew exactly what to do from the gay porn sites he visited every night). There was no cock shaft or balls to work on but that didn’t bother him. His own cock was hard in his jeans and he needed to cum very badly.

Gonk was making an assortment of odd noises – the rasping was there all the time but now there were other things in the sound as well. And they seemed to be getting more urgent by the minute.

Laine moved to lick that bulge between the creature’s legs again – even though it did nothing for Gonk. It most certainly did for him.

“N.N.N.NO! D.D.D.D.D.D.D.Don’t SSSSTOP!”

Laine looked up. And smiled. It appeared that aliens could be edged as well. He went back to working on the bump, but much slower this time. There was now no need to hold him immobile – Gonk had no wish to go anywhere at the moment.

“F.F.F.F.F.FASTER! HH.HARDER!” Gonk was trying to get his other hand to the bump but Laine easily held it down.

The boy continued at exactly the same slow speed as before.

“P.please! In the innterests of g.g.g.galactic rel.l.lations – f.f.f.f.aster!!”

Laine took pity on him. “Oh all right.” He stroked the bump faster now, pressing harder.

Suddenly the creature’s head exploded.

At least that was what Laine thought had happened. Gonk’s snout opened very wide, he hiccupped, and stuff flew out of it. The boy was covered in pale blue gunk.

He stopped working on the bump. Gonk was breathing hard, his snout moving up and down, closing and opening, slower and slower.

“I assume you’ve cum.”

The creature was incapable of saying anything for a while, but then he regrouped. A loud, long snort came from him. “Th.that was ac.c.c.ceptable. Yes. Very ac.ceptable.”

Laine couldn’t wait any longer. He unzipped his jeans and got his hard cock out and began to wank himself off. Gonk stared at the process in fascination.


Laine’s hand paused.

“M.may I?”

Laine considered. “Ok.”

Gonk sat up, wiped some gunk off, then moved closer to the boy. He took the hard cock in his right hand and began to wank it in the way he’d seen Laine do it. The boy feasted his eyes on the creature’s shiny black body and ran his fingers over the craj. “Oh fuck yeah...” He moaned.

Seconds later he was cumming. His spunk landed on Gonk’s hand and thighs. He shuddered. “Oh fuck YES!”

When his orgasm was over he opened his eyes and grinned at the creature. “Thank you, alien.”

“Thank.k you human.”

Laine put his arms around the slender body and hugged him. At first Gonk didn’t know what to make of this – he thought the powerful boy was going to crush him - and his own arms flailed in the air, but then it became obvious that this was a gesture of affection and he hugged the boy back.

Gonk was amazed at the sheer power in the boy’s arms. In spite of the fact that he himself was a fit, strong individual, there was no way his muscles could compare with those of Laine’s. Unless the boy was an unusually strong human, they were going to have to be very careful not to engage them in any fights.

“I want a cup of tea. Do you like tea?”

After a second or two Gonk replied, “Tea y.yes. I had it once. Bu.t not hhot like you it – c.cold.”

“I can do that. Follow me.”

They got off the table and he led the alien into the farm house, putting the kettle on for himself. For Gonk he just soaked a tea bag in cold water.

They sat, farm boy and alien, drinking tea and talking, in Laine’s kitchen. Gonk was fascinated with the cooking equipment and wanted detailed explanations of all the domestic technology. Laine asked him about his own world, and listened with wide eyes as Gonk explained how life was on his home planet.

But every time Gonk moved, Laine’s cock got harder again. He had never imagined such a sexy creature could exist. He wanted to lick him all over. So he did.

Gonk was getting used to this sort of thing by now, and allowed the boy to enjoy himself. But when he started teasing his knees his breathing changed. “, n.not a.gain...”

Laine smiled. “Oh yes. Come here.”

The two learned a great deal about each other’s bodies over the following hours. Gonk had, some time ago, abandoned all protests and entered into the spirit of things with enthusiasm. As for Laine, he couldn’t get enough of the alien. By the time the first rays of the morning sun appeared through the window, both the kitchen and the bedroom were awash in human spunk and alien gunk.

They lay, exhausted, together on the bed.

“I hhad b.b.better go, Laine. I must be on my w.way.”

Laine looked at Gonk, and he was getting yet another erection. There was just no way he could let this creature go. He shook his head. He, too, had felt the difference in strength between them, and he knew that he could do anything he wanted with him. Not, he suspected, that force would be necessary. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t know what you eat, Gonk, but you have those emergency rations – and you probably have some more in your ship. And there is unlimited tea. My parents are not going to be back for a week, and so you are staying. We are going to have a lot of fun.

“ cannot do thiss! This is abduction!”

Laine rolled over and lay on top of him. He looked down at the rubbery black face, then kissed him slowly on the snout, his fingers reaching for the alien’s knees.

“Yes it is,” he said.