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A Surprise for Michael
By Hooder

A Surprise for Michael

As always on a Saturday I’d been round at Gary’s playing video games, but his sister had come back home with her new boyfriend in tow. I don’t get on with her, and I knew I’d feel like a spare part anyway if I stayed, so I’d come home earlier than usual.

The house was in darkness when I got back so I guessed my little brother Mike was out somewhere. I kicked off my shoes, got a beer from the fridge and padded upstairs to my bedroom. Halfway up the stairs I froze – I could see a dim light coming from under my bedroom door. There’d been no sign of forced entry so I didn’t think there was a burglar in there (but I changed my grip on the beer bottle just in case). No, the only one it could be was brother Michael. If it was, he was in for some very serious slapping. I tiptoed up to the door, took a deep breath and opened it slowly and silently.

It was indeed Mike. He was sitting in my chair, his staring, wide-eyed face lit up by the light from my computer screen. His shorts were round his ankles, one hand was tweaking a nipple and the other was wrapped around his hard cock and wanking it furiously.

The deep breath came in useful:What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I yelled.

He jumped so violently that he actually fell out of the chair, which scooted on its castors over towards the bed. He was half sitting, half lying on the floor, looking up at me in panic.

“I – I -”

“Do not say a fucking word. Not a word. Stay there. Do not move.” I walked over to my desk and looked at the screen. At least he’d chosen a sexy photo. I shut it down, turned and looked at him. I was fuming.

What to do? Mike and I have never hit each other - not once – but at that moment I felt like giving him a sound thrashing. He was a well-developed boy now, but I was still a lot bigger – and still a lot stronger. Our rooms were sacrosanct: I never went into his and he didn’t come into mine - that had been the rule since we’d been little. And quite apart from that, my embarrassment that he knew now what kind of porn I liked was, I suspected, fuelling my anger. He’d always known I was gay, but as far as I was aware he hadn’t known I was into kinky stuff. I told myself to calm down.

Then I thought about how much he’d seemed to be getting off on that porn, and that gave me an idea.

“Get up.”

He pulled himself to his feet, one hand trying to cover his cock (which I noticed had gone soft) and the other trying to pull his shorts back up.

I opened a drawer and took out something which I kept hidden behind my back, then moved the chair out of the way and went over to the bed. “Come here.”

He reluctantly came over to me.

“Take your shorts off.”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t argue – I’m not in the mood for your arguing. And you were keen enough to take them down when you were looking at my computer...”

His face went red as he stepped out of his shorts.

I brought the handcuffs out and locked his wrists in front of him.

“What you doing?”

“I said shut it! In fact...” Another rummage in the drawer produced a gag, which I got into his mouth and strapped on around his head.

I sat down and pulled him over my knees. My left hand reached underneath and gripped his cock and balls to keep him there, and with my other hand I began to spank his bare arse.

The slaps could have been harder, but even so they made him yell. I gave him twenty sound ones on each cheek, and when it was done his arse was glowing nicely.

He stood up, moaning into the gag. Tears were running down his face, and he thought that was it.

“Oh, your punishment isn’t over yet, Michael. Not by a long way.”

The drawer contained quite a few items of a personalnature, one of which was a pair of quite strong tit-clips joined by a chain. I re-cuffed his wrists behind his back and carefully put the clips onto his nipples. He winced as they went on and yelled into the gag, but after a few seconds later I noticed that his cock seemed to like them.

I made him lie down and quickly fastened his ankles to the bottom of the bed frame with leather cuffs and ropes, then I knelt between his spread legs and poured some lube onto his cock.

“Mmmph? Whthfck...”

Ignoring his protests I took his cock in my hand and started to work on it slowly. After a few seconds it began to respond, and grew under my teasing fingers until it was fully erect. We don’t often see each other naked, but it’s happened occasionally and I saw that he’d filled out down there over the last couple of years. He’s seventeen now, and as I said, he’s a big boy. He’s also a very horny boy.

Mike had started to struggle when I’d begun to work on his cock, but now he’d stopped and was actually enjoying it. I smiled to myself – he had no idea what was coming.

My hand was moving up and down slowly. I intended to make him cum, but I didn’t want it to be too quick - for what I was going to do, I wanted his orgasm, when it happened, to be as intense as possible - and for that I needed to spend some time building the pressure up. Now and again I put a hand flat on one of the nipple clips and pressed down, or moved them about a bit. His face screwed up when I did this, but I felt his cock stiffen each time too.

I poured more lube onto it, and also onto my middle finger. The finger I inserted into his arsehole. This caused much struggling, but in it went, and it stayed there. I could feel his sphincter muscles gripping it. I massaged his arsehole gently until I felt it begin to relax, then I removed the finger, found the butt plug I keep under the pillow, and inserted that instead. It’s not large, but even so his body arched off the bed as it went in, but once he’d got used to it he calmed down again. All kinds of muffled sounds were coming from behind the gag. I guessed he’d not had anything in there before, and I was happy to be introducing him to the experience. I considered giving him some poppers too, but I decided that they would make things too easy for him.

I worked on him for a long time, getting him to the edge and then stopping, over and over again. His cock had been leaking precum for some time now, and he was beside himself with the need to cum. I was certain he’d never experienced being edged before, and I knew that it’s something that can be difficult to handle even if you’re used to it. There was panic in his eyes again – this time from desperation for release - and behind the gag he was begging me to let him cum. But this was part of his punishment and I wanted him to suffer.

Eventually I decided to make him shoot. I pulled his balls gently, gripped his cock a little more firmly, with my thumb rubbing the head with each movement of my hand, and with long strokes I milked the boy. After only a couple of seconds a loud, wild scream came from him, his body arched again, and he began to cum.

As his spunk started to pump out into my hand, I pushed and rotated the butt plug. He came big-time, his muscles tensed and his back lifted several inches off the bed.

I continued milking him until every drop of spunk had been ejected and the rhythmic jerking of his cock in my hand had subsided. He fell back onto the bed, exhausted.

I knew exactly what was going through his mind: if this was punishment, he might just make sure he got caught looking at my porn again. Poor boy. He had never heard of post-orgasm torture.

His cock was still rock hard – he’d only just finished cumming. I pulled it back towards me to make it as sensitive as possible, then began palming and rubbing his naked cock head. He went ballistic.

“Now, listen carefully.” My hand continued to work on the hypersensitive head. “My room is out of bounds. Do you understand that?”

His head nodded violently. “Mph. Mppphhhh!”

I carried on rubbing his cock, working on all of it, but paying particular attention to the head – especially the ridges and the frenulum. The tiniest movement of my hand made his body jerk, and drew desperate yells from him – and most of my movements were not tiny. He was thrashing about under me, struggling to get his cock away from my hands, but I had no intention of letting him. I reached between his legs and gripped the end of the butt plug. “If I ever catch you in here again, what I’m doing now will be a walk in the fucking park to what I will do to you.” I pushed the plug in hard, turned it back and forth a few times, then pulled it out quickly. He screamed into the gag.

His cock was beginning to go soft now but I went back to polishing and rubbing the head anyway. It was still wonderfully effective.

“And if you want to look at porn, get… your...fucking...”

I pulled the chain joining the nipple clips hard. Both of them came off together. He screamed, but my voice was louder.


I let go of his cock and took his tits between my fingers and thumbs. I squeezed, massaged, rolled and pinched them mercilessly. He learned that while blood is returning to nipples that have had clamps on them for a while, the very best thing to do is not even to touch them.That made him scream again, and he bucked around so violently that it took all my strength to stay on top of him.

I let go of his nipples and sat back. “All right. I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

He was panting, and saliva was running down at the side of the gag. But I noticed his eyes were fixed on my crotch. I looked down and realised that I had a stonking hard-on in my jeans. I got off the bed and turned away from him to hide it.

After I’d released him, he hung his head and apologised properly for what he’d done.

It was two days later that there came a soft knock on my bedroom door. “Yeah? Come in.”

“Can I talk to you?” Mike looked uncertain, and a bit afraid.

“Course you can. Come and sit down.”

He sat on the bed, looking down at his feet.

I frowned. “Something wrong, bro?”

He shook his head. “No, not really.”

I waited.

“Look, this is difficult. What you did to me the other day...”


“Well… I kinda liked it. I liked it a lot.” He made a sort of embarrassed coughing sound.

I sighed. The boy was incorrigible. “That was supposed to be a punishment.”

“I know. And what you did to my tits was. But what you were doing to my cock… Oh fuck. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I didn’t know it was possible.”

“Edging. Making a boy want to cum but not letting him.”

“Yeah. Oh yeah.” I noticed his cock getting hard in his jeans just at the thought.

I looked at my watch. “Well I don’t have anything else to do for half an hour. Strip, and lie on the bed,” I said.

I tied him down securely, with a pillow under his arse to raise his pelvis, then I got changed into my leather jeans, boots and jacket. He knew that I wore these on my motorbike, but he didn’t know I also wore them for pervy sex. He asked me why I’d put my leather gear on.

I looked him in the eye and smiled slowly. “Because it makes sadistic .”

From the wardrobe I took a few items: a hood, some poppers, a slightly more gentle pair of nipple clips, lube, a vibrating butt plug, and a couple of very soft, pointed feathers. By the time I’d got him hooded, plugged, and his tits clamped, his steel-hard cock had already been dripping precum for a while.

I gave my own hard cock a squeeze through my tight black leather jeans. I was going to enjoy this. He wanted edging? No problem. I intended to edge the little bastard out of his fucking mind.

Holding his cock pointing towards me I stroked the point of the feather over his frenulum just once. His body arched and he let out an urgent gasp.

The feel of my jeans holding my hard cock in their tight leather grip was so horny; I knew that feeling would encourage me to make the boy suffer a very great deal. I squeezed my fingers around the base of his cock and then, very slowly, took the head between my hot, wet lips.

I chuckled. Not only did I have the next half-hour free - I didn’t actually have anything else to do for the rest of the day. Three or four hours of unbearable edging might make him think twice about asking for it again in the future.

But knowing Mike, I doubted it very much.