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The Boy In The Wardrobe
By Hooder

The Boy in the Wardrobe

Wearing only a pair of blue Adidas shorts, Mark padded out of the shower and back to the bedroom, whistling contentedly: he'd almost got it all sorted. Mark's father was away in London on his weekly visit and, as always, would be staying overnight (Mark was never quite sure what he did there every week - although he suspected some woman was involved, as the man would move heaven and earth mot to miss the weekly trip), and Tina, the girl Mark had been working on for the last three months, had finally given in. Tonight, for the first time, he was going to fuck her! Actually, it would be the first time he'd had  any  girl - and at nineteen, he'd finally have to stop lying to his mates about his conquests. It wasn't that he hadn't tried, but it just didn't seem to be that easy. Anyway, it was all sorted.

Well, almost. The only remaining fly in the ointment was Donny, Mark's younger brother. Mark loved Donny, but he could be a real pain in the ass when he tried - and he was trying very hard right now. Mark had attempted all kinds of ploys to get the kid out of the house for the night: he'd offered to give him money to go to the cinema; he'd said he'd arrange for Mark to stay with his uncle Harry overnight (Harry had a gigantic train set, and Donny loved to play with it) - but all Mark had succeeded in doing was to make the boy suspicious. "Why do you want me out of the house Mark?" He'd asked, his big blue eyes radiating innocence. "What's going on?" Donny had all of Mark's cute good looks, but whereas the older boy was firm and muscular, and his blond hair was cut in a flat-top, Donny was still very boyish - a fact which his long, wheat-blond hair accenuated. Of course Mark couldn't tell him he intended to fuck a girl for the first time in his life - that would be the one thing that would ensure the little bastard stayed around and ruined everything - and so he'd resigned himself to not being able to get rid of the brat, and had applied his mind to ways of putting the boy out of action at home. A collection of bits and pieces he'd hidden in the bottom drawer would, he hoped, help in that respect.

"Hiya bro," Donny swept in and dumped his rollerblades on the floor. He made a beeline for the fridge and helped himself to a large chunk of chocolate cake.

"All right, Squirt?" Mark glanced at the clock - Tina would be here in less than an hour. Time to get moving. He took his cup of coffee into the bedroom which, as it was a small house, he and his brother shared - a fact which was causing most of the problems - and quickly changed into his army cammos and combat boots. Mark wasn't in the army, but he liked the gear, and it was fashionable. Then he pulled a black balaclava over his head, took a few items from the bottom drawer, and stood behind the door, waiting.

A couple of years ago little Donny had gone through a phase of loving anything that had to do with the British SAS. He collected books and videos about them, and had his own cammo uniform. It hadn't lasted too long, but he was still interested in them - and Mark was basing the success of his plan on that interest.

The door opened and Donny came in. He stopped in the middle of the room, and looked around, puzzled - he was sure Mark had come in here.

Silenty Mark grabbed the boy and quckly dropped a green canvas hood over his brother's head, then floored him. Holding him down with a knee in the middle of his back, Mark pulled the kid's arms behind his back and tied his wrists together with a plastic tie - in exactly the same way as he'd seen been done in one of the SAS videos.

"What the fuck...?" Donny's words were muffled inside the hood, but Mark paid no attention - he was tying the boy's ankles together with a piece of rope.

"What are you fucking doing? Have you gone mad?" Without Mark's weight holding him down, Donny started to struggle, but by now he was helpless. Mark lifted him onto the bed and lay him on his back. He returned to the bottom drawer and took out a large roll of black duct tape - and then, kneeling astride the kid's chest, removed the hood. Donny's eyes opened wide at the sight of his brother in full cammo gear and the black mask kneeling over him, and he started to smile. "You kidnapping me?"

Mark grinned under the balaclava. "Yep. You're wanted for questioning later. Right now, my orders are to keep you here - but there's gonna be an important meeting in this room, and you can't be allowed to witness any of it - so I gotta get you gagged, blindfolded, deafened, and helpless." He stuck the tape over the kid's mouth and wrapped it around his head several times, gagging the boy securely. Tearing off a shorter length, he then placed it over Donny's eyes to blindfold him, sticking it down carefully along the sides of his nose, so that he wouldn't be able to see anything at all.

Next, he turned the boy over so he was laying face down and, after tying the lad's wrists more comfortably - and securely - with rope, cut off the plasicuff. Pulling Donny's feet up behind his back, he roped his ankles tightly to his wrists, hogtying him. Mark tore open a pack of earplugs, rolled each one and inserted them carefully into the boy's ears, making sure they were positioned effectively, and then took his large stereo headphones and positioned them, using more duct tape around the boy's head to fix them immovably over his ears.

Mark checked the disc in the portable minidisc player - a non-stop compilation of the loudest heavy-metal music he'd been able to lay his hands on - plugged the headphones in, and attached the player to the waistband of Donny's blue jeans. Turning the volume up high, he switched it on. The minidisc would play for an hour or so before automatically starting again at the beginning - and the batteries were fresh.

Mark stepped back and looked at his handiwork. The kid was securely hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, earplugged, and had loud music playing into his ears. He was totally helpless, and couldn't see or hear a fucking thing. Excellent.

At that moment the doorbell rang. Shit - Tina was early. Mark not only didn't have time to change out of the cammos and combats, but Donny was still there on the bed, struggling and swearing quietly behind the gag. He pulled the balaclava off and threw it into the bottom drawer, opened the wardrobe, and - lifting Donny bodily, placed him inside as comfortably as possible. He blinked as he noticed that the lad had a stonking hard-on in his jeans, and Mark grinned as he closed the door. Mark listened for a moment and nodded - only barely perceptible, muffled grunts could be heard. Quickly, he turned on the stereo system and set it just loud enough to drown any extraneous noises, then ran downstairs to answer the door.

Tina's eyes opened wide at the sight of Mark in army cammos. She smiled coyly. "Hmm. You look good in that. How did you know I like men in uniform?" Mark let her in, they kissed, and he accompanied her into the living room smiling to himself - perhaps wearing the cammo gear was not such a bad idea after all.

An hour later - after a bottle of wine and a lot of heavy petting on the sofa, Mark led Tina up to the bedroom. He was already stripped to the waist (as was she), and they landed in a heap in the middle of the bed.

It was four minutes later, while Mark was trying to figure out how to get the condom packet undone, that the unfortunate coincidence occurred. The track on the stereo finished, and right in middle of the sudden silence, an unmistakable "fughing bastdddd' was heard to come from the wardrobe, followed by a soft thump of knee against door.

Tina blinked. Then her face took on a horrified expression "what the hell was that?"

Mark had frozen in the middle of attacking the condom packet with his teeth, but then he shrugged nonchalently. "Probably the neighbours. Don't worry about it."

But Tina wasn't to be put off so easily. "That came from inside this room. In fact it came from the wardrobe!" She extricated herself from underneath Mark and slipped off the bed.

"NO!" Mark tried to stop her, but before he could, she was halfway across the room. "It's - it's..." He watched helplessly as Tina opened the wardrobe door. "it's my brother," he finished lamely.

Her mouth agape, Tina stared at the struggling, hogtied boy - his mouth and eyes covered with black duct tape and the unmistakable sound of Iron Maiden coming from headphones taped to his ears. "Why is Donny in the wardrobe?"

Mark looked down at the kid and swallowed. "There was no way I could get rid of him for the night. The little bastard wouldn't take any of my bribes. We used to play SAS games, and he likes being tied up."

Tina saw the bulge of the boy's hard cock under his tight jeans. "I can see that." she said. "Does he know I'm here?"

"No. He can't see anything, can't hear anything, and can't get out of the ropes. He has no idea you're here."

Tina bent down and inspected the duct tape over the boy's eyes. "Are you sure?" She whispered.

"Oh yeah. I know how to do that sort of thing."

She straightened up and started to giggle. The giggle became a laugh, and soon both she and Mark were trying to contain their hysterics and shush each other. "It's ok," said Mark, gasping for breath, he can't hear a thing. That's heavy metal playing very loudly, and he's got earplugs in."

"Oh the poor thing. He doesn't look very comfy there. Get him out. Put him on the floor in the corner."

"Eh? But - "

"He can't see anything, right?"


A corner of Tina's mouth curled up in an odd kind of smile. "I kind of like the idea of him being out here while we... you know. And he can't see or hear anything..."

"That is kinky!" Mark said, and then he realized that the idea strangely appealed to him as well. "Ok. Stand back, he's heavy. Where do you want him?"

Tina looked around the room. "Put him right there," she pointed to a large beanbag on the floor at the side of the bed, "right where he would have a good view if he could see."

Mark chuckled. "Yeah. Ok!" He dragged the boy out and got him onto the beanbag. For some strange reason he found the fact that Tina could see Donny's very obvious erection through his jeans embarrassing, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Tina got back onto the bed, took the still-intact condom packet and with disturbingly practised skill, deftly tore it open. She got Mark hard again very quickly, and rolled the rubber over his very presentable cock. As she did so, she smiled to herself - the bulge she'd seen in Donny's jeans was evidence that he shared his brother's generous proportions.

Mark entered her, and set about an unhurried fuck. Although he had never done it before, he knew that the failure of most men to satisfy a woman was the speed with which they came. He was determined not to cum quickly.

On the beanbag at the side of the bed, Donny knew nothing of what was going on a couple of feet away. He tried to open his mouth to yell, but the sticky black duct tape kept it sealed firmly shut. He couldn't even get his tongue between his lips to wet it and work it loose. His eyes were wide open under the blindfolding tape, but he couldn't see a fucking thing through it, and that bastard Mark had stuck it down so well at the bottom that not a single gleam of light entered. What was going on? Why had he been lifted out of the wardrobe and put on the beanbag? Who else was here in the room? Anybody? Mark had been trying for days to get him out of the house tonight, and he'd been determined to stay and see what was so important - but here he was: gagged, blindfolded and tied up. He stretched his fingers to find the knots in the rope which was tying his feet and wrists together, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get to them - Mark had placed the knots well out of his reach. And it didn't matter how much he struggled and fought, the restraints held him securely. The most frustrating bit, though, was the earplugs and the loud music. Even when he held his breath and kept still, he couldn't hear a fucking thing from outside. The house could be burning down and he wouldn't know - he was trapped in his own world of helpless blackness. And it was turning him on bigtime. He found the thought intensely humiliating that there could be several - or, for all he knew, a roomful - of people watching him struggling helplessly. Also he knew that he had a stonking hard-on, and that in these tight, faded blue jeans it would be plain for all to see. And that humiliation was wonderful. He struggled and moaned into the gag, the frustration of not being able to see what was going on around him intensely horny.

Now that Donny was out of the wardrobe, his muffled grunts, groans, and curses were more clearly audible - and they were apparently turning Tina on like mad. Each time the boy struggled or made a noise, she kissed Mark very deeply, groaning with passion, and thrust her hips to meet Mark's pumping movements. To his amazement, Mark also found that his brother's helpless struggling was turning him on - and that, combined with one of Tina's nipples between his lips, and her clearly loving every second of what they were doing, quickly overcame Mark's self-control, and far too soon he was cumming into the warmly-encased condom.

He lay exhausted for a long time in Tina's arms, then pulled out and disposed of the condom. "Oh God, that was amazing", he said.

Tina pulled him close again and kissed him gently. "That was wonderful. But do you know what I really fancy right now? A cup of tea."

Mark smiled. "No problem. Don't go away." Pulling on a pair of shorts, he padded downstairs to put the kettle on.

Tina lay on the bed looking down at Donny who was writhing in his own little world on the beanbag. As he opened and closed his knees, his cock moved inside his jeans in the most fascinating way. Tentatively, Tina reached down and stroked a fingernail over the end of the bulge. Instantly Donny moaned, and began thrusting his pelvis back and forth. The boy was obviously extremely close to cumming. The sight of this cute kid (she'd seen him many times without the duct tape over his face) helpless and horny and with a hard cock that was stretching his tight faded jeans to bursting point - and knowing that he had no idea whose hand it would be on his cock - was too much for her to resist. Carefully, she gripped the shaft of his cock through the thin denim, and ran a finger back and forth over the tip of his cockhead. Immediately, and with a shuddering moan of ecstasy, he came. She held his cock while he shot his spunk into his jeans, and the sight made her wet again with lust.

Just then Mark's footsteps sounded on the stairs, and Tina lay back on the bed, her eyes closed.

"There you go," said Mark, holding a mug of tea out for her.

As if she'd been dozing, Tina blinked and yawned, then sat up and took the mug. "Thanks. I must have nodded off." She looked down at the boy, who was now panting with exhaustion on the beanbag, and laughed. "Looks like Donny enjoyed himself."

Mark almost dropped his tea when he saw the dark blue cum-stain at the boy's crotch. "Oh shit," he said. "Tina, I'm sorry..."

"Don't be silly. I think it's quite - horny. In fact," she paused, then reached out a hand for Mark's cock, "I like this a lot."

Mark hesitated, then smiled. He pulled off the shorts and handed Tina the pack of condoms. What was the harm? Donny was loving every minute of it, Tina had turned into a sex maniac, and he was in heaven. It looked like he and Donny would be playing SAS games a bit more often from now on...