The Telemachus Story Archive

Email To A Skinhead
By Hooder (Illustrated by Hooder)

Email To A Skinhead

Hey Skin,

I've already cum twice looking at that photo of you sat in the chair, in that studded leather jacket, swastikas, and those tight, prickteasing black leather jeans. The only reason you wear gear like that is to turn guys on, get their cocks hard and make them want to have sex with you. Fucking prickteasing little SS bastards like you need to be punished, and taught what happens to boys who pricktease bikers like me with fucking horny gear like that. And I love punishing SS/WP boys like you. But not with pain - I don't do pain, and it's far too easy anyway - I like to punish them in other ways, ways which are a lot more difficult for horny boys to deal with.


If you ever come down here, boy, I'll meet you at the station and bring you back here on my motorbike. You'll wear a crash-helmet which has the visor totally blacked-out so that you can't see where you're being taken, and you don't know where you are. You won't be able to see my face cos I'll be masked under my dark-visored helmet so that you'll never be able to identify me. When I've got you here, you'll be hooded and taken up to the blackroom, where you'll be tied spreadeagled between the two floor-to-ceiling posts. Once I've got you restrained like that, I'll remove your hood and let you see for a while. When you look round, you'll see a room which is full of equipment specially designed to get boys like you helpless, and to keep them that way.


Frames and restraints to hold you in vulnerable positions; gags to stop you from being able to shout for help; blindfolds and black leather hoods so that you can't see a fucking thing however much you want to, and to make you helpless and horny and so that you don't know what's going to happen next; ropes, handcuffs, collars, mitts, a cell, a sling, an 'A' frame, a cage, and other stuff - it's a long list. All of these things will make it impossible for you to escape, to fight back, or to resist. Oh, you'll struggle - but the restraints will hold you helpless, boy. Wherever you move, you won't be able to get away from my hands. The things I do to sexy SS/WP lads like you do not involve pain, but they are impossible for a boy to fight against. That's why doing them turns me on like fuck.

When a boy gets to a certain level of horniness, he wants to cum. Get him more horny than that, and he NEEDS to cum, very badly indeed. It's a natural response, and one that can be used to torture a boy very effectively. I know I look fucking sexy in leather, and I'll use that as one weapon to get you horny. I'll be wearing a leather mask so you still can't see who I am, and full black biker leathers: jacket, boots, gloves, studded belts and wristbands, and tight, bulging black leather jeans. You'll be able to see my hard cock stretching my jeans out into a big bulge that you'll want to touch, feel, lick, bite, and bury your face in. But you won't be able to reach it. I'll run my fingers over my leathers, squeeze my cock bulge, make you want to feel it. Then I'll force a black leather blindfolding hood over your head so that you can't see it - or anything else. All you'll see is leather pressing over your eyes, and you'll feel the hood enclosing your head, blindfolding you, making you helpless. And horny. And you won't be able to get it off however hard you try.


Then I'll start to tease you. I'll play with your cock through those leather jeans, boy, until it's hard and horny. You'll feel this leather-clad biker against your body, and my hands running over your arms, chest, stomach, back, thighs, legs, arse, balls, cock... Over the next few hours I'll work on you in different positions, on different equipment, playing with you, teasing you, getting you more and more horny until cumming is the only thing you can think about. But I won't let you cum. Oh no. I'll undo your jeans, put my black rubber gloves on with lots of lube on them, and work on your cock very gently and slowly. You'll feel the smooth, shiny, slippery rubber sliding over the shaft of your cock, teasing over the head, around your balls, your arsehole, working on your cock, wanking it slowly, getting you closer and closer to cumming, but never quite far enough. I'll take you to the very edge of cumming, and then stop, so that you can't cum - over and over again. I'm good at that sort of thing. The need for orgasm will become unbearable. You'll beg me to take your cock in my hand, grip it firmly, and wank it hard and fast until you shoot - but I won't do that. Instead, I'll tease it more, to make that need to cum worse and worse. Eventually you'll be so close to cumming that just one single firm rub over your sensitive cock-head would be enough to make you shoot. But that one firm rub won't happen. Instead, I'll tickle your balls, push my finger gently into your arsehole and massage your prostate, and tease your cock, stroking it gently and wanking it far too lightly and slowly, so that you can't cum. That's the stage at which cum-control becomes torture. You need to cum more than anything in the world - you'd do anything to cum - but you just can't. Everything will be done to make the torture worse and more frustrating: the restraints will hold you helpless but still able to struggle, so you can try to rub your cock harder against my hand; the hood over your head will blindfold you so that you can't see a fucking thing, and force you to concentrate on the urgent and compelling need to cum, the black leather pressing tightly over your face; you'll feel my leather jacket and skintight leather jeans against your bare skin; you'll know this sexy leather biker is inches from you but you won't be able to see me cos of that fucking black leather hood; I'll put you in positions that feel sexy and vulnerable and make you even more horny; and all the time my hands and fingers will be gently and systematically working on you, making your need for orgasm so unbearable that you'll promise me anything, if only - if only - I'll let you cum. But you'll be totally helpless to make it happen...


The second way I love to punish SS/WP, swastika-wearing boys is by tickle-torturing them. I love this because it is so humiliating and, as with cum-control, it's totally impossible to fight against. Ticklishness is something a boy can't switch off, can't ignore, can't deal with. It's a weakness that can be used against him to punish him, or to torture him insane. And please don't think you're not ticklish, because I can MAKE boys ticklish. More ticklish than they ever believed possible. I've been doing it for years, and I'm an expert at it. What most people think of as tickling is a completely different thing from what I do. I get a boy helpless - not spreadeagled and unable to move a muscle (that is far from the most effective position) - but in restraints and in positions which will make the torture much more unbearable and impossible to resist. Then I explore his body and his reactions carefully until I learn the spots and techniques, positions and bondage which are most effective on him. After that, I'll work on him slowly and mercilessly. There is a lot of psychology involved in tickling, and it's that which makes it torture. And it's that which I am best of all at.

It's a strange thing - although tickle torture is unbearable, and boys scream and struggle to get away from it, they also find it unbelievably horny. Being helpless to control or to escape from slow, methodical tickling makes most boys need to cum almost as much as proper cum-control itself does.

And after all of that - when you're so insanely horny you'd cum if I blew on your cock, and you're so ticklish that you jump out of your skin every time I fucking touch you - do you know what I'll do to you? I'll pull those sexy, tight leather jeans up, zip them up, take the hood off you so that you can see this drop-dead horny masked leather biker who's been working on you, and tell you that if you let yourself cum in the next five minutes I'll tickle-torture you until you fucking piss yourself or pass out.


Then I'll ram my hard leather-jeaned cock bulge into your face so you can lick and bite my cock through the leather, I'll grip your cock through your jeans and I'll fucking MILK you so that you can't stop yourself from shooting your SS White Power Skin spunk helplessly into those prickteasing leather jeans, boy. I'll make you cum in your fucking jeans. No matter how much you try to stop yourself I'll make you lose control and pump your spunk into those tight, biker-teasing leather jeans with an orgasm so insense you'll remember it for the rest of your fucking life.

That's what I do to sexy SS boys, mate. You up for it?


- Hooder.