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The Seven BDSM Nights of Superman
Chapter 10 - Epilogue: Peripeteia (part 2)
By Henry Dee

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Disclaimer: I do not own Superman or related characters and am not making a profit from this story. The characters are owned by DC Comics.

Curled up naked on Dick's floor, Superman slept the deepest, most restful sleep he had known since before the arrangement with Luthor that had led him into his sexual awakening. He dreamed of flying naked around the world, watched and applauded by cheering crowds. He slept so soundly that he did not wake even when Dick stroked and aroused him, and brought him twice more to orgasm as he dreamed.

When he finally woke, it was with Dick, now fully dresed, lying on top of him and holding a small brown medicine bottle under his nose.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Poppers," smiled Dick. "Breathe in deep babe."

"Ugh. No point. It will have no effect on me. I'm sorry."

"Do as I tell you bitch. This is a special brew, just for you. Now, inhale deep and long."

With a shrug the naked superhero breathed in through his nose, drawing in the pungent vapour which rose from the bottle. Fumes filled his notrils and sinuses, exciting his olfactory nerves and sending electrochemical signals firing into his brain.

It was like being shot into the air on a rocket, or being the rocket itself, then exploding across the sky into thousands of fiery colours! He had never known such a sensation before in his life. Every muscle locked into steel-like tension, his breath caught in his throat and his eyes opened wide, yet all he saw were the the explosions of colour and all he heard was an inner scream. At the same time he was tellingly aware of instant and exreme sexual arousal as his cock leapt into full erection and his ballsack tightened like a fist.

"WHAT??? What... is... that?" he managed to gasp, and Dick, hanging on tightly to the arching man of steel pushed the bottle hard up against the flaring nostrils.

"Like I said baby, special brew for you! Powerful aphrodisiacs with euphoric and hallucinogenic overtones, mixed into your own cum, with a little powder to give it that necessary extra grunt."

Again Superman sensed the vapours invading his nostrils and sinuses and once more he was a skyrocket shooting into the air and exploding into bright stars of every imaginable colour. He felt his rock-hard cock straining out from his body and the tightening in his balls was almost unbearable.

"What... powder?" he gasped, and Dick gave a deep chuckle.

"Ground down from a certain green gem you left on a ring in the cave under Luthor's headquarters. Still attached to a finger when I found it. It took some hunting but it was there all right, just where I knew it would be."

Now he understood. The drugs in the mixture had been given special potency by being dissolved into his Kryptonian cum and his normally impervious metabolism was made vulnerable by the addition of powdered kryptonite. Dick had found the last of the deadly mineral on the ring that Luthor had tried to use against him in the underground arena.

With his eyes still unable to focus he felt Dick's finger wiping the extraordinary aphrodisiac onto his upper lip, immediately below his nostrils. He felt the finger probe into his mouth, wiping the substance over his tongue and inner cheeks, then invading his nostrils, first left, then right, and smearing drug laced, kryptonite fueled cum deep into his nose. The pungent odour was everywhere in his consciousness now. All he was aware of was the throbbing of his engorged cock and the spinning, whirling colours. He knew that in his brain neural connections and myelin sheaths were being adulterated by kryptonite and drugs. His mind was being altered, permanently. But why?

From far away now he seemd to hear Dick's voice.

"Listen to me now, bitch. I'm guessing you've never experienced such a high before, right. That's right isn't it?"

"Yes... yes..." he managed to whisper.

"And you're loving it, aren't you?"

"Yes. Oh yes. It's... amazing... Oh!" and he felt another surge in his genitals and another burst of colour in his head.

"Good boy! My baby, my slut. Now listen carefully. Are you listening?"

"Yes... yes..." He could feel Dick's hand moving over his balls and along his cock.

"I want you to think back now, to the EM machine and how you psyched yourself into neutralising your powers and invulnerability. It came from your own will, your psyche, but your will is mine now, Isn't it?"

"Yes... yes Sir..." And again there were explosions in his mind's eye. He could feel his cock awash with precum as Dick's hand continued its slow, gentle manipulation and felt he must cum any moment. The tension was unbearable.

"Good. Now reach into your memory and find that feeling again, the feeling of your powers draining away, of your flesh becoming vulnerable, and do it again. Do it now, do it because I'm telling you and you have no choice."

Deep inside his mind, Superman began to remember the experience of letting go of his invulnerability and relinquishing his powers. No longer duped by the EM machine, it was his own psyche, deferring willingly to Dick DeLite's commands that was taking control of his metabolism and rendering him weak and vulnerable.

Holding on tightly to his quarry, Dick felt the muscles begin to lose their steel-like firmness and the arching frame begin to buckle beneath his weight. It was working. The cum-based, kryptonite laced concoction had given him access and control of Superman's mind. The great fag had surrendered himself totally.

Pressing home his conquest, Dick smothered his finger once more in the cum-based mixture and drove it deep into Superman's nostrils, repeating the action again and again until the small brown bottle was empty. Kryptonite and drug molecules raced along nerve fibres, leapt synapses, and mingled with neurons, embedding themselves permanently in the hapless Kryptonian's neural network. Dick had determined to be merciless in the onslaught; there would be no escape.

Superman's consciousness was a world of spinning colour and vertigo. Nausea gripped the now vulnerable and powerless superhero as he twisted and turned in the throes of the hallucination. There seemed to be loud bells tolling from every direction but above all was the reverberation of Dick's resonating, godlike voice.

"Now listen closely bitch. This is the voice of your master and owner. Do you understand?"

"Ahhh... yes... yes..." came the the whimpered reply.

"And from now on, and forever more, when you hear my command "POWER DOWN!" you will remember this feeling and you will obey. You will release your powers and your invulnerability and become as you are now. Do you understand? Will you obey?"

"Yes... yes..."

"Yes what, bitch?"

"Yes master... I understand... I will obey..."

"Good! Now we play!"

Suddenly the dizziness and spinning colours were joined by a other sensation, searing pain, as Dick released the engorged cock and grabbed both balls hard and twisted them fiercely. Superman squealed and doubled in pain, and flipped over onto his belly. Dick held on tight, using the swollen balls to drag his slave's ass towards him. Now Superman felt his hair being yanked hard so that his head was pulled back high. At the same time Dick released the aching balls and plunged his fingers deep into the yawning ass. No longer immune to pain Superman screamed in agony. Almost immediately Dick withdrew his fingers and thrust his own cock into the hole.

Moaning and crying, his face distended by the rhythmic yanking on his hair, Superman felt his butt being rapidly and forcefully pounded so that his hips collided over and over with the floor. Dick was fucking him with every ounce of his strength so that he bounced around like a rag doll. The young jock's free hand was now once again on the Kryptonian cock, squeezing and tugging so hard that pain and pleasure were inseparably mingled for the once proud superhero, now consigned to the role of subservient fucktoy.

With a shout of triumph Dick exploded into the slave's ass, while simultaneously Superman cried out in defeat as he felt his own cum release at the bidding of his master.

He lay there panting and sobbing as Dick lay himself over him like a sweating, smothering blanket. He felt the younger man's face press close to his own, his mouth against his ear.

"Now listen again, fag, while I tell you my big secret. I want you to hear this so you know without doubt the completeness of your surrender and defeat. Now tell me, do you really think my mother named me "Dick DeLite"?"

"No... I guess not... it's your porn name..."

"That's right. My professional name. My real name is Lucas..."


"Lucas... LUTHOR! I believe you know my uncle quite well!" And with that the arch criminal's nephew began to laugh loudly into the defeated superhero's ear.

"No... no... no..." whimpered Superman.

Grabbing tightly again onto his victim's hair, Lucas hissed into his ear.

"Now you've cost my family an awful lot of money in recent times, not to mention my uncle's freedom. Now you're gonna help to reverse that situation, understand?"

"How?" came the soft, sobbing reply.

"You'll find out soon enough. Now I want you to get you sorry ass out of here. When you come to you will have your powers and invulnerability back and you can go about your normal business. At 10 tonight you will meet me by the back entrance to the abandoned warehouse on O'Donnell Street. Don't be late."

Then without warning Lucas pulled the bewildered Superman to his feet and threw him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. Before he realised what was happening, Lucas had carried him out onto the balcony and was heaving him over the edge. He tried desperately to fly as he plummeted the 23 storeys to the sidewalk below but to no avail. Loss of consciousness was instantaneous. He was unaware of the sickening thud and crunch as his quite vulnerable body hit the ground.

When he came to it was still dark. He felt no pain, no discomfort. The concrete below him was cracked and his cosyume lay criumpled a few yard away from him but he showed no signs of harm. I was still dark. High above the lights in Dick's (no Lucas's) apartment were out.

Trembling with trepidation at what was to come, he quickly dressed and flew off into the night sky.

Two weeks later...

Lex Luthor sat smiling in his new leather chair, luxuriating in the plush comfort. He had acquired a new appreciation of the finer things in life, having spent the past two months suffering the unforgiving harshness of prison furniture, and the tormenting demands of his fellow prisoner Wolfgang. His gaze was fixed on the handsome young man opposite, the son of his late brother. He knew his sudden and unexpected improvement in circumstances was due entirely to his nephew's efforts; he had proven himself a true Luthor and would be a worthy successor to the resurgent Luthor empire.

"I can't ever thank you enough," said the older man. "Believe me, your rewards will be greater than anything you can have imagined. Now tell me more about what happened after you trapped the Kryptonian asshole, and don't spare the details. I want to enjoy every moment."

"Well he turned up at the warehouse that night, just as I had commended. He had no choice. You should have seen his face when I placed the collar and leash around his neck and led him inside to where the crowd was waiting. I think every petty crook in Metropolis was there, along with a handful of bosses. Of course, none of them believed I would be delivering the real Superman for their entertainment. They mostly assumed it would be some lookalike impersonator.

Despite that, the bleachers were full. Roughly 1200 tickets sold at $100 each. Chicken feed. I made him stand in the centre while they jeered and hooted, then I poured gasoline over him and set it on fire. It had no effect on him of course, although it made a fascinating show. That convinced most of them he was the real deal. There were still a few who shouted out it was an FX trick so I invited them to come in close and empty their guns into him. He just stood there and took it without a murmer. There was a moment of stunned silence after that. Noone doubted it was him but I think they were afraid of what was to come next, that it was maybe some sort of ruse to get them all together for a mass arrest.

I broke the tension by ordering him to lie down on the ground, then I invited everyone in the front rows to come forward and strip him. Talk about a feeding frenzy! You couldn't see him for the crowd of hooting, hollering hoods ripping at his clothes. It only too a few seconds and he was totally naked, just lying there gritting his teeth, trying not to cry."

"He hated it but still obeyed?"

"Yes! That's the best part of all this! Like any addict he hates his addiction, and hates himself and me. But his brain is so adulterated by the kryptonite and drugs he has no choice. He knows I have control of his powers and can make him vulnerable with a word, and he also can't help craving submissive sexual abuse. He's doubly vulnerable and there's no escape!"

"I love this! Tell me, what happened next?"

"Well then the fun started. I started ordering him to display and abuse himself in front of the audience. They were beside themselves, almost hysterical with delight, shouting, laughing, callin him "slut", "fag", "wanker" and such. I had him wank in all sorts of positions, show his hole and finger himself, and fuck the floor.

After that I offered his ass to allcomers at a grand per minute. Two hours of non-stop fucking for the poor idiot. Crooks, thugs, killers and thieves lined up with their cash, willingly parting with a thousand bucks to fuck that ass in any way they wanted for sixty seconds. One guy with a huge cock had him crawling around barking like a dog while being fucked doggy-style. A few paired up and spit-roasted him on all fours or on his back. All the time I worked his cock so that he cummed seven times in two hours. The drugs I gave him included a prolactin inhibitor so as soon as he shot one load he was ready to start on another! I was careful to collect as much of his cum as I could so that I could make up a new batch of the special brew. He's had six bottle of that goo up his hooter now so his brain is full of kryptonite and drugs. There's no going back for the pathetic sucker!

After that I sent them back to their seats and gave him the command. You would have loved the look of terror in his eyes as he powered down. We strung him up by his wrists so he hung there like a side of beef. I went to town on him with fists and cane; hey, here's a joke: "What's black and blue and covered with red stripes?" Hahahaha!. I kept going until he was about to pass out, then called it a night. As they left they spat on him and gave him a final serve of name-calling and verbal abuse. I let him pass out where he hung and left him there with a note around his neck to report back again the next night, same time same place. I bet he cried his eyes out when he came to."

"This is unbelievable. Revenge on the great turd and a quarter million bucks to boot! What an incredible night's work! Lucas, I love you boy!"

"That was only the first night. And like I said before, chicken feed. After word got around we had a second night much like the first. That gave me enough cash to bribe your warden. He proved to be very open to corruption. You can consider him an employee from now on. Wolfgang will be in solitary confinement period. Structural changes to the prison will start next week and this will become your new secret headquarterters. What an irony! You'll live in luxury in what the authorities think is your place of confinement, and you will come and go as you want. The warden will work for you and the guards have already been replaced with our own hand-picked men.

"What about cash-flow? Do we have enough?"

"That's where it gets even better. Superman is an unprecedented cash-cow, in more ways than one. The third night at the warehouse we were ready to repeat the previous two night's "program" when a big black limo turned up with three young suits, elegant gay millionaires, probably running some financial scam I'd say. They didn't say much but gave me a valise full of cash. A cool million. We sent the crowd away and Superman and I got into the car with them. We drove into the hills to their mansion and they took us downstairs via a secret lift to what must be their "playground". These guys are into rough bdsm for sure. I made Superman power down and they went to town on him.

They began with a protracted sling fuck and spit-roast, then tied him up with ropes and started on him with pegs and pins. I don't think he's ever been "sounded" before but he has now, with a long rod as thick as my thumb. He didn't like that but I'm pretty sure the dungeon is soundproof so the screams wouldn't have been heard. His balls were tied so tight they went purple and stayed that way for the rest of the night.

Then they tied him face down on a table, legs wide and ass in full view. I've never seen so many different types of dildo, including some with vibrators and electric currents in them. They played his ass solidly for an hour, with the electric current high enough to make his whole body jerk violently despite the ropes. Then they took off their jackets and shirts and started with their hands. By the time they'd finished fingering and fisting, one of them had his arm up that ass all the way to the elbow, and thrusting like a piston. That's when the crying and screaming stopped and he passed out, and the night came to an end. They said they got their money's worth and would like to make a regular monthly booking!! We dumped him naked in the hills but I left him a note to meet again at the usual place and time.

The next night was different again. During the day I got a phone call from Sicily. Word had got to senior mafiosi whose interests had been damaged by Superman's recent attack on our activities. They wanted revenge. So, when he turned up that night I sent him to Sicily. When he got there I talked to him via skype, gave him the command, and left him in their hands. I don't have all the details but I know it involved rough sex and humiliation. The venue was a dairy so you can imagine some of what happened. The idea of him being hooke dup to a milking machine and milked dry over and over is just too delicious. I wonder how many litres they got out of him? They must have been happy with the night's play because five million bucks found its way into our secret account the next day.

Every night has been different but lucrative beyond belief. So I'd say SUPERFAG INDUSTRIES is definitely up and running and a huge success. It will without doubt give us the cashflow we need until the rest of our activities are up and running again."

Exultant, almost euphoric, Lex Luthor threw his head back and gave a loud WHOOP of victory. Laughing until tears ran down his face he leapt out of his seat and threw his arms around his nephew. Revenge was so sweet! And the irony that his arch enemy was now his nephew's obedient slave, the source of their new fortune, and destined to live a life of constant pain and humiliation was the greatest revenge he could ever hope for.



To The Manager,

Dear Sir

Thank you for the recent supply of SUPERCUM you sent me. The 100ml provided just the right ingredient to complete the sauce for my delicious Caesar Salad. It was especially satisfying knowing its source!

I am planning a dinner for some of my close friends from the Cartel. I would love for them to have the same experience of consuming SUPERFAG SUPERCUM on their salad. I know the thought of the humiliation involved in its supply will delight them no end.

Could you please supply me with a litre of SUPERCUM by the end of the month? Will there be any discount for quantity?

Yours sincerely,



Thank you for your recent feedback and order. I am delighted that you have found our product to your satisfaction.

We will be happy to supply the litre of SUPERCUM you requested and can deliver before the end of the month.

You will appreciate that this will mean additional effort on our part to stimulate our special "cow" to produce the required amount. Consequently, rather than a discount there will in fact be a premium of 10% on this order.

At the normal rate of one million dollars per 100ml, this will come to $1,100,000. Please transfer this amount to our account an we will begin the process of supply.

Yours sincerely,

Dick DeLite
Managing Director

Mr Dick DeLite
Managing Director

Dear Dick

How are you buddy? Carmela sends her love and a big hug and kiss for the bottle of perfume. She said it's her new favourite!

Is it really made from the super slut's tears? How hiliarious!

My reason for writing is I'd like to get some more if I can, for Mom and my three sisters? That's a lot of tears I know but Carmela says it's the best she's ever had and you know me, only the best for my girls!

Can you get me four more 50ml bottles for Christmas? Price is no object as you probably realise - business is booming these days!

Thanks buddy - hope to hear from you soon!



Thanks for the letter pal. So happy Carmela liked the gift.

Yes, I can get you four more 50 ml bottles for Christmas. Only too happy. As you can appreciate, we get a lot of tears from the slut so supply is easy. Normal price is $100,000 per 10ml but yours will come at half price (mate's rates!)

I'll send an invoice with the product!

See you at the bbq!



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