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By Handy


by Handy

Going to see a show in London is always a fun event, and going to see a comedian is even better! What isn't so good is failing to accurately plan your travel arrangements when you are reliant on the trains - or so I thought miserably to myself as I contemplated the remainder of my journey home.

In order to get to London I had driven to a train station about an hour from home, parked in the car park, and then taken the train another hour to Waterloo station. I happily met up with friends for a meal and drinks before seeing the comedian's show, which was amusingly excellent. All was going well, until I checked my watch at the end of the show and realised that I had only half an hour to catch my train back. Half an hour to negotiate a crowd of thousands through London's tube network back to Waterloo.

I failed, unsurprisingly.

I did, in fact, catch a train going in the right direction. But as it was already very late, this next train would terminate many miles short of the station I needed to reach where my car was parked. When the train stopped, I stood on the empty platform and contemplated my choices. I could wait six hours until the next train at 6 am, or I could call a taxi to take me the remaining miles to my car. It would be costly, of course. I stood there, the wind whipping through the station, and surveyed the cold metal benches on the platform.

I dialed the number for the local taxi firm.

They were genial and helpful; and sent someone out to me right away. I regretted the £100 my journey was going to cost me, but I was also very glad to be getting closer to a warm bed. I sighed, and waited for the car.

I jumped in quickly on arrival, grateful for the warmth of the heaters, and the driver began chatting casually as he steered round the dark, empty roads. We got quite caught up in conversation; I asked about the job, what he enjoyed about it, and what were the most tricky customers to deal with. He, in turn, seemed glad to share his many entertaining stories and the first twenty-five minutes of the hour-long journey passed quickly.

I stopped to consider the driver. I guessed he'd be around 6' if he was standing up. Short, dark hair, heavy build, tattoos up each arm... As a stick-thin hat-stand with no muscle to speak of, I would have found him very intimidating under any other circumstances. But we were getting on very well.

He had n't mentioned a girlfriend...

To this day, I have no idea why this point entered my head, or why I fixated on it. I have no idea what it was that made me wonder if he was gay; I had no strong reason to suspect it. But the thought entered my head, and took root. Maybe I was horny, maybe I was curious - probably both. I'd never had a sexual experience with a guy before, but I was interested in trying it. Could my late night taxi driver be that way inclined? As I say, it was absurd thinking - it was inappropriate, and likely incorrect. Nonetheless, my mind was now captivated, and I decided to probe a little deeper.

"So..." I decided to try and casually 'engineer' the conversation in the direction desired. "Do you ever get any really inappropriate behaviour from passengers who've had a few too many?"

"Oh, yeah," he nodded rapidly. "Saturday nights can be really crazy! People wanting fights, girls all over you, being sick... It can be a bit hairy at times."

"I knew one taxi driver near where I live who got propositioned occasionally - people wanted to give him quite the tip, as it were!" I laughed heartily at the madness of such a world, hahaha, oh yes, hilarious, imagine that.. .

My driver laughed too. "Yeah, that's happened to me a couple of times, too! Like I said, it can be wild."

I shook my head with obvious amusement, and led him on further. "Perks of the job, eh? Not that you're allowed to accept, I suppose..."

He paused, briefly, before answering. "Weeell ... if they're not drunk, and they're the right gender... you know, I might consider it. In theory."

"What would be the right gender, if you don't mind my asking?" I congratulated myself on my casual, disinterested tone. Just having a chat, that's all. Nothing else going on.

His reply was sharp and to the point. "Why so interested?"

Damn. He caught me off guard, and when he looked at me, he could clearly see it. I opened my mouth to answer, and then shut it again. Flustered, confused, expecting angry recriminations - I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for blunt honesty.

"I apologise for any offence, but I was wondering what it would be like to play with a cock."

Silence. The car steered around a bend, engine humming.

"You can find out, on the condition that I get to play with yours too," said the driver, smiling.

I couldn't believe my luck! As he changed course for a 'quiet' parking spot he knew, I faced a mix of emotions. Excited (and horny) in anticipation of what was to come, nervous at my lack of experience... I couldn’t wait until we stopped, and fortunately I didn't have to wait long. We pulled into a side road, down a short track, and stopped. A hedge hid us from view of the road entirely; we would not be interrupted.

The driver flicked on the inside light, and turned to me. "How would you like to do this, then? Who's going first?"

I tried to keep my voice steady of nerves, wanting to appear confident and in control. I'm sure I failed miserably. "Ummm... if it's okay, I... You could lie back, and I'll play with you. Does that work?"

He nodded, unclipped his seatbelt, and reclined his seat. "You take your time," he said, and folded his arms behind his head. My hands shook with excitement as I leaned towards his prone form. He closed his eyes and hummed softly to himself.

I began to unbuckle his belt, my chest feeling like it would burst. I unzipped his fly slowly, reverently, as though unwrapping a Christmas gift. I pushed the flaps of his trousers gently to the sides, exposing the white bulge of his briefs. His musky scent caught my nostrils, and I leaned my face right down to his groin. I didn't know what I was going to do next; adrenaline was rushing through me. In the end, I just gave in to my desires and did whatever felt natural. I pressed my face to his pants, inhaling his scent and feeling the hard pulse of his cock through the fabric. I must have seemed slightly crazed as I rubbed my face to his pants, my hands rising to feel his trapped shaft and balls. It didn't matter; he seemed to be enjoying the sensations with quiet, appreciative moans.

I rubbed and gently squeezed his package, stroking my fingers across his imprisoned manhood. I loved the feel of its hardness, the swell of the cockhead and the rounded nuts. I could sense the heat emanating from them, and it was intoxicating. I couldn't hold back any longer; with lustful eagerness I tugged the elastic waistband down and tucked it under his scrotum. His cock leapt free, a modestly long but pleasingly thick piece. His balls were held taut and round by his briefs, and all was hairless and smooth. I barely hesitated, pressing my face against his bare naked skin. He groaned more loudly as I pressed my nose, lips, cheeks all over his excited groin; I felt his penis bouncing against my face. My tongue shot out of my mouth and I began wildly licking everything in frenzied passion. No doubt it was a ridiculously amateur effort, but no complaint came from the driver – he left me to my gleeful play.

Minutes passed; I lost track of how many. When I finally calmed down, both my face and his genitals were slippery and wet with my saliva. His cock had reached full tumescence and flushed a deeper shade of pink. His foreskin was still partially covering it, but I could catch a peek of his sensitive purple head straining to be free. I was slightly scared by my ability to lose control so suddenly with a stranger, and so tried to proceed more methodically. I closed my fingers around his rigid pole, marvelling at his heat and hardness. I gently pumped up and down, prompting another chorus of groans and a muttered, "F uck yes!"

I had to slide his foreskin back next, to get a clear view of his bared pleasure centre. It was gorgeous, and again I gave in to my instincts – albeit more slowly. I began to lick up his frenulum to the tip of his dick with my tongue in a rhythmic fashion, loving the way his slit seemed to flare with excitement. I tried different patterns of movement, licking up and down, then flicking my tongue from side to side, then making the tip of my tongue dance around all sides of his pressured member. He seemed to be enjoying all of this, although in fairness I can barely recall his reaction; I was in a haze of excited, horny pleasure myself.

I wanted to see him cum, naturally, but I didn't feel quite ready to use my mouth for that. Maybe that's odd; I'd already used my tongue to taste his penis extensively, but cum in my mouth was too big a step for a first time. I changed tactic, dropping my tongue to his handsome nuts. He seemed to appreciate a tongue bath just as much as the frenulum tease, so I figured it would work well. My fist , still closed protectively around his cock, began to gently pump up and down again. His foreskin bunched up around the crown of his dick, never quite moving past it, but instead rubbing sensuously around it. The sounds my driver made showed that he was clearly enjoying this, and under my tongue I felt his testicles rise towards the base of his shaft.

I kept licking and gently pumping as he came, his fat penis spouting his seed again and again. "Oh yes, oh yes, yeah, yeah, fuck yes fuck fuck fuck!!" He was groaning and growling animalistically now, and I felt proud of the response I had stimulated.

He lay limp for a minute or two to get his breath back, and I continued to play gently; stroking his manhood with gentle fingers that slid on a wave of spent sperm. I couldn't quite believe how my night had turned out.

"Was that okay?" I asked, slightly anxiously. The answer should probably have been obvious, judging by how much he'd cum, but then I'd never done this before. Was this normal? Was I any good at this?

"Okay?" Helaughed, incredulously. "That was brilliant, mate. Your first time, really? That was hot as fuck."

"Oh, good." I breathed. I watched as he pulled his briefs and jeans back up and rebuckled his belt. Now that I made him cum, my confidence seemed to have vanished. My own erection was weakening, and I wasn't certain about what to do next.

My driver had no such hesitation.

"Okay, get out. I want more room for this." He opened the car door and got out, walking to the front of the taxi. Feeling more and more nervous, I got out of my door as well. He smiled reassuringly, and patted the bonnet. "Jump up on here; it'll be more exciting!"

I wasn't feeling quite so good about this myself; being outside the car seemed to make it far more likely someone might stumble across us – a ridiculous thought as we seemed to be hidden entirely from view, but I guess it was an anxiety issue. Feeling more worried about looking scared, I complied. I stood in front of the car and lay back on the bonnet, which was still warm from the drive. It was quite a nice contrast from the chill air of the night.

The driver lifted my legs slightly to slide me farther up the bonnet, then quickly unfasted my jeans and pulled them off completely, along with my briefs. This took me by surprise and I gasped, shivering at the mixed sensations of the cold night and the warm metal against my legs and ass. My dick was mostly limp now, resting rather pathetically on my balls. My driver did not seem to see it the same way, however. He leaned down against the bonnet of the car, wrapping his arms under and around my thighs securely. He held me firmly - legs wide - against the metal and brought his face to my manhood. I felt his warm breath caress my scrotum, and then his nose touched my soft shaft. Gently, tenderly, he nuzzled my penis with his nose and then lightly drew his lips across it. He pulled back an inch or two, and puffed his lips out to blow slowly against my member.

My cock shot up, inflating with almost comedic speed as all the blood in my body roared into it. My heart was pounding like a drum as it hardened to steel, and all my anxiety disappeared in a fog of desire. Laughing, the driver tickled my shaft with his tongue for a few seconds, before taking my sack into his warm, wet mouth. The sensation was unbelievable, and I was lost in the ecstasy of pleasure. The suction of his mouth tugged my balls tighty (but not painfully) downwards, and his tongue danced around them thoroughly. He continued pleasuring my nuts, and the tugging motion pulled the foreskin back from the head of my heavily throbbing cock.

I lay back on the bonnet, losing myself in a swirling vortex of sensual feeling. Warm metal against my naked ass, cock stabbing the cold night air, balls bathed in moist warmth. I moaned loudly and repeatedly into the darkness, giving myself to my passions. Soon my moans turned louder; the driver released my balls and moved to my penis. Gripping my thighs firmly, anchoring me to the car, the magnificent bastard begin kissing my exposed head! Then he moved on to rubbing his wet lips against my frenulum, lubricating it with saliva, sliding side to side quickly. I was delirious with pleasure; I tried to buck my hips but his strong arms held me fast. When he finally enclosed my penis in his mouth, sucking firmly, I lost control. Electric, orgasmic joy shot through my body as my cum shot into his eager throat; my hands gripped his tightly against my thighs as I bounced against the car bonnet.

When I finished, he cleaned me up with his tongue and gently helped me off the car. My legs were a little weak, and I half walked, half stumbled back to the passenger seat. He got into the driver's seat and handed me my trousers; I hadn't noticed I was still half naked.

"Enjoy that?" He grinned.

"Yes. Oh... yes." I was struggling for words, for thoughts; cumming had shut down my brain.

"Good to hear!" He chuckled good naturedly, and reached for the key.

"Wait." I spoke, before I had finished thinking, before I even knew what I was thinking. "Wait, can we... do more?"

"More?" He looked rather surprised, but his eyes were still twinkling with interest. "What did you want to do?"

I was, for some reason, feeling rather embarrassed and shy – which seemed an odd reaction to a guy who had happily emptied my balls with his mouth only minutes ago – and I struggled to speak up. "I want... I would like to know... I mean, um... Could I touch your cock with mine? I want to know what it feels like." My voice dropped as I spoke; I felt completely stupid, for some reason. Maybe because I was showing how new all this was to me.

He smiled a very big, reassuring smile. "Of course! Should have thought of that anyway; that's half the fun! Come over here." He motioned with his hand for me to come to him, while sliding his seat back fully. He unbuckled his trousers again and slid them down to his knees with this underwear, again exposing his lovely genitals. Slowly, awkwardly, I climbed from my seat onto his lap. Already my cock was getting hard again, and he pumped it affectionately with his hand. "Wow, you are one horny guy, aren't you?" he chuckled. I braced myself against his seat with my hands, while he placed his on my waist. Eagerly I pressed myself forward, pushing my penis against his balls. He was growing now too, shorter but thicker than my manhood. As he reached full mast, I pushed forward again to bring our dicks into contact.

The feeling was out of this world. I still don't know how to describe that initial thrill, but it has stayed with me forever. I knew, from extensive solo experience, how it felt for my member to fill up with hot, horny pressure. I knew how it felt to get so hard that every heartbeat caused it to bounce. But I had never known what it was like to take my heated, virile manhood and press it against another that was just as hot, just as hard, just as excited... His hardness squeezed powerfully against mine, full and firm; his big(ger) balls cradling mine. I practically lost my mind at this point; my memories are hazy and not fully formed. So much of it was pure sensation.

Grinding my penis and testicle furiously against his. Electric heat of skin against skin. His hands sliding from my waist up to my back, pulling me forward. The head of my cock sliding against his shaft and belly. His cock rubbing against my light bush. My hands gripping his seat, knuckles white. His lips against mine, kissing fiercely. My tongue and lips locking with him, unexpected and overwhelmed. Thrusting. Grinding. Kissing. Licking. Groaning. "Fuck!" His fist tight around our dicks, squeezing and pumping slowly. My balls mingling with his. "Oh shit oh shit oh..." Grinding harder. Furious need. Hot desire. Frenulum rubbing frenulum. Shaft pulsing on shaft. Me swearing. Him yelling.

He came first, although I barely registered it consciously. His balls jumped, his dick stood strong and I felt his wet hot essence coat my groin as he grunted deeply. It lubricated my sliding cock and drove me over the edge. I braced my arms out straight, pulled my head back from his lips, and thrust my dick forward against his again. Screaming wordlessly, my juice burst forth over his belly, bell-end and balls.

We both sat there, exhausted and spent while we gasped for breath. Eventually he reached for some tissues in the glove box and dried the worst of our cum off. Before I returned to my seat he leaned in once more and kissed me again.

"Thank you," he breathed. "That was a hell of a ride."

"No problem," I said weakly. "It was amazing. Thanks."

We drove the rest of the journey in a warm, satisfied silence. I couldn't believe how my evening had gone, but I knew I had loved it. When we reached the dark train station where my car awaited, I briefly considered asking for his number, but decided against it. I lived too far away, and I wasn't sure I was looking for regular man-on-man experience. Yet.

We parted ways with a warm handshake and big smiles, and I entertained myself for the rest of the journey home by replaying each moment in my head. Some memories, I'm sure, will never fade.

[Author's Note: The first part of this story is true – the late trip from London, the missed train, the taxi ride – right up to and including my speculation about the cab driver's sexuality. However, in real life I was too shy/anxious/afraid of offending/British/smart to lead the conversation towards sex, and I never could have. It created a great fantasy for me though, and I thought it time to finally write it down.]