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Glory Hole Tease
By Handy

The Glory Hole Tease

By Handy

“Meet @ 10am, 2nd stall frm lft. Txt me wen ur ther.”

19-year-old Kyle’s heart beat with excitement as he entered the toilet block and located the 2nd cubicle from the left wall. He stepped in, shut and latched the door, and looked around. There was nothing particularly unusual about the cubicle, until you looked to the partition on the right and noticed the round hole at waist height. At last…

Kyle was about to fulfil one of his fantasies – the glory hole. Although he had previously considered himself straight, Kyle had been curious of late about what sex would be like with a man, and had been using a gay personal site to explore the possibilities. There he’d hooked up with “Wisehand”, a middle-aged guy who had been only too happy to talk to the inexperienced Kyle and teach him a thing or two. After endless conversations, Wisehand had suggested the glory hole meet as a “first time” experience for Kyle. Kyle readily agreed! To make the most of it, Kyle hadn’t touched his dick for the last three days; a lifetime for his young, hormone driven balls. His cock had been semi-erect all morning, and he couldn’t wait to get started.

He took a couple deep breaths to steady himself. His emotions were on a roller coaster: excitement and nerves mingled together, setting his heart racing. He couldn’t believe he was about to experience something he had imagined for so long. Intensely lustful teenage desire ran powerfully through his body like a drug. This feeling was only slightly dimmed by the fear of discovery – Kyle was fairly certain that members of the public would not look kindly on the use of the toilet stall as a casual hook-up spot, and he didn’t want to entertain what the reaction of the police might be. But Wisehand had said that this was a pretty safe sport for this sort of rendezvous; the local gay community made regular, discrete use of it.

Well, he was here now and he wasn’t about to turn back. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to Wisehand on the number he’d given him. “Am here & ready.”


The entrance of the young man into the toilet block had not gone unnoticed. In the next stall, “Wisehand” watched his arrival through the crack between the closed door and the partition wall. The kid was dressed casually in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, with some unfamiliar logo splashed across his chest. Probably some band popular with young people these days… A light Adidas jacket hung unzipped across his shoulders. He had a handsome, youthful face topped with light brown hair. Wisehand wished that he could see him wearing nothing at all; he was willing to bet that the full view was gorgeous. Unfortunately, that was unlikely to happen. He’d have to content himself with today’s activities.

His phone buzzed a few seconds after the kid entered the stall next to his. Wisehand scanned the brief message, and smiled. He made himself as comfy as he could on the covered toilet seat, and began typing a reply to the 19-year-old whom he knew online as “newcummer”.

“waving fingr is me. Poke in wen redy”

Wisehand slipped his finger through the hole, waved it about briefly, and drew it back. Then he held his breath and waited.


Kyle noted the message and watched the waving finger with increasing anticipation. It was time! He undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, sliding them down around his thighs along with his boxers, and held his gradually growing penis in his right hand. Gently he pushed it through the hole in the plastic partition, slowly and carefully. It was a tight fit around his member, but he managed to slide it in. He pushed in as far as he could until his dick was buried to the hilt in the partition. His balls rested against the cool plastic. He spread his legs to make himself slightly more comfortable, and waited with his heart in his mouth.

He wondered briefly what the view must look like on the other side of the partition. Right now, as he waited, there was a man on the other side looking at his naked cock. The thought seemed slightly strange, but also exhilarating.


Wisehand’s smile grew as he watched the young dick slide through the hole. If the young man on the other side of the partition could see him, he’d be quite surprised. According to his online profile, Wisehand was in his late thirties and had only been expressing his homosexuality for a couple of years. He was relatively new to the scene, thus making him an ideal contact for the young newcummer. But none of this was quite true. Wisehand was in fact 76 years old, and had led a long life of sexual exploration – mostly gay. He’d alternated between steady boyfriends and casual encounters for years when he was younger, but as he grew older he was forced to face an inconvenient truth – no one was interested in meeting an old man. Admittedly, he was not up for the same kind of active sex he used to be. His erections were rare and weak occurrences, and his aging body had little to offer anyone in terms of appeal. He could understand the reasons why he had trouble getting men to meet with him, particularly the young. But it all seemed so unfair. The pleasure of playing with a hard cock had not diminished, and his hands were still dextrous and agile. His skills in pleasure were finely honed after so many years, but rarely did he find a good outlet for them.

He felt bad about lying on the website, particularly to a young man experimenting for the first time. Trust was important, particularly for someone so vulnerable and inexperienced. Still, there was no reason for the young man to ever find out the truth, and Wisehand had been supportive in their communication – perhaps it all evened out. Besides, this was precisely the experience the young man had wanted. It wouldn’t be happening without the old man’s help.

Wisehand removed his hat and the jacket of his tweed suit, and hung them on the hook on the stall door. The old man’s habit of dress clearly embraced an older fashion, and at his age he saw no reason to modernise. He had more important activities to pursue… He focused his attention on the young member protruding from the wall – the youngest and most virile cock he’d seen in years! At the moment the young man sported a half erection, his penis hanging down and slightly outwards at about four inches. Wisehand placed the tip of one index finger on the top of the base of the shaft, and dragged it slowly up to the head. The boy’s foreskin was slightly taut but it still covered his sensitive crown. He followed the bulge of his corona with his finger, slowly circling it. In extremely quick response, the boy’s cock began to throb and bounce noticeably, inflating quickly before Wisehand’s eyes. It stretched straight forward to five inches, then began to curve upward. The foreskin tightened and drew back slightly, revealing a deep pink circle of head and the slit. He used the index fingers of both hands now, sliding them carefully up and down the expanding shaft.

It was difficult to remember the last time he’d touched such a responsive organ, and he was relishing every moment. The softness of the skin, the sensual warmth radiating from it, the pulsing rhythm as blood pumped with lusty strength… Memories of younger days flitted through his mind; times when his own penis had been equally prominent. Many of the details had faded but he remembered the intensity of a young sex drive, the all-consuming fire of lust – and most importantly, how to stoke it. He continued this gentle tease for another minute. This beautiful young penis was now six inches long, curving up to 45 degrees and trembling with the excited beating of the boy’s heart. It had grown considerably thicker; indeed it was one of the fattest dicks the old man had ever played with. He formed a loose “O” shape with one thumb and index finger, and began sliding it continuously up and down the shaft. With his other hand he grabbed his phone and began typing.


Kyle’s breathing had deepened and he did his best to brace himself against the partition, his whole body shivering with excitement. He nearly missed the vibration of his phone.

“U hav a gr8 dick!”

Kyle smiled briefly, and keyed a reply. This took him a few moments, distracted as he was by the teasing touch on his sensitive shaft. “Thnks. Glad u like” He steadied himself with one hand holding the top of the partition, and enjoyed the sensations he was experiencing. It was somehow even more exciting when he couldn’t see what was happening, but he tried to guess. He could feel multiple fingers dancing across his dick, tickling the underside. Occasionally they were wrapped around it, gently sliding back and forth to rub his foreskin over his head. Then it would stop abruptly, and one finger would make small circles on the underside of his head, over the foreskin-covered glans. He tried to keep his breathing quiet as he felt himself lost in that touch, afraid of giving away what was happening to any passing member of the public. He couldn’t bear the thought of this encounter being interrupted.


The old man was enjoying himself a great deal, and wished he could drag this arrangement out much longer. Hah, given the chance in his day, he’d have tied this kid up and teased his cock for hours! But they had agreed on a simple hand/blowjob, and it was about time to bring the young man off – he’d been playing for fifteen minutes already. But just as he was about to start, he noticed something which sparked his interest. The base of the excited cock fit very tightly in the hole in the partition – in fact, if he wasn’t mistaken, it had swollen to be slightly larger. Was it stuck? He typed quickly into his phone’s keypad.

“Is ur dick stuck?”

He paused and waited for reply. The young penis hovering before him changed angle slightly one or twice, but didn’t move. Then his phone buzzed.

“Stuck cn’t move wut do I do??” This message appeared to be rather distressed, and Wisehand thought he could hear faster breathing through the partition. It would be best for the young man to calm down; an overreaction of any kind would not help this situation.

“Dn’t panic, will b fine. will go soft wen u cum enjoy” With this message sent, the old man paused for a moment, staring thoughtfully at the trapped tool before him. Ideas began to form in his head…


Discovering that his penis was stuck had come as a shock to Kyle, but a couple brief tugs confirmed it. His dick didn’t hurt, but attempts to pull out of the hole resulted in some pain. At first he began to panic, imagining terrible scenarios in which his freedom was bought with an amputated penis. He remained stuck in the same position, pressed hard against the partition. How long had they been here? A quick glance at his phone confirmed that it had been about fifteen minutes since Wisehand started playing with his cock. It was important to calm down, he told himself. Panic won’t help. Wisehand is right – my dick is really excited. Once I cum, my erection will fade and it will all be fine. Nothing to worry about.

He could feel his pulse thrumming through his trapped member, no doubt it was bouncing around on the other side. The tickling, teasing fingers resumed their work, coaxing the flame of desire to burn brighter. Moments later, his phone buzzed again. Another message from Wisehand.

“remember i sed I liked cockteases? I think ud like 1. I take my time”

Kyle vaguely remembered Wisehand mentioning this; he hadn’t paid much attention. He didn’t want to draw this out much longer though, as he was worried about getting caught. The occasional passing of members of the public past the stall repeatedly put him on edge, and he was worried that if they stayed too long, someone would notice how long the stalls had been occupied. He typed back. “no thnx, need 2 cum & go” It took slightly longer than usual for the reply message to come back, and once he opened it, Kyle understood why.

“bad luck cummer ur stuck. I want 2 tease 4 n hour. Ur welcum 2 leave if u dnt lik, lol. Or u can call 4 help & they find ur dick stuck here – police will lik! U best 2 wait. Ur cock is mine”

Kyle stared in disbelief at the message. What the hell was going on? Who was this guy? The reality of his predicament began to sink in. He was stuck in a toilet stall by his most precious body part, which he had entrusted to the hands of a complete stranger. What if he was some psycho with weird fetishes or something? He could do anything to Kyle’s penis and he wouldn’t see it coming. He could call for help, of course, but Wisehand had already made clear the problem. He’d be (literally) exposed, and he didn’t like to think of the consequences.

Again, he told himself not to panic. This guy could not have known Kyle’s dick would be so thick, so he hadn’t planned on him getting stuck. He had shown up to give him pleasure in a gloryhole, and it was foolish to assume anything else. There was no reason for Wisehand to harm him. The guy got his kicks from cock teasing – everyone has their fetishes, so that wasn’t so crazy. If the guy wanted to tease him for an hour, there was little he could do but grit his teeth and wait. Until he came he couldn’t leave, and that was up to Wisehand…


The old man grinned happily to himself as he pulled a small bottle from his pocket. He had already caused a great deal of excitement to this young dick – now to send his balls into overdrive. He gathered his thoughts and focused decades of cock teasing experience onto the fat, eager prick in front of him. He opened the small bottle and poured a generous dollop of lube onto the naked hot skin, and began expertly sliding his fist up and down the shaft. As he pumped his hand slowly up and down, he pulled the tight foreskin back and worked lube over the sensitive head. Then he began twisting his grip as he pumped back and forth, swirling his fingers around the tip of his cock-toy.

For the next 20 minutes he tortured the captive penis with pleasure. Sometimes he just used a couple of lubed fingers to tickle the head, now a deep red; then he’d slide the foreskin up and down on a film of lube. He continued the agonisingly slow pumping motion, occasionally throwing a few quick movements in to excite his captive further. But most of the time he focused on slow teasing, using two fingers to draw patterns all over the young man’s penis. When he paused to take a break, he noted the state of it with satisfaction. The shaft appeared to have swollen further to a truly impressive girth, and the head had flared out as it deepened with colour. It bounced and jerked constantly as blood pumped into it; a beautiful piece of virile boy-cock, desperate for satisfaction. He watched a large bead of sticky white pre-cum form at the tip and ooze downwards.

Time to go in for the kill.


Kyle was in his own personal hell. Never in his life, never once, had he come close to feeling like this. Every nerve ending in his genitals was on high alert, firing pleasure signals at his brain. He didn’t just want to cum, or need to cum – he was absolutely desperate. Cumming was now essential. But out of sight just beyond the partition, his captor continued his onslaught, using his own body against him as the ultimate torture. If every inch of his cock wasn’t already stuck through the partition, he’d have been bucking his hips constantly. His erection had grown so strong that it hurt; it felt as though there was far too much pressure for his skin to withstand. If his blood kept pumping like this, his cock was going to burst, he felt certain.

Still the merciless fingers continued stroking and tickling at his manhood, seeming to know exactly how best to arouse him. Every touch, every fist pump, every stroke was designed to bring him closer to climax – but every time he was about to reach it, Wisehand stopped. Kyle’s frustration was unbearable; never had he had to wait so long to cum. It was also the first time that he had ever experienced blue balls, and he was not happy. Pressed so close to the partition, he couldn’t see his balls, but it felt as though they had grown to three times their size. They churned with hot spunk, and they ached… oh, how they ached! How good it would feel if Wisehand would just jerk him off, and relieve the incredible pressure in his nuts.

He was so close again, for the umpteenth time. He could feel the hand stroking up and down his excited dick, caressing the curve of his bouncing shaft. Up and down, up and down, up and down, it felt so good, oh god he was close, oh god, oh god, oh god ohgodohgodohgod -

Then it stopped.

“Shit!” he hissed, the word shooting from his lips in anger, slightly too loud. He could hear the pause of footsteps outside the stall. He held his breath for a moment, and the footsteps resumed. He had to be more careful – getting caught here could have serious consequences. He panicked briefly. Was that the first noise he’d made, or had he been so caught up in the moment that he’d been sounding off for a while? Had anyone heard him? He was torn from his thoughts by more stroking on his cockhead, and began cursing silently as he reached again for his phone.

“Enuff, enuff NEED to cum Pls finish it!!!”

The reply came quickly, and Kyle read it with growing horror. “No, only ben 40 mins so far. I show u wut I cn do wit my mouth.”

Kyle’s mouth went dry, and his fingers flew across the keypad. He was reduced to begging for mercy, but even as he sent the message he knew that his tormentor would never agree to it. “no no no pls stop cnt take ne more balls ache!!”

The reply was quick, taunting him. “Lol ache? Just u w8. Ur lucky ur balls arnt on my side. Best b quiet 2 n case ne 1 hears u!”


The old man sent his text, stifling a laugh. He was giving this kid a hell of a tease, and clearly he was feeling pressured. Hah. Wisehand would show him what desperation felt like. He reached to his mouth and expertly removed his false teeth. If this young stud thought that hands could do wicked things, then his toothless gums would drive him crazy. He wondered if he could get the kid screaming…

Such a delightfully thick cock; accommodating it would present a challenge to any average mouth. Removable teeth gave him a clear advantage! He started at the base of the quivering cock. He placed the tip of his tongue against a swollen vein and dragged it upwards, tracing the underside of the thick erection. When he got to the tip he swirled his tongue in circles, bathing the head. He repeated this twice more, and heard the hiss of breath drawn through clenched teeth from behind the partition. Wisehand grinned, opened his mouth wide, and took as much of the prize prick between his lips as he could. He sucked intensely, collapsing his mouth and lips tightly around the hot member, and dragged his mouth up.


This explosion of whispered torture emanated from behind the partition. He paused with his lips drawn tightly around the crown, bathing the head fiercely with his tongue. He held this position for some time, alternating between tight sucking with his lips and tickling with his tongue. The noise from the other stall increased, although it was still quiet enough to be missed by those outside. For now. Gasping, whimpering, stifled swearing and repeated pleas for mercy. “Please, please, let me cum, please, I need to cum, c’mon…”

The old man checked his watch. How long could he draw this out for? He placed the tip of his tongue between the upturned glans and began flicking it up and down. Surely another ten minutes wouldn’t hurt, he decided, as he watched the fat penis trembling and shaking with tension.


Sweat beaded across Kyle’s forehead as his temperature rose; his heart hammered like a hummingbird’s wings. The beautifully warm and moist mouth was too much, his strength weakening against such a pleasurable assault. That tongue and those lips swept back and forth across his dick, producing sensations he never knew were possible to feel. It was now taking all his effort to stifle the cries and, yes, screams that were trying constantly to rip from his throat. His dick felt as though it would shortly explode, and his balls were drawn tightly and snugly against the partition, ready to eject his spunk with hurricane force. He knew it would only take a few seconds, just the right touch, to set him off. But Wisehand had refused to give in. He checked his watch; he’d been in this stall for about an hour!

His phone buzzed, and he raised it with a trembling hand. “Time 2 finish. Hope u cn keep quiet.”

At last! Kyle dropped his phone into his pocket and stuffed the collar of his coat into his mouth, gripping the fabric firmly with his teeth in an effort to gag himself. He adjusted his legs to give him a more firm balance, and reached up to grip the top of the partition with both hands. He closed his eyes, and waited for his longed-for release.

He felt the mouth on his penis again, encircling the shaft just below his head. Next the fingers came, wrapping firmly around the base. Then, with the same agonisingly slow pace, they began to move. The fingers gently tugged back and forth at the base of his shaft, while the moist mouth sucked back and forth on his head. Kyle’s knuckles turned white as he squeezed the partition, and his legs muscles tensed powerfully as he approached his orgasm. The pumping continued, and it took only 15 seconds to reach the point of no return. Despite his best efforts, Kyle couldn’t contain himself. A deep growl began in his chest as his balls tensed, and he groaned with each breath.

“Ah……. Ah……… Oh……………AWWWWWWWWGH!!!!”

He roared, emptying his lungs of air as his swollen testicles contracted. The dam burst, and his balls unloaded his spunk in a hot explosion. 3, 4, 5, 6 strings of thick, heavy cum pumped through his engorged dick into the eager mouth. The partition shook as his body convulsed against it; his chest slammed against the plastic with a crash. He felt the lips and tongue continue to suck and slurp at his head, consuming every drop of his fluid. When his balls finally stopped unloading, he slowly leaned his weight against the partition, breathing heavily with relief.


There was silence in the toilet block for thirty seconds. No comment was heard, no movement or knocking on stall doors. The old man realised that they must have got lucky - there was no chance that the young man’s orgasm could have passed unnoticed, but they seemed to be the only people there at the moment.

As a result of such exciting play, Wisehand felt young and exhilarated. He had proven that age could certainly teach youth a thing or two! With a satisfied lick of his lips, the old man stood up and reached for his phone once more. The young man’s dick throbbed and bounced in the gloryhole; it had done its job but showed no hurry to soften. Perhaps he had been overzealous – perhaps the boy was still too stimulated to lose his erection?

“thnx newcummer. I luved that. Mayb we cn meet agen l8r?”

The reply confirmed his suspicions about the still-twitching cock. “w8, w8! dicks still stuck I need ur help!”

Wisehand opened his stall door and stepped out, pulling it almost closed. As he walked out the door, he sent one final message.


“dnt worry, am sure it will go soft soon. Hope so 4 ur sake! thnx 4 fun, mayb agen somtime?”

Kyle shook his head as he stared at his phone. Wisehand was just going to leave him here? Bastard!! After all he’d put him through, treating his cock like his personal toy… Kyle tried to pull his dick free again, but although his erection was slowly beginning to fade, it was still too thick to extract from the hole. He tried to breathe regularly and remain calm. As long as he was calm and didn’t get excited, his dick would surely be soft enough in another minute or so. It wasn’t likely anyone would come into the stall in such a short time, right?

As if to answer his mental query, he heard footsteps enter and cross the toilet block. They entered the cubicle that Wisehand had vacated, closed the door, and then…. Silence. Kyle tried to imagine the reaction of the man on the other side, considering the sight of his dick in the partition wall. What should he do? Should he apologise, or ask for help? Would this stranger call the police, or ignore him? What would happen?

To his shock, Kyle felt hot fingers stroke across his softening shaft, the remains of his spunk acting as lube. Blood pumped afresh into his shaft, rapidly filling it back to its full proportions. The fingers began teasing his cockhead, a very uncomfortable sensation so soon after his orgasm. The fingers formed a fist around his cock, squeezing it firmly while a thumb massaged his sensitive head. A low, gravelly voice spoke in a clear tone from the other stall.

“Looks like someone has had some fun - still a bit stiff though, huh? Guess it’s my turn to play for a while. Lucky me!”

Kyle whimpered weakly, unable to resist as the fist began pumping slowly up and down, up and down, up and down….