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Security Guard Tony Bruno's Capture
Part 3 - Part Three
By Glaucon55

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Security Guard Tony Bruno’s Capture


Originally written in July 2009 and updated May 14, 2022

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenagers with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and underage boys which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life. Please share your comments with me.

Security Guard Tony Bruno’s Capture Part 3

I reached down to his stomach, and unbuttoned his uniform shirt. His eyes did not go back to my face, but just looked down at my fingers. He said nothing. After unbuttoning the shirt, I then slipped my index finger inside rubbing it across his wife-beater t-shirt to root gently into his deep inny navel. He just stared at my finger…but as my finger tickled and scratched inside the sensitive hole—pushing the material in as I rooted into it, I could see the front of his pants tent even further, and he took a deep breath…Christ, the big fucker liked what I was doing.

“Oh, Anthony, you like this…feel good does it…” and at the same time I reached up to his powerful, sloping pecs and could barely make out where his nipples pushed the rough, thick material out through both t-shirt and shirt. Clearly, he had big, stiff teats. I used the index finger of my other hand to scratch across the pec ridge of the stiff material, and when I did that, his eyes closed and he inhaled rapidly, hyper-ventilating. Just about that time, his tented uniform pants showed a wet stain at the location of his fat, oversized cock knob. His dick had erected so hard, it had pushed from beneath his briefs and was lodged at an upward angle towards his hip. The exposed glans was now drooling his pre-fuck, and apparently as I scratched into his navel and across his nips, he just burped more and more. Fuck, I love ex-Marines and cops…they are bred for sex, it’s so deeply part of them, they are helpless to resist it. I took his tie and threw it over his shoulder, and continued to unbutton the remainder of his shirt, spreading the material exposing the clean white ribbed material of his wife-beater. His stiff nipples were poking out the material, and I could whiff just a bit of sweat mixing with his deodorant, the only acknowledgement that he was a bit anxious. I reached up with both index fingers and scratched across his hard nips, feeling them stiffen more from my attentions, and Tony’s knees buckled a bit and he swung slightly to one side, his eyes closed. “Oh yeah, that feels so good doesn’t it Tony. Those big boy tits need attention don’t they. I bet none of the hick girls you knew in high school, or even you wife knew how badly those big boy titties needed to be played with, worked, supervised.” I pinched them gently, and twisted them, and he groaned out loud, his eyes still closed, forcing his chest out towards my fingers. 

“Uuuuugggggghhhhhh…fuuuuucccckkk,” he grunted in his “Baston” monotone.”“Yes, that’s it, get it all out Tony…tell me just how good it feels and what you need. I’m gonna make sure you get just what you need.” I looked down at his uniform pants and fly, and the wet spot had grown to almost three inches…shit, this big dumb Irish-Italian beef was a leaker…and a copious leaker at that…fuck yeah.

I pushed up his wife-beater, and leaned close to inhale the masculine scent of his hairy stomach, and to lay my head against the firm abdominals so clearly etched. I let my tongue thrust into his navel, and reached up under the material of the wife-beater to reach those pointy tits unobstructed. When my fingertips grasped his tit tips and my tongue laved out his sensitive navel, he grunted and moaned loudly---“Gaaawwwd Daaammmnn, fffuuuuucccck…aaaaaaaawwwwww,” finally allowing himself to fully enjoy the sweet attention, twisting his hips in the vain hope that his cock would also be serviced. This is what this big goofball had always wanted, through his high school days, through the Marines, and even at the prison where he was in charge. Many days he would have rather have been left to the prisoners to let them manage his perfect body, do things to him and make him perform for them…especially the younger ones, so cocky and handsome. He would stare at their big cocks in the showers, their big, athletic feet, and their muscular chests crowned by luscious nipples, and wished he was on his knees servicing them, growing hard in his uniform and even panting a bit at the thought of being their slave. Now I was giving him what he needed, craved and would get from now on.

Within minutes I had him unzipped and his pants at his knees, his gleaming white briefs damp with ball sweat and pre-fuck, his bulbous cock head that had escaped from the confines of the white cage was leaking onto his hip bone, rather than wetting the material of his pants. I took the fingernail of one hand and let it trail around his wide coronal ridge, scratching gently as my other nail continued to flick and scratch his aching tit nubs.

“Aaaaagggghhhh….fuck…..oooooohhhhhhhh shit… aaaaaaaawwwwwww,” he grunted, not yet articulating how much he enjoyed the attention, but by every movement and sound surrendering to it. He had not ejaculated in two nights and his balls were full of his crud and his prick was desperate to be fondled. This was so much fucking better than screwing his fuck doll…and Jesus, his nips were getting pinched and twisted…oh fuck that felt so good.

His wide piss lips opened again and another long burp of clear sap drooled out, adding more to cover the straining glans now fully basted with his boy juice. So I grasped the sticky glans with my index finger and thumb and rubbed, twisting at the same time, just enough to tickle him insanely, but not enough to bring him over the edge he so desperately wanted. His hips bucked out, thrusting into my teasing ministrations, the tickle so sweet he had to have more. Then he pulled his hips back in the next motion, trying to escape the wicked sensations that were focused on the helpless cock tip in such a manner as to tickle and not to satisfy. But I stayed with him, sitting down and staring at his beautiful body in that uniform, opened and exposed and helpless being milked and teased, swaying as I masturbated just his fevered knob, making him squeal and whine, until he finally spoke.

“Jesus Christ…please stop, yer fuuucking killin’ me…aaaaaaggggghhhh, shit…please man, please, yer killin’ me!” He still had not expressed any anger at his situation, only that he was aggravated that I wouldn’t stop teasing him. I stopped and looked up, his eyes were staring at my fingers now paused but still clinging to his cock head, rather than at my face, sweat beginning to drip from around the brow of his cap down his face, his chest heaving from his panting. I smiled broadly and then responded, resuming my wicked fingering, but much more slowly and even more gently, barely feathering his pulsing glans. He winced and groaned…thrusting his hips out again, hoping to get a more thorough wanking. “Tony, you are a brazen slut, a straight acting male who wants nothing more than to have his big cock played with, but not by women, but by a man who can make you toe the line. And I’m gonna train and prepare you for that life Tony, make sure we find someone who can supervise that unruly fuckstick, and keep it under control.” He looked at me with the first indications of fear, but it was tinged with hapless lust as my fingers danced over and around his wet prick knob. Instead, he began turning his head back and forth, eyes shut, moaning softly and saying “No….No…please, you can’t do this man….please, don’t fuuucck with me….shit… please, aaaaggghhhhhhh.” But there was no passion in his pleading, only submission, and I teased his prick tip mercilessly to the edge of ejaculation, the knob bloating as it almost reached climax, and then left him panting and bucking.

After an hour, I pulled his briefs down to his knees to join his pants, and let his untouched shaft snap-up and slap against his abdomen, I pushed his t-shirt up over his tits, exposing the turgid nubs and the sloping pecs. I wheeled over a cart, and picked up two small clips with slender wires attached, and after licking and sucking, and gently biting his tits, making them as stiff and hard as I could, I clipped both. He winced again, and groaned, but there was no begging, those slutty nipples finally getting the kind of treatment they had needed for years. Then I got down on my knees and sniffed his big, smooth testicles, wet and funky with his pungent ball sweat, but like a perfume to me. I lifted the big nuts up, and there was his ragged slit, exposed in his slightly spread legs, just revealing the crack at the bottom of his ass cheeks in this position. I produced a small half inch round anal prod, four inches long and also wired. As he watched, I lubricated it with a gel I dipped it into, wearing surgical gloves to protect my hands.

“You know Tony, I’ll bet when you used to grind that big dick into girl’s pussies, you wished they’d take their long fingers with those red fingernails and drive them up your asshole to soothe something deep inside…that empty feeling, huh? Well, I’m not going to leave you unfulfilled son, I’m going to make sure that we get at the core of your needs. See this sticky lube, it’s from Brazil. Got a buddy down there who gets it from the tribes in the interior of the Amazon. You know they say this stuff could make a man scratch himself to death. That’s why I gotta keep you shackled when we use it on you….Oh, don’t worry, I got an antidote. It’s simple actually, but until I douche you with it, your rectum is gonna feel like there is an army of ants crawling up inside you, and it will itch like a son-of-a-bitch.” His eyes went wide, and he began to hyper-ventilate again, but his cock was rock hard, leaking more and more sap. Yeah, I know my boy bitches. I gently parted his ass cheeks, to expose the ragged slit of his anus with just a patch of dark hair around his rosebud, and then began to screw the small prod against the puckered lips. Within moments, the itch at the entrance of his butch male cunt made him swing his hips wildly and start bellowing, forcing me to stretch him more tautly to prevent his gyrations from preventing my efforts. It took about five minutes, but I eventually got the little prod lodged deep up his fundament, its rounded head with numerous little bumps, brushing up against his fuck nut as it proceded.

“Oh Jesus fuck!..`AAAAAHHHHHHHH….OOOOOOOOOHHHH NNNNOOOOOO. FUCK, SHIT, MAWTHER FUUCCKER….AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH, HELP, OH GAAWD, STAAWP IT…. STAAWP IT…OOOOOOHHHHHH MY GAAWD….NO….NO….IT’S KILLIN‘ ME…OH JEEESUS… WHAT IS DHAT, IT’S ITCHIN’…STAAWP IT…OH FUUUCCK….OH MY GAAWD….STAAWP IT!” Finally, I got the big Irish-Italian mug to beg and whine like the pussy he was underneath, but to tell the truth no straight Navy Seal could resist the power of that gel. I once saw a sixteen year old girl tied spread-eagle on a bed have waves of orgasms after the stuff was slathered into her pussy lips and over her clit, and a soft brush was fixed to barely make contact with her writhing flesh. She finally fainted after screaming for thirty minutes. It was unbelievable, and so were the sensations coursing through Tony’s anus and rectum.

Finally, I pulled out the pièce de résistance, a clear plastic cap in a flexible elastic sleeve. The cap slid over the bugling crown of Tony’s cock, and had a rubber gasket around it that allowed the cap to snap just under his coronal flange. Tony was one of those guys with a very wide corona, so the gasket clung securely under his prick knob and to his shaft. The cap was lined with a soft set of bristles that were also clear, and looked much like “angel’s breath” used at the winter holidays to make mantles look like they were covered in snow. These were in fact a form of conduit that conducted electrical current over and around whatever the cap sat upon. It worked superbly with the gel, combining the ferocious itching with a pulsing vibration that would not allow the victim to achieve ejaculation, but made him feel like he needed to rub his cock knob furiously to relieve the awful tickle. Unfortunately for Mr. Anthony Bruno, there was no hand free to help him, and none that was willing.

I switched on the little prod that was still firmly installed in his rectum, and when the vibrating hum reached my ear, I could see Tony’s eyes were wide…and the words that came out of his mouth were music to my ears: “AAAAWWWWWW Jeeesus AND Maary, fuuucck…..AAAAAGGGHHHHH, NO. NO…MAWTHER-FUCKER…..AAAAAHHHHHH, SHIT, STAAWPIT---STAAWPIT…OOOOOOHHHH GAAWD DAMN….FUUUCK…………..NO, NO---HALP, SHIT PLEASE HALP ME….AAAAAHHHHH FUUUCCK NOOOOOOOOOO!”“Tony, I’ll be back in about thirty minutes, the effects of the gel will begin to subside, but some of the itching will continue to be intense…. I like the way those titties of yours stay nice and stiff when you’re aroused…here, lemme pinch ‘em a bit to take your mind off your asshole and prick.” I bent towards his chest removing the clips and put one of his rigid nips into my mouth, gently biting it, and letting my tongue lave it. At the same time, I scratched my index fingernail across the tip of the other one, gently pinched it, and then twisted and tugged, giving him as much sensation as I could. Then I reattached the clips and turned on the juice, sending another low charge of electricity through his nubs. His eyes closed tight, and he was panting fast, sweat pouring down his brow and face, from under his arms, and on his torso—groaning and pleading. The horrible itch was driving him nearly insane, and he was relying on his training as a law enforcement officer to keep as much control of himself as humanly possible. He would still shout, and squeal when an unusually powerful tickle or itch would make him clench his bowels and drive the merciless prod against his hard prostate, sending a desperate need to ejaculate to his cock…but the stimulation was not of long enough duration for him to squirt his spooge. No, Tony Bruno was a trussed, dripping, fuck horny buck, being teased for my amusement.

When I returned to Tony, the guards working for me had finished their work. He had been unbound and stripped, his clothes soaking wet from perspiration generated by the awful tickle deep inside him, and the corresponding one on his fat glans. His squeals and shouts had been reduced to a panting groaning, and they had no problem taking him down and removing his clothes. They walked him into a tiled shower area, tethered his hands of his head, and using a nice warm shower, washed him from head to toe. They gave him a warm anal douche, rinsing his rectum three times with the special additive that ended the merciless itch inside him. Then, after drying him off, they attached a spreader bar to his ankles, cuffed his arms behind him elbow to elbow making his chest thrust out, and gagged him. Then they leisurely massaged him, his sensitive skin and erogenous zones, from head to toe. They used gloved hands and a wash cloth to use the soothing additive to his cock head, and while it relieved the itching, it gave him another yearning erection, leaving a constant irritation that sought an unspecified form of relief and kept him tumescent.

Tony was then placed up on a plastic covered table on his knees. His head was placed down on the surface, and his arms remained trussed up behind his back, elbow to elbow. His legs were kept spread by the spreader bar and lashed to the table, his big feet and long toes now free of the boots and socks, the long, thick toes wriggling over the edge. His head was also tethered down to prevent him from moving, and a cord ran from his bound arms to the top and bottom of the table, but above his body, to tighten his security. I had a blindfold put on over his eyes, and then a mister was placed between his legs, with its small nozzle aimed at his ass pucker, barely visible in the deeply haired trench of his firm cheeks. The guards pressed a button, and out shot a gently focused stream of oiled mist, that caressed his clenching anus, creating a steady tickle at the entrance. Tony’s thick prick immediately hardened up completely again, aiming up towards his head, and drooling from the wide, deep, piss lips. A small bolster with a cushioned pad covered in soft bristles was placed on the table, just perfectly beneath his bobbing prick, and secured to its surface by Velcro. Every few seconds, his bobbing prick would drop to the level of the bristles, and on contact Tony’s hips would wiggle from the sensation, causing the sensitive area beneath the piss lips to get a nice scrub by the ticklish bristles. That would make Tony’s big boner lunge back up only to start the cycle over again in a few seconds, eventually drooping down against the pad to be irritated and scratched again. He would gasp each time it happened…and I felt this current status was worth another sixty minutes of isolation.

Tony’s nipples hardened as his thoughts were dragged back just over a year to something he had enjoyed at work; an opportunity to express the perversity that lived just beneath the surface and fueled his sexual fantasies. On occasion, prisoners from the local municipalities were taken to the local state penitentiary when the County jail and their own facilities were full. On a Friday night shift at 10:00 p.m., only two hours before he was to be off, Tony caught a delicious break whose memory made his prick harden even more as he lay tied on my table. A punk named Morgan Ray Anderson had been brought in by a small nearby jurisdiction, where his obnoxious, drunk behavior at a local country bar had gotten him arrested. The local police had arrived to calm down a potential fight between Morgan and another guy over some buxom blond, but the stupid drunk Morgan had gotten lippy with the cops and threw a wild punch at one of the officers. Forty minutes later he was being processed at the Penitentiary since the local and county jails were full of Friday night traffic. In the process of being arrested, Morgan had gotten a pretty good bruise on his forehead, and the admitting officer ordered a medical exam. Morgan continued his yelling and screaming at the officers, and out of sheer revenge, the admitting offer insisted that he have a strip and cavity search. Unfortunately for Morgan, the doctor also had his hands full in the infirmary, so he was assigned to an empty clinic exam room for the women prisoners at the companion facility that shared medical services. The officers stripped Morgan and took him into the exam room, and placed him on the reclining exam chair, strapping his thick, hairy ankles and his size 13 feet into the stirrup cuffs, resting his meaty heels on the foot rests. His arms were cuffed over his head, and the officers placed a gag into Morgan’s mouth “to prevent any possibility of him swallowing his tongue” according to the records, but they just wanted to shut him up and humiliate him. The angry, hairy redhead roared into his gag, but he was a pitiful giant, 6’ 2” inches tall, a massive mounded chest, hairy from the tips of his toes to his fingertips. At 23 years, he was a well-built male machine, designed for the pussy hunt and cunt banging each weekend. But he was also as dim as a bulb, and his daily job as a package delivery driver was just the speed for his 180 lb. frame.

Since no prisoner could be left alone, Tony was pulled from his regular assignment in the commons area to baby-sit Morgan, and it gave him an opportunity that made his cock drip, though he did not fully understand why. He and Morgan were isolated from contact and with the infirmary for men over- subscribed and holding the doctor captive, he was assured of privacy for at least 1.5 to 2 hours. He recalled that when he entered the exam room, his cock was rigid and his breath was coming in small gulps. In his fevered mind, Tony had decided that he wanted to be Morgan, wanted to be strapped down and helpless. But he could never admit that or say it. But he wanted to see how a strong male body would respond to being used like a toy. Once he closed the door, Tony took off his hat, and pulled off his jacket. He walked up to Morgan, who eyes were narrow slits of hate, and who was still bellowing into his gag.Tony looked at Morgan expressionlessly, so excited that the young man’s body was like an extension of his own. He was sweating, wet stains beginning to appear under his arms, darkening his uniform shirt. He went to one of the cupboards and opened it, searching through the medical supplies. He pulled out a large tube of medical lubricant, and then found some small clamps and bandage materials. He found packets of sealed tooth brushes given to patients, and medical gloves…all things he instinctively felt he could use. He had been going to websites for months, and his fantasies, when he allowed himself to masturbate, were filled with visions of male cock control.

He walked up to Morgan, and without even looking into the young man’s eyes, he licked his index finger and lowered it to Morgan’s mounded pectoral muscle, searching through the maze of red hair that circled the areola, he scratched his fingernail against the erectile flesh and watched as the fat bud of the nipple nub popped up reflexively to the deliberate stroking. Morgan’s eyes widened as if he had been hit with a cattle prod, and he bucked up on the reclining chair, thrusting up his hips, and straining against the bonds that were holding him, even his hapless brain was smart enough to realize that he was about to be queered. With firm determination, Tony kept working the tit, and then gripped the slutty, stiff nip and twisted it one way, then the other, remembering how girls in high school gasped when he did that to them. Fuck, he could imagine what Morgan was feeling, and it turned him on to see the big dumb punk helpless and his body responding like the slut that Tony was…. As Morgan’s nipple hardened, Tony reached up with his other hand, licked the fingertip, and went to work on the other tit. Even as he bellowed, Morgan’s cock began to rise, and his eyes closed, squeezed tight to avoid seeing what was happening to his body. Shit, a cop was molesting him in the goddamn jail…fuck…he was bound, gagged, and alone with this pervert faggot…oh FUCK! As the big pale shaft rose, its upward curve arched like the neck of a flexible lamp---its fat knob bloated and larger than the stalk itself. Tony gripped the firm shaft just under the head, and his smooth palm rolled up and over the glans. Within moments, the chaffing of Tony’s fist produced bubbles of clear pre-sap from the wide piss lips, and as he smoothed the natural lubricant into the knob, Morgan groaned involuntarily, blood gorging his bloated cock and the tickle that every man craves was itching the fevered cock knob.

Tony kept looking at the door and the clock as he masturbated the big redhead, and plucked the boy’s firm tits. Tony suddenly stopped both the masturbation and tit work on Morgan, and quickly slipped a glove over his right hand. He squeezed some lubricant onto his index finger, and with his free hand, he spread the taut, firm cheeks, thick with dark auburn hair. Using his free index finger to part the hair and then scratch the pink halo of Morgan’s ragged slit with his gloved index finger. Again Morgan bucked and howled, thrusting himself up to escape the touch of the faggot cop who was violating him, roaring into his gag from the thought of some dude violating his sacred portal. Then just as quickly, Tony slipped his gloved finger into the breach, and wormed his lubricated finger into the resisting hole. Morgan bellowed and squeezed his sphincter tight, but Tony patiently persisted, scratching and probing, until Morgan, drunk and struggling to keep himself under control, lost it when Tony reached up and pinched one of the raspberry nipples thrusting through the hairy forest protecting each of Morgan’s muscled pecs. Taking advantage of the distraction, Tony’s gloved finger slid up and into the warm, clinging fundament of the redheaded boy.

AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH….NNOOOOOOOOOOO….AAAAAHHHHHHH! Morgan wailed into his gag. Tony abandoned the tit work only long enough to pick up one of the tooth brushes, and then went back to masturbating the fat wet cock knob with the bristles from the tooth brush as he simultaneously stroked the firm knot of flesh he encountered deep in Morgan’s rectum. Morgan’s eyes bulged when the wicked bristles began to scour his bloated fuck tip, and he continued to squeal and wail, but his hips bucked now reflexively to thrust his pulsing boner into the worrying instrument of his torture that was ruthlessly buffing his cock head, scrubbing it deliciously, and chaffing the coronal ridge, making Morgan’s long, thick toes curl tightly from the overwhelming sensation.

Tony bent down, and closed his lips over one of Morgan’s aching nipples, and sucked hard, nipping and laving the stiff red nub with his tongue. Morgan had never experienced so much sensation. For him, sex had always meant the excitement of driving his trophy prick into a tight, wet snatch until the gripping cunt muscles mauled his fat knob into an explosion of spooge, and the power of dominating the squealing, begging cunt he was fucking. Now it was Morgan’s body that was being dominated, and sensations he had never known were overtaking him. His ass was aching, and yet the finger rubbing something up inside him made his cock flex automatically, and his fat prick knob kept expanding into the relentless bristles of the tooth brush, wringing pre-fuck and an amazing tickle from the helpless erection. Plus, he had never had anyone focus on his nipples. Yeah, a chick would make him shiver from dragging her sharp nails over his chest once or twice, but the way Tony’s mouth nursed on the little prick like nubs, competed with the finger up his ass and the swirling bristles that were driving him higher and higher, closer and closer to a massive cum. A dude was going to get his nut…AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCK…. NOOOOOOOOOO!

It took only ten minutes, and Morgan began sucking breath in gasps even as he wailed into his gag, lifting his ass even as Tony’s unrelenting finger fucked in and out of the tight hole. Morgan’s fat glans expanded obscenely and it went glass smooth as the unforgiving bristles dragged over and around the huge unprotected knob…then eight long bolts of blue collar spooge spurted from the flared lips, launching out onto the floor, and coating Tony’s now squeezing fingers. He stared at Morgan’s thrashing, moaning, helpless surrender to the ejaculation that was consuming him, and Tony wished he could be on the other side of the fucking and milking fingers. Morgan’s explosive humiliation was Tony’s fondest wish.

The moment Morgan blew his spooge from the taut, bloated cock knob, Tony dropped the tooth brush and went to milking the cock knob ruthlessly with his fingers and palm. As he did so, Tony ejaculated spontaneously into his own pants. He knew the moment he saw Morgan dissolve into the massive cum, the handsome redhead tossing his head back and forth as the sperm rocketed from his bulging cock head, that that was what he craved and needed. Tony was fascinated by the young man’s throbbing erection and how the finger up his ass seemed to make more and more cum burst from the lips. Finally, Morgan was whinning, pleading through the gag for Tony to stop as his finger continued to work the fuck nut deep in Morgan’s ass. Realizing what he was doing, Tony stopped fucking the finger, and slowly pulled it out, and wrung the last cum from the sensitive cock knob, making Morgan gasp and grunt from each twist of his fist, his body spasmodically jerking to the too ticklish fingers dancing over the still spamming glans.

Tony never forgot that night. Little did he know that when the prison doctor later came in to perform the cavity search that his gloved finger would cause another spontaneous ejaculation from Morgan, his fevered brain anticipating the amazing touch that Tony had introduced him to…a feeling he would have to have again, even as he tried to forget how he had learned of it. For his part, Tony masturbated to the thrilling image of Morgan’s trussed humiliation over and over, wishing he had been Morgan, and the big redhead had been in charge of him. He wondered what it felt like to be milked from the inside out. Now, lying on the table, strapped down like Morgan had been and his ass pucker being teased, Tony was drooling pre-cum in anticipation of what he had wanted every time he gently inserted his own finger up his ass while he showered. Jesus fuck, he loved the way his finger felt deep up his ass…and how it made his cock cum spontaneously at times. Now his prick was pulsing and his sphincter was clenching, waiting for what he hoped would be what he had always wanted.

I walked up to Tony, and whispered into his ear…”Anthony, I’m going to slip two fingers in your mouth, and I want you to suck them nicely, licking my fingers with your tongue, and hollowing out your cheeks to suckle them as strongly as you can. But if you bite me, I’m going to cut off your balls and feed them to you…do you understand?” I spoke in such soft, soothing tones he instinctively understood I meant what I said. I removed his gag, and introduced my index and middle finger of my left hand into his mouth. He started slowly, tentatively, but soon, he was sucking steadily, and I fucked his mouth like a prick, making sure he understood his role…”That’s it Anthony, that’s a good boy, suck Daddy’s big fingers…suck and lick ‘em, ooooohhhhh yeah, that’s a good little slut, show me how much you like to suck…yeahhhhh!”

“Now I’m going slide my fuck finger up your cunt, Anthony. I want to see you fuck that big, butch ass onto my finger and show me how much you appreciate being finger-banged…cause you know that’s what you want and need…understand. I’m gonna fuck you front and back, so you know just what a big boned, hard titted, dick drooling slut you are.” Tony’s cock belched a big drool of clear sap onto the cushioned pad and his prick barely vibrated over the tickling bristles that continued to rasp against his bouncing prick shaft and knob. Fuck, if he could just get some more friction, he could shoot his cum…. Jesus, he wanted to cum so bad.

I used my thick fuck finger to tickle through the wad of dark hair that fringed his tight anal slit that had been tickled by the steady stream of warm water pulsing against it. The moment my nail scratched against the hidden entrance, Tony bucked his hips and reflexively drove his ass against my finger. Yeah, the big whore wanted it so badly his body tried to fuck my finger up his hole on its own…and within a minute, my lubed finger was deep inside the velvet tunnel, soft and slick, until I found his thick donut and began to gently rub and then more firmly prod it. He gurgled around my fingers, trying to speak or squeal, but I didn’t give a fuck, I just continued to finger fuck his mouth as I masturbated his rectum. Eventually I added my index finger of my right hand with the long fuck finger, and I watched as Tony’s long, thick toes squeezed and spread helplessly from the aching deep inside him. I was perfectly balanced, driving my fingers into Tony from both ends, on his hands and knees, head down, ass up, bound and spread for my use. Fuck…it was unbelievable!

I brought Tony to the edge about every ten minutes for an hour…making him plead finally when I extracted my fingers from his mouth: “Aaaaaaggghhhh, Jaysus, oh fuuucck, oh gawd….please…don’t…don’t….aaaaaahhhhhhhh, please, ooooowwwww.” “Tell me Tony, tell me the truth…say ‘Daddy, I’m a big boy slut, and I want you to fuck me till I cum…say please Daddy.’” He squeezed his eyes tight, panting and whinning, and then asked me again, incoherently…”Please owwww fuuuck….aaaaawwwwww, no, no, ah shit…please, please…..!” I responded patiently, but without stopping my fingers from their unerring mission deep up his rectum: “No, no…no what Anthony….tell Daddy, say ‘Daddy I want you to fuck my big boy ass till I scream for more…say fuck me Daddy, and make me your bitch…tell me Tony, say I’m a big boy slut and I need to be fucked and milked for my own good….” As the hour drew to an end, Tony, covered in sweat and moaning constantly, finally surrendered.


“I elevated the bristles under his prick, letting them constantly come in contact with his pulsing shaft, then I reached under his chest and let my left index finger scratch his nearest nipple, bruising the hard nubbin and then focusing my fuck finger on his man nut purposefully, not letting up when I knew he was close, but massaging it ruthlessly. Tony wailed a long deep cry, and his cock flexed against the scratching, tickling bristles, wrenching a massive ejaculation from him. Cum burst from the wide, flared piss lips, wetting the bristles and making the unescapable contact even more unbearable, and coupled with my strumming finger deep inside him, even as his muscles clenched with each ejaculatory burst, and my other finger working his hard nip, Tony just surrendered to the sensations he had imagined and longed for over the years.After he stopped yelling and cumming, I reached up and milked his still stiff bone, concentrating on his wet, sticky glans by dragging it back and forth on the bristle pad, making him plead again for mercy: “Oh Crwist…stop, stop…I can’t take it..oh fuuuck…please…oh Gaawd, help me…fuuuuck…please….aaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh.” I made him do it my way: “Tell Daddy you’ll be a good boy and do everything I say, and tell Daddy thank you…..” I chose to make him subordinate himself to me like a little boy because I wanted to ensure his complete capitulation. The macho security guard who had faked years of Mr. Strong and Silent was now my sniveling slut boy, wanting nothing more than to surrender his big boy boner to his new master, but I needed him to articulate it, say it, hear the words from his own hapless mouth. “Oh Gaawd, yes, I’ll be good, please, I promise, I’ll be good…aaaaawwwww, please I’m sorry, I was bawd, but I’ll be good…oh fuuuuck, please, yes, and tank you Daddy…tank you Dude, please oooohhhhh.”

“That’s it Tony, that’s my big boy…” I stripped the fat, succulent knob one last wringing time, and then slipped my finger into his mouth, and told him to suck them clean which he did enthusiastically…”mmmmggggghhhhh…mmmmmmmnnnnnnn….hmmmmmm…” Next I had Tony tied standing in a shower and watched as the guards soaped him from head to toe again, and administered two soapy enemas, leaving his hole clean as a whistle, and gently lubed to allow him to recover. His cock sprung another hard bone, and they soaped it under my careful instructions, making sure his circumcision scar and coronal ridge were thoroughly washed, but short of another much wanted ejaculation. He said nothing, but hung his head with his eyes closed, panting when they brought him close to the edge…only to leave his penis pulsing helplessly.

That night, before he went to sleep, I explained that he was now the property of a wealthy owner in Argentina who had selected him specifically from a field of potential candidates. He would live a privileged life, but would never again be allowed to touch his penis unless he was given permission. His eyes looked at me fearfully, the gag in his mouth preventing him from protesting though he grunted helplessly into it. But even as I spoke, with him bound spread eagled on the bed, his prick snaked up to full erection, thrusting up, and leaking again as I described his subjection. I held his pulsing, leaking boner, rubbing my thumb over the sticky glans, and smiling I spoke gently of his new life. “You’ll get to wear your uniform often Anthony, dressed to please your new owner, often bound, with your hard prick thrusting out of the fly, leaking streams of pre-jizz…waiting and hoping that he will milk you dry and give you the relief you need and want. You’ll thrust out your hips and plead as the drops of lube leak to the floor, panting and wheezing for a good cum. But the days of jerking that fat prick, and shooting scum to satisfy your horny fuck lust, those days are over my boy. That big prick is now the personal property of your new owner, and you’ll learn to earn your cums at his feet. By the way, he’s an Argentine internet zillionaire, and he’s young enough to be your son. You’ll start by learning to suck his long, thick athletic toes…and work up from there.” The moment I said those words his prick burped a slug of the sticky lube, pooling in his deep navel. I gently scratched my fingernail against his circumcision scar, making his prick pulse and buck, and forcing him to grind his ass into the bed, his eyes suddenly closed. I grasped one of his hard tits and twirled it gently, tugging and pinching, making him once again gasp for release. But once I had him worked up and ready, I got up, turned off the light and left him to his fitful sleep. He would be bound wrist to ankle and ankle bar, blindfolded, gagged and a small anal prod inserted into his lovely rectum, for the trip to the airport, before being tethered to a leather recliner in a cargo container for his long trip, facilitated by an injected ‘mickey’ to keep him passive during the long flight.

He looked at me one last time before I left the room, his eyes pleading, and I smiled and said good bye; “farewell Anthony, dream of how many times per month you’ll be allowed to cum, and how sweet it will be when you are milked dry, and how much you will crave fingers teasing your cock head before and after you cum.” Then I left Anthony James Michael Bruno, his long, thick toes wriggling helplessly under the blanket. I was looking forward to the first video I had requested as part of the deal, watching his new owner drain Tony for the first time.